can i have a relationship like this

probably the most interesting thing to me are not the people who dislike malec simply bc they blatantly prefer alec with some other white dude and/or have no interest in magnus as a character; like i always expect these people to exist to some degree in fandom so it’s kind of whatever to me. but there is a small subsection who seem to feel they are doing magnus some kind of justice by ~freeing~ him from his relationship with alec because they firmly believe there is an inherent inequality within this relationship and thus them being together is somehow racist and unfair towards magnus. i have always found this … an odd phenomenon and somewhat bothersome because of the way asian men have always been perceived in fiction: submissive, without agency, and easily taken advantage of.

it reminds me a lot of this article i posted awhile back, where the author suggested that because certain asian characters ticked a few boxes that said this aspect makes a bad character, everything else was ignored and the characters were relegated to bad representation without consideration of anything else. and it definitely feels like when it comes to magnus (and malec), a good chunk of his portrayal is ignored not because people agree that he should fit this submissive box, but because this is what they’ve always been told asian men should be perceived as – and so this is all they can subconsciously see; they can’t seem to look past it when it comes to him. and it fuels a kind of misdirected outrage where they think they’re doing right by magnus when all that’s happening is magnus’ agency is being erased from his own narrative both in and out of his relationship with alec.

(i should add this goes not just for white ppl btw bc this is very much not a general racial issue – magnus specifically is se asian and carries all the baggage that comes with it, and i have seen far too many ppl, white or otherwise, feel they have a right to speak over us in regards to what is/is not racist or good representation for magnus.)

*takes deep breath* lISTEN,,, you can really tell how much the teen wolf cast like and respect each other, not just as colleagues in their work but as people in their lives. It’s not just a professional relationship for them, it’s /real/, and it’s definitely partly due to the tone that tyler and dylan set since they were the leads AND best friends that the cast are more like a weird and loving family, even for the alumni that left seasons ago. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY OK.

This really hit home for me rn bc I’m watching the SDCC panel and melissa ponzio said it occurred to her that throughout all these years there was honestly never a bad day on set, because everyone on the cast and crew wanted to be there. tbh how many shows can say that?

BTS reaction to their SO taking control

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Jin likes that he doesn’t have to be the manly man in the relationship and that you can take charge of stuff, when it comes down to it.

“Come over here and let me fix your collar.”
“Thanks, love.”

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Yoongi would be confused when you just grab his hand, but he would just accept it. He wouldn’t mind you taking control as long as it doesn’t compromise his position.

“Okay, that happened.”

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I think Joonie would be the most accepting. I feel like he wouldn’t even notice and just accept it as part of your personalty. 

“Oh my god Namjoon, give me the kitchen knife.”


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Hobi would really like that he has someone who takes care of him. He works so hard to always be positive, so it would be really nice to get home to someone who can take charge.

“You make me feel so loved.”

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Jimin loves it when you pull him into a kiss or initiate cuddling. He would protest and blush a lot, but he secretly loves it.

“Stop it, we’re in public!”

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Tae would love it, because it makes him feel like you are equals. He would like to be in charge, but he would like that he can lean back too.

“Can you order our food today? I looove you.”

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Kookie would say he hates it in public and play the manly man, but in reality he really enjoys it in private.

“I like it when you take care of me, love. But please, don’t tell the others.”

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in 11x18 when Crowley is telling Cas to kick lucifer out Cas says that "[dean] may have a more objective view of the situation" implying that dean wouldn't be influenced by his own emotions on this matter... Yet dean is literally the only one being influenced by his emotions regarding Cas' possession. I don't think Cas is aware of how dean actually feels towards him. I can't wait for the moment dean communicates honestly with Cas. I'll probably cry forever.


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And it’s not like it’s only about their relationship either, but basically it affects everything. Season 6 and 12 is ALL about them not bloody communicating about the really important plot related stuff like purgatory and the colt… but it IS precisely because they’re trying to protect each other because of *reasons*.

Urgh. I mean, I know it’s endgame, I know that it will drag out some more, but it really is such a huge plot point for all their endgames that they work together, are honest and open with their feelings and their plans… it’s so important for all of TFW.

I cannot WAIT for that moment. Where we start seeing the honesty shining through, where Dean tells Cas he wants him to stay and doesn’t use an EXCUSE, where Cas stays even though duty in theory should take him elsewhere because he wants to stay and chooses to work WITH the boys instead of being their babysitter, where Sam doesn’t hide things from Dean and Dean admits so much about himself that he’s hidden before, that he is more than capable of doing the research (Sam is not the only one whose smart), that he likes Disney movies and ice cream sundaes, the moment that Cas realises that Dean loves him for who he is, not what he can do because Dean is more open about his feelings.


Dean is a MESS trying to get through to Cas. He stands up to LUCIFER, he then stands up to AMARA to try to save Cas. Proving how much he cares and on top of that DEFYING his bond with Amara by calling out for Cas and SHE NOTICES AND USES THIS.

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And Cas’ face when he sees Dean for the first time in so long when he’s hiding IN DEAN’S SAFE PLACE in his kitchen.

Then Dean yells CAS some more and, well, Lucifer clearly knows before now, as he’s inside Cas and well he is like us, he has eyes

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Just. All. This.

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Okay but how would episode 18 be the best malec episode like the writers are saying if they're fighting into 19?

no one said they’re fighting we just saw magnus walking away? sometimes hard choices have to be made for the bigger picture, that doesn’t mean their relationship is in tatters. i can see plenty of ways they’ll remain just as strong while doing what they have to do for their people and to keep the shadow world intact. also the writers said there were good malec scenes they didn’t say the scenes would be fluffy. i mean we all want them to be happy, but they’re literally in the middle of a world-ending crisis right now.

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I'm a 21 yr old gay virgin who rlly wants to have sex, but I'm also a hopeless romantic who doesn't feel comfortable hooking up with guys I barely know + I have never been in a relationship before. Should I just get over myself and bang some random guy, or should I keep waiting for the miraculous day that I finally find a man who I can connect with?

Wait bitch, don’t throw away your virginity on someone you don’t even know! At least wait for someone cool who you like. That doesn’t have to be a boyfriend or the love of your life, just don’t let it be a total random like I did. Such a big mistake :/

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Mama, me again. Ppl say shipping Riren is gross and all the evidence points to tah being True but I still ship it and I think it's because I see the possibility of what they can be. Is that wrong? :( I'm so tired of ship hate

Well, while I can definitely understand why people don’t like the ship, because there are many problematic aspects about it and all, I think it’s unnecessary to attack people who do like the ship in such ways as I have seen already (also for other problematic ships). But as long as you are being nice about it and don’t defend a relationship with such dynamics irl I think no one is allowed to hate on you like that (but of course neither are you the other way around). I’m all for communication and telling people what’s their problem with the ship and all (yay education), but in a constructive way! But to go a bit deeper in the whole topic I think it’s a conflict impossible to solve in the end, because there are very different moral views at work and all of them are very valid in their own ways, because I think that barely anyone in the community wants to support unhealthy relationships in real life or wants to promote such stuff as desirable. But nonetheless it often comes across like that, as well as this kind of content without context being able to promote this kind of stuff in the end. So the problems here are very clear and valid, but so is enjoying a ship because of the character’s relationships or maybe even because they’re problematic and fiction makes it more enjoyable to get into a taboo (which doesn’t mean you think it’s A okay). The main problem is, I think, that both sides of this argument are very passionate about it and there is a lot of emotion in this whole thing, making it hardly possible to be discussed in a mature way. Please educate yourself on the stuff you enjoy and be responsible about it. If you can do that I think there’s barely anything wrong with any ship! I love you!

Debunking Staron rumors!!!!

I hate y’all for making me make this because I don’t have a lot of Cap comics in my collection so I really had to scour for these so read this shit and weep alright

ANYWAYS here’s me breaking down some rumors like I did with buckynat because y’all love lying too much I guess:

1. Peggy is more imortant/more prominent/more ANYTHING than Sharon in regards to Cap: DEADASS WRONG!!!! I can’t believe y’all even think this what is WRONG with y’all. Their whole relationship is literally described as a “brief flame.” How do y’all translate that to Peggy being ~the one~. Hayley was way out of line, acting like Peggy and Steve’s relationship was more than just a glorified fling. They literally worked on like three assignments together, max. I literally can’t even FIND more comic proof because that’s how little they were actually together, so this is all the proof y’all need. Bye.

2. She’s not his equal: FALSE. She’s literally saving his ass most of the time, giving him a run for his money, keeping him in check. She’s constantly seen fighting beside him rather than behind him. She calls him out when need be, and she makes it very clear when she doesn’t want his help, and frankly, she rarely needs it. 

3. She can’t hold her own: FALSE. She’s smarter than the winter soldier, as fast as black widow, as strong and as durable as hawkeye. Some of her skills even match Cap’s, who is literally superhuman. She spars with him to be able to peak her skills. She literally beats out almost any other human character and has a pretty damn good arsenal. She doesn’t need a sidekick because she has shit handled. 

4. Steve and Sharon aren’t personal/in love/flirty: FALSE. READ A COMIC, MY DUDE. He tries to flirt with her all the time on the job. She killed a dude for him. She’s there for him whenever he needs to talk. She literally loses her shit when she figured out that she’s the one who killed him. He’s fiercely protective of her. He trusts her more than he trusts his best friends. She’s IT for him, just like he is for her.


It’s Not What It Looks Like!

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Request:  can i have a tim drake x reader where the reader is bruce wayne’s biological daughter and she’s around tim and damian’s age, they both have a secret relationship no one knows about until bruce finds out while they’re both making out on the couch or whatever. i know you have a prompt list so if you wanna add any of those it’s fine, i just couldn’t find the right ones! please and thank you!!

Pairing: Tim Drake x reader

Summary: You and Tim decide to get frisky in the living room when you think no one is home, sadly you are mistaken 

Words Count: 1,292

Genre: Fluffy

Notes: I LOVE THIS GIF IT MATCHES TIM PERFECTLY ps this is like a lil smutty but nothing super crazy

For having the world’s greatest detective, it was surprisingly easy to keep your relationship with Tim a secret. The boy genius was adopted by your father Bruce when both of you were 16 and since the day he walked through the manor’s doors there had been a thick layer of romantic tension between the two of you. It took a year of loving side glances and small brushes of skin before you finally broke through the lovesick fog and kissed him. Tim wasn’t used to someone else making the first move but he wasn’t complaining, he was just glad it finally happened. Since that day you and Tim had found ways to keep your relationship quiet from your father. Bruce might not have been the most attentive father but just like many other fathers, he was protective as hell of his only little girl. You had no doubt that if Bruce knew about your relationship that he would put Tim through the wringer.  

Today you and Tim had the entire mansion to yourselves. Damian and Alfred were at a vet appointment for Titus, Jason and Dick had their own apartments and Bruce was doing things with the League for the day. You two sat along the couch in the living room, you laid between Tim’s legs and propped yourself up on his muscular chest. He had an arm on you and was surfing through TV channels with the other. A warm blanket laid on top of you two, keeping the constant cold atmosphere from the large mansion out. You loved days like these where you could just be lazy with Tim, you didn’t have to worry about someone being around the corner when you kissed him. You didn’t have to hide how much you cared for him, you were completely free to be a normal teenage couple.  

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No joke Dream Daddy just made me ugly cry for like, 5 minutes.

I have never in my life felt such a close relationship with a game, or any kind of media. Like this is the representation I live for, socially awkward gay guy meeting new people. That’s me. Sure I’ve got stuff like SU and Glee and all the other stuff, but this is just warming my heart nonstop, and I’m so happy to be playing this. I can’t wait to record it tonight! There won’t be tears don’t worry, just a lot of happiness.

Seriously, thank you so much for this game. I’m sure it’s gonna be worth the waiting. 


Author’s note: So before I start, this is all my opinion. So if you disagree with whatever I write remember, this is based on my opinion , boys personalities and also what they look for a future partner. Also because I am an INFJ….so yeah…

What will BTS members will think and what they will love about you?

Jin: I believe that Jin will love your affirming and warm nature. Also that you hear him out because you’re a good listener, and he can completely trust you. Your dedicated nature to your relationship with him will make him fall more in love with you because that’s what he is looking for, someone who listens, cares and loves him endlessly because he will do the same or even more for you. 

Suga: I think he will like your affirming nature, he has stated that he wanted someone more on the positive side than negative. Also that you have great communications skills and a good listener meaning that you won’t sugar coat things, and I think he will dig it. Overall he wants someone who is independent and who works hard for things and I think the INFJ’s are like that. 

J-Hope: He wants someone who is as optimistic as he is and I think we possess that due to our affirming nature. Also our warm nature because he has stated that he wants a kind girl. He will absolutely love that you are a good listener  and also communicator because he wants a girl who understands him and who is there for him when he most needs it. 

Rap Monster: Since we are (Yeah like I said I am an INFJ) part of the knowledge and intelligence family, I believe that Namjoon will love this due that you can both have very interesting conversations.. Also our great communication and listening skills because we communicate what we feel and listen very well to others people’s emotions and/or ideas/perspectives.

 Jimin: He has stated that he wants a warm S/O that is shy at first but they open up once they had found the trust and I believe that the INFJ’s possess these qualities. He will also love that you’re very dedicated on the relationship and you’re sensitive and concerned about other’s people’s feelings, especially people who is very close to you. 

Taehyung (V): He has stated that he wants someone to take care of him so I believe that he will really dig both the warm and affirming nature. Also that you take commitment very seriously. Meaning that this will bring his mature side but on the other hand he also wants someone with a dorky/awkward charm just so can he can smile all day long. 

Jungkook: Due to our introverted nature we tend to be more shy than usual and I think he will like this because we seem quiet at first but then we are warm, affirming, and tend to have high expectations on us and others and I believe this will help him motivate more and strive for the better. But I think this also will get you into trouble, just sometimes we need to let it slide. But either way he just wants someone who is there for him, takes care of him and loves him for who he is. 

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ok anon i’ve been at dinner w/ family for like two hours now thinking about this and like

all i can think about is that lance and keith have had the most demonstrable growth in their relationship of like, anyone in the show? you have established relationships, like coran and allura, or pidge/lance/hunk, or keith and shiro, but as far as introduced relationships, lance and keith have come the furthest from where they started, and i can just – i see why they would look to lance to help comfort him. i know that hunk and keith have bonded a little, but it’s not the same. lance and keith butt heads a lot but they’re really alike, and i think lance knows how keith is feeling – i think they know, either instinctively or openly, that they get each other. it’s why they can agitate each other so easily. 

so for lance to just step forward and be the one who acknowledges ‘yeah i’m the person to comfort keith right now’ is just!!! it feels really significant!!! it has to be lance who does this because lance is who keith is closest with right now! and the way lance is looking at keith – listen i didn’t see it so i don’t know exactly what they say, but i know that lance is convincing keith that shiro doesn’t want keith to wallow in misery looking for him, that shiro would want them to move forward. lance isn’t trying to cheer keith up, he’s not being the group jokester (which they could have had him do, they could have had him be goofy and try to lighten the mood) he’s being serious and trying to help him in his grieving process. he’s trying to help keith accept what’s happened. i look at that picture of lance looking at keith and i see a person who genuinely cares about keith, who wants to make this easier for him. who wants to help him move forward. i see a person who’s willing to show that he’s a shoulder for keith to lean on, someone he can come to for advice. i see the foundation for a partnership we’ve been told is coming and is realistic and is possible. and i’m really, really excited about that.

The Originals ending after 5 years is just bullshit, especially when TVD got 8 and that went down hill after season 3 (although season 6 wasn’t all that bad). I can’t believe that the network is just giving up on TO after just 5 seasons, when it still has so much life left, so many other great stories to tell. I’m so grateful and happy to have gotten a spin off to see this 1,000 year old family tell their story, to be introduced to characters like Marcel, Cami, Davina, Freya, etc and to see real relationships flourish while having amazing chemistry develop throughout each season. I will forever love the dynamic between Klaus/Cami, the bond between family and the way each sibling has grown from their TVD days. And I also can’t forget to mention the intriguing villains we have watched on our screens. Goodbye and farewell The Originals, you deserved so much better. 😭

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If they male it back to the room without Bucky ripping Tony's shirt off of him they will be lucky. Also thank you for describing polyamory so well. Having been in two such relationships in my life it was always hard to get people to understand how it works. To any wondering it's tough keeping a balance but if you can it is amazingly rewarding to feel that much love . Keep up the amazing work dear!

👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 so glad you appreciated the polyamory talk. I am not currently in a relationship like that, but I have been in the past and while it was lovely and honestly sort of my favorite?? It was SO DIFFICULT making other people understand!!

on Tilde/Eggsy

Look, I can’t say that I’m on board one hundred percent, but the movie isn’t even out. Maybe Tilde actually gets scenes that contribute to her development and show that she and Eggsy are a nice couple. Do I think it’s odd that a Swedish princess is somehow living incognito or as herself (which would attract the paparazzi and bring more questions to who this guy she’s living with)? Yes, I think it’s rather odd. But it’s a) been three years (if the years in the movie line up with ours), where Eggsy and Tilde could have developed a deeper relationship than a “hey, we hooked up one time,” and b) Eggsy has no other love interests on the table. Roxy is his best mate, for one, and Harry’s been dead for a while. It’s likely Eggsy has moved on. 

I really hope we can get through the movie without Tilde being nothing more than Eggsy’s arm candy and reward for saving the world. I hope she doesn’t get fridged in the possible third movie or simply written out. I hope Tilde is written as someone in love, but who also has a life and priorities outside of Eggsy, like her country, family, or even knitting. Maybe she’s been taught martial arts or firearms skills, since it would be stupid to have a boyfriend as a spy and not know how to defend yourself. 

Harry and Eggsy wasn’t going to happen in the movie because…this is a film by 20th Century Fox and Matthew Vaughn, and while Harry and Eggsy do share genuine chemistry, parallels, and common core beliefs, they are a rather unconventional couple, and Hollywood does not like the unconventional. Am I disappointed? Yes. But we have fanfic. If we can pretend a character who got shot in the fucking face isn’t dead, we can pretend a) Tilde and Eggsy aren’t a couple, b) they’re together to get public pressure to marry off of Tilde’s back, c) it’s for a mission, d) they genuinely love/like each other, but it ultimately doesn’t work out with their backgrounds and life situations, etc. Far better options than simply fridging her. 

Is it unnecessary? Yes. Is it possibly contrived? Yes. Are there issues with the pairing? Yes. But let’s wait and see what happens next. 

What are you afraid of?

Fandom: Xmen

Warnings: cursing, danger?, Angst, feelllsssss

Pairing: m/m Peter Maximoff x male reader

6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him!”

86. “I’m tired of being your secret.”

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@cosplayinganimedork requested:

86 6 Hello! I love your stories. Can you do a Peter Maximoff x Reader story where the reader is male (I can never find any stories that aren’t female) based off prompts 86 and 6 where Peter and the reader are secretly gay and dating but no one knows because they don’t know how everyone would react? But Peter somehow accidentally gives it away to his friends that he likes the reader and then both have to come clean to everyone about their relationship? Thank you!

Answer: thank you so much for this request! I love writing m/m though I don’t have much experience with it so I don know how good this is. I didn’t really write the part when they were supposed to ‘come clean’, but if enough people want it I’m willing to write a part two. I was super inspired with this one so I wrote a lot, might have gotten carried away …

I hope you like it!

“Hey y/n, we’re going out tonight, wanna come? The last one to get a girl to dance with them looses,” Scott Summers waved, calling him over. Y/n winced internally, trying not to stare too long at Peter as he joined the four men. But the jovial silver-haired mutant didn’t even blink when he shook his hand casually and smirked.

“Bad luck my man, so far the bets are against you,” Warren chuckled while tapping his cigarette cinders on the damp grass. They were all grouped around a tree in the flourishing mansion garden, Kurt hanging from his tail, Warren and Peter leaning against it, the latter eating a Twinkie and jittering on his feet as usual, and Scotty sitting with his legs stretched out and hands behind his head, soaking in the afternoon sunlight. It was Friday, they only had an hour of class left before they were done for the weekend and training for some, like y/n and Warren, the latest recrutes.

They had met in the underground battle rings, on same sides, and after Apocalypse the Archangel had come back for him, having created a small bond of friendship with the mutant. He took him back to the x-mansion, where he became one of the X-Men. That, was when he met the funniest, most beautiful man he had ever seen. The one and only Peter Maximoff had swept him off his feet and charmed him from day one with his smirks and witty comebacks, and a few weeks later he fell desperately, miserably​ in love with him. A kiss and a confession later, Peter’s reprocicated feelings were brought out to daylight and they started dating. Peter was to scared to tell the others yet though: nobody knew of his sexual orientation and he had some really big rejection issues, but his lovely boyfriend was willing to wait, anything to make him feel better. Besides, he wasn’t out of the closet either.

“Maybe we could even ask the girls to come along,” y/n pushed aside his distressing thoughts, throwing a teasing look at Scott.

“Yeah, why not? I’ll ask Jean to tell them.” He could tell he was trying to sound casual, but everyone knew of both mutants neverending crush on each other, and it was killing them to watch them continue on ignoring it. Maybe tonight was their night.

The bell rang, and they all parted ways, exited to be over with it and finally go party. Y/n was mainly planning on drinking, at least enough to take his mind off watching the love of his life flirt and bat his beautiful, dark chocolate eyes at some random college girl in a cheerleader skirt. He hated it.

As he trudged up the steps behind Warren on his was to the training room, leaving some space so as not to risk a sudden flap of his giant wings, he felt something flash by him. He barely caught a glance of silver before he felt his heart flutter at the feel of soft lips on his cheek, familiar and warm. He smiled, but the instant was gone as quick as it had come, without a sound or anyone noticing. He realized he had pressed what felt like a wrapper into the palm of his hand. He gripped it tight, shoving into his pocket.

He waited until he was alone in the changing room after Warren had left before pulling the Twinkie wrapper out, feeling his lips curl into a small smile at the messy handwriting scrawled on in silver sharpie, which he had bought him as a gift to match his hair.

Meet me at our spot after class?

Love you babe


 He barely had the time to set foot into the small alcove that the mansion seemed to be full of when a hand gripped his arm an pulled him in, holding him captive with another hand on the small of his back. He let out an ungracefull “Hey!-” before he was cut off by soft, plump lips in a sweet, longing kiss, lips moving in sync, then tongues rolling together in some sort of dance. 

 “God it’s been too long,” Peter whispered when they broke apart, setting his forehead on y/n’s, staring at him with his giant, puppy-dog like eyes.

 “You were just in my room last night,” huffed y/n lightly. He snaked his arms underneath his boyfriend’s, hugging him close. “Yeah but Warren was there too, I had to pretend like I was just there for the ice cream. Why couldn't​ they have made us roommates? Imagine all the things we could do?” He laughed softly, making his chest rise and fall, resting his chin in y/n’s soft hair. Y/n kissed him once again, and was met by willing lips. “Yes, that would be quite fun,” he mumbled when the speedster started moving down to his jawline and neck, leaving small wet marks that made his skin tingle. He was right: it had been too long. But not like Peter thought. He pushed aside the thought that had been haunting his mind for a few weeks now, becoming harder and harder to bear. 

After a half hour of more kissing and soft, reassuring words he left, dragging his feet reluctantly back to his dorm. But his conscience wasn’t settled. He had tried talking to Peter before leaving, in vain. His boyfriend had clearly noticed he wasn’t doing to well. 

 “Tonight, after the party, we’ll go out, okay? On a date somewhere, I promise.” Peter had said. Y/n had just stared at his laces, not saying anything.

 “Why not at the party, Peter?”  he finally asked. Peter’s eyes took on a pained expression. 

 “You know why…” he looked down. 

Y/n sighed. “It’s been months, don’t you think it’s about time they knew? How much longer are we going on like this? Months? Years?” Now it was Peter’s turn not to answer, and he l simply looked away. 

 “I’m getting tired, Peter. Tired of being your secret.” he had said, then left without even a kiss. The though still bothered him greatly. But he wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answer. 

The lights flashed in tune with the boom of the bass, the rythm pounding with the beats of his heart. “Come on, y/n, you’re going to loose! Get out of the booth!” A sweaty Warren called while flashing a smile to the brunette pulling his hand. He had to admit, he had a deviously bad boy look that seemed to attract girls from mile radius, with a giant leather jacket (to hide his wings) and golden locks. “Even Kurt got the little redhead in the corner!”

 “I’m good man, just taking some beer, i’ll be right out there.” Handsome, but not as much as my boyfriend, he thought smugly. They hadn’t talked since that afternoon though, and he was starting to feel uneasy. 

 He searched the crowd for him, not finding that familiar silver jacket. Furrowing his brows, he got up, leaving his drink and dove into the crowd. He slid through the sea of bodies moving in sync, passing Kurt and a cute little redhead in a paint-stained sweater who looked too innocent to be here, but then again so did Kurt, and he went deeper into the club. Finally, he caught a glimpse of him. He prepared to go up and talk to him, hold him, anything to be with him, when he noticed the figure that had approached the silver-haired mutant. She was, to any straight man, the perfect woman, if you understand what i mean. She draped herself over him, taking all his attention. Y/n boiled in rage, then saw Scott give Peter a hearty thumbs-up and he thought he would explode. Peter responded with a wiggle of his eyebrows y/n knew was fake, then proceeded to grab the girls ass as she grinded into him. 

He felt his fingers curl into fists, his jaw clench. Y/n couldn’t take anymore. He pushed through the crowd, not caring about the drunken insults and protests thrown his way. He tried to look ahead through the tears blurring his vision, holding back the urge to punch the first person he saw until the floor was colored crimson. He passed booth, downing what was left of his drink and everyone else’s before running out the door. He passed Warren making out with the brunette, not even answering to his quizzical call, ran past the cars into the night. He didn’t know where he was heading, into the city, following the lights of racing cars, but he just kept on running. He was drunk off his ass, and he could feel the alcohol affect his poor judgement. But now a single thought ran through his mind, and he couldn’t get it out. 

 When Peter heard the surprised yelps his head whipped around and he felt his stomach drop. He saw that familiar head of hair he had spent so much time burying his nose in, and wanted so badly to call out to him and push the girl away. But Scott could see him, and Kurt was barely a few feet away. He wished so badly they would disappear,  wanted to kick himself for being such an idiot, regret making it hard for him to breathe. Why hadn’t he seen him earlier? He knew this would hurt him. Then the girl turned, looking up at him through mascara drenched eyelashes. She grabbed his chin, tilted his head, and for an instant her face was replaced by another, until he could feel her breath on his lip, could hear Scott cheering him on, she was so close, they were almost touching, her eyes closed and- this wasn’t the smell he loved. Those eyes weren’t the ones he had dreamed of waking up in front of every morning. He slid past her arms and raced through the crowd, barely a blur despite the throng of people slowing him down.

 Peter rushed out into the cool air, panic rising up his system. “Y/n!” He screamed.

 “What happened? I just saw him run out if here he didn’t even answer me,” Peter turned his head to look at Warren, a girl still under his arm, with a hopeless, lost expression.

 “I’m such a fucking idiot. I’m an absolute asshole.” He said, gaze still lost. A girl poked her head out of the bar. “Hey, come back! Why did you leave?” She pouted, yanking on Peter’s sleeve.

 He had snapped out of his initial shock, and he could feel the anger rising. He pulled back so hard she almost fell over in her ridiculously tall heels. “Get off!” He burst. “And go back inside and find some other fuckboy to screw tonight, I’m not coming home with you, alright?” He spat,”And you know why? Because I’m an absolutely fucking idiot, i’m a screwed up piece of shit who just let the love of his life run off crying and I won’t even be able to find him! He’s probably drunk on the streets being mugged or something and I’m here yelling at some girl with Daddy issues who probably doesn’t even know my name! I Don even like you! I don’t even like women! What the hell do all of you guys find in women? Just let me get my boyfriend!” He continued yelling when she had run back inside, terrified and claiming he was a phsycopath. He was left breathless, a deep pang fear taking over the blinding anger, losing his lucidity with the thought of what could happen to a drunk y/n alone on the streets. 

 “Oh my God, you’re in love with him!” Warren said, surprise in his eyes. A gasp could be heard behind him: he whipped his head to Scott who had come outside, seeing him run off, and Kurt peeked behind him. Peter huffed,  shoving Warren off, tears welling up in his eyes. Without a word he took off, not so much as a glance back.

Y/n finally stopped running, his chest aching and legs screaming in pain. The bile in his throat rose and he belched right there on the road. Where even was he? He looked around, hugging himself. The alcohol was wearing off quick, as always with him, and his lucidity was returning. It was completely dark, he couldn’t tell if he was in an alleyway or in a parc, all he knew was that there was hard concrete at his feet and something that could be a wall, cool and rugged, against his hand. 

 Suddenly light invaded the area from behind him. He realized with a sickened thought that he was on a street, the wall beside him was the side of the tunnel. His shadow shortened, and as he turned around the bright white blinded him, and as he heard the honk he braced himself for impact. He closed his eyes, and once again the same thought kept running through his mind, and at that moment be accepted he would never have an answer. 

 Is he embarrassed of loving me?

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I don't usually listen to Selena Gomez but when I heard fetish, her song GAVE ME A CRAVING FOR AN AU THAT I haven't seen in the sterek fandom a lot. I really want a really confident Sterek, like can you imagine Stiles knowing how he makes Derek feel, teasing him and all but Derek is also aware how much he effect Stiles and he uses that against Stiles too. JUST GIVE ME STEREK BEING TEASING AND CONFIDENT AND SEXY BC I need it. please, please, please.

I was about to say there are tons of fics like that, but come to think of it, most fics really do write one of them as a little more insecure or shy. Or one of them is confident but notices the other is way more cocky (usually Stiles about Derek). I am certain I have read fics where both Stiles and Derek are confident as fuck but I can’t recall them at the moment. I bet a lot of them are established relationship or domestic fics, both comfortable and confident with each other and in each other (ha, no pun intended).

I usually lean towards one of them being taken care of, a little insecure or uncertain, because I HAVE EMOTIONAL NEEDS FOR THESE BOYS WHICH ALWAYS SEEMS TO RESULT IN CAUTIOUS SEX, but fics where they are both confident and know the affect they have on each other is a glorious, wonderful thing. 

Let’s have Derek knowing he deserves love and enjoying it, getting to be playful and cocky because he’s sure he can’t lose this. He can’t lose Stiles. Let’s see Stiles happy in the knowledge someone needs him, all of him. That there isn’t one part of him Derek would alter (unless it’s his bad jokes, buy hey, at least I don’t tell Dad Jokes, Derek). Let them just be confident in the fact love is for them, and let sex be just one of the many ways they show it.   

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Oh wow I just realized that Miley and Liam got back together and she released Malibu which is a happy getting back together song and they look so happy together and it took me a moment to notice it doesnt seem fake to me and I was but like why? She isnt straight and the romance serves for promo of the song but wow they legit look in love and thats what Louis and Eleanor dont have. Like it is basically the same story but Louis cant sell it no matter how much he says he loves her! It blows my mind

just because she isn’t straight doesn’t mean she can’t be attracted to guys too. and there can be relationships that are convenient pr-wise but still real, although that obviously isn’t the case with louis since his was intended to closet right from the beginning.

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I'm in a very gay relationship and I can promise you that there is more switching happening when he fuck than actually fucking. It's pretty rare when one of us tops/bottoms for more than 20 minutes.

Thank you! Glad I have someone backing me up because I probably looked like an idiot for a second there 😂 my opinion was based on what I’ve heard from other LGBT couples, because I’m ace and wouldn’t know about that stuff 😅

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Sometimes I think about a lot of abusive stuff and I get horrified by those thoughts, by how awful I really am. I never do that stuff to people because that's fucked up as hell but just the fact that I can think about such stuff makes me wanna cut off all my relationships with the people I love because I realize how bad and awful of a person I am ugh

having intrusive thoughts doesnt inherently make you a bad person, as long as youre not acting on them (which it sounds like you arent). it’s just part of being mentally ill

-mod a