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BTS reaction: hearing the member discuss how hot his s/o is

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Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He would probably be both annoyed and cocky. Cocky because hell yes, he got the hottest person around and everyone knows it, and annoyed because he’d want the members to show both you and him more respect than that. You don’t go around discussing how hot a friend’s partner is behind their back. I don’t think it would bother him too much tho.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

I don’t think he would care much tbh. He might get slightly annoyed, depending on how they are talking about you, and just join the conversation to make them uncomfortable. But as long as none of them try to make a move on you, he won’t really mind. He’d rather think that the more people who appreciate your beauty, the better.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

I feel like he is the type to show you off as much as he can, and always talk about how good you look, so if it was just like a casual discussion like “they look very good tonight, Hobi is a lucky guy” or something, he would probably just feel kinda proud because he is indeed a lucky guy. But if it’s more along the lines of “holy shit they look fine. If they weren’t with Hobi I’d jump them this very second”, he’d be more offended, especially on your behalf. And he would also be kinda disappointed and mad because his own members are just looking at you like you’re a piece of meat.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

I see him as a kinda possessive person tbh. Like, not possessive enough to stop you from living your life, but still possessive. So he wouldn’t really like it. It would make him slightly uncomfortable, I think. He would probably not tell them off because it’s not a that big of a deal, but he’d definitely pull you slightly closer to him and show you off. Not in a “everyone, please admire this beauty” kind of way, but rather a “yes they are incredibly hot, but they’re mine and you can’t touch any of this” kinda way.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

I feel like he would kinda laugh it off at that moment and act like it doesn’t bother him because he trusts both you and the members. But he’d still feel kinda insecure and uncomfortable, and would probably want to discuss it with you later, just to assure himself that nothing will ever happen, and that his members were just showing appreciation for the piece of art you are.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

I don’t think he’s jealous or possessive at all. He wants you to meet and get along with all of his friends, no matter gender or sexuality. So I think it’d just make him happy that more people are appreciating you serving looks, and would probably just join the conversation so he could fawn over you. But, like with Hobi, if they talk about you like an object, he won’t hesitate to give them a piece of his mind.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

Another one I think is kinda possessive. But at the same time, it’s his hyungs talking about you, so he can’t really fuck them up even if he wants to. So I think he’d settle for a lowkey aggressive remark like “I know, they’re stunning right? And they’re all mine.” and just hope that they get the hint and stop talking about you like that.

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That moment in the trailer with Eggsy referring to Harry as “the brains” is awesome, but think about this in relation to what comes later, and the firefight we see.

Harry’s depth perception is going to be all messed up now that he’s lost an eye. It’s a pretty big act of trust to give him a long-range weapon and expect him to be of any use in a fight.

I really hope we see Eggsy and Merlin arguing this point, and Eggsy wins out. Because he knows Harry can do this. He still believes in Harry.

And so Harry joins them, instead of just being “the brains.” And so we get him and Eggsy fighting together, side by side. Exactly where they should be.

tbh mp100 is the only anime/manga thats ever really done the “boy gets flustered over cute girl” trope right bc in series like…. bnha for example, where deku constantly gets flustered over uraraka, it doesnt add anything to his character at all, meanwhile so much happens in the story bc mob wants to actually pursue his feelings instead of just going “oh hey shes pretty cute”, like he joins the body improvement club which causes him to meet teru and all that and everything spirals from there… it actually affects the plot & is important meanwhile in a vast majority of series its just…..unnecessary, or forced. and while you could probably argue mobs feelings are forced to a degree (i really dont see them as such), an aspect of mp100 is how adolescence can warp your priorities. it actually goes into its themes & builds off them. its not just some kind of fan service, its affects a large portion if not all of the story- and of course, mobs feelings actually come off as genuine, while in many other series the moments are just small things that happen every now and then for no real reason story wise or character building wise.

in other words, mp100 continues to be the best at everything,

Fam there’s so much fuss over my Harry Potter AU, particularly about Yato being Slytherin. This isn’t meant to target anyone but the amount of people thinking my choice is narrowminded and stereotypical is exactly the kind of thing that people thought of each other in Hogwarts.

Just because I put Yato in Slytherin doesn’t mean I’m saying he’s bad. Draco was good but his shitty family didn’t make him the nicest person. Peter Pettigrew was Gryffindor and he was a coward.

I have literally explained why he is Slytherin in a previous post because it relates to the plot. Heck, I’ve even said that Yato was torn between Slytherin AND Gryffindor but chose Slytherin because he has this idea that he will be powerful if he joins them.

I can give you about 20 other reasons why he is a Slytherin including his canon personality and ambitions, as well as how it relates to his background story in the AU.

Also people seem to be missing the point that yes, Yato has developed and at this point in the manga he could be Gryffindor, but you’re forgetting he is ELEVEN when he gets sorted, AND he CHOOSES Slytherin.

Let it die.

Edit: overall yes it looks stereotypical, but there is a deeper meaning behind why he is Slytherin

So I asked you guys what you would like me to do for my 1K celebration and creating a hogwarts houses page got the most votes! I really love this idea so hopefully a few of you will join! (I’m also really curious as to what peoples houses are all the time!)

Hopefully this is a fun little thing to do and you can find fellow bloggers in your house and make some new friends! 

I will be tagging all messages I get about this as ‘1K Celebration!’ so blacklist that if you don’t want to see them!

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"Hey Jimin...?" "Yes?" "Why.... why are you hiding in a fort of macaroons." "This is my home now." "Jimin we need to sell tho--" "Shhhh join in." -an hour later- "Jungkook! Jimin! where are y--" "Join us" "Help me." "...." "Would you like to talk about our lord and savior, the macaroon?" "Jin-hyung save me." "...Listen just because it is your finals this week doesn't mean you can hide in the back and make a macaroon fort." "Dang it." (im so sorry)

OMG tbh i’m surprised the fort even lasted an hour considering jimin is there (he would’ve eaten them all whee ze)

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also (last ask i promise) all the avengers and queer and they all go to pride together right after peter joins and everyone the entire city freaks out and all the queer kids in the entire city go to bed that night knowing that their personal heroes will accept them even if their families/peers don't

(Asks water my crops and clear my skin don’t worry about it!!)

-Peter gets all decked out in his Spider-Man costume and Bc he’s an upstanding trans member of society he wears the trans flag like a cape and a big ol’ “bi pride” patch sewn on to it
-‘Peter,, Thor can see your flag from asguard I think it’s big enough"
-Peter wears pins tons of patches and pins for other identities on his flag to show his support (and protect his identity)

-tony has a trans flag wrapped around him like a toga Bc he’s Extra™ but we love him
halfway through pride he suits up and the suit has been temporarily painted the pan pride colors

-Steve and tony convince Bucky to go to pride
even though Bucky is scared of hurting someone on accident
-Steve is wearing a big ass ace pride pin right on the star in the middle of his chest
-his shield is also temporarily painted rainbow
-he paints it rainbow Bc he’s not sure how he feels about labels for himself but he’s def p gay for his two boyfriends

-Bucky has their eyeliner on and Instagram worthy eyeshadow done in the nonbinary colors
-Bucky’s arm was spray painted rainbow
-that’s the arm they hold steve’s hand with
-because they don’t want to crush Tony’s hand in the middle of a parade

-natasha and Clint are on a mission somewhere classified
-and yet Peter gets a selfie of Clint with war paint on his cheeks in pink purple and blue
-Peter receives another picture that’s just really blurry
-then another one with Natasha glaring at Clint and despite his already bruising eye he’s smiling Very Big™
-Natasha’s normally red curls are now varying shades of pink and Peter knows that’s for the lesbian and demigirl flags
-it’s captioned “I startled her”
-Peter laughs so hard he almost passes out

-Bruce stays at the tower bc if he hears any ignorant language or hate he’ll probably destroy some shit
-but he facetimes tony the whole time and he loves it
-tony convinced him to go next year and buys him a aromantic and asexual pride pins

-Sam chooses to opt for a bi pride cape because it’s the most majestic with his wings
-he definitely doesn’t fly above the crowds just to show off his bisexual grace

-Wanda is nervous about making public appearances but her asexual color-coordinated outfit is too pretty to pass up wearing
-she doesn’t leave visions side the entire day and had a really good time

-the avengers accidentally end up hijacking a float? They get a whole float to themselves and kids and adults shed tears as they see their heroes supporting them and actually sharing traits with them

-They sign as many things as possible for people asking

-Peter knows the daily bugle will have a field day but looking around at all these people who are like him and his friends he knows he’ll have support- from both the public and his teammates

-Peter sees MJ and Ned in the crowd and he waves at both of them

-the avengers leave towards the end of the parade but there’s enough time for Peter to change and go meet them

-he has to take off his flag but he has a few pins he can wear

-mj’s “they/them” pin makes Peter’s heart soar with secondhand pride bc mj just expels confidence and it’s amazing

-Ned has pink, blue, and yellow face paint that smudges onto Peter when he kisses him

-Peter can see where it’s smudged on MJ too and he loves his partners so much he thinks he might explode

-Peter goes out with them for pizza and gets picked up by May later who couldn’t go because she had to work a double shift but still has her lesbian pride pin on her shirt

-it was one of the best days of peters life

Okay so yesterday I was talking with a friend and suddenly she said “can you stop talking about Park Jihoon for three damn seconds?” And I was like “yeah, sure. One, two, three. So did you see Jihoon…”, and she screamed “fFS JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM”. I smiled, nodded and quickly changed the topic to Wanna One in general.

I swear, for a second I thought she was going to kill me.


To NST who received some hate Anons yesterday as a result of me posting the Samzie screenshots and video–I’m SO sorry. I’m still getting some and they are growing in nastiness. Either people are finally figuring out I’m back or the Samzie video revived the hate in people’s hearts…whatever the reason, these Anons are as bad as the ones I got when I first joined Tumblr. I can handle them because I’ve been here awhile and have gone 12 rounds with these delusional dumbasses (this is my blog, so I’m not going to censor myself–I DO think some ES ARE delusional (not in touch with reality) AND I DO think some ES are dumbasses (one of my favorite words, anyone who after all the evidence still thinks Sam & Cait are a couple is dumb. Sorry.) Again, my blog, my words.

But, back to NST getting hate, again, I wish that wasn’t happening. If any of it is directly addressing me, then just DM it to me and I’LL answer it. I own my actions and I will answer for them. I got sidetracked with RL yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to post some more Anons, but since they are growing in nastiness I will post them-I don’t want to create a negative atmosphere, I just want to bring to the forefront how the ‘light and love" brigade continue to actually be full of hypocrisy and hate. And the best way to do that is to let THEIR words speak for themselves. Hopefully the hate Anons will die down. In the meantime, we have Sam’s golden god luscious deliciousness MensHealth pic spread and video to remind us of the good things in life.

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Hello. Sorry for bother you and don't worry, I won't do nothing wrong and I will respect. I only would ask to you how I have to wait, and I will wait. I don't want to bother and I want and understand to wait for, but I would be glad if I can know how I have to wait. Sorry if this bother you

To everyone in Haikyuu!! fandom, heads up!

This person who’s been pestering me about joining my livejournal community – 91valechan on Tumblr Valentina y cia on Facebook – is SOMEONE YOU SHOULD BLOCK AND REPORT. THIS PERSON HAS SOMETHING WRONG IN THE HEAD.

She hates UshiOi and all who ship them, to the point that she would harass shippers/cosplayers/authors/artists (even Japanese artists) on Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook/AO3 and other websites. She would call them sluts/whores/rapists and tell them to get cancer/raped/tumors etc. All in the name of her “IwaOi/OiIwa Protection Squad” [FB Page, FB Group] and her “fight against immorality”.

So far, she’s been banned on AO3, suspended on Twitter, and her “UshiOi is Rape” Facebook page has been taken down.

More details and picture proofs on @koohog ’s blog HERE

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GO READ THIS IF YOU AREN’T. Seriously, it’s the most amazing fan comic I have ever seen and it tops the hell out of a lot of the licensed comics. @laivaaja Do you how hard it was to read this when the art was just so perfect? I spent ages just staring at all the details: especially the panel with the closeup of the stormtrooper’s helmet and the gash on it. Fucking hell, you blow me away every damn time! Piett’s face! Veers’s face! The way you took the time to give every officer a different face! Damn! Just fucking damn! <3 And then the speech! Why can’t I crawl into the screen and join them? I’m motivated now! I’m gonna go help. The ending was perfect too. Fuck, let me hop on a plane and just come love you.

Aaaah thanks for saying all that! Hmm, from a storytelling point it is not probably good that the reader gets stuck on each panel, but I take that as a great compliment!

Damn yes these imperials needs their faces to be shown, their emotions be readable - I oppose covering their faces like in SW Rebels… or making them all evil to the core in a patronizing attempt to educate the viewer like a three-year-old, which Star Wars directors are guilty of too often.

I believe that Piett is a man with high moral standards, and most likely all of the people in that hangar think that they are the good guys. They believe that they are doing the right thing, that’s why they are speaking about loyalty and honour.

But what else could I produce: I am total imperial trash and I would be there in the middle cheering after that speech. :D

Yes. Let’s love each other, and our imperial boys. ;D

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how do i make friends,

making friends is def easier during the school year where u can join school clubs, sports teams, and befriend classmates.

since it’s summer it’s a lil harder but I would say if there’s any local “spots” people your age in your town/city go to, visit there & mingle. Make conversations with people while you’re out and about. If there’s people you already know but never really hang out with, you can hit them up and ask to hang. Often times you’ll end up meeting their friends if it’s a group outing.

Making friends requires mutual effort and communication. But don’t just befriend anyone for the sake of having more friends. If you find that you don’t mesh well with people, don’t try to force a connection!

You know what i hate about chronic illness? Constantly having to hold myself back. I’d like to take the dogs out in the sun for a 2nd walk with my camera, walk along the river and get some nice pictures. But i have to leave for work in an hour so i need to rest. I’d like to walk to the big pet store with them but i while i can make it that far and back, i’ll be in too much pain to do the stuff i need to do later. I’d love to join an exercise class, go swimming or volunteer at more places but if i do that something else has to give. I’ve had a bug all week and my fatigue is ridiculous. Its hard to even make it to work, never mind do all this extra fun shit i’d enjoy doing. I have no choice about work, i have to do that and i constantly find myself saving my mobility for that. Theres so much shit i want to do and can physically manage but i cant because i have a ton of more important shit to do that i wont manage. Chronic illness is a bummer. 

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not the same anon but, this is a follow up to their question about tsumugi's ""love interest"" i personally don't know a lot about the game myself, but im aware that tsumugi and angie have had a few interactions in the game, as well as a fan service scene together? i can completely be wrong, but didn't tsumugi also join angie's student council thing? my apologies if this is out of line considering im not very well informed.

There are a few interactions between them, but nothing that I would say really constitutes as “baiting” between them!

The “fanservice scene” is actually an optional scene involving Angie, Tsumugi, Tenko, and Himiko (as the four girls in Angie’s “Religious Student Council”) getting changed into swimsuits to meet at the pool for a “friendship meeting.” There’s admittedly a tiny bit of baiting there, but it’s along the same lines as most pool/onsen fanservice scenes in other anime, and it’s not a scene specifically dedicated to just Angie and Tsumugi or anything.

Tsumugi does join Angie’s “Religious Student Council,” supposedly because the god that Angie tells her about is one with “red eyes and black hair” (which definitely seems like a Kamukura reference, knowing Tsumugi’s love of DR, but it could be several other red-eyed black-haired characters in the DR franchise; the joke is just that Kamukura is literally a demigod at this point). But in hindsight I think the real reason Tsumugi joined was likely to keep an eye on the situation and monitor things herself.

Considering her role as a passive bystander and someone who seems slightly eccentric but quick to get roped into others’ schemes, it makes sense that it would be “in-character” for her to join, too. Intentionally playing the kind of character who just goes along with what others want from her makes it easier to slip under the radar, and much harder for other people to believe her capable of playing a brilliant ringleader or master manipulator behind the scenes.

There’s a scene of Angie holding Tsumugi and welcoming her into her “Religious Student Council” by describing the image of her god to her, but the CG for that scene is identical to every other CG we get of Angie welcoming in a new member. She does the same kind of maternalistic hug with both Himiko and Gonta as well, cradling their heads and describing their gods to them. So it’s hard to say that it’s supposed to be taken in a shippy way with Tsumugi when the same exact CG happens with two other characters as well.

Other than those things, there’s not really a lot of one-on-one interaction between Tsumugi and Angie, partially because Angie’s character arc is much more dedicated to the conflict between her, Tenko, and Himiko, and partially because Tsumugi is very clever about not actually interacting much with any of the others. There’s a tiny bit of fanservice baiting between them for the locker room CG, but other than that nothing to really indicate that Angie was intended as a specific love interest for Tsumugi.

Also, you don’t have anything to apologize for anon! I’m always happy to try clearing up questions on this blog, so it’s perfectly fine to ask these sorts of things. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope I could help!

you know what my favorite thing is ???     you have characters destined for greatness in their main verses.     they go on to save people and so many important things in their timeline’s history and then you put them in a modern setting.     a normal setting with no space travel and super heroes.     everyone is normal and everyone is leading normal lives and where’s that greatness ???     of course you can manage to work it in but you know what ???     not everyone has to be a hero and great ya feel.     

like i’ve been dwelling on a modern au with jim where pike never finds him ??     he never gets pushed to join anything substantial so he’s off stealing motorcycles and getting into bar fights in rural iowa.     WASTED OPPORTUNITIES PLASTERED RIGHT ACROSS HIS FACE.     and that’s the tragic beauty of it ???     in one verse, jim is this great man doing great things and in this other verse he’s not going anywhere in life and that’s okay ???     that’s just peachy because you can do whatever you want in life and you don’t always gotta be a hero.

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