can i have some tempura ;a;

Seijou Sleepover

Thank you for requesting this, anon. We will remember you for what you have unleashed. Also, this is the longest sleepover yet, and the most disorganized, please proceed with caution.

Other team sleepovers: Nekoma, Karasuno

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Even though I crave and regularly talk about all these heart-murdering nightmare grease foods I really don’t eat them that often.

Lately most days I just eat whatever I can add to some steamed rice, like mushrooms and curry, or some tempura shrimp, or an egg. A raw egg stirred into hot rice is actually really good and a breakfast staple in some places.

Or I’ll have that one lazy meal that just consists of grazing a bunch of little different things out of the fridge like a few bites of cheese, a pickle, a buttered slice of bread, peanut butter on celery, whatever’s around.

Eating relatively light causes an appetite for something grosser to build and build until it’s no longer resistible once or twice a week but then that triple cheese triple meat pizza or big bucket of fried chicken tastes better than ever