can i have them in wallpaper form please

I could finally put the donation button, guys! It's on the blog now, up and running!

Everything you donate will be very welcomed and you’ll have my eternal thanks. There is no set amount so you just can contribute with what you can or what you want!

I also made this page here for those who are not familiar with my current situation or don’t know why I’m asking for your help. If you have a question about my country’s problems or my trasatlantic move or anything else feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best to reply, you have the right to know!!

You can also use it as if it were a Patreon, unfortunately I can’t use the system but paypal does let you pay whatever you want monthly! 

I’ll have to see if you’re interested in it first and depeding on that I can start setting up rewards and producing new content each month! You can always tell me things you want to see too, new comics about the game, about Starbell’s story, wallpapers, illustrations; if I’m going to get your help I will always hear what you have to say and try to please as much of you as I can!

I will also be working on my commissions, hopefully next week I’ll be opening them up again, so you can write if you’re interested and I’ll send you the form and add you to the wait list!

I am going to be working as much as I can, I’ll do anything to get out of here and try to survive those two months I’m going to be there without the support of my country. Hopefully after those two months I’ll know if I can continue studying or if I’ll have to change my plans again.

No matter what happens I wouldn’t be able to do this without you guys. You’ve been loving and supportive; you’ve given me work and you’ve been so rodiculously generous to me, I just want you to know someday I’m going to find a way to thank you all for everything you’re giving me right now.

You’re all amazing.

P.S. Even if you can’t send a donation if you can help me out signal boosting the heck outta this It would also be really helpful!Thank you so much.


Johnlock PJs Fabric: Sticking it to the MAN!

All right.  These are not on Spoonflower after all.  First of all, they want my social security number so they can report any commission I make to the IRS, which makes me nervous.  (I don’t really want a commission if it leads to tax forms!) Second of all, they want me to order proofs and wait for the proofs to be shipped before I can actually list anything for sale.  This is FOR FUN; I’m not interested in jumping through hoops.

So!  Here are the JPEGs of the fabric print.  There are several places online where you can upload an image and have them print you fabric.  I give you permission to use these designs to have fabric printed if you like - please just don’t claim credit.  (It would please me no end to imagine someone having wallpaper made for a small powder room.  How cute would that be?!) 

The designs are set to be about 18″ wide and should make seamless repeats.

inevitably-johnlocked, cakepopsforeveryone, vanetti