can i have u for my bday

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡

Jungkooks Veinsss

kamdee2003 asked: Can I get an appreciation post based off of Jungkooks veins?

nvfvdfvnfdnfkvnkfdn this gonna be fun and i kinda made this special for jUNGKOOKS BIRTHDAY HAPPY BDAY U LIL SHIT ILYSFM!!!

he makes me have heart problems

stop u fetus


the pic that started it all

the greatest neck vein ever created for a human being imo

that earring tho

he being cute but then u see his muscles and its like wow how can this cute human be so hot and rude like

i love veins

like really love em



*makes a heart with my hand*


fuck u



fuck me

damn it all

happy birthday jungkook ily

i hope u like it!

gifs and pics aren’t mine

this is literally the first year i’m excited for my birthday because

  1. i don’t have finals for once
  2. i’m seeing glass animals in london the night before
  3. i’m going to playzone for my bday and it’s gonna be so lit
  4. i’m turning 21 which means nothing in the uk but everything once i’m back in the states booyah

babylolitazilla  asked:

Hi Skrib! Nice to see you are back. I hope you are doing well and have had a chance to de-stress! 😀 Um, my birthday was actually today, the 25th.


Here’s something I quickly did!!

Your witch oc with witch Skrib! Thank you so much for your continued kindness and love and being a following boo i am very happy that like, u know my biggest insecurity is people getting bored and ofc I can notice so many ppl no longer u know, despite following me they never show their support and so, thanks for always being around! hope you have a lovely day on ur bday <3


happy bday to my tru love and pal ally ( @footballcal )!!!! ur 18 !!!! finally u can do everything u currently are but legally hgjfcrdfuygs, love u sooooooo much and thank u for making me laugh and also bein the 1 to laugh at my jokes and bein fun and petty thank u ily for being in my life have a fab day honey 🌟💪🏼☺️💯💓

i haven’t posted anything all weekend, so here is a small ike

im actually celebrTingmy birthday for once this year

in the past i always dreaded my bday because i didnt feel like i had a lot of people i could celebrate it with. so id end up celebrating with my ex and closest friends individually

but i think i gotta stop compartmentalizing my life lol most of my friends dont know each other and i rarely speak about them to one another lol

i deserve to celebrate it though. going through my invite list i feel blessed that i have people i can trust. and i dont trust ppl a lot these days. for me to say i trust u is for me to tell you im a hoe. its gonna be a chill jam at my place. all my friends are like me so its gonna be funny seeing a bunch of asocial people get together lmfao

anonymous asked:

Happy early birthday!! Do u have a wishlist or something so I can buy you an early bday gift if it's ok?

omg yeah! i have it in my about page (check my twitter if you’re on mobile)

PLEASE don’t feel like you owe me anything though. i love you either way, honestly.

y-yikes, it has been a very…. very long time since i attempted watercolors. but i wanted to do something for olivia’s bday, so. FOR U, OLIVIA MY QUEEN


today’s episode “Hanji discovers Levi’s porn collection” lol

detektivcanon does this look familiar to you? xD

A lil thing for this precious bro’s bday ok; Jen you’re osom and deserve so much. You were the very first non-peruvian tumblr friend that I had and the best part is that I met you bc I just saw these cute, unique and funny levihan cosplay gifs uhfghufgf c: so guys have these inspired on one of my fave gifs of you two. You and Levi jackson rock oAo)/

more comics o vo

theres only 10 mins left of my actual bday in my timezone so heck im goin to bed so i can spend the entirety of tomorrow doing all the homework ive been procrastinating 8′”)

thank u all for bein so kind n sweet i dont deserve ths and i have no words to express how happy uve all made me n i rly needed it aa thank you a million times over!!

i have like 250 screenshots of all ur bday msgs on my phone and ill treasure them forevr n ever (if i didnt reply sorry maybe i forgot to post the screenshot but i read it and love u!!)

and ty for the ppl who made gifts gosh ur the sweetest i cant take this aa!! idk what to do w so many drawings of myself but ill keep them in my phone n treasure them in my heart forever

gnight and have a nice day everyone love u all u all deserve the best!!

guess who’s 14th bday is today ‘,: )  yep! it me!  thank u so much to everyone below, u make me so happy and ive had such a fun time with u on my dash.  u make tumblr an amazing experience for me and i couldnt thank u enough!  i guess i could also make this a 2.85k follow forever except my follow count keeps teeter-totering so its kinda unreliable pfff

thanks for an amazing 13 months on this blog so far!

ps; i’d bold mutuals but y’all kno who u r + im rlly lazy.  wat can i say its my bday >u>

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special thank you to @saberghatz for being my art inspiration and always treating me with such kindness during her streams!  u’r my idol and im so glad to have found u + ur art.  u’r such a welcoming and warm person, i hope we get to talk more in the future c:


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