can i have you for dinner

at my resturaunt we sell lots of soup. we have a quart size so people can take home soup for dinner or whatever. we can sell more than that at a time but soup takes a while to cook, so we really arent supposed to sell more than 3 qts of one soup at a time without prior notice. apparently people forget that soup needs to you know, cook and try ordering gallons at a time and it annoys me so much because 1. its the same as a pizza place u cant just order a sheet pizza and expect it immediately and 2. i get hissy fits and “dont u want my money????” honey. i dont see that profit. i see you leaving me without a ton of soup for like an hour and many other annoyed customers because that soup had run out. the best was these women who stood thinking about their order for a solid 30 minutes and proceeded to buy 9 quarts of soup, but no more than 3 of each kind they wanted (hope that makes sense) so i couldn’t really say no. i have lots of work-stress type dreams about that one.

Gone to far

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Scott McCall x Beta!Reader 

Request :  Hiya :) could you please do a alpha!Scott x beta!reader where Scott and the reader grew up together, but now he is always teasing or harsh with the reader because he is jealous because she is close friends with Isaac and Scott thinks they like each other. One day he goes too far and Isaac confronts him. Thanks Hun x

Warnings : insults , Jealous!Scott , cursing , harm , Hurt!Reader , blood 

     “ So you should come by my house tonight , my parents are home a my brother too so we will have dinner and then , just as always my brother will want to play with you and after that we can make the project for biology .” I proposed to Isaac as he were talking to each other while pulling out our books from our lockers , I felt a cold glare on my back and I turned around to see Scott looking at he very angry from across the hallway . Isaac saw it and put a hand on my shoulder bringing me back to reality .

     “ How are things going with Scott ?” Isaac asked and I sighed .

     “ I don’t know , he hates me but when we were young we were best friends , I don’t know what changed but he’s just mean to me from before he turned me , I don’t even understand why did he done it if he hates me so much .” you confess and Isaac just hugs you . He doesn’t know how it feels , Derek wasn’t a friend of his when he turned him but he was never mean to him .

     You two hear a soft growl from across the room and you know that it’s Scott , you pull apart from Isaac and kiss his cheek before going to your next class .

     As you exit your class to go to the bathroom a hands grips your wrist and pulls you into an open room . You turn around to be meet by your Alphas cold , angry glare .

     “ Why aren’t you in class ?” he asks trying to seem calm but his tone shows that he is not calm at all .

     “ It’s not your business you say and move to get to the door but before you could reach it Scott pushed you really hard , using his werewolf strength and you meet the wall in a very hard manner a few cracks being heard from your hand .

     “ You came to meet with your boyfriend and to fuck your eyes out with he asked his voice coated in in anger , he didn’t even let you answer as his hand went around your neck squeezing tightly , his claws elongating and cutting on your skin and muscles .

     “ You are worthless ! You mean nothing ! You’re just a piece of meat from boys to fuck whenever they need ! You are just a worthless whore ! I don’t even know why I turned you . You’re good at nothing ! Why are you still alive , don’t you realize what a waste of oxygen you’re doing . I’m not even surprised that your parents beat you and that they hate you , who would love a whore who opens her legs for everyone ?” Scott buried his claws on your skin and traced them down you collar bone to the end of your shirt his claws biting in your skin making your muscles tore apart and blood to pour out form the slashes .]

     “ I hope that you’ll die so I don’t have to see you again , worthless shit !” he said before he stormed out of the room . You cried as the pain that you felt was to much to manage . The wounds that were caused by Alphas never healed at werewolf speed , they were healing like human wounds and you sure needed a hundred of stitches for it .

     “ Do you smell that ?” Liam said as he , Isaac and Stiles went over to the lookers . Isaac took a deep breath and instantly knew that you wasn’t alright . The smell was mixed , yours ,Scotts and the smell of blood . He rushed to where the smell came from and he was you on the ground , fainted out , long , bleeding slashes from your collar bone to your waist . Liam and Stiles were right behind him . Isaac saw you and pulled down his jacket . He put it over you and closed the zipper Then he took you bridal stile and ran to the animal clinic in full speed .

     Deaton tried his best to stop your bleeding and to close the slashes then he send Isaac to Melissa for some blood as you lost to much to survive .

     You opened your eyes seven hours later Isaac was relived but when you told him what happened to you his eyes turned amber ad he ran out the clinic before you could stop him .

      “ You are a shit of an Alpha !” Isaac yelled as he entered into Scotts house and pinned him against the wall . “ You don’t even worth to be true alpha ! How dare you to hurt her that way ? I understand that you said harsh words , that you would exclude her from some activities but how dare you to almost kill her ? You have gone to far Scott ! I’ll never let you get close to her again and she’s no longer member of your pack . I talked with Derek and he took her in , she’s one of ours now .” Isaac said as he released Scott . He pulled out his phone and showed to Scott the pictures of you bleeding on the operation table from Deatons clinic . “ This is what you did to her Scott so don’t you dare come close to her again because now she haves a pack that loves her and we will ever let you hurt her again .” Isaac threatened and left Scott alone in his house , he let him think about what he have done and how he will never see you to soon . Scott broke down in tears as he wasn’t able to get close to you from now on , you’ll never talk to him again . He screwed up everything .

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Wait how do u get to cook for him omg I feel like I've tried everything and I haven't gotten that one yet

You have to struggle a lot in the beginning. I remembered saying “let me out” and then being silent and kept the canned food in my mouth without swallowing, and when he went out of the basement rather than looking around I kept calling his name. Eventually, he made me cook him dinner…

Sunday Stuff

House cleaning happened today
It was so desperately needed
My allergies are through the roof, I can’t stand to be me right now
I still need to finish laundry, ugh
How does so much stuff get in couch cushions?
I wanted to clean my car but never got that far

I want to actually be able to call myself a Buddhist. I have kind of been a Buddhist most of my life, but only if pushed to choose a religion.

Am I having a midlife crisis?

I hope you all have something to look forward to in the week ahead.
@watadad and I have dinner with @acertainjennuhsaisquoi !!!

Love my Prius
Love you All


That provokes Dahlia to spring up from Alex’s bed and stalk to his side, glaring at him in disbelief.

Dahlia: “Alex, are you crazy? What happened to telling your Mum to shove it? She can’t keep controlling your life!”

Alex: “Dahlia, she helps to fund this apartment. We can barely afford the bills without her assistance. I don’t have any choice in this matter.”

Dahlia: “This girl - who is she?!”

Alex: “It’s Penny Pizzazz. She’s a socialite that my mother thinks could be a great asset to her campaign. She needs someone to get her on side, and apparently taking her to dinner is a good start.”

Okay I’m on this amazing diet called “i am flat broke and can’t afford to go grocery shopping” and it’s AMAZING let me tell you…having sleep for dinner and eating plain rice with a chicken breast I found at the back of my freezer is really doing wonders for my health!

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Sooo... if we were dating? I would probably teach you to ballroom dance :) (you can lead :p I'm a much better follower!) and I would play the piano while you cooked dinner (i'm not a cook...) In regards to the butch/femme discourse? Get yourself a girl who can do both! *drops mike*

Me me me I can do both, I do do both lmao ;)

And omg you play piano that’s amazing you’re amazing and holy shit ballroom dancing you’d have to wear steel-toed shoes because I am just so clumsy at dancing (classic white girl tbh) o.O

Vegan Cauliflower Roast

When I first heard about substituting a freaking cauliflower in place of chicken or beef as a roast, I thought okay as a vegan, I can actually say vegans have gone too far…

Until now. Roasting cauliflower is pretty simple really. Stick it in the oven then eat it, but it’s really about getting the right texture and flavour. When done right, cauliflower is tender and meaty, and you can eat the whole head without feeling sick. This is a beginners guide on how to make the perfect Cauliflower roast.

You’re going to start with a head of cauliflower, washed with the leaves removed. I baked mine in a cast iron skillet, but you can use any baking dish. Be sure to cut the leaves carefully and not too much of the stall or else the head will fall apart.

You’re then going to rub the cauliflower with a garlic dressing. To make it, blend or mash with a mortor and pestal:

5 cloves of garlic
2 tblsp olive oil
½ tsp cayenne
½ tsp sage
Salt and pepper to taste
I used a pastry brush to ensure all the flavour encasef the cauliflower, but you can use your hands too.

Next, cover with foil and bake for 1 hour at 350 C. After then, remove the foil and bake for an additional 20-30 minutes until golden brown and crispy on top. I served mine with sauteed Brussels sprouts, but this would go well with anything you’d serve with a roast, even just on its own.

Give this a try and get creative with using your vegetables! Try this with teriyaki glaze, or curry flavour, or barbecue, it’s super versatile. Who knew vegetables could be so appealing?

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Hi I'm 5"7 and 132lbs. I have restricted myself to eating under 1000 cals a day, but on weekends I only eat a small breakfast if I'm hungry and obviously have to eat dinner because of my mum. Can I get some tips or opinions on my current system so I can loose more weight. Also how to loose weight on my tummy. Thank you loads ❤️

Hey love ! Try gradually decreasing your calories until you reach under 500 but only if you want extreme weight loss.Its good your eating on the weekends as having a ‘cheat day’ once or twice a week will decrease your chances of bingeing keep it up! As for the tummy fat try cutting out sugar as much as possible form your diet and exercising regularly . Stay safe xo

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Any chance we would get part 8 tonight? No pressure, just planning my evening lol. Also I love you and your fics! <3

Unfortunately I’m gonna have to say it’s very doubtful. I got a good deal written yesterday, but I haven’t had any time yet today to write. And now I need to shower and eat dinner before I can really get down to it. I’m sorry! ♥️

  • yuuri and yuri having trouble knowing who is being talked to

“ Yuri! Redo that toe loop! No, no, Yuri! The other one! Godammit.”

  • victor practicing his routines and stopping in the middle because he gets distracted by yuuri

“Vitya! Why did you stop??” “Yakov, have you seen my husband?”

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I can’t promise you I won’t swear when I drive. Or that I will always follow the speed limit. I can’t promise you I won’t eat with my hands, or make a mess on my shirt at almost every meal. I can’t promise you that I won’t embarrass you with my bad dad jokes, or twisted sense of humour. I can’t promise you I won’t break into song and dance in the middle of a walmart, or spin and dip you at the mall. I can’t promise I won’t say things that may upset you, or trip up on my words when I get little nervous. I can’t promise you I will dress my age or even my gender. I can’t promise I won’t make faces at you across the dinner table, or climb across to give you a kiss. I can’t promise I won’t trip on my own two feet at a family dinner or say the wrong thing to your dad. I can’t promise I’ll always have the answers or that I’ll be able to fix everything. I can’t promise I won’t make fun of your choice in romcoms, or secretly enjoy them.

But I can promise you I will be your home. I promise I will be the home to all your secrets. Your favourite hiding place. I will always love you, through your tears, laughter and silence. I promise to pull you into my arms when it’s just a little too cold. I will rub your back after a hard day. I promise I will listen to the same story about Stacy from the office, no matter how many times you’ve told me or about the assignment you are still working on. I will keep your heart warm, and your smile often. I will do everything to show you that despite everything I can’t promise - I will always follow through on what I can.

—  The things I can promise you.

“This family. What can I say. What an honor to have photographed them for eight years. A couple of months ago, the Social Office came to me and said they were thinking of using a family photo for this year’s White House holiday card. So I thought of Justin Trudeau. I know you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Earlier this year we hosted the Canadian Prime Minister for a formal State Dinner. Malia and Sasha attended as guests. Before the dinner, I did a family photo in the White House residence. But later, when the Trudeaus arrived, the two families spent some time on the Truman Balcony with their respective delegations. At one point, the Prime Minister asked if we could do a photo of he and his wife with the Obama family. Click, click, click. Then, he said I should do a photo of just the Obamas. I could have said, ‘Sir, we already did one before you arrived.’ But instead, I clicked off a few quick frames. And lo and behold, it was this picture that Justin Trudeau asked me to take which everyone loved as the choice for the 2016 White House holiday card.” —Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza

more concepts:
  • yuuri and victor hosting dinner parties for all their skating friends all the time

“I’ll break out the wine!” “Ooh, where’s my pole???” “Christophe no!”

  • visiting hasetsu whenever they can to check up on the family (and because makkachin misses everyone so much)

“Yuuri, Vicchan!!! Please come in, I have katsudon ready!!” “Can I take a picture of you kissing??? The skating otakus will love it!” “Victor, please get your dog off of me.” “Oops, sorry Mari-chan.”

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  • rfa: have you eaten?
  • mc: *says no just to see what happens*
  • rfa: *knocks down the door with all the food they could find*
Leaked text messages
  • Victor: We have some lightly fried fish fillets leftover for dinner
  • Yurio: It's 1:15 in the morning.
  • Victor: Do you want the lightly fried fish fillets or not?
  • Yurio: Yeah
  • Victor: Come get the lightly fried fish fillets while you can.
  • Yurio: You just made them?
  • Victor: No, I told you, the lightly fried fish fillets are leftover
  • Yurio: Say lightly fried fish fillets one more time, I dare you

Translation: RELIGION

Text from dad:
Isak! That’s enough! Ive been trying to reach you for days. I know that you’re mad at me, and you probably think I’m a coward for leaving mom, but I couldn’t help her. One day I hope you can understand that. I’m trying the best I can.

*Isak swipe through old texts, his dad is trying to get Isak over for dinner several times over the past weeks*

Text from Isak: fine. I’ll come to the Christmas concert. I’m bringing my new boyfriend. His name is Even. That’s a boy name.
Text from Dad: I don’t understand if you’re kidding now?
If you have a boyfriend that’s very nice Isak, I’d love to meet him, but you know how mom is, she gets stressed out easily.

Sana: halla
Isak: halla
S: forgot to do the assignment?
I: yeah
S: did you see that link I sent you?
I: no, what was that?
S: it was just a link to an article
I: okay, what was it about?
S: just some science research that’s been done on the evolution and homosexuality. I was just thinking about the discussion we had a while ago. And it’s not often I’m wrong, but it turns out I was wrong in that discussion. Because homosexuality has played a… have had a natural function in the evolution and they have a lot of new and interesting research on it so… I was wrong

I: what about Islam? Anything new and interesting from there or is it the same old?
S: Islam says the same as always. That all humans in this world is equally worth and that no humans is going to be talked about behind their backs, violated, judged or ridiculed. So if you hear anyone use religion to argument for their hate, don’t listen to them. Because hate does’t come from religion, it comes from fear.

Teacher: we can start the lesson by turning in the tasks….

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Hello Myetie, I'm a huge huge fan of yours!!! Can you tell me what's your daily schedule and job? It's so hard to think that you have a job then you post here on tumblr so I'm curious of what is your job 😂😊😁 #AMyetieFan BTW you really gave me an inspiration 😂

HELLO ♥ Thank you so much for your support HHHH !!!!! ♥ Anyway, to answer:

Monday to Friday:
6AM: Wake up, shower, prepare
7AM-4PM: (Cry at) Work*
5PM: Arrive home, eat dinner, brush and clean up
6PM-Until I Pass Out: Be MM Trash Artist OR watch Netflix

Saturday & Sunday:
MM TRASH WHOLE WEEKEND with naps in between

*I’m a Multimedia Artist (Bachelor’s Degree) specializing in Graphic Design && Web Development