can i just be friends with them

Is this Relationship Working for You?

Not every friendship is helpful and worthwhile … and sometime we need to ask ourselves the following:

1. What am I getting from the relationship? Is this person there for me when I need them most? Do they build me up, and bring out the best in me?

2. Is this friendship draining, or is it mainly negative? Do I feel I’m just being used? Are things always about them?

3. Can I be genuine and real – and just myself - with this person? Or are they likely to react if I share my honest thoughts?

4. Do they care about my feelings, my views and my opinions? Or do they treat me like an object, whose feelings never count?

5. Am I putting up with things because it’s started to feel normal? Am I scared that no-one else would really want to be my friend?

One thing I really dislike, is how Instagram instantly told all my friends who have Instagram, that I have Instagram cause of a default feature I can’t seem to disable. So now everyone is asking me why I have two names and “you’re writing WHAT now?”

And I mean I know I can just not let them follow me? But then I’m the dick not accepting family requests to see my pics. Like guys, I’m not sure you want to see that many vampires.

can we just appreciate chris berg? this girl was literally in tears in front of her friend because she recognised her friend was in pain. what a huge, huge heart she has. she is so compassionate, so empathetic, so bright and bubbly and just such a positive influence on those around her. she cares so deeply about those she loves, to the point where she’s in tears at the thought of them hurting. i just…get you a friend like chris berg 💖

Hey friends, Meg here! For awhile now I really wanted to make a post about how much I appreciate/read/save every tutorial recommendation I get! Unfortunately, one tutorial each week means it can take awhile to work through them. I just wanted to make sure no one feels that their recommendation was ignored, and thank you for your patience in working through the list!

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Okay but now this has me thinking that the world might run on Dan and Phil one day? With the numbers it seems like they're already there but I can see them being /more/ than just youtubers you know? Maybe it's just me...

Take a look around, it already is!
Most people at Vidcon are there for Dan and Phil. Their meetup went longer than anyone else’s. youtubers use them to their advantage. Our fanbase runs this site, we are the superior now over supernatural, doctor who, and one direction. (Besides the Kpop fandom because I’m so lost with what even happens there but good for you guys)

I do think though however that Dan and Phil will continue to grow. Maybe sometime down the road they’ll get a movie deal, or voice more characters. They’re still contracted with Disney. Who knows what they might be up to secretly.
They’re gonna grow into these people who will be huge. And their names will be on tv. And they’ll be invited to do tv night shows and interviews (honestly that would be so cool)
Maybe not soon. But eventually yes.

Our phandom is not small. We have power and influence and sometimes it’s terrifying how much bite and bark we really give off.

As long as dan and Phil keep doing what they’re doing, they’ll continue to grow and get even more crazy famous.

O K THIS IS A REALLY QUICK AND SHITTY DOODLE and i wanted to add a few more doodles in here but it’s getting…………………… late (it’s 4:30am the sun is rising and i can hear birds) so this is all i’m gonna put up for now but i just needed to get it out there that adres has Friends and i forgot to draw ergo’s eyebrows oops (they willed their eyebrows out of existence?????)

the new kiddo on the left is arae! they can put curses on ppl but 80% of the time the curses they cast are just light-hearted pranks and also they pick adres up a lot and just. carry them. and technically they’re supposed to be wearing the same kind of uniform jacket as adres just in a dark purple color but they never wear it b/c it gets too hot. also who does arae’s nails b/c damn??? SIKE they do their own nails! fooled you there!

In no way do I ascribe to the “boys will be boys” adage to explain my son’s behavior.

But I need science to explain to me my two-year-old’s fascination with Spider-Man.  

I can’t even remember the first time he saw Spider-Man.  Maybe it was his first night-time pull-ups. (XS size has him on them) But the first time he said his name (“SPIDAAHHH”) in his “deep” voice, he hasn’t stopped since. 

I asked around for toddler friendly things and a friend gave me a Playskool Spiderman story book. I found Little Golden Books online, and a fairly durable Playskool action figure.  I found Spider-Man underwear (”SPIDAH UNDIES!!!”).  We discovered Hulu has the old 90s cartoon, in which he mostly just gets excited when Spidey leaps around.  

I think I’ve read the same Little Golden Book story five times in the last 24 hours.  

Kids are weird, regardless of gender.  And I never expected my son at this age to fall in love with a superhero.  We’re still on the Wiggles/PBS kick, but it’s pretty funny to see a toddler go “psst psst” and try to shoot webs like Spider-Man. 

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Sorry if this is a rude question, but can i ask what your pronouns are? Me and a friend were talking about you and they mentioned you were non-binary and i know not all non-binary people use they-them so i was just wondering, so as to not be disrespectful. (Ive been referring to you as "she/her" but realized it's only bc of the ghostbuster profile pic lol)

i prefer they/them but i honestly don’t mind if people use different pronouns. thank you for asking! ❤

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Guys i’m sorry. I didn’t mean to draw such a depressed thing.. I can’t create anymore characters because something reminded me of what happened to me on friday. I can’t do anything, everything is so black and white. on the background was what they said to me. sorry if I make you worried or angry or sad or something. I just wanna get rid out off these bad feelings that happened

This happened on Friday. I was doing a work project and i need to concentrate but the classmate, They are so loud. So I asked them to be quiet down, then They said"FUCK OFF NOSEY BITCH" But i didn’t do anything wrong. Just asked them to be quiet down, Then I cried like 3 hours with my friend. I kept this feeling like 2 days now I still wanna cry whenever I think of it. and in the background you read, and you can see all of that what was they said to me. I’m sorry for making you worried once again, but I really want to get rid out of this feeling. I get more attention from teachers doesn’t mean that I am the meanest or I am being fake. I am what I am. I’m sorry if i do something wrong. I shouldn’t have asked you to quiet down. I’m so sorry.

I am such a bad classmate. Do what you want, cause someday i think I will end myself anyway, and one of the reason is going to be you. greedy damn piggy fat bitch, don’t be jealous.

Guy, I’m sorry for being annoying and always make you worried. I’m just too sensitive

Tips and advice from Papa Ryan

Okay so these are just a few things I’ve figured out through out the years.

1. Binding is hard when you have unsupportive family, can’t afford it, and/or are scared to ask for it.

Amazon and eBay binders are never safe! They are not made for trans people and can damage you. Some alternatives are; sports bras (no more than two or you could get hurt and it’ll make you even less flat), layering, vests and jackets are your best friend, and spanks (yes those things that suck in fat, cut out the crotch and pull them over your chest like a strapless binder).

2. Dysphoria sucks ass, especially when your parents force you to dress femininely. It helps ease mine a bit if I treat it like a drag show and I’m flawless af.

3. Showers are tough, but if you shower in the dark/ in dim lit areas, it’s best to use men’s 3-in-one body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. That way you don’t have to differentiate.

4. Facial hair. I’ve been shaving my face for roughly a year, and it’s stimulated a little growth.

5. Sometimes when I have really bad dysphoria, I don’t even want to look at myself. So I just try and make a day of it. I put on my favorite hoodie, get my laptop and/or sketch pad and do my thing all day. Skyping friends who respect your pronouns is always great.

6. Bigger, more rounded glasses can make your face look more feminine. Square glasses are great for masculine looks.

7. When getting haircuts, pixies and undercuts are the easiest way to go. I’ve also noticed that when I get a fade, they leave it longer to make it look more fem? Don’t let them do that. Lines look dope af too.

8. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone! You know who you are!

A Timid Lie - Cheryl x Fem!Reader request


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49 @murderyoursoul @moonlight53 @redhairedoddity

Anonymous said: hey, do you think you could do a archie or cheryl (whichever you’re more comfortable with) xreader where archie/cheryl gets really flustered around the reader and kind of rambles on about stuff which always makes the reader laugh, but that makes archie/cheryl kind of put down so they start to avoid the reader until the reader confronts them about it and they admit their feelings while the reader admits that the only reasont they laughed so much was because they were so happy around them?

A/N: I changed the prompt slightly but hope you like it.

“Oh my god….”

Y/N looked up from her book catching her friends eye across the table. “What C?”

“I mean just look at her outfit…I can’t understand how that Muggs girl leaves the house like that…”.


“Yeah yeah, I know. Be nice. But come on, that’s a cry for help over there!”.

The girl sat there and sighed, a bit disappointed in her friend. She knew Cheryl had a dramatic side - it was what partially drew her to the red headed bombshell. But sometimes Cheryl could be harsh for no reason. A reason that Cheryl herself would later admit.

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Can we all just appreciate that i was never taught about gay people in a good or bad way in a "its just expected you already know about it because its normal" kinda way and so when i got older and found out that it wasn't i didn't believe homophobs existed just like they dont believe gays exist

i’ve been staring at this ask for five minutes. this is amazing. the best way to deal with homophobes is just to not believe in them. yes. this is fantastic. i’m not being sarcastic this is genuinely heckin awesome my friend

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just curious but why dont you like ere/mika?

The ship is really not for me at all. As a romantic ship, it makes me very uncomfortable. But don’t get the wrong idea that it’s because I think it’s ‘incest’ or anything like that, because it’s obviously not, they’re not related. 

It’s just.. It really doesn’t appeal to me. And I really don’t like how it’s shoved down my throat most of time, especially by aggressive shippers who like to brag and shove in other peoples faces about how “canon” they think it is. Personally, I can only see them as very deep close friends, or family-like friends. Yes, I am fully aware about Mikasa’s romantic feelings for Eren, it’s been obvious ever since the manga started, but still, I don’t ship it. Plus, I think I’ve seen enough of this idea in shounen anime where the female protagonist is madly in love with the main male protagonist, and the main character always gets the girl, and then they end up having kid(s), and their kid turns into the main character and then it just ends up turning into Boruto or Bleach. So I’m like “no thanks”. 

But anyway, as always I mean no disrespect to the ship or the shippers. Ship what you want, I don’t care. I do not do ship-hate, if I see a ship I hate, I do nothing, I just avoid it as much as possible. 

What would you guys think of a platonic story?
Like u know those friends that r nice n attractive, n friends obv, but u can’t see them in like a romantic kind of way [i can’t explain y, but u literally can only view them as a rlly good friend n it’s mutual]
Is the idea of just friends appealing?

Also, what about stories where there is no reader? As in 0 references to the reader, just Doyoung with his thoughts or smthng
Would none of u read them lol?

My mind was just wandering with it and I was curious.

There are stories that can’t be true even if they happen.

I know that doesn’t make sense. Sometimes nothing does. Normally I try and make these diary entries cryptic, since I know mom reads them sometimes. A couple of times I’ve used fictional languages when writing about a normal day. Just because. Diaries are secret and not secret both. Like authors who write and publish theirs: how much of that is in the background, informing what they write, what they admit to?

I don’t know. But I feel like diaries are lies like biographies are lies. The moment you try and pretend it’s not fiction, you start telling lies fiction wouldn’t even attempt.

This isn’t like that.

It wasn’t a bad day, yesterday. Nor even a good one, not a horrible one. Just a day and I was thinking those intrusive thoughts. The ones that sort of think you or make you have a WTF moment at what passes through your head. Only mine were about me. Sometimes I’m so tired I don’t understand why I bother with anything. Thoughts like that. Ways to end it. It helps me not kill myself. I think maybe people who never talk about it are more likely to do it. Like letting pressure out. Releasing valves.

I never would, I think. Because of the pain I’d leave behind. Because I’ve seen the holes it leaves in people’s lives. Imagination is important. Sometimes I think it’s all that saves us.

But some things you can’t imagine. He was like that. Eleven.

Jay is eleven. This is important somehow. I was thinking, taking the slow route home from school and he was beside me.


And he said hi like no one has ever said it to me before. Like, there are intrusive thoughts. This was a protrusive thought. We were friends. The word told me that. Jay told me that, without having to. We’re friends and he said hello and that was that.


“My name is Jay and! I thought maybe I’d do bindings that aren’t bindings since bindings would be rude but sometimes people have really rude thoughts and they shouldn’t so I’m maybe doing a helping if that’s okay and I bet I can give you jaysome thoughts!”

It didn’t make sense, but it didn’t have to. Like politicians: it’s the tone more than what is said.

I told him my name. My real one, even if Dad still won’t call me it. He grinned, said I have a very good name and just talked. I did to, but mostly it was him. About how the island of Skye wasn’t really in the sky – which was importantable (his word) – and how everyone was a lot more steadfast than they thought they were. He said jaysome a lot, in that. And steadfast almost as often. I asked why, to the latter, in the end.

“Oh!” He stopped. “You noticed?! Wow! Uhm! I’m also maybe doing a prompting so I’m kinda doing two things at once even if one of them isn’t really a thing?”

“You’re killing two birds with one stone?”

“No! That would be really mean to do to birds,” he said, and I started laughing because he was nothing except sincere in that.

“It’s a saying. About doing two things in a single action?”

“Oh! I didn’t know about that binding, but that’s a really rude-face way to say it,” he said firmly.

I almost asked about people in glass houses and throwing stones, but some instinct said not to. Like maybe Jay could make a glass house. It’s silly, but I couldn’t shake the idea from my head. “Sometimes you need to kill birds. Not real ones, but some stones have to be thrown.”

And I pulled out my wallet, and showed my old name to him.  The one that’s still legal.

“But that’s not you,” Jay said. “I bet you’re a spy in disguise!”

“No. Would it help if I said the word steadfast? That it used to be me, but I’m steadfast that it’s not now?”

“That would help a lot!” And then he hugged me, tight and light all at once. Like the kind of bindings I use, but not at all. “And,” he added, “people get confusled a lot. Bindings change all the time. People change all the time, and it’s the ones who aren’t – it’s the ones who don’t realize they’re changed or are changing that really bad stuff happens to. Your bad stuff will happen, but it’s a different kind of happen cuz of being honest!”

I cried a bit then. “What about you?” I asked, after. We were close to home then. “I mean, you’re eleven but you’re not. You speak – younger? If that makes sense?”

“Uhm. I do,” Jay said softly. “And Honcho has called me out on it, but it’s – being jaysome. Being cute and nice and kind and that’s Important for a Jay. Making sure people know I’m not a monster is hugey – a lot of work, but it’s important work. Sometimes I even forget I will be one for days and days, because I’m really good at being me. The more you are you, the more you forget not being you. And the more other people will too, even if they don’t want to.”

And he said it like a secret and promise both. And then went down the street into old Mr. Gull’s house. Right in, as if the front door wasn’t locked. I didn’t follow. I came home. Thought a lot. Wrote this down today. You know people are lying if you only ever see them at their best, if they never do or say anything that reflects badly on them. So Jay let me see behind his best, and I think it hurt him to do so. To say that.

But he did it. And if he can do that, I can do a lot of things. Like remove this page from my diary. Put it on the living room table for you to read. So we can talk, mom. About a lot of things.

I love you.

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OBSIDIAN MY FRIEND WHO DIDN'T LIKE HARRYMORT (Voldemort was ugly in her opinion /scaly) READ YOUR EXQUISITELY AND SHE SAID IT WAS VERY DARK BUT SHE LIKED IT A LOT and im crying 😭😭😭 im so emotional right now-- she's checking out No Glory. This is too much for my heart too handle. I'm so happy oh my god. My life is complete i can sink into the void i am ready


You started someone off with EXQUISITELY

That’s like… taking a toddler who has never taken swimming lessons and carrying them past the baby pool (the rated T tomarry AU’s), past the shallow end (the T-M Tomarry or Harrmort long, plotty fics), beyond the deep end (Harrymort, rated M, lots of violence, bloodshed, sex, and angst) and said “naw my friend, what you want is up here” and just cradled them as you took them up the high dive, walked them to the end of the plank, and then dropped ‘em into ‘explicit Harrymort horror’ territory and just hoped they wouldn’t drown immediately.

…and evidently they didn’t, good job, your friend is a warrior tell them they are welcome in my inner circle, they can join the wedding party if they want, I am all about those high-dive surviving toddlers 

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Can I have a star? I came out to my family the other night and well... it didn't go well.

No matter what they say, you are allowed to be yourself. You are valid, you are important, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are enough just as you are, and it’s okay to be who you really are.

I’m sorry that things didn’t go well, friend. Give them time, hopefully they will come around and accept you for who you are. I encourage you to talk to others who have come out, as they can provide you with emotional validation and support. Things will be okay.

As always, you are not alone and you are loved. We all support you and love you as you are <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

I’m Sorry

Ayyy, finally being able to post again feels great! But i’m going to sleep now so I’ll post the rest of the drafted up requests when I wake up in a few hours or so, I’m sorry Older Brother Namjoon… was so short, but I did stay up until 5 to get at least something up for you guys so I didn’t leave you guys hanging, and I apologise again for not posting anything for From Enemies to Friends… If i did it would have been even shorter, so I’ve decided to post later.

Again, I’m sorry and requests are closed for now but as usual you can send them in, it’ll just take longer for me to get it you ~