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Ignis Scientia Headcanons
  • Ignis always wears gloves because his hands are always ice cold.
  • His mind is really chaotic at times because he’s the one that usually keeps tabs on everything, but he’s really good at keeping a poker face so he always appears very reserved.
  • Despite his outward appearance he’s probably always internally screaming. Sometimes the other bros are absolutely insufferable and he’d like to drop kick them but he loves them all the same.
  • Really the only morning person in the group. He wakes up the earliest and shakes off sleep extremely quickly.
  • “Mum” is the word.
  • Iggy is the most experienced in the medical field, and so when Ignis was the one who needed stitches, there was a general panic since the other bros can’t suture a wound to save their lives, much less Ignis’. They end up heading to the nearest outpost, crisis averted, and Ignis sits the boys down and quite vehemently insists that they learn to suture wounds, and ends up teaching them himself.

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n-vtsukashii  asked:

Hey! I just came across your blog and it's been really helpful so far. Do you have any tips for french ab initio? My exams are coming up in november and I have no idea how to go about it. I'm currently at a 5/6 and I never study. So i think I have the potential to score a 7 but I don't know how to study.

Hi! Glad to hear that. If you want to skip past all the things I reblog, you can find my original posts here.

DISCLAIMER: I am completely aware that a lot of people provide advice for languages, like, “Read a lot! Expose yourself to the language and culture!” and while I completely agree, I also find that studying a language for an examination, especially in an accelerated language course such as the ab initio programme at the IB level, requires a certain structure, certainty and thoroughness – which is precisely what my study methods guided me towards achieving. My approach may seem a little rigid or clinical, as opposed to fluid and natural and poetic, but really it’s just accurate, methodical, organised and complete. That was the aim, anyway.

Notes on Grammar

I learnt / practiced how to conjugate regular verbs (–er, –ir, –re), and made a list of commonly used regular verbs in their infinitive form (monter, aider, rencontrer, remercier). For important, irregular verbs (faire, pouvoir, dire, vouloir, prendre, tenir, etc.), I would write them down in infinitive form, and underneath each I’d write out their respective conjugations in present tense.

Know when and how to use the following tenses / forms:

  • present
  • passé simple
  • passé composé (this means you need to know participe passé for regular verbs and irregular verbs – e.g. “faire” > “fait”, “mettre” > “mis”, “prendre” > “pris”)
  • imparfait
  • présent progressif
  • passé récent
  • future proche
  • futur simple
  • conditionnel présent / passé (I always sound this a little tricky!!)
    • probable
    • possible
    • impossible

Grammar rules such as noun and adjective placement are crucial (e.g. it’s “les yeux bleus” not “les bleus yeux”). Know small things such as:

  • how to form adverbs from adjectives
    • it’s very straightforward; you pretty much just add on –ment
  • how to use “jamais” and “rien”
  • le comparatif et le superlatif des adjectifs
    • “plus… que…”
    • “moins… que…”
    • “le plus”
    • “le moins”
    • “bon > meilleur(e)(s) que > le / la / les meilleur(e)(s)”
    • “‘mauvais > pire(s) que > le / la / les pire(s)”

Connecting words like “toutefois”, “sauf”, “au lieu de”, “donc”, “alors” and “y compris” come in handy a lot.

Essentially, cover your bases.

Notes on Vocabulary

What I did was compile vocabulary for every theme / topic: food, how to prepare a certain dish, places in the city, animals, chores around the house, rooms around the house, clothes, descriptions of people (this is super important – I’m talking adjectives to describe people’s personalities and physical appearance), the environment, modes of transportation, etc.

I made a cheat sheet for other useful, miscellaneous phrases, such as those pertaining to feelings and opinions. Phrases such as “je considère que…”, “il me semble que…”, “je suis un peu inquiète”, “j'ai soif / faim”, “je dirais que”, “à mon avis”, “ça ne serait pas étonnant”, etc.

Notes on Paper 2

Know your Paper 2 formats. Typical formats include informal letters, formal letters, emails, brochures, etc.

You’ll also need specific vocabulary / phrases for formal letters / emails, in particular. Write a cheat sheet with good phrases to use – especially those you might not be able to form off the top of your head – such as “je vous, prie d'agréer, monsieur / madame, mes salutations distinguées” and “en pièces jointes [vous trouvez] / [se trouve] ___________ pour votre référence” and “dans l'attente de recevoir votre réponse”. Stuff like that.

Know how to structure sentences in different ways. For instance, you can say “elle a les longs cheveux blonds” and “ses cheveux sont longs et blonds”. Ultimately, though, if you’re torn between a complex sentence structure you aren’t 100% certain is correct, and a simpler sentence structure that you know for sure is right, go for the latter. "A good paper 2 does not need to be overly complicated; it just has to be accurate.“ Remember that.

Other Notes

In terms of study methods, what I’d do is note down what was said in class, then rewrite and transfer everything neatly into a binder for quick, easy, all-in-one-place reference. It was like my Bible, lol. I colour-coded, too. Red for verbs, pink for definitions in English, green for general grammar points, etc.

I know people recommend Duolingo but it was a little too simple for me (??) or I just didn’t know how to utilise it optimally haha. I used Quizlet for a bit instead. You make your own flashcards!

For textbooks, my school used Panorama. We didn’t go through it too much in class, but I personally found it useful and thus based my notes off that + relevant things from class + random but relevant words / phrases / grammar points I’d Google.

Find past year papers for practice and do them, for sure! This is a must.


I averaged 5-6 throughout the course, but in the first semester of my second year, I actually got, like, 3s and 4s for French. But I pulled it up to a comfortable 7 in time for the IB, so if you’re getting a 5 or 6 right now without studying, you should honestly be fine as it is (assuming your school standards are equivalent to that of the IB). Don’t worry too much and don’t neglect your other subjects!

SO mihashi has a blog that he started just to collect recipes at first but he starts experimenting and then puts his own recipes on the blog so he can have them all in once place except they’re REALLY GOOD and suddenly his blog gets SUPER POPULAR and like. the Place To Go if you want to have really good meals that aren’t too hard to make and pretty cheap

enter abe Oh Shit My Parents Are Coming To My Apartment This Weekend And I Have To Prove That I Am A Functioning Adult In Society Who Can Cook His Own Damn Meals When Really I Order Takeout All The Time who quickly googles “fast easy cheap recipes” and yea ok this blog looks legit and the recipes have rly good ratings and sound good, so he tries them out and (after a couple of spectacular failures, one of which probably just cost him his security deposit), abe manages to find a recipe that even he can cook. his parents are impressed, and so is abe tbh. he makes an account just so he can get the new post notifications to his phone

meanwhile mihashi who has a side job as a bagger at the local grocery store starts to notice that the grumpy (but unfairly attractive) guy keeps coming to the store the same day that he makes a new post and buys the required ingredients. he tries to work up the courage to ask, but then the guy scowls at him and yea no definitely not gonna go there. except he messes up one time bc abe goes to buy regular cream instead of heavy whipping cream and he says ‘oh you got the wrong one’ and abe just. stares. and mihashi’s like. o shit i fucked up. except then abe is like, 'i love that blog omg it saved my ass this one time my parents were in town bc i always ordered out and i was actually able to cook bc of this guy’ and mihashi just. blossoms bc he was able to help the grumpy guy

after that abe finds himself looking for the line where mihashi is bagging (he notices that he does it after the first couple times) and abe starts asking mihashi his opinion on stuff. meanwhile mihashi sort of. gets an idea for what kind of foods abe likes the best (from the other stuff that abe buys that isn’t a part of his recipes) so he starts making recipes to tailor to abe’s tastes, and in the grocery store abe is like 'shit the recipe blog has been really good lately’ and mihashi is like ahh yes success… got praised by abe-kun… and meanwhile abe is like. genuinely impressed at how cute mihashi is when he’s not nervous and fidgety and. oh. oh no. he… gets a crush on mihashi?! and like, oh shit, what if. what if he invited mihashi over for dinner. would that be weird?! i mean. they only ever talked in the grocery store but people meet online and start dating, right?! so he asks and ofc mihashi is like. omg. he probably passes out or something

and so they date p regularly and it’s adorable and very cute and mihashi slowly starts to feel kinda bad that abe doesn’t know about the blog thing + they’ve been dating for a long time and he loves abe and wants to Marry That Boy so the next day he makes a cake and on the last picture at the bottom where he always shows what the finished product looks like, mihashi puts a picture that is obviously in his kitchen and the cake says 'will you marry me abe takaya’ with a picture of a little bird and abe, who gets the blog notification in his phone, opens it at work so he can stop by the grocery store on his way home for the ingredients. he cries in front of everyone.

and then they got married and lived happily ever after 

To my elf, @vyohla,

my Christmas gift for you is a few hours late, for which I am truly sorry about.  Last minutes tweaks turned into hours of just “I might as well redo his abs entirely”. OTL

However, despite the delay, I hope you can still find it in you to enjoy this gift.  I’m so nervous, I really hope it’s to your liking. ♥  Your blog is filled with cute things, and fantastic art, and I just don’t feel like I can stack up to that, haha.  OTL

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday.  ♥  I hope this brings you a smile, even a tiny one.  ♥

anonymous asked:

I'm just saying that, as a Minho fan, you shouldn't be as frenzied over his forced abs display in the concert and should instead be paying attention to his voice and vocal improvement. It's kind of annoying tbh, we're back to the days where people can only recognize him for his body.

Okay dude, here’s the thing.

As a Minho fan, I can “fan” over him however the hell I want. I don’t have to prove to you how much I love and care about him; I do that pretty regularly on my blog, personal blog, etc. I am ALLOWED to experience attraction to a specific human being while also expressing my admiration and care for that human and their personality, accomplishments, etc. I literally have gotten in so many ridiculous fights with people on tumblr coming after him for being “untalented” like why do you come to me with this bull shit?? I cry over him all the fucking time like what??

Also, I’ve seen an argument floating around that’s kinda like “if anyone says they became Minho biased based on his looks I’ll come after you” or something like that I have no idea but anyway, where’s the clause in the Fan Code where it says that you can’t become a fan of someone initially based on physical/aesthetic attraction? Answer: there’s not one. While I wasn’t personally first drawn to Minho as my bias based on looks, you have no fucking right to tell anyone else who was that their being a fan of him is any less valid. You sound like you’re trying to be pretty damn elitist- as in, “I’m a better Minho fan because I think ___” and it’s gross. Get off your high horse. 

Sure, it pains me to no fucking end when people ignore his achievements, drive, talent, and his tenderheartedness to instead chalk him up to just a pretty face. But that’s not what I was doing, and you shouldn’t be coming to my blog and shaming me or any other fans for enjoying his damn performance.