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Work It Out

In which Eric Bittle officially comes out to his Mama. 

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It was only hours into Christmas vacation and the Bittle Family’s quaint, sunshine yellow kitchen was already overflowing with every kind of pie-like confection imaginable. Apple. Cherry. Rhubarb. You name it, and it was probably perched on one of the many crowded windowsills.

This increased state of pie productivity was due in part to the fact that the elder Bittle had missed her son/best friend/partner in sugary crime something fierce while he was away at college, but it was mostly just because Eric himself was more nervous than he’d ever been in his whole life.

Today was the day. Today was the day he would tell her about Jack.

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Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Soulmate!AU, fluff (omg I wrote fluff for once???)

Word Count: 1,311 words of pure fluff

Seven days, nineteen hours, thirty four seconds. That’s when you’ll meet them.

Your soulmate.

Seven days, nineteen hours, twenty eight seconds of pure terror and hell, but happiness and excitement. Your eyes kept on flickering over to the bright red numbers over your bed that had appeared on the night of your thirteenth birthday party. Teenage girls who didn’t know much about the whole ordeal of a soulmate and random numbers appearing on your bedroom wall means there was a lot of screaming. Most of it from your friends who were more excited about the fact in nine years, twenty three hours and fifty five minutes is when you’ll be meeting your beloved one.

It seemed surreal. The years had gone so quickly, in a blink of the eye as you could say. The feeling in the pit of your stomach was strange, but the feeling of relief, the feeling of excitement never left as you grew up.

It never occurred to you that in fact the day was only a week away. Nine years had passed so quick. Maybe too quick. Why were you so nervous? It’s just your soulmate…just the person who you’re fated too since the moment you were born, nothing major.

“Hobi, will you stop pacing? I’m going to become cross eyed at this rate.”

Sorry Chim, but- it’s six days away. Six!”

“You’re going to be fine! The person you’re going to meet is supposed to love you and care for you Hobi. You don’t need to be this tense,” Jimin tried to comfort his friend. Hoseok had been a nervous wreck for a month, the entire situation scaring him but exciting him also.

“D-Do I get a present for them?” Hoseok began.


“What do I even get them? I don’t know if it’s a male or a female!”

“Hobi, calm do-”

“What if…what if I get them something, an-and they don’t like it!? What if- what if they don’t like me Jimin?”

“Oh my god, you drama queen! You’re fated to them! Hoseok, they’re going to love you, I know it. They’re your soulmate, of course they’ll love you.” Jimin avoided the mention of glitches, he didn’t need to panic him out even more, but there was no way a ray of sunshine like Hoseok would get or even be a glitch. Fate wouldn’t be that mean…

“Look, if it helps you feel any better, Yoongs and I are total opposites yeah? We still get along, fate made it that way. Your soulmate, doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, I know they’ll be the one for you. I can feel it Hobi. You’re so loveable, so happy, like the sun on Earth, if they don’t love you there is seriously something wrong with them.”

“Thanks Chim, you’re the best,” Hoseok sighed and hugged the shorter one. Jimin’s words comforted him a bit, but the worry was still there. He just wanted those six days to pass quickly so he could meet you, whoever you were.

The day was finally here. The fact that you were going to meet your soulmate hadn’t sunk in at all. How did the week go so fast? How did the years go so quick? How and where the hell were you going to see them…

You sat up in bed and looked over at your clock. 4:41 AM. Damn, it was way too early to be awake right now, but you weren’t able to go back to sleep. Looking up at the red numbers above your bed sent you into more of a panic and nervous wreck than you already were.

One hour and seventeen minutes.

That’s when you’ll be meeting them. Your soulmate.

Hoseok was probably more of a mess than you (but you didn’t know that). He resulted to pacing again. His eyes hurt but that’s only because he stayed awake most of the night, the fact he was going to meet the one person he was fated to had made butterflies grow in his stomach. Hoseok glanced up at the red numbers.

The countdown was on and it made his stomach churn, but a smile appeared on his face. The day he was waiting for since he was twelve, was finally here and nothing could take that away from him. Nothing was able to make this day a total disaster for him because he was going to meet you. Finally, after all these years, he’s going to meet the one person who will keep him happy, stand by his side no matter what. He was going to meet someone who was going to love him unconditionally.

Coffee. That’s what you really needed. Your eyes were threatening to close and you were too lazy to make yourself some warm breakfast this early in the morning. You washed up, grabbed your purse and your phone, putting on a jacket because it was a little chilly, and you headed out to the nearest coffee shop.

You took your time, taking a small stroll through the park as the sun came up calmed you down just that little bit. You smiled, everything looked so beautiful as the pinkish orange sunlight hit the grass, the flowers, the trees, illuminating everything so it had a tinge. You smiled. Even though the cold wind was nipping at your nose and your ears, the rays of the sun and the thought of meeting the one kept you warm.

You decided to head to the coffee shop that you usually attend before work or when you’re too lazy to make breakfast, much like today.

You ordered yourself a hot chocolate because of the cold weather. When it was ready, you took the cup into your hand, instant warmth flooding throughout your body. A notification from your phone made you turn it on as you started heading towards the door to leave.

Hoseok walked into the small coffee shop, it looked like it was the only thing open that early in the morning, it looked comfy, somewhere he could clear his thoughts before he met his soulmate. What Hoseok didn’t expect was to have spewing hot chocolate spilt on his jacket and shirt the second he walked in.

“O-Oh my gosh! I-I’m so sor-” your words caught up in your throat when you looked up to see who you had accidentally bumped into. Shock overtakes both your body and Hoseok’s.

“I-It’s you…” Hoseok whispered. His eyes were wide, he had never seen anyone as beautiful as you before in his life. The overwhelming feeling of finally seeing you, after waiting all these years made him feel all giddy inside.

You and Hoseok both felt something pressing against your wrists lightly, causing you to look down and observe what was going on. His name was being carved onto your delicate skin in black writing, almost like calligraphy. The date, the time, and his name were all there.

“Jung Hoseok,” you whispered. Hoseok’s insides felt warm the moment his name left your lips. He couldn’t help but smile at it. Smile at you.

“You-” your eyes drifted up to take a better look at his face, he was beautiful, handsome, absolutely perfect. “Just- wow. Th-This feels, unreal…”

“C-Can I, can I touch you?” Hoseok asks gently, the burning of the hot chocolate having left his mind at this point All he could see was you. All he wanted to hold, to cuddle, to kiss, to love, was you.


Not even a second passed before Hoseok’s hands were cupping your cheek, but they were cold which made you flinch just a little. “Cold,” you pouted.

That pout made Hoseok grin wider if possible. He was going to cherish you until he died, he wouldn’t let you go, he’d love you. He was going to give you his all, he promised himself that.

a/n: ahh hapPY HOSEOK DAY!! this sunshine boy deserves everything istg omg. i hope he’s having an amazing day and i hope he enjoys the concert that is on tonight!

alright so now that i’m just sitting in central park waiting for the fox upfronts to start, i can talk about glenn

basically we were on opposite sides of the street because they had the side where the celebrities were leaving all barricaded off. so we (me, nicole, and justine) see glenn come out and i yell and get his attention and he waves at us, and i try and wave him to come over. he looks around like he’s trying to figure out if he can, and he yells back that he can’t, so i ask if i can go over there and he tells us to come over

so i run across the street, almost get hit by a truck, and glenn just opens his arms and says “you made it!!” so i go right over and hug him. he’s super sweet and tells whoever he’s with that he’s gonna stop and talk to us because we worked really hard to come see him

so i take a picture with him, and then i was feeling brave so i told him that his trans activism really means a lot to me as a trans person. he was so sweet about it and said it means a lot to him too and hearing things like that is why he does it. then i took the video for @topdennis and @adrianicsea and we said goodbye

so that was pretty much it, glenn is a sweet angel and hopefully i’ll have some news about rob and kaitlin in a little bit!!

The Fight For Independance(Platonic!Hamilsquad x African American!Reader)

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: Living as a woman during the Revolution is hard enough, being African American on top of that makes it 1000 times harder. After being caught up in the street by a racist man, you meet up with Hamilsquad who protects you and makes you feel loved.

Warnings: Racist remarks towards African Americans made by white males, hitting, brief mentions of slavery.

Time Period: Hamiltime

Words: 1352

A/N: Hello! So this was requested over a month ago, but here it is. I’m so sorry for the wait and I hope if you are the one who requested it, this lives up to your expectations. Also, I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this story because that was not my intentions. In case you were wondering, I have two King George III stories coming out soon along with part two of Love and Trust, another Lafayette story, and an angsty Thomas x Reader. I hope you enjoy and have a fabulous day!!

It wasn’t easy being a person with colored skin during the American Revolution. While you were lucky enough to live in New York, where slavery wasn’t as predominant as in the south, you still weren’t treated with the respect you deserved. On top of it all, you were a woman, which meant you received even less respect.

Instead of being enslaved, you worked as a maid for a white family, where you received a small, weekly wage that was just enough to get by on. Of course, the Revolution had reduced the amount of jobs and pay available.

Luckily for you, you had met the four best friends you could ask for: Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Gilbert…Marquis de Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan. All of whom disagreed with the idea of slavery, and wanted to achieve freedom for all. John was even working on starting the first black battalion!

You had met your friends one night when you ran into them at the local bar. It had been your place of employment for a while, you were a waitress. One night, you kept serving them round after round, and you overheard their abolitionists ideas. You had agreed with them, introduced yourself, and the rest was history.

Present day, you were walking home from your job and going to meet the boys at the local bar. Eyes focused on the ground, you sped up, careful not to bump into anybody. It was dangerous for you to be walking alone, especially during time of war, but you didn’t want to burden any of the guys. They had more important things to worry about, like how to win independence.

Unfortunately, all had not gone as planned. While you had thought you were being careful to not hit anyone, somehow you had bumped shoulders with a white man. You prayed he would just let you be, but you weren’t that lucky.

“Watch it, you dumb slave girl.” the man spat at you.

Instead of answering, you thought it would be best to look at the ground and keep quiet. For some reason, the man you had bumped into took this as a sign of defiance.

“Hey! I was talking to you.” he growled and gripped your forearm tightly. You struggled as you tried to get the man to release his iron grip on you. “Don’t you have anything to say, or are you so stupid you can’t even speak?”

Although you were struggling, nobody in the streets stopped to help you out, you were all alone. “Let me go, I didn’t mean to bump into you.” you finally spoke, hoping that would satisfy the man enough to let you go.

“Ah, so the piece of filth can talk. Who do you think you are, disrespecting someone like me?” he asked, shaking your arm, gripping it even tighter.

You held back the tears that were forming in your eyes, not wanting to give this man the satisfaction of seeing you look weak. With all the strength you could muster, you confidently spoke. “You don’t scare me.”

“I don’t scare you, eh? You’re lucky you are semi-protected here in New York. If you spoke to me like that anywhere else, I’d have the right to whip you!” the man shouted and you knew your arm would be badly bruised.

Just as you thought he was going to let you go, he brought his hand up and slapped you hard across the cheek. The force of the blow caused you to let out a yelp.

Finally, the man shoved you to the ground and walked away like nothing had happened.

Shakily, you stood up and brushed the dirt from your dress, readjusted your shawl, and took a deep breath. You walked even faster to get to the bar, this time avoided everybody at all costs.

Once you finally reached the entrance, you adjusted your hair so it covered the mark left from the slap. You also pulled you sleeve down enough so it covered the fingerprint marks left from where you were grabbed.

Inside, you quickly spotted Alexander and the rest of your friends. You navigated through the hot, stuffy room and sat down between Hercules and John.

“Hello, (y/n). We thought you would never make it.” Alex laughed as he pushed in your chair.

You laughed nervously. “I apologize, I was let out later today than usual.” you lied.

“It’s alright, mon amie. You are here now and that is all that matters.” Lafayette stated, raising his glass in the air before taking a sip.

The night wore on and you began to forget about what had occurred just hours before. The boys didn’t question or notice your bruises, for which you were thankful.  You got lost in the conversation with your friends, laughing and joking about whatever came to mind.

Eventually, it got so hot in the bar that you subconscienciously rolled up your sleeves and tucked your hair behind your ears. It hadn’t even been a minute since you did those actions when John’s face turned to one of horror.

“(y/n), what happened to your cheek?” he asked in shock, gently touching the delicate area of your face.

You winced and pushed your hair back over your cheek. “It’s, um, nothing.” you said very unconvincingly.

The boys just rolled their eyes because you wouldn’t tell them the truth. John was going to press further when Hercules touched your arm. “What did you do to your arm, (y/n)?” he asked as he looked at the bruises.

“I-I tripped?” you tried telling them, but it came out as more of a question.

“You did not trip, those are fingerprints.” Alex pointed out, a look of anger crossing his face.

“Please, (y/n), tell us what happened.” Lafayette begged, concern crossing his entire face.

Instead of answering, you began to cry as you were ashamed to recount to the boys what happened. At first, they all just stared at you in shock, but eventually, John was the first one to move to comfort you. He gathered you in his arms and stroked your hair in an attempt to comfort you. Soon, the other boys followed suit.

After a few minutes, you regained your composure and took a deep breath before explaining. “On my way home, I bumped into a man I didn’t know. I tried to just leave it be, but he grabbed onto my arm and started shouting at me. He told me I was nothing more than a worthless, piece of filth and tried to threaten me. When I made an attempt to stand up to him, well, he-he hit me.” you trailed off at the end, your voice barely above a whisper.

Lafayette stared at you in shock before he spoke. “(y/n), do not listen to that asshole for one moment. You are the sweetest, most generous person. You don’t deserve to be treated like that.”

“Thank you,” you smiled. “But that is how must people see me so it is not surprising that is how I get treated.” you admitted, looking at the ground.

John’s head snapped towards you. “(y/n), it is not fair how you are treated, so don’t think for a second you deserve it. In fact, I hope you know that I am fighting this war to win you your independence as well as the colonies.” he told you confidently.

Alex was next to speak as he brought you into a comforting hug. “You do not need to worry about that happening again, because from now on I will walk you from work to your home everyday I possibly can.” he promised and kissed your knuckles.

Hercules leaned forwards and kissed your forehead before adding your two cents. “And if that ever happens again, I will make sure that whoever made you cry will pay for it.” he threatened, but gave you a loving smile.

“Thank you.” you murmured, pulling all the boys into a giant group hug.

Although you knew it would be a long journey to gain your independence, you knew it would be alright with your boys at your side.

A Little Gravebone Thing...

@wolfydrawings prompted me:

‘Malevolent psychic parasite. Any context’

So my brain now sees that and thinks ‘OBSCURUS’ and I want to be more hard sci-fi with this prompt but also CREDENCE *flails*

“What… what I have inside me…” Credence’s voice cracks a little as he speaks. Not surprising; he’s been silent nearly two days. That generally used to be easier. Seen and not heard. And because not heard, because it was all inside, not seen either.

It actually hurts a little, his tongue moving in his mouth, tearing away, dry.

And now Percival is looking at him, eyes wide, breath caught like he’s afraid.

But Percival has been looking at Credence like that ever since Credence found him.

And he is right to be afraid. Credence didn’t track him down to be nice. Credence didn’t hunt that scent – that scent, the smell of his neck, the collar of his soft coat, he’d wrapped it round Credence’s shoulders once, just for a little, smoke and ash – all the way to these dark, northern forests just to make conversation.

“You wanted it,” Credence finishes. He swallows, dry, and rubs a hand against the side of his head. This made more sense when he was rage, when he was fire and obliteration, soaring.

There’s a rattling noise, Percival’s chains shifting. He’s getting to his knees.

Credence made sure there was room for that. Being bound down so tight you can’t shift your posture hurts so much worse.

But he wants Percival to hurt, doesn’t he?

“Hey,” the voice is low, soft. Dry too – did Credence remember to bring either of them water?

“Hey, listen, kid?”

“You know my name!”

“I don’t know your name, OK? We met those two times, do you remember? You gave me a leaflet, talked to me about witches and how… well I guess your view on that’s changed, somehow, right? And then that time, that car splashed you, splashed us both and there was a cup of coffee, I thought, there’s a kid that needs something warm inside, I know how that feels, OK?”

Credence tilts his head, stares at the man on his knees in front of him. They’re still in the tiny cabin on the mountain, the chest where Percival had been is still open, and Credence didn’t gather any wood or set up any candles but there are all these little lights around them, floating, illuminating it just as much as he needs.

“You sound like him,” Credence says, and narrows his eyes. “If he hadn’t sounded like you, if it wasn’t for you, I would never have gone to him without realising, I would never have…” Tears rise up, hot, fierce, horrible, and it all swells up, dark, rushing.

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The Past in the Cross

A/N: An anon request for a fic where the reader has a background similar to Morgan. The team finds out when she gets taken in for questioning (instead of arrested) for something she didn’t do. My choice is that she’s dating Spencer already when the team has to take her in for questioning. 


Ah. Saturday. A day for not doing a damn thing except lounging on the couch and watching movies with Spencer. Both of you had had a long week. Time to relax. 

As soon as the thought left your head, Spencer’s phone rang, and you were convinced that the world was conspiring against you. He undoubtedly had a case. “Why?” you heard him ask whoever was calling him.

Apparently, the answer wasn’t to his satisfaction, because he hung up with a huff and turned to you. “You have to come in with me,” he said. You? You didn’t work with the BAU. You worked at an art installation across town. 

“Why?” you asked confused. 

“Steven Chabon is dead.” You hadn’t heard that name in years. You were hoping to never hear it again for as long as you lived, but apparently that was too much to ask. 

Swallowing hard, you wondered why that mattered anyway. Why did you need to go into the BAU- “He was murdered?” Spencer nodded. “And I’m a suspect?” Your body went cold. You didn’t want to hear the man’s name ever again, what would possibly make anyone think that you’d want to get close enough to him to kill him. 

Spencer rubbed his temple and closed his eyes. “They don’t think you’re a suspect, but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t bring you in to ask you a couple of questions…Morgan’s words not mine.” As you started to shake, Spencer came over to you and wrapped his arms around you. Even in death you couldn’t escape him. All the therapy you’d been through to put that man out of your mind. To work through all he’d put you through, and now it was all going to get unraveled because the bastard had died - had finally gotten what was coming to him. 

“Dammit,” you whispered into Spencer’s chest. “Not again.”


You’d walked into the BAU numerous times before. Going out to lunch with his friends and whatnot. But now you’d end up shaking every time you had to walk into that building. Another thing taken away from you by that bastard, Steven Chabon.

“You never told them about him, right?” you asked. When he shook his head, you guessed that Garcia had pulled up a cursory search of people who might have a vendetta against him. Damn right, you did. But that didn’t mean you were going to kill him. Granted, you wanted him dead, but you weren’t going to kill him.

Spencer kissed your forehead and let you walk inside the interrogation room, promising he’d be there for you when you got out. “I’m sorry to bring you in here, Y/N,” Morgan said. “But your name came up in a search, so I have to ask you some questions.”

“Get on with it, Morgan.” You were never that curt with him, but there was nothing you’d rather be doing less right now than this. 

He swallowed hard, asking how you knew him. “Morgan, is this really necessary?” you asked. “My name came up in a search. You have to know what it was for. Steven Chabon molested me every goddamn day after school in seventh and eighth grade. Every. Damn. Day.”

“I’m so sorry,” he said, shaking his head as he pressed on. He knew what answering these questions must’ve been doing to you, but he had to do his job. “When did you last him?”

As the taste of bile rose in your throat, you remembered the day he was convicted of child molestation and sentenced to 20 years in prison. He only served 11 and must’ve recently been released. “November 14, 2008,” you said flatly. “The day he was sentenced to 20 years for molesting myself and another student, Jenna Mizeski.”

“Can I ask you to take a look at the crime scene?” If he truly thought you were a suspect, he’d wouldn’t have asked. He would’ve just shown you the pictures to gaze your reaction.

Reluctantly, you reached out for the pictures before pulling back. “Is his body in the pictures?” you asked. He nodded. “Good. I want to see him dead.” That took Morgan a little off-guard, but after the original exclamation, you could see that he understood. 

The second you looked at them, you muttered ‘I win’ to yourself, but the feeling of relief that he was dead was short lived. A spray-painting of a Maltese cross was splayed above his head. You wanted to say nothing, but your face betrayed you. “You see something?”

“The cross,” you muttered, barely audible even in the silent room.

“What does it mean?” he asked. “To you.” You were vaguely aware of Morgan’s past with Carl Buford, so you could only imagine that he also had something that reminded him of Carl even though it shouldn’t. It was the same with you and the Maltese cross. 

You could practically taste the copper you were biting your tongue so hard. “It was on his desk,” you breathed. “I would be facing it when he touched me.” You knew his next question was going to be if anyone else knew about the cross. “I don’t know if anyone else but Jenna was molested by him. Me guess would be yes.”

“Thank you, Y/N,” Morgan said. 

You nodded, grateful to be done with this. “Hey Morgan?” He turned around, unsure of what you were about to say. “If this was her, or someone else he hurt that I don’t know about, can I be called to testify on their behalf?”

The answer was yes. And although a man was dead. He knew exactly how you felt. Whoever killed Steven Chabon was a hero in her eyes. Morgan walked out of the room and allowed you to leave. The second you saw Spencer, you started sobbing, collapsing into him as the rest of the team made their way to the round table room. “I’m sorry,” he said, hugging you tighter and rubbing your back. “I’m so, so sorry.”

If it weren’t for Spencer, his reassuring touch at your back, there was no way you’d be standing right now. Spencer was the one part of your life that Chabon hadn’t influenced, and now he’d fucked that up too. “I’m not going anywhere,” he said, reading your thoughts. “I’m with you.”

Marichat May Day 7 - Happy Pawing

Marinette doesn’t mind as much when it’s her things Chat accidentally tears with his happy pawing. When it’s a dress she made for Alya, turns out she minds quite a bit.

Rated G || 1,610 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

Not Retractable

Since Chat Noir had begun to visit her, Marinette had fixed three pillows, thrown six shirts into her ‘scrap fabric’ pile, and even had to reupholster her lounge once. If Chat had been a real cat then these disasters probably wouldn’t have happened since cats have small retractable claws. Unfortunately, Chat was a human boy in a cat suit which meant his claws were bigger and not retractable. Of course, when he transformed he had to be given cat like tendencies as well. Add those two together and one gets shredded fabric during happy pawing.

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anonymous asked:

im not even alive bc of all of these concepts. but hanging out with harry and his family. and joking around with gemma, and getting to see anne and robin. and michal being there as well. just feeling accepted and content and happy... harry is wearing THAT smile... the really big one, with dimples on display IM SCREAMING

THE SMILE HE WORE AT THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW PLEASE. I WANT TO HUG EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER MADE HIM SMILE THAT BIG. ALSO WHOEVER HAS THE PRIVILEGE OF MAKING HIM SMILE FOREVER WOW YOU THE REAL MVP. Anyway he’s wearing that one for sure. Yes he’s smiling and laughing about something funny but also at the perfect place and spot that you’ve found inside of his life. With his family. You fit right in. As if you’d always been there. He doesn’t see you anywhere else. Only here. This is where you should be and this is where he wants you. Can’t imagine anyone else filling up this space better than you do.

Dating Pietro would include:

• Covering his speedy little ass when he’s in trouble 

• Quick kisses in the most random times 

• Quick kisses in the middle of a deadly mission 

• “You seemed tense, so I kissed you" 

• He falls asleep with his head on your lap

• You play with his hair every single chance you get - even when he’s sleeping

• You and Wanda become instant besties (as well as Natasha)

• He runs away with your stuff

• You always hug him whenever he remembers when he got shot so many times

• "Pietro, I need a ride…”

• Prank wars


• Passionate sex

• He calls you Sokovian nicknames

• He grabs your ass to show that everyone you are his

• Pissing off whoever made you cry

• Sex

• Full on make outs

• Is there any place in the tower where you haven’t made out?

• Wearing his clothes when you miss him

• Your legs are always tangled together

• You become the only person he can talk to about his life, apart from Wanda

•Matching trainers

• Saying his famous catchphrase when you shock him

• He hides his feelings, but you confront him privately to ask what’s bothering him

• Throwing popcorn at the TV when the actor/ actress you both hate, come on TV 

• saying “What the fuck is this shit?” When you don’t understand something

• Blaming each other when Steve shouts at you for your bad language

• Steve worries when they see the random bruises on your neck and chest…

• The avengers explaining his you got the random bruises on your neck…

• Being there for each other - through thick and thin.

editoress  asked:

HELLO I AM HERE TO REQUEST MANY THINGS THAT I COULD NOT REQUEST BEFORE. Feel free to break this up and ignore any you don't want to do. A1 for Fischy and Lance, A2 for Si and Shiro, C3 for me n Coran; also is B1 applicable to Kayin and Steppo; and there's not a headlock in this meme but can I get Mokosh putting Shrimp in an affectionate headlock



i think Shiro might look a bit old here let’s say he’s just sleepy ;3;


yeah this applies for like 30 seconds but because these two are incapable of being decent for more than that Kayin will start complaining that Steppo smells bad or something and he’ll shove their face in his armpit 

IVE BEEN MEANING TO DRAW THIS FOR FOREVER I HOPE I DID SHRIMP JUSTICE (no colors cause idk what his clothes look like sorry ;3; next time i’ll pester u for reference first)

wgm with joshua
  • he’s really smiley when he introduces himself and gets really shy like “hi i’m *laughs* seventeens’s gentleman *laughs* joshua.”
  • and you’re like sorry i couldn’t understand and he repeats but he laughs more so you’re like okay whatever he’s adorable, gotta let it slide
  • he is soooo gentlemanly with you. TT-TT he opens the door to the car for you when you enter and exit the vehicle and pulls out the chair for you and cools your soup before you eat it. *cries* 
  • he makes you breakfast and takes it to you for a breakfast in bed.
  • he lays down in bed and watches you eat with a loving smile on his face as if he’s in awe at how you eat.
  • his eyes sparkle against the sun while he looks at you eating and you’re like o m g j i s o o p l e a s e s t o p.
  • he grabs the laptop and googles something and then he shares it with you and the theme song for adventure time starts playing.
  • he is singing along, “adventure time, cmon grab your friends, we’ll go to very distant lands…”
  • he compares you guys to flame princess and finn. he’s like “i’m flame princess because she’s really cool (lol) and you’re finn bc you have really nice hair.”
  • he tries to teach you tabs on the guitar and is very patient with you.
  • you record a video of a cover of an adventure time song “oh bubblegum”
  • he talks to you a lot about anime and explains really thoroughly the plot lines and characters that he likes.
  • you guys end up watching attack on titans.
  • he holds your hand pretty naturally. he has this instinct to protect you wherever you go so he always hold your hand.
  • he likes to play with you hair absentmindedly too. TT-TT but then realized what he’s doing and asks you if it’s okay. YES IT’S OKAY.
  • when he introduces you to seventeen, he’s really happy about it because he can show you off like “i’m married to this person, it’s pretty great. no biggie, it’s just the best thing ever!”
  • buys you presents all the time because he always gets reminded of you at random times.
  • “last time we hung out, you forgot your shades, so i got you these!”
  • he asked you what your favorite song was and on your anniversary, he made an acoustic rendition of it and played it for you I AM CRYING.
  • THEN HE SINGS WHEN YOU SAY BY GABE BONDOC (and if you don’t know that song omg please go listen to it bc it’s adorable and jisoo loves gabe bondoc) ((i do too :333))
  • you guys go out on dates to the music store and look at records.
  • he often reminisces to you about the US and how he misses his mom and going to in-n-out.
  • he talks to you in english when he can’t figure out how to say things in korean.
  • like to play tricks on you, but it’s not mean tricks, it’s like those kinds of tricks where he taps you on one shoulder and he’s on the other side.
  • or he steals your marker that you’re using and you frantically look for it and he’s just there sitting giggling at you.
  • every time you guys meet, he always has tea ready for you. :3
  • going back to skinship because he likes to put his arm around you and having you rest your head on his shoulders.
  • you know when you hold hands but then they put their arm around you while you’re still holding hands? jisoo does that.
  • you often walk around the house while he’s giving you a back hug and he mumbles for you to stop moving bc he’s trying to be romantic O M G MY FEELINGS ARE GOING CRAZY SHIT.
  • he would wake you up form your nap with his guitar playing and softly whispers that it’s time to get up because you have a mission.
  • he is super gentle!!! he always asks you if it’s okay to do something in the house like “can i use this plate?” or “is it okay if i leave the window open?” or “are you fine with me sitting next to you?”
  • yes jisoo do everything anything i don’t care you’re an angel.
  • when you have to leave the show, he doesn’t let you be sad because he doesn’t like it when people are sad.
  • so he plans a day at the amusement park and you guys ride as many roller coasters as possibles and watch shows and play games.
  • he gifts you matching animal headbands and couple sweaters so you guys can wear it around the park. together, your shirts make a heart
  • when grandmas and grandpas see you guys, he boasts about you like “yeah we are married! we’re living very happily!”
  • but at the end of the day, he grows sad but keeps a smile on his face when you guys hug goodbye. 
  • he gives you his guitar pick as a goodbye present and as for something to remember him by. TT-TT
  • there’s a note on the pick that says “fighting!”
  • he wishes that you can go on and make someone else even happier than you have made him and says that whoever does end up with you in the future will be the luckiest person in the world.

more wgm scenarios

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To make you blush: seeing you gush in your reblogs is absolutely adorable and I wanna give you a big hug every time I see you in my notifications.

Omg nonny, whoever you are, you just made my day ❤️It’s your win, I’m blushing so hard right now (〃ω〃) dang, I’m so weak with these nice words. I hope I can return you a huge hug too!! You have my biggest love. I hope you are having a wonderful day as a nice person like you rightfully deserve ❤️❤️❤️

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Wow oh my gosh are you a real person? Like you're so happy and cheerful and you get excited over the purest stuff. Wow. I want to drink pink lemonade and chill by a lake with you, like, you're seriously the coolest. Wow.

Are YOU real? this is so nice! Wow, can I hug you??? :’) And that sounds heavenly, heck yeah let’s go! :D

Thank you so much, anon, whoever you are, this made me so happy, especially being called not just cool, but THE COOLEST. YOU’RE the coolest for saying so. ^_^


Requested by definitelydivergent a long ass time ago. I’m so sorry I hadn’t filled this request sooner, I just couldn’t figure out how to write it. 

“So, Barry’s in a coma, and who called you?” I asked, sitting on the train next to Felicity, who was texting my older brother Oliver. She looked up before turning her head to me.

“It was Joe, he said that we should come see him before he wakes up, which we hope is soon.” Felicity smiled softly, going to respond to my brother’s new texts.

“If you don’t stop flirting with my brother, I swear I will strap both of you to chairs and have you eat a nice, romantic dinner.” I laughed, looking down at my phone also. Thea had texted me, asking how far we were from central city.

‘Chill little sis, we are only maybe a few minutes away.’

‘Fine you loser. Call me when you get to S.T.A.R. Labs.’

I looked up to see we were pulling into the train station soon after, and I stood to grab my backpack as soon as the train came to a stop. Felicity grabbed her backpack as well, and we made our way off the train and to a Taxi.

When we had arrived at the address, Joe and Iris stood outside, waiting for us. I greeted the two with tight hugs, before following them into the massive lab.

As we made our way to what they called the “cortex”, I looked around at the high tech equipment, in complete shock. I liked to tinker, but damn, whoever was the engineer at this place was a fucking genius. 

As we stepped into the cortex, I saw Barry laying unconscious on a gurney off to the side, his readings stable, which calmed my nerves. I rushed over, taking the seat next to his bed, and sitting down.

“Hey Bear, it’s (Y/N). I hope you can hear me, cause, I’ve heard people in coma’s can still hear. What’s it like being in constant darkness. You will have to tell me everything when you wake up, which I know you will. Everyone in Star City is worried for you. Only Felicity and I could come, but everyone is thinking of you.” I laughed sadly, looking at my best friends limp body.

“Um,….Hi.” A voice said behind me, and I turned my head to see a man. He had long, black hair, and deep brown eyes. His face lit up with a captivating smile as I stared at him in shock for a moment before responding.

“Hey, sorry, I was just checking up on my best friend. My names (Y/N) Queen, and you are?” I asked, holding out my hand for the man to take.

“The name’s Cisco Ramon. Are you by any chance related to Oliver Queen?” He asked, taking my hand and shaking it.

“Mhm. He’s my older brother.” I smiled out, grinning up at the guy. I then looked at his shirt. 

“Ooooo you like The Princess Bride! That’s my favorite movie ever.” I asked, hope gleaming through my eyes.

“Are you kidding? It’s only the greatest movie of all time!” Cisco laughed, throwing his arms in the air. I let a laugh escape my lips, which seemed to bring a brighter smile to his face.

“I think I’m gonna like you Cisco. What other nerdy awesomeness are you into?” I asked, standing up. In my heels, I was his exact height, but I was definitely shorter.

“Oh you’ve only scratched the surface. Follow me.” Cisco grinned, taking my hand, and leading me past everyone, and down the hall. I heard there laughs as we left, but I didn’t care, I was having fun.

—- 6 Months Later —-

“Okay Barry, the Meta’s up 3rd street.” Cisco said into the microphone, as I laid my legs on his lap. Barry was out catching a new Meta, and Caitlin was out sick, so it was just Cisco and I.

Soon after Barry woke up and discovered his powers, I moved to Central City and began helping Team Flash. Cisco had become my best friend in those 6 months, and now, he and I are literally inseparable. 

“Alright Cisco. I’m on it.” 

Cisco leaned back in his chair, allowing me to stretch my legs further across his lap. He just laughed, laying his arms over my legs, and smiling over at me. I smiled back.

As few minutes later, Barry sped back into the cortex, a triumphant grin on his face. 

“Good job Bear.” I praised, throwing up two thumbs up towards my friend. A thank you left Barry’s mouth as he quickly changed out of the Flash suit and collapsed into a chair next to Cisco and I. 

“Good job team!” Cisco laughed, giving both Barry and I a high five. 

“I’m gonna go home, do you guys need a lift.” Barry asked, standing to his feet.

“Nah, Cisco and I are gonna go back to his apartment for movie night. Thanks for the offer though.” I laughed up at my friend, as he rolled his eyes. 

“Oh yeah. Friday’s are Movie nights.” Barry laughed out in realization. Cisco nodded, and I just glanced between the two.

“Alright Cisco, let’s go. There’s popcorn and The Avengers in our future.” I said, throwing my legs off of Cisco’s lap and standing up. Cisco did the same, grabbing my bag.

“Night guys.” Barry said, smiling, before he zoomed out of the cortex. 

I walked with Cisco down to his blue smart car, and hopped in, getting ready for a night of movies and late night conversations.

—- Later that Night —-

“I just can’t believe she’s dead.” Cisco said, head on my lap. It was 2 in the morning, and we were discussing the death of Plastique. Cisco was still pretty shaken about it, cause he did develop feelings for the girl in there short time.

“Cisco, you knew her for maybe a week.” I said, running a hand through his soft black hair.

“It was the best week of my life.” 

“I thought the best week of your life is when I took you on a trip to Disney World for a week.” I snaked back, grinning down at him. 

“Fine, Plastique was the second best week of my life.” Cisco laughed out, looking back up at me.

I laughed down at him, continuing to brush my fingers through his hair. When I opened my eyes, he was staring up at me, complete calm, and an emotion I couldn’t describe dressed across his handsome face. We had moments like this a lot. Where we would just stare at each other in complete and utter calm.



“Do you know how amazing you are?”

“What do you mean Cisco?” I giggled lightly, a blush dancing it’s way across my face.

“Do you know how amazing you are? Do you know how you can put any guy you meet into a trance? Do you know how brilliant you are? Do you know how badass you are? Do you know?” He said, locking eyes with me.

“Cisco?” I asked, my face reddening even more.

Suddenly, Cisco reached one of his arms up, pulling my head down so my lips connected with his. Soft and quiet, we kissed.

He sat up, never breaking connection with me, and bringing me closer to him. He pulled back softly, allowing me to breath.

“I love you (Y/N) Queen. I just realized what I had been feeling since the day I meet you.”

I loved writing this. We need more fluff in the fandom. Especially Cisco fluff.

Couch Co-Op Chapter One

[AO3 Link]

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairings: Marinette Dupain Cheng/Chat Noir

Rating: T (For Innuendo and Mild Swearing)

Tags: Video Games, Innuendo, Overwatch as a Plot Device

Summary: Marinette may not have been able to get to know her partner as Ladybug, but there was no harm in occasionally playing a few video games with Chat off the clock…right?What’s the worst that could happen?

“Almost there…hnn…come on Chat,” Marinette whined, biting her lower lip anxiously.

“I-ah-I don’t think I can hold it back anymore, Princess,” Chat Noir panted, tongue sticking between his teeth.

“Just a little longer,” Marinette pleaded. “I’m coming Chat; I’m almost there!”

Marinette’s hands tightened around the hard, throbbing black material in her hands, teeth clenched together and sweat rolling down her brow. Chat was almost spent; she just needed a few more seconds…a few more seconds and she would be ready to blow.

“Come on,” Chat whined. “I can’t wait anymore!”

“Just wait Chat! I’m almost-”

“Ryujin no ken wo kurae!”

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Stony One-shot Fic - 1/?

Here is my first Stony fanfic! >///< My English is really poor and this fic has never been beta’d. I apologize in advance for any OOC, spelling or grammatical mistake. You are most welcome to leave/ message your comment to me ;) Hope you would enjoy it!

Disclaimer: All original comic and movie stories, setting and characters belong to Marvel :)

Summary: Steve had a bad habit.

Steve had a bad habit: He would pull everything within his arm’s reach into his embrace when sleeping.

Of course, it was not like that he would do so all the time, especially not when he was in war or in a mission, taking a catnap in hostile territories. It was just some old bad habit he never able to get rid of when he felt safe.

Bucky had once teased him that he was like a drunken octopus with some sort of separation anxiety (which Steve denied firmly), clinging to whatever he could reach until the hangover is gone. But after sleeping in the ice for 70 years and stumbling into a world he barely recognized as the future of his time, Steve preferred to think that as a sign of him refusing to let go easily of what he treasures.

That’s also why he really meant that when he told Tony he feels like he’s home around Tony– and his team, obviously. Just not that he would tell anyone about any of the details.

But Natasha probably knew something about that. She knew everything after all.

So it was really not a surprise when Steve discovered that he was cuddling something warm and comfortable as he slowly blinked into consciousness.

Maybe a pillow or a blanket again. He though, still somehow drifting between the peaceful of sleep and wakefulness, and not particularly wanted to snap awake immediately. It was not uncommon for him to wake up in a relatively comfortable situation nowadays when he thankfully didn’t have a nightmare that night, but it was also not often that he felt preferring sleep in a bit if nothing emergency happened.

He shifted a bit, tightened his arm around whatever he was cuddling. When he was about to drift off to sleep again, a muffled protest from whatever he was cuddling startled him into full consciousness.

Steve had got used to waking up with an armful of pillow, blanket, or even his shield (for once or twice only. In his defense, he was so exhausted after defending New York from a pile of murderous cockroaches-like aliens, it was understandable that his subconscious would determine that it was necessary to bring along his shield to bed just in case.) It was quite difficult to surprise him with the things in his arms anymore.

But waking up with an armful of genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist teammate would definitely be one of them.

Steve only felicitated that they were both sleeping on the floor, or else he would probably fell off and took Tony with him.

But the genius seemed to be totally oblivious to Steve’s shock, he just shifted a bit and buried his face against Steve’s neck, still sleeping soundly. His goatee was itchy on Steve’s skin, his breath soft and warm; Tony seemed so peaceful and harmless in his sleep, in Steve’s arms.

Noticing the black bags under Tony’s eyes that even the shadow of eyelashes cannot hide, Steve felt his heart ache. After all the things Tony had done for them, he just wanted this moment to last a little longer, so that he could somehow share the burden on Tony’s shoulders and, at least, let Tony rest for a while.

Unwilling to wake Tony up while he could still sleep more, Steve chose not to move and instead tried to recall what had happened last night. But with Tony’s warm body curling to him and Thor’s thundering snore as the strangely harmonious background sound, all he could recall was a night involving a lot of food, chatting and maybe a little cushion fight.

That explains why they all ended up sleeping in the common area, but it still could not explain how he and Tony ended up cuddling.

Before he could decide what to do, Tony suddenly snapped open his eyes. The warm chocolate brown eyes staring straightly into Steve’s blue ones. Steve stiffed.

“Tony, I…”

“…Coffee.” Before Steve could come up with anything, Tony announced.

Steve blinked.

Obviously deeply in the ‘automatic mode’ which Clint teased him in the stage of pre-coffee and the only recognizable being to him would be caffein-related ones, Tony ignored Steve’s words– and probably his whole existence– entirely.

He got out from Steve’s arms, spending a few seconds struggling to get on his feet (with the help from Steve) and stumbled towards the kitchen– he nearly stepped on Clint and Bruce on his way– while muttering the command to JARVIS for his coffee.

Steve wasn’t sure if he felt more relieved or disappointed.


The next time when they were all exhausted from the long day fighting villains, and the time after next when Thor suggested a slumber party, Steve was always the one staying next to Tony after he fell asleep.

And he always ended up waking with an armful of his genius friend in the next morning.

And due to whatever reason –one time Director Fury called and Steve left before Tony was awake, the next time is because they were both awaken by Hulk who found his cookies missing and smashed the fridge— the fact that they cuddled for a whole night always went unnoticed by Tony.

Not that Steve would complain. At all.


Steve didn’t even remember he fell asleep.

But when the chilly night air crept into his blanket, Steve was awake. He pried open his eyes, and then he was genuinely surprised to see Tony– who had fast asleep when the movie begins and was still sleeping soundly before Steve drifted off into sleep– was now awake and sitting in front of him, and his hand grasping Steve’s.

He looked like he was trying his best to snuggle into Steve’s arm without Steve noticing.

“…Tony?” Slowly blinked away the sleepiness, Steve said. But he regretted immediately as soon as the words left his mouth, because Tony looked like he was caught in the middle of a crime.

“…Hey Cap.” Tony said with a grin that is too bright. He dropped Steve’s arm like it physically burned him, and that’s when Steve noticed that Tony’s hands were sweaty and slightly trembling. “Not mean to interrupt your beauty sleep. I just want need to make sure no one destroy my tower, like, again. Pepper will skin me for that. All seems great and I have something to work on in the workshop and I gotta…”

But Steve refused to let him go like that. He caught Tony’s hand before he could pull away. “JARVIS? What happened?” He asked instead.

“I believe Sir had a nightmare involving the decease of the Avengers, judging by…”


“Thanks JARVIS.” Steve said. “Tony…” He called, and then he closed his mouth.

“I am fine. Cap. That’s nothing.” Tony said casually. But his smile was too bright, his shoulders too tense and he looked like he was most ready to fight with whoever dare to think he would be beaten down by a nightmare.

And all Steve wanted to do is to punch whoever made Tony believed seeking comfort and reassurance was nothing but an act of weakness, especially all those people who claimed Tony never deserve anything good.

Because Tony deserved every good thing happens in the world.

“…This is the last blanket here,” At last Steve pointed to the direction of Clint, who makes a nest with the blankets that could be found in the common room and snoring inside it.

“And I would say that you probably would end up sharing it with me somehow, as I hug everything I can reach in my sleep.” Steve shrugged, trying to look as causal as he can, while his heart beat actually quickened.

Tony blinked, obviously didn’t catch up with the change of topic.

“…Right.” When Steve thought Tony would argue that there were plenty blankets in the tower or even how he dealt with nightmare was none of Steve’s business, Tony said eventually. “Because Captain America is secretly a drunken Starfish when he sleeps.” He said, with a small, but real smile. Steve could see the tense slowly leaving Tony’s shoulders and his expression softened. “The one with Separation Anxiety Disorder.”

“Well, at least you didn’t say I am an octopus.” Steve said, exhaled the breath he didn’t know he was holding. “I will take that as a win.”

“Hmm, keep telling yourself that.” Tony replied. He carefully lied down beside Steve and let Steve cover him with the blanket. “A drunken, suffering from Separation Anxiety Disorder, super-strong,” He paused for a moment “and most importantly, super-warm Starfish. Maybe I can cut the heat supply of the tower and save some money.”

“Always at your service.” Steve deadpanned.

“JARVIS would be so pissed that you took his line.” Tony chuckled. (“I ensure you that is not the case, Captain Rogers.” JARVIS chimed in, his voice soft just like every time he is happy for his Sir. “Of course you are so sweet, J.” Tony rolled his eyes. “Always, Sir.”)

“Just to be sure, can I convince you it is only a dream? You know, I am hmmmm,” Tony yawned, and snuggled closer to Steve for the warmth. “a genius after all– And billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, just a reminder– I can probably invent something during my sleep and…”

“Goodnight, Tony.” Steve said firmly, pulling Tony into a tighter embrace.

“…You’re no fun at’ll.” Tony said, his words muffled when he buried his face against Steve’s neck. He was as warm and solid as Steve remembered. “’Night, Steve.”

When Tony’s breath evened out and all Steve could feel was the peaceful and blissful sleepiness. Tony would probably freak out when he fully awakes tomorrow. Steve thought. But at least both of them could enjoy a peaceful and cozy and warm sleep tonight. And that’s what mattered.

Steve listened to the soft breath and the constant low humming of the arc reactor for a while, and he closed his eyes and let himself drift into sleep.

Maybe he had a really good habit after all.


So  I was stare at the monitor with blank face because I still have no idea for my graduation essay (what is skripsi in English?) and I did it for 1.5 hours and ‘wtf I can finish one drawing with that much of time’ instead of do nothing so I decided to 'refresh’ my mind with some dead!Mink headcanon when Aoba hug the Mink Bear ehehe. Blame YOU whoever YOU are who made so many death!Headcanon with the bears (because really there are some).

And guess what? When I drew this suddenly I got idea about my essay. I really should draw more sad things. 

Teen Top Reaction: When you want a tight hug from them because you had a bad day

I got it right, didn`t I? Sorry for abandoning this request for so long :(

C.A.P: [Hugs without further questions] Is there anything else I can do for you?

Chunji: [trust me he`s going to shower you with love. Though he`d probably ask you lots of questions when you feel better]

L.Joe: [hugs you and tries to hold his questions in even though he`s getting angry at whoever made you feel bad]

Niel: Comforting your girlfriend with a hug is not a bad thing is it…. [awkward]

Ricky: [You`re Niel in this gif] [speaks to you in a cute voice] Did my baby have a bad day?

Changjo: Would that really make you feel better?

- Vivian