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【UT】 if milk can grow up part 1

part 2 here

someone asked me why milk looks never grow up and like a kid before


actually he REALLY never grow up ,have some reason but I can’t say now ,plz wait the main plot

確實從沒長大 有些原由 但礙於主線劇情還沒出 我不想破梗 所以請耐心等待大約五百年(x)

and I just want to draw “IF” he can grow up XDDDD that’s mean these are not belong main plot ,because it will never be happened

我只是想畫畫看"如果“他會長大 XDDDD 這表示這些塗鴉無關乎主線 因為根本不可能發生

……….ok I just want to see coffee be shy honestly XDDDDDD

…….好吧我其實只是想看咖啡害羞的樣子 XDDDDDD


I guess the hardest thing is having so much love for you and it somehow not being returned. I develop crushes all the time, but that is just misdirected need for you. You are a hole in my life, a black hole. Anything I place there cannot be returned. I miss you terribly. Ci vedremo lassu, angelo

Dear goodness

170119 #SMA2017 (Seoul Music Awards)

Ya’ll know that feeling where you feel like your otp is gunna kill you?

Well get ready guys because Chanbaek is coming to invade and soon we’re all gunna be nuked by cute moments and before January ends, we’ll all be buried.

It’s not really a Chanbaek moment but I think is was cute how Baek just wandered on over next to Chanyeol and *cough* height difference~ 

*grabs da megahorn* EYO MAKE WAY FOR THE ROYAL COUPLEEEE (They look so goooooodddddddddddd)

So here we have Exo sitting down at their table like good people, and then we have Chanyeol trying to find a seat, and guess what? :D he sat next to Baekhyun (I know it’s something generic but ya’ll know I like it when da otp sits next to each other)

Now they can be lit together :D (low-key foreshadowing)

Everybody be dancing to IOI’s pick me

Chanyeol….plz…calm before you hurt someone

Ok so Baekhyun was having a devil’s of a time with this watch right? Then Chanyeol comes in and  gestures for Baekhyun to put it on him. He probably couldn’t take anymore of Baekhyun’s struggles

Baekhyun relinquishes his watch which he toried so hard to put on

Then life goes on

Oh oh, is that……a different camera angle of the previous moment? Why yes, yes it is.

No hesitation. Just action

Goodbye watch, hello water

Who needs couple items when you can just share items?

Dancing to Boom-Bah-Ya

Two dorks dancing together

OH OH OH NO BAEKHYUN’S GONE OUT OF CONTROL. Eh, it’s ok, Chanyeol’s enjoying it

Awww, I love how Chanyeol always has one of the best reactions to Baekhyun’s joking :’) 

Bang bang bang

Yasssss Baek be inspiring the groove deep within Chanyeol. Remember children. Find a partner who will inspire you (as Chanyeol says, he wants to find someone who will inspire him musically) Dance is da beat

I’m kind of feeling bad for Suho at this point. Chanyeol’s just losing it and Suho has to endure it all

His smile is so precious

Suho’s like “STAPH OHMAGAWD” and Chanyeol just can’t get enough of Baekhyun’s silliness

Mr. Camera guy please, don’t ruin da moment

Parents being proud of da juniors (NCT)

Aw yisss Chanbaek hand hearts

Mhmm yeah there we go, some sly pcy, yeah we see you there Chanyeol. We see that back stroke, and I don’t meaning the swimming one (why u do dis pork Chennieyeol?)

;-; awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Chanyeol’s so attentive~ I mean he was already looking at Baek in the first place and then whoosh he picks up that bouquet of flowers in lightning speed and then re-gifts it to the fallen

Here we have Baekhyun doing his speech after Suho and- OH OH OH WHAT’S THAT I SEE?? CHANYEOL PUTTING HIS ARM AROUND BAEKHYUN’S SHOULDERS??? I know ya’ll are gunna tell me it’s what bros do but hey hey, it’s so sweet and gentle looking I DON’T CARE IF IT’S WHAT BROS DO. Chanyeol’s been doing this a lot and I love it lots

When Chanyeol’s look is exactly the same one he gives to Baek at every award ceremony when he (Baek) does his speech. Chanyeol’s so cute ;-; Being so enthusiastic ^^ Happy virus~~

So close. And height difference

Well that was about it folks :3 I always update around seven hours after the event happens and I’m sorry XD But school is always getting in between me and Chanbaek ;-; 

I’ll try to do better on that ^^ In the meantime try to not die cause of this otp who won’t calm down >w0

why I don’t read fics

okay OKAY LIStEN. It’s 2 in the morning, I have an exam in less that 6 hours, but I can’t stop bawling my stupid eyes out because of this fic. (I literally regret all the decisions i’ve ever made up to this point in my life) A bags of chips and apple juice usually does the trick but NOTHING can fix my shattered soul right now.

If you want to have you heart flutter hopefully then crushed into a million tiny pieces, jumbled up and glued back together in amazing new patterns only to get SMASHED into smithereens again, go right ahead and click on this monster:

Oh wait. Don’t let me scare you away from this horrendously beautiful fic. It’s harmless! If you consider your soul being torn out from your body and disemboweling every organ and suffocating slowly in a sea of emotion and spontaneously combusting at the same time as harmless! don’t say you weren’t warned BE MY GUEST AND GO RIGHT AHEAD.

No but actually, please do read this fic, even if your not a drarry shipper! (plus I can’t suffer alone) It’s 96k of brilliantly strung words that makes you just want to read certain parts aloud and feel the words roll off your tongue and ugh just have 5 tissues at the ready and you’re set to go. The author really is brilliant, it saddens me to see their not active anymore.

SO yeah, I have been reminded once again why I don’t read fics, because of THESE MONSTERS RIGHT HERE. Okay I haven’t read them in a very long time and the first one I stumble upon broke me and I’m nothing but happy about it. If you have any way of pulling me out of this hole I was flung into, please do. (I should be getting some sleep) but send me a message or something and we can ramble about this together (i swear i’m not that needy) .

Yes I am rambling but this work touched me dearly and I don’t regret reading it at all (it’s really worth it). Also, if you’re not very comfortable with nsfw like me, there are a few bits in this fic you might want to skip over (hence the rating) but honestly, they’re not that important to the story so it’s completely fine to just skim over those parts.


also don’t be a wimp (like me) and skim the ending first

GOOOOOO (૭ ఠ༬ఠ)૭

^a quick sketch to free me of my emotions


- More REGGIE he a hottie and also should be more of a core character

- Some Reggie x Veronica interaction or EVEN Reggie x Veronica together and Archie being jealous that would be GOLD 

- Archie having a music storyline that doesn’t revolve around a love interest - first grundy and now Valerie it seems like they are just putting filler romantic interests in for Archie which is kind of boring also not fair to Valerie 


- More Kevin + Veronica Friendship

- some love interests for Kevin! What happened to Moose?! What happened to Joaquin!? These are the ships I need to see! 

- More Jughead X Archie interactions they are supposed to be best friends and they aren’t even talking like what 

- Also can Veronica and Jughead speak to each other and banter PLZ

Alright so, I hit 300 (I still can't believe it)

And like @just-a-fandom-mess, I’m going to have a writing raffle! (I’m original hi)

Sooo all you have to do is like AND reblog this… it’ll be easier or something lmao

I’ll pick the winners on March 26th, two weeks to go!

I’ll have 6 winners (I’m trying to stress myself aren’t I lmao): 

1 First place. Prize will be a 150k word fic & A 50k word one shot

2 Second places. Prizes will be two one shots each, both 10k-50k words

3 Third places. Prizes will be a one shot to each winner, 5k-10k words.

Alright, if you win, I ask that you keep it to a fandom I would know (You can ask if you don’t know)

I won’t write any smut, but maybe teasing or something…

Yep… This’ll be fun lmao

 Why don’t we just leave? Lets just go

                  “ What do you mean ‘go?’ We can’t just- 

                                                                     “ Why not? You scared Byers? 

                  “ Not all of us can drop everything and leave, Harrington. 

                                                                    “ The world isn’t gonna fall apart
                                                                    just because you stop holding it up
                                                                    for a while. You know that, right? 

 You shouldn’t have to anyway.
You don’t have to be Atlas, Jon. 

                 … Alright. Lets do this. Let’s runaway. 

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Hey Everyone !! I’m not dead just been busy drawing tons of things and well I’ll start uploading them slowly ! Also I’m so happy that I’m almost hitting 100 followers despite only having my account for 2 months ~ I’ll Upload the others versions later on but for now here is the Zen Route Version of “ If MM was a Cliche Shoujo Manga”

Jumin  || 707

I’m thinking of just making this blog an after story of the main au game.

Unless you guys still want to continue the blog in game mode.

But like if I make the blog the after story, we can already have Yami alive, interact with the rest of the crew a lot sooner and


I can make the au game a comic instead of an interactive thing.

Not sure

Cause at this pace right now
It’s starting to feel more like a chore than anything, don’t get me wrong I still love doing it. I just wanna cut to the chase and have a happy au blog, a huge counter part to my asterisk blog.

Maybe i can do a comic of neons adventure but as like a background thing while you guys interact with the whole crew??

Not sure

Plz tell me ur opinions and suggestions.


Here, have some valentines from our beloved Chain Warden~ (he’s stolen our hearts and our souls)

Hey guys!! Just wanted to let you know that there are going to be a few changes here on this blog!

Since my pal @forovnix just hit FIVE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS (AKLSDJFASFDASFD PROUD ASLKDFJASFD PLZ FOLLOW HER WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE IF YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING HER), this blog, actualyuuri, is now going to be my second forovnix fan blog! My first forovnix fan blog can be found at @forovnix-daily but I don’t think I can express my admiration with just one, so now I have two! Thanks for listening!


Upon hearing the grumble, her eyes narrowed and she cocked her head. “…what did you just say? I didn’t quite hear you; you were speaking rather softly.”

“Uh, n-nothing! I’ll t-take out the trash now! And um…wash the dishes…? And…clean my…room?”

“Good.” She went back to her coffee, fully aware of what he just tried to pull.

“Good job with the housework.” She patted him on the head and left a decent sum of money on the counter.

“Whoa, wait, I get paid for this?!”

“I never said you couldn’t. It’s called, ‘allowance.’ Keep it up and we’ll talk about that new phone you wanted.”

(What do you mean she’s not his mom; look at these, he’s basically her kid at this point.)

anonymous asked:

Plz post it I need more sad Georgie in my life 😭

Ohh nope, I can’t post the animatic haha, it’s too embarrassing. I’ll just post doodles from it ^^ But I’m happy you’re interested! I am ALWAYS 100% down for drawing sad George 

anonymous asked:

Im really afraid of me feeling like im not a girl really is just a phase.. bc all kinds of trans people get that all the time, and i dont wanna contribute to that stereotype. I constantly feel like im "too femenin to be trans". and even though im not sure of my identity, i constantly feel bad for liking "girly" things. Plz help

1. You are not too feminine to be trans. Trans people express their gender in all sorts of ways and present in all sorts of ways.
2. You can like whatever you like. Being trans doesn’t mean you have to give up anything that you enjoyed before you came out or before you realized that your gender was different than you thought it was.
3. Even if your gender turns out to be a phase, it’s real now. Your experience as a nonbinary person isn’t suddenly invalid just because it might not be permanent. Right now you’re nonbinary and that’s what matters. If it turns out that your gender changes and nonbinary is no longer a useful label for you, that’s fine and doesn’t invalidate you taking up space and being in the community now while you are nonbinary.
4. It might not be a phase! Enjoy your nonbinary self.


Dead Man Punching

gif is not mine

Title: Dean Man Punching

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: abuse (ex significant other) angst and fluff

Word Count: 891

A/N: Here is that second fic of the day. I’m saving the best for last ;) I hope you enjoy this <3 I love my little Gabriel! If you want to request some gabriel prompts, PLZ DO.  Prompt List

You had been with your boyfriend David for almost a month now.  You had never had an argument with David, until today that is.  You didn’t live together, but you decided to visit him before you had to leave again.

“You can’t just leave for a week, and then come back to stay for a few hours.  I’m your boyfriend.  Who the hell are these two guys that keep texting you; Dean and Sam,” he yelled.

“We have another job to do.  Look I’m sorry, I have to go, they need me,” you apologized, putting a lock of hair behind your ear.

“What if I need you,” he shot back.

“I don’t know what to tell you David.  We’ve only been dating a month, this isn’t a big deal,” you spoke, looking up at him.  “I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

David grabbed your arm, gripping your arm with all of his strength.  “You’re not leaving,” he said, clenching his jaw.

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saverichardcampbellganseyiii  asked:

hiya love, I'm obsessed with you(r fics) as always ugh help plz it's unhealthy, anyways would you ever consider writing any fantastic beasts fics? Cause I'm almost as big of a sucker for fbawtft as I am for dramione & it just popped in my head and now I can't get rid of it

Hello my love! Ah, my darling, I would most certainly consider a one shot in Amortentia. I actually have had something in mind for a couple of months now but to be totally honest with you it is Utter Filth, and I should probably state a few things upfront, namely that I don’t care for Tina. What’s with Joanne’s heroines always hesitating in crucial moments? “Jump, Tina!” was basically this franchise’s “there’s no wood!” - you know what I mean? Frustrating. V frustrating.

Anyway, my point is that I ship Newt and Queenie a little bit. I won’t lie to you. I really love the moment where he’s all “pls don’t read my mind” and I have A LOT OF really inappropriate THOUGHTS on where that could go from there. I sort of like Tina and Graves, too, which might be really messed up but like… i don’t know

So TL;DR: provided you’re willing to trust my wild shipping tendencies I will happily write you something??

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"zero fucks given. next please.” w jimin omg plz ily

he’s the sweetest man on the planet i cri 

You stood your ground, arms crossed over your chest, face flushed red, as you stared him right in the eye. He gave you an exasperated look, standing the exact same way just to annoy you. “Sweetheart.” He started. You shook your head instantly. “I want to see you.”

“No. We can just do it like this.”


“Jimin,” you feebly groaned. “I just don’t feel confident enough right now.”

“We’re about to have sex and you won’t take your shirt off. I kind of want to touch my girl all over when I’m fucking her.” He smiled, stepping closer to you and cupping your face in his hands.

You pouted, “I know but can’t you do that with my shirt on? Or maybe the lights off?”

He chuckled, “Hey, what are you so scared of?”

“Jimin, you have abs! Six pack abs!

“Okay,” he raised an eyebrow. “What’s your point?”

“That kind of kills someone’s confidence when their goddamn boyfriend has the body of a Greek god?”

He huffed, “Have you never seen statues of Aphrodite? She’s the goddess of beauty and you can see that there are so many variations of her, proving my point that beauty — even in goddesses — comes in different shapes and sizes. And you, my girl, are a goddess.”

You glared at him, “Flattery won’t work this time.”

He pressed his lips together, “What are you worried about? I’ve touched you before and you never seemed to mind.”

Wincing, you glanced away. “Being naked is different than just touching. You couldn’t see my body so I didn’t really mind but this… I don’t know. It makes me vulnerable. I just don’t want you to think badly of me okay.”

His molten brown eyes softened as he kissed you gently on the lips. “Baby,” he murmured. “I would never think badly of you, especially not about your body. You’re absolutely lovely and I’m the luckiest man on earth to have a girl as incredible as you. I know you inside out, sweetheart. I just want to see you.”

“I don’t have a sexy body.”

“Zero fucks given. Next please.” There was no hesitation in his voice as he said the words aloud.

Your lips quivered as you stared into his eyes. Nothing but love and respect. “I don’t know.”

“Do you trust me?” He asked and you paused for a second before nodding. “Do you love me?” You gave him a look and he threw it right back at you, so you huffed and confirmed that too. “I trust you. I love you. I love you the way you are. Now will you trust me with your body?” You bit on your bottom lip. “How about this: close your eyes and just take off your shirt. Just pull it off.”

That didn’t sound like a bad idea. It was like ripping off the bandaid. Get it over with. He brightened at the hesitation in your resolution and kissed you to urge you on. You sighed then nodded, taking a step back from him. Sliding your eyes shut, you gripped the bottom of your shirt. Your heart thudded loudly in your chest. You had never gone fully exposed in front of Jimin and you were always, always so damn scared that he wouldn’t be happy with your body. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust him, because Jimin had never made you feel as if you were worth anything less than you actually were. Ah, fuck it. You yanked it off and tossed it aside, eyes squeezing hard as you listened to the increase of your heart’s rhythmic beats.

No response.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. You were a little reluctant but slowly opened your eyes anyway. The look painted on his face stopped your heart altogether. It was awe, it was admiration, it was appreciation, it was love. Your breath caught in your throat. His smile alone nearly brought you to tears. Carefully, he brushed your hair over your shoulder and smiled down at you with the gentlest of expressions.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered and that was enough to take your breath away. “You’re so beautiful and, God, I don’t know how you don’t see that.” He leaned down and covered your lips with his and the worry, little by little, melted away. “I love you, I love your body, I love your brain, I love your skills, I love every bit of you.”

“Jimin,” you whimpered.

“And tonight I’m going to show you how much I appreciate you. These are my honest feelings and I hope you’ll accept them.” Every kiss he pressed against your skin was like fire and he left a blazing trail in his path, imprinting you with him, reminding you that you belonged to him, and he belonged to you.

If we lived in a land of miracles, Park Jimin would be an angel.

Hell, he already is.


And now onto our angel, a total mood-maker/ball of actual sunshine Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka okay so I mentioned how Yoongi is a great rapper well we can’t forget about hobi ight bc he’s v v talented and like he does this thing where he half sings and half raps and it’s so beautiful and it’s just yes plz

  • For the full back story, you can read Jin’s part (here) but I’ll sum it up here so you don’t have to
  • Bts run the town, they protect it from other groups, they protect it from crime, they make sure it’s all ran smoothly
  • But for a price, they’ll pay some extra attention to any company willing to hand over the money
  • And now onto our dear hobi
  • First up are the looks which are always nice to imagine bc these boys are just I feel like they could pull of basically any look
  • Okay so remember how in no more dream he had the black hair and it was all up and forehead!hobi was happening yeah that’s mafia!hobi bc can we bring that look back
  • It looked so good on him (I mean he always looks good let’s be real) and it just was w o w I need it
  • His tattoo would be in Japanese
  • Okay I have a head canon for this ight there’s a game plan here
  • He and Tae met in Japan
  • Tae was there on a family vacation and hobi had heard him speaking Korean before switching to Japanese to order something to eat and hobi was just like hey you know what this kid could be a good translator plus he seems funny everyone’s happy around him 
  • They became friends and turns out they had a mutual friend in Yoongi so it was just like okay this could work out beautifully sign me up
  • Tae introduces him to the group when they get back home but Japan is always a special place to them bc they spent like a month there just enjoying everything and it’s where the friendship formed
  • So when they give the boys different options for their tattoos, Hobi chooses Japanese without a doubt in his mind
  • Hobi is another speaker
  • He, Jin and Yoongi are the three speakers but they all bring different elements
  • Jin is calm assessment, Yoongi is intimidation
  • Hobi is the one they send in to actually befriend whoever they need information from
  • He’s the one they send in to get close to the actual boss instead of bothering with the CEOs
  • He’s really likable and just very outgoing so when they add him to the group, his role is just obvious to them
  • He goes in and basically charms his way into getting the boss to spend time with him outside the office
  • He gets super close to the boss and then basically convinces them to pay up or sign the contract, whatever he needs them to do
  • He’s used for the special cases where the company is too stubborn to give in
  • His technique takes a while but it always grants long lasting results
  • The people he’s worked with have yet to back out of the deal or miss a payment bc he just works his magic
  • You’re one of the bosses he’s assigned to
  • At first he goes in, ready to execute his normal routine
  • Get you to like him, get you out of the office then start asking why you don’t want their protection and lastly, convince you to sign the contract
  • But then oops he falls in love
  • He doesn’t mean to at all but there’s something about the way you look at him and the way you talk that just makes him forget what he’s actually there for
  • He ends up asking you out by the end of your first meeting and you say yes bc he’s cute and funny and just an overall nice person so like why not
  • You two end up dating for a few months before Namjoon is just hey man ik you have a slow process and all but what’s the deal ??
  • Then hobi remembers oh yeah i’m supposed to be doing something here this is supposed to be work
  • But honestly he can’t bring himself to do it, he can’t make himself see you as just work anymore bc you’re already his bby
  • He tells the guy what happened bc he can’t deal with them asking what’s up anymore
  • Everyone kinda goes quiet when he tells them he’s in love with you
  • Yoongi’s the first to speak
  • “Damn it Hoseok”
  • They agree to cancel it for now until he finds out if it’s true love or just a summer romance type of thing
  • Four years later, you two are newly engaged and they officially tear the contract up
  • It isn’t until your wedding night a year later that he tells you about his group, how he’s part of the infamous bts
  • You get a bit upset bc wait a second I was just work to you?? All those dates, all that time spent together was just to get me to sign a contract??
  • He’s quick to explain that he’d gone in thinking that but walked out genuinely excited about meeting you
  • He told you how he’d forgotten all about the whole contract thing, how none of the dates had been just a job how he’d fallen in love without meaning to
  • It doesn’t take long to forgive him bc this is hobi
  • He can’t do having you mad at him he truly can’t
  • He would do anything and everything to make you smile again but he decides just answering all of your questions honestly
  • By the end of the night you’ve forgiven him bc I mean he’s just so real and he can’t lie at all so you don’t even have to worry about him faking five years of a relationship
  • Mafia!Hoseok is a v v kind soul who just has this natural ability to get people to like him and he ends up falling in love oh so quick and you do end up signing the contract bc a lil extra protection wouldn’t hurt

lesbihonestalready  asked:

I'm too lazy to name them, so all positive ones but black, blue, rainbow, possibly teal and possibly more like I said I'm lazy. Have fun.

Black: I would date you *blushing again. There are actual people that want to date lil ol me?! This is madness!!*

Blue: You are my Tumblr crush *all the blushing. can’t stop the blushing*

Rainbow: BED PLZ *erkijeowiljfwmlkenwpeolfmjwkdlgjpeowf I choked on my wine. Imma double wink because that’s how smooth I am right now*

Possibly Teal: We ‘possibly’ have a lot in common *This is quite possible!*

GOLLY! My face matches the hue of Katie’s jacket. Just sayin

Send Me a Color