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Not only does his character need [it], but you need to be able to see that the humanity in his character, and I think the scenes with Karen help us see that. But even as an actor, I think that Jon is a really intelligent, talented guy, and I think there’s only so much screaming and action sequences you can do before you want to have a conversation as an actor. You want to be able to delve into that part of your work, and I’m just pleased that I could be there in that regard for him.

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Could you please write some max and mike bonding? I really want them to be friends in s3 :(

Once El comes back, things between Max and Mike are pretty normal. Even though it’s tough for him, Mike apologizes for being so harsh towards her when she first started at the school. Max forgives him easily, knowing that it’s tough to be away from a person you really care about, knowing that it can make you feel hurt and angry.

They aren’t best friends, but they get along well enough. Until Mike’s parents start having real problems. Until the word divorce is thrown around in arguments while Mike sits in his room and tries to work on homework. That’s when Max and Mike become closer.

Mike notices Max goes to the library after school sometimes and he starts going with her. Home isn’t always productive for them. He asks her, what it’s like to deal with divorce and Max is brutally honest with him about how shitty it can be.

Max isn’t sure if it’s as brutally honest to tell Mike that he won’t have to worry about leaving Hawkins, because that’s what he’s really afraid of, but she says it anyway because it’s what he needs to hear. She’s pretty relieved when, a couple months later, Mike tells his friends that his mom and dad are both staying in town, just not together anymore.

Eventually, Max and El become best friends so she and Mike work together to plan the best ever surprise sweet 16 for El.

When El and Mike argue, Max acts as a mediator and always makes them realize how much they love each other. She never has to try very hard.

Double dates with Mike and El and Lucas and Max are totally a thing.

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are you still taking taakitz prompts?? maybe.... taakitz wedding? (i adore your art and fic so much!!!)

Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like my stuff!! I wish I had unlimited time to draw and write unlimited versions of taakitz weddings bc just thinking about it makes me cry, but for now we’re gonna have to make do with this one completely inadequate doodle /__\ I hope you like it anyhow!

(The biggest concern - what on earth does Taako wear?? I put him in a simple suit because it’s past my bedtime on a weeknight and dresses are hard and I’m sleepy, but I usually imagine him in a big puffy gown?!!)

Thanks for the request! Please feel free to keep sending them in and I’ll get to them as soon as I can, cuz drawing these two and sharing em with people makes me so happy!

Best picture of robert sugden that has ever been presented to me and if you know me well enough then you will know why 🍑  👀

Been thinking about this and honestly think 99% of the genuine nervousness* around Farah & Todd moving towards a relationship would probably be stifled if we knew a little more about Dirk and Farah’s relationship.

Everyone watching is so concerned about Dirk at the moment - rightfully so, boy is crashing harder than a 6 year old after ice cream cake - and every single comforting moment we have seen for him has been with Todd.

So it makes sense that a lot of our fear is that Dirk will be left as a third wheel. Todd is his only support at the moment - a struggling support yes, but still the only one.


Please! I so hope we see how Farah can support Dirk. I’m not expecting her to be great - i mean jeez she is a scatterbrained angst farm - but how about Dirk and Farah having a conversation about how lonely they both have felt up to this point? The shitty relationships with their parents (Farah’s shit dad, Dirk’s abandoning family^)? How Farah works through her nerves, offering some of those techniques to Dirk? Saying that Dirk is very brave, in reflection of how Dirk praises her?

Module B, guys. We need more module B.

*non genuine nervousness includes “uwu but my ship!!!” & “but how?? will sherlock a completely unrelated show?? be redeemed??”

^Dirk’s family abandoning him is at the moment only in the Show Bible

Epicboatsex musings...

As many wonderful jonerys fics have delightfully, and sometimes explicitly, detailed, it’s very easy to believe that between bouts of council meetings and meals and such, our lovesick and initially sexually frustrated dragon and wolf are enthusiastically and quite frequently having all the sex imaginable, on every surface in his or her quarters, and thanks to these same delightful fics, I can clearly imagine Dany straddling Jon in a chair or riding him–or his face at times–on the thoroughly rumpled sheets, grasping his curls or gripping him by his beard to hold his face at just the right angle for a thorough plundering, Jon pinning Dany to the wall with his body as he thrusts home, face buried in her neck, teeth biting at the skin, long low growls filling the charged air, or holding her up with hands as he kneels at her feet giving her the lords kiss, each lick and suck punctuated by a smug smile as she tries desperately to hold herself from screaming and waking the whole ship, bending her low over a table or on the bed as he takes her from behind, watching as he slides into her, sliding his hand down her smooth arched back to tangle his fingers in her hair and tighten in the silver, sweat dampened curls, gently tugging her head back as he slams into her over and over again, and all the while I’m here just alternating between

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and smugness that my babies have been going at it all the way to white harbor.

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So here's a thought (that I would kill to have you expand) we all love thotty Stan, like it's second nature at this point, but what about Desperate™ Stan? Like soft boy, needs it like he needs are and gagging for it Stan? The Stan who is over Bill's lap and gasping for air, cheeks pink and sobbing for Bill in a half broken mantra of "please please, anything /please./" A Stan who needs to feel small sometimes and Bill can take him there perfectly. I love that Stan too. Just a thought. <3


Can we have Patty Jenkins direct all the DC movies please? Wonder Woman has ruined me for superhero movies, and I could not ignore the male gaze-y shots of Diana or the less functional/more sexualized Amazonian armor while watching Justice League. :/

Favourite - James Potter

Pairing: James Potter x Reader, Sirius Black x Remus Lupin

Characters: James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin

Warnings: N/A

Request: @rosa-kirk: “Could I please request a Harry Potter Marauders Era about James Potter please? I really need some cute James one shots! I love your blog and know that you’re busy as hell but I really hope you can make one for me! Just a lot of fluff and humoring banter between the Marauders! Thank you!!”

Word Count: 469

Author: Hannah

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It is I, once again, here to request some shimada bros angst. Can I please get some young (carrot) genji/male!so angst? Pls rip my heart out, tysm

the new hanzo voice lines have me rethinking my characterization of him (thinking emoji) - Mod Genji

Young Genji

Genji puffed out the last pull of his cigarette, as you watched from his lap where you rested your head. You tugged on the shirt you had stolen from him, adjusting it where it didn’t fit. 

“You staying long?” You weren’t sure why you asked, the answer was always the same.

“Nah. Promised Makkun I’d crash his sister’s party, gotta go pick up beer first though. S’probably all gone by now.”

You glanced at the clock on your bedside table, it was 1:00am. “Isn’t kinda late?” 

He laughed, glancing down at you. “You serious? It’s barely past 12, catch up grandpa.” 

You huffed, sitting up and putting some distance between your bodies. Everything smelled like smoke and sex, and a headache was building behind your eyes. Crossing your arms, you leaned back into your pillows, shrugging your shoulders nonchalantly. “Alright, then. Text me if you wanna hook up again.” 

Genji grinned and winked, replying, “you know I will,” as he stood and stretched his lithe body. “Can’t do another round tonight though, or Makkun’ll get pissy that I’m late. Maybe Wednesday?” 

Months ago when whatever this was had first started, you would’ve responded that you couldn’t, you had work. By now you knew not to bother, Genji rarely took into account that most adults needed jobs to support themselves, and he didn’t care to either.

Genji cared about sex and drinking, that was it. You had always known you wouldn’t get on that list, but it used to hurt more. Nowadays you barely felt it.

He’d text you if he wanted to fuck, and you’d make time. Sometimes he’d take you to a party and buy you drinks, sometimes he’d ditch you if he saw someone hotter. That’s how this went, and it never changed. 

He was almost at the door when he spun around to face you. “You know, if you aren’t too tired from what must have been an incredible fuck, you’re welcome for that by the way-” you rolled your eyes, but he powered on, “-you might as well come party with us. There’ll be beer and babes, anything you could want!” 

You snorted. What you wanted was a stable relationship and a good night’s sleep, and partying with your extremely unavailable crush would give you neither. The young Shimada threw up his hands in defeat, opening the door and making his way out. 

You closed your eyes from where you sat, listening to him stuffing his feet into his boots and shrugging on his jacket. The front door opened, the front door closed, and you let out a breath you didn’t realize you’d been holding.

Your heart must have been crazy, to fall for someone like Genji Shimada. 

And you must have been crazy for agreeing to meet up with him again. “I’m not meeting him on Wednesday,” you told yourself, “This is the last time.”

“I have to get over him.”

You opened the calendar app and checked if you were free.


Castiel x Reader

A/N: I’ve been having major writers block so I apologise if this isn’t as good as my other works and if you asked to be added to one of my tags I haven’t, please let me know. 

Request: Could u do a soulmate AU where reader can see Cas’s wings and gabe flips when she tells him but she won’t tell Cas ‘coz she’s super shy? And then fluff and teasing? Plz

Warnings: fluffy Gabe and Cas

Word count: 1580

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There were very few things that weren’t written down in some type of lore book and, judging by the way you almost pulled all of the libraries down in the past five states you’ve visited, this thing just so happened to be one of the few that you just couldn’t find out it. Thankfully, you might know somebody who might just be able to tell you the answer. “Gabriel?” you spoke aloud, waiting for the archangel to pop out of nowhere like usual. 

“It’s a little dark out for you to be praying, isn’t it?” You twisted your head around and made eye contact with his golden eyes. Gabriel made himself welcomed to the couch cushion beside you and plonked a lollipop in his mouth as he grimaced at the three lore books sitting on your lap. “You should be out partying, not doing homework.”

“Somebody’s gotta do it.” you answered, shifting your eyes back down to the text where your finger had been resting on in order to remember your position. “That’s not what I called you for anyways.”

He stole one of the books and read aloud the bold text written at the top of the page, “Angel’s and their purpose,” he cast you a look before he continued reading silently, his face twisting with cringe. 

“Look – I didn’t tell you to go reading it, did I?” you growled, snatching the book back and shoving them off to the side. 

“If you wanted to know about angel’s why not just ask one and save yourself from this crap.”

“It’s not that easy, Gabriel.”

“Come on, Y/n, why not?” he twisted the lollipop stick between his teeth as he waited for your answer.

You sighed, “I don’t even know where to begin. No lore books are telling me what I want.”

Gabriel ran a hand through his golden hair and looked at you seriously, anxious to get something out of you. “I can’t help you if you don’t use your words.”

“Yes, you can. You can literally just read my mind.”

“You know I don’t do that to you.”

“Okay, fine. I can see Cas’ wings and I just don’t know what to do. It’s obviously not normal, otherwise Sam, Dean and everybody else would see them. And it’s only Cas’. Not yours. Not his brothers and sisters.” You fell silent from your babbling and turned towards Gabriel, furrowing your eyebrows at the sight of his agape mouth and wide eyes. 

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I think it's a reach to buy Rick planning to ask Jadis for help after she set Michonne up to die. She tried to kill him, but she targeted his gf and he wouldn't be ok with that. Also this nonsense about Jadis sexually assaulting Rick has me livid. Rick bit a man's throat out to protect Carl yet were supposed to believe that he would just comply in this situation? Of course she could pull a weapon or threaten him so there is that. However, this is messed up and unnecessary. I think TPTB (Part 1)

(Part 2) like stirring the pot with Richonne. They want to always have a white woman to potentially be w/ Rick to please some fans no matter how illogical (Jessie) or gross (Jadis). No man can even flirt w/ Michonne, but Jadis wants to sleep with her man. I agree the optics look bad. Why undermine your lead couple like this? Jadis is a waste of airtime and this isn’t funny. Look how they deal w/ Negan’s wives. They should stick to zombies and action, not serious matters like sexual assault. Urgh!

I honestly couldn’t agree more. I don’t even have anything to add. I just wish I could print it out and mail it to Gimple.  

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WELCOME BACK! Okay― this might sound weird but, can you please do an unrequited love headcanons ft. Odasaku & Dazai?? Like, how would he put someone down after her/his confession, would he notice that she/he have feelings for him before they even say it out loud, etc. Please just skip this request if you don't quite get what I'm trying to say, ha――― /sWEATS

Thank you! 💜

Oda Sakunosuke

  • Odasaku notices you’re falling for him almost from the first moment you start sending him puppy eyes. He hopes it’s just a passing crush so he won’t have to turn you down; the last thing he wants is to hurt you, after all. Oda keeps a careful eye on you, constantly gauging your feelings; unfortunately, he just watches you fall harder and harder instead of moving on.
  • The last thing Odasaku wants is to lead you on, so when he realizes your love isn’t something that’s just going to go away, turning you down gently is his first priority. The first opportunity he has, he jumps on (not that he wants to do this, of course; he just can’t stand having this weight on his shoulders, knowing he has to break your heart, any longer than necessary).
  • Odasaku waits until night time (he doesn’t want to ruin your whole day with the news) to break his feelings-or lack thereof-to you. He offers to walk you home, knowing that you won’t want to make the trip by yourself, fighting back tears. As soon as he’s walked you to your door, he lays a comforting but firm hand on your shoulder and softly explains to you that he knows how you feel about him, but he just doesn’t feel the same. Odasaku doesn’t stick around long after that; he knows you need some space. After giving you a tight hug, and reassuring you you’ll always be friends, he’s headed home.
  • Odasaku tries his best to keep your friendship comfortable after he turns you down. Both of you know it won’t go back to normal; not right away, at least. That doesn’t stop Odasaku texting you, dragging you along for curry at lunch, or lending you his favorite books, though. If you’re willing to put this behind you, Odasaku is too, and your friendship smooths back out before long.

Dazai Osamu

  • Where Dazai’s concerned, keeping your feelings a secret is a lost cause. He catches on from the moment your crush on him sparks; every puppy-dog-eyed stare you send his way when his back is turned, the way your hands shake a little when you’re talking to him, how ‘accidental’ touches last just a half-second longer than necessary. Dazai files it all away; he knows exactly what’s going on with your heart.
  • Even if he knows exactly what’s up, Dazai doesn’t acknowledge your feelings (aside from innocently teasing you every now and then). You’ll end up hurt, anyway, so what’s the point? Dazai’s content to ignore the issue, hoping that your love will die out before long.
  • Dazai’s manipulative nature kicks into overdrive. He knows that all it takes for you to do his every wish is a brilliant smile or a little pouting; before long, you’re going on mid-morning coffee runs to pick up his favorite drink or helping him with his paperwork nearly every day. Don’t worry, though; Dazai never asks for anything more than small favors. Even if he doesn’t love you, he still cares enough not to twist you into doing anything unreasonable. 
  • Usually, Dazai can tell when you’re looking for an opportunity to tell him how you feel. Whenever this happens, steering you off the topic is his top priority; suddenly he’ll have a ‘very, very important business call with Kunikida that could determine the fate of the entire Agency’, or he has to rush to the bathroom, or he suddenly gets horribly ill.
  • If he can’t avoid your love confession, Dazai turns you down incredibly casually. “Ah, but see, you’re too beautiful to tempt with double suicide,” he jokes. “Taking you from this world with me would be a crime against humanity!” At first it might seem like he’s being insensitive, or doesn’t really understand that you really, truly love him, but he’s just trying not to break your heart more than he has to. Dazai figures if he’s smooth about turning you down, you’ll handle it much better.

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May I please have an angst scenario of Gabriel Reyes who disagreed with his S/O about going on a mission only to have her get hurt because she was too reckless? Can you also do it on Gabriel's POV? Thank you and have a great day! 💖

I tried my hardest with this request, but I don’t think it’s fully in Gabe’s POV. Sorry!! 

No one wanted to come near him. 

No one wanted to tell him about your injuries. He already knew, of course. 

He just wanted a reason to shoot someone in the face.

He had told you not to go. It was too dangerous, the risk of failure was too high and there were too many lives at stake. But being your stubborn self, you decided to go anyway. 

And, like he expected, you failed. 

You had barely been able to get the hostages out before the building blew. You had been inside when the building fell, flames licking at your skin. 

No one was sure you would survive. 

He paced angrily in front of your room, not going in quite yet. He needed time to collect his thoughts, to get his emotions under control, to think of the proper words to chew your ass out. 

He took a took a deep breath and walked through the doors to your room. He opened his mouth to speak, to start chewing you out, but he stopped.

He stopped and he stared at you, a look of pure shock on his face. 

Scorch marks covered your back, winding around your shoulders and up the left side of your face. You were fast asleep, an oxygen mask hooked up to help you breathe. Angela and Ana flitted around the room, monitoring your vitals and trying to make sure you were comfortable despite your charred skin. 
Gabe walked over, sitting in the chair beside your bed. Both Angela and Ana hesitated, but decided to give you two some privacy. 

He couldn’t look away from your face.

All of his anger melted away, replaced with fear and sadness. He knew why you did it; he had told you that you couldn’t and you wanted to prove yourself to him.  “You,” He breathed as he gently took your bandaged hand. “Are a fucking idiot, you know that?” He carefully layed his head next to you, memorizing each detail of your face. “You were reckless for no reason other than your pride.” 

“I.. I got them out.” You managed to breathe, opening your eyes slightly to look at his distressed face. “I still.. managed to complete the mission.” 

He laughed as he wiped his eyes against his arm. “You’re fuckin’ stupid.” He stared at you straight in the eyes, tears beginning to flow freely. “I almost lost you. I’m sorry I told you that you couldn’t do it. I.. I knew the risks. I didn’t want to risk sending you in there in case you got hurt.” He looked away and cleared his throat. “I’m sorry. I thought I could protect you.”

“Gabriel.” You murmured. “I don’t need you to protect me. I can protect myself.” You winced slightly, the effort of talking hurting your smoke-filled lungs. 

“Of course.” He murmured back, letting go of your hand. “Get some rest, Y/N. I’ll come visit you again tomorrow, okay?” 

You nodded carefully, wincing as the skin on the back of your neck stretched with the movement. “Okay. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“You can’t do that to him- Don’t do that to Wallis–Don’t–Don’t do that to my brother! I’ll do anything you want!! Just don’t-PLEASE!!!!“

“Are you really sure? Anything?”

“Yes, just don’t hurt him…!”

DAY 7: Character Swap or an AU!!

Finally drew the Prince AU I once mentioned with my other account on @loverofpiggies way back then! It’s pretty much the same as gloomverse, but with one change: What if Cake Girl had accepted Harold’s offer, and did not attack Wallis’s show in exchange for his obedience?

This could go hilariously with a Disney Beauty and the Beast set up, or terrifyingly with a more realistic approach. On that note, does this AU count as angst? I mean, Wallis’s reputation wasn’t destroyed since the guard was never distracted by Cake Girl’s arrival, which was what had caused Indigo to get the upper hand in the first place. Seaweed and Petunia are both unharmed, Assistant still has both legs. The only price was Harold’s freedom ;)


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Do a Tani!

Most admirable quality: “♪Ah.♪ Etani’a.♪ It has been too long since we have sung together.♪ There is a… ♪ empty place in heartsong for him.♪ Yet of all the good things I can sing of my…♪ yes, friend…♪ it was his patience and understanding that I have missed most.♪”
Most attractive physical feature: “♪-coughs-♪ While I am not easily moved by the eorzean races…♪ I am not shamed to admit much of Etani’a was pleasing to my eyes.♪ Yet to sing of what I find attractive…♪ His smile…♪ and his lips.♪ They’reverysoft!♪ ANDDONTASKMEHOWIKNOW!♪”
Most annoying habit: “♪ For this…♪ the only source of frustration I had with Etani’a was my inability to have a proper appointment with him at times.♪”
Something they would like to do with them: “♪ This is easy.♪  I would like nothing more than to see him, and sing with him again.♪ It has been too long.♪ And it would fill my heartsong with a greater gladness to know he fares well before we depart.♪”

(Reblogs greatly appreciated. Please help me get exposure for my writing! Thank you @etani-a for the ask! Find more on my blog @kulain)

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it’s the original yeti fucker. i have an update. i told him we needed to be honest with each other and communicate, and he told me he loved me. i knew it was coming, and i couldn’t handle it. i threw an ice vase and ran away. i’m nervous, i always get nervous. i realize now that i love him, but he’s already taken another. i can seem them through the igloo window. she looks nicer, happier. she’ll be good for him. not as good as i would have been.

first of all props for being able to identify yourself as the original yeti fucker

secondly holy shit please write this book about your torrid yeti romance

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Seriously?? Because a couple meetings requires him to stay almost a whole week in LA those antis seriously need a reality check! Yes, Tom is an actor and might have a couple of meetings that however doesn't justify why he's been in LA since Friday around Z's neighborhood 🙄🙄They are so desperate to find excuses. To the antis please go away and realize that Z and T are probably fucking tonight and you can't do anything about it 😂😂 Did I just offend you in that last sentence? Good!!


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hi) since you are making these wonderful Shandy gifs from this fantastic episode, can I make a little request? when he says "I'm her husband. well almost" and she looks at him with a smile. And do the parallel with the moment in 4.14 when Andy was in hospital and doctor said "...take you husband to surgery" and Sharon was awkward. Please. please :)

Why yes! Let’s see if I can get it done before I have to leave for work! If not it’ll be up this time tomorrow at the latest! :)