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I'm dating this guy I really like, before I dated him I was with his friend and I did some stuff that I really regret now. I've spoken about with the guy I'm with now but he has this girl who is his best friend and she is always texting me telling me that when I was dating his friend that I ruined him and sent him into a deep depression and she won't stop telling me this stuff I feel bad enough as it is and I just don't know what to do about it anymore she keeps making me feel like shit plz help

Your dealing with a “House Bitch” Patriarchal Puppy or step-ford wife in training. 

There is no magic wand that can fix this social grooming process.

And each person in this dynamic has their own level of patriarchal grooming about what is appropriate behavior on both the male & female side. 

You will put up with this dynamic to the level that you will sacrifice your boundaries and self-esteem to win him.  

If it was happening to me.  It all lies with him placing boundaries on her.   If he doesn’t want to, then he’s loving the jealousy dynamic.  

And also when you go for men’s friends; there is a alpha & beta male dynamics going on.  You do know that they asked each other’s  permission to go for you.  You are a commodity that was just traded or an ego quest over the beta. 

Your ex is more bruised because he lost you to his friend/competitor and this woman is licking his wounds.  Men love to create jealousy dynamics to feed their egos. 

#LAVENDER submissions

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82 + Sehun plz and thank you lovely love ☺️

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

“I can’t believe you’re punishing me because you’re too ugly to date,” Sehun huffed as you pulled him through your parent’s house. “It’s just for the night. It won’t kill you,” you sighed, gesturing for him to sit on the sofa. “I wish it would.”

“Enough with the sass!” your elbow connected with your best friend’s side, causing him to shuffle away. “This is the worse date I’ve ever been on,” he muttered. “This is the only date you’ve ever been on,” you countered, raising your brow. “Not true. I take myself on dates all the time.”

It’s Thomas Sanders’ Birthday

And to celebrate, I wrote this. It’s (loosely) to the rhythm and melody of Alexander Hamilton

How does a sun kiss’d, positive
master of narrative and adorable
kid originally from Gainesville, Florida,
Supportive, a voice made out of caramel and sugar
Grow up to be a youtube superstar?

The user of social networks, without the ‘social’
Got a lot closer by being more vocal by being so damn hopeful
By being so bisexual openly
He started becoming known globally

And every day while teens were being
showered in homework and tests and broken dreams
He struggled and earned his fame
Inside he was longing to rise to the ranks of Broadway
The brother was ready to act and sing his damn heart out

Then some funding struggles came
and devastation reigned
Our man saw his network drip, dripping down the drain
Took a camera to his cranium,
connected it to his brain
and he posted on his page, a promise to remain

Well the word got around, they said “This guy is insane, man!”
Watching every vid just to hear his voice again and
Endless positivity, the stuff in his his veins!
And the world’s gonna know your name. What’s your name man?

Thomas frickin’ Sanders
my name is Thomas  frickin’ Sanders
And there’s a million things I haven’t done
but just you wait
just you wait

When he was just a little kid he would bid and audition
For plays at school see Thomas standing proud at intermission
Face red, as the crowd sent him their praise and amazement

Company (except Thomas):
and Thomas kept going even when he graduated

Started making Storytime, wrote it into a musical
Vine became unusable, he moved to Youtube
A voice saying ’Thomas, you’ve gotta work for what you wanted’
He started writing and rewriting every concept in his pocket

There would’ve been nothing left to do for someone less astute
He woulda been begging for a future searching farther for a suitor
Started working, twerking for his youtube audience
Trading videos for views and showing off his gorgeous arse
Collabing with stars like Deedee, Anthony and Dodie
Roll up in the trending, nominated for a Shorty
See him now as he stands, in the heights of his career
On youtube you can be a new man

(Company) and Thomas:
(On youtube you can be a new man) Just you wait
(On youtube you can be a new man) Just you wait
(On youtube you can be a new man) Just you wait
(On youtube, youtube) Just you wait

Thomas frickin’ Sanders
We are waiting for your Broadway debut
If you never back down, you’ll never need to take your
Oh, Thomas frickin’ Sanders
When youtube tweets at you
Do they know how you got your name
Do they know you rewrote the game
The world will never be the same, Oh

He’s featuring on Disney now, see if you can spot him
Another youtube star coming up from the bottom
He’s headed for the Broadway stage, tomorrow he’ll have got in

His parents:
We raised him

The Heathers cast:
We worked with him

His friends:
We trusted him

Thomas’ alter egos:
Me? I comprised him

And me? I’m his best friend who loves him.

There’s a million things I haven’t done. But just you wait

What’s your name, man?

Thomas frickin’ Sanders

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Hii! Idk if you are taking requests but.. Could you do HC of Steve dating a Brazilian girl? Like: how and where they meet each other and stuff.. Plz.. I love your blog ❤❤

I’m not very well versed in Brazilian culture, I’m not familiar with it at all tbh. I just know the generic stuff like Carnival. And I’d hate to butcher a culture, but I can do Steve meeting a girl in Brazil.

Steve doesn’t really do vacations but Sam makes him. The man works non stop he needs a break, and Natasha offered to fly so of course Sam hopped on the opportunity and forced his best friend to go.

Natasha has made it her mission to be sure Steve let’s loose for his vacation.

He meets you on the beach just enjoying the sun. You notice him of course, he sticks out like a sore thumb. There aren’t many people built like Steve just walking around. You wave at him when you make eye contact.

Natasha basically forces him to go over and talk to you. He’s not good at speaking to beautiful people.

That works in his advantage. It’s nice to talk to a guy who doesn’t think you owe him your time. His bashfulness is refreshing.

Natasha twists his arm (both figuratively and literally) until he asks you out on a date. It’s obvious you two are hitting it off.

Steve def stays a little longer than he’s supposed to so he can get to know you more. He has more fun then he ever would on his own.

When he has to leave it’s with the promise he’ll be back. The two of you continue to text each other until you see each other again.

~Mod Lillian

Cameron Dallas - Don’t go too far

Request:  Can you make an imagine where y/n is meeting all of the Magcon boys? And She catches Cameron’s attention? You could add all the details plz. (Btw I love your imagines.)


Have you ever been so excited for something you just could sleep for days? This is what I felt when I was about to go to my first Magcon Meet & Greet. My mom got me the tickets for my birthday and I couldn’t thank her enough for it. I immediately asked my best friend is she wants to come with me and of course she said yes, she was crazy for Nash. I, on the other side was more of a Cameron type of girl.

There were a lot of people when we got to the meeting. We stood in the line and waited to see the guys.

A lot of girls was there just because they found the guys so hot, but they didn’t know anything about the guys. I wanted to tell them how much the meant to me and thank them everything.

“How do I look?” my friend asked me for the twentieth time.

“You look good, don’t worry!” I said smiling at her.

We were getting closer and closer, and I was so excited I could scream.

“I wish I could spend some time with them,” I said sighing, and I imagined me chatting with Cameron, or going somewhere together. It was a dream, and I knew I only had a couple of minutes to be with them in reality.

Half an hour later only a few girls were before us. I could see them, they posed for pictures, talked to the fans and they looked so good, oh God.

“I can’t believe I’m gonna meet them!” I said not being able to contain myself anymore.

“Chill down, you don’t want to seem like a stupid fangirl!” my friend hissed at me.

“Right, okay, I have to pull m shit together.”

Slowly, the people were gone and we were the next ones in the line.

The first one who got his eyes on me was Hayes. He smiled and waved at me to come closer. My knees were shaking, but I finally managed to walk to him.

“Hey beautiful,” he said hugging me.

When we started to talk my nervousness was gone. It felt like I knew them for a long time. They were so nice and cool, I wished I could just spend the day with them. I hugged everyone and took photos with them.

Cameron was the last one in line, he was talking with Nash when I got to them. I heard my friend’s heavy breathing behind me as she saw Nash.

And then Cam looked at me with his bright smile, and he spread his arms just for me.

“Hey there!” he said as I hugged him tightly. I had been waiting for this moment for months, and now it was reality.

“Hey, Cam,” I said weakly, still not believing it is happening.

“What’s your name?” he asked looking into my eyes.


“Beautiful name. Did you wait for long?”

“Uhm, a couple of hours,” I said shrugging.

“Wow, I’m sorry. We had some technical issues.

“It’s okay, I am here with my best friend, so it was fun.”

He started to ask about my day and a bunch of random stuff, it was like I was talking with one of my friends. I totally forgot that it was Cameron. After a while I found ourselves with my friend talking with Nash and Cam just like we were good friends. But unfortunately we had to move because other were waiting to get to the guys.

“It was nice to see you, girl,” Nash said hugging us.

“Thank you for everything,” my friend said as she hugged Cam. He then turned to me looking into my eyes.

“Don’t go too far.” That’s what he said, but before I could ask what it meant, we had to move. I glanced back one more time, I caught his eyes, he smiled at me and then I had to go.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it happened!” my friend said as we were sitting in front of the building trying to get ourselves together.

“Jesus, they were so nice and cool, it was the best day of my life!” I said sighing.

“What did Cam say to me before we left?” she asked suddenly.

“He said don’t go too far. What does it mean?” I asked totally confused.

My friend was about to say something, when a security man walked to us and looked down at us. We immediately stood up and I was afraid we got into some trouble.

“Are you Y/N?” he asked me. I nodded with wide eyes. “Cameron told me to find you. Do you want to come to the backstage?”

“What? He wants me to go to the backstage?” I asked totally not believing it all.

“Yes,” he sighed. “Do you want to come or no?” He was definitely done with my shit, so I just nodded and we followed him back inside.

Girls were coming out, they were just done with their meeting, and then we were going back to meet them again.

The guy told led us to a hallway and told us to wait there. Five minutes later Cam showed up and when he saw me, his smile went wide.

“Hey, so he found you!” he said walking to us.

“Yeah, we were outside,” I said smiling back at him.

“Good. I just thought we could hang out, if you want to. We are going out to eat, do you want to come?”

“Yeah, sure!” I nodded happily.

“Okay, then come with me, the guys are getting ready. And Nash will be happy to see you,” he said to my friend.”

As we were walking back to the guys, my friends was all over the fact she will see Nash again, so she wasn’t really listening to us. This was when Cam turned to me.

“I’m happy you came back.”

“You are?” I asked not really knowing what to say.

“Yeah, I think you are really cool. I’m glad you came here today.” He said and with that he grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze.

Did I say it was the best day of my life? No? Then I will now. This was the best day of my life.

My name is Derek

Anonymous said: Can you do a young and cute derek hale imagine? Plz 😄

A/N: This turned out to be short, and not the cutest not best thing I’ve written, but I still hope you like it. Thank you for requesting!


It had been a long day, and all you wanted to do was to crash on your best friend Scott’s couch. You were looking forward to spend the night with him relaxing and talking about nothing, and just being lazy as you always used to be together. 

“Scott! I’m he-” you cut yourself off, seeing Scott, Stiles, agent Mccall and a strange young man sitting at the dinnertable. Your eyes widened as you put down your backpack and made your way over to them, giving them a questionable look. 

W-what’s going on? What are you up to?” you asked them, making your way over to the table. 

Stiles was having a goofy look on his face, Scott was kind of looking down at the table and rubbing his neck, agent Mccall was sipping his coffee and the strange teen was discreetly smirking at you. 

When asking the guys to introduce you to the new guy, their expressions were slightly different from what you had expected. The new guy happened to be Derek, but somehow he had timetravelled and gotten young again. They didn’t quite know how to explain this to you. All of these supernatural things that had happened to Beacon Hills surprised you at first, but after getting used to it you kind of knew how to deal with it. But now this? Timetravelling was a thing too? Scott and Stiles didn’t quite know how to explain this to you just yet.

“Uhm..Y/n” Scott startet. “We have a few things to tell you, and it may be a little confusing but just try to understand, okay?” he said, signalizing for you to sit down on the chair next to him. 

You nodded. 

Scott took a deep breath and looked over at Stiles who was rapidly bouncing his leg up and down. He took some time to breathe and to figure out how to explain the situation to you. 

The young guy shook his head while glancing over at Stiles and Scott. Without hesitation, he stood up and said “My name is Derek. You’re really cute. What’s your name?”

Stiles turned around to look at Derek whilst shocked. This was definately not the way they had planned for this to happen.  

You smiled as you shook Derek’s hand, introducing yourself. Joining the guys at the table, all you could see was shocked and hillarious faces. 

“So… Do you wanna go out sometime?” Derek smirked. 

Stiles grabbed his hand and positioned himself. 
“Hey! We don’t have time for this” he said in an angry tone.

“Come on, man. What do I have to lose?” Derek replied, looking Stiles in the eyes. He turned his head to you and smiled. “It’ll be fun”. 

Miss missing you (Luke hemmings)


Part one

 Word count: 16k Rating: No smut “Come on (Y/N), you can’t just lay here all day” Your best friend (Y/F/N) spoke. After what happened with Luke a few months you just didn’t seem to be the same. Every one in a while you’d see something that reminded you of him and you go into w raging fit of tears You hated what he had done to you, making petty remarks about your family; saying you couldn’t take care of them if it hadn’t been for his money. But what hurt the most was when he spoke about your flaws. Until you had met Luke you were very insecure about your body, but every time he’d see you clothed or not, he’d tell you how beautiful you were or how much he loved you, now everything good that he’d done seemed like a lie. “Yes I can. And I will.” You muttered as you pressed your head into a pillow. “He’s an asshole (Y/N), why can’t you understand that? Just get over him and fucking drop it.” She spoke harshly, causing you to sit up abruptly. “That’s easy for you to say (Y/F/N), but you didn’t know him like I did okay?” You responded, trying not to start an argument. “Whatever.” She answered “Let’s just orders the pizza.” ~~~ Third person P.O.V (Y/N). That’s all Luke could think about, all that was on his mind, her smile, the way she laughed, the way one of his tee-shirts swallowed her whole. “Come on mate we’re losing here!!” Ashton shouted as he toyed with the joy stick furiously, obviously pissed that Luke wasn’t paying attention. Quickly he tried to regain control of his position in the game. “I fucking died man!” Ashton groaned. “What the hell is going on with you right now?” He added, causing Luke’s head to fly from the floor, to face Ashton. “What? n-nothing’s going on, I’m fine… just thinking.” Aston sighed loudly as he got up to turn the Xbox off. “Your thinking about her, aren’t you?” He asked lowly as they sat in silence. “You’ve got no fucking idea.” He replied quietly. “I-I didn’t mean to say any of that, I just got- got really mad and I-” “Luke, I think you should say all of this to her.” Ashton interjected. “You don’t think I tried that? She won’t fucking answer when I call, I-I tried going over there but she’s never home. I know she probably hates me… But I don’t think I can live without her.” Soon, it was Luke who was on the verge of tears. “You know. I hate to make things worse but, you caused this on yourself. Like I said, you’ll get shit faced, act like a pure breed idiot, and the you expect everyone to just forgive the shit you do. But one day your friends won’t come to your aid, but (Y/N) was there for you, you drove the best person in your life away, even in the darkest fucking nights she’d search for your dumb ass, so you need to get your shit together.” Luke looked at the ground, thinking about his next move. “What are you still doing here? Go fucking find her.” Ashton yelled, causing Luke to jump off the couch immediately. He got to the door but stopped, “What if, what if she doesn’t forgive me?” He asked, and Ashton looked back at him. “Then she’s gone.” ~~~ Soon after the pizza got there (Y/F/N) left, claiming her mom had asked her to buy milk or something, so you were left to finish a pizza and ‘unfriended’ by yourself, which you didn’t mind. You watched intently as one of the guys shot himself in the head, causing you to get scared. “Fuck” You squealed as you jumped, smothering yourself into the pink and black duvet your grandmother had made you as a child. As you continued to watch the movie your phone began to buzz, signaling that you had gotten a text. You went toward the end of the couch and grabbed your phone and began scanning it quickly. From 😋😋Lukeypie😋😋 “I heard amnesia on the radio today” It read, and you immediately paused your movie. From 😋😋Lukeypie😋😋 “It makes me think of you every time I hear it” “I still remember everything” “The way your perfume smelled. The way your nose crinkled when you’d laugh. The smile on you face when you were talking about something you loved. The way your voice sounded when you tried but you wanted to stay up and talk to me.” You could feel the corners of your eyes began to burn with tears as you read his message. You didn’t mean to cry, and you probably wouldn’t have it what he said hadn’t been true. You started to reply but a knock on your door interrupted you. Your eyes immediately darted to the clock as it read “12:03” and you wondered who it would be. You got up and looked at your evening attire, you were currently wearing an oversized sweater with a pair of mismatched socks, your hair was in a thrown up messy bun, and your face probably looked like a horror show. Without hesitation you got off the couch and ran to the door. “Who is it?” You called out. “It’s uh, Luke” The voice replied softly, and you could feel your heart drop to your stomach. You stayed quiet for a moment, trying to figure out wether or not you were dreaming. “(Y/N), I know I’m the last person you’d wanna talk to, but can you let me in?” He asked, sounding as if he was in pain. You unlocked the door and opened the door; shocked at what you where looking at. Luke looked terrible. His normally styled up blonde locks were now flat to his head, and his old bright blue eyes had now looked grey and lifeless. “Hi” He spoke with a faint smile. “Hey” You replied. You held the door open, signaling him to come in. “You look nice.” He spoke quietly, causing you to laugh as you shut the door behind him. “Nice?” You asked “I guess it’s a step up from calling me ugly.” You spoke rudely, you were being a bitch yes, but he deserved it. “You don’t know how sorry I am (Y/N), I feel like a complete asshole.” You looked at him wide eyed as he began to ramble, you didn’t know why but hearing him talk just pissed you off even more then before he came over. “What was the point in you coming over here?” You interrupted. “I-I just wanted to-” “You wanted to what Luke?” You asked, your voice raising a bit. “I-” He started, but it was a rhetorical question. “To tell me some sob story about how you miss me?” You yelled, shoving him in his chest with as much force as you could muster; but he didn’t seem bothered as he stumbled back a bit. “You made me feel like a piece of shit Luke, like I didn’t even fucking matter to you.” You screamed, you’re voice cracking as you started to tear up as you shoved him again. “(Y/N) I-” “You don’t know how it felt to have you belittle me about the shit you knew I was most insecure about Luke!! When I struggled with my weight you told me not to worry about it, that you’d love me no matter what I looked like!!” You went to shove him again, but he caught your hands before you could. “(Y/N) stop!!” He spoke, raising his voice. “Do not touch me!!” You yelled, but he only held you tighter. “(Y/N) I’m sorry!! I fucked up and I drank too much. But I promise you baby girl none of what I said was true. I’ve would never ever purposely make fun of your life before you met me or down talk any part of your body. You are so fucking beautiful and my exes could never compare to how gorgeous you are, God I just, I just miss missing you.” Your eyes were locked on his as he held you, you could tell he was contemplating on kissing you. “And if it helps, I haven’t picked up a drink since the party.” Hearing that alone made you want to bust into a fit of laughter and tears. Ever since you’d met Luke he had been a huge drinker, so knowing that he hadn’t picked up one in months made you feel a little bit better. “Can I kiss you?” He asked, biting his bottom lip. Without hesitation you nodded your head. Your heart begins racing and you just relax your lips and close your eyes as his lips touch yours. He lets his lips linger on yours for a few moments before pulling back and smiling at you, but you couldn’t help but feel strange. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “I don’t know, I just. I don’t think I’m ready to get back together.” He looked at you intently as he shook his head. “It’s ok. I’ll be here when you’re ready.” You smiled graciously. “You know what we can do? I’m not going to finish this or pizza alone so….” He laughed at you before letting go. “Wait, so this won’t be like on of those Netflix and chill things will it?”

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I've had a crappy week and my computer just crashed to top it off, can you plz make a REALLY fecked up 'Toy Story' set to cheer me up lol

like, make the toy story characters in the sims 3? just wanna make sure i got that right

i’m so sorry about your shit week ): i’ll do my best to cheer you up, friend

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Tbh; Phil seems like the guy who would drive back his friends home safely after a party if they got too tipsy. In general, he'd be that guy friend who'd protect his friends and make sure nothing happens to them. That is how nice Phil appears to me. I bet there have been occurrences that he had to watch Dan bc we all know dan loves to drink and Phil is that considerate sober friend who's like "Protects the bear at all costs, no one touch.". Idk this is what i think about.

Phil is DEFINITELY the kind of person who asks you to message him to make sure you got home ok. He’s totally the kind of friend you can tell secret to and he won’t ever tell anyone and I bet he’s very good at comforting people and just being with them, you know? He has that chill air about him, like you can just sit with him and exist for a while and maybe you’ll both blog in separate computers and giggle at stuff for no reason and he’ll just be happy because you’re happy. 

I also feel like he’s that more silent friend in the friend group and it seems like people don’t give him attention, but deep down literally everyone loves him to death, always stop to listen to what he has to say and would be willing to protect him at all costs. 

And I’m not even talking about Dan, because let’s be real here: Dan is all nervous energy, always tapping and doing and saying things to fill in the silence. But he’s a 100% comfortable with Phil and he doesn’t need to worry about doing, only being. And I think that’s one of the reasons he loves Phil so much: they complement each other quite nicely! But I’m off-track…

I also think he definitely is very protective of Dan, but in more subtle ways. He takes care of him not to let him drink too much or do something he’ll regret later, but not in a way that other people would notice too much. And I bet you he doesn’t even need to raise his voice at Dan like ever. They just get each other, just a look is probably enough. I bet he’s always looking out for his best friend in the smallest of ways, so small that not even Dan himself realizes most of the time.

Phil’s also DEFINITELY the kind of person who doesn’t need to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I care about you’. You just know! It’s there in every ‘Be safe’, ‘Don’t forget your coat’, and ‘I’ll wait till you get home so we can watch it together’. It’s always there and you just know.

I LOVE what you think about, anon! Plz, always feel free to send me cute headcanons <3

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Calum’s POV

I know this night was not going to end well.The boys had invited (Y/N) over with a couple other friends for a “casual get together” around the pool because we all wanted to see each other before our headliner tour in America. (Y/N) had just got back from Uni in England 2 days ago and when she’s jet lagged she is up for anything.

“Hey Cal,You’re looking a bit nervous.Is it because she is coming over?” Ashton teased putting a couple steaks on the grill.

"What are you talking about.” I looked away hiding my blush.

“We read your song book.” Michael smirked"You have nothing to hide.“

"It was the night we were all telling secrets.When you fell asleep,we thought we were all clean,so we thought it would be a good idea and we found some great songs and secrets.” Ash quickly explained 

“Can I hear some?” Your voice awkwardly slid into the conversation.

“(Y/N)!!” Michael screamed tackling her in a hug. “We missed you! Cal couldn’t shut up about you on the way back.”

“I talked my neighbors ear off on the plane about you guys. She was even a fan but at one point she got annoyed.” You giggled passing hugs around to Ash and I. She held me for a little longer,We could of stayed like this for forever but you ruined the moment.

“Where’s Luke?" 

"He went to pick up some more food.” I stuttered. Does she like him?

As the night progressed on I knew the boys were planning something.

“So have you been working out Calummm? I can totally tell.” A girl from my 10th grade English class asked casually placing her hand on my bicep.

“Uhhh yeah.” I laughed directionless. 

“Do you think you could show me how you got so buff sometime?" 

"uhh- i  uhh”

“Hey babe, I couldn’t find you a soda,is a water okay? You smiled at the girl. Intertwining your hand in mine,like it belonged there. 

"Oh. Um. I have to go.” The girl walked off surprised. Catching the eyes of Michael,who got the other boys attention.They started whistling and whooping leaving me the only choice to take my hand away.

“Can I have everyone’s attention for a moment?” Luke called off from the balcony.

“We are going to make this party a little more fun and interesting. We are going to play-”

“Please not more strip poker.” you huffed running you hands through your hair. I couldn’t help but admire how you always do that when you’re nervous.“

"TOO HOT.” Luke yelled getting a loud cheer from the party. 

“but there is a twist.” Ashton yelled waiting for the volume to go down.“We are playing it in the pool AND the couple who is chosen is someones OTP AND you are closing your eyes while playing.”

“This is going to be fun.” You sarcastically whispered into my ear,sending shivers down my back. 

“Who’s choosing first?” I yelled wanting this to be over asap.

“Well that would be me.” Michael laughed 

“Girls on the left, Boys on the right.” Luke called 

“May the odds ever be in your favor.” You mutter before being pulled away by some friends. 

minutes later I was shirtless,blind,and nervous. Only to be pushed in the pool. 

“Marcooo” You voice echoed gaining a few giggles from the crowd. 


“Mystery boyy. You can’t hide forever”

Your hands found my face. You pulled them away and your lips found mine. After a good ten second lip lock you bit my lip pulling  and my tongue begged for entry. Two minutes kiss deepening more and more and I became weak and gave in.I pulled your legs around my waist and the kiss deepened more. The crowd was going crazy and now chanting for us to open our eyes. Hope flooded through me as I watched you open your beautiful eyes. Suddenly I felt ashamed. 

“No.” You whispered quickly getting out of the pool and running inside the house. 

“(Y/N)! WAIT!!” I screamed following her.

SO that was the first make out scene I have ever wrote so let me  off the hook pls. PART TWO +

sometimes i feel like being dead would be so much easier and i mean that in the most non depressed way possible, because i dont think i am. but its honestly a thought i have i cant help it. life is just real shitty and sucky and its hard to see what good is gonna come of it. its like theres so much good and u try to stay positive but the bad seems to outweigh it all the time. u meet one person and its great but when that ends who knows if youll ever find someone like that again. u can fill it with meaningless people who make u feel good for a bit, but they don’t give u that same permanent joy you had before. you make the best of friends and some stay but most end up being shady or worse yet they can just drop u and act like nothin ever happened. anyone can drop u at any point in time and thats scary also. i try not to be sad but theres just so much bad in the world. and some people say all u need is yourself then, but thats not true. you need people. you need happiness. but who knows if youre gonna find it. i want to but who knows. and im not looking for sympathy plz just wanted to rant bc life is really confusing and it sucks. idk

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Hi why your not answering my questions I send like 2 :( I hope you answer new Can you do exo reaction when you kiss them accidentally ( you're their best friend) ? Plz

Sorry! I’ll try to answer them faster, but anyway, I hope you enjoy this! (I’m doing it like they didn’t know it was an accident though. Correct me if that’s wrong lol)

Xiumin: “Uhhhh, what’re you doing y/n??”

Luhan: “Woah, what was that all about?” *really confused*

Kris: “I thought we were friends, whatever haha.” *just laughs about it*

Suho: “Yeah, how could you resist me?” *tries to be cool but really isn’t*

Lay: “Why did you kiss me??? Am I that attractive haha??”

Baekhyun: “Okay, sorry, but I just think of you as a friend”

Chen (ft. Xiumin): “Whoa, that’s not what I was expecting.”

Chanyeol: “Ummmmmmmmmm….what.” *just laughs but is also confused*

D.O: “Calm down y/n, haha.” *also laughs about it*

Tao: “Um, well, okay then.” *doesn’t really know how to respond*

Kai: “What the….. are you feeling okay y/n.”

Sehun: “Woah….calm down, I mean I know I’m irresistible but…”