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I randomly found the first Hollywood Vampire trailer thingy that was released back in 2014 bookmarked on my old computer and just watched it again! I CAN'T GET OVER FANGIRL JOHNNY DEPP! He's so stinking precious, what a cupcake! ALSO HE LOOKS HELLA FUCKING FINE IN IT THAT WHITE TSHIRT DOES THINGS TO ME LANI GOOD LORD



i’m so hippie tbh 🌞🌺

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Wow you literally remember 1991? That's so weird to me, I was born the year The Phantom Menace came out :') Gosh I feel soo young now hahaha

LOL well I’m glad to have made you feel youthful…because if you were born in 1999, you most assuredly are youthful. ;) 

And yes, I do indeed remember 1991. Twas a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…but I was there! 

If Sehun has a thing for Chinese men, then Yixing definitely has a thing for Korean men

like look

let me just remind you that he chose sehun

in short

Zhang Yixing gets all the oppas and there isn’t shit we can do about it

you peasants got nothin on me


└ リーダー,雅紀を守るね〜

Cr: VS Arashi 12.10.2017

Just saying hi because I feel the need to say that if you don’t come out of watching Gilmore Girls shipping Jess and Rory I have no place for you in my life cause you’re obviously stupid.

ok bye


  • His father beat him his entire life. He was never good enough and a constant disappointment to a man who never hesitated to raise his hand to Tyler if he did something he didn’t like.
  • Said father died before ever giving Tyler his approval.
  • He formed a close attachment to his Uncle Mason who was later murdered for no reason, other than the fact Damon didn’t like him and/or to spite Katherine.
  • He then had to continue having close conversations, fighting alongside and/or helping the people who murdered his uncle.
  • He found out he was a werewolf and was forced to make the turn after his own best friend, the one person he trusted most in the world, tried to kill him.
  • Not only did he have to deal with the change, he also had to live with the guilt of Sarah’s death.
  • He was manipulated and played by other werewolves, who had him distrusting everyone he thought he knew.
  • He was then forced to turn into Klaus’ first successful hybrid, evoking the sire bond that ruined his life.
  • He turned to and fell in love with the beautiful Caroline Forbes. So in love that when Klaus forced him to bite her against her will, he left Mystic Falls in an attempt to break the sire bond.
  • He broke every single bone in his body over and over again in an attempt to break the sire bond.
  • His body was taken over by Klaus.
  • He was willing to let everyone kill Klaus despite knowing he could die too because of the sire line.
  • He tried to help others break the sire bond. Their freedom was so important to him that he was willing to have himself placed in concrete with Klaus inside him, just to give them all a chance to run and/or find a more permanent solution.
  • His attempt to help his fellow wolves resulted in the murder of his mom, the only remaining family member he had left. This also led him to be betrayed by someone he thought he could trust; Hayley.
  • He was forced to go on the run for months out of fear Klaus would kill him if he ever returned home.
  • He gave Matt Donovan his freaking mansion because he wanted his human friend to be safe from vampires while he was gone.
  • He risked his life to come back for Caroline’s prom.
  • He risked his life again to return for Bonnie’s funeral.
  • The woman he loved then slept with the man who murdered his mother.
  • It was him who helped everyone realise Katherine was inside Elena’s body.
  • His body was possessed again, this time by a Traveler. He fought against this possession with a strength so strong, he was able to take back control long enough to warn his friends. This possession later killed him.
  • He spent months trapped on the Other Side alone.
  • His childhood friend, Bonnie, had to sacrifice herself in order to bring him back to life.
  • He had a chance to be human again and fought valiantly to remain so.
  • He wouldn’t become a deputy because he ran the risk of triggering the werewolf gene again.
  • He then had to kill his dying girlfriend to trigger the curse for a second time, becoming a werewolf again.
  • He left Mystic Falls and joined the Armory in the hopes of doing good with his life.
  • He was put in a coma by Damon for no justifiable reason. 
  • He survived this coma and was then murdered for nothing more than a plot line that went nowhere because Elena didn’t even mention Tyler’s death when she woke up. He was murdered because Julie Plec was lazy and clearly had no idea what to do with the final season. He was murdered and no one mentioned it again, apart from in The Originals and that was just because they want some bone.
  • Tyler died believing his face would serve as a reminder for of the moment Damon gave up. That he would be the one person Damon would never forget killing, but lol. His murder was never, ever mentioned again apart from a brief flash in Damon’s mind.
  • He left all his research to Matt, knowing his friend would continue the good work he’d been doing. It was this same research that helped them against the Sirens.
  • Tyler now spends his afterlife watching over Matt Donovan.

*cries thinking about that time baekhyun was lying in bed playing tvxq’s before u go on his phone, talking about how he and jongdae both auditioned and thought the other was going to end up as a trainee but they both did and now they’re a part of exo*

Guys..I’m gonna say it…yoi was really overhyped..

Tua: *infuriated about ruined Empire Day*

Inquisitor: Why is this tiny woman screaming at me



Inquisitor: *literally can’t even right now*

SAID THE ENTIRE TBL FANBASE (or at least the overwhelming majority)

Me: I’m SOOO EXCITED for 1 hour Blacklist “Special” tonight starting at 9pm!!!

TPTB: You mean 2 hour…

Me:… No… 1 hour.

TPTB:… (Confused silence)