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hi! i'm not jewish, but i do check this blog to read more about antisemitism and how i can help. i'm a writer, and i really want to include a few jewish characters in my stories, but i have no idea how judaism works. do you guys have any resources/opinions/info that might be helpful to me? i'm just looking to present an undeniably jewish POV, but the story doesn't center on the character being jewish. if this is antisemitic in any way, please inform me!

I’d say for basics of Judaism, myjewishlearning is a good website to read with some easy to read but well constructed articles. If you want to go deeper, I strongly recommend reading “Jewish Literacy” by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. 

As far as writing Jews themselves, I strongly suggest that you do the following…

1. Follow Jewish blogs on tumblr, not just Jewish-THEMED blogs, but blogs by actual Jews based on their actual lives. Understand that at our core we are people just like anyone else. We have our specific religion and culture, but we also do things everyone else does. We balance it VERY differently between our communities. 

2. Read books by Jewish authors with Jewish characters. They don’t have to be books ABOUT Judaism. Just books from Jewish voices about Jewish lives. And get a diversity of them. Read books by Jewish men and women. Read books written by Jews from different continents. Read books by those born Jewish and those who have chosen to become Jewish. Learn what is universal and specific about Jewish experience.

3. Follow Jewish news sources and read Jewish journalists.

Photo  (Rami Malek x Reader Smut)

A/N: Hello guys! This is my first smut I publish and I’m aware that it’s not the best you have ever read. It’s probably the worst! Haha! Anyway, I’m trying to learn how to write smuts as well so just be patient! Please, sent me your opinion, it’s really important for me, so I can know what I need to do better for the next time. Love you my beautiful malekians!

Word count: 1,339

One afternoon, you made yourself comfortable on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate and some photo albums of your boyfriend Rami. You loved to look at his baby photos, he was soo cute as a baby, and you really liked his childhood photos as well. There were a few you smiled about, for example when his face was covered with cake on his 16th birthday. Poor Rami, you always thought.  You took a sip from your hot chocolate, leaned back and enjoyed watching your boyfriend’s memories.

After a few albums, you found a photo that almost made you spit your hot chocolate on your carpet. You never saw it before, although you had looked at the albums so many times. Either you always overlooked that picture, which is quite impossible or Rami had tried to hide it from you. The second option was more likely. He probably thought you wouldn’t touch his albums anymore, because you saw all his photos.

On the photo, he was posing on a bed, naked and only a cloth was covering his private area. As if it was not enough, he was wearing a black tie around his neck and grinned seductively into the camera. Damn, you thought. He was very hot on that photo. But you felt also suspicious and a little bit jealous. Who might have taken this picture? A photograph? A girl? Maybe himself? It didn’t look like it had been taken in a studio.

The more you stared at him, the more you were turned on. You already felt your wetness between your legs. God, he was so damn hot. How dare he torturing you like that? Ok, it wasn’t really his fault, he had no idea anyway. Slowly, you became frustrated and a sort of feeling spread inside of you.

That feeling that ate you up inside every time you felt it and made you insane. Unfortunately, Rami wasn’t home yet. You needed relief. As soon as possible. So, you could foresee how the night was definitely going to end.

You spent another hours, trying to distract yourself, but the feeling became more painful the longer it took Rami to come back home. You did everything: watching movies, surfing the net, reading books. But he wasn’t still home yet. God, you wanted him now! “Where are you, Rami?” You mumbled.

Suddenly, the front door was being unlocked and your boyfriend stepped into the apartment. He was holding a bouquet of roses in his one hand in the other hand he was carrying a plastic bag full of groceries. So, that’s why he was so late.

“(Y/N), I’m home.” He shouted. Then he went to the kitchen to lay the bag and the bouquet on the counter and after that he came to the living room, where you had already waited for him. A wide grin was plastered on your face and as Rami saw you, he looked at you questioningly. “What?” He asked confused. You just shook your head, laughing about the cluelessness of your poor boyfriend. You stood up from your place and went towards him. As you approached him, you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him close to your body.

“Rami..” You said with a singing voice. “Where have you been? I missed you so, so much?” Slowly, you plastered hungry kisses along his neck. He was bewildered. Normally, you were not affectionate. Unless, it was about sex. He slightly pushed you away from him. “Are you alright?” He asked. “Yeah, I’m just in the mood, y’know.” You answered. He offered you a gentle laugh. “Is that so? And why if I may ask.” You shrugged your shoulders. “Hmm, maybe I’m turned on by a certain photo.”

His face turned red within seconds. He was comparable to a tomato. Even his ears took a shade of red. He knew very well which photo you meant. You laughed at him, burying your face in the crook of his neck. He was so cute when he was ashamed. “You saw it?” He whispered. “Yes.” You said. “And it’s hot.” “Nah, more embarrassing if you ask me.”  You laughed again, while rubbing his chest. “Yeah, sure.” And then you roughly  crushed your lips against his. His tongue entered your mouth and you both fought for dominance. Meanwhile, your hand slid under his shirt, stroking his well-toned belly. His muscles tensed under your touch and you smirked into the kiss. A slight moan escaped from his lips as you rubbed yourself against him. “Upstairs! Now!” You whispered seductively in his ear as you both pulled away to breathe. He nodded and a few minutes later  you found yourself in your bedroom.

Rami pushed you down onto the bed and climbed on top of you. His lust-filled eyes stared at your beautiful ones. “I love you, (Y/N).” He said.  “I love you, too.”

He let his hands slid down your chest and slowly began to undress  you, leaving you in your underwear. You did the same by unbuckling his pants and slipping them down his legs. You saw the outline of his erection in his boxers and carefully cupped it with your hand. He hissed at your touch, a low groan escaped from his already plump lips. He pulled his shirt over his head so you had a look on his muscular chest. Licking you lips, you unclasped your bra, your nipples shivered at the sudden cold air and hardened. Rami glided his hand over your stomach, while kissing and sucking on your sweet spot, leaving hickeys on your skin. You gasped as he cupped your heat and his fingers teased your entrance through your panties.

“Rami.” You moaned.  “I need you, Baby. Now!” He giggled at your impatience. “So no foreplay this time?” He asked. “No please, I want you inside me!”  He saluted jokingly. “As you wish, m’lady.”

He positioned himself between your legs and pulled out his length. He stroked himself a few times before he slid himself into you, filling you completely. You arched your back, a deep groan escaping your lips. “Are you ok, Baby?” He inquired. He gave you time to adjust to his size. You just nodded your head, digging your nails into his olive skin. “Move, please!”

He bent down to kiss your lips and started to thrust slowly into you. You held tightly on his waist, helping him to push deeper and to hit the spot you were craving for. You closed your eyes, enjoying this intimate moment between you and your boyfriend. Your whole body burned like fire and your breath became uneven. His thrusts became faster and harder as he quickened his pace. You let out a little cry and bucked your hips to meet his. “Feels so good.” He moaned against your lips.

He cupped your breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. He licked and sucked at your nipple that sent jolts through your whole body. Still thrusting, he then used his thumb to rub your clit, giving you twice as much pleasure. Rami stared intensively at you and couldn’t stop himself from groaning as he felt you clench around him. Panting, you slowly could feel something build up in your stomach. You saw the stars as he hit your special spot again and it needed him a few more thrusts and rubbing your clit before your body exploded.

“Rami!” You screamed his name as you came, finally finding relief. Rami thrust you through your orgasm before he released himself in your core. He grunted your name, then collapsed onto you, his head resting on your breasts. Your heart was beating heavily against your chest and you tried to keep your ragged breath down.

Rami put his arms around you, pressing your sweaty bodies together. Your hands went through his hair, stroking his soft curls. He gave a kiss between your breasts before smiling lovingly at you.

“That was amazing. You were amazing.” He complimented. Your cheeks instantly turned red at his statement, but you tried to hide your blushing. “You were amazing too, Ram.”

“What did I do to deserve this?” He yawned, his limbs slowly fell down from the exhaustion. You kissed his head. “Well, if you keep doing photos like that, you’ll deserve it more often.”

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Hey! Do you have any tips for a non-binary person on how to look more flat chested/appear more masucline?

Binders are good, but you Must be safe when using them. Get them from a reliable website and don’t wear one too small and not for too long. Wearing a sports bra can work somewhat especially if your chest is on the smaller side. I know that some people wear slim fitting tank tops, but again i think that would work better if you’re on the smaller side. wearing oversized shirts or layering shirts works as well. As for the masculine thing, I like dress shirts, and cargo pants/shorts. Really it’s just what makes you feel good. Stay safe!


People die even if you don’t kill them, and that means you will never see them again.

Hiho!! Here is the HiyorixSakura drawing :DD Argh this took me like forever. Mostly because I don’t have a clue how to shade…seriously I was doing it for 2 hours and in the end…you can barely see it ._.

Special Thanks to @plush-girl for her great theory and the permission to draw it!!


I’m a little desperate right now, because no matter what I’m trying it looks horrible (especially the shading). So here is a little request for you: If you got some time, pls give me an opinion on this or my future drawings. It can be positive but ALSO negative (I won’t be angry with you). I want to improve my drawing skills for you all but it’s really hard to find mistakes by myself. I will definitely focus more on the parts you think I messed up! btw: You don’t have to be a pro in digital art. Everyone can judge a picture :)

Thanks for reading!

not a fan of fujoshi? read this!!

hey guys, there’s been a lot of reaction to and discussion about my post surrounding yaoi and fujoshi. and while it’s all cool to keep it here (and it’s changing some people’s minds!) I think we should probably do something with it??

please send akidearest a POLITE comment on her fujoshi videos, a message, or tweet her at @akidearest (she looks at the tag #DearAki on twitter from what I’ve been told) and let her know POLITELY how you feel about fujoshi and yaoi. 

if you have an opinion on fujoshi and yaoi I’d love to see it!! use the tag #notafanoffujoshi so we can keep it all in one place! 

What makes Luna such a strong character in my opinion.

Ok so I’m starting a new Final Fantasy blog here, you can expect a lot of crazy rants about the games, well maybe mainly FFXV at the moment. And of course I had to start with my favorite FFXV character. Actually this post is a reaction to some things I have read about Luna. According to some people she is a weak and disappointing character. Seriously? Weak? Disappointing? One of the strength of the Final Fantasy franchise in my opinion is the writing of the characters and FFXV didn’t disappoint in this area, and yes I find Luna very interesting, the kind of strong female lead I love. In a unusual kind of way maybe? More like in a unique kind of way actually.

First I have to say, I don’t get how some people can say she is weak. Because if you look at what she actually accomplishes she is pretty badass from the very beginning. Literally from the very beginning. I mean the first scene of the movie actually shows her as a twelve year old refusing to leave her burning country and the army that just killed her mother in front of her because she didn’t want to leave her brother behind. I can’t count the number of badass things she does in the movie (and some will say that she is trying to hard to be badass in there and she is too willing to die etc….. Well I actually liked her in the movie, the whole movie was about that, people willing to die for a greater cause, and not only Luna, but that’s another matter). I could also mention while I’m at it that she lived twelve years under the domination of Niflheim, watching her brother playing the puppet and everything she had ever known being destroyed. There are plenty of great scenes in the game too, her talk with Camelia before she gave her speech, the way she stood proud in front of Leviathan and endured her wrath. Not to mention that she did actually fulfill her calling as an oracle, she did it. Yes it was a difficult task but she played her role and none of the great deals accomplished by Noctis could have been possible if not for her. Those are facts, just look at those scenes, if that is not a strong character I don’t know what it is?

But thing is I actually KNOW why some people think she is weak. Because nowadays, being a “strong female character” is acting the way a man would, it’s being physically strong, it’s speaking louder, it’s accomplishing man tasks, it’s not showing emotions. And Luna is nothing like that. She is very soft spoken, very kind, very warm. She is very very feminine, in the way she acts, in the way she speaks, in the way she dresses. She is a young girl dreaming of a beautiful wedding and weeping for her lost love. Also she shows weakness, she actually has a couple of break downs, and yes she lets herself being stupidly killed in the end right? So let’s get this right guys, dying doesn’t make you weak, crying doesn’t make you weak, being warm and caring doesn’t make you weak.
All those scenes are actually the ones that show just HOW STRONG she really is. She is so strong because she didn’t let these twelve years in the hands of Niflheim, the killing of her mother, the lost of Noctis and all she has been through change her, destroy everything in her that is beautiful. She is strong because in spite of everything she is still warm and caring and dreaming of a princess wedding to the man who she loves. She is strong because she is scared as hell, because she doesn’t actually want to die, because she doesn’t believe she can do it but in spite of these fears she is still standing, and pushing these fears aside and helping people, healing them, and inspiring them. Because yes she does exactly that, heal people and inspire them. Gentiana actually says everything about Luna : “It was not the oracle who assuaged their fears but the girl, she holds the true power”. What makes Luna so great is not her powers, or the fact that she can or cannot fight or use magic or whatever, what makes her great is her kindness, the way she inspired Noctis during his entire life. First when they were kids and she made that promise to help him, later through the messages she gave Umbra. Her speech in Altissia (just take a look at Noctis’ face in that moment), and afterwards, after she actually died. Up until that final battle when he remembers her and draws strength from that. I actually love the scene in which she dies and get that final chance to talk to Noctis, that opportunity she wasn’t expecting even though she desperately wanted it. And in that scene she looks and sounds so serene, she has fully accepted her fate and her death and once again her only goal is to inspire Noctis, to help him to get him on the right track.

So yes in the end I love that character for the strength of her will, I love her for being a woman and not being afraid of showing it, I love her for her warm personality, for the light she brings to others even when she herself is full of doubts and fears, I love her for breaking down and being able to stand up again after that and acknowledging her weaknesses and finding the strength to overcome them, I love her for being a charismatic, inspirational person, not only to Noctis by the way (just look at the few reactions we can see from random people after her passing). I had a feeling since the beginning that she would be by far my favorite character in this game, and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed at all. Is she exactly what I wanted or expected her to be? No she isn’t, but she is actually very surprising in a nice way.

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i am SO tired of people being like "ill never be a vegan bc vegans always say X" like? really your treatment towards animals is based on human opinions? that's the most selfish things i've heard

It’s just one convenient excuse to dismiss veganism in a long line of them. It would be like denying women should have equal rights on the basis that some feminists are mean. Besides, often it doesn’t even matter how polite you are, You can provide people with facts, sources and personalised guides and still be greeted by “THIS IS WHY NO ONE LIKES VEGANS.” If people are looking for a reason to dislike you and others like you, they will will always find one, no matter what you do.


Sean has done two “big” things while on YouTube that have changed his appearance, besides aging and changing his facial hair: dying his hair green and getting a tattoo. 

Him dying his hair was a few months before my time, so I don’t have a good understanding of how people really reacted back then, but if it’s anything like how some people are reacting to the tattoo, then…

It’s his body.

And the response to that is probably, “[insert obvious statement about the permanence of tattoos; personal opinion on the aesthetics of them, or lack thereof; probable, but not likely at a well-established and professional parlor, health risks that are present when getting a tattoo; and, my personal favorite, some ignorant comment about ‘the kinds of people that have tattoos’]”


He’s 26 years old and knows to think something like this through thoroughly. Also, don’t stereotype people based on how they look. Come on now.

I get it, this can happen sometimes: we have an image of how someone looks in our minds, and a lot of the time it’s associated, consciously or subconsciously, with certain feelings and personality traits that were present at the time we formed that image (thinking that the person is the way they are or we feel the way we feel about that person BECAUSE of how they look), so when that person deviates from that look we’ve ingrained in our minds, it can feel like they are also leaving behind that previous persona and becoming someone else and our feelings towards them are no longer supported. 

But that’s not the case. 

Dying his hair doesn’t get rid of his humility, and getting a tattoo doesn’t change his character. Those types of things change how you look, not who you are.

The only person this truly affects is Sean. It’s on his skin. It does absolutely nothing to anyone else, how could it. It’s ink. 

Let him do what he wants to his body. His views on the matter don’t have to line up with anyone else’s, and you can’t force his to realign with yours.

If you think that this is a sign of him “changing”, rethink your definition of that word because most people use it incorrectly and just throw it around. First, people are always changing, that’s life. And second, just because you may have heard about the tattoo recently doesn’t mean he only recently started thinking about getting one. His thoughts may have “changed” to you, but to him, it’s something that was a long time coming. You didn’t know that because you aren’t in his head. 

Let him enjoy his snazzy tattoo. Please.

(FYI: I love the tattoo personally. It’s a really cool design, and I like the placement, but even if I didn’t, it wouldn’t have mattered…because he loves it.)

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Random opinion: that portaint of star makes me wonder two things. one did the artist choose to make Star look so bored on purpose and two how did they manage to keep Star Still long enough to paint a portrait. i mean those thing take hours and i can't imagine Star staying still for less then five minutes,

I mean, the same can be said about River, really. They probably have some sort of magic paint or something on Mewni. 

people / especially men who say stuff like ‘it’s important to confront yourself with opinions other than your own’, ‘you have to seek out conflicts’ etc.: do they know how privileged they are?? I read an article by some guy who was like ‘I realized that all my friends shared the same views so I started looking for people who didn’t!’ 

I mean, I don’t have to seek out those who don’t share my views, every day I’m surrounded by people who don’t accept who I am, who I can’t be honest with, who make stupid, sexist, homophobic jokes. I constantly have to defend who I am and what I believe in. what I’m looking for is places where I don’t have to do that anymore.

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Kind of wished that SEGA of Japan kept the fangs: I mean, I can understand WHY SOA got upset over it (That manga tended to make the fangs so sharp, Sonic almost looked vampireish with them), but it's a inconsequential thing when Sonic's an animal that HAS triangular teeth.

Well in a way they did. Given that some of Sonic’s models in 3D games have sharp teeth.


Sonic’s fangs in original concept art did look a bit out of place though given how big they were.

Sleuthing’s Big ass Mod wish list for FO4 because they can’t use the creation kit to save their fucking life.

(warning, personal opinions and wants will be in this list)

Aesthetic Mods.

More variety of Ghouls. I actually like the black eyed 4th-degree burn victim thing they did in FO4, but I’d still like to see different types instead of the same 3 designs over and over again. So how about a mix? Some ghouls are bald, some ghouls have all their hair, and some only have patches and tufs. They have black eyes, Black eyes with grey iris, blood shot eyes with blue iris, milky white cataracts eyes. Some who look burnt all over. Some who look like rotting zombies with parts of their muscle and cartilage exposed. Hell if you’re feeling creative some who look closer to the ferals!

Uniforms for the Minutemen. I know they’re supposed to represent the common people, and I know they KIND of have their own outfits. But come on Preston looks so pimp in his colonial coat, You get your own General outfit so why are my fellow Minute peeps stuck in their shitty lowkey cowboy cosplay?

Story Mods (that are probably to hard to make because voice acting problems)

Sole was always a Synth. This is for pure roleplaying reasons, but I’d love more options and custom quests that let you explore this idea. It’s so hard to do story stuff since Sole is voiced but dammit I want it so bad. Some of the stuff Kellogg says, and that teaser between Sole and DiMA would easily be worked with. Hell Just added terminal entries in the institute could add to the experience.

Evil Institute. Lets face it, the institute would have been more appealing and cool if Bethesda hadn’t attempted to pull their punches right at the end for some weird shitty attempt at grey morality. So how about we actually see where they keep and tortured surface dwellers? Rooms Where they strip Synths of their identities? Terminal entries where it’s clear Shaun is using you because the gen 3s can only survive with his/your DNA. BEING ABLE TO BRING UP THEY CREATED THE FLIPPING SUPER MUTANTS IN THE COMMONWEALTH. Also can I blow up the institute without being forced to feel sad about Father dying? You don’t even need to have dialogue just have an animation where Sole flips him off when he tries to guilt trip you before u leave him to die.

Let me tell Child Shaun he’s a Synth:

You want grey morality Bethesda? Well you sure missed a big opportunity with this! Why couldn’t we tell Shaun he was a Synth? That kind kills the idea of ‘freedom of choice’ when Sole is gonna keep that from him. Where’s the option to tell the child but still assure him they’re family now? That they’ll love him no matter what because dammit he’s a living being and Father was a bastard for bring him into the world just to be some weird self indulgent pet project.

(if you wanna reblog and add your own wish list be my guest.)

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I was looking at solid black ball python morphs, and I feel like every single one of them has a duckbill. Are there any that don't? And is the duckbill harmful/detrimental to quality of life? Any forum I found all were in favor of the spider morph, so I didn't trust their opinion on the duckbill

All of the black/near black morph pairings have some chance of duckbilling as well as kinking. (super cinnamon, super black pastel, black pastel/cinnamon) Sometimes its so significant they have a sort of cleft palate look going on. There hasnt been any research on how this affects them (aside from the obvious problems a kinked spine can cause) but in general we shouldnt be attempting breedings with such severe defects.

black axanthic is pretty dark without problems. So are super GHIs. neither of those are oure black though.

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Bob has said that Bellamy and Clarke "will change their ideologies" (we don't know to what extent). In you opinion, does that mean they're gonna fight? I mean, in a good way. It's good, they're a team again, they're together and it's healthy to have arguments with people you love. (Maybe when she's crying is because they fought?)

Don’t make it about shipping. I mean, you can speculate on it and write fan fiction on how that might look in a romantic context and that could make some great stories, but I’m pretty sure it’s not about romance at all.

It’s about their natures as leaders. She’s got the long view and he’s got the immediate view. She’s got the philosophy and he’s got the understanding of people. They need both these perspectives, macro and micro. However, all this time, he’s been focused on saving his people while she’s been focusing on allying with the broader population and I have a feeling that Bellamy has learned his lesson about sacrificing people who aren’t his so that his own people can live and he’s not going to do that.

But maybe Clarke has decided that “doing it for her people” is after all where she’s going. Maybe she’s lost too many people and she can’t bear to lose anymore so she’s going to protect them at all costs, while Bellamy is no longer willing to trade his soul for defending his people. 

I’m 6 episodes into Hunter x Hunter so here are some Opinions:

-Gon is a Pure Soul and I love him
-after coming to the conclusion that I LOVE Kurapika, i definitely have an anime character Type (short blondes with cat motifs and sad backstories)
-Leorio is a noodle man and is also Good
-Hisoka could choke on a cactus and I wouldn’t care
-I dislike him very much and wish he would leave them alone
-does Killua take his hands out of his pockets for more than like 5 minutes ever?? Like there is a limit to how composed and cool you can look before you start to give away you are a Sad Child
-on that topic I have deduced Killua is probably a Sad Child and I want to protect him

That is all for now more updates as I get further in

(ps I blame @thekatsuki for my growing obsession with this show it’s all your fault)

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I was actually quite disheartened to see Hobi and V for BS&T era. They looked completely whitewashed and not attacking them at all. It is just sad :( their natural skin tone is so darn beautiful to me it is crazy how some people not even Koreans prefer lighter skin tone as beauty when all skin tones and shades are just absolutely marvelous to see and have. That is one of the reasons that make people so beautiful in my opinion.

yes I totally agree! All skin types are gorgeous, but standards develop for just about every physical attribute you can think of so it’s sadly not that crazy of a concept for paler skin to be preferred in some cultures :/ and vice versa as well actually. And yes, BS&T was pretty bad for the overly paleness. And in general Yoongi gets lightened quite a lot. But a break from that particular look is quite nice. Save Me was also pretty good in the melanin spectrum, but that MV was so heavily filtered to look grungy that it make their skin tones look a lil green. The Spring Day MV is nice and warm and colorful ^_^ 


Was thinking how Ryan has so many different takes of him in the games. It’s not something new, it’s pretty obvious from viewing the audio portraits that it’s a different take each time. I feel the first two work well for him with personality and character, with BaS however, I feel it looks off for some reason. I can’t put my finger on it but it doesn’t have the same vibe the other two put on.

In my opinion, the second I feel works well. It makes him off strong,towering in a way, and imposing. Idk that’s just me.

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Unpopular opinion, I just don't understand why people ship together two characters who hardly speak but like 2 sentences to each other. I get that people think they might look good together but then there's no substance to it. But some people like doing that because then they can "control" everything about the ship. But then they take it too far and change the characters themselves into people they aren't and then get into shipping wars with others.

I can see how playing around with those characters if it seems like they’d have some pretty cool chemistry but ya, some of them are so??? far-fetched? OOC just so they would work?? Then that gets popular and standard for that ships fanbase??? idgi what’s the point or fun in maiming a character’s personality

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Why is there such a stigma towards CG anime? Sure, it's not all the way there yet, but I think there is a lot of potential; Berserk 2016 had really good CG at the end in the Mozgus fight, and Ajin doesn't look too bad either. Is it because there hasn't been a series that hasn't used CG to its full potential, or what?

A lot of CG anime is animated at 8 frames per second, which can lead to a choppy look. A lot of traditionally animated anime drops to 8 fps as well, but not during most action scenes. Some of the strongest criticisms come from how the animations and facial expressions can be very stiff. 

Berserk 2016 suffered from some very wonky looking scenes where people were just talking to each other, but everything just felt stilted. I’m of the opinion that a lot of the fight scenes were really well animated. They stepped up the fluidity, and paid more attention to the weight that movements should have. The Mozgus fight was really cool. I can’t wait to see what they do with the forest fight with the Berserker Armor in the second season. 

As for Ajin, that was made by Polygon Pictures, which specializes in 3D animation. They’ve been doing some good work. Knights of Sidonia was handled well, and I’m super excited to see their BLAME! movie later this year. They’re the only studio that seems to want to take on Tsutomu Nihei’s work. 

Overall, I can see a lot of the reasons that people dislike CG anime. And there were scenes in Berserk 2016 that were flat out ugly and choppy. But there’s a lot of potential with the medium.

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Its really hard when you enjoy the content of certain people yet they defend anti-Semitism, and the 'alt-right' Like I dont understand how someone with like actually funny non-political content can have such shitty opinions.

It is really unfortunate that these people are willing to ignore that they’re making their own fans deeply uncomfortable.  But part of this cult gaming youtubers are throwing themselves into is looking at every slight dissenting voice as some enemy just out to get them.