can i just cry over this couple

"Free speech does not include hate speech"

Yes it freaking does, primarily because there is no universal definition of “hate speech”. You really want the government to decide what’s acceptable speech and behavior for everyone? The same government who was kicking down married couples’ doors 60 years ago because they dared be an interracial couple? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but society’s definition of right and wrong and acceptable and deplorable have changed dramatically even over the last few decades. You can’t just want these rules when they work in your favor and cry when they work against you. Free speech means you can say the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard and I’m free to either tell you off or completely ignore you. Free speech means I can say that Nazis are pieces of human garbage and not get arrested like I would in Germany if this were the 30s.

Free speech means any speech, whether you like it or not.

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Eighteen

Summary:  You talk through the idea of being adopted by the Ackles’ with Jared and Gen. Jared has reservations, but realising the reasoning behind it helps all of you make your decision.
Words: 3k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, Danneel, JJ, Kim, Briana
Warnings: uncomfortable conversations, mild angst
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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Jensen escorted you to the Padalecki house despite your insistence that you could walk over on your own.

The incident with your mom in the airport was still fresh in his mind, it seemed.

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“And I’d give up forever to touch you, ‘cause I know that you feel me somehow. You’re the closest to Heaven that I’ll ever be, and I don’t want to go home right now.”

“And all I can taste is this moment, and all I can breathe is your life. And sooner or later is over… I just don’t wanna miss you tonight.”

When your best friend @princess-kurama makes you listen “-Iris- Goo Goo Dolls” and you fall in love with it to the point you cry. And you fall in love with those six, animal-animated couples too. 

Before wonder woman came out, my little sister didn’t like super heroes. She didn’t want to watch superhero cartoons or movies, she didn’t want to play superheroes, and she didn’t want to read about them. You know why? Because there aren’t really any girl superheroes. Every single show is about boys and marketed towards boys, and if there are girls they barely have any lines and they don’t do anything cool, so it makes sense that she would think they were lame. When she saw the wonder woman trailer she was so excited, she watched it almost every single day and begged to see the new ones everytime they released one. She asked for a wonder woman barbie for Christmas. She’s watched the movie 3 times and still won’t stop talking about it. When she got her big kid bed last week she asked my mom for wonder woman blankets. She has 4 sets of wonder woman pajamas, and she plans to be wonder woman for Halloween.

The reason she’s so obsessed is because that is the first time she’s gotten to see a superhero that she identifies with. “Not only is she pretty and strong, she’s brave and sensitive and nice to children and animals and cares about helping people and doesn’t let the boys talk over her or make her feel like she’s not important and she does things that no one else can because she believes in herself and she’s not just there to be someone’s girlfriend” (actual comments from my sister).

She was crying when we left the theater because “it was just so beautiful”. I have never seen her this obsessed with something. Representation matters.

Someone gave her a batgirl comic a couple months ago, and she has quickly become her second favorite superhero. She reads that comic over and over again. She’s read it so many times it’s covered with tape and falling apart. She saved up for an entire month to buy a Batgirl barbie with her allowance. When I told her there was going to be a movie she squealed at ear shattering decibals for close to a full minute.

If Joss Whedon ruins this movie for my baby sister, I will personally hunt him down and kick him so hard in the testicles that his balls are permanently lodged in his esophagus.

teenage fever ❖ baekhyun (3)

❝These are three categories of forbidden love that we find in Literature and Philosophy the most❞

admin : - velvet
genre: baekhyun! philosophy uni professor au, age gap (if you don’t like, please don’t read), angst, slice of life and fluff + a lot of sexual tension! 

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4

When you came back home in the evening both your sister and Mr. Byun were gone, the clock signed four pm, your mom was doing the dishes - which meant that Hye Jin and Baekhyun just left - and your father went back in your parents’ room to rest a bit as usual.

When you came back home your mother gave you a tired smile, but didn’t ask you what happened and why you looked so sad, she barely asked you if you were doing okay, since she knew that the real reason of your escape wasn’t your ‘not feeling too good’. That evening you went back in your room and thought about him, thought that Hye Jin was more important than a man and even if it meant seeing him with her, you still couldn’t do such a thing to your younger sister. You went down to have dinner and your mother let you know that Hye Jin was staying at Baekhyun’s, so when you ran to your room to prepare for a long sleep, you couldn’t help but think that just as he kissed you, now he was going to kiss her and probably to make love to her and share his own bed with her.

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anonymous asked:

classic, swap, swapfell and fell bros reaction to their s/o breaking up with them, and then finding out it was because their s/o didn't think they were good enough for their bonefriend and did it on a drunk impulse? love your writing btw you're my fav imagines blog 💕

( * Aw, thank you~!  <3  The word bonefriend makes me super happy.
This prompt was a lot of fun.  I really love when the skelebros provide comfort because I like to imagine someone reading it and feeling better about whatever they’re going through.  )


His world has suddenly crashed.  He flinches, but he’s quick to bury the hurt behind a forced grin and a small shrug.  "heh, it’s not you, it’s me?  is that the line you’re using?“  He means for it to come out as light, but his tone sounds sharp and chilling instead, betraying his jovial facade.  

But then, he realizes that something’s amiss.. there’s that waver to your voice, the way you look so vulnerable.  Why, you look just as wrecked as he feels.  "hey, what’re you talking about, kiddo?  of course you’re good enough.  if anyone should be saying that..”

*it’s me.

His voice trails off.  He gathers you against his chest, pulling you down to lie on the couch, and opens his blue jacket wide to halfway cover your body.  You’re the light in this timeline, the person that gave him the ability to feel HoPe again.  He doesn’t voice that; he’s too shaken to find the words.  So, instead, he just holds you on the couch, and murmurs, “please don’t ever think that, ok?”


When you break up with him, he flinches as if he was physically struck, his bones rattling together from the jarring impact.  "O-OH, GOOD ONE!  YOU’RE TRYING OUT JOKES LIKE SANS, RIGHT?  I.. I THINK YOU GOT SOMETHING WRONG ABOUT THAT ONE, THOUGH.  OR MAYBE I MISSED THE PUNCHLINE..?“  You know he has to be rattled to admit that a joke may have gone over his head, but when he realizes you weren’t joking around, his shoulders slump.  "OH…YOU CAN’T REALLY MEAN…”

His eyesockets start to tear up.  He’s shaking, but trying to be strong.  If you really want to leave him, he’s going to respect your decision, but.. “I..IS THIS REALLY WHAT YOU WANT?” he can’t help but ask, reaching out to place a gentle hand on your shoulder.  He’s prepared to accept it, but the moment you start insisting that you’re not good enough for him, he realizes what’s going on.  Immediately, he pulls you against his chest, bending over your form.  He places his forehead on the top of your head, and he’s openly crying now.  You’re hurting, and having this awful thoughts about yourself, and that hurts him.

“YOU’LL ALWAYS BE GOOD ENOUGH.  I’LL H-HAVE YOU KNOW THAT THE GREAT PAPYRUS HAS VERY HIGH STANDARDS!”  He’s trying to lighten the mood, but his voice breaks a little.  So, he tightens his arms around you, holding you as close as possible.  "AND YOU EXCEED ALL OF THOSE STANDARDS JUST BY BEING YOU.“  Shifting, he pulls back enough to press his teeth to your forehead, giving a soft ’muah’ sound effect to punctuate his skeleton kiss.  "SO LET’S REMAIN A COUPLE! I’LL TAKE YOU OUT ON A DATE TOMORROW!  IF.. IF YOU’RE NOT TOO HUNG OVER.  IF YOU ARE, I’LL JUST BRING YOU SOUP IN BED AND WE CAN WATCH METTATON RE-RUNS!”  


Of course.  Of course you’d break up with him.  
He’s still for a moment, before he forces a smirk and shrugs.  "welp, that lasted longer than i expected.  i guess i’ll see ya around, swee–.. uh, bud.“  He turns away, trying to shrink further into his jacket, to hide his cheeks behind the floof of his fur-lined hood before he starts crying.  He thought he would feel numb, but there’s a gnawing pit in the center of his chest, and his eyesockets are burning.  Stars, he’s stronger than this!  

Mentally, he’s running through every insult he’s ever received in his life, every reason why he wasn’t good enough for you, why you don’t want to be with him anymore.  He’s gathering his magic, preparing to shortcut right out of this nightmare and drown his sorrows at Grillby’s.  There’s no doubt in his mind that he’s going to get wrecked tonight, and the bender’s guaranteed to last for a week solid.  

But then he hears you continue, drunkenly mumbling about how you don’t deserve him.  He freezes, his magic dissipating.  You, underserving of him?  What kind of Twilight Zone swap world is this?  Red turns, still trying to guard his face with his hood, his sockets glimmering with red-tinted tears.  " that by me again?” he manages, his voice thick and gruff.  When you continue to babble on about your insecurities, he suddenly sees himself mirrored in you.  How could he have missed the signs?  Maybe you were both just too good at pretending, too used to doing it as second-nature.  

“oh, sweetheart.”  He’s on you in the next instant, so quickly that he knocks you off-balance and you both end up tumbling onto his mattress.  The impact jars the springs and causes you to bounce, but he just holds on tighter, burying his face in the side of your neck so you don’t glimpse his tears.  "none of that is true, ya hear me?  you’re all i want.. and if you want me..“  His voice becomes quiet, but his mouth is right by your ear, his breath warm against the cold tear-tracks on your cheeks.  

"then just stay.. ok?”


WHAT?  Did you really think YOU could break up with HIM?  This is an outrage.  Edgy is someone that obviously hides his feelings behind RED-HOT RAGE, so he grits his teeth and looms over you.  "NO!“ he shouts firmly, his entire body tense.  He hasn’t done ANYTHING to warrant this, and he’s been trying his hardest to be an attentive bonefriend.  He’s been paying attention to your needs, and he’s even started reprimanding his brother’s laziness less!  Is that not enough?  

No.  Impossible.  He’s done everything right.  "I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE BREAK-UP.  SO.. NO.  IT’S NOT OVER.”  He’s in serious denial, and while he knows he can’t really make you stay if you want to leave (shy of sealing off the exits with bones, which is becoming more and more tempting..), he’s going to be stubborn.  You’re going to have to give him an explanation.. and when you do, you start tripping over your words and feelings, blurting all of your deepest, self-depreciating thoughts.  

And that’s when Papyrus realizes just how drunk you are.  

He swears loudly, rolling his eyelights even as he grips your chin and forces you to look up at him.  He bends over, leaning down to your face, and says, “Stop.”  The word comes out more gently than anything you’ve ever heard him say; for once, it’s not a shouted command, but something he’s urging you to do.  It shocks you into silence, your shoulders still shaking from suppressed hiccups of sobs.  He clears his throat and begins speaking in his normal tone of voice now that he has your full attention.  "ARE YOU DONE WITH THIS FOOLISHNESS NOW?  I WON’T STAND FOR ANYONE SPEAKING ILL OF YOU–NOT EVEN WHEN YOU DO IT. WE’RE NOT BREAKING UP JUST BECAUSE YOU’VE DECIDED TO DRUNKENLY SLANDER YOURSELF.  NONE OF THAT IS TRUE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?“  He says it with such a serious intensity that all you can do is nod.  "GOOD.”

And then he scoops you up bridal-style into his arms and carries you upstairs.  It’s time for you to sleep off your alcohol, and he’s going to keep you locked up in his arms all night.  


The second you break up with him, he’s crying.  

It’s not even little sniffling tears that develop into sobs; no, he’s immediately full-on ugly crying.  He’s gasping for air with his shoulders heaving, his face is flushed a bright blue, and he looks like you just kicked a sack of puppies in front of him while laughing maniacally.

“B-B-B-BUT..! W-WH-WHHYYY?  WHAT DID.. DID I.. DOOO?”  He’s wailing the words and jumping to the worst possible conclusion, but he needs to know what he did so he can fix it.  He’s got to win you back!  If Papyrus is in the house, he hears the crying and teleports into the room with a murderous expression, but once he sees that you’re both crying, he awkwardly pretends it never happened and blips away to Muffet’s.  Blueberry grabs onto your waist, looking up at you with the most heart-broken expression you’ve ever seen.  You did this to him, you realize, and it only makes things worse.  

You launch into every dark thought you’ve ever had about yourself, every time you’ve ever thought that you weren’t good enough, or were too flawed, or that no one could possibly stay interested in you, that you’re poison and that’s why they all lea–

Blueberry cuts you off by cupping your tear-streaked cheeks with both hands and forcing you to look at him.  You have his rapt attention, and he’s no longer wallowing in misery; instead, he’s looking at you with absolute concern.  "WHY WOULD YOU EVER THINK THAT ABOUT YOURSELF?  YOU’RE NONE OF THOSE THINGS!  I THINK YOU’RE THE GREATEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD!  THAT’S WHY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!“  He smiles, bringing your head down to rest your forehead against his.  "MAYBE I DON’T TELL YOU THAT ENOUGH?  BUT FEAR NOT!  FROM NOW ON, I’M GOING TO TELL YOU EVERY DAY HOW GREAT AND WONDERFUL YOU ARE!  AND IF YOU EVER THINK ANYTHING BAD ABOUT YOURSELF, JUST TELL ME SO I CAN TELL YOU HOW UNTRUE IT IS, ALL RIGHT?”      


Stretch realizes immediately (okay, immediately after the crushing pain in his chest that made his SOUL feel like it was cracking) that you’re too drunk to make a decision like breaking up.  Something like that has to be done with a cool head, so while his body is tense, he tries to approach the situation delicately.  "ok.  so why break-up?“  You don’t tell him right away, but he probes you carefully, asking if there’s something that makes you unhappy about the relationship and casually mentioning that you’ve had way too much to drink tonight.  

When the floodgates finally open and you spill all your demons, Papyrus pulls you into his lap.  His arms go around you, and he guides your head to his shoulder, where he soothingly strokes his phalanges through your hair.  "honey, why are you so hard on yourself?”  You don’t give him a straight answer, instead reiterating that you’re not good enough for him, that he deserves better, that you should just leave.  "why don’t you let me be the judge of what’s good enough?  i mean, i am a pretty good judge of character, and  i think you’re everything i could ever want. else i wouldn’t be here right now, honey.“  

If you continue, he just asks, "do you enjoy being with me?  do you want to stay like this, with me?  then ok.  stop trying to leave because i want you to stay.”



His eyesockets are watering, but he tells himself they’re ANGRY TEARS instead of just regular broken-hearted tears.  How could anyone refuse him?!  He’s about thiiiis close to shouting for Papy to help him handle this crisis when you start to cry and admit your feelings of inadequacy.  OH.  So you were feeling unworthy!  That’s makes sense, because it totally couldn’t be anything HE’S done.  

Blackberry swallows back his tears and sits down on his bed, abruptly jerking you down beside him.  He latches onto your waist, his grip uncomfortably tight.. because he’s trying to mask the fact that his bones are shaking.  "YOU’RE WORTHY.  HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU?  I’M A SKELETON OF ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE STANDARDS TO MEET, AND YOU..“  He almost lost you, so he swallows a portion of his pride, his face buried in the side of your neck.  "YOU MEET ALL OF THEM.  SO CEASE THIS FOOLISHNESS AT ONCE!”  

He’s relieved that you stay, and as soon as you pass out, he cries.  


Welp, drunk words are sober thoughts, right?  So if you want to leave him now, it must mean you’ve been thinking about it.  Papyrus can’t say he’s surprised; he’s been waiting for you to realize you could do better.  After all, who wants some pathetic mutt like him drooling after them all the time?  


He’s already walling himself off, and since he was in the process of walking you home anyway, he pulls out a cigarette from his jacket and lights it up.  He’s going to chain smoke tonight, and probably not even go home.  Sans would only lecture him about the smell of smoke, and he just can’t deal with that right now.  His other hand is balled into a tight fist in his pocket.  He doesn’t try to press you for an explanation, even as he’s running through every exchange the two of you have ever had and wondering just how many of those sweet words you actually meant.

And then he hears a tiny sob, and when he turns to you, his entire body feels cold.

He stops, staring, and as your insecurities spew out like terrible word vomit, he slowly starts to realize what this is really about.  He can relate–he can relate to every one of those feelings.  His cigarette tips from his suddenly-lax fingers, and he closes the gap in one stride to sweep you against him.  In one smooth motion, he cuts off your nonsense with his mouth, soothing your worries away with a deep kiss.  When he finally pulls back, he chuckles lightly, cupping your damp cheek with his palm.  "listen, doll.  i’m gonna let you in on the absolute truth.. and that’s that whoever put that shit into your head is wrong.  dead wrong.  you’ll always be enough just by being here with me.  and i don’t want you to ever forget that, ok?“

The biggest struggle of being in an LDR is that you’re going around and you see and hear people of things that remind you of them. Like, you see someone that looks like your significant other and it hurts because no matter how much you want it to be them, it’s not them. Sometimes you’ll see something and wish they were there to experience it with you, having an awesome day you can brag about together. There are days when you just want them right there next to you. Just to feel the affection, to get a hug, a kiss on the cheek, on the lip even just leaning up against their arm. Sometimes you’re crying so hard and no one can comfort you like you want them to because no one else can comfort you except for that person that is miles and miles away from you. All you can do is text and have phone calls, don’t get me wrong it’s great, but I am counting down the days until I can see you. Like really see you, not just a visit that lasts for just a short time, actually be with you and spend the rest of my life with you. Not sitting in the corner of the room crying over songs and things that remind you of them. Loathing all the couples that are so happy together and being disappointed by the ones that do not understand how lucky they are to be with someone but abuse that pleasure and pure honesty a relationship should have. Call me a dreamer sure, but you know I’m right.

Nct as things my co-workers say~

I did this with svt so I thought why not with nct. I work with some weird people so I get a lot of good material lol

Anyways, enjoy!


Taeil: *looking at a box of fat free cheez-its* “yea right, these are about as fat free as me”

Johnny: “a kid just called me a tree and like I get it, I’m tall but I still have feelings”

Taeyong: “you cleaned that so good; its so spotless I might cry”

Yuta: “bad news: a couple of old spice bottles just busted all over me. Good news: I smell extremely manly and tough”

doyoung: “if I punch a customer and the manager isn’t around, do you think I’ll get fired?”

Jaehyun: *spills his drink on the floor*
another co-worker: “dude you got the floor wet”

“That’s not the only thing I can make wet~”

Win win: assistant manager: “you’re so sweet and nice”

“That’s what everyone keeps saying but I’ve already planned on how to murder three of you without a trace of blood on my hands”

Mark: “I’m such a nice guy why don’t girls like me? Like I’m such a nice guy that I can’t even bring myself to be a douche and actually get a girl”

Haechan: “why do people shop at grocery stores don’t they have anything better to do?”

taekook fanfic rec #1

PLEASE feel free to recommend me any of your favorite BTS fanfics (any ship), because I will read them. Also, please let me know if you liked any of the stories I recommend!

IMPORTANT: All of the fics I rec will be on a scale of 8 to 10. (8- really good, happy I read it.  9- amazing, I loved it! 10- perfect, one of my favorites. [*]= top fave)

I hope you love the stories as much as I do! As always, happy reading~

1. Dating For Dummies

Summary: in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

Side Couples: Yoonmin, Namjin

Length: 12k words. Oneshot.

No warnings.

AU: Non-idol

Review: THIS WAS CUTE. And funny. And omg. It was a cute read, but the characterization was a little…off? You get over it pretty quick. I enjoyed it!

My Rating: 8.5/10

2. King of the Library, Knight of His Trade

Summary: Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails. 

Side couples: Suga x Jin (that’s a new one for me lol)

Length: 47.4k – 20 chapters (on Asian fanfic) (no chaps on ao3)


AU: College

Review: OH. MY. GOD. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ. IT. RIGHT. NOW. Okay. Okay. I’m calm. This is probably my all-time fave Taekook fic or at least in the top 3. I stayed up till 3am to finish this amazing piece of perfection.

My Rating: 10/10

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Just wanted to say I absolutely love your writing! If you're still taking prompts could you write some an analogical fic, maybe where Logan is pining or decides that *logically* they'd make the perfect couple and decides to use logic to persuade Virgil he's right? No worries if it's not your thing tho <3

Logan sat at his desk, hands in his hair and frustration on his face.  He couldn’t even close his eyes without seeing his face.  That cute little smile, the way he covered it when he laughed, the way he chewed on his hoodie sleeve-

“Ughhhh!” Logan groaned and threw his head back, squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing them fervently.  This had to stop!  He had no time to deal with mushy, disgusting, lovey-dovey feelings!  No matter how much Virgil made him want to deal with them.  Gah, this was so not fair!

True, logically speaking, if any of the sides were to be together, it made sense that it would be the two of them, right?  Virgil was very fond of pointing out issues and questions that Logan easily answered and solved.  Logan also kept Virgil grounded, kept him calmer and happier.  Happier enough to see that cute smile - OK ENOUGH!  

The two of them together would most certainly benefit Thomas, Logan believed.  After all, his anxiety working through issues with his logical side makes sense, and the more time the two spend together the less anxious - oh, who was Logan kidding.  Certainly not himself.  When this dumb crush, this infatuation, begun to grow, he was not thinking of Thomas’s health!  Why throw him into this awful mix?!  Logan groaned and dropped his head down, banging it gently on the desk.  He had to get rid of these feelings, restore his sanity and get some peace.  He had to tell Virgil, that was the only way.  With renewed vigor and some excitement in his step, Logan shot up out of his seat and propelled himself toward the door - 

Wait.  What if Virgil didn’t reciprocate?  Or worse, what if Virgil thought he wasn’t serious?  After all, as the embodiment of Thomas’s worry and anxiety, Virgil had a very difficult time with trust.  Many times when one of them tried to be nice and give kind words, Virgil immediately defaulted to “you’re just saying that,” or “don’t lie to me; I know you hate me.”  Logan wasn’t sure at this moment if he could handle hearing that come out of his crush’s mouth.

And, just like that, Logan backpedaled all the way to his bed and flopped down face first.  This was impossible to deal with!  Why him?!  Then, an idea popped in his head.  He could write a letter, a stone-hard, cold and concrete letter of his seriousness.  

Logan snatched up a memo pad from his desk along with a pen.  Twelve cited sources, four Teen Vogue quizzes, and 16 points later, Logan had his essay, properly MLA formatted and ready to send under Virgil’s door.  He produced an envelope and neatly tri-folded the pages, tucking them in.  Logan didn’t lick the envelope closed, finding that utterly disgusting.  Instead he simply tucked the opening inside.

Quick as a flash, Logan darted out his door, down the hall, and threw the letter essay under Virgil’s door.

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So a couple of people have over the years asked me, “Hey, how did you make that neat Cry mask?” And to make things easier for me and everyone else, I made this tutorial. :D

So these are all the things ya need
-Things for papier maché (there are a lot of different ways, so just go with whatever works for you.)
-A knife
-Some random brushes
-A pen
-Some stretch band or just something that you can use so the mask stays on yer face

As stated before, there are different ways to make papier maché. You can buy it in powder form (like the bag in the picture), or you can make your own. I use wallpaper paste, but whatever works. :3

Rip (or cut) up the newspaper, blow up the balloon and then start applying layers. Make the base a little bigger than your face and don´t make it too thick or too thin. If it´s too thick, it´s gonna be hard to cut through later and you´ll be having trouble breathing in it. If it´s too thin, it´ll break. So try to hold a good balance.

The mask will take quite a while to dry (for me at least). But after that, put the mask on, mark where your eyes are and then cut out some circles with your knife. Take it easy so you don´t hurt yourself, I`ve done that way too many times. “>w>

Cut the edges and sandpaper the mask. This is a pretty important step, cause otherwise the mask will be wrinkly and that´ll look a little weird. (For reference, look at the top picture of this post. My old Cry mask and the MonoCry mask weren´t sandpapered.)

Time to paint. Put on some layers of white, then fix the eyes and the mouth. Then put some varnish on the mask. It´ll help a little against water and the paint will hold better. You can hotglue some fabric in the eye sockets, but that´s optional. Just make sure you´re able to see through them. I glued an antenna on as well, but again, optional. I do recommend putting something soft where the nose is, cause otherwise your nose will be squished. And that sucks. Last thing will be putting on your stretch band.

DONE! You now have your own Cry mask. This works for other kinds of masks as well, so go crazy. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, just ask. I´d be happy to help. 

And if you use this tutorial, please post the result and tag me. Cause I wanna seee~

Take it easy and have it good, peoples. ♪(┌・。・)┌ 


Pairing - Bucky x Reader

Summary - When you are certain no one notices what you’re going through your favorite supersoldier steps in to save the day.

Prompt: #31. “I love you so much, you saved my life.”

Warnings - wee bit of angst, but I make up for it with fluff

Word Count - 1776

Notes - For @bucky-plums-barnes 8,000 Followers Writing Challenge - congratulations on your milestone Gen! This fic idea has been rolling around in my head for awhile and I’m so glad you put all this together cause it gave me the push I needed to finish it and put it out there. I started this fic on one of my really down days (which coincidentally occur during my period go figure) and those are the emotions I’m channeling here. If only we all had a Bucky to be there for us like this…

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Originally posted by softlysaygoodbye

You couldn’t stop crying. And it didn’t make sense. You couldn’t really pinpoint why you felt the way you did, on a normal day you were a regular ray of sunshine, always with a kind word or encouragement for your teammates, quick to whip up someone’s favorite cookie or make an impromptu Starbucks run. But today, today you were the one out of sorts. You were the one who needed someone, anyone, to just notice that you hadn’t shown your face today. To notice that you hadn’t posted anything on social media. Just to notice you. At all.

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Smile Always

Summary: The reader is going to a meet up to see Mark, Ethan, and Tyler. 

Word Count: 660

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x Reader

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My nerves were really getting to me. The sight of the three men were exciting yet it was also enough to make me want to throw up on the sidewalk. I stared ahead at them as they stood in the park, fans crowded around them in anticipation. My friend lightly pushed me forward and I clenched my jaw. It was taking every thing I had in me to keep my cool because all I wanted to do was cry and maybe even scream a little. I could feel my chest getting heavy as I walked closer to where Ethan and Mark were getting some fans lined up in a conga line as Tyler filmed them.

I gripped my right wrist briefly, trying to find something to calm my nerves, but the action only caused me to flinch. The dark ink on my skin was still fresh and scarred. “Smile Always” was permanently etched into my arm and although it still hurt, seeing it made me feel a little better. 

It was when my friend snapped her fingers in front of my face that I realized that I had stopped walking. My eyes were still glued in front of me but I could feel my breath coming in short gasps and something warm dripped down my cheek. I brought my hand up and wiped it off, only for more to fall. 

Suddenly someone took my shoulders and pulled me into their chest as I began to sob, soaking their shirt. They rubbed my back and they were joined my more hands but all I could do was cling to the stranger for dear life. This went on until I could finally breath normally and my eyes were red and puffy. I pulled my head up and gasped when I saw that the people holding me were the same people who had unknowingly supported me through the most difficult times of my life. 

Tyler, who was the one that was hugging me from the front, said something but I was still in too much shock to say anything. I could feel more tears breaking through but as Tyler put his hands on each side of my face, the weight on my chest got a lot lighter. 

“Are you okay?”

It must have been weird for some random person to just show up to their meet up and start crying like their dog had died. My cheeks heated up and I nodded. 

“Yeah! Um, sorry…sorry. I just-” I could feel my bottom lip start to quiver and Tyler brought me into his arms once again. Mark and Ethan moved behind Tyler so that I could see them and the sight of them made me lose my shit all over again.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. Everything’s alright. We love you so much.”

“Oh god I love you too. So much you have no idea. You guys have helped me so much. I went through so much shit in the past couple months and watching you three be idiots helped me to stay grounded. I love you guys so much I can never thank you enough, I just-I just-thank you.”

At the end of my confession I started crying all over again. After a few more seconds, Tyler grabbed my wrist and brought it up so he could read it. A wide smile covered his face and he pressed his lips to the tattoo and then wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pressing a small kiss to the top of my head as well.

“That’s good advice, whoever said that must be a genius.”

At first I was confused but when I realized what he was talking about, laughter bubbled out of my chest. Well, more like half laughter/ half sob. I was still sniffling but the smile on Tyler’s face made it impossible for me not to smile, that and the fact that I was surrounded my my three favorite people.  


Boss!Harry AU - Part 1

So here’s part one of the Boss!Harry thing I’ve been working on recently. I’ve got more parts written for this that I’m working on and I think it’s a pretty great story that I’ve got planned. I hope you like it as much as I’ve liked working on it! Enjoy x

The storm is in full force outside with the rain hammering down against the windows of the loft space you had found weeks ago for the party. It was one of the first assignments Harry had given you, inviting you in to his office on your very first day and telling you that you were going to organise the biggest party the company had ever thrown…or at least this century. After the initial fear and the realisation that nobody was going to help you, you’d gone out of your way to find this place to prove yourself to him; the ceilings are high and the open upstairs looks over the main floor below, with two bars at either end of the room, and plush sofas and cushions around the outside.

The weather man had told you all for days ahead that the storm was coming and your boss had unexpectedly insisted that you brought your clothes in to work today so you could jump in to his car instead of going home beforehand. He was unusually nice to you, in comparison to everybody else, but you put it down to being new, and that maybe after a few months he’d start to treat you with same contempt he does others.

He’s so judgemental and moody all the time at work. Any attempt at a joke from the office gets a sarcastic laugh followed by silence and he never notices when anybody does anything right for him. If they do something wrong, however, they’d be lucky to make it to the end of the week without having one of their big projects taken away and be given to somebody else as punishment for being unable to complete something as simple as a brief for a meeting.

You clean up your face in the bathroom mirrors where your eye make has smudged a little from the downpour between leaving the car and entering the building. He was still a little rude by taking the umbrella for himself but the lift was a shock all on its own; any more and you’d have been asking too much of the world. The bathroom is cold without as many people’s body heat radiating like it is in the main room and you make the trip quick so as to avoid freezing to death, making your way back in to the party, mingling with the other guests.

“Drink?” A smiley Harry hands you an empty glass as he catches up with you heading towards the bar. He’s got an open bottle of champagne in his hand and a ‘you know you want one’ look on his face. You give him a small thanks as he fills the glass before you’ve even say yes, sliding a hand down to the small of your back afterwards, and gently escorting your to the bar. With his fingers lingering on your bare skin, you silently congratulate yourself at wearing the backless number that had been hanging on your bedroom door for a while, unworn until now.

It isn’t a crush - not really. There’s just something about him which makes you long for his attention and want to impress him all the time. Remembering his favourite coffee from the artisan coffee shop next door to the office earns you a smile each morning, making sure you arrange for all his meetings to finish by six each night seems to help in making him less grumpy with you than he is with everyone else, and staying late to help him out when he has too much work on his desk…well, that’s more for your enjoyment than his.

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Harry talk concept both of you are arguing and you start yelling in Spanish and he gets turned on

Thanks for sending in lovely xx Send in more Harry talks.

You were fed up, tired and exhausted from your long day at work and you wanted nothing more to go home and take a nice long bubble filled bath with some relaxing music and a glass of champagne. Your day wasn’t very good. It was more like tiring and annoying. Your juniors delayed in submitting their work files to you which made your boss to yell at you for not having a control over then, then as you took a step out of your car to get yourself a cup of coffee, weather decided to change all of a sudden drenching you within a couple of seconds.

You wanted to scream and cry right over there.

“You’re late” Harry said tapping his feet over the wooden floor with arms crossed, standing in front of you. You just entered the house and bent to get yourself out of those torturing shoes. You were supposed to come early from work so you and Harry can have your usual Friday movie nights that you’ve been missing from last two weeks. And you missed it again.

“I’m so sorry baby. It’s just I had lot o-” you were cut off by Harry mumbling something that was far way beyond the truth.

“Just say you don’t want to” he mumbled turning on his heels, loud enough for you to hear and make him turn around to face you.

“what did you just said?” you asked him raising your eyebrow. You weren’t in the mood for a fight but this attitude of harry made you change your mind.

“Just say you don’t want to spend time with me.” He said shrugging your hand off his shoulder and walking to kitchen. His attitude was getting on your nerves. You followed him with heavy foot making him turn around once more harshly. Your were flaming up with anger. You couldn’t believe the way he was talking, being the most understanding person and suddenly changing into someone else saying stuff and not getting your situation made you more like sad than angry.

“¡no puedo creerle !!! Te dije que estaba con algo de trabajo, pero es como si no quieres entender! Estás actuando como una ducha ahora mismo! Muestre algo de madurez Harry !! ¡¡Crecer!! Tengo trabajo que hacer ya veces no es posible tomar tiempo! ¿Estás recibiendo lo que estoy diciendo?!?!?”

(“I can not believe him !!! I told you I was with some work, but it’s like you do not want to understand! You’re acting like a shower right now! Show some maturity Harry !! Grow!! I have work to do and sometimes it is not possible to take time! Are you getting what I’m saying?!?!? ” )

You finished up. Your breath heavy with anger. And before you could blink an eyes, you were pressed up against the wall by Harry. His breath was fanning over your face and his eyes were dark, pupil dilated.

“god you’re so fucking hot when you talk in Spanish” he growled in your ear and bite your earlobe. His lips soon were on your neck sucking the delicate, vanilla scented skin of yours praying like a beast.

“fuck im so turned on right now baby” he said and you could feel your panties pooling up with wetness. His arms went under your legs, lifting you up and carried you upstairs. The rest was dirty history ;)


Hope you like it :)

Happy LWA Week! July 2nd - 9th!

Expanding upon my Happy LWA Challenge, I’ve decided to make it an event week for everyone who’d like to participate, be it artwork, writing, edits, videos, cosplaying, or anything else!

Since the final episode of LWA airs on June 25, let’s give ourselves a week to recover emotionally after that, and simultaneously keep our love for LWA alive even after it’s over! 

Therefore, I plan to start Day 1 of Happy LWA Week a week after the final episode airs. The week will go from July 2nd to July 9th! 

Here are the prompts!

  • Day 1 - Red Team
  • Day 2 - Blue Team
  • Day 3 - Green Team
  • Day 4 - A professor/staff member(s) of Luna Nova
  • Day 5 - A team/character of your choice
  • Day 6 - A familiar
  • Day 7 - A couple/ship of your choice

You can either include all three members of the teams or just include one or two characters! On each day, create content of the prompted character(s) laughing, smiling, crying in joy, or just being happy as can be!

Let Happy LWA Week be a fun celebration of such a unique, refreshing, beautiful show that’s captivated our hearts like no anime before it! Let’s show our appreciation for LWA and each other by sharing happy, positive content!

BTS React to S/O losing someone close to them

@endmetrash :  I loved the last reaction about BTS S/O being random, I legitimately laughed at what you wrote for Taehyung’s reaction. This is my first time making a request like this so I hope it’s not too weird or deep or anything. I’m a new follower and only recently discovered reaction blogs even exist. I was wondering if you would post BTS’ reaction to their S/O losing someone close to them and going to their boyfriend (the BTS member) for comfort? Thank you so much.

I’m glad you like it! And, no this request isn’t weird or anything, no need to worry :) You didn’t specify exactly what ‘losing someone’ meant to you so I threw in some variety (death, friendships ending, etc.).

Thank you for the request, I hope it’’s what you wanted. 

Requests are OPEN


“Your friend just ghosted on you?”

“Just cut off all contact and won’t talk to you? Did you do something to her?”

You adamantly deny doing anything wrong, and express how sad you are bc you were friends with this girl for years. 

“That sucks, but she doesn’t sound like a friend you want to have, just dropping people whenever.”

“Don’t be too sad, you still have me! And I’m the most important, right?”

He would poke at you repeating “right? right?” until you give in, agreeing. 

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Kookie has never dealt with a death that has hit so close to home before, and he honestly isn’t sure of the best way to comfort you. 

Someone dying isn’t something that can be magically fixed with a couple of pretty words, and he knows that. 

“I know nothing is going to make it better, but I just want you to know that I’m here to support you no matter what.”

“You want to cry? Cry. You want to scream? Scream. You want to throw shit? Go ahead, I’ll do it all with you.”

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J Hope:

When you show up at his door, shaking and dripping tears, he is shocked more than anything. 

“What’s wrong! Tell me, tell me right now, you’re scaring me.”

Getting the words out is hard, and once it’s over it’s like saying it out loud made it real, and you cry harder. 

“Oh no, they’re gone?”

“C’mere.”  “Baby, you have to calm down a little, you’re going to hyperventilate if you don’t breath.”

Seeing you so distraught would seriously affect him, causing him to cry with you as he holds you close. 

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“So your ‘friend’ won’t speak to you anymore, all bc she thinks you were making a move on her bf?”

You nod, swearing up and down that you don’t know what her problem was. 

“I wasn’t even flirting with him? I was just being nice, there’s nothing wrong with being nice to someone!”

“I know you. You wouldn’t cross the line like that. She just sounds really insecure.”

“You don’t need people like her, don’t worry about it, you’ll make other friends in no time.”

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The day you wake up and find out that ChiChi (the dog you’ve had since childhood) has died in her sleep is one of the worst of your life. 

You immediately rush over to Tae’s place, and once you tell him the story he takes over. 

He orders you takeout, goes out and buys all kinds of snacks / drinks, and you both pile up on his bed. 

You share fond memories of your beloved pet, stuffing your face all the while, and when you get choked up, he cuddles up to you, petting your hair and letting you release all of your sorrow. 

“ChiChi was a really good dog.”

“I’m sorry this happened, but it’s a certified fact that all dogs go to heaven.”

“She lived a great life, and had a great owner. I bet she’s chasing squirrel’s up in the clouds right now.”

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As soon as he heard the horrible news, he would drop everything he was doing and rush over to you, not stopping until he sees you, and the heartbroken look on your face. 

He immediately goes to you, giving you a hug. 

“I’m so sorry this has happened.”

“I’m here for you no matter what. I’m not going anywhere.”

“They’re in a better place, I’m sure of it. You’ll be reunited with them again someday.”

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After hearing of the death of someone really close to you, you go sit on your couch, and don’t move for days on end. 

Namjoon does his best to comfort you, getting you water, and picking up food. But you leave all of it  untouched on the coffee table. You don’t eat, you don’t speak, you don’t sleep. 

“Baby, I know it’s tough, and I know you’re mourning, but you have to get some sleep. You’ve been up for two days straight.”

“Or if not that, can you at least eat a little bit? Just a little, it doesn’t have to be much.”

He eventually coaxes you into bed, drawing you close in his arms. Once you lay with your head on his chest, you can’t hold it in any longer, and you cry. 

“I know it hurts baby, I know.”

Eventually you cry yourself to sleep, with Namjoon whispering soothing things in your ear. 

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Hey babe~ (do I sound like Zen lol) could you do a HC with a MC that is really sensitive. For example, get a way too excited when they get little gifts like a book or bubble tea. Yet, even the slightest thing wrong can make them get really depressed. You can see that I'm not a stable human being. I become gullible just by the smallest acts of kindness and literally started crying today because someone broke my eraser in half. I'm a high schooler so I obviously have issues...

(sorry for the screaming I got excited that I’m not the only person like this,,,,)

-You’re both just a couple of sensitive puppies.
-If one of you is upset, the other is upset.
-You guys are a mess.
-But in the nicest way possible.
-You both understand each other so well because you’re so similar with your emotions.
-You can also bet Yoosung will be right with you getting excited over bubble tea.
-You both get hyped over every little thing, it’s invigorating to have someone to scream and freak out with.
-You gets very protective when he sees you crying. Even if you try to pass it off as not a big deal, it’s a big deal to him.
-Someone made you cry and that’s not okay.
-He’ll make things right, sometimes meaning he gets whoever did it to apologize, sometimes they refuse.
-When you get depressed, so does he. He likes to hold you to make you feel better, but if you don’t like that, he talks about other things to distract you, and hopefully makes you laugh.
-It always works.
-He’s worried about how you can be so gullible to nice things people do for you and keeps an eye on everyone that is being too friendly. If they do anything he doesn’t trust, he intervenes. It’s not so controlling to the point of over protection and manipulation, he steps off when you tell him to. He’s just keeping an eye out for you.

-So. Cute.
-Cannot. PROCESS.
-Because you get so excited, you are like the biggest cheerleader for his acting.
-He gets a new role, you are buzzing with excitement. You ramble about how amazing and talented your boyfriend is as you jump and clap in excitement.
-Really feeding his ego, aren’t ya?
-But, he hates when you cry or you get depressed.
-He always panics, no matter what it is.
-He doesn’t care if it’s something small. He always takes it seriously.
-Your emotions are valid. He really stresses that if you ever feel like a wimp for crying over things.
-In his eyes, tears = upset, and it’s his job to fix whatever it is.
-You can’t be so gullible to kindness _____ the wolves are gonna get you~
-He is secretly extremely nervous about you trusting people so easily because the wolves. He’s scared of someone taking advantage of you and you not realizing it until it’s too late. It might even keep him awake at night occasionally. You can bet that anyone who takes advantage of you will be fought.
-When you’re depressed, he’ll take you out somewhere to get fresh air and clear your head, while also giving you reassuring words and joking around in hopes to cheer you up.

-She gets very flustered every time you cry.
-She can be such a mom about it.
-You have no idea how many tissues she keeps in her purse at all times.
-She sees you tearing up and frantically rustles through her purse for tissues.
-But she loves how excited you can get.
-You can imagine the amount of fangirling you do together.
-It makes giving you special little gifts “just because” even more rewarding because even if it’s just a new book you can’t stop smiling and thanking her.
-She loves making you happy like that.
-She’s learned a thing or two about relaxing since she stopped working for Jumin, so she is able to calm you down when you start crying.
-She gives you little presents when you get depressed since you get so happy over even the smallest thing.
-It never fails.
-She isn’t too worried about your trust in everyone that is kind to you. She finds it nice that you see everyone with such an open mind, like you see everyone as good.
-She’ll know when to keep you in check, though, if a bad person tries to take advantage of you. If anyone were to take advantage of you, they’d definitely hear from Jaehee.

-You’re very emotional and he’s very emotionless (well, on the outside)
-He’s very good at keeping you out of stressful or overwhelming situations somehow.
-It’s like he has a sixth sense that tells him when you’re getting upset.
-He can sense your distress from a mile away.
-So you have nothing to worry about.
-He can tell when you’re getting upset and he will immediately take you away from whatever is bothering you and calm you down.
-He wipes your tears gently off your cheeks and kisses where they used to be.
-You’re going to have to work even harder to keep him from spoiling you after he sees how excited you get over the smallest of gifts.
-He loves putting a smile on your face, so he will buy you little presents everyday if you don’t stop him.
-He eventually realizes the gifts are more special if they aren’t an everyday thing.
-Overall, he is very good at handling your emotions for you.
-Lots of supervision when he realizes how easily you trust others. You have such a pure innocent soul it kind of worries him. You could easily be taken advantage of, but he will never let that happen.

-He doesn’t tease you nearly as much when he finds out how sensitive you are because he would hate himself if he made you cry.
-When you do cry, he tears up too. He’s really sensitive to your emotions.
-Anything that makes you cry is valid to him. He won’t judge you for crying over spilt milk because if it’s making you cry, it means it’s stressing and upsetting you, which is not okay.
-You got along with Seven at first because when either of you were excited, it rubbed off on the other, and he always entered the chatroom energetically.
-Even now, as Saeyoung, he is still affected by how excitable you are.
-He feels like his old self again because of you and your positivity.
-Because of that, when you get depressed, it’s like his world is dark.
-He does everything he can to make you feel better.
-Expect lots of bubble tea.
-It’s no wonder you fell for Unknown, you’re so gullible, which is worrying. He is very protective of you because of that. If he gets suspicious of someone, he voices his concerns. Thankfully, because of him, nobody takes advantage of you.

-You don’t have to worry because V never does anything that could make you cry. He’s so gentle and considerate, you have nothing to worry about.
-Also, anytime you do cry, he manages to cheer you up and calm you down perfectly.
-When you get depressed, he’ll ask you to read him a story. That way, you can take your mind off of whatever is bothering you.
-It usually works. If it doesn’t, he’ll give you reassuring words. They never feel like empty words either because you know V in sincere.
-Whenever you get excited over little things like books and bubble tea, he just stares at you with the most peaceful, lovestruck smile.
-A “that’s my beautiful wonderful other half wow i love them and they’re all mine” smile
-The excitement makes his life so much brighter than it used to be.
-So I guess you can say you’re his light.
-He’s very trusting of people also, but he’s cautious after what happened to Rika. He doesn’t trust new people like he used to, especially people around you. He acts like nothing is wrong, but he observes everyone that gets close to you. He calms down soon enough, he just doesn’t want to lose his light. He’s paranoid.

-If anyone ever makes you cry, they are immediately on his bad side.
-“I want them to die.”
-“Saeran, it’s okay. They just broke my eraser.”
-“Your point?”
-He hates seeing you in tears, but he loves when you get all excited over something he sees as minuscule.
-Like he’ll offer you the last of his food when he’s done eating and you get so happy. Or sometimes when he asks if you want to go out on a date you become ecstatic.
-It’s refreshing having such unconfined positivity buzzing next to him all day.
-It makes it even more sad when you’re upset because he’d rather see you smiling over bubble tea than crying.
-Even if it’s something small, he is very concerned. You being sad makes him sad, so when you get depressed, he hates it.
-He’s not good at finding the right words, but he never leaves your side when you’re sad, no matter how long it is.
-It shows how much he truly loves you and how concerned he is for you.
-He doesn’t trust people at all, and you’re overly trusting. You balance each other out. Nobody will dare take advantage of you when they know Saeran is with you because if anyone were to do something to you, it would be the last thing they did.

New : Prompt List, Send Request!

We want to add a little something for you to ask : send us a request with the prompt/s you want from the list below with the character you want and the situation you want (friends, fluff, crush, happy/sad, heartbreak.. couple etc.).

List of fandom here :

1 “How long have you been standing there?”

2 “Who gave you that black eye?”
3“I just like proving you wrong.”
4 “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”
5 “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”
6 “I’m pregnant.”
7 “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”
8 “Take. It. Off.”
9 “It’s okay to cry…”
10 “And that’s how you ruin a life. Congratulations.”
11 “You can scream if you want.”
12 “Oh, fuck off.”
13 “You’re still mad?”
14 “Come over here and make me.”
15 “Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?”
16 “Where did he go?”
17 “Don’t apologize if you don’t mean it.”
18 “You’re going out dressed like that?”
19 “For the hundredth time, I’m not your babysitter.”  
20 “I thought you were dead!”
21 “You know you want it, sweetheart.”
22 “He thinks he’s a mind reader.”  
23 “It’s just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun.”
24 “I don’t do hugs.”
25 “You’re not as quiet as you think you are.”
26 “I have a secret.”
27 “I won’t let you get hurt.”
28 “You’re strong, baby. You have to be.”
29 “I can’t stand seeing you like this.”
30 “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
31 “Mind if I join you?”
32 “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”
33 “I’ll take care of it.”
34 “After everything…I’d still choose you.”
35 “And when did you plan on telling me about this?”
36 “Trust me.”
37 “Did they hurt you?”
38 “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”
39 “Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.”
40 “Do you really think I could ever replace you?”
41 “You can’t just hug me and think everything’s okay.”
42 “I prefer blondes.”
43 “Your favorite superhero can’t be a villain.”
44 “Happy new year!”
45 Have you ever lied to me?
46 When’s that last time we went on a date?
47 I had a dream about you.
48 What color do you like better?
49 I can’t believe you didn’t remember
50 We’re not ‘fine’.
51 Are you really taking his side right now?
52I think you need stitches
53 Nothing bad is going to happen, baby, I promise.
54 Be brave, sweetheart.
55 You don’t hate me, quit lying to yourself.
56 I can’t stay long.
57 Do you ever stop smiling?
58 I’m a lucky girl. I’ll admit that.
59 Teach me how to play?
60 You don’t mean that.
61 Be serious for two minutes, please.
62 I cheated.
63 “Here, take me blanket/jacket.” - “I told you, I’m not cold.” *shivering*
64 “H-how long have you been standing there?” - “Long enough.”
65 “Is it that time of the month?” - “You literally ask me that whenever I’m mad at you!”
66 “It’s not mine, I swear.” - “How is it not fucking yours!”
67 “Fine, just do what you have to do.” - “Can you stop being so freaking cute so I can concentrate?”
68 “I hate you.” - “No, you don’t.”
69 “Should I be worried?” - “Is the grass green?”
70 “Baby, I’m scared.” - “You don’t have to be; not as long as I’m here.”
71 “It’s just so little and adorable.” - “That’s what she said.”
72 “Game’s over, you son of a bitch!!” - “Okay, just don’t hit me.”
73 “We bet, and you lost.” - “But tattoos are permanent.”
74 “You have a cute nose, don’t make me break it.”
75 “Why can’t you just believe me?” - “Because you lied about it before.”
76 “This bath is too damn hot.” - “This is why we can’t do cute things. You complain too much.”

I made my own list featuring and mixing some prompt list from @prompt-bank , amazing work!

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Imagine Dean’s reaction to you crashing Baby

~ Head Honcho

“Dean, I don’t know what happened, I’m so sorry.” You stand up and apologize once you see Dean walk into the mechanic’s shop, Sam right behind him. “The semi came out of nowhere I swerved to avoid it. I–”

“Thank god, you’re alive.” Dean engulfs you in a hug. You furrow your eyebrows and send Sam a confused look but he ignores you.

“Are you hurt?” He pulls away from the embrace and takes a careful once over your body.

“Only a couple of bruises, a little whiplash. Other than that I’m fine.” You answer, you see the worry physically rid of his body.

“Thank god.” He repeats, resting a hand on his heart. “Do you need ice or anything? Maybe some water? Pain medication? A beer?”

“No, no, I’m fine.” You quickly answer.  “Aren’t you going to go see Baby?”

“Sam can check the damaged, I just want to make sure you’re okay.” He finally makes eye contact with you. You notice how his eyes are a bit puffy and red.

“Dean, have you been crying?”

“Of course I have.” He responds. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I lost you… Sam had to drive because I was too worried to get out of the garage.” He admits, your jaw drops slightly. “Wait, did you think I was more worried about Baby than I was you?”

“Honestly, yes.” You truthfully answer.

“(Y/N).” He scoffs and shakes his head. “I know I make a big deal about the Impala but at the end of the day, I love you more than her.” He confesses, tears prick your eyes.

“Dean.” You pull him in for a hug.

“What’d I say?” He chuckles at your reaction.

“I love you too.” You bury your face into the crook of his neck.