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  • Tumblr & Snoke: STOP CALLING HIM BEN !!!!
  • Me: BEEEEEN SOLO. BEN. BEN. solo. SOOOOOLOOOOO. Can the real Ben Solo please stand up ? Solo BEN. Ben the Organa Solo. Ben, grandson of Darth Vader, son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, Skywalker heir, BEN SOLO. Kylo (Ben) Ren (Solo). *Han voice* BEN!!!!!!!!!. B to the E to the N. flying Solo.


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This blog has been keeping me alive I swear to god I just finished HxH and can't stop crying over Meruem but this has saved me thank

I’m fine, here, stop crying

((Post HxH Feels™ is something you cannot suffer alone from and I am glad I could provide this service to you in this trying time!!))


first selfie on this blog??? 😱


In this endless world, I was searching for you… 

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Ally, I just created a twitter account recently and I want to make it BTS centric and post my BTS fanart on it! Do you have any tips on how to get noticed? Thanks so much! <3

twitter is a platform that requires a lot of interacting and making connections so make sure to befriend many people and content creators with similar interests to have how to say….a social circle?

of course, don’t do it with an intention of using them to get your art out there, but it’s really really hard if you solely rely on your new account and key words in your tweet when it doesn’t have a tag system like tumblr for people to discover you!

Apparently a trailer got leaked and Magnus and Alec argue? I realize people want to see them happy all the time, but relationships aren’t always happy. There are always ups and downs, but communicating and working through the bumps in the road is what makes a relationship real.

The situation being what it is, with Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike dying and the supposed Downworlder registry, we knew going into 2B that there was the potential for a lot of angst especially since these two are in leadership positions. If you expected everything to immediately and constantly be rainbows and sunshine after 2x10, you were kidding yourself because that would absolutely not be realistic.

Malec has the foundation of love, communication, and working through their problems. They might not handle each difficult situation perfectly at first - because, newsflash, they’re (part) human and not perfect - but they get there eventually. 2A showed their relationship more from Alec’s perspective and he was allowed to show frustration, yell, and walk away when he needed to. They’ve said that 2B is more focused on Magnus’ side. Can we give him the same room to grow that Alec got in 2A, particularly because we don’t even know what’s going on yet?

You’ve seen a portion of one scene among (potentially) multiple scenes in an episode in a set of ten episodes. You have no idea the context or reasoning behind what is happening. You absolutely do not know enough to make any judgements. I know jumping down the throats of the writers, directors, and producers has become a famous past time, but let me spell it out for you: WE. DON’T. KNOW. ANYTHING. YET.

If they handle something poorly and it comes across as problematic - like in 2x07 - then you can react. But not before the episode, with all of the information that it provides, even airs! Please take a breath and calm down until then.
a mae borrowski playlist :> art- me

I made a nitw/mae playlist, you should check it out!! :0

Alex Galchenyuk #4

Requested by Anon:  Hey! I love your writting! You’re the best imagine blog on tumblr. Take your time, but can I have an imagine where the reader is dating Alex Galchenyuk, but prefers gally’s burger in McDonald’s duel gallagher vs galchenyuk? Something funny where the boys chirp eachothers about it. Thank you ❤️

*Hiii! Thank you so so much! Here it is. I hope you like it. :) Funny and sweet! Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 838

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The door to the dressing room banged open and you almost jumped from shock. A grinning – very widely, by the way – Brendan Gallagher led the pack of exiting athletes. His grin spread even wider when he saw you leaning against the wall at your usual spot, a little farther from where the fans gather – so they can have their time with the athletes and not for any other reasons.

“Sooo,” he drawled, walking over to you, “I heard you went to McDonald’s,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

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dear mr hussie…
i want to draw for your cool game
reasons you should hire me
- i can draw i think
- i have 2000 followers on tumblr
- i cry about your comic every night
im 14 but age is just a number so i hope thats not a problem ok thanks
love regards,
rad raddical

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I like your tumblr, I found it by chance and I love this kind of retro thing, have more tumblrs just like yours so I can follow along too?

My friend @oldschoolsciencefiction does a lot of great stuff (he focuses a lot on TV and movies), as does @notpulpcovers (especially old scifi stuff). Notpulpcovers actually scans his own stuff and in good quality. I do that once in a blue moon. 

And of course there’s my tumblr guardian angel @gameraboy, who did a couple posts that were tutorials on how to create a gif, which I’ve been using ever since in my own fumbling way.

@danismm is great, and there are a few clues here and there that lead me to strongly believe the account is run by a Hugo award winner. (Your secret identity is safe with me. By the way, when I was a WSFS member, I voted for your book.)

I feel guilty when I do posts like this because I feel like I’ve left some people out. If I did I apologize, but these are the ones that come right to mind, off the top of my head.


Fic Recs: You Show Me Yours by endingthemes:(~11k)

When Erik receives nudes in the middle of the night from an unknown number, he’s confused and mildly amused. He doesn’t expect it to turn into an actual conversation…with feelings.

As if that’s not baffling enough, his friend’s brother ends up crashing at his place, further complicating everything.

Comments: Amazing, incredibly sweet, wonderfully written fic, please kudo this to outer space. It’s in Erik’s pov, but you can see Charles pining - both of them pine like the idiots they usually are , and there are misunderstandings and texting sass and all that jazz of a good fluffy rom com. I have reread this at least three times


I can be your angle… or yuor angle… bc i cannot be mean // I have seen so many pretty peeps today at the dghda meetup tag that i might just cry?? And I RB the post so here is My Face I look so tiny!!! Please forgive I am a Tiny Guy // SO YEAH I love Dirk Gently?? All the characters are so Amazing?? I might just cry //