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Positivity Post

Listen, I get that there are some issues with Andromeda. The first few hours of the game really feel like they’re trying to find their footing, which isn’t hard to understand - it must have been really hard and stressful to create a game that measures up to the trilogy.

But I’m really sick of the constant posts shitting all over the game and I’ve talked to lots of people who feel the same. It seems like a lot of people are worried about posting anything positive at all for fear or retribution.

So here, have a nice happy post about some of the AMAZING things about this game, which in my opinion totally holds up as a new addition to the series.

  • Awesome hair animation. I’m totally in love with how natural the hair looks. It moves around, looks great, and flows naturally.
  • The dialogue system. This is probably the first time in a video game that I actually feel like I can develop my own personality and have a truly unique OC. Plus, you can develop different relationships with different characters, which truly makes you feel invested in the world.
  • The side quests. There are some fetch quests, sure, but I’ve never found them to be boring. They’re always grounded in a story. I find the quests to be meaningful and interesting and engaging.
  • SQUAD MATES! This might be the first game where I absolutely adore every single person on your crew. The characters feel real and they all experience really touching character growth over the course of the game.
  • FRIEND DATES!! Maybe my favourite detail that’s been added to this - the nice outings you get with your squad after you earn their loyalty. Every single one was so touching and I treasure those moments.
  • ALIEN SEX okay so I’m obviously biased on that one…
  • Beautiful landscapes. I’ve come across some small landscape bugs, but in general each world feels unique and realistic. I love parking the Nomad on top of a hill and just admiring the scenery.
  • THE NOMAD BANTER! They absolutely nailed the banter in this game, I’ve teared up a few times while listening. I love it when squadmates can help each other with things that you can’t because they have different experiences than you. It feels realistic and wonderful.
  • Truly touching moments. I don’t want to say more for fear of spoiling anything, but I’ve cried so much at this game.
  • RYDER. Holy lord in heaven I love Ryder. They’re so well-written and totally hold their own against Shepard. They experience character development over the course of the game, the voice acting is fantastic, and basically I just really love Ryder holy shit

Please feel free to add your own, I really love this game and I’d love to see more people focusing on the things that make it so incredible.

Also if you see this and absolutely need to be negative, please keep it far away and make your own post. I understand that people have complaints, but I’m 150% done with hearing about them.

Much love to my fellow Andromeda explorers!

ScarletVision kissing scene, the theory.

I’m writing this theory when I should be studying for my Anthropology class for tomorrow. I’m tired, it’s 00:37 am, and I have a full mug of coffee with hot chocolate in front of me. I would rather die than say that this was not worth it

Let us begin

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Can you IMAGINE how incredibly, ridiculously, DENSE you’d have to be to “fund” me for any nonzero amount of time without realizing how relentlessly opinionated I am and have always been?  Me?  The Shortpacked! guy?!?!  Why, you’d have to be the goddamn stupidest, least observant person in the fucking world.

So either this person has NEVER “supported” or “funded” me and this is just some piece of shit trying to incompetently get me to care about what they think with half-assed lies, or they did give me money and this is without a doubt the dumbest turdload ever to stalk the Earth.  Either way, it’s not looking good.

things that should happen in future episodes of steven universe:

• steven being upset about something but not having to take it back because everything he said and is upset about is right.

• another bismuth episode, or possible redemption arc at least. possibly one where steven lets her out of the bubble and asks her for information that no one else will give him(the war, rose shattering a diamond, etc). as well as forgiving her for the thing about shattering gems, and apologizing for not talking with her instead of both of them jumping the gun in the first place.

• old color palettes. the colors now are becoming very bright, i do understand it’s a kids show and kids love bright colors but i liked the old palettes because they were softer and nicer to look at(my opinion).

• peridot having some of her old personality back. she seems more like an out of control toddler than a cluster controlling/head of a mission gem anymore. i feel as though she used to be smart, tactical, a bit snarky. i wish they’d kept that.

• lapis and peridot, their development. i want answers to questions. (When did they become friends? how did lapis learn to forgive her? how is lapis’ interaction with the other gems now? can she forgive them too?)

• lapis’ personality. i feel as though lapis has gone from kind of dismissive and a bit cold-shouldered to straight up unforgiving. she didn’t remember connie and kind of brushes off almost drowning her. that’s a bit concerning.

• a garnet episode. just more about her. her feelings about all of this. even perspectives from ruby and sapphire separately is welcome(also other things like why does she love being a fusion so much? what did she do during the war? how did she get along with pearl, rose, and amethyst when they all separately first met each other?).

• maybe a pearl episode like garnet’s listed above?

• how the people of beach city first reacted when the gems first went there. how the different generations felt about having others from another world inhabit it and help them.

• what happened when rose was first created? what do other rose quartz look like?

• a jasper redemption or at least fix her please? Somehow?

• what happened to the diamond in the lighthouse?

okay i think i’m done now. anything you wanna add put it in the replies i guess. i’m really looking forward to this show’s progression!

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hi! i'm not jewish, but i do check this blog to read more about antisemitism and how i can help. i'm a writer, and i really want to include a few jewish characters in my stories, but i have no idea how judaism works. do you guys have any resources/opinions/info that might be helpful to me? i'm just looking to present an undeniably jewish POV, but the story doesn't center on the character being jewish. if this is antisemitic in any way, please inform me!

I’d say for basics of Judaism, myjewishlearning is a good website to read with some easy to read but well constructed articles. If you want to go deeper, I strongly recommend reading “Jewish Literacy” by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. 

As far as writing Jews themselves, I strongly suggest that you do the following…

1. Follow Jewish blogs on tumblr, not just Jewish-THEMED blogs, but blogs by actual Jews based on their actual lives. Understand that at our core we are people just like anyone else. We have our specific religion and culture, but we also do things everyone else does. We balance it VERY differently between our communities. 

2. Read books by Jewish authors with Jewish characters. They don’t have to be books ABOUT Judaism. Just books from Jewish voices about Jewish lives. And get a diversity of them. Read books by Jewish men and women. Read books written by Jews from different continents. Read books by those born Jewish and those who have chosen to become Jewish. Learn what is universal and specific about Jewish experience.

3. Follow Jewish news sources and read Jewish journalists.

Is this real?

Simon gets the surprise of his life when his roommate, Baz, asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend. Everything is going according to plan until the line of what’s real and what isn’t starts to blur, and they both have to make a decision.

For @snowbaz-feda

Also many thanks to @eroticgropefest for the beta!!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Part 2 - Fooling everyone


Penny is staring between me and Snow, trying to figure out why the hell we’re sitting together.

She decides to sit beside him, before asking in a hushed tone, “care to tell me what’s going on? Agatha told me that this morning she saw the two of you holding hands? And, in fact, everyone has been talking about it the whole morning.”

“Uh… Penny, I’m- I’m sorry I should have told you…” Simon starts saying, clearly struggling to find a way to tell her.

I look at him, with my eyebrow raised. Think about the money Snow, come on, you already started this, don’t go back.

Snow is blushing already, just like this morning, when he held my hand the whole way down to class. As expected, everyone kept staring at us, but I couldn’t care less. Finally, I have an excuse to keep him close to me, to fucking touch him. It’s worth all the money.

“As of last night, we’re dating” I tell her. It’s too painful to see him trying to find the right thing to say. Besides, I don’t want to give him any chance to blow this thing up so soon.

Penny stares at him like she’s trying to read his mind, and Snow doesn’t say a word. He’s just letting her come to her conclusions. “Is this really real?” She finally asks.

Snow gently grabs my hand and laces our fingers. Fuck, I still can’t believe this is actually happening. I feel like I must be dreaming. “Yeah… It just, sort of happened?” He says, and gives me one of his smiles, the fucker. I just want to kiss him.

“To be fair, I always wondered if all this fighting between the two of you was something more. I guess I was right.” she tells us, like it’s not a big deal.

Aleister Crowley, Penny, his best friend, thought that this could be an actual thing? Fucking unbelievable, and stupid Snow is looking at her, like what she just said didn’t make any sense.

I squeeze his hand and he looks at me.“She knows and it’s not a big deal, you can relax now.“

I know that he was worried about her, out of everyone, her opinion is what matters most to him. When she gives him a smile before getting up to grab some food, I can see his shoulders relax.

If we can fool Penny this easily, we won’t have a problem fooling anyone else.

I still can’t believe he agreed to this, and I don’t know how long it will last, but I will make the most of it.

(see my snowbaz fic masterlist)

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So, I'm going to start working on my own AMV/PMV, and I wanted your opinion. What things do you believe are crucial for a good PMV/AMV? You seem pretty good at making these amazing SIMVs, and I would like to know what you look for when making your own videos.

man ok well obvi we’re not experts bc we have a long way to go still, but some things we try to keep in mind/usually follow are -

1. environment palettes - just like a map, we usually make several palettes to fit our pmvs. it helps give the video a strong united theme throughout and you can really play with color theory and how it affects the mood (best example is our leopardstar mv where the colors change from red + gold to purple + gold)

2. timing + storyboard - are you telling an interesting story?? i think a lot of problems ppl have w/ PMVs is that they choose slow songs because they don’t want to draw as many frames/drawings, and while it can be great, often times it comes off boring and slow (and people tend to click away). try and think of neat ways to break up your composition in your storyboard and always be sure to include environment shots - these are real characters in a real setting, not just cats on a black BG

3. originality - if someone has already used the song for something warriors related, we usually won’t do it. a lot of our storyboards/ideas have been left to collect dust bc someone put out a map with the same song (even if it’s different characters). try and broaden your music taste + character range (minor characters!!!) and do stuff that no one else has 

4. the hot stuff - does your storyboard/idea make you super excited??? are there parts where you’re like “oooOHHHHHHH!!!!!” ???? if you find it super hot, chances are that most other people will like it too. don’t be afraid to revise your storyboards/ideas a lot, our original ideas + compositions usually contrast wildly with what our final product is.

5. editing - i can’t say too much on this because I’m not the editor, but editing is crucial in making an interesting pmv. always try to have something moving, even if it’s just a slow tween of clouds going by or a slow zoom. your mv needs to be visually interesting as well as tell a good story. try not to get too caught up in adding camera effects + tweens though, it is easy to go overboard and do too much so make sure that it flows with the song + mood. 

Hoseok Scenario: Just Look At Me.

Request: Requests are finally open😍 I’ve been waiting for this yaassss😍 I noticed you don’t have many hoseok stories so could you write something cute about him getting jealous and possessive?? He’s my ultimate bias and you’re my ultimate blog(? Is that even a thing? If not, now it is) and I would die for you to write about him tbh ❤😂

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Hoseok was waiting for you, he was already dressed and he had made sure everyone in the dorm, or at least the members present, weren’t naked or nearly naked. Hoseok couldn’t help to be a bit self conscious every time you came, even if you had already come to visit him more than a few times and you knew the members well, he still felt like he needed to put the extra effort so you would be able to be comfortable and not feel like you were in a men’s cave.

You texted him saying you were going up, which made Hoseok look at the his screen surprised, usually he had to go down to get you, either way he went to stand by the door and there he waited for a short moment to you to ring the bell or call him but instead he heard and saw the door being opened and then laughter.

Hoseok frowned lightly, confused, and then the door was totally opened revealing you were coming in with Namjoon, you were holding a bag and Namjoon held other two that looked heavier, you two were talking naturally smiling at each other and laughing at something Hoseok hadn’t heard but was already dying to know.

-Hobi!- you smiled at him making Hoseok forget about what he was thinking for a few seconds.

-Hello Y/N- he smiled too getting closer to you.

-So you know Y/N, when you need a bit of that, call me- Namjoon laughed walking to the kitchen with the bags.

You laughed harder. -I won’t forget, oh the bags!-

Namjoon looked down and noticed he was holding and walked back to you.
You stretched your hands to take them but Hoseok who was quietly observing stepped forward and took them for you. -It’s ok Namjoon, I got it-

Namjoon waved and patted Hoseok’s back making him smile politely to not glare, why was his friend being so familiar with you? Not that you didn’t get along, but you had entered like you had come together from somewhere which didn’t make Hoseok feel good even if he knew that was impossible. 

-And what would my girlfriend be needing from another man?- he asked trying to sound lighthearted and unbothered as you two walked to his room, today free of the other boys for you to have your privacy.

You laughed again but the sound didn’t ease Hoseok’s mind. -Oh that-

-Yes that-

You gave him an amused stare and giggled again much to Hoseok’s annoyance. You entered the room and sat on his bed, Hoseok casually sitting beside you still with the bags in hand. -We were talking about how I need some advice for my art project-

Hoseok looked surprised. -The one you have been working on the past few weeks?- You nodded taking the bags away from his hands. -But I thought you were doing ok?-

-I am, but I don’t know, I think I need someone to look at it from a  different perspective-

Hoseok hummed. -What about me?-

-You will be too biased babe-

Hoseok crossed his arms. -That’s a lie, I can be critical too-

-Jung Hoseok, you are my hope and my angel, but I need some other opinions from time to time- he kept on the little frown thinking about arguing that but then deciding against it to not sound so desperate, you got the bag closer and took out something from it. -I bought you contraband- you announced sneakily showing him a big pack of pop tarts, followed by more sweets and chocolates. 

-Jaggi, aren’t you the best?- he stole a quick kiss from you making you laugh as you laid the treats on Jimin’s bed. 

-I am, but you have to share a little too, I think I will give some of these to Namjoon for helping me today- you mused looking at some sneakers.

Hoseok frowned, the sound of his friend’s name getting into his nerves coming from your lips. -You don’t own him anything, let Namjoon be still, he doesn’t need this-

You came back to Hoseok standing just in front of him, his arms hugging you to his body to make you stand even closer, you leaned your head down and he looked up. -Are you jealous?- you asked trying to not giggle, you didn’t know if it was possible that your boyfriend was jealous of his friend and you weren’t sure why would he be, but he was acting like that was exactly the case. 

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Shinoa appreciation post ♡ (+ Defending Chapter 56 & Shinoa)

(Repost from my Instagram account @/sinoahiragi)

─ A fair warning: This will be very long and contains spoilers about Chapter 56!

My motivation to write this is of course my deep love for Shinoa. But what really triggered this post to happen is the latest OnS Chapter and certain reactions to it.

To give a quick summary of the Chapter part I am going to talk about + a few Light Novel informations:

In Chapter 56, The Guren Squad arrives at Ferid’s mansion where Shinoa’s squad is right now. Mahiru is of course with Guren and thus meets Shinoa. First she says she loves Shinoa (super cute!) and then monologues about Shinoa’s demon not being ‘awake’ yet. Mahiru says that for her demon to awaken, Shinoa would need to fulfill her lust and sexual desires (which she obviously isn’t aware of yet).

It is very important to mention the latest Light Novel here. Because 8 years before Shinoa met Yuu, Shi-chan (her demon) told her that she will meet the one to fulfill her sexual desires and sparking her love eight years from then. Who did she meet? Mitsuba and Mika did she meet before so the only ones left are Yuu, Shiho and Yoichi. Now may you ship Yuunoa or not, but it’s obvious Shi-chan referred to Yuichiro.

Back to Chapter 56, after Mahiru explained more about Shinoa’s demon, she wonders who the man is Shinoa wants to be embraced by and we see Yuu, with Shinoa blushing slightly, probably even unbeknownst to herself. So Shi-chan’s words from the Light Novels got kind of confirmed here.

Now. Here come the haters who love to take every chance to hate on Kagami and Shinoa, not thinking about the bigger picture.

They now say that Shinoa gets sexualized by Kagami because he chose her sexual desires to awaken her Demon. Some ship haters also add now that Shinoa loving Yuu only fulfills the purpose to awaken Shinoa’s demon and the feelings are not well developed etc.

Now: Emotions, especially desires, play a big role in Owari no Seraph. Just look at Yuu, his love for his family had been his driving force since the beggining and the desire for power that comes along with it is what makes Ashuramaru even take control of him. Guren’s (and Mahiru’s) tragedy happened because of love and sexual desires as well.

All demons feed from human desires which we all have. Thus, desires have always been present in the manga/anime and I don’t get what the sudden fuss is about.

I don’t know if I am seriously surrounded by little kids but let me tell you as a grown up woman that sexual desires are normal. We all have them when we come to a certain age. Some just are more of a dick about it than others. I mean sexual desires only got their bad reputation because it leads to people sleeping around too much and cheating. Besides that, those desires are just as human as others.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that it’s sexual desires that awaken Shinoa’s demon. Because it had been the same with Mahiru. And since they both were born with demons inside them, it seems plausible to me that Shinoa’s demon is similar to Mahiru’s. And before people now bash on Mahiru, her deep love for Guren led to sexual desires and them having sex, so stop it

People honestly think they are defending women here but just look at you. So a woman cannot have sexual desires? Did you listen to yourself? If you think of sex being something only shared with an intimate lover, under normal circumstances it’s the most wonderful thing a woman can experience besides true love.

To summarize: Shinoa having sexual desires is normal. Shinoa’s demon awakening by fulfilling those desires in my opinion only proves how strong Shinoa’s love must be (In the light novel Shi-chan not only talks about sexual desires but love and the desire to be acknowledged) to awaken her demon.

And to everyone scared that Yuunoa might happen anytime soon without development: How simple-minded. Yuunoa gets one very solid moment and everyone goes crazy. People, Mahiru merely stated how Shinoa’s demon awakens, not that they have sex besides the dead bodies of Yuu’s family right now. Jfc.

Which leads to the next point.

Some always said Shinoa had been weak lately, getting saved by Yuu way too often. According to them, this is caused by her feelings for Yuu and Kagami wanting to portray some hero saving heroine moments. That apparently makes her look weak.

Now about that. I really try to be respectful towards opinions and you can have them! You have every right. Even if they are wrong, like in this case. You guys obviously didn’t understand Shinoa’s character at all.

In the beginning Shinoa was introduced to us as a very sassy, cold and not caring-about-anyone teenage girl. If you look at her past, who can blame her?

Now, I think we all loved her sassy, cocky attitude and her kicking everyone’s ass. But then the character development happened.

Shinoa developing feelings for Yuichiro, starting from acknowledgement to someday maybe love, is the biggest development the in the begging cold-hearted Shinoa could have!

Thanks to Yuu she appreciates her comrades. Thanks to Yuu she understood the meaning of family. Thanks to Yuu she opened up. And maybe someday she will get to know true love, a wonderful experience, thanks to Yuu. But we don’t know that yet.

And about Shinoa getting saved by Yuu too often? Did you even read the Manga? Everyone, even Mika, fails against the strong opponents lately. Except Seraph!Yuu, which is why they want to learn how to control the Seraph in the first place. So stop judging her because she doesn’t defeat new strong opponents like those Vampires in the beggining. No one of the squad can, so stop only criticizing Shinoa. I see no one complaining about Mika not kicking ass like before.

Shinoa is very strong just like the whole Shinoa squad. I love her with my whole existence and thus do not take well if she’s insulted as weak just because she has feelings for Yuu (like literally everyone does in the series geez)

Shinoa is a girl who grows emotionally stronger thanks to her feelings for Yuu and that’s what makes her so admirable. She barely even realizes it herself and that’s why it’s no dumb silly crush where she fangirls over a boy. Her feelings, platonic or romantic, are deeply rooted within herself and her character development, making her feelings more than real.

─That was my appreciation post for the love of my life ♡ Thanks for reading

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Also, coming from the fandom, apparently WIT Studio gave Mikasa the wrong body, and that now she has balloons as tits, her body is skinnier and her lips are "too big" It's funny, bc they try to draw her more gorgeous but they still complain.

I don’t agree but I’m more tolerant of different opinions here because how people appreciate the anime style can be subjective, but people mostly have very little knowledge about how different drawing styles affect character designs

personally the one time where I thought her boobs were exaggerated was the 2nd opening only, I wasn’t a fan of that, other than that I think her boobs are well proportioned to her body in the actual episodes, keeping in mind the style differences of the manga and anime.

the reason they might looks bigger to some people, is the fact that in the anime style, almost everyone is too slender, especially the waist/torso and the limbs (and sometimes even the head looks too big in some official posters compared to the body) so the boobs/waist balance looks a bit off at times, but in themselves they’re not really bigger than they really are
you just can’t say it’s only Mikasa, everyone, males and females are too slender for their actual size, have you seen Levi in some scenes??
I remember there was a very popular post talking about Levi’s body anime vs manga, I might try to find the link, but levi also looked like a twig in some scenes

and here where I start to get annoyed, because people decided to turn a blind eye to all of this general style, and pretend it only affects Mikasa, trying to make it seem like it’s pushing an agenda specific of her, this is where the reaching starts

add to that
Isayama did say in one of his monthly Q & A, &that he meant for Mikasa to be thin/slim! I think a reader asked that actually and Isayama said it was to portray there was a hidden power in her, now we know he’s talking about the Ackerman power
but Mikasa being thin and not super buff like people claim is actually intended!
she has defined muscles, not huge mass

Edit: I found it thank god

Q: Why do Mikasa and Levi look slim despite their weight?
A: Because there is unseen power embodied within them.

Mikasa *is* indeed slim!

and oh don’t get me started on Mikasa’s “heteronormative waifu” lips! lmao
why is a lip color even sexualized!
Ymir has the same design of lips too, and she has nothing in common with Mikasa character-wise beside having someone important to them that they want to protect, and in regards to that she’s a lesbian who’s presented as less feminine and whose sexuality was respected in the anime, where’s the pushed trope here?

I mean, at least I assume people are aware that that’s not lip gloss right? it’s a stylistic choice or natural lip color that was meant to probably make the characters look more aesthetically pleasing as designs but this is not a strategy only followed with female characters only

I need to refresh people’s memory of something that happened just at the start of this season, people went NUTS -positively- because the anime design of Levi was even more gorgeous this season than it was last season!
everybody was swooning and dying, and I mean let’s admit, everyone in the anime looks like models, and Levi isn’t even a character that was meant to look “handsome” in the manga and yet..

but ofc, a male character made more aesthetically appealing is something to praise, a female character made more aesthetically appealing as a design? off with that! ha!

Open Letter to Cardi B.

I don’t know if Cardi B. saw my tweet enough but she was on Twitter upset “somebody” said she didn’t deserve the Best Female Rap Artist Award.  And I remember getting a lot of her stans after me because they felt some type of way about my tweet about her primarily getting so much attention for her skin color. Look. It’s true. If you feel some type of way, acknowledge it. Be honest. You referred to dark-skinned women as “burnt roaches” after proclaiming to be some champion for them. You were also documented referring to certain black women as “monkeys” and “darkies” in the past. You bring every criticisms unto yourself. I’m not here for your being slut-shamed and receiving classist comments. I will defend you from that but I will never defend how you treated your female friends, trans people, queer men, and your referral to Jewish people. 

 I supported your last mixtape, and I’m going to be honest. I thought it was alright. I liked some of your songs but I do not think they were stellar enough for you to get an award for Best Female Rap Artist this soon. At least not over the likes of Kash Doll and Cupcakke, which you likely only mentioned because you saw fans rightfully say how they deserved it more. If you were all in this together, I wouldn’t have complained. But since it’s just you, obviously it’s because of who you are and how you look. If you weren’t so light-skinned and not African-American (ethnically, I’m not saying you’re non-black), you wouldn’t be as hyped the way you are. You would have been looked at as another Love & Hip-Hop reality star with some songs. Can you remember a time Rasheeda and Joseline were nominated for Best Female Rap Artist? Maybe I’m too young but I don’t remember.

 I think you are a very attractive woman but how you act and treat others is ugly. I understand if you want to clapback at deserving “haters” but you don’t do that. You pick fights with people who don’t @ you, especially if they are women. You go out of your way to shame and embarrass them over an opinion. We all saw how French Montana got lambasted for talking shit about that girl’s hair texture over her opinion on his music. That was you when you talked about that girl’s skin color because she said you were ugly for a light skin girl. That was not a very nice comment of her but there’s a difference between her saying that and your literally using colorism and a gross slur to refer to her. All you had to do was apologize and admit that was wrong. You could’ve even said it was out of character, but you never did. And if you think putting dark-skinned girls in your videos and promoting them is going to make up for what you said about them, you have another thing coming. 

 I can see why you’re on Love & Hip-Hop. I can see you in movies or hosting things hip-hop related. I listened to your new song, and you have gotten better. But for you to have gone this far for something you only started doing last year is clearly a work of privilege. So many darker skinned girls from Chicago and ATL have done the same thing you’re doing for years, and they’re young. But where are their dues? From what I am getting from you, you don’t seem like a very nice person when you speak to others who really are calling you out for your problematic behavior. When you proclaim to stand up for a group of people, we expect you to go all the way through with it. You don’t back track when someone makes you angry. This is not about respectability politics, this is about how you treat others. The same can be said for male rappers, and I can’t for the life of me see why they still have support. But I’m focusing on you because as someone who claimed to be a black feminist, I’m not seeing any of your actions line up with your ideologies. It comes off as only doing it for the trend, and not because you genuinely care. 

 If you feel you worked hard, that’s all that matters. If you spent nights and days writing your material, that is commendable. However, all I was saying is that for someone like you to get a Best Female Rap Artist nomination that soon is suspect and clearly a work of light-skinned privilege. Hell, it took Nicki Minaj 12 YEARS to become the person she is today. I understand you came up a long way. I’m not bashing the fact you are popular and in the media. I’m talking about rap only. I said you did not deserve the Best Female Rap Artist award, not that you didn’t deserve to be where you are today. If you really want people to root for you (and I’m not talking about misogynists who hoe-shame you, they’re irrelevant) you need to not be defensive when others call you out for legitimate issues. Don’t say you’re a feminist but then turn around and slut-shame and call women “roaches” over their skin tone after building your whole platform being against it.

Kpop is disappointing...

Why you might ask? Because these days people only care about views, charts and popularity. They don’t care about music.

First I would like to start with youtube views.

Why are you acting like the views on YT is the only thing that matters? People are so obsessed these days. “Hurry! We have to reach 200M views otherwise this other group will hit 200M views first! And they’re not talented as our queens!”

I’m sorry, but legends will stay legends, it doesn’t matters who hit 200M views first. And why do people insult singers/groups who have been in the music industry for +8 years just because they have less views than new groups?

The legendary 1st & 2nd generation idols won’t hit 200M views in a few years or in a few months and guess what? They’re still legends no matter what.

Older groups have fans who are also older and they’re not that active online anymore. People grow up, they don’t have the time to listen to the same song for 8 hours just so their favorite group hits 10M views in 24 hours. So yes it might looks like they’re losing fans and it looks like new groups are more popular than them. But in reality their fans still love them, they listen to their songs and they still buy their albums. So stop acting like they lost their “legendary” title just because their songs have less views.

Now let’s talk about charts.

Just because your favorite group is topping the music charts doesn’t mean that they’re THE best ~ no shade to any popular groups but you don’t realize that: some underrated groups are WAY more talented than popular groups, sadly not many people know them and new kpop fans only care about popular groups. (Which is understandable, when you’re a new kpop fan you have to start somewhere, and groups that are popular at the moment will introduce you to kpop.)

Underrated groups who are extremely talented probably won’t ever get a trophy or win some kind of award, why? Not because they’re not talented but because TALENT is not enough: you have to be under a good agency or simply have luck like EXID.

Your group is topping the charts? GOOD FOR THEM. But you don’t have to preach how talented they are and how all other groups suck. Of course there will be people who will disagree with you, they think that some other song should be #1 and I don’t really see a problem here. If they expressed their opinion KINDLY you don’t have to attack them and start insulting their favorite group and other idols’ looks. Believe it or not but people will start hating your immature fandom and most likely won’t even give your favorite group a chance. I heard plenty of people saying that they don’t listen to a certain group because their fandom is so messy. People will start hating that group.

And can we talk how you only have to be popular to have “the best debut ever or the best song ever” again no shade to any group out there, they’re all extremely hard-working. For example you won’t ever see Domino game (Kiss&Cry), Why should I (Awesome baby), We’re a bit different (EvoL), 1, 2, 3 (Purfles) on that list, (and yes 3 groups that I mentioned already disbanded) but they had better debut than most popular groups. Again no shade to popular groups, but the media is so lazy, they will write a ton of pointless articles about someone, but they won’t mention underrated groups or which groups debuted. I guarantee you that you probably don’t know 50% of the groups that debuted last year (if you’re someone who gets their info only on sites like allkpop).

Now let’s talk about GIRL GROUPS. Again why do you have to compliment your favorite artist and bring others down? For example: “I love how this group can be sexy without being half naked or finally a group that’s not slutty.”

If your group comes from a big company there is a big chance that they don’t even need sexy concept to get attention. But hey guess what YOU HAVE BEEN IGNORING TALENTED GROUPS FOR YEARS, YOU ONLY NOTICED THEM WHEN THEY CAME OUT WITH A SEXY MV… and you’re seriously asking yourself “why are these whores half naked?” I don’t know… maybe because people ignored them since they debuted and this was their last chance to get some attention otherwise they could disband?  







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I have extremely curly hair and I personally couldn't get through carve the mark. It made me uncomfortable but now people are using your words to excuse calling someone looking like me a savage. Why would you do this? I look up to you but you just gave people license to silence me while being derogatory towards me. What am I supposed to do now?

So I am going to try to address what you said in as honest a way as possible. 

When I wrote the post, I was trying to do the opposite of silencing. I felt like people assumed all POC think exactly the same, and I was trying to say “We have different readings of different books and you can’t expect us all to be exactly the same. We are not a monolith.” 

But we all know that intent doesn’t always matter when harm is caused. In my frustration at the anon who posted the whole “you don’t know what racism is” thing, I did not add in the simple statement that my experience with racism is not everyone’s experience and vice versa. And that my reading of the book is informed by my specific life experience of being a Pakistani American, which means, that I will not see what other people see or experience what they do. Tl;dr:  I do not know what it is to be a black or native woman in this country. Their individual experiences with racism are different from mine. And when it comes to a reading of a book, that matters.

I should have said that. I did not. That failure was mine, and I am sorry. 

There is also an issue here of allyship and what that means. Many people who I respect believe that being a good ally means staying in one’s lane, and listening to those who are hurt, and acknowledging their pain. Clearly, being a POC doesn’t automatically equal being a good ally. One has to actually work at it. This is something I am still learning about and trying to understand. 

I do still believe it’s important to know that POC are not a monolith. That different viewpoints exist over the same thing in different spaces, and that there will be disagreements and discussions and criticism and I believe that is how we learn and grow. 

And I realize that some people will look at this post and feel irritated, because it doesn’t match their agenda of “well a POC said they are free to have an opinion which means that I can tell everyone telling me they’ve been hurt to shove it.” To that I say that my post was directed at people who assume all POC think the same, not at those looking for an easy way out of a tough conversation.

And in any case, I am not here for you. I am here for the kid who read my post and said “I thought you saw me. But you don’t.” 

I am sorry I didn’t see you, and that I didn’t see your pain. I will work to do better in the future.

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Can I just thank you for being such a mature and drama free blog? I see people on here looking for arguments and looking for things they can disagree with. For example when you say you are against the death penalty. Some people flip their shit and reblog your opinion saying how they dont agree with it. I have never seen you reblog someone else's post just to disagree or express offence. Seriously thank you for being a light in this often petty website.

Thanks! I guess when you have a public blog you open yourself up to that sort of thing. If I don’t agree with something someone has said on their blog then I scroll on past because it’s their blog, not mine. Some people like to have an input in every single thing they see that they dislike and I don’t really get it. I don’t like the whole back and forth arguments (or debates as they like to call them) certain people on here seem to thrive on. I only post my opinion on my own blog when someone asks for it and when doing so, I’m not asking for a debate or for others to throw their own opinion at me, lol.

Everything you want me to be

Anonymous said: GoM + Takao + Hanamiya when they expect their s/o to be interested in clothes, shoes, makeups, bags, etc. But instead her interests are books, specifically novels, computer and internet, anime and J/K-pop, and writing?

A/N: HERE YOU ARE! It was so fun to write that! I like how creative you were with your ask. I hope I didn’t disappoint you or anything (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و If I did you can tell me! I… I can stand all the criticism (ಢ⊱ಢ 。) my personal favourite here is Midorima (*≧▽≦)ノシ))


You can feel full of suspicion glare boring into your skull as you scroll down your phone. You don’t even bother to look ahead. You’re too pissed and if that meant you’d fall over a trash can then so be it.”

“My answer is not changing, Seijüro.” you inform your boyfriend yet another time this day, “Please just stop staring at me like that. It gives me creeps.”

“How am I looking at you, (Name)?” Akashi frowns.

“Like I’m a crossbreed of giraffe and elephant.” you sigh and pocket your phone, “I wouldn’t tell you in the first place if I knew you’d be like that.”

Akashi blinks at you, realising that maybe he has been staring a little to much. He shakes his head lightly.

“I’m sorry. I’ve just never met a girl like you.”

“Is that a bad thing?” you ask, starting to get worried.

“No… I don’t think so.” he replies after a moment of silence, “It’s new.”

“Is new, bad?”

“Definitely not.” Akashi smiles softly, “It’s interesting.”


Shopping malls. Stuffy, loud, full of people and nerve-wracking mix of smells. To say the least, Aomine was not a fan of them. So when you asked him to accompany you to the store, he reluctantly agreed but only because it was pretty late and he didn’t want you to walk alone at night.

With every single shop the two of you passed, Aomine’s face twisted. Just give it few minutes and he’ll undoubtedly hear: “Oh! There’s a new dress by insert-some-bloody-fancy-sounding-designer-name!” or “I need that bag!” But as you manoeuvred around people, not even sparing a glance to those fancy looking rugs, Aomine found himself baffled.

“Oi, (Name)?”

You hum in response, not slowing your pace.

“Don’t you want to…” he pauses, not really sure if turning your attention to the dreadful side of shopping is a good idea. But his curiosity is eating him. “You don’t want to try some stuff or get a bag?”

You frown, stoping on your tracks. “No. Why? … should I?” you add a little bit more frantically. You were neither hipster nor fashionista. Just… ordinary. What if Aomine didn’t like your style, what if… Your stern thoughts meet Aomine’s low chuckle.

“That’s not what I’m saying.” he says, “I was just curious. Usually girls love that kind of things.”

You glance at Aomine, the innocent look on his face easing your mind.

“It’s not really my thing, you know… I’m more books-music kind of girl. Very low maintenance…” you smile, embarrassed, “It’s not a good thing, I guess…”

“It’s great.” Aomine interjects with a huge grin, “I love it.”


“What are you listening to?” Kise asks as he plops on the ground beside you. You hand him earplug and lower the volume so the song would not scare the shite out of your boyfriend.

You hear Kise chuckle. “Well, well… who would have thought! Little miss Proper-Lady has a taste!”

“I’m not only looks and brains, Ryota!” you huff but internally you positively beam, “I also happen to have an extraordinary music taste.”

“I wouldn’t have guessed you like (Band/group’s name), (Name)cchi. You look to girly for them.”

“Well, frankly speaking you didn’t struck me as their fan either.” you state tartly but you’re not really mad. “Who’s your bias?”

“I don’t have one!” Kise sneers, “I’m a guy. We don’t have bias’”

“Oh come on! I know you do! Everyone has!”

“Well, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do!”

“No, I don’t.”

You give your boyfriend a look full of doubt. Kise chortles nervously.

“I don’t. I mean it.” he repeats but as you wiggle your eyebrows suggestively, he finally gives in, “Just don’t tell anyone, got it?”

“Fret not, Ryota. Your secret’s save with me.” you beam, “Name you bias in three… two… one…”

“(Idol 1’s name)!”

“(Idol 2’s name)!”

The friction between you is nearly palpable. Honestly, you believed this would be a bonding experience. Too bad the two of you glaring at each other says otherwise.

You take a deep breath before commenting stiffly: “It’s a free country.”


You’re nervous. No! Scratch that! You your stomach hurts and you feel your legs giving in underneath your weight. All because of something important and far more intimate than sex is happening. Access’s to body and mind are on completely different levels and now you’re more than well aware of that major gap as you pace back and forth, waiting for Kuroko to be done.

“… and? What do you think? Tetsu?”

“I’m not done yet, (Name).” Kuroko informs, his eyes not leaving the computer screen as he scrolls down the sentences you wrote. You ponder why does it take him so long.

You’re about to ask but Kuroko cuts you off. It’s not that hard to pinpoint the moment when you open your mouth since you’ve kept pestering him every 5 minutes now.

“Just sit back and wait. I’ll tell you when I finished reading.”

You give out inpatient sigh but plop on the couch.

Some time later, Kuroko rubs his eyes before turning swivelling chair to look at you.

“And?! How is it?” you shot up, anxious about his opinion. “What do you think? Did you like it?! Just… tell me everything. I… I can stand criticism.”

Kuroko ruffles his hair and sighs, a tad consternation visible on his usually stoic face.

“… your grammar, (Name).” he says slowly, “Your grammar is awful.”


“I completely understand what you’re saying, (Name). You have my full support on any of your hobbies and if you ever have an extra ticket to any concert, count me in. After all who am I to judge you? I’m an adult man yet I happen to carry toys around me sometimes just because my horoscope tells me to. I also breathe and live according to what it says. I don’t have the right to question your interests.”

More or less that was what you thought Midorima would say to you after finding out that your interests did not included talking about make-up and singing up on a waiting list for a designer bag. The least to say his reaction was not something you assumed could happen.

For the past minutes Midorima has been scrolling through his phone, probably asking his personal fortune teller if dating you was a good idea. Finally Midorima puts down his phone and fixes his glasses, before locking his eyes on you.

“Madame Antoinette says you should reconsider your options, (Name).” he informs straight-face. “If you don’t, the repercussions will be awful.”

You sneer at the ridiculousness of this situation and the Madame Antoinette herself. Who the hell names themselves that?!

“Comes from the man who believes that number nine represents the devil!”

“Now, (Name), let’s not be so hasty about this.”

“You bought a paint sprayer to cover every bloody ‘nine’ in the registration plates you saw, Shintarou!” you exclaimed, throwing your arms in the air, “You went to jail, for goodssakes!”

“… it was just a lockup.” Midorima corrected tartly, “But that’s not the point! You need to reconsider your options, (Name)! Madame Antoinette is never wrong!”

“Oh, bite me!”


“Come on! Just five minutes!” you whine, tugging on Murasakibara’s sleeve. (Band/group’s name)’s band new single has just became available and for those who buys it within the next 10 minutes there’s a promotional poster. Pretty neat deal but the only problem was your boyfriend was dead-set on passing that opportunity.

“Pleasepleaseplease… Please! Atsushi! I’ll buy you… I’ll treat you for burritos. A whole month!”

Murasakibara halts and it gives you some hope only until you see him glaring down at you.

“I won’t fall for this twice, (Name)chin. You said it the last time and all I got was a coupon. And it was just ten percent off type.“ he informs and resume walking. Or at least he tries as you jumped in front of him and push him in the direction of the shop.

“What are you doing, (Name)chin?”

“I’m using my chance to prove my dedication to (Band/group’s name).” you pant but Murasakibara doesn’t budge. “I don’t deserve to call myself their fan unless I support their hard work!”

“Why are you into…” Murasakibara pauses, glancing over his shoulder to look at the flashy poster sticked to the windowsill. He really doesn’t get it. “I thought you were into… I dunno… bags and clothes and all that stuff. You’re a girl after all.”

“I couldn’t care less about brands. You only pay for the name. What’s so great about it?”

“Then what happened with the scarf I gave you for Christmas?” Murasakibara asks after a moment of silence. “I haven’t seen you wearing it yet.”

That remark makes your cheeks flush red. Murasakibara indeed got you some designer piece of clothing as a gift. You kept it in the closet. Under shoe boxes. And a vacuum cleaner.

“Well… I have it of course!” you stammer slightly, “I keep it for special occasions of course!”


“That’s so rich, (Name)chan!” Takao rolls with laughter, “I wouldn’t have guessed! You look so… so normal!”

You give your boyfriend a blunt look from above the book you were reading. It was plain ridiculous how did Takao insist to make such a fuss about you being a bookworm. Really.

“And how should I look, eh?” you deadpan, “It wouldn’t be tattooed on my forehead, Kazunari, now would it?”

Takao laughs harder, probably at some absurd picture in his mind of an encyclopaedia’s headwords being engraved allover your body.

“What an opportunity!” Takao exclaims, rubbing his tearful eyes, “I just can’t let it slide. You’re not getting away with this.”

“Get away with what exactly?” you ask snappishly, “If you’re planning to tease me about my taste in books then good luck.”

“What do you mean?” he frowns, “Your hobby has just became my ultimate weapon! I’ve never believed the books could be dangerous. Who would have thought I’ve lived my life in ignorance for so long!”

“I highly doubt that.”

“How come?”

“Because in that case,” you raise your eyebrow mockingly, “You’d have to read them all.”


The distasteful scowl on his face is enough of a confirmation that he didn’t expect you to be into… well… into something the girls he knew weren’t interested in. Hanamiya’s expression only worsened as you let him into your bedroom, walls covered with colourful posters, bookshelves filled to the point he preferred to keep away from them just in case they would fall over.

“So… you’re one of those girls, eh?”

Those girls?” you raise your eyebrow questioningly. Truthfully, you were pretty damn nervous about opening up about your hobbies. You only managed to reveal your intellectual treasures after few months of being with Hanamiya. His reaction… you were pretty hurt. Hurt and angry.

“Which girls? Dumb bimbos who spend their days wondering what lipstick they should wear? Or those disgusting wenches who feed of their boyfriends, convincing them that if they love them they should buy that bloody Chanel?”

With every another sentence of your rant, Hanamiya’s eyes widen. It’s been the first time you to snapped at him. You’ve never been anything but patient and kind, and yet here you were, fuming. He wondered if maybe he crossed the line or something.

Despite his inner musings, Hanamiya manages to keep his face cool. He smirks and flicks your forehead, then casually strolls around your bedroom, checking out titles on your bookshelf.

“Don’t be dense, (Name). I was joking. It doesn’t really matter to me what you—“ Hanamiya cringes, feeling your intensive glare boring in his back. Wrong words. “There are no girls like you. There’s only one (Name).”

Still facing the bookshelf, Hanamiya smirks smugly. He managed to wriggle his way out of a possible argument and it was pretty damn neat move. Hanamiya’s eyes slide over book covers and one particular title, makes his stomach twist. Hanamiya’s throat goes dry.

“But… (Name)… you’re not fujoshi, right?”  


This is a mini rant. This shit happens within and outside of the Kpop community and I’m honestly sick of the shit. STOP MISGENDERING IDOLS. I am a BaekHyun stan and if one more person calls him a girl, imma go off. Issa problem. These ideas of what YOU think a man or a woman should look like is annoying and toxic as hell. Stop projecting these fucked up ideas of how each gender is “supposed” to look on these people. Some men have less hair than some women, some women have more hair than men. Some men have more feminine features, and some women look more masculine. It does not change their gender or how they identify themselves. Y'all think you’re being cute, but honestly you’re just showing how ugly and close-minded you can be. Do better. That shit ain’t funny.  

I always see posts about how problematic Korea can be, but y'all International fans can be JUST as messy. I’m not saying Korea is perfect, but damn y'all need to clean yo house before you go telling someone else to tidy up theirs. Thats all. 

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What do you think makes Harry embarrassed? What are some of Harry's flaws? What do you think makes him feel irritated or angry? What are his pet peeves? What makes him happy? Sorry this is a lot of questions, but I genuinely want your opinion

I can see a flub in intelligence or understanding making him embarrassed. He seems to know how to have a laugh at himself, and I think he can there, too, but I think that bothers him more than like… not looking cool or whatever. Maybe falling on stage isn’t great for the ego, but I think that comes secondary to feeling like a fool (which I imagine he tries not to let it happen often). 

Similarly, I could see being made to feel a fool would make him irritated. I feel like none of us are huge fans of this, but I think that *really* digs at him. 

Pet peeves… goodness knows, those are such personal little quirks. I’m not even entirely sure of my *own* pet peeves half the time until they come up (I think cause, thankfully, they don’t pop up that often, so it’s hard for me to take notice). He’s probably got some typical ones and some strange ones that make people look at him like he’s nuts (as we all do).

What makes him happy… making other people happy. With jokes, or music, or whatever. I bet he’s that uncle that listens to the kids with rapt attention and slides a joke in here or there that goes right over there head but that amuses him while allowing them to continue informing him of every last detail of the toy, or the program, or whatever they’re talking about. 

A Possibly Unpopular Opinion...

I really like Lee Daehwi. I’ve liked since he first appeared in Episode 1. I love his lively reactions and excitable energy. He just seemed so sweet, not to mention how talented he is.

I understand that he is getting a lot of hate, whether it’s for how he looks or the way he acts, which is to be expected of people who aren’t mature enough to keep negative comments to themselves and understand that some negative comments are neither wanted nor needed. To make things clear, I am not throwing shade on people who simply don’t like him (perhaps for one or two questionable things that he was said) and leave it at that; after all, you can’t like everyone. It is perfectly fine to have an opinion, but when it becomes aggressive and abusive, that’s when it has gone to far. That is when it is best to keep it to yourself. No one is forcing you to like him, or anyone; you’re hurting people and embarrassing yourself.

Aside from this, you must understand that Mnet’s editing is not exactly unbiased. They can manipulate people’s public images and create drama in order to rake in more viewers, and more money. An example would be how the dramatic editing of Dongho in Episode 6 may have made him seem like a villain when he was just offering a fair opinion, as well as victimizing the leader of the group. (Keep in mind that this is how I personally viewed it.)

Taking this into account, there have been accusations of Daehwi being greedy when it comes to wanting centre parts and the like, which could be a result of Mnet’s editing. But even so, it’s to be expected, isn’t it? You must remember that this is a competition to become part of a very harsh music industry. Of course he is going to want the better parts and to raise his rank; if people are going to abuse how he looks then he might as well use his other assets to gain/keep popularity. And this is all because it is his dream to debut, a dream that he shares with every single other young man in this competition. Each and every one of them is willing to put their all into reaching this goal.

Hating on Daehwi (or any of them this excessively) is unnecessary. Think about how hard he has worked to become as talented as he is. Think about what lengths you would go to to achieve your greatest dream.

Photo  (Rami Malek x Reader Smut)

A/N: Hello guys! This is my first smut I publish and I’m aware that it’s not the best you have ever read. It’s probably the worst! Haha! Anyway, I’m trying to learn how to write smuts as well so just be patient! Please, sent me your opinion, it’s really important for me, so I can know what I need to do better for the next time. Love you my beautiful malekians!

Word count: 1,339

One afternoon, you made yourself comfortable on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate and some photo albums of your boyfriend Rami. You loved to look at his baby photos, he was soo cute as a baby, and you really liked his childhood photos as well. There were a few you smiled about, for example when his face was covered with cake on his 16th birthday. Poor Rami, you always thought.  You took a sip from your hot chocolate, leaned back and enjoyed watching your boyfriend’s memories.

After a few albums, you found a photo that almost made you spit your hot chocolate on your carpet. You never saw it before, although you had looked at the albums so many times. Either you always overlooked that picture, which is quite impossible or Rami had tried to hide it from you. The second option was more likely. He probably thought you wouldn’t touch his albums anymore, because you saw all his photos.

On the photo, he was posing on a bed, naked and only a cloth was covering his private area. As if it was not enough, he was wearing a black tie around his neck and grinned seductively into the camera. Damn, you thought. He was very hot on that photo. But you felt also suspicious and a little bit jealous. Who might have taken this picture? A photograph? A girl? Maybe himself? It didn’t look like it had been taken in a studio.

The more you stared at him, the more you were turned on. You already felt your wetness between your legs. God, he was so damn hot. How dare he torturing you like that? Ok, it wasn’t really his fault, he had no idea anyway. Slowly, you became frustrated and a sort of feeling spread inside of you.

That feeling that ate you up inside every time you felt it and made you insane. Unfortunately, Rami wasn’t home yet. You needed relief. As soon as possible. So, you could foresee how the night was definitely going to end.

You spent another hours, trying to distract yourself, but the feeling became more painful the longer it took Rami to come back home. You did everything: watching movies, surfing the net, reading books. But he wasn’t still home yet. God, you wanted him now! “Where are you, Rami?” You mumbled.

Suddenly, the front door was being unlocked and your boyfriend stepped into the apartment. He was holding a bouquet of roses in his one hand in the other hand he was carrying a plastic bag full of groceries. So, that’s why he was so late.

“(Y/N), I’m home.” He shouted. Then he went to the kitchen to lay the bag and the bouquet on the counter and after that he came to the living room, where you had already waited for him. A wide grin was plastered on your face and as Rami saw you, he looked at you questioningly. “What?” He asked confused. You just shook your head, laughing about the cluelessness of your poor boyfriend. You stood up from your place and went towards him. As you approached him, you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him close to your body.

“Rami..” You said with a singing voice. “Where have you been? I missed you so, so much?” Slowly, you plastered hungry kisses along his neck. He was bewildered. Normally, you were not affectionate. Unless, it was about sex. He slightly pushed you away from him. “Are you alright?” He asked. “Yeah, I’m just in the mood, y’know.” You answered. He offered you a gentle laugh. “Is that so? And why if I may ask.” You shrugged your shoulders. “Hmm, maybe I’m turned on by a certain photo.”

His face turned red within seconds. He was comparable to a tomato. Even his ears took a shade of red. He knew very well which photo you meant. You laughed at him, burying your face in the crook of his neck. He was so cute when he was ashamed. “You saw it?” He whispered. “Yes.” You said. “And it’s hot.” “Nah, more embarrassing if you ask me.”  You laughed again, while rubbing his chest. “Yeah, sure.” And then you roughly  crushed your lips against his. His tongue entered your mouth and you both fought for dominance. Meanwhile, your hand slid under his shirt, stroking his well-toned belly. His muscles tensed under your touch and you smirked into the kiss. A slight moan escaped from his lips as you rubbed yourself against him. “Upstairs! Now!” You whispered seductively in his ear as you both pulled away to breathe. He nodded and a few minutes later  you found yourself in your bedroom.

Rami pushed you down onto the bed and climbed on top of you. His lust-filled eyes stared at your beautiful ones. “I love you, (Y/N).” He said.  “I love you, too.”

He let his hands slid down your chest and slowly began to undress  you, leaving you in your underwear. You did the same by unbuckling his pants and slipping them down his legs. You saw the outline of his erection in his boxers and carefully cupped it with your hand. He hissed at your touch, a low groan escaped from his already plump lips. He pulled his shirt over his head so you had a look on his muscular chest. Licking you lips, you unclasped your bra, your nipples shivered at the sudden cold air and hardened. Rami glided his hand over your stomach, while kissing and sucking on your sweet spot, leaving hickeys on your skin. You gasped as he cupped your heat and his fingers teased your entrance through your panties.

“Rami.” You moaned.  “I need you, Baby. Now!” He giggled at your impatience. “So no foreplay this time?” He asked. “No please, I want you inside me!”  He saluted jokingly. “As you wish, m’lady.”

He positioned himself between your legs and pulled out his length. He stroked himself a few times before he slid himself into you, filling you completely. You arched your back, a deep groan escaping your lips. “Are you ok, Baby?” He inquired. He gave you time to adjust to his size. You just nodded your head, digging your nails into his olive skin. “Move, please!”

He bent down to kiss your lips and started to thrust slowly into you. You held tightly on his waist, helping him to push deeper and to hit the spot you were craving for. You closed your eyes, enjoying this intimate moment between you and your boyfriend. Your whole body burned like fire and your breath became uneven. His thrusts became faster and harder as he quickened his pace. You let out a little cry and bucked your hips to meet his. “Feels so good.” He moaned against your lips.

He cupped your breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. He licked and sucked at your nipple that sent jolts through your whole body. Still thrusting, he then used his thumb to rub your clit, giving you twice as much pleasure. Rami stared intensively at you and couldn’t stop himself from groaning as he felt you clench around him. Panting, you slowly could feel something build up in your stomach. You saw the stars as he hit your special spot again and it needed him a few more thrusts and rubbing your clit before your body exploded.

“Rami!” You screamed his name as you came, finally finding relief. Rami thrust you through your orgasm before he released himself in your core. He grunted your name, then collapsed onto you, his head resting on your breasts. Your heart was beating heavily against your chest and you tried to keep your ragged breath down.

Rami put his arms around you, pressing your sweaty bodies together. Your hands went through his hair, stroking his soft curls. He gave a kiss between your breasts before smiling lovingly at you.

“That was amazing. You were amazing.” He complimented. Your cheeks instantly turned red at his statement, but you tried to hide your blushing. “You were amazing too, Ram.”

“What did I do to deserve this?” He yawned, his limbs slowly fell down from the exhaustion. You kissed his head. “Well, if you keep doing photos like that, you’ll deserve it more often.”

  • Me, thinking about how my leadership term will be over in about a year: -both a bittersweet and relieved sigh-
  • Me, thinking about how I'm supposed to explain to the next person to take over what they'll have to do: -internal screaming-