can i have my s5 back please


As requested, defaults of the previous Skin set I posted, the natural colors each has two options for color but Alien only comes in the green pictured. That’s not all though, I did the crazy thing and made defaults with each 8 faces so you can pick whichever facial features you want, you could even mix and match different faces together into a set if you wanted to. If you’re not sure about which texture you prefer I uploaded extracted textures of each 8 faces here for easier viewing than my gif above. Like with the custom skin set I’ll just leave you with the [Download folder] -link. Because it’s more convenient than separately linking 72 skins. I know that’s crazy amount of options but well, something for everyone right? If you’d prefer some other color I didn’t make please request that on GoS or something, I’m not planning to go back to SimPE for few weeks. ^^;

Please only install one default of each color at the time, you can only have one S1, S2, S3, S4 or S5(=alien) skin at the time. If you already have default skins you’ll have to remove those before using these. Also let me know if there’s any kind of problem with some skin(s), (for example wrong texture for wrong gender or age group or something) I didn’t test them all and I was definitely starting to go cross eyed half way through the SimPE part. @_@

Edit05122016: The DEFAULT-S3_Digi-HappyWhenItRains-Color11-Style2 has been fixed, please redownload if you’d like your Sims to have matching faces and bodies. ^^;

  • Fiona in s1: Debbie you can always come to me if you need anything i love you so much and I'll make sure you grow up in a decent company so you dont turn out the same as the rest of us:) and Carl please be good at school so you can make something of yourself
  • Fiona in s5: oh leaving you alone with Mickey Milkovich who is famous around the Southside for beating the shit out of people and with a half sister you both hate to death haha well anyway have fun Debbie im going on a date with my boss before my husband comes back so xoxo and btw Carl is still in juvie but is was bound to happen anyway

I just found this setting on my phone. It let’s you press the power button quickly 3 times to send an emergency message to your chosen contact(s). You can set it to send a picture and an audio recording as well, so whoever receives the message can see/hear what’s going on. It ill take a picture from the front and back camera and a short audio recording, then send it to up to 4 contacts you choose ahead of time. If you don’t have space on your phone to download an emergency/safety app, this can really help you out. 

I found the setting on my Android 5.0 (lollipop) Galaxy S6, and on my nephew’s S5, but not on my old phone with android 4.0+ (jellybean). If you have an Android with the setting, please share what type of phone you have so people with the same can know about the setting.  Even if you don’t have an android, please reblog to signal boost, because this might just save someone’s life.