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I really appreciate all the gentiles reblogging my post about Richard Spencer’s antisemitic tweet, but I’m seeing a lot of comments like “Antisemitism is back!” And “I never thought I’d see Nazism again” and “haven’t people learned from the Holocaust?” And while I can understand how shocking it must be if you were truly unaware of this, but please just know that Jewish people have been keenly aware of antisemitism in the US, and many of us will tell you it never went away. So if you’re reacting to this with shock, then I ask two things of you:

A.) Please follow Jewish bloggers. Many of us routinely post about antisemitism, and you’re more likely to see it if you follow us. I can provide recommendations if anyone wants them.

B.) Please be aware that we don’t see antisemitism solely from Nazis; there’s a lot of antisemitism on the left as well that is arguably much more difficult to address. Please make an effort to learn about it and combat it even within your own circles.

You know that last post got me thinking: what is up with the these alleged fans who don’t think Star Wars is funny? Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely am here for the Skywalker Family Drama (because hello I have a pulse) and the Kenobi Sads and the Lore but like…at the end of the day? Star Wars is ridiculous! It’s so delightfully humorous. How do people not see this?! Who are these guys and why don’t they want to actually have fun with any of this nonsense?

  • This is the worst team I have ever played with in my life
  • when we finally get on the point, everyone dies
  • I understand that every now and then a team won’t click,
  • When it comes to you, I don’t think I can sympathize
  • You should’ve picked mercy,
  • You should’ve picked any kind of support
  • We ended up losing, and it’s all your fault,
  • You should learn how this game works
  • You should’ve been helping


song : The Living Tombstone (Feat. BlackGryphon & LittleJayneyCakes)

This song about overwatch but… i love the lyrsic

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ my 6 hours is done now…( artblock )

i’m suck at shade and shadow

Drunk on you

Summary: Dan and Phil are at a bar and Phil keeps dancing with people that aren’t Dan, he gets jealous.

Genre: Tiny bit of angst, smut. Friends to lovers.

Word count: 3,140

Warnings: alcohol

A/N: Thank you to @fanfictionbetas for betaing this for me!!

“Can I have another please?” Dan holds up his empty glass in front of the bar, hoping the server will notice him faster than all the people beside him.

He doesn’t have the decency to wait for his turn anymore, not when he’s this drunk, and not when he’s in this bad of a mood.

Since he had been stood by the bar for quite some time now, the server does prioritize him. He keeps buying, drinking, and buying more; the staff always prioritizes the ones that keep coming back for more. Someone mixes him another drink, one of the less expensive ones, but with more alcohol in.

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*train sounds and chatter*
“- Excuse me, Sir, is this seat taken?”
Paolo: “- No, please…. SUMMER!?”
Summer: “- Hello there, stranger!”
Paolo: “- Gosh, I haven’t seen you for years! Where have you been all this time!?”
Summer: “- Here and there! And you? Going home or visiting?”
Paolo: “- Visiting, my mom, yeah you know, she’s still struggeling with her diseases… Oh my, I can’t believe it, you look great by the way!”

I Can’t Save Her: Part 23

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Violence Against Women, Mentions of Torture

Word Count: 1,629

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: Bucky’s back, but for how long? Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

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For all of its strength that was built upon blind loyalty – H.Y.D.R.A. agents were typically not the greatest advisories when faced by an Avenger. Steve, Tony, and Nat made quick work of the guards on the first floor as I hacked into their security archives. As I typed furiously I heard movement from behind me – without thinking I pulled my gun and quickly spun around.

“Easy there, Tiger!” Tony said sardonically as he raised his hands in the air.

“Well…. Steve did tell me to be on my guard,” I added sourly as I turned back around.

“Have you found what you’re looking for yet?” Tony asked impatiently as he hovered behind my shoulder.

“I’m almost there,” I added as I hit one final key. Suddenly the screen was filled with a live video feed of Bucky. My hand reached out instinctively to touch the screen. “Steve,” I called hoarsely.

“What is it Y/N?” He asked breathlessly as he rushed into the room.

“I found him. I found Bucky,” I muttered softly.

“Tony?” Steve asked.

“Already on it. I’ve scanned the building – if you and Y/N go over there you won’t be seen by incoming hostiles. Once we have lured them in you can sneak behind them and get downstairs to Barnes,” Tony pointed to a shadowy hall as he spoke.

I began to follow Steve out the door before I stopped for a moment and turned to look at Tony. “Tony?”

“Yes, Y/N?”

“How do you plan on drawing them out?” I asked nervously.

Tony grinned slyly. “Oh you just leave that all to me.”

I wasn’t sure exactly how Tony managed to pull it off but he did it brilliantly. He was certainly the flame that attracted and burned up most of the H.Y.D.R.A. guards. During the chaos Steve and I slipped through unnoticed.

“Which way?” Steve whispered as we slowed to a halt. We had made it down six flights of stairs and were standing in a narrow hallway. As I looked down both ends of the hall– trying to remember the relation of the room to its surroundings – a bloodcurdling scream echoed from our left. I had heard that scream before – every night for the last two months when I had drifted to sleep.

“Bucky,” I muttered under my breath as I broke into a dead sprint down the hall.

“Y/N!” Steve whispered violently behind him.

I had been trained for events like these – but my training and rationale were thrown aside. All I wanted was to stop the cause of Bucky’s screaming. I had to – it was pure instinct that drove me to find him. I was so distracted that I was surprised when a thick metal door slid closed behind me, effectively blocking Steve’s entrance into the room. Of course, it certainly shouldn’t have surprised me when a fist met with the back of my skull causing me to crumple unconscious on the floor.

I awoke to a sharp kick in my ribs which knocked the breath out of me. “Wake up,” a thickly accented male voice demanded. My sharp intake of breath certainly didn’t help the throbbing pain in my side. Heavy footsteps trailed off into the distance as I began to become more conscious of my surroundings. My head was throbbing– luckily nothing felt broken, but it hurt like a son of a bitch. As I lifted my head away from the floor I could feel my matted hair gently tug at my scalp – it had stuck to the dirty floor with the blood that had oozed from my injury. I slowly lowered my head back to the floor – my body felt limp. As I tried to raise my hands to brush away the hair that had fallen into my face I felt the cut of cold metal against my wrists.

Panic set in.

I slowly opened my eyes and blinked to try to clear the blurry images before me. Once my vision had cleared I met the gaze of crystal blue eyes that I knew all too well.

“Bucky,” I whispered hoarsely.

And it was him – under the dark black, and purple bruises. He looked unblinkingly at me – his chest heaving with exertion as sweat trickled down his brow. They had beaten him severely since they had brought him here. Blood had crusted in different areas of his face and head from cuts that he had no doubt received while he was struggling against his captors. The room fell into silence as I watched his chest rise and fall – his eyes never leaving my face. He was bound using some sort of contraption I had never seen before – no doubt because of his incredible strength.

I shifted uncomfortably on the floor. I had wished for this moment for months – now the weight of his stare was too much for me to bare. I closed my eyes and sighed. In the back of my mind I silently hoped that Steve, Tony, and Nat were on the other side of whatever door had been sealed – trying to get us out.

A few minutes had passed in silence and I was once again teetering on the edge of consciousness when he finally spoke. “Y/N?” he asked timidly. The sound of his voice, which I had missed for so long, cut into me like a razorblade. I opened my eyes to look at his face which was etched with worry under its many bruises. I opened my mouth to respond, but was cut short as a stocky man in his late forties to early fifties strolled into the room from a door on the opposite end of where I had entered the room. I could tell by the sound of his boots that he had been the individual that had gifted me with throbbing ribs. As he neared Bucky’s body language changed and his facial expression grew fierce. A sense of dread slowly crept over me as I realized that this man had been the one to make Bucky scream.

“Well… well. I had assured Sargent Barnes that you would eventually join us. I’m glad you proved me right,” he said with a smirk as he dragged me to my feet by my arms. I grimaced at the pain in my arm which he seemed to immediately catch on to. “Ah – my dear. Have you been injured?” he asked curiously as he roughly squeezed my arm. I bit on the inside of my cheek to prevent myself form reacting until he finally flung me in a chair directly across from Bucky. My arm, side, and head were throbbing as the salty metallic taste of blood filled my mouth. I stared at the man without speaking.

He chuckled as he shook his head and looked over at Bucky. I diverted my eyes to Bucky’s— silently asking what our next move was. He stared unseeingly in my direction. And I suddenly realized there was a very real possibility that the torture he had undoubtedly endured probably included H.Y.D.R.A. trying to tap into the dark recesses of his mind where the Winter Soldier still lingered – and the thought absolutely terrified me.

The man had been prattling on as I watched Bucky’s every move. When he turned to look at me and realized I was only paying attention to Bucky he punched him squarely in the side. Causing Bucky to wince in pain. I adjusted my gaze to the man and hissed, “You don’t get it do you? Regardless of what you do… you’ve already lost. It’s only a matter of time.”

The man chuckled and shook his head. “Oh my dear, you haven’t been paying attention I’m afraid. This is all part of H.Y.D.R.A.’s plan. I never intended to leave this facility.”

This revelation unsettled me. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair as I looked at him. He caught my sudden understanding and grinned wickedly. “I heard that you met one of my associates… well met and murdered him,” he paused as he looked at me. Bucky shifted at this revelation – breaking his glassy stare to divert his gaze to his feet. I remained silent – staring only at Bucky. “Listen – I assume we don’t have much time together. I had hoped that Captain Rogers had been less pragmatic on rescuing his dear friend, but it seemed that your recovery took precedent. I had hoped to draw this all out but time is of the essence,” he smirked. At his mention of Steve Bucky had turned his gaze back to me. I was finding it increasingly difficult to read the very slight emotions that played across his face.

I pulled my gaze away from Bucky and looked at the man. “Whatever you have to say… I already know. I know it all. You can’t hurt me,” I said vehemently. My response caused him to lapse into silence for a moment and I seized the opportunity. I turned to Bucky and looked at him earnestly. “Bucky, I don’t need to forgive you because there’s nothing to forgive.” His face crumpled in pain. It was as if I had stabbed him. I swallowed hard as I blinked back tears – this was the exact reaction I had worried about.

“Ah,” the man said amusingly. “You see Sargent Barnes and I had a little heart to heart before you got here, and there may be a few things you don’t know about him that will change your mind.”

I opened my mouth to respond, but the look on Bucky’s face made my breath catch in my throat. I suddenly realized what the man had been eluding to when he had explained that he had no intention of leaving the facility.

I closed my eyes and readied myself for what would happen next.


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A little friend

Hey is it okay to ask for a request where you’re in a different house to newt and he doesn’t really have anyone else in the common room or in lessons without you (not herbology or creatures) and he feels Lonely so you get him picket and that starts his love for creatures. You can change the picket part and the ending I don’t really mind 💗 I absolutely adore your writing (Also can it be from newt POV please) 💗❤️

This is such a sweet idea. Thank you for requesting.


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Newt trudged his way to the great hall for breakfast, he didn’t usually mind his own company, it’s all he really had since first year, after he was laughed at or outright ignored by just about every student in his own house, homework and reading tended to keep his mind occupied and that was fine by him, but it just didn’t seem enough anymore. Ever since the first herbology lesson of his fifth year, after he and y/n had been paired together, he had struggled with a loneliness that he had never felt before, when she wasn’t by his side.

He flopped down at the hufflepuff table, grabbing a slice of toast as the rack floated past. Y/n straightened up where she sat at her own table, standing on her tip toes, hoping to catch a glimpse of his messy auburn curls.

Newt continued with his toast, pulling out the book on plants and remedies that he couldn’t seem to concentrate on the night before.

A pair of hands rested on Newt’s shoulders, giving them a slight squeeze. Nearly jumping out of his skin, Newt whipped his head around, only to find a cheeky grin, he couldn’t help but smile back, his spirits lifting slightly.

“are you alright Newt? You look a little lost’ y/n asked her voice full of concern, ‘course. late night, I’m not quite awake yet’ he yawned with a smile, he didn’t want to worry her. She gave him a sceptical look, but thankfully didn’t press the matter.

The pair sat and chatted comfortably until it was time for them to go to their separate classes. Parting ways with a smile and little wave, before that sinking loneliness came flooding back to Newt.

It stayed with him throughout the day, seemingly making its self quite comfortable in his chest.

“I have something to show you’ Newt heard a sing song voice behind him, recognising that voice he turned, as did several other students, with either expectant, curious or flirty expressions.

Ignoring the other pupils, y/n grabbed Newt’s arm and dragged him to the library, to their table in the far corner. She could barely contain herself, hopping from foot to foot.

“I found him on my lunch break, some clumsy seventh year nearly squished him, poor little thing. I think he might have gotten a fright. I thought you’d know what to do’ she whispered, gingerly pulling something out of her robe pocket, placing it tentatively on the table.

It was a bowtruckle, Newt crouched down, so that he was eye level with the tiny leaf like creature. He had only ever read about them, but he could see that it did look a sickly green rather than the bright emerald that they usually were.

It slumped itself down, leaning on one of the ink wells. After some close observation, newt jumped to his feet, ‘I think I know what might help’ he called over his shoulder as he ran out of the library, earning an evil glare from the librarian.

Sprinting to his dorm room, rummaging through his trunk, and finally grabbing the delicate bottle a pipette and a small goblet of water.

Holding the pipette in his mouth, and juggling the other items as he hurried his way back to the library.

Dropping to his knees in front of the bowtruckle, shooting a smile to y/n, as he prepared the diluted pepper up potion.

Gently encouraging the creature to take the medicine from the dropper, ‘come on little one, it’ll make you feel better. There you go, good lad’ he murmured, as the creature took a few drops of the concoction. Y/n had crouched down beside him, watching fondly, as Newt bonded with such a fantastic little beast.


Have a great day and be safe

Am I the only one who, when first seeing TFP, thought Molly was pregnant for a moment? I mean look at the way her shirt was hanging!

(And I in no way am trying to say that Loo looks big, it is really just the shirt)

But even when she moves forward the shirt looks like this….

And so I really thought that her “bad day” was because she was pregnant, and she possibly just found out or something. (I know she wouldn’t be that big so quickly, but some people don’t realize it so quickly.)

I can’t even decide if I would like her to have been pregnant or not, what do y’all think about this?

Oh and can we please discuss how Euros / Eurus killed so many out of apathy, but still kept off of Molly, like she would have allowed Sherlock to go through with killing John or Mycroft, but she didn’t touch Molly, why????

Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: @marvel-and-dc-shit

Imagine: Hey there bestfriend! Can i have a Peter Parker imagine were the reader is also like a spider, they fight crime together, they have the same suite and everything. On school nights they take turns on watching the city and one night the reader gets hurt really badly so she swings over to her apartment and goes to Peters balcony. Peters patches her up and everything and they start to cuddle and just really fluffy please!! Thanks ilysm

A/N: hey hey hey bestie!! i enjoy seeing you again :D || it’s long ;3

Warning: fluff , swearing

The hallways were crowded with nerds, jocks & goths all around. Some were staring at you, other were murmuring comments underneath their breath. You constantly bumped into other students, lots of them just gave you weird glares. As you tried to make your way your way to class, it wasn’t working with this much people in the hallway. Someone suddenly flat tires you and you tumble forward, suddenly getting caught by somebody. You get pulled up and you regained your balance, you look to the side and saw that it was your best friend, partner in crime, Peter Parker.

‘’Where’s your spidey senses Y/N?’’ peter teases, putting you into a cramped hug.

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BIG NEWS TODAY, as I’m sure you’re all very well aware.

The title of Star Wars Episode VIII is “The Last Jedi”.

I had a post all ready to go that just showcased the title as debuted by the official Star Wars site, but then decided to flex my shopping muscles and put together this poster. Now, I’m first to admit, this is by no means perfect, but most elements were available to do what I wanted, so here it is. 

If anyone has suggestions on improving it, please message me or if anyone would like to take a crack at something similar, I can share the individual Rey & Luke elements, just let me know!

OH, and as some have already noted, the plural of “Jedi” is “Jedi” so let’s not get too worried just yet.

850 Days until Episode IX

587 Days until the Han Solo Movie










Elizabeth sank to her knees onto the floor.

Elizabeth: “Ruben, please, I need you to support me on this. I need your help, you have no idea how hard it was this afternoon, all Penny wants to know is when mummy and daddy are coming home. The baby wouldn’t stop crying. I can’t do this on my own.”

Ruben: “Lizzie, look at me, we will work something out, I promise.”

Elizabeth: “We don’t need to work anything out. They’re staying and that’s final.”

hellooooooo i humbly offer you this mess of a header. it’s not the exact header dimensions because i dont know the measurements and google didnt help ( ;-; ) so if you know what they are, please let me know and i’ll resize the image. thank you for all the work you do! your blog always makes me smile ^~^

[This is me talking now: OH MY GOD I DID NOT EXPECT THIS BAHAHAHA THAT’S A WORK OF ART. Oh my god I can’t get rid of this smile on my face ohhhh myyyy goodddddddddddddd. I’m blessed to have such nice people looking at my blog! Thank you so much for this, I’ll treasure it forever. There’s so much going on in this one picture ohmygod I love it!]

Header by Synthelle!

abitknobbish  asked:

Yo I can't see the whole ask thing cuz I'm on mobile but I got a question homie. Aight so if I'm dating a trans girl and we cool and all that but then we get a like more private you know. And then she pull some dick out. What do I do then. Like do I politely ask her to leave or do I take one for the team and try and have sex with her.

1) I’m answering this publicly for educational purposes. If this makes you uncomfortable please message me and I will anonymize this message. 

2) I would like to ask people to stop sending me questions about trans people’s genitals. Just because I’m a trans person does not mean you can send me invasive questions about mine or other people’s genitals. It is not a discussion that makes me uncomfortable, but it gets annoying that these are 75% of my asks. 

3) This ask, like all the other ones I get, is very cisnormative. I’m not sure if you were trying to phrase it in a comedic fashion but this type of language makes trans people feel like absolute shit about their bodies. I am so sick of hearing “I like x but they have y genitals, which sucks. I wish they had z genitals.” 

First of all, most trans people are not happy with their birth genitals in the first place, and they’re sick of everyone else pointing out how undesirable they are. We know. Even if they are happy with their genitals, it gets annoying constantly hearing from cis society how much better we would be if we just had the cis equivalent of our genitals.

Secondly, maybe talk to her before you have sex? Cis couples should be doing this anyways to find out what you are and are not comfortable with. This isn’t a trans specific thing. 

Thirdly, if you are uncomfortable with her current set of genitals, and you view that as a barrier you cannot get over, do her a favor and politely break up with her. Don’t stay with her if you’re going to silently resent the fact that she is not cis. That isn’t healthy for you, and that especially isn’t healthy for her. 

If you do really like her, consider changing your perspective on what genitals really are. The reason you prefer vaginas over penises is because you are programmed to view vagina as female and penis as male. This clearly is not the case. Did you know that penises and clitorises are homologous? Clits are just underdeveloped penises. Many trans women refer to their genitals as clits, and many trans men refer to their genitals as dicks (myself included), because gendered connotations have forced us to do so. But really, it’s ridiculous. It’s a body part. It’s just bigger than a cis woman’s clit, just like my dick is smaller than a cis man’s dick. 

Wow, I just realized that you’re not even dating a trans girl and this is a hypothetical. If there’s anything that bothers me more than cis people discussing trans genitals, it’s cis people discussing trans genitals in a situation that does not even apply to them.

This answer sounds harsh, and I want you to know it is not directed at you specifically, it is directed at cis people as a whole (so yes, if you’re cis and have had this question before, it’s time to do some unlearning of cissexism and transphobia). How would you feel if every time you dated someone, they would be internally debating whether or not it was worth it because of something you’re already insecure about? How would you feel if the one thing you were most insecure about on this planet was up for debate on whether or not it’s lovable by 99% of society?

That’s what these asks are, essentially. Is transness a dealbreaker for loving someone? And don’t even come at me with the sex =/= love, because that’s not what this ask is about. This ask is a hypothetical about whether or not you would break up with someone because they haven’t had SRS to make their genitals more “cis looking”. 

Cis is not the ultimate standard trans people should wish to achieve. Trans people are not inherently lesser than cis people. Trans people are doing fine just the way we are, it’s cis people who are coming in and telling us we’re not good enough.


December 2016, I received orders of two wedding portraits at the same time coincidentally, It’s really nice. the one is from Japan. another one is Europe. the followers and others also ask me about my portraits service, so I’ll explains the detail. if you have interested in this, please see the following. thanks.

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I don’t always reply instantly to mesages, I reply when I’m in a good mind state and feeling up to talking to someone, I’m not always in the mood to be sociable. all I ask for is patience and respect. I’m not here to please others and I’m free to do what I please. I am often busy and have things to do during the day I will reply to messages when I can. please know I love to hear from you darling people whom follow my blog and I thank you for following me but please be patient for me to reply to mesages, that’s all I ask thank you.

Doing Yoga Wont Cure Mental Illness But Moping Around All Day And Doing Nothing Is Worse For U Than Making An Effort To Accomplish Small Tasks That Are Within Ur Ability

Getting Up And Getting Out Of The House And Getting Some Things Done Will Not Cure Ur Mental Illness But It Will At Least Help U Feel Like Ur Being Productive Even If U Only Accomplish Something Very Small And Dont Forget Something Is Better Than Nothing

The Seemingly Useless Tips People Give U To Help Manage Ur Illness Are Not As Useless As They May Seem I Know We All Joke About This But It Is Important To Work Toward Whatever Progress We Can Manage

Please Make Any Effort U Can To Improve Ur Quality Of Life And State Of Mind Even For Short Amounts Of Time And Dont Disregard The Power The Little Things In Life Can Have


Vampires pack Winner!

WOO! Congrats @simboob​! ❤

I really wish I could get this pack for everyone! It was actually nice to not heavily advertise this giveaway since it was a thank you to all who have been so kind to me and those who have put up with my messy blog.

I would love to do another giveaway for all of you soon but please be patient since i’m currently coughing up over 2 grand for my immigration (don’t worry I can handle it though) otherwise I would have loved to do more!! ❤ Next time my friends! Love you all and thank you so much.