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Chanyeol as your Roommate

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Request: Hi!!! Can you do Chanyeol as the roommate you got to share an apartment with for college? And you dont really know him yet, just on the day you guys move in OH and the course you’re doing is medicine, his is probably music haha thankssss

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy~! (p.s. i haven’t been to college before lmao so if some of this stuff is incorrect i sorry)

- as you walk into your new dorm you instantly notice the boy unpacking

- he’s v tol you can’t miss him

- he’d see you walk in and look a little confused until it clicked

- “ahh, you must be my roommate! i was just unpacking, but i can help you with your things if you need it.”

- and you’re like damn he tall and cute and nice how am i gonna do this pls help

- while you’re unpacking you’d get to know each other a little bit

- you learn his major is music and you physically feel your heart skip a beat

- what

- anyway he suggests that you both take turns making breakfast every morning so neither of you leave for class hungry

- “you can’t learn on an empty stomach~!”

- you keep catching yourself staring for wayyyyy longer than you meant to

- ‘stop it y/n this is your roommate don’t be cliché’

- you spend the rest of your first day unpacking, going over class schedules, and getting to know each other

- as time goes on you make other friends

- but chanyeol is highkey your best friend like ever

- when he gets the chance he walks to class with you

- literally forces food down your throat if you try to leave without eating

- reminds you to take care of yourself when you’re studying really hard

- ngl hearing him practice through the walls at night is the best thing

- ever

- his voice is just so soothing???????

- every time you compliment him on it tho he gets all blushy it’s adorable

- you’ve probably already stolen half of his wardrobe

- “y/n you can’t keep taking my sweaters”

- “but they’re so comfy and warmmmmm”

- “you have your own!”

- “it’s different

- you probably have to make him sleep as well because if you don’t he’d stay up all night composing

- basically you’re just each other’s parent

- e v e r y o n e ships it

- everyone.

- even the fucking professors ship it

- but somehow you’re both oblivious to it???

- anywho

- one day he’d tell you he’s going to a party and that he’d be back later that night

- ‘n you’re like okay cool don’t be an idiot i’ll leave the door unlocked

- he’d come home shit-faced drunk

- and chan is literally the worst drunk ever 

- he gets sarcastic and clingy af and just becomes such a baby

- and you, being both a med student and his best friend, get stuck caring for him

- “chanyeol you need to drink this water” 

- “no i need to drink your face”

- “what the hell does that even mean???”

- “what the hell does your face even mean?”

- istg he’s just the worst

- eventually you get the water and medicine down his throat and put him to bed

- but when you go to leave he pulls you into his chest and bear hugs you

- “cuddle with me.”

- your face becomes literally tomato red

- after fighting it and failing for a few minutes you just give in

- he’s so warm and you can feel your heart pounding

- then you quickly realized something you had been denying since day one 

- you loved him

- the next morning you woke up

- but chan was gone

- and the smell of pancakes filled your nose

- you’d wander into the kitchen to find a slightly pale chanyeol making breakfast

- “it’s my day today, is it not?”

- over breakfast he would apologize for the night before and if he made you uncomfortable

- but his words aren’t registering

- “chanyeol i love you”

- you and him both would gasp at the same time at your confession

- “i’m sorry… shit i shouldn’t have—”

- “i love you too, y/n”


- you’d walk to class holding hands

- everyone knew it

- they were not surprised

- and honestly nothing changed from before after you started dating

- just a lot more kisses and shit

- you really were already dating

- it just wasn’t official

- ugh my bias list

- i’m dead y’all are so cute

- goodbye

-Admin Yeonie


Do you like stickers? Do you like Steven Universe? Do you like things of roughly the same size? WELL BOY HOWDY CHECK IT OUT theyre finally done!! You can get these as

individual stickers

or all together, or in groups like just the crystal gems or the cool kids (remember when choosing size that its measuring the whole sheet, so dont get small!)

and even though these were made to be stickers you can also get other stuff like tshirts and journals and this bag thing

i might do more in the future to make the characters i skipped (like lapis, jasper, etc) so if you dont see your fave here, dont fret too much :]

oh also, here are the speedpaints: part 1 / part 2

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:0 can you do a tutorial for this edit? Mostly the word search part! Also thanks so much for making such awesome stuff Ily and ur edits /post/129348976012/ikon

How to make this gfx

Ok first you need to know that english is not my first language and i’m really really really bad at explaining things also this is my first time making a tutorial but i’ll try my best so pls bear with me. This is the final result.

Keep reading

I was reading some fan accounts of the cbx fanmeeting and please read these stuff: 
-A fan was crying too hard and Baekhyun asked why every fan came crying after seeing Jongdae (probably because he is a flirt piece of shit)
-Chen said he wants a sexy concept for CBX (his favorite dance is Artficial love).
-A fan said what to do to date someone like him and he replied “call me” (this bitch).

  • chyler: so how're we filming this? we'll snuggle into each other, kiss, flirt, banter maybe? we can talk about our relationship, or just say cute stuff?
  • floriana: i can call her danvers and do the head tilt thing, bitches love danvers and the head tilt
  • director: nah i was thinking you lie there asleep and maggie wakes up and we pan for about 1.5 seconds and then end scene
  • chyler & floriana: *look directly into the camera like theyre on the office*
we got married; mingyu

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  • there’s a lot of food, so I apologise in advance.
  • so, you guys first met at a restaurant, and you saw there was a candle -lit table, correctly assuming it was yours, you sat there
  • and mingyu took so long to arrive, you were panicking because you thought it was a joke or something, you were asking the production crew if this was a prank and having an overall panic until you saw the tall boy, dressed in formal attire walk in with some food
  • and you were like, ‘what are you doing here?’ but also, ‘are you my husband?’
  • and he just said, ‘dinner (or whatever is the suitable meal for the time of day), is served,’ then put the food down and took a seat 
  • and you were like, ‘oh, so you are my husband,’
  • so you guys obviously introduced each other, like what’s the point in marrying someone if you don’t know their name.
  • and you guys just chatted about your idol lives, likes and dislikes that kind of jazz.
  • and when you guys stood up to leave you realised how tall he is and just woah, my husband is tall, good-looking and can cook.
  • if you’re that kind of person, you could brag about this lmao
  • mingyu was fun to be around, he was like a friend tbh
  • and all the dates he’s really extra and if you and mingyu have a significant height difference everyone would be like awww that’s so cute
  • but if you don’t, everyone would be all awww that’s cute,
  • either way you and mingyu are cute.
  • and in my opinion he is boyfriend material af, so whenever you have the date mission things they would always be fun
  • like he would just make you laugh and do super boyfriend things and i hope jeongcheol is watching so cheol can cringe, but be proud, whilst jeonghan highly approves of his behaviour.
  • he’s also pretty open to skinship, so i see you two doing a lot of that unless you don’t want that, but how can you say no to mingyu???
  • and because of how much skinship you do, everyone will be hiGhkEy shipping and probably expects you two to stay together.
  • he’ll also make you breakfast every morning and one day he’ll teach you and IT’S ALL CUTE 
  • so you’ll both be in your pyjamas and he’ll be telling you what to do and then he’ll pull some flirty move, like when you’re facing away from him he’ll slither his arms around your waist
  • or he’ll smear food on you and you get into a food fight 
  • or something cheesy that won’t injure you.
  • when you try on your dresses he’ll be like a teenage girl at a concert
  • you’ll walk out or just somehow get out of the change room 
  • and he’ll see you and he’ll be screaming and talking photos and he’ll be praising you, and he’ll start to fantasising and going on about the wedding, and you’ll be so overwhelmed
  • like woah, rememBER MiNGYU ThIS iS VIrTUAL
  • and he’ll flirt with you 24/7 and you’ll be torn between flustered and pLS STOP MINGYU 
  • so say seventeen is promoting during your marriage, he would somehow show you off
  • so like the boy are preparing for a comeback and they’ll be filming and the director decided they want someone to be in the music video as a love interest to one or more of the boys 
  • and mingyu’s like MY WIFE CAN DO IT
  • and no one else really says anything, they just look at the director and he’s like
  • this is good for views, popularity, all that stuff, why not??
  • so that’s how you end up in a seventeen music video playing mingyu’s love interest
  • so in the mv, you and mingyu play high school students, and he’ll be crushing on you and the rest of seventeen are trying to help mingyu get to you
  • and you’ll be like hanging out with mingyu and the boys will try to make it all romantic until like dino accidentally drops the props and instead of suave, romantic music, it’s playing some uncool pop song, but you two dance together and fall in love or smth
  • so, it’ll be like when you first met, and the both of you will have a sit-down dinner ( i’m sad to don’t worry ) 
  • he’ll be dressed nicely, and so will you and you’ll be talking about your time together and he’ll whip out a photo book
  • and you’re like what??? what’s in it???
  • and then he opens it, and there’s photos of you two having fun and he’ll confess he took photos whilst you were together and put it into the book
  • and then he’d bring out band! seventeen or just shua and then he’ll sing to you or something sweet
  • and if you sing you’d sing to him, or just tell him how much fun you had if you can’t
  • at the end of it, as usual i’ll leave it up to you what happened afterwards, but hAVE  FUN
  • tl;dr super sweet husband that cooks for you and keeps you smiling

    hi everyone, i hope you all enjoyed this, the ending was kinda rushed, but have a nice day/evening and stay safe, lol bye
    - admin jola

    [in a super important Ravkan meeting]

    The King: The Second Army is far too intimidating compared to the First. We must rectify this.

    The Darkling: And what, exactly, do you have in mind?

    Nikolai: *leans forward* I have an idea where they can be both dangerous and…cute. 

    The Darkling: Cute?

    The King: Go on, son. I trust in your decision. 

    [the following morning]

    Nikolai: I’ve done it! Look outside!

    The Second Army:

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    Hey, your aesthetic edit tutorial was extremely helpful !! Could also make a tutorial for icons ? If you want to of course !!

    okay, so this is super late and i don’t even know what i’m doing but here you go. since you liked my edit tutorial (thanks!!) and i’ve recently just made misc icons, i’m assuming you want to know how to make those, so this is a tutorial for making misc/aesthetic icons. if u wanted a tutorial for bright/colourful icons im sorry for being stupid, pls send it as an ask again :) 

    • okay so i first choose a nice misc/aesthetic image and copy it onto a new file on photoshop (i use cs5). you can get some nice pictures from these blogs.

    i got this picture:

    • i usually make 200px by 200px icons, so i crop it and then sharpen it.
    • then i add a nice dull psd with contrast, so it looks like this

    (i use a combination of bright and dull psds which are not made by me, so if you need a specific one, pls ask me)

    AND YOU’RE DONE! a lot of ppl doodle on their icons, but as of right now i just doodle on my graphics but if you want to, you can doodle on her hair and outline her clothes and stuff.

    • for that, use a 1px brush, hardness 100%
    • create a new layer and go doodle

    (i zoom in and doodle, so its a lot easier with not zigzagging lines)

    i make this

    and then i didn’t like how i did her hair, so i removed that stuff and did other stuff, so even you can do a whole lot of cool things with doodles

    and i made this! which is vv nice and shows how you can make any amount of doodles as long as it looks pretty (wise words: the only limit is ur imagination!)


    GUYS I have a surprise for you!!

    For my 1000 followers on instagram, I asked you what did you want as a celebration and most of people voted either for a 5H comic Week or a fancomic based on your favorite fanfiction’s scene.

    Guess what? I’LL DO BOTH!!

    But I need your help for this one, I need 1000 followers on my tumblr so I can collect a lot of votes to choose the fanfiction’s scene!

    So if you can share those mini-projects, tag your friends/harmos blogs (especially if they’re OT5/shippers or like fanart in general) or just re-post it with credits, I would be really thankful and it could be a great success!

    Have a really really good day, fam!!!

    PS: Pls don’t tag any girls on this post because those project may contains assumptions about some………………….stuff.

    *・ 。roommate!au ✧*゚

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    pairing; seventeen mingyu x reader

    genre; bulletpointed, roommate!mingyu, humor, fluff

    ✎a/n; collab with @kpop–fics​ !! i’m currently very busy with dance but i’m trying to answer at least one of your requests everyday! sorry for taking so long to answer all of your reqs >//<

    • you were fully settled in your small room
    • it was really nice and cozy and everything
    • but you were,,, a bit sad,, that you were there alone
    • bc you always thought the fun part of dorms were roommates’ company
    • and there was no one else in the room rn soo
    • it just,,,, missed something
    • or rather someone
    • and one day
    • a boy just burst through your room door and you internally chided yourself for not locking the door
    • but that boy looked hella exhausted
    • “please hide me”
    • and you just stare at him like
    • ???you just burst into my room without permission? wth is going on ??
    • and you hear loud footsteps in the hallway outside your room and the boy literally just dashes to your toilet and locks the door
    • and more random guys come barging into your room and you just
    • glare
    • very
    • hard
    • at them.
    • they already looked pissed off
    • but they don’t seem to get the point of your glaring ??
    • “ did you see mingyu? the really tall one? “
    • you stand up and just
    • “no, i didn’t, now gET OUT OF MY ROOM”
    • like you hated it when random people come into your room without knocking and act as if the room belonged to them
    • ughhhghghgh
    • they flinched when u shouted and quickly nodded and stumbled out lol
    • so you shut the door and locked it and then turn around to see the boy — ‘mingyu’ — poking his head out of your toilet door.
    • ,,,, right. there’s this guy here to chase out too.
    • you sigh and mingyu’s just
    • “ are they gone?? ”
    • you walk over and pull open the toilet door fully
    • “yes. so out you go.”
    • mingyu just coughed a little and was like
    • “this,, is, um, my dorm room”
    • and you just look at him in surprise like ??really??
    • he showed you the key the office gave him marked with ‘045′, your room number
    • and you just ,,,,
    • “oh.”
    • you hastily introduced yourself
    • you were honestly afraid that mingyu was gonna hold a grudge against you but that never happened honestly
    • so mingyu as a roommate ;;;;
    • that man can cook well
    • like damn
    • delicious meals all day every day
    • but
    • sometimes when he’s not around
    • ,,,, you need to cook
    • and the small kitchen will be a mess
    • and when mingyu comes back
    • “I?¿ TRIED?? TO FRY AN EGG??”
    • and then he just stares at the black, burnt mess and sighs
    • “i won’t ask further”
    • he likes to clean anyways so
    • your dorm is always clean
    • not a speck of dust to be found
    • besides that
    • his best friend wonwoo comes by a lot
    • just to hang y’know
    • and so you and wonwoo become pretty close too
    • andd
    • there are not much downsides to mingyu as a roommie
    • but,,,,
    • sometimes he just starts singing at 3am in the morning
    • ya’ll usually sleep really late bc of all the project work and stuff that you need to complete
    • so mingyu would actually be doing the laundry at 3am and start singing
    • but he is a rapper and has fairly low voice and unstable vocals so
    • you want to be like
    • “smh mingyu pls stfu plsplspls”
    • but in reality, you’re like
    • “mingyu you adorable floof pls keep it down”
    • bc yes you had a soft spot for him
    • but he doesnt listen and just purposefully sings louder so you resort to
    • and he just laughs a lot
    • bc you are apparently cute to him when you’re irritated
    • cliche !!!!
    • but still :”)
    • and he’s really really really clumsy
    • like he broke 941296 ceramic plates in your dorm
    • but he always,,, cleans up the mess and buys the new plates soo
    • you don’t mind HAHAHA
    • and his sleeping habits omg
    • he tosses and turns so violently at night you get so shook
    • and yes he fell off his bed a couple of times
    • he’s fine tho lolol
    • he has a sturdy body
    • so yEP that’s mingyu as your roommate 

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    Scotland Bf head-canons it is, ILY2! {Slight break from papa stuff} 


    • Although he’s known for his, Interesting cuisine. He will make you breakfast in bed, trust me when I say this: Scots are best at breakfast. No way around it, for some reason that’s what Scots can cook (Says the girl who lives in a Scottish B&B)
    • Won’t wear a kilt unless it’s a formal occasion, aka: weddings, meetings, celildhs and balls and you better believe he works it like its Gucci.
    • Speaking of ceilidhs, he will TRY to be gentle when he’s tossing his S/o across the line but he can’t help it, it’s a really aggressive traditional ball that usually ends with someone on the floor laughing (If you don’t know what a ceilidh is here is a VERY controlled version of it
    • Okay, so maybe he has a drink every so often but he’ll control how much he drinks around his S/o, he doesn’t want them to see him drunk off his ass
    • He is surprisingly strong, if his S/o would join him he’d flaunt his strength at the highland games. Because hurling logs into the air is manly here
    • Really like his hair being stroked. His favorite pass him is to have his head on his S/o’s lap with their fingers running through his hair, he might even start singing some Gaelic songs. (Plus every one I know that is a ginger has extremely soft hair, like how?)
    • His solution for stopping an argument is hugging his S/o, So just picture in the middle of a heated argument and then being engulfed into a hug by the Scotsman
    • Loves telling ghost stories and going to the haunted areas of Edinburgh, he thinks it’s adorable when his S/o clings to him like a lost pup~
    • After a while (and alot of trust tests) He’ll let his S/o meet some of his magical friends, including nessie (The wee lad)
    • Is probably one of the biggest dorks you’ll ever meet, It’s probably a monthly occurrence to find him in blue paint, shirtless with a sword in one hand yelling “FREEDOM” At Arthur, who came to drop off some paperwork…

    I live for Otabek being DJ at the party afterwards Viktor and Yuri’s wedding where he makes a great remix of History Maker and everyone just stare at him  like ‘‘ o: ’’ but then they start dancing and Yurio runs and hugs him and starts to say stuff like ‘‘BRO OMG U NEVER TOLD ME THAT YOU CAN DO THAT I LOVE THIS PLS TEACH ME’’ 

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    Can you do a reaction of the members when they find out their crush had their heart broken, so they get mad and stuff? >< pls and thank you!!

    No problemo ^_^ 

    I did this from the perspective of them being your best friend.



    Jin would be angry! How dare anyone break your heart like that! He wouldn’t show it to you because he knows that it wouldn’t make you feel any better. Jin would just comfort you and let you rant to him and he would rant to bangtan about how precious you were, but he wouldn’t totally be angry because now he gets a shot at being with you!

    Originally posted by gukiee


    Yoongi wouldn’t be as mad as Jin because he already saw this was coming from the moment he met your boy/girl friend. Yoongi wouldn’t dare speak of his hatred for them, instead he would let you talk and pour out all your emotions onto him and would make sure he was super attentetive(so you can hopefully see how much better he is)!

    Originally posted by jeonsshi


    Honestly he would probably feel more upset for you than mad, he would be able to relate to how you were feeling since he’s also had his heart broken (T.T) so i think he’d have a better idea of how you were feeling and what you needed. He would listen to you very carefully and help you get everything off of your chest. He would help you heal(WITH THE RAYS OF SUNSHINE BEING EMITTED FROM HIS SMILE)  and you would eventually fall for him because he’s been there for you more than anyone else has been.

    Originally posted by hobilu


    Namjoon wouldn’t too mad. He probably be the most rational in this kind of situation. He would talk to you, ask how you feel and give you rEaLLy dEeP advice. He would probably try and make sure he sees you often so that you focus is on him instead of your heart break.

    Originally posted by gukiee


    Jimin would try to cheer up and give you advice at the same time. He would give really heartfelt advice and most importantly LISTEN TO YOU, he’s not called the toilet of bangtan for no reason (emotional toilet—___) they seek him out for advice and you will too. He would be really mad at your ex s/o but would know that his emotions are not a priority right now.

    Originally posted by jikookxkookmin


    Taehyung would be a little clueless. He probably try to cheer you up too much that you end up getting angry. He would end up going to bangtan for advice . Following their advice he would find you and apologise and make to sure listen to you quietly.

    Originally posted by hellosarang


    Jungkook would be really awkward but he wouldn’t make the mistake of trying to cheering you up too much, he would probably to refer to his own feelings asking himself how he’d would want to be treated in this kind of situation. Jungkook would give you space and would also let you know that you could talk to him whenever you wanted. when you did express yourself to jungkook he would really listen LIKE REALLY LISTEN to you carefully  and would be monitoring you facial expressions taking you and your emotions in completely. Overall kookie wouldn’t be mad but just sad and slightly happy because now you can get with him.

    Originally posted by donewithjeon

    Hope you enjoyed!


    Originally posted by just-sad-fandom-trash

    Admin noodlecat☆

    gUYS! Thank you so muuch for 1.2k! I can’t believe it because I’ve only been apart of the studyblr community since last December so wow guys thank you so much !! Sooo, here is a list of people I love and I think are amazing (okay let’s be real, all of you studyblrs are so amazing I love you all!) and I am kinda friends with some of these people but I would love to be better friends with all of you guys :)))) I LOVE YOU !

    That isn’t everyone but maybe I’ll do something else when I reach 1.5k (any ideas?) Thank you everyone again and if there is anyone out there that I missed or just wants to be friends, shoot me a message :)

    Kiki ❤


    mum needs help with money, for like. food and bills and stuff. all i can do are commissions, i also have a redbubble and etsy store if you dont have enough for commissions.

    my commission price is £30 an hour, plus a small fee for paypal(its usually like £1-2). all the commissions ive recieved it took between 40 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes(can be longer, depending how detailed and/or difficult it is). Sending references is heavily advised, not only to make it easier for me to get what you want right, but also to make the commission go faster, especially with poses.

    Heres my commission tag for examples. if you need more examples of my art in general, just look at my art tag.

    However, once the commission is done and it’s not within the budget you thought, I don’t mind negotiating the price. Even before the commission you can let me know your budget and I’ll do my best to work within the time (pls know the lower your budget, the less details i can do)

    i know all the examples i’ve given above are mostly full body, you dont have to commission a full body thing, but you gotta be specific with if you want a bust, up to wait, or full body. outfit references are also helpful ! just as many references as u can get ur hands on

    Things I can draw:

    • literally almost anything
    • from most fandoms
    • u want The Sexy Stuff ? no problemo
    • as long as the characters in question arent underage

    things I cant draw:

    • probably mechas
    • and cars
    • outside scenes too, probably
    • but i will still try
    • if i struggle, i’ll let you know i cant do it and the commission will be cancelled

    for traditional commissions, if you want it sent you’ll have to pay for shipping fees:

    Within the UK
    stickers: £2
    posters: £3

    Outside the UK
    stickers: £3
    posters: £4

    Australia (sorry)
    Stickers: £5
    posters: £6

    when it comes to paying, you don’t need to do anytihng. i will send you an invoice to your paypal and all you have to do is press a button that accepts the transaction

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    Can you pls do mc and 707 dressing up in pretty dresses and stuff?? Btw love your blog!!! ❤️

    Author’s note: cuuuttteeee ♥


    • he tries on ALL OF THE SUPER FANCY ONES
    • like if it has a train or a hoop-skirt IT IS NOW HIS TO WEAR
    • “Don’t wear that one! Orange clashes with your hair.”
    • “Uh, MC? I hate to break it you, but I look great in any color. I don’t even know the meaning of ‘clash.’”
    • “But-”
    • “NOPE! Now try this dress on.”
    • “That’s just a skirt.”
    • “NO! INVISIBLE TOPS ARE IN NOW! Also, you should probably take off your bra for this one…”
    • “…”
    • oh pervert Seven
    • he will DRAG YOU to the wedding dress store
    • why does he look better than you in some of them ??
    • probably bc of that a$$
    • he cried when you walked out in a wedding dress
    • “Seven, it’s just pretend.”
    • “B-but you look so beautiful!!!”

    abel-tesbae  asked:

    ik this is a long shot but can u do a sleep headcanon thing for all of evans characters pls?? like do they snore or talk in their sleep or stuff like that? ive been thinking about this all day and i can't stop LMAO ty !!

    Tate: Never sleeps. Like, you’ve only ever seen him sleep when he cuddles you, and even then, you think he does it just for your comfort. Plus, he always seems to wake up immediately after you do. 

    Kit: Used to sleep peacefully before, but after the asylum he often turns and tosses in his sleep. In fact, he moves so often that he’s resigned to holding your hand while sleeping so that he doesn’t kick you out of bed accidentally. 

    Kyle: Used to sleep peacefully before, but after the accident he needs to be cuddling the whole night, or at least touching your body in some way. He falls asleep when you stroke his hair, and he gets nightmares if you’re not there beside him. 

    Jimmy: Sleep talker. Aggressive sleep talker. Like, most of the time he’s fighting with someone in his dream. And when he’s dreaming of you, he’ll end up saying perverted things and grinding into the mattress. Denies that he sleep talks.

    James: One night he’ll be a heavy sleeper and the next he’ll be a light sleeper. There’s no in between. However, most of the time he doesn’t sleep and is working in his study. However, he’ll go to bed with you and rest, if you ask nicely. 

    Rory: Is up all night and sleeps until 1 the next day. Soft, occasional snores that happen when he’s stressed. And when he’s super stressed, he may even grind his teeth. Always keeps an arm thrown over you. 

    Before I pass out (it’s like 6am, I got too worked up with my nerdy stuff) I need to know who’s okay with me using their char so I can experiment with some new brush settings I made.

    Pls reply to this post if you’re okay with that and I’ll grab one or two people, not sure if I’ll be going through all of you or just let rng decide pls I’m too tired to think about complicated things like these



    Okay; since these came in SECONDS after each other Im just going to assume most of them are from the same person?

    Sorry you don’t like my art!!… I mean I’d say unfollow me but looks like already have? Soo… 

    (Omg you guys if you don’t like the Ezra stuff just tell me and I’ll stop. I really enjoy drawing it but I can easily stop! Just let me know!) 

    (Im only replying to these on here because I really want to know if you all do really not like the Ezra stuff!!)