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“Women, teach your sons to be better!” but why? but why? nobody had to teach me how to be kind, i learned it naturally, i learned it easily. i watched and listened and took turns and sat pretty. i don’t understand. what could i teach them better than they could learn just from breathing? why is it my job to curb my brother’s anger when i’ve got my own well stewing and bubbling? why do i have to reign in my father’s spite when i can barely survive on my own at night. why is it my fault how the men act when the men are supposed to be leaders and authorities. you don’t tell a drunk driver it’s okay to do as they please. if they need a woman to show them how it’s done, maybe every single one of them should hand over the keys.

If you are any kind of artist

From music, to cooking, to making videos, to drawing.

(Honestly, this applies to everyone, but I’m talking to artists at the moment)

I know it’s hard. I know some won’t agree to your prices. Some of you have “normal” jobs on top of your art time, some of you managed to make it full time. Some of you are hobbyist, some of you do it for a living.

Whatever you do, please, you are worth your time and money. No matter how good or bad you think you are, someone out there will admire you work, and if they want a commission, charge appropriately for your time.

So many of us are made to believe that this is not a real job, that this isn’t a viable career. I can officially tell you, it is. Both as a freelancer, working for a company, and more. It’s tough, it’s not easy, and you have to do a lot of research, doing your own bills, putting the time in, teaching yourself schedules, even learning bits of retail and other skills. 

But, it is a job. People need your work. From inspiration, to personal projects, to large projects for gaming companies, buildings, even food and industrial work. We THRIVE off of the arts. Both for entertainment and for daily life uses. Just because a project is not NEEDED and ENTERTAINMENT doesn’t mean that it isn’t still very INSPIRATIONAL and USEFUL to people. Our mentalities can’t live without a break, and having things such as a doodle to full movies and such help ease our minds and inspire us.

Even if it means you have to have a “normal” job while doing your art. However it is you want to achieve your goals, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Work hard, feed off of the hate and push to be better than ever. Keep moving. Even if it’s slow, keep moving. The more you keep walking, crawling, running, whatever pace… you are still LEARNING. You are still ACHIEVING, you are still DOING.

I love you all.
Keep it real, fam. Keep the peace. Keep the love.

All of you are amazing, from “normal” jobs to “real” jobs, artists to lawyers and more, it doesn’t matter. YOU ARE LIVING. You are doing what YOU need to do. 

One last piece, if you dislike someone else’s prices, work, or what they do. I am sorry that you have so much hate in your heart to take it apart to try to break someone else down. But you know, you matter too, and they are doing what they need to do in their life, just as much as you are. If you do not agree to it, walk away. Spilling hate onto others only makes your own dreams become even less obtainable. Believe in yourselves, believe in others.

Red Velvet Reaction to: You Being Incredible in Bed

a/n: I seen someone commenting on a RV reaction before that I forgot a member so I’m really sorry for the confusion! But I don’t include any underage members (Yeri in this instance) in smutty reactions/scenarios! Don’t worry, I’d never forget our precious maknae otherwise 💖

Irene: Worries sometimes that she can’t please you as well as you please her.

“I was wondering … Could you teach me? I want to make you feel as good as possible”

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Wendy: Laying back after sex, feeling tired and fulfilled. “Another great job! Keep up the good work!”

“I will, I take my job very seriously.”

“It shows. I should make you employee of the month!” she jokes.

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Seulgi: Considers herself rather an expert too (I mean she’s already good at everything else in life so it’s not a shock) and is glad to have found her match in the bedroom

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Joy: can go from cracking jokes about your expertise to suddenly craving your experienced touch and leaning sexily against the door frame. “Your room or mine?”

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Give Me Love || V x MC [Ch.1]

I’m an emotional wreck right now. I need some release and I remembered this. I’m so sorry, please bear with me guys.

~mod fluffy

Title: Give Me Love - Chapter One

Genre: Angst

(Prologue here)

“…I tore my heart out in front of you and all you can say is no. And now you want me to come and watch the worst thing you could possibly imagine. Do you have any idea what you’re asking? I wish I had never taken this stupid job. I wish I had never met you. ”

 You smiled bitterly upon hearing those lines from the movie you were watching. You reached for the remote and pressed the ‘off’ button. Silence embraced you as the only thing you can hear is your faint and unsteady breathing. You want to cry but tears won’t fall anymore. You held your phone up and blankly stared at the screen. 102 text messages, 29 missed calls from the RFA members. You decided to ignore it and checked the time and date.

 It’s been a eleven days. Eleven days already since you last saw him. You immediately packed your bags that time and went into a trip. It was all of a sudden, something you didn’t even think about. All you know is that you want to go somewhere far- somewhere without any trace of him. You just want to escape until it hurts no more, until you can face him again and feel nothing.

Please stop fooling yourself.

That’s right. You know too well that it is impossible to get rid of those feelings in an instant.

Eleven days had already passed.

It took you a while to absorb that information. You were binge watching movies, crying , rarely eating and almost not sleeping at all for eleven.fucking.days. You slowly stood up from the couch, everything came spinning, making you almost lose your balance. You decided grab support from the furniture to keep yourself on your feet.

You found yourself infront of the full length mirror - it is obvious that you lost a lot of weight. You have bags and dark circles around your eyes. Your lips are too dry and chapped, your hair is a mess. It’s as if you were seeing a stranger. No one would probably recognize you at this state. You heard your stomach grumble and you started dry heaving. Oh fuck. You were thinking of when was the last time you eat something but you failed to remember.

Okay. Stop this. Now.

You closed your eyes for a while, contemplating your fucking decisions and how you were destroying your own life for the past eleven days until now.

Enough of this bullshit.

You took a deep breath and decided to make yourself a decent meal, stumbling on your way to the kitchen. You took a bath after and cleaned the one hell of a messy apartment you were staying at. It took you four hours to have things in order again.

 You dragged yourself to the bedroom and let your body fall helplessly on the bed. You were expecting yourself to fall asleep instantly as you were dead tired and you haven’t slept for days, but it’s not the case. You stared at the ceiling- waiting for a miracle that you’ll be able to sleep but you know that it’s not happening. Every single time that you close your eyes, images from that day come flooding your mind. It’s as if everything was being replayed in front of your very own eyes. Everything. His words. Your tears. Your heart slowly shattering into pieces.


It’s already late night. You were on your way home and you decided to have a quick stroll on the park just to allow yourself to unwind a little.

So it’s been a few months huh?

You said to yourself. That’s right. Time won’t stop or even slow down for you. It will keep on moving forward -  leaving you behind. You let out a deep sigh and closed your eyes for a bit. You suddenly felt a soft nudge on your hand; it was a fluffy golden retriever wearing a ‘service dog’ vest.

“Hey there.” You calmly greeted the gentle creature, trying your best to keep yourself from petting it since it’s basically an unsaid rule when it comes to a service animal. The dog kept on wagging it’s tail and let out a soft whimper. You were puzzled for a second when it nudged you again and almost tried to push you as if telling you to go somewhere or to follow it. You decided to follow it silently. The dog led you to a familiar figure that you quickly recognized from afar.

“Sunny. Come here girl.” He gently said and the dog came running towards him.

Sunny huh? Still obsessed with that sunshine of yours, I see.

“I’m sorry if my dog led you here. I was having a really bad migraine earlier and I guess her training kicked in and she tried to find help.” 

“It’s okay. She’s such a gorgeous girl. She’s doing great in her job.” you said as you walked a little more towards him. You can see confusion in his face as he heard your voice. So he does recognize your voice.

“I - I really can’t see that much. I think I already heard that voice somewhere.”

“It’s me, MC. It’s been long since i last saw you, Jih- V”

Jihyun. V. Jihyun. V. Call him V. You don’t have any right to call him by his real name. V. Call him V.

It’s obvious that his eyesight had become worse that he already need a guide dog.

“Are you okay? Shall I call someone to pick you up and take you home?” a slight tone of concern can be traced on your voice.

“MC? No , no. I’m okay. I can go home.”

Silence enveloped the both of you. It is one of those moments where no one would say a word, making things really awkward.


“I’m sorry.” he quickly cut you off. You were taken aback by those words.

“Ahaha. I- I told you it was okay. Your dog was just doing her job.” 

“No. I- I’m sorry… I’m sorry for hurting you back then.” he said.

You can feel the corners of your eyes warming up as your tears slowly started to form. You don’t know what to say or how to feel about that.

Why? Why do you have to bring that up now?

“I - I’ll be going home. Bye” you quickly said and started to walk away.

“Mc, please.” You heard him say as he tried to grab your hand only to miss it a few inches away.

“What the hell V?! What is it that you want? Isn’t it enough that you did something really terrible a few months ago? Can’t you understand it?! Unexpectedly seeing you here like that is opening wounds that haven’t even healed at the first place. Can’t you see it? You’re hurting me again. It hurts. just seeing you like that hurts me like crazy… I could’ve just walked away earlier the moment i saw you but i didn’t. I- I can’t. Somehow, after all these months of trying to tend on my own wounds, somehow… somehow I - I..” you were caught off guard by your own words. Your tears streaming down your face as you blurted a part of you out.

Shit. Stop. You’re making a fool out of yourself again. Stop right now before you say something really stupid. 

“I’m sorry. I- don’t know why I said that just now.Just- Just forget it.  Can you please take me home? My driver can’t make it and I doubt that I can make it home alone this late. I’m so sorry.” He quietly said.

“You’re unbelievable, you know that? Fine, I’ll take you home.” you furiously said as you wiped your cheeks from the tears.

to be continued.

(**Movie line was from Me Before You. **)

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Nidai, those Future Foundation supply crates probably have some protein powder or other additives (you were known to be quite the expert in nutritional supplements) and Owari needs to have something. The only time she doesn't eat is when she's verging on despair. Maybe a protein shake will do the job.

*enters the room* Akane. You need to eat something. Here I bring you these.

Okay. I have decided.

Huh? What are you talking about?

Old man, I mean, Nekomaru, please. Help me become stronger.


I need to be stronger so I will be able to protect my family and my friends and so I never loose to Despair again. I’m not strong enough right now. I need your help.

….You are serious. I can see it in your eyes. They have a new light in them…

I am. Please.

I understand. Very well, I will do it. But first you are going to eat something. Not these things. But a real dinner. And after that we will start your training. It will be tough. So be prepared.

I will, thank you.

so in continuation of that “let it go” post, I searched AO3 and there is no threesome hamilton/washington/eliza which is a TRAGEDY. I do not need any more ideas right now because I have 4 active projects I’m working on, but please indulge me in some ramblings:

could be an AU for “take a break”, in place of “say no to this”? eliza and hamilton actually have a conversation and she finds out that he’s feeling pressure to get his plan passed for multiple reasons: he needs to keep his job, this is his legacy and he can’t jeopardize it, and washington told him to figure it out and he can’t let washington down.

further conversation reveals that they were intimate during the war, and after her initial disbelief and hurt (in this verse I see washington breaking it off after hamilton is married, so eliza’s feelings are less of betrayal and more “why didn’t you trust me to tell me this”) she realizes that washington is one of the sole reasons hamilton survived the war, and starts to hatch a plan.

cue eliza cornering washington, and telling him “I know what you two did, and I want you to do it again–I love my husband but this is partially your doing and I can’t bring him back from this cliff. you can.” washington is taken aback but more than a little tempted, and counters with a proposition of his own– he’ll do it, only if eliza is involved. she’s his wife, after all.

so they conspire and arrange a “meeting” where it’s just the three of them alone with hours to burn, and how can hamilton resist his wife and his president and their intent seduction? he fucks eliza while washington fucks him, and he spends his time between and being loved by two of the people he is most devoted to…

(labeling this ship whamliza, calling it now ;)

[TRANS] “BTS are too kind”


(This was posted by user “velyvelt” on the review section of BTS’ “Wings” album on Melon)

“Hello, I used to work at the broadcast station for a short time. Kind of like part-time job? I’m not good at talking so this will just be my rambling post. I barely have interest in idols so I don’t know the members’ names… Please excuse me… ㅎㅅㅎ

Anyway, BTS’ personalities? There was a controversy about that. The other fandoms roasted them for it… That thing is ridiculous so I’m writing this to tell you about the BTS I met. I helped with some chores at the broadcast station for a short time, and BTS was there. But you can’t say anything about their personalities. They’re too kind. Other celebrities mentioned this too, but they really are too kind. And except for one person, the rest are all shy…? They only stayed in the waiting room. They weren’t too quiet but weren’t too noisy either. I think they just huddle together and play among themselves. The waiting rooms’ soundproofing system isn’t that good so I could hear almost everything. I was passing by the hallway and I heard a little bit of this, but it’s too cute so I’m writing it here ㅋㅋㅋ There was a sudden loud laughing sound coming from BTS’ waiting room so I halted and was like, “Hmh? What was that?”. Seems like they were telling weird jokes to each other and cackling like high school girls, and played some kind of weird game? I think they’re a 4D squad. Kind of like a bunch of high school girls…

Originally, they don’t allow filming with personal cameras while recording, but sometimes there are thoughtless fans who film by themselves. At times like that, the PD will scold the artists. That time BTS was slightly scolded by the PD. It was an unfair situation, but they just quietly stood and kept apologizing to the PD. I feel somewhat sad for them too…

Oh, and among BTS members, the one with blond hair and tanned skin is different from others, he’s outgoing, right? He greeted other idols and fooled around with them when passing by the hallway. He was really cute…

Anyway, what I want to say is, unlike celebrities nowadays, I think they’re the rare ones who are kind and polite.

Thank you for reading this rambling post… ㅎ Please don’t curse at me too harsh for not writing this properly, I’ll be hurt ㅠㅠ

I didn’t have a Melon account before but I made one to write this.”

(comment) I worked at the broadcast station for some time too. It was back in 2014 and I wasn’t interested in BTS at that time so I didn’t know, but I remember that they always greeted everyone first :) So I became their fan and always think back of that time…

space battle
  • keith: lance... if we don't make it out of here alive... i just want you to know that i love you
  • lance: keith... i... wait, is someone crying?
  • galra 1: jared holy shit this is just like the movie we watched the other day
  • galra 2: dude, we have have to do our jobs don't-
  • galra 1: (crying)
  • galra 2: okay it is pretty sweet i'm not gonna lie--
  • zarkon: guys can we please FOCUS,
The Signs Losing a Card Game

Aries: Good job! Let’s play again. Bitch.

Taurus: Oh *slight disappointment* Good game though (:  ):<

Gemini: … Fuck.


Leo: Didn’t lose. Actually won

Virgo: Bubububut I calculated everything perfectly!

Libra: This game wasn’t that important anyways right???

Scorpio: Aye good job (genuinely means it)

Sagittarius: I might have lost at a card game, but y’all have lost in life

Capricorn: Also didn’t lose. Good job Leo and Cap

Aquarius: Sorry I didn’t get a goodnight’s sleep I was busy doing more important stuff

Pisces: Oh dammitt. Can we try again pretty please?

The Montreal Canadiens just lost 10-0 to the Blue Jackets and all I can think is Bad Bob’s live tweeting

If they get one more goal I’m unretiring just to show you how it’s done

Let’s all just pretend this isn’t happening

@canadiensMTL give me Therrien’s job and you won’t even have to pay me

@canadiensMTL in fact, I’ll pay you to let me take over as coach

[frustrated french]

This is the only way I’m going to accept this score [picture of the game with the bruins logo poorly photoshopped over the habs’]

It’s not against the rules if you’re desperate enough: RT @generichockeyfantwittername “Jack Z’s from MTL get him to play one period just so it’s not a shutout”

What if we wrapped cling film around the net so the puck can’t get in?

I should have turned the tv off by now, but therrien should have pulled montoya so

[angry french]

Remember when the leafs were the shitty canadian team? I miss those days

Half the people following the tweets are expecting some sort of backlash for the complaints about Therrien but all that happens is the hashtag #badbobforcoach starts trending

Please help a nonbinary lesbian with an autoimmune disease!

Hi, I’m Bee and I need help. I just took my last $40 out of the bank and now I don’t even have $3 to my name. I lost my job in December and have no source of income.

I have Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune disease and form of hypothyroidism, that can be life threatening without my medicine. I am also a full-time college student with no health insurance.

In addition to my meds, I also need to pay for gas, car insurance, and my phone bill.

You can message me if you’re interested in donating, and I am also taking commission on my art blog ( @galacticbumblebee ) for as cheap as $5.

Please please please help me. If I can’t drive to school, I am going to fail out of school and lose my funding. And if I can’t pay for my meds, I will get very very sick. If you can’t donate, reblogs are very appreciated. Thank you.

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This may seem a little stranger but can you recommend something to me so I can find a job? A long time ago and I can not get anything. PLEASE

Do you know your interests? I’d suggest downloading Good&Co and taking their quiz (they have it on iPhones and Androids). They ask you questions and match you with your best kind of job. After that, you can figure out what you want to do



Jack frowned at the crowded bookstore. He usually tried to go on week days, but the next three weekends would be spent on roadies and then, he wouldn’t have time to shop for his parent’s presents. It was getting closer and closer to Christmas, if one was to judge by the amount of shoppers on a Tuesday evening.

He waited in line for the information desk, watching the new releases displayed around him. The History display was further away, he was stuck reading the titles of romances and science-fictions, neither were very much his style.

‘Hi!’ said a cheery voice. ‘How may I help you, today?’

He was faced with a young blonde man wearing the company nametag, a manic smile and styrofoam pellets clinging to is clothes.

‘Huh… I- Is Shit- I mean, Mister Knight, here?’

‘I’m sorry, he’s unavailable today, caught a nasty bug, left us a little bit short-staffed!’ said the young man with a nervous laugh.

‘Huh- It’s okay, I can come back- ’

‘Oh, are you Mister Zimmermann? He said you came on Tuesdays, left this note for you…’ he grabbed a handwritten note taped to the computer screen. ‘Tell this - huh, I can’t say this word while I’m working - that I managed to find that out of print book he was asking about, I had to call the editor’s personal number, oh geez, he knows we’re not allowed to do that, and the book should be here in eight to fifteen weeks.’

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  • Winston: Now remember tracer you have one very specific objective in this mission, stay focused got it?
  • Tracer: Winston please i'm always focused. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
  • Tracer: *breaks into talon's hideout*
  • Widowmaker: What the-
  • Tracer: Can i have your number.
  • Widowmaker:
  • Winston:


I’m Akshay (I’ll give my full irl name upon request) and I’m looking for freelance or even permanent work in illustration, character design, etc. I live in Laguna Beach, which is close to the LA area. 

You can contact me at, where I can provide you with more information–but in the meantime, I have an ~art tag~ you can look through! 

(The content in the photoset is arranged so that my newest work is at the top and my oldest at the bottom.) 

Reblogs are appreciated! (Help a broke artist out.)  

please commission me if you need some cool art!!

i just quit my job because of personal reasons, im starting online school to finish up high school the last few credits i have. im currently going to be putting my last paycheck in savings as well as anything else i can muster up while i dont have rent to help me afford things i need for my future carrier as an artist, to support myself and follow through with my transition. the more art i do the more i improve. ill take 5+$ for a any doable commission i really dont mind. anything can help. i dont want donations without giving anything in return. this will in turn help me prepare myself as an artist and prepare/grow for the future. 

if anything please help share this 

my goal is to start testosterone by march. which was my goal for last year, i dont want this to be a goal again, i want to reach it. in turn i will also be setting up top surgery appts depending on how healthy i am and how fast it can happen with everything going on/savings. most likely by july. 
here are some examples of what i can do:

thank you for taking the time to read this, please instant message me if you would like a commission!

to the people living with their abusers who aren’t able enough to get out, who are so traumatized that they can’t function, i hear you. you’re not worthless, you’re not weak or deserving of punishment. even if you’re an adult. when you’re traumatized and you live with the person (or people) who abuse you, that fear doesn’t always turn to active motivation to escape. sometimes being retraumatized sucks away our ability to function because we’re using all our energy focusing on the immediate threat. why would you have extra room to think about a job or school when you’re in danger? your brain is trying to protect you. please remember that you’re not failing. you’re coping with an overwhelming situation, and sometimes that’s the best you can do.

Les Amis & Co as things my photography professor has said:
  • Enjolras: “Please, sit on the floor! Chairs are for the bourgeoisie!
  • Combeferre: “I swear that book is beautiful! When I was reading it I was so absorbed that I forgot to have dinner.” 
  • Courfeyrac: “Maybe using the word “daguerrotype” at the pub you will charm some girls. Or boys, heaven forbid I try and give you limits.” 
  • Grantaire: “Trust me, don’t cut the photos after a bottle and a half of Prosecco if you want to do a decent job.” 
  • Joly: “You can play chess on the top of a skyscraper but at least bring a scarf.” 
  • Bossuet: “I seem cool just because the only time I slammed my hand on the desk to silence a class I broke my pinkie. I try to avoid it.”
  • Jehan: “I think a man in a dress can only be admired and respected” 
  • Bahorel: “Don’t hang out with law students. It’s bad for your mental health.” 
  • Feuilly: “You have to present a project. Or two. Or three.  Or how many you want, it depends on your willpower.” 
  • Cosette:  “I don’t even know your names but I want all of you to be safe.” 
  • Eponine: “In a few months the idea you have of love will change. And many of you won’t regret it.” 
  • Musichetta: “I’m just a man. You should ask a woman, they understand things better”
  • Montparnasse: “If you’re thinking ‘this is bad’ you’re probably right, but try and convince you of the contrary.” 
  • Marius: “I was walking on a beach and I saw a branch so beautiful I had to take it home. Now it’s in my living room. Who has never done it?” 

malec fics I’ll probably never write but someone definitely should and also tag me so I can read them:

inspired by this post by @otppurefuckingmagic

  • Alec Lightwood has a job interview that could change his future, finally help him free himself from his parents’ hold on his life. So, obviously, he is freaking out. What better way to relax than to go have a drink the night before? At least, that’s what Izzy and Jace say when they drag him to Pandemonium, the new club that opened a few blocks away. Alec might be prone to believe them after a while, especially when he finds himself on his way to have the night of his life with the hottest guy he’s ever seen a few hours later. Magnus - or Sex on Legs as Alec has decided to call him in his head - even is sweet enough to cook him breakfast the next morning before they part with each other’s number but the knowledge that neither of them was looking for anything more. They just don’t have time for a real relationship and they’ve made it clear. Alec is convinced he will never see him again. That is until he gets to his job interview and Magnus is sitting there with a grave expression, a suit that makes him look annoyingly appealing and a raging bruise on his neck.
  • Joining the New York Philharmonic orchestra has always been Alec’s dream and he made it come true through years of hard work and lost sleep. Now he finally has a chance to become First Chair, but a newcomer threatens to steal his well-deserved place as leader. Magnus Bane is a prodigy and if his technique is flawless, it is the passion that transpires from his every motion when he plays the violin that grabs anyone’s - and Alec’s - attention. Alec wants to hate him, he really does, but it doesn’t help that in addition to being so frustratingly talented, Magnus Bane is also sweet and patient and utterly charming. And he refuses to make the run for First Chair feel like the competition it actually is. Alec might be screwed.
  • Magnus and Alec babysitting Clary and Jace’s child, but the child has a huge crush on Magnus and spends the whole night pulling pranks on Alec whenever they start acting like the married couple they are. Alec loves the kid. He does, but he is slowly starting to lose his mind and if that little demon prevents him from kissing his husband one more time, he might lose it. Magnus just thinks it’s hilarious - and adorable - to have two children - one of them being a 6′2 shadowhunter - fighting for him.
  • Magnus is a Robin Hood-esque character and he particularly likes to steal from the Lightwood family.
  • A Beauty and the Beast AU with Magnus as Belle and Alec as the Beast. Also featuring Jace the candlestick, Izzy the clock, Maryse the teapot and Max the teacup. Luke, Magnus’ adoptive father, gets lost in the forest while trying to help a injured wolf he found on the road on his way back from the city and he comes across the Beast’s castle, and gets captured. After they learn the news, Magnus goes to the castle and offers to take Luke’s place, despite Luke’s objection… We all know how that story ends. Sebastian as Gaston? I guess?
  • Magnus goes to his favorite coffee shop and the place is crowded so he ends up sharing a table with a stranger who also turns out to be the epitome of Tall, Dark and Handsome. They start talking because Alec is reading a book by Magnus’ favorite writer, Gideon Archer, and Alec keeps dragging the guy and hating on his books and Magnus just can’t have that. They argue for hours about it and regularly meet afterwards to talk about literature and books, and after a few meetings, book talks turn into anything and everything talks. When Alec realizes he is in love with Magnus, it’s probably already too late to tell him that he is, in fact, Gideon Archer.
  • Izzy and Jace get Alec and his son Max a cruise for Christmas because he hasn’t taken a vacation for ages. On the ship, they meet Magnus and his son Raphael, who are on a well-deserved vacation themselves. Max and Raphael hit it off as soon as they meet and decide they will spend every minute possible together. If they use that time to make up an intricate plan to get their dads together, well… what they don’t know can’t hurt them.
  • Alec and Magnus are both professors at NYU but they work in different departments and have never stumbled into each other. That is until one evening, Alec sees a stranger standing under the pouring rain and offers to share his umbrella with him and walk him home. He just doesn’t want him to get sick. This has nothing to do with that guy being the hottest piece of ass he has ever seen. He’s just being a nice person.
  • The Proposal AU. (seriously, why hasn’t this been done yet?)
  • Victorian AU. I have no plot for this one but I need it like I need air.

hi tumblr.

i’m zack, i’m gay, trans and disabled and i have no income whatsoever. i’m also breaking up with my boyfriend and thus i need to get out of berlin soon.

i’m going to the UK, where i have a right to reside and where i’ll be able to access social services and maybe hopefully even find a job or something. but to do that, i need money for plane tickets, preferably by tonight or by tomorrow. any money i get that isn’t for that will go towards food and other necessities. 

my paypal is isakgrozny at gmail dot com. any contribution is hugely welcome.

if you can’t contribute, please at least reblog!! thank you.