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This was supposed to be a reply to an ask about bringing back old characters but I just found out you can’t reply with a picture on the Tumblr app…thanks tumblr A+ Job


So I was reading some of the next Magnus Chase books here and I just couldn’t help but highlight some of my favorite parts. Calls backs to HoO, Percy just being Percy, and of course Percabeth! <3

Also the one that I couldn’t really add cause the quality wasn’t the best:

The last I saw of Percy and Annabeth, their Prius was turning the corner on First Avenue, Percy singing along with Led Zeppelin on the radio, Annabeth laughing at his bad voice.
Alex crossed his arms. “If those two were any cuter together, they’d cause a nuclear explosion of cuteness and destroy the Eastern Seaboard.”

Welp, I’m off to read more of PJO cause I like reminiscing *flops*

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CS + post office AU

:D So umm, EF version of this prompt? 

In which Emma works at a post office in the little seaside town of Storybrooke and a certain pirate has begun to frequent the town and its post office far more than is normal.

“Emma! Your boyfriend is here!”

Her breath catches in her chest as Elsa’s voice floats up the stairs. Her body going still, she wonders if maybe she is quiet enough, Elsa will think her gone and then she won’t have to–

“Emma, I know you’re there! I’m off to the tavern for my break, come down and take care of the customers will you?”

Elsa’s voice falls away, the sound of a door opening and closing following her sentence. Emma lets out a groan, her forehead hitting her open book on the top of her desk.

“Come now love, promise I won’t bite!”

She curses under her breath, pushing her book away before standing up and finally making her way downstairs. As soon as her door opens, the sound of a dozen squawking birds fills her ears. 

Emma has been living in the little room above the post office in this little town by the sea for the last few years. Not the most glamorous of places for someone like her. An orphan with a skittish heart, she has always been afraid to lay roots down. Ready to run, ready to leave at the slightest possibility of hurt to her poorly bandaged heart. But, there was something different about Storybrooke. Something different about Elsa and Granny and Snow and David and all the people she had grown to know during her time here. Something safe, something easy, something that had begun to feel like home. 

And so, she had stayed.

(And it had nothing at all to do with him)

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Little Beta(s) Chapter 25

Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)
Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader, Derek Hale (younger and platonic) x Reader


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24

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Caretaker, an old abuser of mine just found out that their cancer is back. I can't bring myself to feel bad for them. They keep asking me to come back to them, but my ribs didn't heal right the first time. And I can't bring myself to care about them. Does that make me a bad person?


September comes my friends are back
A summer of memories, close in contact
But when the last leaf falls they’ll be gone
Nothing strong enough to keep that bond intact
September ends they’ve made new friends
I’m last week’s news, interesting but overread
Fading slowly distracted by new company
“We just grew distant” that’s how it always seems to be
December comes it’s cold outside
Past relationships freeze in my head
Light a fire maybe thaw them out, worth a try
Bring them back besides they never gave a goodbye
July was warm can’t feel heat like that as I sit indoors
Lonely winter bedsheets in place of summer midnight streets
Missing days when they said forever and sounded sure
Stupid girl naively believing, it’s common sense winter air has no heat
Saw the last leaf land empty branches now until it’s spring
New leaves grow but again comes fall and spring leaves never cling.
Long Night Part 2 - Halo

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Summary: Two days after Peter finds his past love in his literature class, there’s an eventful class period. Based very loosely off the song Halo by Lewis WatsonPart 1

Pairing: Peter Parker x Gender Neutral Reader

Warnings: light anxiety attack, angst? emotional pain? swearing? round 2 

Length: 2.3k 

Announcement: The light panic attack is based off my anxiety so yeah its not the same for everyone and as always mental illness should be taken seriously, and not romanticized. Also if you want to be tagged in either this or all my upcoming fics just shoot me an ask or message! Also sorry this is late, I’m trying my best and i still am nervous about my work. Tag List @nedslaptop

The second you walk into your literature class for the second time your eyes scan to the back of the room looking for lazily gelled curls and an oversized hoodie. Class starts in ten minutes and Peter is never late, late for him is 5 minutes early so where is he? You pull out a chair four seats down from where he had sat the first day, trying not to be too obvious but to send a message that you still cared. If Peter actually picked up on it was another story, throughout your whole relationship you noticed he was a bit too distracted to notice small hints or flirtations. 

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My back hurts so much I’ve come close to crying several times today and I have a stomach ache that feels like I’m being stabbed. Just 360° of agony. But I can’t bring myself to tell anyone because I know my supervisors will act like it’s a huge bother to let me go home early or will try and downplay how much pain I’m really in like “you’ve been helping customers all day, why are you suddenly unable to work now???”

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Ok I'm loving Taylor and Dylan's interviews. The play off each other so well Taylor's straight talk to Dylan's crazy. It's a match made heaven. Can we bring ghost back for the other 52 movies they signed on for

I’ll miss their random daily cuteness together, that’s for sure. They play off each other so well, Taylor’s sarcasm and Dylan just rolls with it. 

And I’d pay to see a movie with just Mitch and Ghost playing misfit “brothers” and sitting around trashing Hurley. 

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Hey, I still don't feel the best, but I always feel better after talking to you. So perhaps you could give me some words of comfort or perhaps just talking. (Sorry to bring the mood down)-🎩

i.. actually really appreciate that. it means a lot to me that you feel comfortable enough to come with me with whatever. if i’m honest, i love being an ear for someone to listen, and i try my best to give advice if i’m able.

as for words of comfort, how about…

  • it’s okay to feel like the world is caving in on you, because i know you can find your way back to the surface under all the rubble.
  • you’re the hero of your own story, you deserve a happy ending. 
  • things will get better, all you need to do is hold on.
  • there are people out there who have yet to love you, be there to let them find you.
  • remember to breathe. and, of course, drink a nice glass of water.

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I'm nervous. I'm still a very young witch, and I'm still learning. And I've just begun talking to someone who knows nothing about the craft. We have a very natural connection, but I've been scared to take it any further. I don't do anything extreme, but I'm still very nervous about what he'll think of my practice. I haven't even begun to mention it, but he can tell that I'm holding myself back from him. Do you have any advice for what I could do..? Ever grateful, Liath

Good evening, Liath.

Gods, do I know how difficult this can be, so here is some advice that I hope will help you in some way or another.

  1. If you don’t want to drop it on him out of the blue, try bringing it up in a way that seems more organic, e.g., try just talking about the topic of spirituality; that way, you can gauge his opinion on it and see whether he is open to the idea of it. 
  2. Once you’ve talked a little about it, try telling him you practise it. If you want to omit using the terms witch or witchcraft, especially in the beginning, it’s more than okay to do so. I will always tell you to be proud of being a witch, and own it, but when introducing it to people, easing them into the idea of it is always nice to make it palatable.

You should consider how much your craft means to you and whether or not you could be okay with someone who wasn’t open to it - that’s the main thing. Could you be happy if you had to forfeit or hide your craft to be with someone who, aside from them not accepting it, may be perfect for you?

Also, remember this:

When you tell him about everything, note his reaction.
If you tell him it’s important, and he laughs and mocks you - he doesn’t respect you. Not enough, anyway.

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(Black belt anon) I know you're closed and I'm sorry but Idk if this counts as an emergency. I've been repressing my sadness since my parents split and I just had s breakdown because of school. I haven't actually cried in nearly 3 years and I don't know what to do could I have anyone to provide comforting thoughts?

“Time passes by,” Zenyatta said, gently easing you into his lap, “It brings a lot of things with it.”

“Sometimes that brings some good things and sometimes it’s bad,” he continued, rubbing your back, “We cannot control what it brings us. All we can do is do our best to overcome it.

“I believe in you,” his head nuzzled into your cheek, “I know how brave you are.”

“I just don’t know what to do,” you said, rubbing your redden eyes.

“You will become stronger,” he said, “Sadness is natural, crying is as well. We need to express it somehow.”

“You are not weaker for stumbling,” he finished, thumb gently stroking your cheek, “Never think less of yourself for being human.”

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Lars is probably the first male character ever in fiction to become a plot device. I mean, this shit usually happens to female characters (take Ashi from Samurai Jack, for an example).

Lars was just used to show Steven got another damn power which makes even extremely OP and thats to bring back from the dead.. death is one of the biggest fears characters have the fear of death and no return yet in SU it is no problem anymore coz lil Stevo can fix it and give you super powers in the process!

I think I might ask Brad to get up with Nate in the morning so I can have a sleep in. Feeling so fatigued for no real reason other than being pregnant.

I had a lady at the supermarket ask if I was due to pop this month and…welp. She was very embarrassed when I said I’m only going on 6 months pregnant 😂 to be fair I am waddling like a penguin thanks to my back pain, and my bump is hanging way out front lately. My body is just like YEAH NAH LET’S NOT EVEN TRY CONCEALING THIS and has had that attitude to pregnancy practically from the moment sperm met egg. What can ya do 🤷

I will try post a bump pic at some stage. I have been taking them weekly but I look like I’ve put on weight everywhere and I just cant bring myself to post them online! I don’t reeeeally care because I’m making life and if people don’t like it then tough, but at the same time I’m still having some weird body image issues suddenly. Mostly because I’m able to eat again and am slowly gaining the weight I lost back, but it’s going to places like my chin and arms where normally I don’t store so much fat?

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The signs as stupid and completely unnecessary things christophe did :/

put a cigarette in his mouth and didn’t even light it

somehow knows how to replicate the sound of a dying giraffe?

brought a fucking slide disk projector thing instead of actual binoculars and continued to say “yes but they are heavily guarded”

asks “did you bring the rope” when he clearly has one with him at literally all times

says he can’t help rescue terrance and phillip and literally 10 seconds later says he can

grabs stan like 3 times

fucking FAKE :/ “coming mother” little dick this isn’t stupid or really problematic i just find it funny

fingerless gloves

talks with his cigarette in his mouth but sometimes takes it out to say something and puts it back in?

god hates me :(

i can’t think of anything else

he’s…. he :/

i don’t know shit about astrology but those are 12 things so :/


“I’m sorry I couldn’t save them both” Leon closed his eyes clenching his fists “I’ll find out where she is. I promise.”

“Anything you can tell me would be appreciated” Isaiah sighed “she knew she didn’t have much time left. I just don’t want her remains be used for experiments.”

“I’ll see what my colleagues can find out” Leon assured him.

“Why not you?” Isaiah demanded.

“Why? Because I’ll be in jail” he replied as if it were a fact.

“No you won’t” Isaiah objected “the police only know you tried to save my son nothing more.”

“Thank you” Leon smiled letting his eyes close “I’ll make a few calls.” He was asleep before finished whatever else he meant to say.

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Hey dude its ok you can't come back 100% right now. Your mental health comes first. And I'm sure everyone agrees. So take your time and relax. Your blog shouldn't have to add onto your stress. We're just glad you're back! :) But you should take all the time you need. Everything will be here.

Seriously thank you, these messages mean so much to me, I am seriously committed to this blog and to bringing you all excellent content and well, as Mark himself has said, motivation is hard. I struggle with time management and working up the motivation to juggle school and the blog is difficult. I adore the blog! Writing is my one true joy quite often and this fandom has such wonderful characters and an exceedingly creative community, but yeah, brain sometimes just can’t. In any case, just thank you!!! Apologies for the ramble!!!