can i just entertain people like this forever


I’m someone who’s standing outside the door, just like you. Behind that door are the rich ones who have a lot to lose. People like me have to knock on that door and open it. You never know whether it’s a monster or a prince that’s waiting, but I can’t afford to be scared or hesitate. That’s the only way I can survive.

anonymous asked:

Literally nobody cares about why you're inactive. You're an ask blog, your entire job is to draw and entertain people but you can't even do that. "Oh no someone got involved with my life, guess I'll just be a depressed ass forever" - is your entire attitude and it is funny. Your drama probably doesn't even compare to the rest of the world. Do you really think your problems are worse than someone's in a 3rd world country? That's pathetic if you do lmao.

my life but every time i get an anonymous ask trying to call me out for being upset with my personal life situation in any way, shape, or form it gets faster.