can i just have an adam of my own

  • Chas: You know you want to!
  • Robert: Do you lot even wash this?
  • Cain: Course we do. Get it down you, come on.
  • Aaron: You know we're keeping our own surnames, don't you?
  • Sam: Oh, it don't matter. He's one of us now.
  • Robert: Why's that sound like a threat?
  • Adam: Just get it drank will you, come on.
  • All: Go on! Yeah!
  • (Robert's starting to drink)
  • Paddy: He does love you. I think anyone can see that.
  • Aaron: Thanks for coming, Paddy. I don't know I would have got here without you, you know. I'll never forget what you did for me. (they hug) I'd better go and rescue my husband.
  • Cain: Right, fill it up, Sammy.
  • Aaron: Oh, come on, one's enough. I like him conscious.
  • (Music changes to Adele "Make you feel my love")
  • Chas: (gasps) How did that happen?
  • Charity: I dunno, I think your hand slipped.
  • Chas: Oh, it slipped, yeah, slipped. Right off.
  • (Robert pulls Aaron closer)
  • Aaron: I think you've had too much out of that welly.
  • Belle: Come on, we've not seen your vows, have we?
  • Robert: We did make a pact to embarrass you.
  • Aaron: I'm not embarrassed. I'm also not dancing.
  • Robert: Oh, yeah? What's this, then?
  • Aaron: Technically, this is standing.
  • (KISS)
  • All: Ohhhhh!
  • Chas: Aww, there's my baby.
  • Faith: Landed on his feet, our Aaron. Wouldn't kick blondie out of bed for leaving crumbs.

Beast/Prince Adam in the remake is SO extra and I love him for it, like

-that makeup in the opening scene. enough said.

-hires a house full of people to dance with him. Not for him, with him. He hires his own dance party.

-general dramatic storming

-that fucking library scene. Like  don’t like the thing you like, let me show you my MASSIVE LIBRARY to show you how wrong your opinion is.

- oh wait you like this library??? Well I GUESS you can just HAVE it.

- of COURSE i haven’t read ALL the books. Some of them are in Greek and who reads that?

-Belle playfully throws a snowball at him. He takes that bitch out with a snow canon ball. 

-Let me just take this girl I like to her childhood home and share this magic book with her that tortured me for years nbd.

-casually dancing, just for funsies ya know *looks longing into her eyes and he dramatically lifts her by the waist and spins her around*

-Evermore is literally the most over the top, finding yourself Disney thing I have ever heard in my life and i love every second of it

-Belle asks him about growing a beard and her full on growls at her like, son we get it, you’re still a beast in the sack jeez

Why is it that when I post photos of my own and caption it ‘’ Do not like/reblog if porn, kink or if you’re a predominantly sexual blog. ’’ you’re all still adamant on reblogging it and interacting with it when you’re DDLG/kink-based? Like, I even have this on my description, on my blog, that is even visible on mobile too, to not reblog, follow or even interact because it will result in a block. I just don’t understand why you can’t even simply follow such basic, simple things and literally respect the fact I don’t want my photos sandwiched amongst your kinks even if you claim to be SFW. My photos are normally photography based/art based and are for my college projects. Just because it appears to have your ‘aesthetic’ I just don’t care, can you please stay away?

And on top of that, it’s even worse when you have it in your description that you’re an underaged little. I just don’t want this, stop dragging me in to this, I don’t want to be a part of your COMMUNITY.

anonymous asked:

If i was gonna make a trans frank aesthetic, should i check if the people in those pictures are trans even if only half or some of photo is used?

it’s just bothersome to me when i can like visibly see an adam’s apple on a trans masc person or it’s a recognizable person who i know is cis. if it’s like, idk, hands, or eyes, or half a face, or whatever….idk it’s fine but like full body full face pics should definitely be trans ppl. (and like i realize that i have to go through and delete some of my own stuff i just honestly am surprised that i never payed attention or i was mostly going for color scheme but like yeah? what is wrong with me??? we rlly all need to. do better)

also isupersheng on instagram is my fave frank fancast and he’s a trans chinese man so just for ref

This fandom is still so new and inactive it actually motivated me to start my own fandblog, I can’t believe it.
There’s probably gonna be a lot of The Rowdy Three, Amanda (and Farah, and Amanda/Farah bc honestly, how can you not ship them), Dirk/Todd and just generally me admiring how great this show is and how great the characters are and what a genius Douglas Adams was and how much he would have loved the TV show.

Send me prompts for fanfictions or headcanons!

pynch headcanons what’s good

(before I begin this I would just like to say that this is my first time writing pynch and my second time writing headcanons so feedback would be amazing on what I can fix and thank you prsphn for being an amazing writer and inspiring me to post my writings okay thanks bye)

  • let’s just get this out of the way Ronan would do absolutely anything for Adam
  • this is pretty obvious by the lotion that ronan dreamt up and paying for tuition I mean really who just casually pays for someone’s tuition that’s true love
  • anyways, Ronan always tries to get Adam to act his own age because Ronan knows Adam had to grow up pretty fast and he has to work all the time and/or study so he doesn’t have that much time to do what he loves
  • Adam doesn’t even know what he loves to do
  • so one day the gangsey is out and about and they walk by a music store and Ronan notices Adam’s eyes linger a little too long on the instruments in the window
  • so of course ronan drags them all in because he knows that adam would never think about actually checking out the instruments because he doesn’t have the money and yada yada yada
  • Everyone expects Hot Model Adam™ would go for the guitars or something but of course Adam being the nerd he is goes straight for the orchestral instruments 
  • he lingers on the cellos and awkwardly plucking the strings while the rest of the gangsey looks at the tambourines or something stupid idek
  • Ronan would totally offer to buy it for him but Adam looks at the price and sees that these things cost thousands of dollars and Adam can barely allow anyone to buy him a pack of gum
  • A week later Ronan invites Adam over and gives him a cello and says that his brother went through a weird music phase and doesn’t need it anymore idk
  • he’s totally lying
  • he just wants Adam to be happy and have something he loves to do
  • Ronan didn’t realize that this meant that he would sometimes see Adam practicing and looking very concentrated and adorable and Ronan c an’t ha ndle it
  • It also doesn’t help that Ronan loves Adam’s hands and Adam playing the cello and making precise hand movements Ronan doesn’t know how to deal with any of it
  • he’s pretty sure that this is how he dies
  • I could go on I could make a part 2 tbh

Also, that part when Ronan dropped Adam of at home and Adam’s dad was waiting for him and Ronan pulled away after Adam got out and I was just screaming in my head for Ronan to not leave, for him to come back. And Ronan did. He came back. And I know Adam didn’t want things to happen the way they did, I know he wanted to leave that house on his own terms. And I don’t blame him for being upset about it. But I hope he can come to realize just how much his friends care about him and how worried they were. Ok. I just have a lot of feelings about these boys!


“I’m just going to draw a little Pynch doodle.” I said. 

“It’s just going to be waist up.” I said.

“Wait, why are their legs there all of a sudden?” I said.

Basically the moral of the story is that I can never just keep things simple, which I’m sure you guys don’t mind in the slightest. lol

So here, have Ronan distracting Adam at work. (Also, they are sitting on my car because it is being a brat lately and needs a good mechanic. Also I couldn’t find a good reference at the right angle on google so I just took my own.)


1. Squirrel Girl and frikkin’ Hawkeye get more exposure than my favorite character! How dare you?

2. Actually, you’ve killed my favorite character off! Stop making me angry, Marvel! You wouldn’t like me, when I’m angry!

3. Your comics don’t cost 15 cents anymore!

4. Because you don’t allow Mike Deodato Jr. to draw every single one of your comics!

5. M.O.D.O.K.


7. Oh, so now you want me to believe, that Adam-X can’t stop the Incursion all on his own? Well, excuuuuuseee me, but I believe to know my Marvel comics a little bit better than you do!


9. She-Hulk’s muscles turn me on big time. That’s weird.

10. Just admit already, that Hulk would beat Odin in a fist fight! He is the strongest one after all!

God damnit Marvel, get your **** together once and for all, or I’ll punch a puppy in the face!

Jonnor Headcannon

Where did Connor get the nail polish when he painted his own nails to show Jude he supported him?

Did his mom happen to have the same exact shade? Unlikely.

Did his dad buy it for him? Highly doubt it.

So I have this image in my mind that while Connor is out shopping with one of his parents, he spots navy blue nail polish, and he just can’t help but to formulate a plan. Maybe while his mom/dad isn’t looking, he grabs it and runs over to the cashier lane, pulls out all his spare change, quickly pays and shoves it in his pocket. And the morning after, he tries to hurriedly paint them before his family is awake. This is taking forever to dry oh god. Once it dries he has to hide his hands from his dad all through out the drive to school. And don’t get him started on the stupid remarks that Jeremy keeps making during English class. 

But once he sees Jude’s eyes light up when he sees Connor’s matching nails at lunch, and when Jude’s little smile causes little butterflies to flit around in his own stomach, he knows it was all worth it. Because Jude is worth it.

Come with Me

Summary: Kylo trying to convince you to run away with him.

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“Ben,” you sighed, sitting up on the bed as he got on his feet and began to put his clothes back on. “Can we just talk about it?”

“Stop calling me that,” he said through gritted teeth.

“I’m not calling you Kylo,” you spat, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Y/N,” he sighed softly, looking down at you pleadingly. “Please, just consider it. We can be happy together. We don’t have to remain here in the hellhole.”

“This hellhole is our home, Ben. Our families are here.”

“Precisely why I want to leave,” he said with a trembling voice. “I can’t stand to live with people that don’t share my views anymore. I’m done. I need to be with my own.”

“Then leave,” you shrugged, trying for nonchalance. If he was so adamant about leaving, then maybe it was the best letting him go. You didn’t belong with him. You didn’t share his passion for the First Order. You support General Organa.

“Don’t say that,” he shook his head, refusing to believe that you were choosing their side, not his.

“Leave, Ben,” you said, getting out of the bed and grabbing your clothes. “And make sure that once you leave, you never come back.”

Without another word to him, you darted out of the room and into the bathroom, locking yourself up. Making sure Ben wasn’t going to hear you, you let a sob out as you put on your clothes and collapsed on the bathroom floor.

Here’s the problem I have with Calvin: he won’t let me hate him. He’s so weird but he’s the type of weird that’s authentic to himself? Like he’s his own type of weird? He won’t post any pictures with or of Taylor (except that one time) but he’ll jump at any chance to defend her and their relationship. He won’t fucking shave but he looks immaculate and painfully attractive???? He is the healthiest eater I can think of and it pisses me off but that’s so cool???? Like listen Adam you have to make this easier for me because I can’t keep living with an urge to fight you that’s grown just as intense as my urge to hug you tbh

You know what’s really cool?

I’ve been having a lot of personal struggles lately and the last thing I wanted to do was help my own self through them even though that’s what I really needed to do.

It wasn’t a time for me to let new music into my life but thanks to Spotify who kept playing Owl City regardless of the fact that he wasn’t on my playlist I’d made, (literally why did it do that? Fate probably), I began to look at an artist who I had written off due to his budding popularity back in the day.

Track after track played and I found myself liking every song that came on. Then I started to get this weird feeling? Like everything was gonna be okay, even if it wasn’t yet. Like everything would always be okay, and like nothing was ever wrong in the first place. I felt like maybe for that one hour drive to work, where I can close myself in my car and just deeply listen to Adam’s music with no interruption, that I was invincible.

The amount of inspiration, comfort, and relation I’ve felt listening to his songs is like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

I’d lost my faith in music and in my ability to take control of my life.

But now I feel okay.

Thank you for that, Owl City.

I’m just a baby three week old fan here, but I’ll be a fan for life now.