can i just have a quick redo

hello everyone~ just wanted to ask you all something and make a quick announcement! so announcement first, ‘his’ will be uploaded next monday. i apologise deeply for doing this to you all, i really wanted it to be finished but i’m literally finding no time to do so as the college i attend as dumped a shit load of math work on me for my final test which is coming up at the end of the month (where i live, if you fail it in school, you have to redo it in college) so yeah, i hope you can all understand and hopefully be patient with me. thank you!!

and the thing i wanted to ask was how would you all feel if i wrote (after everything is complete, idk if i’m going to do it yet though) another ‘his’ type of au but in this one, it’s Sehun finding his mate??? obviously it’ll be called something different but i just wanted to know :)) thank you everyone!

People have been sharing a lot of my old Avatar art lately… although I’m happy with a lot of it THIS bit of trash is not something I’m particularly proud of although I love that people actually like it on occassion T.T

So today was a day to give it a quick redo. I don’t hate this quick sketch nearly as much as the first. Just shows what a few years of practice can do for a person.