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emo wizard boy lovingly admires his murder tree and probably wears a shirt that says ‘plants are friends not food’

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Could you please do a beta fish mermaid?? That would be so cool!! Like one with really dark colors would be beautiful :)

Have a betta boy 


rio and evie on their gay space roadtrip <3


In this endless world, I was searching for you… 



Fic Recs: You Show Me Yours by endingthemes:(~11k)

When Erik receives nudes in the middle of the night from an unknown number, he’s confused and mildly amused. He doesn’t expect it to turn into an actual conversation…with feelings.

As if that’s not baffling enough, his friend’s brother ends up crashing at his place, further complicating everything.

Comments: Amazing, incredibly sweet, wonderfully written fic, please kudo this to outer space. It’s in Erik’s pov, but you can see Charles pining - both of them pine like the idiots they usually are , and there are misunderstandings and texting sass and all that jazz of a good fluffy rom com. I have reread this at least three times

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This blog has been keeping me alive I swear to god I just finished HxH and can't stop crying over Meruem but this has saved me thank

I’m fine, here, stop crying

((Post HxH Feels™ is something you cannot suffer alone from and I am glad I could provide this service to you in this trying time!!))


So many alluras– this looks like pop art :o

man adhd tumblr is so important to me. like theres something so soothing about seeing that other people experience the same struggles as me. its like, whenever i feel so upset and frustrated with my adhd, i can login to tumblr and have people say to me “hey, youre not alone.”

i hope all the girls i meet know that i’m gay


first selfie on this blog??? 😱


since when tumblr became a place where individuals feel that all content is created for their specific needs and there is either their way or no way? yes, this is a space for you to express yourself, yes, to find content you enjoy, yes, to share things you like, NO, to criticize things you don’t like, NO, to take away someone’s fun, NO, to try and push your views on other people and prove them that they are wrong, only because they have a different opinion. by all means, have your opinion, think for yourself, express yourself, but don’t destroy others while you do so
To Catch a Cryptid - Chapter 2 - TheBuggu - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Ever since Sidon was a hatchling, he heard Hylians referred to in a past tense time and time again. They were extinct ; they had died long before his sister’s birth. Superseded. Doused from history. His father often spoke with the fondest of words about the mysterious race–how he often met with the Hylian royal family when he was Sidon’s age.

What’s this? Another chapter?? 

Yeah. I’ve got work for almost a week straight so take this while I still have energy oops.

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Ally, I just created a twitter account recently and I want to make it BTS centric and post my BTS fanart on it! Do you have any tips on how to get noticed? Thanks so much! <3

twitter is a platform that requires a lot of interacting and making connections so make sure to befriend many people and content creators with similar interests to have how to say….a social circle?

of course, don’t do it with an intention of using them to get your art out there, but it’s really really hard if you solely rely on your new account and key words in your tweet when it doesn’t have a tag system like tumblr for people to discover you!

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well i don't see those things bc i don't look for them. quit looking for negative things! i know that's how you see it or else you'd have no knowledge like me :) a good dash is all you need not to see the shit

I consider that I have a nice dash since I only follow nice Niall stans, but the thing is that sometimes they comment on their blogs the negative things they see about Niall as I think is natural when you are a fan of someone. But anyway, the problem is not me seeing what happens, the real problem is that those negative things keep happening and more often lately. The other day it was about how he didn’t have any female opener, but the day before there were nasty jokes about “how he is going to tour with only two songs?”. Ignorance is bliss to a certain point, I don’t think we should overlook when Niall is insulted specially for things he hasn’t done or for things that others don’t get shit for, because at the end of the day this is a case of some ugly stans attacking someone else to lift their fav.