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i love fe4 no matter how much it hurts me and i love eldigan and his mullet so much. his security blanket/shawl thing is dumb but i lov it anyways

An Early Ride

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Character: Prince Adam

Prompt: (None)

“Your highness, please!” Cogsworth cried as he attempted to keep up with the Prince who was dashing down the corridors. “I’m sure she’s here somewhere but please slow down!” The old man wheezed as he stopped chasing, hands heavily leaning on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.

“There is no time for that! She could be anywhere!” Prince Adam called to him as he opened every door in the corridor, gazing inside for the sigh of you until he slammed it shut with frustration when realizing you weren’t there.

“Ah! Mes amis!” Lumiere said in his joyous voice as he saunted up to the two of them. “What are we doing?” He whispered as he leaned into another empty guest suite with the prince.

Adam whirled around, grabbing his friend by the shoulders. “You haven’t seen (Y/n) anywhere have you?” He asked desperately.

Lumiere’s brows knitted together as he tried to recall the last time he had seen you. “I’m afraid I cannot recall anytime recently,” He said watching the face of his prince fall, and Lumiere began to worry. “Is she alright? Why are we looking for her?”

Cogsworth managed to pull himself together, dabbing at his wrinkled forehead with a white handkerchief. “His highness cannot find Lady (Y/n) and is beginning to worry.”

Lumiere grinned. “Ah, lovesick for your amor?” He asked with a mischievous laugh. “Fear not! We shall find her together!”

After another hour passed, Prince Adam was beginning to lose his patience and all of his worrying sent his nerves into overdrive. He jumped at every small sound, whirling to see if you had returned, but the worst of it all was the paranoia beginning to cloud his judgement.

What if you had finally gotten tired of his unpredictable temper or maybe you wanted your normal life back?

What if he turned back into a beast because you stopped loving him?

Mrs. Potts’ gentle hand on his shoulder nearly made him shoot five feet into the hair, but seeing the kind expression in the woman’s face made him feel calm.

“I can see your worried, dear,” She said, brushing off his shoulders and giving him her warmest smile. “She’ll turn up eventually, I know it.”

It was nearly dark, and Prince Adam was at an all time high.

He’d pace around his office for several minutes at a time before falling into the tall armchair, he sat there for a second or two before springing back up and returning to his pacing.

“I’ll go make him some tea,” Mrs. Potts said as she looked sadly through the small crack in the door.

Lumiere watched on as well, his expression more solemn. “You don’t really think she left, do you?”

Mrs. Potts turned to face him, a stern expression on her face. “Now you just rattle that thought out of that head right this instant,” She said firmly, placing her hand on her hips. “(Y/n) is a responsible girl, and she loves the prince very dearly, she’ll turn up.”

Yet another dragged past, the tea left on his desk had long grown cold, and Adam’s eyes were glued to the office windows, keeping an eye out for you.

“YOUR HIGHNESS!” Came the hoarse voice of Cogsworth as he burst through the office doors. “Wonderful news!-” His announcement came to a halt as he paused to cough into his handkerchief.

“What is it?” Prince Adam said patiently as he helped the old man into a chair.

“Lady (Y/n) has been spotted at the gates, she’s in the stables now.”

A large smile broke out on Adam’s face as he patted Cogsworth shoulders. “Thank you!” He said quickly before sprinting away.

Prince Adam made it down to the front doors before he saw you being greeted by the other household members. Mrs. Potts was kissing your cheeks as she cried out about how much everyone was worried for you, Chip was tugging on the ends of your riding cloak as he chattered excitedly at you.

“I’m so sorry,” He heard you speak Mrs. Potts as you tried to calm you. “It was never my intention to be gone so long.”

“(Y/n), darling!” Adam called out as he made his way down the marble stairs. “Where have you been? Everyone was so worrie,” He said as calmly as he could as he wrapped his arms around you. “You’re freezing.”

“Oh never mind about that,” You said with a small laugh as you pushed his hands away from you. “I promise I’m fine, I just wanted to stop into the town earlier this morning to get you all something.” You told him, taking small trinkets from a brown bag that was slung across your shoulder.

Mrs. Potts gasped as you handed her a new blue and white porcelain teapot. “Oh my goodness!” She said as she observed the intricate floral pattern.

You gave Chip a small wooden box filled with chess peices, which he showed his mother with great vigor. “Look what (Y/n) got me!” He said as he held up the Queen.

“What do you say, Chip?” She asked as she ran her hand through his hair.

“Thank you, Miss (Y/n)!” He chirped before running off into the castle.

Mrs. Potts gave you one last kiss, exclaiming her gratitude and how she would find you an even better gift.

“What’s the occasion, dear?” Prince Adam as he wrapped his arms around you again, still worried about your low temperature.

You shrugged your shoulders and gave him a guilty smile. “Well it’s nearly Christmas time, and I wanted to give everyone special gifts early.”

Prince Adam lifted your hands to his lips as he kissed them tenderly. “I was very worried about you,” He whispered softly as looked into your eyes. “You just disappeared without a trace.”

You looked at him guiltily. “I am sorry I didn’t tell you, but I wanted it to be a surprise and I had the feeling if I would have said something you would have refused to let me go alone.”

He could only chuckle at how well you knew him, and he nuzzled himself closer to you. “I was merely only worried you wouldn’t return, but a part of me always knew you would come back.”

You smiled and gave him a small peck on the lips before removing yourself from his grasp. “I still have your gift,” You said brightly as you carefully took out a bundle of wrapping paper and set it in his hands. “I had to be especially careful with that one.”

Prince Adam looked down at it with a small smile as he pulled back the paper, opening it to reveal a large and ornate snow globe of a carousel scene.

“I tried to find the prettiest one I could,” You said as the two of you looks down at it. “I know you probably have lots far more grand but I still thought you would like it.”

“I love it,” Adam said happily as he placed a lingering kiss on your temple. “It’ll sit front and center on my desk.” He said proudly.

You took it back from him to he didn’t have to worry about carrying it, wrapping it up again and going on a small tangent about how lovely town was and all the people you saw.

Prince Adam merely looked at you with a fond smile and he mentally wrote down all of your expressions, simply being happy that you had returned to the castle safely.

“And then what happened?” He asked curiously as he linked his arm with yours and began to walk you up the stairs, planning to spend the next several hours just being in your presence.


Smile/Silence in the Library parallels

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I’m probably not the first one to think about this:

Aizawa probably did not start out in the Heroics department when he enrolled into Yuuei. He was probably in a similar situation to Shinsou, gifted with an amazing quirk but unable to use it to pass the entrance exam due to it not being useful in battle against machines (assuming that they did use some sort of machines in the past for a “fair fight” in the entrance exam). Unlike Yamada, who could yell at things and make them break.

As mentioned, students could transfer into the Heroics department from any other provided they proved themselves during the sports festival. I can just see Aizawa battling with Yamada. Yamada attempting to use his quirk- confused as to why it isn’t working, and then getting thrown to the ground by Aizawa. Aizawa manages to take down other students with Emitter and Transformation type quirks, only to be knocked out of the fight by a Mutant type quirk holder.

A kid with the ability to erase two thirds of the possible quirk classes? Of course he was considered and then transferred to the Heroics department. Only after some harsh training to get his physical skills up to standard. (Like that slightly rougher Shinsou at the beginning of this newest arc.)

This could also explain the walk that Aizawa and Shinsou took at the end of the Sports Festival Arc.

(I know I messed up the name order of Mic. It’s suppose to be Yamada Hizashi. Rushed sketch I apologise for the mishap. This doesn’t usually happen and I usually follow the proper Surname Name order.)


im not an artist AT ALL but i just burned through a really productive session for kic and wanted to share that progress with you!! here are the doodles i put into my notes im rlly proud of my chris ok he’s a lil macaroni man 

Night Stop

Description: Social anxiety can be a bitch

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Oh Sehun x reader

Word Count: 898

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“Someone has to go inside and buy the snacks.” Baekhyun whined from the back of the van. “And I went last time.” “Why can’t we all just go in?” I attempted weakly. “Because that’s never how we’ve done it. Y/n, just go inside and get it over with. It’ll take less than five minutes.” He urged. I sighed, finally pushing open the door and walking inside the sketchy looking convenience store, slamming the door behind me. I grabbed one of the small, plastic baskets by the door and started searching for everyone’s snacks. “Hello Miss.” The cashier muttered from behind the counter. I uttered a measly ‘hi’ in return and dashed to the back of the store. My heart already beginning to race.

I hadn’t gotten through much, the basket barely held two candy bars in it, when my anxiety started to set in. I didn’t want to go up to the cash register, but the guys would get mad if I went back to the van empty-handed. I hated this so much. I was usually fine with this because literally any other time, three or four of us would go inside or even if I was one of the only ones inside, Sehun would come with me and would take care of paying the cashier. I didn’t wanna hassle the guys though. Sehun was sitting in the very back of the van; Not only that, but he was half asleep. I hated that I was so desperate for him for something so trivial. You’re being childish, finish getting everything and go pay for it. It’s that simple. That’s all you have to do. I tried convincing myself. It was stupid for me to just be waiting around in here, like me stalling was going to change anything. You were the one sent inside, stop being ridiculous, get the snacks, and go. I continued walking around, filling the small plastic basket with all sorts of chips, candy bars, and little cakes, as well as a few sodas and bottles of water. I stayed in the corner by the drink coolers. I wasn’t ready to go up there. I could feel my heart beat beginning to pound in my chest, and my hands starting to shake. You’ve done this before countless times. I thought to the many times I’ve bought all of us snacks. I have done it countless times…. With Sehun. I let out a defeated sigh.


You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. I repeated in my head like a mantra. However, after several minutes, it hadn’t helped anything. In fact it had only made me more anxious. I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I realized I was going to have to do this eventually. “Why are you like this?” I stuttered. The next thing I knew, my sight had gone blurry. I soon realized that I was crying. “You’re so pathetic.” I mumbled, attempting to wipe away the tears. A hand pushed mine to the side and wiped away the tears for me. I looked up to see Sehun standing in front of me. “You’re far from that babe.” I shook my head, at the same time unintentionally dropping the small basket to the ground. “I couldn’t even go up there and pay for everything.” My voice shaky as I spoke. “Stop it Y/n. So what if you couldn’t do that. You’re still an amazing person. You’re still a talented musician with an amazing voice. You’re still one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. You’re still my incredibly beautiful girlfriend that I love to the moon and back.”

Sehun pulled me into a hug. “That’s only one small thing that you can’t do against the millions of others that you can do and you’re great at.” The scent of Sehun’s favorite cologne filled my nose, encasing me in a scent of familiarity. “I should’ve came in with you.” He mumbled, planting kisses to the top of my head. I slightly leaned out of his grasp to face him. “But you shouldn’t have to, I should be able to go in a store like an adult.” Sehun pushed one finger against my lips to shush me. “No, shut up. Everybody has something they can’t do, this is your thing, and that’s okay. Quit beating yourself up over it. Baby, you are the most amazing person I’ve ever known, and it makes my heart fly out of my chest knowing I get to call you mine. I love you so much.” More tears fell from my eyes and Sehun continued to wipe them away. I buried my head in his chest again, letting myself calm down before we did anything else.

“Finish getting everything and I’ll be waiting for you at the counter. I’ll do the rest.” I nodded as Sehun picked the basket up off the ground and put it back in my hand. I finally continued walking back up and down all the aisles. I got everyone several more snacks and a couple more candy bars, to hopefully make up for the wait. After grabbing a couple more sodas, I made my way up to the cash register. My heart began beating faster in my chest, but it subtly returned to normal once I saw Sehun there, waiting for me just as he said he would.

Trust Me

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Word Count: 922

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, language

Summary: Modern AU, reader has long day and tries to sleep, Alex comforts them.

A/N: Enjoy! Requests are open!

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The city was loud. More than usual. Customers were in and out of your bookstore all day, a lot more than usual after some celebrity had come into your shop. You were exhausted and just wanted to sleep. You closed the doors an hour early, serving the last few patrons before leaving.

You stopped by your favorite coffee shop on the way home, grabbing a chai tea latte to warm you up. Sirens echoed off the buildings, aided by the blaring of taxi cabs and street performers. You tried to block out the sound by putting in earbuds under your beanie, but they didn’t work very well. You opted to just speed walk to your apartment you shared with Alex. You breathed heavy at the noise, wishing it would just stop.

You made it to your apartment, unlocking the door and slipping inside. Alexander looked up from the kitchen bar. “Hey Y/N. Just finishing up the snacks. You ready for tonight?” he asked, grinning at you. Shit. You had forgotten it was game night with the guys. You were way too tired to play.

“Actually, Alex, I think I’m going to skip tonight. You guys can still play. Long day. Loud,” You yawned. Alex looked up at you, cocking an eyebrow. You hated doing this to him, as game night was the only night you could get him to relax, but you were exhausted.

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