can i join in with them

Good Evening!

New tonight, there have been developments in the homicide case involving Wilford Warfstache and Dark.

Main suspect, Mark Fischbach was been reported by community members as acting very strange over the past few hours. Incidents include making strange posts with presumed hidden messages, making out of character responses to neighbors, and an odd change in appearance that Mr. Fischbach has yet to address despite continued questioning.

Here we see the appearance change which is believed to be a “mask” of sorts.

More concerning are the almost friendly messages he has sent out to members of the community.

Seemingly harmless until investigated further.

When can clearly make out two messages.

“Go back to sleep”

“Kill them”

And a third which seems to make out laughter.


We’re also getting reports that some members of the community have joined Mr. Fischbach by donning the same mask and sending messages to their fellows.

Mr. Fischbach’s latest message to the community:

Authorities are advising citizens to remain cautious around the suspect as he shows more signs of becoming unhinged.

That’s all we have for now, thank you for joining us this evening. This reporter wishes you all a safe evening. Goodnight.

Southside Serpents

Literally the best characters on riverdale there all I want!!!

Sweet pea *oh my gosh* the hottest most badass serpent

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Toni topaz gorgeous strong badass female serpent

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Fangs tough buff hot serpent *love those smiles*

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Jughead newest cutest prince serpent *looks good with the jacket* 😍😍😍

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FP Jones sexy daddy and leader serpent

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Joaquin cute adorably gay serpent (come back we (kevin) miss u!)

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Them together literally the best! Who needs Archie Betty and Veronica ALL I need are the serpents!

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Can I join the serpent!?!?!

There much more than a gang there a loyal loving family:)

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BTS Gayo Track 8

So I’ve been rewatching all the Gayo vlives and one particular moment in Track 8 caught my eye that I’ve never payed attention to before, and I thought it was really cute so I wanted to share.

At the end of the video when the losing team get up to sing their punishment, everyone is up dancing with them except for Yoongi who’s sat on his stool in the back

He’s obviously having a good laugh but doesn’t join in. Then Hoseok turns around and you can see him dancing towards Yoongi, waving his arms in the air

The next cut you can see Yoongi started waving his arms in the air too :3

And then there’s Namjoon…

please somebody help him

anonymous asked:

1i got fired from my part-time volunteer lab position for excessive tardiness. it only happened a few times, and one was a very specific misunderstanding, but they always said "no don't worry this is a casual environment" so i thought i didnt need to put so much pressure on myself. it felt like a bad fit from the beginning, so im not so surprised. but more than anything, im incredibly embarrassed and ashamed. im not interested in the subject studied, but had no prior lab experience and they took

2a chance on me. I take full responsibility for being late – I know its unacceptable. But having bpd, its really hard to shake off the embarrassment & shame. I haven’t invested a lot of time here, but I thought “maybe I am worth it” to have secured this position. When I started, I felt imposter syndrome constantly (I wasn’t as remarkable academically as the other lab members, and this was at a famous institution) So now I feel worthless. Im trying to keep my mind off of it, but im just so ashame

Hi anon,

You’ve learned several really good lessons here- lessons that a lot of people who pursue academia (along with other career paths) have to learn at one point or another. 

1) although lateness is rampant in academia (myself included), only people who have already proven themselves get to be late without consequences. when you are a professor, you can hold a whole class or your entire lab hostage for an hour if you want without essentially any consequences. when you are the lowest person on the totem pole and you haven’t proven yourself yet, you get no extra room.

2) employers will pretend they are nicer/more flexible than they actually are. don’t believe the “this is a casual environment” stuff. even if it is- and sometimes academia is very casual -it still mostly doesn’t apply to you until you’ve got that track record, and only in ways that have no impact on your colleagues and particularly your superiors. 

 3) because of all that, you should prove yourself by being on your very best behavior for at least 2 months of a position (often longer). After they know you and they trust you, you start to get leg room. If you have a skill set that can’t be replaced (ex: you’re the only one who knows how to use the scheduling system, you have analytic skills no one else has) then you get more room sooner. but make sure you solidify a good rep before you get too comfortable.

4) people in academia only want to work with people who are as passionate about their topic as they are. this is literally their lives’ work. they want to be surrounded with people who are as passionate and dedicated to it as they are. they know that many undergrad/postgrad RAs aren’t as passionate, but they want to a) feel like they can convince you to join them or b) at least not notice you aren’t that excited about it (meaning, you’ve got to fake it a bit). 

I bet you’ve already thought about all that. But I hope you’ll learn three more things from this:

5) failure does not mean you are worthless. people fail all the time, and it’s particularly common in academia where things are competitive and the rules are made up, implicit, and constantly changing. it doesn’t mean anything about their worth as a person. I got fired from the first job I ever had (not in academia, in customer service) because I rolled my eyes at my manager. That was a mistake and I probably deserved to be fired. But I learned from it and approached my managers/supervisors in future positions with more respect. I know that doesn’t reflect my worth- it’s one thing about me, not everything.

6) this is not the end of the story unless you decide it should be. true success in academia (and in life) comes from people being really stubborn and resilient, and just getting up over and over again after each failure. you will be hard pressed to find successful people in academia who have always succeeded. I hope you’ve seen this “CV of failures”- people who become very successful in academia (and other domains) often get fired and rejected over and over again- even after they’ve already proven themselves! 

7) but you don’t have to keep putting yourself in this situation if you don’t want to. academia is really hard and it’s not for everyone. it does not reflect poorly on you as a person if you choose a path with less rejection and ambivalence and competitiveness- it’s a really healthy choice for some people. but if you do want this, then you’ve got to work on rolling with the rejection. let yourself feel the sting, and then move on to the next attempt. you’ll get better each time (so fewer rejections over time) and it’ll get easier to move on.

take care :)


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~ canon divergent things ~ please read !

I don’t want to be difficult to write with and I don’t want my choices in characterization to limit who I can write with and stuff ? But I need to say this about the Jughead Jones you’ll find on my blog. My portrayal of Jug does not have him as the spearhead of Serpent pride. His feelings about the Serpents are complicated and confusing, it makes him uneasy and unsure. He does want to be a part of them, for the reasons of his initial joining – to help balance the two sides of town, to protect the people he cares about, to try and stop a civil war from making casualties – and because he trusts the people he’s with and likes them. This however does not manifest in my Jughead as extra behaviour or this over the top Serpent pride. He hasn’t forgotten the apprehension and shame he’d felt about the Serpents before. And he knows it’s not something to glorify or romanticize, and he isn’t blind to the consequences. 

This is how I will continue write Jughead. I hope you’ll respect this and want to plot and write with me. I hope it doesn’t make things too difficult for us interacting.

I keep seeing people complain about the lack of seadwellers in the Troll Call upd8s. I hate to break it to you folks, but I doubt we’re going to be getting any. We can see all of their silhouettes and none of them have visible fins and there’s only one or two that could possibly have fins, just hidden within their hair. Also all of these trolls are probably part of the revolution and it’s unlikely a seadweller will join since there’s such hostility between the landdwellers and seadwellers. 

That’s not to say there will be no seadwellers other than the heiress in Hiveswap, just that none of the trolls we get a preview of will be one.

10 facts about me! I was tagged by the lovely @sohvaperunah thanks for tagging me! Um random facts…

1. I performed in an actual theater when I was younger and I used to be pretty good at acting! I dropped it in sixth form though and haven’t done any in years.

2. I still love putting on accents though! I love accents seriously I can listen to them for ages XD

3. I’ve loved video games since I was little. My brother had a SNES and Sega and I’d just sit in his room and watch him play. Sometimes he’d let me join in on multiplayer which is why I have a particular soft spot for the secondary characters. Luigi and Knuckles were my heroes!

4. I have literally loved writing and reading since forever. Even in primary school I’d just write avidly in ‘golden time’ where we got to do whatever we wanted for an hour!

5. I’m super interested in ghosts and the like. I’ve even had some experiences (none that I went looking for but stuff happens!)

6. The furthest I’ve travelled was to New York with my secondary school.

7. I love shiny and glittering things!

8. Haven’t been on there in ages, but neopets was my favourite website for many years and I’m still pretty proud of my account XD

9. My hair has been on fire three times - all in the same church. 😂

10. Poochyena is my favourite Pokemon EVER. I have to have one in every game I have, so if there’s a new Pokemon game abd someone offers a lapras for a female mighyena, that’s me! (I like to get the right personality and name them myself!)

Okay tagging: @eluvisen @mrninjapineapple @ariejul @lothrilzul @madman-of-amargosa @coffeehouse5 @rinasai @solesurvivorkat @alexaberkeley @beckiboos @keycchan only if you feel like it there’s no pressure!

Me mid-September, not having read the book first: Ahh, IT was such a good film! Can’t wait to see the Losers Club in chapter two! *joins tumblr and makes a blog dedicated to IT/the losers*



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Jims! Furry Jim is trying to join the masked marks! I'm doing my best to prevent them from doing it but there's not much I can do! I'm already stopping them from looking at the masked mark messages on the blog I share with them but I don't know how much longer until Furry Jim turns!~mod Clara, obsessedwithegos

not furry jim!!!

- Jim #6965

giogioss  asked:

Hey uh Jun Hogo is fucking amazing in the demo and is she going to join MC's party at any point in the main game? Sincerely someone who's seen five minutes of inspector Hogo and come to love her.

Thank you for the love! A goal for a lot of the OCs in this game is to avoid them being seen as poorly thought out or poorly written, so we hope with what we have for her she won’t come across that way.

But, lol, to answer your question, there will be some party members outside the main cast. That’s all I can say. We’ve really grown to like Jun internally, but we’ve resolved to show off more of the original characters in 2018, so please look forward to them!

theoriginalliamjones  asked:

"I think it's remotely plausible that someone might think you're hot."

@theoriginalliamjones - THE X-FILES SEASON ONE SENTENCE STARTERS - Accepting

“Is that so?” It was a rare quiet night in the bar, many of the regulars deciding against braving the cold snap. Her too-large house with its too-faulty heaters made the inside temperature just barely better than that of the outside, and the bar was the warmest place she knew. “Is this a hypothetical someone, or is there a name you can give me? I need to determine whether or not I should scare them away.”

anonymous asked:

*whispers* I’m scared of the voltron shippers pls send help they keep trying to get me to join their side of klance or sheith or hunk and lance make it stoooop


(whispers) i’m scared of them too c’mere you can hide in the corner with me

friendlyphantom  asked:

Alex, Mark's fandom is now full of weird black-eyed cultists and now one of them is trying to get me join. I wont join though, I am not giving into...whatever this is.

Oh yeah, the cult? Yeah im aware of the cult. Kinda wanna join, just so I can say I was a part of a cult but also that requires positivity and like I’m super depressed and shit, so I probably wouldn’t qualify ta join. But maybe it’s just because I care.


REQUEST: lol this is gonna sound like a really random and weird request but can you do an imagine about brandon just like looking at you. like fans and family and the other boys notice him looking at you all the time but you don’t. just super fluffy i guess. i don’t know if that makes sense but i tried to explain lmaoooo

A/N: This isn’t a weird request! I love this though! I can picture Brandon doing that, looking at you and admiring your beauty. I really enjoyed writing this one! 

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People denying that outdoor cats are a problem, regardless of whether you live in the city, suburbs, or country, regardless of what country you live in, is one of the things that can make me see red the fastest. 


I had to make a compilation of Ben doing the vulnerable thing with his mouth - he does it both times he reaches out to ask Rey to join him, like he can’t contain the words even though he might want to swallow them, as if he’s never dared to admit to wanting anything for himself before, like he’s afraid of being unwanted like he was with his family

keith headcanons

━ when he was 12 he would carry a taser and a pepper spray everywhere he goes and would use them whenever someone pisses him off


      - keith, 17 minutes later: ‘hey shiro, sorry i said all that stuff. i love you, you’re the coolest big brother. can we order food now’

━ he got suspended once because he accidentally caused a fire and instead of putting it out he threw everything flammable and made the fire bigger

━ keith: ‘shiro, what’s your favourite colour?’

      - shiro, happily: ‘black’

      - keith: ‘your name means white, though. you don’t make sense, shiro’

━ keith once tried to eat a lighter and when someone asks why it was because he wanted to have fire-breathing powers

━ he joined the baseball team only to have access to the bat and whenever someone annoys him he whacks them with his bat

━ he got a toy sword for his birthday present and he brings it everywhere he goes. sometimes when someone annoys him, he would poke them really hard with it

━ he saw a really cute boy in his class and gained a tiny crush. the first thing he did was challenge him to a sword duel

━ shiro: ‘hey keith, did you take the kitchen knife to show and tell at school today’

━ when keith finally had his drivers license he bought his first motorcycle with his savings and drove around until 9pm

━ his first ever friend beside shiro was matt. they met at the garrison. he and matt would do pranks on iverson and shiro everytime they hang out

━ keith: ‘so like. do you know who lance is’

      - matt: ‘lance. lance, lance, lance. oh! oh, you mean lance!’

      - keith, grinning: ‘yeah!’

      - matt: ‘no, don’t know him’

      - keith, immediately pulling out his knife: ‘please die’

━ keith: [bumps into lance] lance: ‘oops, sorry’

      - keith, internally: ‘okay, keith. this is your chance. tell him it’s okay and smile. maybe ask him to hang sometime’

      - keith, externally: ‘watch your fucking step, asshole’

━ hunk: ‘hi, i’m hunk! you probably don’t know me, but i’m a friend of lance’s? he’s still pretty upset about that one time you elbowed him and you didn’t say sorry’

      - keith: ‘i never elbowed him’

      - hunk, smiling with tears in his eyes: ‘please just date him’

━ keith: ‘can you move? you’re in my seat’

     - lance, obviously pining: ‘why don’t you move! or maybe not- we can- we can sit down together if you want. there’s like. a spot next to me so like. yeah, sit next to me’

     - keith, not moving: ‘ok we can sit together but you’re in my seat’

━ lance aced a test once and he was so happy he accidentally hugged keith and keith smiled at him, lance had a whiplash and couldn’t stop thinking about it for 5 whole days

━ he still has the taser and pepper spray and he tasered iverson once and sprayed pepper at matt a couple of times

━ matt: ‘you’re the reason i wear glasses’

     - keith: ‘now that’s just uncalled for’

━ keith, seeing pidge for the first time: ‘(internally) who the fuck is this matt cosplayer’

━ keith, unlocking his bayard: ‘damn. kinda wish it was a taser’

     - keith, seeing pidge’s bayard works like a taser: ‘(softly) the fuck is this homophobia’

━ keith, laying down on his bed while starring at the ceiling: ‘(thinks about lance) yep. i’m gay’

━ allura found him screaming and being chased by blue who was firing her weapons at him. soon she found out that keith had tried to sneak into blue’s cockpit and find out if lance had feelings for him

━ he goes out to the kitchen at 2am and coran thinks he’s some sort of creature that got into the castle by accident

     - coran then sets up a trap. the next morning, keith is hanging upside down. coran finally understood that keith was the one making noises at 2am and not a scary creature

     - keith, upside down: ‘i’ve been like this since 2am. someone please put me down’

━ keith: ‘does lance like me’

     - allura, visibly annoyed: ‘keith, you’ve been here for the 17th time now. i told you i don’t know’

     - keith, walking away: ‘ok, i’ll ask again in a few minutes’

━ accidentally blurts out ‘i love you’ to lance and then immediately runs away from him

━ lance: ‘so. wanna go out sometimes?’

     - keith: ‘we’re in space’

     - lance:

     - lance: ‘nevermind’

     - keith, at 4am: ‘(bolting right up) HE WAS ASKING ME OUT ON A DATE’

Lance: (lying down on the floor, smiling)

Pidge: what are you doing?

Lance: stargazing

Pidge: what? But we’re indoo— (looks up at the ceiling, which is covered with pictures of Hunk) oh. (Lies down next to Lance) don’t mind if I do

Lance: (nods)

Keith: (walks in) hey guys what are you doi