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"How the Affordable Care Act forced me to become uninsured"

Robert Book, writing over at Forbes, is not alone in his plight.  Obamacare is having the opposite effect that was advertised.

from Forbes:

This is the story of how a professional health economist, who knows all ins and outs of health insurance, ended up becoming involuntarily uninsured as a direct result of the Affordable Care Act.

I am self-employed, and I have several significant pre-existing conditions. In other words, I’m just the sort of person who supposedly couldn’t get health insurance under the old, pre-ACA, system, and who was supposed to be able to get insurance under the new system – both for myself and my wife and children.

It turns out, neither of those is true. Before the implementation of the coverage provisions of the ACA in 2014, I had no trouble obtaining guaranteed-issue health insurance, despite my having no employer-sponsored coverage, and despite having several rather expensive pre-existing conditions. This was due partly to provisions in an older law, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

That plan expired on November 30, 2014. Despite the promises of “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” the plan did not meet the precise requirements of the ACA, and therefore, by law, could not be renewed.

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There are even more twists and turns in Book’s story, and it’s all very frustrating to read.  My family just received our Obamacare cancellation letter as well.