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The Early Bug Would Rather Be In Bed


KestraEchoWolf said: Ooo the possibilities are *endless* -Rubs hands together- … Ladynoir 4

4: I have a date with destiny.

(So really I should probably be studying for the two midterms I have tomorrow but I physically can’t study any more so here’s some #relatable Ladybug not wanting to be awake.  Ladybug is literally me right now except I can go to sleep whenever I want and am just not.  I don’t know why.  Probably gonna sleep as soon as I post this.  Anyway, this is the second to last You Give Me Akumas prompt, so please enjoy!)

Ladybug was very much not happy to be woken up by an early morning akuma, thank you very much.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Ladyblog alert waking up Tikki and the kwami then proceeding to jump on her face for a good ten minutes, she probably wouldn’t even be here.

But, unfortunately, she was here, despite almost having fallen back to sleep six times on her way. It really wasn’t looking like too great a start to Ladybug’s day.

And, frankly, Monkey See probably wasn’t going to improve it.

She stood on a rooftop, taking the time to assess the situation—and try to slap herself awake—before actually heading down there.  The akuma looked mostly like a rather large purple monkey, and was carrying around an oversized banana, and Ladybug wasn’t entirely sure that she was actually awake and that this wasn’t just a weird dream.

The banana, it turned out, was some sort of weird magic gun that’s rays turned whoever they hit into slightly not as large monkeys, which then copied whatever the main monkey was trying to do.

Which seemed to be get to the Eiffel Tower and scale it like King Kong.  As you do.

In all reality, she could see no reason why this particular person was akumatized, nor why Papillon had to wake her up to deal with it.

She turned as she heard feet landing on the roof, grimacing in greeting at the literal incarnation of sunshine himself.  Seriously. Who gave Chat permission to look so awake and happy and stupidly good looking at this ungodly hour?  Not her, that’s for sure.  If she was suffering, he should be too.

“What do we got today, Bugaboo?” he asked, oblivious to the lasers she was trying to make come out of her eyes to wipe his stupid, beautiful, morning person smile off his stupid, beautiful, morning person face.

“Monkeys,” she told him, turning back to scowl at the akuma and its followers.  Chat’s arm wrapped around her shoulders, and she fought the urge to curl into him and go back to sleep.  “They’re going all King Kong on the Tower.”

Chat hummed, pulling her tighter to his side.  “Fair enough.”

Ladybug barely had the energy to roll her eyes.  “I guess,” she allowed, “but Papillon could at least have the common decency to only attack during non-sleeping hours.”

Chat pulled his arm away, and she pouted at the loss of warmth.  His hands moved to her shoulders, and he turned her to face him, smirking down at her with a raised eyebrow.  “You do realize it’s almost one in the afternoon, right?”

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Questions For Christmas

Request: “ Can u do one with Seth Rollins x Reader, seth is being all lovey dovey and asks the reader to marry him and it’s Christmas time please thank you!!!”

Requested by @beckygirl0523 

Word Count: Short

A/N: I know it’s short, but it’s cute and I really hope you enjoy it!

You’d just gotten back home from Christmas dinner with all the most important people in your life, you and your boyfriend Seth Rollins, were absolutely exhausted. But, you still had to give each other your gifts.

You were starting to fall asleep on the couch, but Seth made sure you didn’t. “Y/N, you can’t fall asleep yet, we haven’t opened our presents yet.” He chuckled. You sighed and smiled. “Sorry Seth, I’m just really tired.” He smiled. “You can go to bed soon, I promise. Now, I’ll go first.” He said handing you a gift. 

The box was small, wrapped in red and white wrapping paper, with a red bow on top, he must’ve spent a long time on it, you were about to open it, when you noticed how nervous Seth looked. You smiled at him and took his hand. “Are you okay? There’s no need to be nervous okay? I’m gonna love whatever you got me.” He laughed slightly. 

“I know, I know, I’m fine. Just open it please.” He said before kissing your cheek. 

You obliged, opening the present carefully, revealing a little black box. You looked up at him. “Jewelry?” You smiled. He rolled his eyes. “Y/N, just open the box.” He laughed. “Okay, okay.” You replied. 

You opened it and saw a beautiful diamond ring. Your eyes widened. “ this what I think it is?” When you looked back up at him he down on one knee.  

“Y/N, will you marry me?“ 

You smiled widely. "Yes! Of course!” You exclaimed. He smiled back at you. “I’m so glad I didn’t embarrass myself.” He chuckled. You grabbed his face and kissed him. 

When you pulled away, your face dropped. “What’s wrong?” He asked with a confused expression. You chuckled. “Well, this makes my gift suck.”
He smirked. “Well, I can think of a gift you could give me…”

Taeyong as a nervous new Dad

Ahhh this is so late sorry, hope you like it, thanks for the request - Em x

Originally posted by isabelle-c-r

You had come back from the hospital with your two gorgeous twin boys just over a week ago. 

You had actually been coping surprisingly well, you seemed to have an aptitude for being a mother. 

Taeyong, on the other hand, seemed to be quite stressed out. Whenever you asked him to stay with the babies by himself for a minute he freaked out a bit and tried to get out of it.

 As you were sleeping as always one of the boys woke up screaming in the middle of the night. You had already got up that night so you poked Taeyong.

 “It is defiantly your turn Tae, please go and cuddle the little thing so I can sleep.” You said to him putting the pillow over your head. Taeyong sat up but didn’t get out of bed.

 “But you are so much better at it,” He protested. It may have seemed to some that he was just lazy but you knew that something was up because Taeyong was one of the most hardworking people you knew.

 You sat up as well and sighed before grabbing his hand and dragging him into the boys’ room next door. 

When you opened the door, the other twin started to cry as well. You went and picked one of them up and began to rock them back to sleep.

 Taeyong leant over the cot and picked him up tenaciously his hands shaking slightly.

 “Taeyong, why are you so nervous love?” You asked. Taeyong looked at the floor as he held your son tightly to his chest. 

You walked closer to him and touched his arm. You had already got your first son back to sleep.

 “It’s embarrassing y/n,” he said refusing to look you in the eye. You shook your head and put your hand on his arm.

 “There is nothing you can’t tell your wifey here,” You replied grinning slightly. He couldn’t help but smile back at you.

 “I’m really worried I will be a bad dad you know, right now I feel like I might drop our child, but it’s more than that. 

Our boys should be the best in the world because they are half of you and I love them so much which is why I worried that I will negatively affect them in some way.” He said. 

You almost laughed but that would have been mean.

“Don’t be silly Taeyong!” You said poking his cheek like a little kid. “Look y/c/n has already fallen asleep just by being held by you. 

You will be the best dad because you are you. And you Lee Taeyong are good at everything.” As he placed your son back down to bed and you headed back to your room he replied,

 “Well, I am good at everything you aren’t wrong there.” He joked, “But seriously, you think I will be a good parent?”

“Um Taeyong we are the dream team; no parents will ever be better than us. If we love our sons as much as we love each other they will be the happiest most loved children in the entirety of the world, or at least east Asia.”

 He pulled you into a hug and kissed the top of your head.

 “y/n how do you always make me feel so much better?” He asked.

 “As I said Taeyong, we are the dream team,” You replied.

 “I thought the dream team was Mark, Haechan, Jeno, Jaemin, Renjun, Chenle and Jisung,” He giggled.

 “I revoke my former statements, you’re too childish to be a good dad.”

 “Shut up you love me y/n,”

 “Well sadly yes,”

 “Love you too baby.”

boku-no-hero-academia-imagines  asked:

Can I please get a Shouto version of his s/o playing with his hair?Thank you!

Sure thing dear! =) I hope that you like it and that I could write it well enough!

Todoroki looks up when he feels a light touch just behind his hear. A glance to the side reveals his partner, who has their hand stretched out towards him.

“Can I touch your hair?” They ask with a warm smile.

Todoroki nods after a short pause. “Yes, go ahead.”

He’s not quite sure why his partner would want to, but he doesn’t mind. Looking back at his book, he feels their fingertips touching his hair. They shuffle closer, the bed creaking gently and he feels their hand more firmly, brushing through the strands.

It’s very nice, he realizes, tilting his head slightly into the touch. It’s soothing and he likes the soft pressure they add then and again.

“You can lean back if you want to.” His partner offers after a moment.

Todoroki looks up before he leans towards them and with a light tug on his shirt, lies down on the bed, with his head in his partner’s lap.

They card both hand through his hair now, brushing his bangs back from his forehead and Todoroki closes his eyes without having to think about it. He relaxes, feeling warm and more and more content.

“Do you like it?” His partner asks and he opens his eyes, smiling softly up at them.

“Yes, I do.”

(Thank you anon numbah 1! Yeah it always bugged me that they don’t have much to say, like I just saved half of DC and almost died, not even a good job? Sarge, Cross, and Dogmeat are excluded because it’s only romanced companions)

Butch- Lone would never let him live it down if they knew he’d cried most of the time they were comatose. He hardly lets go of their hand, and he divides his time between sitting on the edge of their bed rambling, begging them to snap out of it (“C'mon wake up… You can’t just drag me out of the Vault and leave me alone, ya idiot! With all these assholes in power armor and fucking zombies… Please, Lone… just wake up…” ) and wandering aimlessly around the Citadel. The Brotherhood’s dork scribes and their meathead soldiers whisper behind his back and he knows they’re hedging their bets on Lone giving in, and he hates every single one of them for it. They don’t know Lone like he does. But it’s through their gossiping that he hears they’re awake when he’s taking one of his adrift walks through the courtyard. He bolts for the medical ward, pushes several people aside, and by the time he reaches their room, he’s out of breath. Seeing them sitting up in bed, he flings his arms around their neck. Tears are rolling down his cheek before he can stop them and he’s spilling, “You jackass! What the hell is wrong with you? Do you ever think of anyone but yourself? I’ve been losing my mind for two fucking weeks worrying about you!” They meekly apologize for causing such distress, he tries to wipe his eyes, but they’re red and puffy, and the gesture did nothing to hide the fact he had been crying.

Charon- He hasn’t left their bedside since their arrival at the Citadel. People have to work around him, because he refuses to move and no one has the courage to force him out. He eats little of the food they bring him and sleeps less, he simply sits, listening to every blip of the heart monitor and paying close attention to every little change. The first sign of an eye flutter, it’s like a statue coming to life, and he bolts out of his chair immediately to take them by the hand before he realizes he’s moved. He immediately barks for a doctor. He can hear them rushing down the hall towards them, and 101’s eyes look like they’re beginning to focus on him. But when he feels their fingers begin to curl around his, he instinctively pulls away before they become aware he’s holding their hand. By the time the staff come and go and they’re left alone again, Charon finally stands and casts them a look. “Don’t ever do something that foolish again.” He pauses, the stern look in his eyes softening, and adds, “Please…”

Clover- She’s never been a caregiver, and never felt the need to take care of someone until she met 101. But while they’re recovering, she does everything she can for them. She has no medical experience, so she finds other ways of helping them, like brushing their hair to keep the rat’s nest at bay, and keeping them clean. For the most part, she keeps her composure. When their eyes open, everything she’d been bottling up for the past two weeks bubbles over. She clings to them, kisses their cheek like her life depends on it, and sobs her heart out. She’s never been so afraid of losing someone. She holds them for hours after they wake up, her ear pressed to their chest, glad to listen to the sound of their heartbeat instead of the grating beep of a monitor that had filled the silence for days.

Jericho- He gripes at the doctors most of the time he’s there, asking why 101 isn’t up, why they aren’t working faster, why they aren’t at their side every moment until they’ve fixed the kid. They tell him it’s out of their hands, but that’s an answer he won’t accept. These Brotherhood dickbags were supposed to have their shit together and they couldn’t even keep one kid safe. Were it anyone else, he would have left. There was no point in hanging around to see if goody little two shoes woke up. But they’re his goody little two shoes, and he sure as hell didn’t trust anyone in the Citadel to treat them right. He’s sitting, smoking again despite their repeated insistence that he not, and cleaning his gun when they begin to rouse. He looks up from his work, tipping his cigarette up. He feels relief wash over him, his tightly wound muscles relaxing as they look up at him with a groggy look he thought he’d never see again. “Welcome back.” He puts his cigarette out on his metal shinguard and props his gun against his chair. “Enjoy your little vacation? Because I sure as hell ain’t sticking around this place another day, these guys have got their heads so far up their own asses… Keep tryin'a stick me in one of those retarded suits. How ya’ feel?” “Like a Brahmin rammed me in the head.” He laughs, “At least you’re alive.” He leans over them and plants a kiss on their forehead, his thumb tracing the contour of their cheek. “I’m…” He heaved a sigh, his gaze flickering across their face. “I’m glad you’re okay, kiddo.”

Fawkes- He isn’t allowed anywhere near them after they’re hauled out of the Jefferson Memorial, and is only left to wonder what became of them after that. Anytime he gets anywhere near the Citadel, bullets kick up dust around his feet. The Brotherhood has no tolerance for meta humans like him. He finds a spot under a ruined overpass where he is mostly hidden, but has a view of the front gate, and there he waits. The Wastes are too quiet, they leave him too much time to worry if Lone is even alive in there, and the silence lets his primal side claw back into his thoughts. He finds a radio to keep him company. Weeks pass, and finally he hears the gates groan open. A familiar figure steps out. He knows he should wait until they’re further away from the guards, but he can’t stand it, he darts out of his hiding spot and rushes towards them, oblivious to the shots cracking off around him from startled Brotherhood knights. Lone runs out to meet him and Fawkes drops to his knees, gathering them up in his arms to hug them. “Are you alright? I’m so sorry I wasn’t with you!” Lone hushes him and wipes at the tears streaking his skin. The gunfire settles, no one disturbs the two, no matter how many of the Brotherhood feel about their relationship. Fawkes holds Lone as tightly as he can without hurting them, and prays they never have to be apart for that long again. He’s spent enough time without a soul to turn to, and he isn’t about to let them go.

Good Friend, Hard Times

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 627
Author: Brittiny
Request: @supernatural-digmywaytohell Hey! Lately I feel like shit. I don’t know what it is but everything seems to go wrong. And also today I heard from my mom that my grandma has lungcancer and it’s bad. I’m really sad and it breaks my heart to see my mom cry to… So I wanted to ask you if you can write a fic were Dean sees how Y/N is feeling and that he comforts her. It really help me get my mind off of things.
A/N: Set in an AU- Reader is college age.

“Yeah, thanks, Dad. I love you, too.” Sighing, you hung up and flopped back on your bed. Here you were, in college, ten hours away from home. Your father had just called to tell you that your uncle was in the hospital. He didn’t give you details, as things were still being figured out. He’d been admitted the night before, and they were running tests. You were close to your uncle. He didn’t have any kids, so he treated you and your two brothers like his own.

On top of that, you’d already been feeling out of it. No idea why, as nothing bad had happened. At least, nothing out of the ordinary. It was just the usual college crap.

“Hey, what’s got you down?” You looked over to see your best friend, Dean. He didn’t even attend college, but he would come hang out with you at least.

“Uncle Cas is in the hospital.” You said sadly. Dean had been your best friend since the third grade. You had defended his brother, even though he didn’t need it. You just really didn’t like the kid that was being a jerk. “They are sure what’s wrong just yet.”

Dean walked in and grabbed your hand, pulling you up. You could tell that he had come here from work- he was still greasy. “Come on.” He gave you a small smile.

You shook your head. “No thanks, Dean. I don’t feel like it.”

“I will pick you up over my shoulder and carry your ass out.” He teased, and you knew that he would. Hell, he had. “I am going to take my best girl out for ice cream, a trip to her favorite park that has those creaky swings, and then we are going to go hang out at my dad’s with Sammy. We will order pizza, watch movies, and take your mind off of this.” He was good at cheering everyone up- except himself. “Ya never know, it might be nothing. You’ll get a call tomorrow saying that he’s fine, and he’s going home.” You knew that wasn’t the case, not the way that your father had sounded, but you gave him a small smile anyway.

Finally you got up and sighed. “I do want one thing, though.”

He grinned. “Anything.”

You leaned in a bit closer. “I need you to take a shower.”

“What? You don’t like the smell of grease and sweat?” He wiggled his eyebrows. You shoved him playfully and shook your head. “Come on, we’ll stop at my apartment before we get some ice cream. You can veg out on my couch while you wait.”

You laced your arm with his as you walked out. Leaning your head on his shoulder, you smiled. “Thanks, Dean.”

He glanced at you. “What for?”

“Being you.” He chuckled. “I’m serious. You’ve been there through all my hard times, and you’ve never failed to at least make me smile. How’d I get so lucky to have such an awesome best friend?”

“By punching David Franks in the nose in the third grade?” He laughed.

You shook your head. “You weren’t even there! You weren’t even in that school anymore.”

He smirked at you. “Sammy told me all about it.” Dean opened the door for you and let you walk out first. “All about the pretty girl who knew how to punch better than a boy.”

Laughing, you made your way to his Impala. “I still can’t believe you befriended me over that.”

“Bonding over bodily harm. It’s what we do.” He grinned.

“You’re a dork.”

“But you love me.”

You slid into the car and rolled your eyes. “In your dreams.”

Dean got in as well, starting the car. “Dreams have been known to come true.”

anonymous asked:

omg I loved your little winteriron drabble with merman!Bucky can you please please please write more? Maybe with the "wait in line, freakshow" or "on second thought, I dont want to know" sentence prompts if you want? thank you!!

Thank you, and sure. Here’s a little something from Steve’s point of view. 

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11 /Part 12/Part 13/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16/ Part 17 / Part 18/ Part 19/ Part 20/ Part 21/ Part 22/ Part 23/ Part 24/ Part 25/ Part 26/ Part 27/ Part 28/ Part 29  

Steve picked up his pace, cutting through the water and swimming right in front of Bucky to impede his path. “And just where do you think you’re going?”

Bucky reeled, back-flipping through the water then righting himself. “Steve, what are you doing up so late?” He scowled. “You should be in bed. You’re still recovering from the Eels.”

“I’m trying to make sure my best friend doesn’t end up in some Lander’s net.” Steve swished his tail in agitation. “You’re going to get caught if you keep going to the surface.”

Bucky smirked. “No one has caught me yet.” Bucky kicked his tail and with a burst of speed, launched himself past Steve.

“Bucky!” Steve cried out and gave chase.

Steve huffed as he tried to keep up with his best friend. Bucky had always been a faster swimmer. The only reason Steve had caught up before was because Bucky hadn’t been aware Steve was following him.

Steve soon lost sight of his friend and cursed. He pushed onward through the water.

Steve knew exactly where Bucky was headed.

It wasn’t long before Steve reached shallow waters. He navigated his way through the seaweed and rocks until he reached a spot in rocks where he could hide from the Landers on shore but get glimpse of the small beach Bucky liked to visit.

Steve poked his head out from the water and around the rock. His heart screamed and flung itself out of his chest.

Tony was wearing one of his strange, black skins again and was wading in waist high water. He laughed as Bucky swam around him, diving in and out of the water and wrapping his tail around Tony’s legs.

It wasn’t a proper courting dance due to Bucky being limited to shallow water, but Steve recognized the dance for what it was.

Tony’s reached into the water and his fingers touched Bucky’s tail.

Bucky cooed in delight and wrapped himself around Tony. He cupped Tony’s face with one hand and looked at Tony with utter fondness.

Tony’s cheeks turned red. He swayed into Bucky’s touch.

Bucky grinned and slapped his tail onto the surface, splashing Tony before Bucky dove into the water.

“Hey!” Tony cried out. He vigorously wiped at his eyes. “No fair!”

Bucky remerged right in front of Tony and kissed the tip of his nose then disappeared into the water again.

Tony straightened, his face more red than a lobster.

Steve dove into the ocean and swam toward deeper waters.

Steve cartwheeled and swam zigzag as he panicked. His best friend was courting a Lander! Had Bucky even thought this through? Besides the general danger of swimming near the surface, how did Bucky expect to maintain any relationship with Tony? How! It just didn’t make sense, and–

“Whoa, Stevie, you need to slow down. Your tail is going to split in two if you keep swimming like that.”

Steve whirled on Bucky. “Are you crazy? On second thought, don’t answer that.” Steve zipped through the water in a panic as he tried to think of what to say to his friend. “You’re courting a Lander!”

“So you saw that performance?” Bucky glanced over his shoulder and in the direction of the beach. “Not surprised. I had a feeling you would.”

“Bucky,” Steve clamped Bucky on the shoulders and looked him in the eye, “I want to support you, but what you’re doing is insane and dangerous.”

“So was riding that riptide, but we had fun.” Bucky smiled crookedly.

Steve shook his head. “This is different.”

“Come on, Steve.” Bucky swatted Steve’s hands away and put some distance between them. “Since when are you afraid of anything? We’ve out swam sharks, swam through jellyfish, and have even explored Lander ships. We are you acting like such a guppie?”

“Because Bucky…” Steve’s chest ached. He sank into the water. “I don’t want to see you get hurt when things don’t work out. Nets and fishermen’s traps aside, Tony and you are literally from two different worlds.”  

Bucky tail twitched. He once again looked over his shoulder toward the beach. “I have to go. I told Tony I’d only be gone for a little while.”

Steve sighed and bowed his head. “You’re not going to listen to me at all, are you?”

“Haven’t so far. Why start now?” Bucky flipped himself around and swam to Tony.

Steve hugged himself as he drifted alone in the ocean.

“I hope it works out in the end, even if it is unlikely.”

[Sentence Prompts]

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Another One {requested cameron imagine}

A/N: so uh I got a very detailed request from an anon about how you and cameron have two kids and you take a pregnancy test and it’s positive and you get all happy {that was just the gist of what I got lol} but I changed a few things so it wasn’t so I could actually write it ahaha hope you like it anon !

“Ella, mommy and daddy are very tired and we really want to sleep. So we can’t read you another book. Please please please go to sleep sweet heart.” Cameron said as he gave your four year old daughter a kiss on the cheek.
“But Eli snores.” She whines.
“Ella, please be sweet about your twin brother and just go to sleep honey.” He said calmly. Ella sighed and trotted back to her and her brother’s bedroom.
“Thank you babe. Im not feeling all that wonderful.” You mumbled and pulled the covers on you and Cameron’s bed up to your chin.
“Sweetheart are you sure you don’t need to take a… test?” He said and sat next to you and pulled himself under the covers.
“I probably should.” You sighed as you moved over next to him curling yourself up to his body.
“Please do. I want to know. Ella and Eli may want to know as well if they have a younger brother or sister.” He whispers. You throw the covers off of yourself and stand up. Cameron stands up and takes your hand.
“Hey, don’t worry! If you are pregnant it’s a good thing! We always wanted more kids so please don’t be worried. We were sorta trying anyways!” He said and took both of your hands. You nodded knowingly. He was a wonderful husband and you didn’t quite understand how you were lucky enough to be with him.
“Okay, just wait here sweetheart.” You say and go into the bathroom. With shaky hands you reach into the bottom part of your drawer in your bathroom and pull out the pregnancy test. You go into the bathroom and take the test. You took a deep breath as you look at the stick. You ran out of the bathroom and hugged cameron.
“It’s positive it’s positive it’s positive!” You squealed as quietly as you could.
“Oh my god really?” He said and picked you up and spun you around.
“We are going to have another little Dallas child.” You smiled and kissed his nose.
“I hope it’s a girl.” He says and looks down at your flat stomach and puts his hand on your stomach.
“I don’t care but we made this little human and I find that amazing.” You say and kiss him on the lips. You couldn’t be happier.

THAT WAS PRECIOUS OKAY IM SORRH YHIS IS JUST WJSJSKDJKSKDNSJS but have a good day everyone i have had rehearsals a lot so I worked extra hard on this one so you guys would be happy with it! Please keep requesting💕
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH thanks for all of the nice things you say.

anonymous asked:

Mathcup please? I'm 5'4", bisexual.I have basically 2 personalities(due to my BPD), one that enjoys dark jokes and violent mindsets, and another that's always giggling/laughing and hyper. I spend a good 98% of my time in my bed on some electronic reading. Nap dates are 👌. I love recording everything, meaning lots of videos/photos, just so I could go back and look at them. I'm the kind of person that wants to trace every freckle/scar/stretch mark/etc on my S/O's body. Thanks! ~JayJack

I match you with swapfell sans.

At first, it was going to be underfell, but I feel like the switching personalities would be too stressful for him.

Raspberry however, finds it amazing that you can go from dark and violent to giggly and hyper because in the eyes of most people, it’s very sinister.

He says he doesn’t like the fact that you’re inside all the time, but he will stay with you if you decide to read to him.

As for taking pictures and videos, he l o v e s it. He’ll even make an effort to do more “magnificent feats” around you just so you’ll record him.

Midnight Snack- Fred

- Hi! Could you maybe write a Fred imagine where the reader can’t sleep, so she sneaks to Fred’s dorm to cuddle, but he can’t sleep either so they go for a walk around Hogwarts? Maybe really fluffy? My name is Kat but you don’t have to use it. Thanks!’

Quick! what does an angel have on it’s head? HALO!

Moony is back : )

First off I was just talking to Nymphadora about this request and we both so excited because omg it’s so cute!!!! 10 points to whatever house you’re in! <3

My friend told me once that when I become drunk, like really drunk I just laugh at everything. So I just tried to base my drunken ass on this XD


“Kat, lay still some of us are trying to sleep…” Angelina your roommate sighed covering her head with her pillow.

“Yeah please, you’ve been thrashing around your bed for an hour. If you have problem sleeping go see Madam Pomfrey” Katie mumbled tried trying to conceal a yawn.

The clock on your bedside table said 1:23, but your body said that it’s party time. Lee Jordan had smuggled some fire whiskey inside the common room to celebrate Gryffindor’s victory against Ravenclaw in a quidditch match and you got a little carried away.

A drinking game had turned into a competition between you and your boyfriend Fred Weasley. In the game you both take a shot and then try to walk on a straight line, and the one who went outside the line had lost. Students had stopped drinking themselves and given Fred and you their drinks so you guys could drink even more. Which as any wizard and muggle can figure out, had gone a bit overboard. Though Fred hadn’t gotten near the half of how drunk you had become. He was just a bit tipsy, nothing more. The party had started 8 pm. And the party had then been interrupted by Lavender Brown running saying that McGonagall were coming 11 pm.

It was like a scene from Titanic. There was screaming, yelling and even some first years had started crying in panic.  

“But I can’t—sleep” you laughed as a hiccup interrupted you halfway through your sentence. The whole night seemed funny, just the thought of all the panic that had occurred in less than 10 minutes, were galleons worth!

Suddenly you were laughing so hard tears ran down your cheeks. “Did you see-Did you see Ron’s face” You laughed almost screaming, tears running down your cheeks. “His cheeks got so red!” you kept laughing at the memory. Ron’s cheeks had gotten so red that you almost couldn’t see what was hair and what was face. He looked like a big tomato! But a really cute one.

“Kat I swear to Merlin. It’s Saturday can you please just sHUT UP!” Angelina yelled throwing her pillow at you. Luckily she missed you and hit Katie instead, who had almost fallen asleep. “No, nope! That’s it” Katie yelled as she sat up quickly. She turned on the lights and walked over to your bed. Katie picked you as if you were as light as a feather. “Wait, Wait Katie what are you doing?” you laughed as she walked over to the door holding you in a tight grip. “Kicking you out” Katie said cold. Angelina had also gotten up and was opening the door for Katie. “What why? It’s not my fault I can’t sleep. You should talk to Merlin about that” you offered giggling. “Believe me, I will when I’ve got my beauty rest” Angeline answered with a small smile, clearly trying to suffocate a laugh. Katie brought you outside the door, and then smashed the door shut. You heard her mumble “Finally” and then a bump, presumably her laying down on her bed.

And then you heard a little click noise coming from the door. “Er-you guys?” you tried to call out. You gripped the door handle and tried open the door. It was locked.

“Sorry Kat, see you in the morning” Angelina yawned through the door. “Goodnight!” and that was the last thing you heard before you saw the light go out from inside the room, from under door.

You tried to call out again, but this time no one answered. You reached inside your housecoat, but to realize that your wand was laying on your bedside table. “Damn” you sighed looking around. There was no other chance of getting inside your dorm, beside flying up to the windows from the outside. But since you were a danger to not only yourself but also others on a broomstick, you dropped the idea again.

A couple of minutes went by where you listened to students light snoring. It was winter so standing on the stone floor was freezing your pink toes off.

Luckily you looked down on your wrist and saw you were wearing a wristwatch. 1:45 It was getting late and you did have a lot of homework over the weekend to make.

Still you weren’t feeling tired, like sleeping tired. After the small fight inside your dorm you were a bit exhausted, but not tired. To be honest you were starting to feel a sudden cuddle mood creeping up on you.  The alcohol inside you there had been there for well around 5 hours were starting to drift a little, giving you a more clear vision.

Perhaps Fred was still up? It wouldn’t hurt to check if he was. And by that though you began walking up the many stairs to his dormitory. The boys were snoring a lot more than the girls. Just by walking past many dormitories you could clearly hear the snoring.  

Fred, George and Lee Jordan’s dormitory was one of the highest dormitories in the boy’s wing, but finally you made it. There was no light shining out of their doors edges, but you still knocked on the door. There was no answer beside a deep snore. You tried to knock again, but no answer came. Then as silently as possible you opened the door. It was squeaking as you opened it but none of the 5 boys seemed to notice. You had of course been in Fred’s room many times before, but somehow the smell always surprised you. It stank of boys, sweat and old socks. How did they not suffocate was beyond you. The room was also very warm even though their windows were open letting wind come in.

You knew Fred’s bed was the one who was furthest to the right. His red hair was almost glowing in dark. He was currently laying in the starfish position. His head was buried inside his pillow leaving his hair only to stick out. He wasn’t wearing a shit only his pyjamas pants. Molly Weasley had knitted shirt with a big F which was laying down on the floor beside him, be probably threw it off. You didn’t blame him; it was incredibly hot inside their room. “Hey, Fred?” you whispered carefully running you fingers up and down his back.

He lifted his head almost immediately. He looked around quickly but then he saw you and his expression soften. “Oh hit Kitty” he chuckled turning over to his side. “Hi” you whispered. “Listen I know I’m irresistible, but shouldn’t you be sleeping?” he whispered back with a smirk. “Yeah but the other girls kicked me out because I couldn’t sleep, and then I came to you” you chuckled whispering. At that moment George made a deep snore making you jump. “Damn you George” you whispered. Fred grinned and sat up throwing the duvet back on his bed. “C’mon I’m a bit hungry, let’s go down to the kitchens” Fred said. You held out a hand which he took so you could pull him up. “Do you want you shirt on?” You asked him. “Nah, it’s okay. Perhaps if we run into a McGonagall I can flirt our way out” he winked at you.

You’ve always noticed that Fred has a nice body. That kinda comes with being a beater, but he actually had a bit of a six-pack now that you looked really close. Or maybe it was just your half drunk brain showing you lies.  On your way down to the kitchen you almost ran into Snape, but in the last moment Peeves had dropped paint the opposite way that Snape was going, leading him away from you and Fred. It was exciting to running around the castle in the night. The fear of getting caught really did something to you, and you loved every single minute of it.

Lucky for you Fred was almost sober again and could remember the way to the kitchens. If you were alone you would have gotten lost in 2 minutes.

“Students! Out of bed?! What is wrong with this generation?” a painting scolded the both of you as you went by. “Oh please, at least we aren’t trapped inside a—–piece of paper!” you said mockingly to the painting again with a hiccup interrupting you. “And drunk!” the painting responded disgusted. But before you could insult the painting further, Fred pushed you forward.

“Listen Idontget how you’re not as drunk as I am, we drank the exact same!” you exclaimed. Fred laughed at you while shaking his head. “Well first off, I’m bigger than you. And George and I switched places while you weren’t looking”

You gasped dramatically at him. “Cheater!” you hissed at him slapping him on the chest.

“I know I know, sorry Kitty Kat” he said embracing you kissing you on the head. You walked a bit further before you whispered to yourself, “I knew I wasn’t a weak hippogriff” which only made Fred laugh.

Finally you made it to the painting of a fruit bowl. Fred stepped forward and tickled the pear and the painting went to the side showing a hole to climb through. “Ladies first” Fred said bowing deep. “Damn straight” you smirked and climbed through. Immediately as the both of you entered the kitchen you were overrun by happy house elfs. “What would the master like?” asked a female house elf with particular big eyes. Fred shot you a quick look. You raised your eyebrow quick; he knew your sign language. “Some chocolate for the drunk one here and me” he chuckled. “Of course master, anything!” said the house elf and with the other house elfs, they started raiding the kitchen.

4 House elfs came running with a table, two chairs, a tablecloth and a candle. Fred held out your chair as you sat down, before sitting down yourself.

“You know I never in my wildest imagination thought we would sit here, I drunk, you without a shirt and all this 3 am” you laughed.

“Oh I don’t know, we always come up with some funny don’t we?” Fred smirked as the house elfs lit the candle between the two of you.

“Ah, touché”

“Can I request some headcanons for Lucio, Junkrat, and Genji for their s/o babysitting a few kids for the evening and asking them for help.”

here you go <3


  • He wouldn’t be shy about it at all, he’d just call you up or whatever, telling you that he might need your help with something
  • He’d let you know how much he appreciates your help
  • He’d be adorable around kids, just the perfect father figure 
  • Once he has thanked you a million times, he’d find a way to pay you back, maybe by taking you out somewhere, preparing dinner or breakfast in bed, something like that


  • Okay, first of all, who let him babysit
  • It would probably be a madhouse, so he’d call you, asking you to please come over and help 
  • Now instead of him babysitting, he’d just play with the kids and you’ll have another person to babysit 
  • He’s maybe not the most responsible father, but he’d always get along with kids really great 


  • He’d be panicking a little at first, trying to keep everything under control
  • In the end he’d just give up and call you asking for help 
  • He’d be really caring arounds kids, and would just love to babysit in general, especially if you are there with him 
  • He’d thank you over and over again for helping him out 

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Ask: I know the oneshots are closed but I just want you to please do me one :), So you and Seth have been very sexual over the last couple of months and one night in your hotel room you wake up and get out of bed with Seth still asleep and you take a pregnancy test, You scream from in the bathroom and Seth jumps out off bed to see you, but you run and lock the door so he can’t see you and you start crying the the bathroom (you can choose if it’s negative or positive) thanks.

Pairings: Seth X Reader

Warnings: —

For The Lovely coolstoth!

You rolled around in bed unable to fall back asleep after waking up feel very sick. This has been fourth night in the last two weeks that you had woken up because you felt sick. You and Seth had been very sexually active over the last couple of mouths but you were using condoms, there could be no way you were pregnant.

After laying there a little while longer you finely get up and go over to your suitcase and pull out the pregnancy test that you bought last week just incase the sickness continued. You look over to Seth and see that he is still fast asleep. 

You quietly go in to the bathroom and shut the door behind you. You bit your lip looking at the box. You sit down and open the box, pulling out the test and taking a deep breathe.

You take the test and set in on the counter, waiting for the beep. You continue to bite your lip as you wait. What happens if Seth doesn’t want a baby, what if he breaks up with for being pregnant and leaves you alone. All these thought are running through your head. 

You hear the beep and you quickly pick up the test. Positive. You scream out in shock and drop the test.

“Y/N!” You heard Seth call for you. You hear his foot steps nearing the bathroom so you quickly get up and lock the door as tears spill from your eyes.

The doorknop jiggles and then Seth is beating on the door. 

“Y/N! Baby! What’s going on! Open the door!” 

You continue to cry harder. You and Seth never talked about kids, weather or not you were going to have any. And right now, with him being the champion it isn’t the right time. 

“Baby! Open the door! Talk to me! Please!” Seth yelled, beating on the door harder.

“Y/N, baby. Please! Please! Just open the door!” Seth said, against the door.

You wiped away your tears and stood, walking over to the door and opening it.

Seth pulling you into his arms right away. 

“Baby, what’s wrong? What happen?” Seth asked, rubbing his hands up and down your back.

You sniffle and pull away, you walk back into the bathroom and pick the test up, handing it to Seth.

Seth looked down at it and then at you in shock. 

“Your….your pregnant?” Seth asked. You nodded your head.

“Oh baby! This is amazing! My going to be a dad!” Seth said, pulling you in for a hug.

“You’re not mad?” You asked. Seth pulls back a little to look at you.

“Baby no! Why would I be mad? Is that why you’re all upset?” Seth asked.

“Yeah, I thought with you being champion, you wouldn’t want a baby right now”

“Listen to me, I want this baby. Okay? I want it so much”

“You have no idea how happy I am to here you say that” 

Seth held you in his arms and rubbed his hands up and down your back.

“So do think it’s a girl or boy?” Seth asked. You starting laughing.

“I don’t know! But what I do know is that I hope are baby gets your beautiful eyes” 

Seth kissed the top of your head and pulled you back towards the bed. 

‘Come on, let get you back to sleep. You’re pregnant now, so you need lots of reset” Seth said.

You smiled, knowing that Seth was happy to be having a baby and that he was going to be hell bent on taking care of you.

I hope you like it! 

anyway, y’all, on a more serious note

I’m legitimately flattered by y’all’s kindness and support; I can honestly say that I can’t quite believe it yet, but it’s at least nice to hear, and I’m grateful.

I’m not really sure how to properly respond, because I am very not used to this, so please don’t be offended by anything I say in turn; I’m not exactly the best at articulating myself and my thoughts and my feelings, lmao.

But anyway. Sorry for the spam again today; I get back to classes tomorrow, and I’ve got a bunch of homework, but I’m gonna try and at least get something interesting posted lmao.

So yeah. Thanks.

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Hey. Can you please make number 9 or 22 for drabble challenge with Cristiano Ronaldo? Thanks in advance.

I really hope y’all like this if you do please let me know by sending me a message, fill up my inbox or reblog, like or whatever you wanna do, i always wanna know what y'all think x Thank you all so much for always reading my imagines x Love you all x Drabble Challenge 

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Hate - Cristiano Ronaldo

22. “Did you just hiss at me?”

„babe“ Cristiano asked.

As he shook me awake slightly. I opened my eyes to stare into his eyes immediately. He had kneeled down in front of the bed as a small smile was playing on his lips and I yawned as I rubbed my eyes and sat up a bit so my back was pressed against the headboard. I got my period today and even through I didn’t had to work today and spend all day at home I still felt exhausted from all the pain I had to go through. I made myself hot water bottle and laid down in bed, it only took me some minutes until I drifted off to sleep. Cristiano had been at training all morning, he still had his jacket on so I’m guessing he just came back.

„Hey“ I said as I gave him a small smile back.

„You having cramps?“ he asked referring to the hot water bottle on my stomach.

„Yeah“ I said and sighed.

„I’m gonna take my jacket off and then I’ll come back to cuddle you, okay?“ he said and I nodded before he disappeared out of the room.

Only to return seconds after. He laid down in bed beside me and as he wrapped his arms around me he pulled me closer to him so I was laying on his chest. I sighed out and he took my hand in his. I closed my eyes for a brief moment to enjoy the silence and comfortableness. It wasn’t often when we shared moments like this, in deed there really weren’t a lot. Cristiano being one of the best football players of the world always worked hard for what he wanted. He was always the first on the pitch at training and the last one to leave he worked hard and even through I was beyond proud of him I sometimes missed him and wished he would spend more time with me. But well I was working hard too, I may only worked 3 days a week but it was keeping me busy enough anyway.

„Do you still feel any pain?“ he asked and I just shook my head.

„How was training?“ I asked him.

„It was of kind fun. The champions league draw was earlier so we all watched it together“ he said and sighed.

„Oh right I totally forgot about that who did you get?“ I asked.

„You did not get Barcelona did you?“ I asked afraid.

I know I was dating a Real Madrid player and I know it was probably the worst thing to do but I kind of was a Barcelona fan. Not only kind of, I was a Barcelona Fan. I loved the team since I was little. I grew up in Barcelona and if my job wouldn’t consider me to move back then I would probably still be living there. My dad and me were the biggest Barcelona fans there were, he would always take me to games when I was little and we still went to some games sometimes.

But now that I was dating Cristiano and the media knew about me it was kind of difficult. My dad wasn’t happy that I out of all people happened to date Cristiano Ronaldo, a Real Madrid player and it was weird for me too in the beginning but what could i do? He didn’t made it hard for me to fall for him at all. He was just him and than we happened to start dating weeks after. He knew about my Barcelona addiction but most of the time he just happens to ignore it so we wouldn’t have to fight or argue or whatever. Whenever Barcelona played I just disappeared in my office and watched the games there.

„No we did not. You don’t need to be afraid of us kicking them out“ he said and groaned. I pulled my head up and looked at him as I moved so I sat beside him and could look at him.

„Who says you would kick them out? It’s would be more likely that they would kick you out“ I said and crossed my arms in front of my chest.

„Yeah sure. Not like we won last year“ he said and rolled his eyes.

„We did the greatest Comeback in history you remember?“ I said.

„Of course I do. It’s not like the media or you talk about anything else“ he groaned and rolled his eyes.

„Well excuse you that my team actually does comebacks unlike yours“

„Because we actually never needed them“ he snapped and I rolled my eyes as a frown was now playing on my lips.

“Did you just hiss at me?” I asked and raised my eyebrow at him.

„Maybe I did“ he said as he threw his arms in the air.

„Gosh I hate you“ I said and turned my face around so I didn’t had to look at him anymore.

„I hate you too“ he said as he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me back in his side. He leaned in and pressed his lips on mine, I sighed into the kiss as I put my head in his neck to pull him even closer to me.

Request: Shield  Against Evil

Request: Hola! It’s Saturday! Can I have just a cute one where the reader screams cause she saw a spider and begs Sam to kill it for her. And then Sam teases her about it but then says he’ll protect her from the spiders? Lol fluff please!! Thanks!

Word Count: 546

I would have loved a helpful Sam the other night when I got into bed and this huge black spider ran down the wall right next to me and under the bed. I didn’t sleep for about a week.

I hope you like it, thanks!<3

You were just going to have a shower and get into bed. You’re exhausted, having been awake for nineteen hours on two hours’ sleep. But, no, the second you get into the bathroom, you see it.

The biggest, blackest, hairiest monster you’ve ever seen.

You let out an involuntary scream, backing away and pressing your back against the opposite wall in an attempt to get away from the beast. Your mind is clouded with fear and you scream again as it begins crawling, its grotesque movements sending shivers down your spine.

Sam bangs on the door, yelling your name, but you’re frozen in fear at the thing and you can’t bring yourself to move to let him in, so instead he kicks it open, breaking the lock with relative ease.

“Y/N!?” He looks around, apparently not seeing the monster, “What happened?” There’s a gun in his hand, and he stares at you with wide eyes.

“Get rid of it!” You beg, pointing at the thing, “Please!”

He looks over, and at the sight of the thing, he breathes a sigh of relief, “A spider?”

“Get rid of it!” You beg, clenching your fists, “Sam, please?!”

“I thought you were dying!” He grabs you, holding you close to him, “I thought something had hurt you or worse!”

“I’m sorry, just get rid of it!” You bury your face in his chest, “Kill it, please.”

“Y/N, it’s just a spider. It’s more scared of you than you are of it.”

“I don’t care, squash it.”

“I’m not going to kill it!”

“Get rid of it then!” You insist, eyes wide with panic. When he looks at you, the underlying exhaustion sewn in with pure terror, his heart breaks a little.

“Alright, alright.” He kisses the top of your head, pulling away. He picks the spider up by one leg and tosses it out the window – you can’t watch as it wriggles in his grip. He closes the window, and only then do you open your eyes.

“Thanks.” You say with a small smile, arms wrapped around yourself.

“You’re scared of spiders?”

“And you’re scared of clowns.” You counter, and Sam nods.

“We all have our fears.” He wraps you up in a hug and you try to ignore the fact that there’s essence of arachnid all over his hands. You smile, burying your head in his chest once more – there’s something infinitely safe about him, something you know you can always go to to escape the horrors of the world around you – be it ghouls or demons or the common household spider.

“Don’t worry about it, Y/N. I’ll always protect you from the evil things.” He winks jokingly, and you pout.

“Don’t tease me! They’re scary!”

“But they won’t hurt you!”

“Neither will clowns!”

“They will. Sometimes.”

“I see your theory and I raise you Arachne.” You raise an eyebrow, and Sam rolls his eyes.

“Alright, I won’t be mean.” Sam promises, “I’ll be your shield against spiders. I promise.” He reaches down and wraps your pinky finger with his, raising both of your hands so you can see them properly, “Okay?”


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“I wish you were here, my parents are fighting again.“ Pietro m. Please? Thank you very much

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To drown the sound of the arguing out, you decided to call Pietro. He was the only one that could truly make you feel better during times like this. He picked up quite quickly, greeting you with a happy hello, “Can you just like tell me funny stories or something please?” You asked him straight off the bat as you sat on your bed.

“What’s wrong? Has something happened?”

“I wish you were here,” You mumbled sadly, “my parents are fighting again.”

“Give me five minutes and I’ll be round; we’ll go a walk or come back here and watch movies. Whatever you like.”

“Pietro, you don’t-”

“I know, but I want you to be happy.” A slow smile spread on your face; he really was the only one who could help in situations like this.

Reality (Woozi)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Can u do a Woozi first day with the newborn baby? Thank U <3

Summary: The first day home is always a heart warming thing

You held the door open as Jihoon carefully carried the large baby carrier which held a small little baby. His darling daughter Sangmi, laid calmly in the carrier out cold just like you guys wanted her to be. He drove super slow the whole way home scared that even the tiniest bump would disturb his baby. “Jihoon I’m gonna call my mother, why don’t you two go lay down” you say as he took in your tired appearance “are you sure you don’t want to lay with us?” he asks “I will after I call her” you tell him as you walk over and place a kiss onto his lips. 

His free hand caught your cheek letting the kiss go longer than intended before pulling back “don’t be too long please” he whispers before carrying the carrier to your bedroom. He lightly placed it on the bed watching your daughter’s eyes open lightly looking up at him “good morning baby welcome home” he whispers as he lightly unbuckled her. He carefully picked her body out of the seat and setting it onto the floor before carefully placing her between the two of your’s pillows before climbing in. 

He did a mental checklist she was fed before leaving the hospital, she was changed before leaving the hospital, and well cutely dressed before leaving the hospital. He smiled at the tiny baby and placing a light kiss onto her cheek before settling into his pillow. His hand lightly went to her belly and began stroking it. When you walked into the room you saw him fast asleep with his hand over little Sangmi. You smiled as you climbed into bed beside them.

i woke up with your name on my tongue.

i couldn’t remember what i wanted to say.
i think i was sad.

so maybe:
please stay.
please go.
please love me back.

i have no memories of the dream.
perhaps even then, even there, you could not stay.

maybe that’s why i was sad.

—  letters from drake’s ex; I can’t go to bed I’m thinking about my goals and how we used to say a goal is just a dream with a deadline
Scribble-Doodle: Affection

Just a quickie ;) A “could be” missing scene from 113.

“I’ll kill them. I’ll kill them both!” Jace snarls furiously and storms out of the infirmary, hitting the wall with his fist as he stomps by.

“Jace!” Alec calls after him and takes a step to follow, only to stop and turn back to where Lydia’s lying unconscious on the bed; he’s torn by conflicting impulses: to stay or to go?

Seeing this, Magnus walks up to him. “Go,” he encourages Alec, “go after him, and make sure he doesn’t get himself killed. I’ll take care of her as best as I can, you have my word.” 

Alec looks at him, and there’s relief, gratitude and… something else in his eyes. “Thank you,” he says softly and entangles their fingers on impulse, squeezing gently for a second before letting go. 

Magnus is startled - and pleased by this unconscious display of affection, and he sends Alec off with a nod and a smile.


After dinner Raj excuses himself to go to bed early. He says he can hardly keep his eyes open. Joël  stacks the dishwasher and thanks Naomi for the meal.

Joël: Well, I’d better go home. I’m feeling pretty tired myself. I’m working tomorrow but I can come back and help again the next day-

Naomi: That would be wonderful, thank you Joël.

He’s at the door when she says his name in a timid voice. 

Naomi: I want to ask you a favour. Do you think-

Joël turns around to stare at her. She has the grace to look at the floor.

Naomi: Do you think you could ask Roy to ring me? 

Joël feels trapped, the room oppressive.

Joël: It’s not fair for you to involve me, Naomi. 

Naomi: Joël, please. What’s the harm? We’re just friends.

Joël: No, Naomi. You want to talk to him, you ring him. Even talking to you about Roy makes me feel really uncomfortable.

Naomi: I’m sorry. Please don’t tell Raj.

Joël: Jesus Christ. We never had this conversation, alright? See you in two days. Maybe. If I’m not feeling too awkward.