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Request: Could you maybe write one where the reader is Harry’s gf and she was in the crowd during his Graham Norton performance trying to make him laugh and that’s why he kept smiling and laughing?

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What's the funniest thing one of you all have done while drunk?

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Harry: Well, you guys know all about my husband hugging a stranger–

Draco: Can we not–

Harry: And I’ve never embarrassed myself like that. 

Draco: Pft, you sure there?

Harry: *blinks*

Draco: One word: Daddy.

Harry: *loud groan* Noooo, Draco, oh my god!

Draco: *snorting through his giggles* Okay, so this one time during a dinner party at the Manor, Harry got really bored and ended up guzzling a lot more wine than is advisable and, after a point, was so drunk that he was making conversation with the suits of armor–

Harry: I didn’t speak to any suits of armo–

Draco: And it was definitely a stroke of sheer bad luck that it was Father who found him wandering around–

Harry: *groans again*

Draco: *forcing down his laughter* And by the time Father leads him back to me, he is red in the face with Harry hanging off his shoulder–

Harry: Oh for fuck’s sake–

Draco: And he was laughing so hard that he was basically drooling– *pauses to heave with laughter* –and the idiot kept saying to Father, “You’re Draco’s Daddy, aren’t you? Has he ever called you that by the way? Daddy?–” *eyes watering with mirth* “–’cause he’s called me that, you know?”

Harry: Noooo– *flops down sideways and hides his face in the cushions*

Draco: *helpless laughter* And although I nearly died at the time, Harry’s look of pure horror the next day was just– *doubles over*

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Damn I can't believe I missed out on the Aimeric discourse. He didn't have a sharp mind and grew up far away from court politics. Any interest shown in him would have been so welcomed that to be the king's lover!!! Would have been so exciting for him. However he had self interest and that kept him going long enough to kill innocent people and betray Laurent. However it's hard to judge due to him being a victim of child sexual assault. He deserved better but he could have done better. Lmao my 2c!

“he deserved better but he could have done better” is exactly how I feel and essentially sums my thoughts up. it’s so hard to say because he was a victim of abuse and everyone in his life was toxic and he clearly just yearned for love and attention but! but!!!

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Hi okay so this is probably a bit of an odd one but I'm kind of really ill and one of the things of that is memory loss but for some reason I can always remember hug all your friends and if I'm having an episode that's what always seems to come to mind so thank you because it's such a lovely song but also because it's low-key become a coping mechanism for me and I'm glad you and your music exist

This is so cool I’m happy for u my friend

“You just want to watch two men fuck” ok susan I waited two years for them to finally hold hands, another two years for them to hug, and another two years for them to hug again I can’t even imagine if I will ever see them kiss let alone fuck. All I ask is a simple love confession that’s all.

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Hey April it's Wesley & I remember that time when you & Leo worked together to save Donnie, Raph, Mikey & Casey from the Chimera:) while that, you looked so cute when you were blind that time:) can I have a hug?:))🐢🐢🐬🐬

I remember that too. It was so scary not being able to see for so long… it really makes my heart go out to all the blind people out there. We take our sight for granted.