can i have it


because it’s hard to scream,
when your drowning in your fears.


30 day X-File challenge: Day 2
Least favorite season
Season 9
“He didn’t have a choice to come into this life. I don’t have a choice about what he is or was… but I do have a choice about the life my son will have… And shouldn’t I choose that he never have to be afraid of anyone or anything? And can I ever really even promise him that?”

But then there were these 3 gems at the con today:

“You’re from Tron, right?”
“Wait, are you a Tron pikachu?”
“Oh hey, Quorra!”


Seeing Taylor on tour again makes me so so happy.. she lives for these moments… she loves connecting with us, meeting us, sharing her life with us… That is so amazing and i can’t be more happy for the ones Taylor meets. I have loved this lady since she was just a teenager. I will never forget watching her grow, seeing her hurt, feeling exactly how she did. I relate SO much to a woman I have never met. I feel she is a part of me. I am so proud to have been apart of her journey since her first album. Every album she puts out is amazing and special as it shows her life. And every time she tours she puts on a incredible, magical, just breathtaking SHOW.. She makes every moment captivating and special. I am so happy that I have her in my life. Things would never be the same without Taylor.

out of breath. that moment you realize that the maximoff twins are nineties kids 

Leonard, who is running from the cops, ends up hiding in Barry’s apartment. And Barry freaks out at first but eventually after Len promises to leave once the cops are gone, Barry chills and they end up watching America’s Next Top Model on his couch.

And then it becomes a regular thing (which Barry should be really worried about, but isn’t) where Len will hide out at Barry’s and eventually they start becoming friends.

Eventually it gets to the point where Barry will come home and isn’t even fazed by the criminal on his couch yelling at the TV and patching up his wounds.