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Bc I'm too curious: Have you ever gotten hate in your inbox for writing/ drawing/shipping Otayuri, Pliroy and Otapliroy? Because the discourse around those ships is always hot but I never see it near your stuff (thank God)

Haha, yes I do. Frequently? I just refuse to answer or give them any attention, which is why you don’t see it near my stuff. Responding just adds fuel, because all they want is a response, they come looking for a fight, so they can stir up something and flood your inbox more. So, a swift block and delete is all they get. Sometimes people reply directly to my art posts with their Very Important Thoughts on my drawings, but I just block them then too. If they dislike my stuff so much they feel the need to tell me then they shouldn’t mind getting blocked so they don’t have to see it, right? ;) 

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do you know any story that's specifically about hotdog?i remember reading one where he eventually dies but it was sweet

Ookay - so I said I wasn’t going to answer specific posts like this on my own blog anymore - I contemplated just screencapping it and answering it on @blueandgoldoffice and then Cami just told me to delete it…. but then I feel guilt deleting one that is so simple that I can answer super quickly. 

I actually know a couple where Hot Dog dies - and both were really awesome and since I’m not sure which one you were thinking of, I’ll link you to both. And then I’ll link you to a happy one too, okay?

Hotdog by @burgerheadjones​ (1/1)

Word Count: 5118 / Not Rated

Summary: How Hotdog becomes Betty and Jughead’s family in every sense. Or, where we trace the life of Hotdog with Bughead.

Paw Prints by @lusterrdust (1/1)

Word Count: 894 / Rating: Gen

Summary:  “It seems a strange thing for a creature so full of love and life to be given such a short sentence in it.”

Keeping Busy by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency (1/1)

Word Count: 1371 / Rating: Gen

Summary:  Betty gives Jughead a dog and a little bit more.

Now seriously -  please please please direct fic requests to the Blue and Gold. I realize that by answering here, I’m totally caving and being 100% like a bad parent (though actually, if this were a real parenting situation I’d be better with follow through and feel absolutely no guilt when it comes to sticking with my resolve. My poor kids, eh? lol). <3 Jandy

i love you. [delete]
did you ever love me? [delete]
was i just somebody you used to make you feel better about yourself? [delete]
well, here’s me making you feel better about yourself: you’re the most amazing person i’ve ever met in my life. nobody could ever take your place. i love you more than words can say. [delete]
yeah, you fucked me over, but i still think you’re great. i don’t know if that says more about me or more about you. i don’t know if that makes me pathetic or kindhearted. i always saw the good in you. [delete]
i know i didn’t always act like you were important to me. i’m sorry for that. i’m sorry i didn’t shove it down your throat every day, tell you that you were worth everything to me; i’m sorry i held your mistakes against you so much. i’m sorry i didn’t realize you were struggling too. [delete]
you’re still the first person i want to tell anything to. like did you hear who our ex-friend is hooking up with? did you see that facebook status? did you see that car crash on route 29? did you know there are more microbes on your body than people on earth? [delete]
i know i said leave but i really meant i’ll be waiting for you to come back. my friends say it’s not permanent; i can go back whenever i want to. i know i can but i left for a reason. it hurts so much that you don’t want me. [delete]
i keep thinking i can convince you to choose me. who wouldn’t want someone who loves them this much? i want to shower you with compliments just so you realize what you lost. [delete]
but i also want you to know you’re special. i want you to know somebody loves you, even if they’re far away. i want you to know how you lifted my spirits by just existing. [delete]
but then i think: where’s my “i love you”? where’s my “thank you for existing”? where’s my “you’re special” and “i appreciate you” and “you’re important to me”? why am i always the one trying to make this work? why don’t you value me? [delete]
you told me you’d always answer my text messages, probably even in your sleep. i can’t believe someone so goddamn beautiful could do such ugly things. [delete]
—  delete delete delete

can i just say i paid for a feel good fluff game where i could potentially romance this closeted suburban masc-twink daddy but noooo instead i got a batshit crazy christian cult leader slash murderer who, under more fortunate circumstances, still dumps me for his wife, after screwing me on his own romantic private yacht surrounded by whales


falsettos pride icons pt. 1 - lesbians from next door

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Ugh can you stop whining already? The resposters you're demonizing are HELPING YOU by giving you EXPOSURE so you can be popular like all the other popular artists like there (edendaphne, taylordraws, qookyquice, sakura-rose12, ferisea, ceeljes, etcetara). Posts on instagram with their art helped them become popular and the "evil" reposters are only trying to help you to. Just let them repost soon you'll get 1000 followers. So stop being whiny and just let them help your unpopular ungrateful ass!

Hello, anon! Normally, I would ignore rude anons and immediately delete them, but I feel this type of ask is relevant to raising awareness of the problem we have with reposters, art thieves, and the like. So here we go!

It’s true, I may not be as popular as any of the tumblrs you have mentioned (btw, you misspelled a few :c), but that doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to the rights of, I emphasize, MY OWN WORK. Also, I’m not sure where I was whining anywhere, can you give a source? And what am I supposed to be grateful for exactly? ┐(‘~`;)┌

But yeah, even if I had only 3 followers and half a sandwich, a thing I made and posted is still something I explicitly own. It came from me. All I did was share it via tumblr. If I didn’t share it, guess what? I still made it. The only difference when I shared it was so people can see it too. But I still made it. The reposter didn’t, the art thief didn’t—it was me. Henceforth, it is mine to control how it’s shared and used. You are not entitled to up and use my work without permission, no matter how you justify it.

That goes for all the ‘unpopular’ artists out there too. You created a thing out of nothing. It is yours and no one else’s. If anyone tries to put you down to get you to allow them to repost your stuff or give them ‘free commissions’ for so-called “EXPOSURE”, politely decline them (or flip them off, it really depends on you 👀).

You have something they don’t—your skill. Don’t let them take that from you because they made you feel bad that they make 1000+ notes/likes per (re)post they “made” compared to your sketch getting 9 notes and a supporting comment from grandma. At least you have a skill to make a thing, a skill you can only get better at over time, as opposed to a reposter’s skill of Googling and right-click Save/pressing Print Screen. Because any old schmuck can do that. I can do that. My grandpa can do that. My 4-year old nephew can do that.

We all start from nothing, so have pride in what you can do by yourself! Don’t give up and work hard and I guarantee you, people will definitely notice your effort, be it sooner or later. c: (I was gonna cite Van Gogh as an example of ‘later’ but uhh he got popular after he died so that might be a bad example i’ll shut up about that now im sorry)

But I digress! Back to anon. Your claim is because I’m not a popular artist, I can get recognition via reposters, so I should be grateful. To be frank, I think that claim is all sorts of dumb. It doesn’t explain why reposters then STILL repost work by artists who are clearly more popular than their repost account/s. They certainly don’t need any exposure. The math just doesn’t add up, anon. :c

I do apologize if trying to put me down like this didn’t work out. I am confident in my own (albeit not-that-good-yet) ability and I truly believe that if I do work hard enough, I can make it out there. And even if I never do, at the very least I didn’t enable attitudes such as yours to permeate and be justified. I’ve made friends who appreciate what I do, and at the end of the day, it’s more than enough for me. Even if I don’t make it big, I know they’ll be right here supporting me anyway. My question is, who do you have, anon?

I hope sending out this ask helped you dislike yourself a little less. c: Sorry for the long post!

If anyone needs more information about the reposting/art theft problem and the protest, check out @miraculousblackout! They have all sorts of posts and links to help educate you! If anything else is still unclear, just send an ask. We are here to guide you. Just remember, be respectful! Have a good day! ヾ(☆'∀'☆)


Teen Wolf AU - STEREK - Alpha!Stiles

Somewhere along the way, Derek’s pack keeps dying, one by one, and he loses the control he’s never really had. Stiles, turned true alpha in part thanks to his human pack - Scott, recently acquainted with magic, Lydia, genius and a specialist on all things supernatural and Allison, your friendly neighborhood werewolf hunter - knows that once the pack of Alphas is done with Derek’s pack, they will come after his and he won’t be able to protect them how he should.

Derek is not a fan of Stiles and his band of merry misfits, who keep appearing and helping him, saving him and the rest of his pack multiple times. The night Isaac and Cora almost die, Derek tries to tell Stiles that they can do without the help of humans and a boy turned werewolf (and then alpha) by accident.


My dear Hal,

you look absolutely delicious all wet and rumpled. Your hands are the most beautiful ones I ever saw. All slender, with delicate fingers and so long. And I’d love to lick that throat of yours. Touch that bulging vein with my tongue. You are sexy beyond description and make me think about debauchery things. My mind wanders to places that make me equally wet as you are. You are really filthy and dirty. And I don’t mean that in a good way. The mud is coming of in pieces from your skin. Please take a bath in something else than wine or ale. I’d help you with that. 

a lot of my mutuals have deleted/become inactive and my dash is dead SO if you post about

- destiny

- overwatch

- the last of us

- fallout

- mass effect

- skyrim/tes

- pokemon

- (video games in general tbh)

- star wars

- the mcelroy brothers (like any of it, everything is good)

- critical role 

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(( y ou kno w what bc im bored af and its only like 11 pm.. almost 12 but its been a good day!! also was tagged by @askcorgijmin !! love your art btw and idk why i was tagged is it this bias selfie thing idk but here i go
ehhh i tag.. @ask-planet-flower-vmin @ask-model-taetae pl s idk who else to tag boi))


I always thought of clothes as like, “Oh I can pretend to be like this today” or “Oh it’s like dressing up like this.” So it’s playing dress up basically. It’s an ode to the past but it’s still very now. Like I wear it and I don’t feel like I’m being too old or too young. It’s just right there. That’s why I like these outfits so much. They are five different looks and have five different feels to them. But it’s still me. It’s still something I should wear.

Flight 512

For some reason, I like this. It isn’t really anything special or great, but it’s something. I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for being so patient. I know it’s been a while

“Flight 512 to Toronto, Canada has been delayed..”

My eyes threaten to close and I have to keep drumming my fingers against the steel bench in order to keep awake. It’s as though every part of my body - my legs, my arms, my neck - all have the same intention of aching until I cry. I sigh for the hundredth time and attempt to find a comfortable position but to no avail. 

There’s a cool breeze coming from somewhere unknown to me, but I realise that the chill down my back is another thing keeping me awake so I don’t complain, despite the mountains of goosebumps that have spread across my arms.

I watch the clock’s hand move round and round its face. It’s as though one minute it was close to midnight and now, as I’m sat on the exact same bench, it’s coming up to three o’clock.

Looking to my left and then to my right, there doesn’t seem to be many people around, only the odd man or woman dragging their suitcase across the floor. I somehow feel as though I’m the only one waiting for the delayed flight. I wrap my arms around my stomach and lean my head against the back of the steel chair, it sends shocks through my neck. 

Behind me, far at the other side of the airport, there’s a glass window that fits the length of the room. Every now and then, there’ll be minute flashes of light from the awakening of a plane. Orange would cloud every inch of it’s vicinity.

“Flight 512 to Toronto, Canada has been delayed, we apologise for..”

I refrain from cursing the woman’s voice and sit up for the first time in a long period of time. My legs no longer feel a part of my body and I have to bounce them up and down to begin to feel the familiar static feeling running through them. I wipe my eyes with the palms of my hands. 

“Excuse me.” A voice rings through the space I thought was empty and causes me to jump slightly due to the sudden sound. 

I look up to see a figure towering over me. It takes me a few seconds to take in their appearance due to the fact that I’m currently seeing stars after having pressed the palms of my hands into my eye sockets so hard.

“Uh, hi,” I mutter, and my voice cracks.

“Anyone sitting here?” The boy points to the seat beside me where my bag lays open, its contents almost spilling out. I think it’s his way of asking me to move it.

“Um, no,” I reply, already grabbing my bag and pulling it onto my lap. I subtly look around the room and see the rest of the benches completely empty. 

“Thanks.” He smiles and I’m hesitant to return it, but I do. 

We sit in silence, apart from the occasional announcements over the loudspeaker. 

When I get chance, I can watch the boy out of the corner of my eye. His dyed-blonde hair is cut short but it seems to be growing steadily, and his skin is tanned perfectly. Every now and then he’ll reach to his right before raising his hand to his lips. 

I run a hand through my hair and it’s as though he’d forgotten I’m here and my movement startled him. He turns to me and I can hear a soft crinkling sound.
“Grape?” he asks and offers a tub of grapes to me. At this point, I’m beyond confused and shake my head. “It’s cool, I haven’t done anything to them, like poisoned them or anything.” He grins menacingly. 

“Saying that makes me think you have,” I say and raise an eyebrow at him. To this, his grin seems to deepen. 

“Suit yourself.” He drops another between the barrier of his lips before chewing. I look away and sigh. “Your flight been delayed too?” 

I’m confused as to why he’s sat so close to me that I can feel the warmth of his thigh against mine, I’m confused as to why he’s offering me grapes, and I’m startled at the fact that he’s still trying to make small talk.


“I’m Justin, by the way,” he says and offers his hand for me to shake. I suddenly feel my own become clammy.  

“[Y/N],” I reluctantly shake his hand and feel the softness of his skin. I appreciate how pleasantly warm it is. 

“That’s a nice name,” he says before popping another grape into his mouth. 


“Are you travelling alone?” he interrupts me, but the calm and inviting look on his face tells me he didn’t mean anything by it. 

“Yeah, I’m going to see my family in Canada. Are you?” 

“My family’s up here, I’m heading home. To Canada, actually.”

I nod. “Did you have a nice time?”

He looks over at me and smiles. I can see his eyes moving around the features of my face and I suddenly feel self-conscious.

“I had a pleasant time, yeah.” 

“Flight 512 to Toronto, Canada has been delayed, we apologise for the inconvenience..”

“Drives you insane, doesn’t it?” he says and looks up towards the ceiling. I can see the veins working in his neck, I can see the beginning of a tattoo on the back of his neck and curiosity fills my body.

“Tell me about it.” 

Another silence falls over us but for the first time it doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable. Every now and then, he’ll raise his hand to his lips while I sit motionless. 

“Sure you don’t want one?” 

I shake my head as politely as I can and I see him shrug. 

There’s another hour before anything changes. My conversation with Justin escalates and it’s evident we’ve both become accustomed to each other, even Justin - who dripped with confidence from the beginning - has seemingly opened up even more. 

“There’s a restaurant in Toronto that do the best pancakes in the world, I swear, I could eat them for every meal of the day,”

“I’ve never been a huge fan of pancakes,” I say, crossing my legs and facing him. Justin does the same. 

“Try these and your opinion’ll change. Give me your number and I’ll take you whenever you’re free.” He grins. 

The grapes are long gone and I regret not taking up his multiple offers because I can hear a monster growling in my stomach.

“It’s a deal,” I smile and he imitates me. 

There’s subtle dark marks under his eyes and his eyes look heavy, but his face seems to light up when he smiles and I enjoy watching it happen. It’s like the darkness before the sun comes up from behind the trees and it makes the world seems so much brighter. 

“I’ll see you there,” he grins proudly.


“Scouts honour.”

I laugh and I can see he’s watching me. His brown eyes are burning into my skin and a flush trickles through my body like boiling water.

“Flight 512 to Toronto, Canada is due at 17:55. Please be ready for departure..”

Justin releases a long breath and sits up straight. “That’s us.”

“Finally,” I say and pick my bag up as it sits on the floor with a swift movement. I feel a strange reluctance to have to leave, despite having spent long enough here.

It’s quiet while we collect our things. Justin is the first to stand and he watches and waits for me while I click the handle of the suitcase into place. He smiles when I stand, he’s taller than me so I still have to lean my head back to be able to see the light in his eyes.

My legs feel as though they’ve been replaced with steel, and I’m struggling to walk beside Justin without feeling aching pains shoot through them.  I clutch the strap of my bag tighter in the palm of my hand.

To my left I can see a cafe with a sign saying ’24 Hour’ and it’s as though my stomach knows; it lets out a howl that lasts a good few seconds before dying down again. I chew my bottom lip and speed up when I smell fresh coffee and baking cookies.

“So,” Justin starts. “Were you serious? Would you be willing to give me your number?” He looks down at me and I can feel the warm look he’s giving me.

I shrug. “Why not? You’ve had plenty of time to kidnap me and you’re yet to do so. I think you’re safe enough,” I chuckle and he laughs. His teeth are blindingly bright and I’m only just acknowledging this. They contrast with his tanned skin.

He gives me his phone to which I take carefully and type my number in. He’s watching me and it causes me to have to delete my mistakes with shaking hands.

“I’ll call you,” he says and I nod.

“I’ll be waiting.”

It sounds like a goodbye, even though we’re still walking to the boarding station together, not to mention, getting on the same plane. I can see the dots in the distance beginning to look like actual figures, and as we get closer, I can see that every one of them looks as exhausted as Justin and I. We stick close together and join the group.

It takes another twenty minutes or so before a steward arrives. Justin has taken a packet out of his backpack and I notice it’s filled with cookies. He takes one and I listen as he crunches contently, trying not to let my mouth water too much.

He moves the packet towards me and I smile while taking one at a steady pace, not wanting to seem too eager.

“Thank you.”

“No problem. I’ve been hearing your stomach growl for the past three hours, I figured I’d help you out,” he says casually. “Here. Take them.” He shoves the packet to my chest and I’m forced to grab them so they don’t fall to the floor.

I blush and say nothing. The group seems to have formed into a queue and the steward is now checking people’s tickets; everyone practically throws the tickets towards the poor man.

I stand beside Justin and munch on a few more of the cookies to rid myself of the empty feeling in my stomach. There’s noise and commotion around us but we stand quietly. Justin’s hand brushes against mine and it’s soft and warm against my own. My heart beats a little faster.


It all came down to this. Tumblr isnt the friendly and accepting community i used to consider it. Quite the opposite. Lately everything i or my followers say can cause a discourse and i dont feel safe anymore. Is it normal to not feel safe on you own goddamn blog? Dont think so. So thats why ive decided things have to change. For the sake of my mental health and well being I wont interact with anyone on here anymore. Askboxes will be closed and so will be DMs. From now on im taking all my fan interaction and small talk to my Twitter. For those who are wondering- no, the blog wont be deleted. I will just stop talking. The art will be posted when its made or later.

Thank you for your understanding.


Okay lets clear this thing up about Gztale shipless convo

Some of you not agree about this, some of you agree, some of you like dont care about this. And there is still confusion which details is official. Hear me out, im trying to clear this thing up slowly with my awful English sentences.

Gztale is shipless AU due the plot and the storyline situation is very conflicting to the characters. Only one ship im going to put in the storyline but it doesnt take place in the current timeline. That specific ship is actualy sank.

I deny people offer/ask about ___x___ to be canon in the story. Especially gz frans ship because it considered pedophilia relationship. I want ganz to be a father figure to frisk because frisk is literally a small child and need adult attention of their problem.


And for fans shipping , IM OKAY WITH IT , its just, Dont ask me the ship to be canon. IT’s just no. You cant make me add a scene for your fav ship to be canon in the gztale comic. Still, no.

Im okay with all the ship, you can draw whatever you want. Im only dont want to see sensitive stuff that will bring some issues to the community. Like rape, pedophile, sexual abuse and such. It’s sensitive for me as where i live in Malaysia.

If you a sinner and you wanted to draw that way then Plz dont mention me.

The reason I deleted my sinblog because i feel awful to myself, and i feel very disgust for what i did. “Oh wait, i actually drew that, that isnt me even im a fujoshi type who likes reading yaoi OR bl manga. I dont want to do this. Its make me feel very awful, ugh, i should delete this ”

So yeah, thats al i have to say. No asking or suggestion to make ship canon in story.

Thats it


Friendly reminder that requests are closed!

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A collection of all my prompts, which you are encouraged to keep sending when requests are open from this, this, this, or this list or one of your own! At the moment, requests are CLOSED.

Det. Nick Amaro

“Looks like somebody’s all hot and bothered.” (Slightly NSFW)

“I’m fully aware that it’s one o'clock in the morning.”

“I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?”

“I’m giving it up for adoption.”

“No one’s going to hurt you, okay?”

ADA Rafael Barba

“Yeah, well it wasn’t funny.”

“Will you marry me?” (“Yeah, well it wasn’t funny” Continuation)

“Looks like somebody’s all hot and bothered.”

“Our baby is in the next room.”

“Please come home.”

“I just want to make you feel good.” (NSFW)

“You call that a kiss?”

“You can’t take something like that back, asshole.” (NSFW-ish)

“Consider it a divine intervention.”

“I lost the baby.”

“Delete it. Now.”

Det. Sonny Carisi

“No, what you need is some pizza and a hug.”

“Don’t take it personally; she’s like that with everyone.”

“Please stop doing that to yourself.”

“Would you model it for me?”

“I don’t want to do this on my own. I don’t think I can do this on my own.”

“You’ve got a beautiful voice.”

“You should wear that more often.”

Sgt. Mike Dodds

“Delete it. Now.”

“I was waiting for you. You never came.”

“You better hope my father didn’t hear that.” (NSFW)

“No one will suit you like I did.”

“You’re sending me to a shrink?”

“You should wear that more often.”

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jk and tae both HATE jimin

listen here, im here to prove to all of you once and for all that these two despise jimin. like, you’ll see in just a second how the hate rolls off them in waves. anyways, starting off with the maknae

Originally posted by equitas

listen to me, this is exactly how i look at someone i hate

Originally posted by jikookdetails

LOOK. jk’s giving us all pointers on how to show your hatred towards someone through your eyes. take notes peeps.

now, THIS is how you do it. look at him shoot hearts daggers with his eyes. anyways, let’s move on to tae bc im already losing it

Originally posted by kthish

tae be like…”jimin get your frickin small hands away from me. i dont like you jimin, i dont like your small hands either i dont find them cute at all”

Originally posted by tayonge

tae: “wow, i hate jimin with every fibre of my being…” look at those daggers hes shooting at jimin. damn. can you feel the hate yet?

Originally posted by locotaehyung

what you’re seeing above is NOT vmin cuddling. fuck no.

Originally posted by chimtae

dont even get me started on this jealousy…thing bc thats a separate post can you feel me rolling my eyes yet