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I was reading some fan accounts of the cbx fanmeeting and please read these stuff: 
-A fan was crying too hard and Baekhyun asked why every fan came crying after seeing Jongdae (probably because he is a flirt piece of shit)
-Chen said he wants a sexy concept for CBX (his favorite dance is Artficial love).
-A fan said what to do to date someone like him and he replied “call me” (this bitch).

  • chyler: so how're we filming this? we'll snuggle into each other, kiss, flirt, banter maybe? we can talk about our relationship, or just say cute stuff?
  • floriana: i can call her danvers and do the head tilt thing, bitches love danvers and the head tilt
  • director: nah i was thinking you lie there asleep and maggie wakes up and we pan for about 1.5 seconds and then end scene
  • chyler & floriana: *look directly into the camera like theyre on the office*

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Oh man ur alfred+jason hc fucking kills me LIKE YES PLS ALFRED TEACHING JASON TO COOK BC JASON ASKED HIM (bc maybe if he's not good enough bruce is gonna kick him out and he can at least learn smth from alfred if he needs to go back to the streets)

“I can cook a little.”

“I’m sure, sir.”

“I just don’t know how to do all the…all the fancy stuff, y'know?”

“Potatoes are not very hard, once you get used to them.”

“Yeah, I just got stuff from a box. I’ve never peeled–hold on.”

“Please do not cut off your thumb, sir.”

“I’ll be all right, Alf.”

“Even so, I would prefer not to have to explain to Master Bruce that his child put in my custody has lost a thumb.”

“They call me 9-Fingered Giuseppe.”

Alfred shoots him a look, but cannot hide a smile when Jason snorts.

Moments pass while they peel, the only sounds from the kitchen being the plunk of potato skin in the sink.

“…Does he really–y'know…” Jason lowers his eyes. His eyelashes are dark against his skin. “Never mind,” he mutters, heat dusting his cheeks.

Alfred looks down at the messy head. “Yes,” he replies after a moment.



He does see you as his son, goes unsaid.

Jason smiles slightly, then yelps. “Ouch!”

“I warned you, Master Jason. Put it under the water and then put your hand above your head.”

Jason groans but follows instructions, holding his bleeding thumb above his head. Alfred goes to get a medkit and returns. There is a slight argument over hydrogen peroxide, but Jason’s thumb is bandaged soon enough.

“Can I still help?”


“MAY I still help? I can peel with my other hand.”

“I could use the help with Thanksgiving this year. You may take the time to practice.”

“Thanksgiving? As in Thanksgiving Thanksgiving?”

“That would be the one, sir.”

“With a proper turkey and everything?”

“Yes, Master Jason.”

“That’s nuts! Just like TV! And I get to help?”


“This is crazy! I’ve never even–yowch!”

“Perhaps now would be a good time to take a break, sir.”


inspired by you ^.^

I live for Otabek being DJ at the party afterwards Viktor and Yuri’s wedding where he makes a great remix of History Maker and everyone just stare at him  like ‘‘ o: ’’ but then they start dancing and Yurio runs and hugs him and starts to say stuff like ‘‘BRO OMG U NEVER TOLD ME THAT YOU CAN DO THAT I LOVE THIS PLS TEACH ME’’ 

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:0 can you do a tutorial for this edit? Mostly the word search part! Also thanks so much for making such awesome stuff Ily and ur edits /post/129348976012/ikon

How to make this gfx

Ok first you need to know that english is not my first language and i’m really really really bad at explaining things also this is my first time making a tutorial but i’ll try my best so pls bear with me. This is the final result.

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recently my “dad” cut off the money he’s been sending us for my brothers child support, for whatever reason i have no idea - im just going with: cuz he’s a massive wanker

so mum needs help with money, for like. food and bills and stuff. all i can do are commissions, i also have a redbubble and etsy store if you dont have enough for commissions.

my commission price is £30 an hour, plus a small fee for paypal(its usually like £1-2). all the commissions ive recieved it took between 40 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes. heres my commission tag for examples. if you need more examples, just look at my blog.

However, once the commission is done and it’s not within the budget you thought, I don’t mind negotiating the price. Even before the commission you can let me know your budget and I’ll do my best to work within the time (pls know the lower your budget, the less details i can do)

i know all the examples i’ve given above are mostly full body, you dont have to commission a full body thing, but you gotta be specific with if you want a bust, up to wait, or full body. outfit references are also helpful ! just as many references as u can get ur hands on

Things I can draw:

  • literally almost anything
  • from most fandoms
  • u want The Sexy Stuff ? no problemo
  • as long as the characters in question arent underage

things I cant draw:

  • probably mechas
  • and cars
  • outside scenes too, probably
  • but i will still try
  • if i struggle, i’ll let you know i cant do it and the commission will be cancelled

for traditional commissions, if you want it sent you’ll have to pay for shipping fees:

Within the UK
stickers: £2
posters: £3

Outside the UK
stickers: £3
posters: £4

Australia (sorry)
Stickers: £5
posters: £6

when it comes to paying, you don’t need to do anytihng. i will send you an invoice to your paypal and all you have to do is press a button that accepts the transaction

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Can you do a reaction of the members when they find out their crush had their heart broken, so they get mad and stuff? >< pls and thank you!!

No problemo ^_^ 

I did this from the perspective of them being your best friend.



Jin would be angry! How dare anyone break your heart like that! He wouldn’t show it to you because he knows that it wouldn’t make you feel any better. Jin would just comfort you and let you rant to him and he would rant to bangtan about how precious you were, but he wouldn’t totally be angry because now he gets a shot at being with you!

Originally posted by gukiee


Yoongi wouldn’t be as mad as Jin because he already saw this was coming from the moment he met your boy/girl friend. Yoongi wouldn’t dare speak of his hatred for them, instead he would let you talk and pour out all your emotions onto him and would make sure he was super attentetive(so you can hopefully see how much better he is)!

Originally posted by jeonsshi


Honestly he would probably feel more upset for you than mad, he would be able to relate to how you were feeling since he’s also had his heart broken (T.T) so i think he’d have a better idea of how you were feeling and what you needed. He would listen to you very carefully and help you get everything off of your chest. He would help you heal(WITH THE RAYS OF SUNSHINE BEING EMITTED FROM HIS SMILE)  and you would eventually fall for him because he’s been there for you more than anyone else has been.

Originally posted by hobilu


Namjoon wouldn’t too mad. He probably be the most rational in this kind of situation. He would talk to you, ask how you feel and give you rEaLLy dEeP advice. He would probably try and make sure he sees you often so that you focus is on him instead of your heart break.

Originally posted by gukiee


Jimin would try to cheer up and give you advice at the same time. He would give really heartfelt advice and most importantly LISTEN TO YOU, he’s not called the toilet of bangtan for no reason (emotional toilet—___) they seek him out for advice and you will too. He would be really mad at your ex s/o but would know that his emotions are not a priority right now.

Originally posted by jikookxkookmin


Taehyung would be a little clueless. He probably try to cheer you up too much that you end up getting angry. He would end up going to bangtan for advice . Following their advice he would find you and apologise and make to sure listen to you quietly.

Originally posted by hellosarang


Jungkook would be really awkward but he wouldn’t make the mistake of trying to cheering you up too much, he would probably to refer to his own feelings asking himself how he’d would want to be treated in this kind of situation. Jungkook would give you space and would also let you know that you could talk to him whenever you wanted. when you did express yourself to jungkook he would really listen LIKE REALLY LISTEN to you carefully  and would be monitoring you facial expressions taking you and your emotions in completely. Overall kookie wouldn’t be mad but just sad and slightly happy because now you can get with him.

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Hope you enjoyed!


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Admin noodlecat☆



Okay; since these came in SECONDS after each other Im just going to assume most of them are from the same person?

Sorry you don’t like my art!!… I mean I’d say unfollow me but looks like already have? Soo… 

(Omg you guys if you don’t like the Ezra stuff just tell me and I’ll stop. I really enjoy drawing it but I can easily stop! Just let me know!) 

(Im only replying to these on here because I really want to know if you all do really not like the Ezra stuff!!)


I said to stick around a few days ago and I would put up a poll, and just haven’t had the time to get back on here. Apologies. 

Saying that! 

I’ve heard from a few different people that they wanted more of All The King’s Men, then again there was a request for If You Only Knew and Wayside Inn. I have half chapters written for all three of these. They are all of my open fics right now. 

1. Wayside Inn - On the way to drop Sam off at Stanford you and the brothers get stranded at an old country inn where the owners are MIA and that seems to not have any employees, where you meet up with a couple a few years older than the three of you. Weird shit starts to happen instantly, including being locked in from the outside, flickering lights, and a madman intent on killing all of you unless you all decide to kill one. (basic haunted/creepy house story)

2. All The King’s Men - You’ve just been arranged to marry Prince Morningstar. A pompous ass, if anyone asked your opinion. Which they didn’t. You decide it’s not happening and take off to join the ranks of men that defend your father’s kingdom. So what do you do when your betrothed finds you? Dean Winchester in chain mail and a runaway princess that joins the King’s army. What more could you want? (Royalty AU, Knight!Dean)

3. If You Only Knew - You’re an undercover DEA agent hiding in plain sight amongst Sam Winchester’s crew, who runs the biggest drug and gun ring in the last century. How do you tell your boss at the DEA that you think you’re catching real feelings for the  most wanted criminal in America? (Druglord!Sam and Agent!Reader) (pls note: no longer co-written)

So my question is which do you as the consumers, want to read the most?

You can either answer this below with your choice (just type 1, 2, or 3) Or You can send an ask!

I’ll leave the voting open for 30 hours! I know it’d weird but I have stuff to do tomorrow and this will let me finish a chapter by the end of the week!

Thanks guys!

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Seventeen (Vocal Unit) reaction to you getting 1st place at the Junior Olympics.

Anonymous said:I don’t want to be a greedy bean, but can you do the “winning junior Olympics” thing for the rest of seventeen and/or exo and/or got7? (I mean obvs take your time and stuff no pressure I just really like your reactions) if not, 17’s vocal unit pls?


Woozi: He wasn’t there to see the race, so he had no clue if you won. When he video called you, you didn’t bring up the race on purpose. So he had to sneak the race in the conversation, your replied with a sad face, like you lost, which he thought you might have due to your look. But it was all an act! you showed him your medal, smiling wide. The video called now just consisted of constant screaming of joy.

Originally posted by mountean

Joshua: He totally forgot what was going on. He basically zoned out on most of the race, he didn’t realize what was going on till, they were announcing the winner. They had to announce a winner, because both runners crossed the line together, very close. “Fuck, fuck, fuck..” only thing running through his head.

Originally posted by lovejoshua17

Seungkwan: He was so sweaty and out of breath from hyping you up. He watched the whole thing, it was a very close race, so he went full blast hype man. All that hyping up paid off though, you killed the damn race, shit it was basically no need for him to hype you up.

Originally posted by seungkvvan

DK: It was you and another runner, head to head, toe to toe. It was so close to the finish line, he was in such panic. The other runner got ahead, and that’s when he really got to panicking. But some fucking how you manage to get ahead, and ended up crossing first. He no longer needed to panic😂😂

Originally posted by vitaminniedk

Jeonghan: It was already a 100% chance you were gonna win. Jeonghan was your bf, the professional swindler, you really thought he wasn’t gonna manipulate something . He knew you was a amazing running, he had faith in you…but there was also another runner, who was pretty fucking awesome, he wasn’t about to let his baby flop. He act like he didn’t know what the hell you were talking about when you confronted him about his acts.

Originally posted by koraenpop


Why do we see Serena’s face as they lean in for all 3 of their kisses pls and not Bernie’s?? I wanna see Bernie leaning in for a kiss where you can see her eyes and it’s not just Serena’s face or Bernie’s face covered by her hair, like?? Pls??

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this is a long shot, but do u have any tips on drawing lanky characters bc,, im a lost sheep pls guide me back to the flock

im ngl i tried thinking of stuff to help while i was drawing that sollux but all i can rly think of is like


long limbs, long torso, prominent knees/elbows

Anonymous said: I alwys draw trolls with white sclera because I just can’t color their sclera yellow they end up looking ugly :(

yeah you rly dont want like straight up yellow, dont colour pick the sprites either bc they just. dont work for proper art its hella stylised

i pick a yellow that my eyes like and use the watercolour tool so its more like soft/muted on top of the skin?? it blends it better imo


left is full right is blendy but this isnt a gr8 example i probably should have picked something straight on

this was meant to be for my 2k celebration but now i’m closer to 2.5k so i suppose this is a 2.4k celebration? either way, i don’t know why all you lovely people want follow me but thank you!! in celebration, i want to get to know you guys, so, i’ve decided to do a fandom family to do just that!

banner credit: @loonyxgood (thank you, sweetie!)

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RELATIONSHIP CALL. i wanna develop some stuff for my kid, be it friendships, enemies, whatever. if you’re interested in doing some plotting, go ahead and give that heart a little punch!!

Dating Namjoon

ksj | myg | jhs | knj | pjm | kth | jjk

A/N: I actually love the concept of dating Namjoon, he’d be such a good boyfriend, really cool, sweet, kinky… like damn bias wrecker, come at me joonie. Ps. Happy Easter! For those who celebrate.


  • Spontaneous dates
  • Spontaneous sex
  • Let’s just jump right into it shall we? We all know Namjoon is one horny mofo
  • He likes it when you call him daddy
  • You’re not ecstatic but you’ll do it for him, originally it’s for the irony but eventually after sex you’re lying there like “what have I become?!?!?”
  • Sometimes he’s a little much so you’re kind of sitting there like ‘pls sir calm down’ but it’s hot that he’s into anything and will do anything for you so you can’t really complain can you?
  • Namjoon’s really curious about your hobbies but you don’t want him to touch your important stuff in case he goes into destruction mode
  • But sometimes you give in bc he’s so cute with his dimple smile and being genuinely interested in your hobbies helps too
  • So you guys have days where you get nostalgic and go through your important belongings and show him how you go through your own creative process and what tools you use (that he doesn’t touch even when you let him bc those are important to you)
  • He’s the kind of guy to do random romantic things
  • Out of the blue he lights some candles, talks about philosophy and life with you until the wee hours of the morning with lots of cuddles and kisses
  • He’s so into you, really committed. Namjoon doesn’t think about an end to your relationship so
  • he shows you the things most important to him, takes you to the studio sometimes
  • you can see how passionate he is at work
  • you love it
  • He writes raps about you
  • He doesn’t want you to even know they exist until they’re in a song, recorded and released
  • He wants to surprise you with them play it cool like ‘i just casually confess my feelings in songs all the time, this is normal but a huge act of love, wow, I love you’ 
  • He’d be really good at giving you massages with his hands of destruction
  • He’d help you unwind and then… SEX
  • If he’s away promoting and he gets to see you, you know sex is involved in your reunion bc he has not seen you in ages and he just really wants to hold you for an extended period of time #lethimlive
  • He buys you clothes all the time even though you have a good sense of fashion
  • He’ll see something and be like ‘I NEED TO GET THIS FOR MY BABE’ and so he does
  • He asks you to go out with him and take aesthetic photos for twitter, and you take couple shots too
  • When you accidentally call namjoon daddy in public and he’s like it’s ight but he’s really turned on and it’s not ight
  • And hes lowkey looking for a place to have a quick fuck. But gives up and goes home for a long fuck
  • When you’re almost asleep he realizes that he left the stove on
  • Walks in the park, learning new things, staying up late when you should be asleep but you’re so high off of each other 
  • becoming absorbed in each other - that’s your relationship

What I’m willing to draw are 

any undertale au characters(skelebros or the humans if you can)

furries(i’ll try)


I will NOT draw nsfw stuff this will go on till, lets say April 10th. I’ll choose 4 random people. and make sure your message is on so we can discuss it on that day. Also if you can, give me a reference so i can make your characters more accurate.

I’m excited to do this for you. And good luck


Do you like stickers? Do you like Steven Universe? Do you like things of roughly the same size? WELL BOY HOWDY CHECK IT OUT theyre finally done!! You can get these as

individual stickers

or all together, or in groups like just the crystal gems or the cool kids (remember when choosing size that its measuring the whole sheet, so dont get small!)

and even though these were made to be stickers you can also get other stuff like tshirts and journals and this bag thing

i might do more in the future to make the characters i skipped (like lapis, jasper, etc) so if you dont see your fave here, dont fret too much :]

oh also, here are the speedpaints: part 1 / part 2

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Hey, your aesthetic edit tutorial was extremely helpful !! Could also make a tutorial for icons ? If you want to of course !!

okay, so this is super late and i don’t even know what i’m doing but here you go. since you liked my edit tutorial (thanks!!) and i’ve recently just made misc icons, i’m assuming you want to know how to make those, so this is a tutorial for making misc/aesthetic icons. if u wanted a tutorial for bright/colourful icons im sorry for being stupid, pls send it as an ask again :) 

  • okay so i first choose a nice misc/aesthetic image and copy it onto a new file on photoshop (i use cs5). you can get some nice pictures from these blogs.

i got this picture:

  • i usually make 200px by 200px icons, so i crop it and then sharpen it.
  • then i add a nice dull psd with contrast, so it looks like this

(i use a combination of bright and dull psds which are not made by me, so if you need a specific one, pls ask me)

AND YOU’RE DONE! a lot of ppl doodle on their icons, but as of right now i just doodle on my graphics but if you want to, you can doodle on her hair and outline her clothes and stuff.

  • for that, use a 1px brush, hardness 100%
  • create a new layer and go doodle

(i zoom in and doodle, so its a lot easier with not zigzagging lines)

i make this

and then i didn’t like how i did her hair, so i removed that stuff and did other stuff, so even you can do a whole lot of cool things with doodles

and i made this! which is vv nice and shows how you can make any amount of doodles as long as it looks pretty (wise words: the only limit is ur imagination!)

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Can you pls do mc and 707 dressing up in pretty dresses and stuff?? Btw love your blog!!! ❤️

Author’s note: cuuuttteeee ♥


  • like if it has a train or a hoop-skirt IT IS NOW HIS TO WEAR
  • “Don’t wear that one! Orange clashes with your hair.”
  • “Uh, MC? I hate to break it you, but I look great in any color. I don’t even know the meaning of ‘clash.’”
  • “But-”
  • “NOPE! Now try this dress on.”
  • “That’s just a skirt.”
  • “NO! INVISIBLE TOPS ARE IN NOW! Also, you should probably take off your bra for this one…”
  • “…”
  • oh pervert Seven
  • he will DRAG YOU to the wedding dress store
  • why does he look better than you in some of them ??
  • probably bc of that a$$
  • he cried when you walked out in a wedding dress
  • “Seven, it’s just pretend.”
  • “B-but you look so beautiful!!!”