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Chanyeol as your Roommate

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Request: Hi!!! Can you do Chanyeol as the roommate you got to share an apartment with for college? And you dont really know him yet, just on the day you guys move in OH and the course you’re doing is medicine, his is probably music haha thankssss

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy~! (p.s. i haven’t been to college before lmao so if some of this stuff is incorrect i sorry)

- as you walk into your new dorm you instantly notice the boy unpacking

- he’s v tol you can’t miss him

- he’d see you walk in and look a little confused until it clicked

- “ahh, you must be my roommate! i was just unpacking, but i can help you with your things if you need it.”

- and you’re like damn he tall and cute and nice how am i gonna do this pls help

- while you’re unpacking you’d get to know each other a little bit

- you learn his major is music and you physically feel your heart skip a beat

- what

- anyway he suggests that you both take turns making breakfast every morning so neither of you leave for class hungry

- “you can’t learn on an empty stomach~!”

- you keep catching yourself staring for wayyyyy longer than you meant to

- ‘stop it y/n this is your roommate don’t be cliché’

- you spend the rest of your first day unpacking, going over class schedules, and getting to know each other

- as time goes on you make other friends

- but chanyeol is highkey your best friend like ever

- when he gets the chance he walks to class with you

- literally forces food down your throat if you try to leave without eating

- reminds you to take care of yourself when you’re studying really hard

- ngl hearing him practice through the walls at night is the best thing

- ever

- his voice is just so soothing???????

- every time you compliment him on it tho he gets all blushy it’s adorable

- you’ve probably already stolen half of his wardrobe

- “y/n you can’t keep taking my sweaters”

- “but they’re so comfy and warmmmmm”

- “you have your own!”

- “it’s different

- you probably have to make him sleep as well because if you don’t he’d stay up all night composing

- basically you’re just each other’s parent

- e v e r y o n e ships it

- everyone.

- even the fucking professors ship it

- but somehow you’re both oblivious to it???

- anywho

- one day he’d tell you he’s going to a party and that he’d be back later that night

- ‘n you’re like okay cool don’t be an idiot i’ll leave the door unlocked

- he’d come home shit-faced drunk

- and chan is literally the worst drunk ever 

- he gets sarcastic and clingy af and just becomes such a baby

- and you, being both a med student and his best friend, get stuck caring for him

- “chanyeol you need to drink this water” 

- “no i need to drink your face”

- “what the hell does that even mean???”

- “what the hell does your face even mean?”

- istg he’s just the worst

- eventually you get the water and medicine down his throat and put him to bed

- but when you go to leave he pulls you into his chest and bear hugs you

- “cuddle with me.”

- your face becomes literally tomato red

- after fighting it and failing for a few minutes you just give in

- he’s so warm and you can feel your heart pounding

- then you quickly realized something you had been denying since day one 

- you loved him

- the next morning you woke up

- but chan was gone

- and the smell of pancakes filled your nose

- you’d wander into the kitchen to find a slightly pale chanyeol making breakfast

- “it’s my day today, is it not?”

- over breakfast he would apologize for the night before and if he made you uncomfortable

- but his words aren’t registering

- “chanyeol i love you”

- you and him both would gasp at the same time at your confession

- “i’m sorry… shit i shouldn’t have—”

- “i love you too, y/n”


- you’d walk to class holding hands

- everyone knew it

- they were not surprised

- and honestly nothing changed from before after you started dating

- just a lot more kisses and shit

- you really were already dating

- it just wasn’t official

- ugh my bias list

- i’m dead y’all are so cute

- goodbye

-Admin Yeonie

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Honestly I'm just happy you started drawing more Rick Riordan/PJO stuff again. Haven't people learned from before??? Remember when Viria was so done with the PJO fandom after they kept pestering her with 'Why aren't you drawing more PJO?' 'Can you draw some PJO pls' Like Y'all need to be patient and stop asking the artist 'What about this character???' 'When are you doing this one??" Like please stop?? I feel annoyed and I'm not even Viria

ahah, oh god.

I can’t say I’ve reached that level of..uh..well. But it does feel kind of disheartening to constantly have people saying stuff like “where the fuck is this character”, “okay its great but where’s that character” “BUT WHAT ABOUT X CHARACTER”, like. yeah. I know you want to see them, *I* want to see them, but I have only one hand and very limited time. 

Also things like “WHY DO THEY LOOK LIKE IT ITS NOT HOW I IMAGINED THEM” and “NO ITS NOT HOW THEY LOOK”, “WHY ARE THEY DRESSED LIKE THAT” etc etc…It’s completely normal to see characters differently, please remember I can’t get inside someone’s head! I try my best to follow the description and do it justice.

As for PJO, to be honest I think this job actually helped me to restore my love and tenderness I felt for the series, so. Hope it will last:”) So far I feel more joy than anything else.

Thank you for being considerate! *3*~ 

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ok so in a recent post you said you're doing requests I think? If not just ignore this lmao xD can you do like cute solangelo fluff because they're my life >w<

i do and i won’t ignore it heheh!! i would imagine their relationship would be like this..(i haven’t read toa xD no spoilers pls!)

requests are open~! just ask me~ (character + prompt -optional-)

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I honestly hate my art so much, and usually I can find motivation to, push through I guess, but lately I can't? I love your art so much, it's so good and beautiful, and just overall amazing. Where do you find motivation? If I may ask.

i do stuff like this

when my motivation well goes dry i do some art studies like environment stuff or something

i open up ol googs and type in something in images and look for references, i prefer going into Tools and searching for noncommercial reuse with modification

n i pick from there and sketch it

i try to turn my lack of motivation and/or inspo into practice SOME way

tho some times it just dont work and during those times its totally cool to chill out and play games or something– art is still work, some times ur brain needs a break


I couldn’t decide which color to make the background for Eddie, so I just did both and ya’ll can choose either one you like better! Time to do the rest of The Losers Club!

What BSD characters say in their beginning fic notes in ao3
  • Kyouka: Warning, This Fic Doesn't Contain Bunnies And Tofus. It Contains Murder and Gore. Morbid. Continue?
  • Mori: Elise-chan forced me to update this T^T
  • Elise: whatever it is rintarou-said on his fic is a lie. read mine instead
  • Higuchi: What's the difference of senpai and this fic??? Senpai doesn't notice me but you noticed this fic. Enjoy.
  • Gin: *no notes*
  • Hirotsu:
  • Twain: i know y'all thirsty for this lmao here come dat boiii!!!
  • Fitzgerald: My creations are always top-notch, Old sport. It is always sought by everyone. Same goes for this fanfiction. It's a masterpiece, it's golden. I own it. I own your computer/phone. I own the gadgets you use to read this. I own you.
  • Alcott: U-uhm! T-this i-is my f-first attempt t-to w-write a f-fic so.... *sweats nervously* P-please tolerate mistakes... I'm sorry! Ah.... I- I hope you like it...
  • Lovecraft: what am i doing here, i myself don't know
  • Steinbeck: god, here it goes. I hate this story, I hate this site, I hate myself smh but please read lol
  • Kouyou: Gracefulness comes from greatness. Such as myself to myself. Enjoy reading, lads.
  • Kajii: Hellooooo, fellow humans! I, Kajii Motojirou once again took my time to yet again help you invest in an extraordinary experience!! Hoho, I have yet to truly indulge in the realm of emotions, but worry not! This thing created by none other than me, will assist you on "feeling" a roller-coaster of emotions, as said by volunteers and young ones of today! Once you're done reading, leave a kudos and a comment to help me discover just what it made you feel so that I can finally know just how emotions can affect the pinnacles of science!
  • Yosano: This is my third fic lol so you probably know me already. If you have any qualms about my writing style, say it to my face when you see me instead of bitching about it. That's all, have fun reading~
  • Ranpo: i made Poe type this bc i'm too important to do so and i also told him to type like this lol that's about it poe, now grab me some snacks
  • Kenji: It's about cows hehe.
  • Junichirou: Hi! I hope you like this. :)
  • Kunikida: WARNING: Creator choose not to archive warnings because it would be a spoiler. But to prevent anything from affecting you on an unpleasant way, refer to the additional tags added on the upper corner of this story. I invested approximately 1.5 hours on organizing the sequence of events here. It took me 30 minutes to finalize the story, and spent 15 minutes to proofread it. By my calculation, it should take you less than 15 minutes to read this, for it only contains 1,500 words. But it would take you 25 minutes if you feel like feeling the emotions behind the content more, and if you decide to comment. Now, I hope this wouldn't waste your time, Enjoy.
  • Poe: pls don't read this
  • Fyodor: Angst to cleanse ur soul.
  • Chuuya: Yo! :) Finally had the time to update. Sorry about that, was busy doing stuff so yeah, now here it is.
  • Dazai: I'm stuff lol
  • Atsushi: Hi! Ah, this is my first fic, so please be gentle? Haha... I will update every Tuesdays since I don't know when I can be online to continue this. Please be patient with me. Also, please excuse grammatical and typographical errors. With all of those out of the way, I hope you enjoy reading!
  • Akutagawa: Just fucking read.
  • Oda: I'm dead but this fic isn't.

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If your still taking requests then can you please give jack and Gabe a wedding like after the war and after the Talon thing like in there old age finally tying the knot?!?!?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ please if not then thanks for the lovely artwork you make :3

I imagine them just going off somewhere quiet and having it. Ahhh,Thank you for kind words anon ❤️

and a probably more realistic version of scruffy old man Jack with his wraith husband <3

hi, just wanted to say that you uglies better not try to romanticize mark’s anxiety and use it as a prompt for any fic yall have in mind. literally, that’s so disrespectful and yall are sick if y'all try to do so. this is seriously upsetting to see him like that and to see “fans” act like that. pls remember that idols are people too and you never know how doing stuff like mobbing them at the airport can affect them. pls don’t do that again when they leave and be respectful of all idols!

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So u r ending the rebels au?? i dont understand bUt tbh I wouldn't mind if you stop posting stuff from the rebels au and make more stuff from other hamiltons au or just other stuff that is not hamilton But I don't know if you are gonna stop postin rebels au stuff, so,,,,,, Anyways I love your art and The Aus that you are making, but can you explain pls?

I really enjoyed making the comic- I still do I’m just afraid that it’s.. getting out of hand? You know how the Hamilton fandom has a problem with all those characterizations of the people from Hamilton NO OFFEND TO ANYONE- I just mean it like, I see more and more people complaining about how “they are so out of charI.. took the things in the comic a bit too far? I just changed their outfit/appearance because I liked them more that way and tried to make their characters more “likeable”, which is pretty selfish and now I hate myself for that– I’m so sorry!

See, I don’t want to give the “toxic” part of the fandom more reasons to tell everyone “The Hamfam is shit and everyone makes them so ooc it’s sick” honestly I’m so afraid of these people-
I’m over the comments “How can you ship the founding fathers??” and I won’t even discuss this anymore it’s just ridiculous, but all the people saying the fandom takes these characters and change them like tehy want so they have those “uwu smol relateable beans” are scaring me no joking.

So I still wanna do fanart and AU’s and awesome stuff but– I’m gonna be more careful, and try my best to keep them in character


Do you like stickers? Do you like Steven Universe? Do you like things of roughly the same size? WELL BOY HOWDY CHECK IT OUT theyre finally done!! You can get these as

individual stickers

or all together, or in groups like just the crystal gems or the cool kids (remember when choosing size that its measuring the whole sheet, so dont get small!)

and even though these were made to be stickers you can also get other stuff like tshirts and journals and this bag thing

i might do more in the future to make the characters i skipped (like lapis, jasper, etc) so if you dont see your fave here, dont fret too much :]

oh also, here are the speedpaints: part 1 / part 2



Full Style || Flat Style || Sketch Style || Icons || Finished Commissions


im finally doing this after 200 years Wow!!!!

im doing these character commissions!! i can draw ocs and fav characters and stuff

(edit 12/25/17: new graphics!!!!!)

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:0 can you do a tutorial for this edit? Mostly the word search part! Also thanks so much for making such awesome stuff Ily and ur edits /post/129348976012/ikon

How to make this gfx

Ok first you need to know that english is not my first language and i’m really really really bad at explaining things also this is my first time making a tutorial but i’ll try my best so pls bear with me. This is the final result.

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hi my birthday is november 17th (this friday) and i would really like it if people made some stuff??? like if y’all wanna write short drarry drabbles or draw or anything you can think of and tag #hbdIDQ i’ll make sure and feature it here! hit me up w cliches and fluffy nonsense pls.

also i’m going to get super drunk and then come back and write a shitfaced drabble, so look out for that.

This morning, I woke up, hobbled out to the kitchen and realized that… the grocery list is long, and my pockets are empty, and I am hungry all the time. So I made myself some coffee, which is not food, but will do for now.

Then I checked my bank account, and… jeeze.

SO I made a new COUPON CODE for my Etsy shop for a WHOPPING 25% oFF OF ANYTHING which is pretty serious. I am hungry and poor, and I need money for much more than just groceries, like picking up my meds tomorrow, and bills, and shipping things, etc…

So if you go to my Etsy shop and use the code “FEEDME” at checkout, you’ll get 25% off of your order! I’ll even throw in some freebies, stickers, fun stuff, just to say thanks.

There’s also a donate button on my blog’s front page if you wanna do that, but you can get some cool stuffed things too!

I’m also gonna try to blow through my commission queue because I need to get them done too ;w; Thank you so, so much in advance!

I’ve been getting a lot of asks lately, and I only answer a few a day if any, but I wanted to just say a few things about asks since I’ve turned anon back on:

- I won’t answer anything about my personal life.  Please stop asking about my relationship status, about my sexuality, etc.  It doesn’t matter.  I know there’s likely no malice behind these questions but if you wouldn’t want it asked to you, don’t ask it to me.  I’ve answered a lot of them a million times, and it’s starting to make me uncomfortable why people would care.  I know it can come off like “ohhh what is John hiding” but seriously there’s so many cooler things you can ask.  Things like music I like, hobbies of mine, etc., ask away!  Or tell me about your hobbies and stuff!  That’s all fair game.

- I appreciate messages like “Hi!” or “What’s up!” and I do read them all and again, really appreciate them!  But in interest of not clogging up other people’s dashboards, I’m not going to answer them, unless you ask off anon then I can respond privately.  I know it’s not an option for everyone because a lot of people use anon cause they’re shy!  Just know I say hi back and appreciate you!

- Moreover, like I said, I do read every single ask.  So if it’s an anon that’s like “I appreciate you” or “you inspired me to etc” know that I do read it and even though I don’t post them a lot because nobody wants to see me say “thank you!” and then cry like a fuckin baby cause I’m super grateful for you guys especially when you say nice stuff

- On the flipside pls don’t be a fuckin dick, I’m soft okay, I don’t let meanness get to me usually but sometimes I have a bad day like we all do and mean stuff hurts so let’s keep that to a minimum okay? okay!

But yeah, sorry for long post, I really don’t want to turn anon off again cause, like I said, has a lot of super cool benefits for people who are shy or uncomfortable.  Pls do not abuse the anon, but never feel scared to ask a question!  Love you guys <3

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oh yeah it might be too much of a hassle by now, but could you tag all the recent stuff with "drama/"? it's not a big deal (to me) if you don't i just think some people don't like seeing that kinda stuff :/

Sure! I’ll tag it as #drama #discourse, although I’ll need to tag them as soon as theyre posted as asks can’t be tagged the same way as other posts(from what I know, if somebody can help me out with this pls do et)

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Hey, your aesthetic edit tutorial was extremely helpful !! Could also make a tutorial for icons ? If you want to of course !!

okay, so this is super late and i don’t even know what i’m doing but here you go. since you liked my edit tutorial (thanks!!) and i’ve recently just made misc icons, i’m assuming you want to know how to make those, so this is a tutorial for making misc/aesthetic icons. if u wanted a tutorial for bright/colourful icons im sorry for being stupid, pls send it as an ask again :) 

  • okay so i first choose a nice misc/aesthetic image and copy it onto a new file on photoshop (i use cs5). you can get some nice pictures from these blogs.

i got this picture:

  • i usually make 200px by 200px icons, so i crop it and then sharpen it.
  • then i add a nice dull psd with contrast, so it looks like this

(i use a combination of bright and dull psds which are not made by me, so if you need a specific one, pls ask me)

AND YOU’RE DONE! a lot of ppl doodle on their icons, but as of right now i just doodle on my graphics but if you want to, you can doodle on her hair and outline her clothes and stuff.

  • for that, use a 1px brush, hardness 100%
  • create a new layer and go doodle

(i zoom in and doodle, so its a lot easier with not zigzagging lines)

i make this

and then i didn’t like how i did her hair, so i removed that stuff and did other stuff, so even you can do a whole lot of cool things with doodles

and i made this! which is vv nice and shows how you can make any amount of doodles as long as it looks pretty (wise words: the only limit is ur imagination!)

[in a super important Ravkan meeting]

The King: The Second Army is far too intimidating compared to the First. We must rectify this.

The Darkling: And what, exactly, do you have in mind?

Nikolai: *leans forward* I have an idea where they can be both dangerous and…cute. 

The Darkling: Cute?

The King: Go on, son. I trust in your decision. 

[the following morning]

Nikolai: I’ve done it! Look outside!

The Second Army: