can i have a kian pls

ever heard of a cosmic witch? well, you have now!! it’s Mick, and I’m here with a new fandomless oc!! this is my boy Kian, just your regular college kid & cosmic witch. he loves the stars, gatcha games, his cacti, and a good 3 hour nap!! anywho, if you’re down to hang with him, give this a ❤️ or a reblog, and I’ll definitely check you out!! thanks–!!

ok but can you imagine dan and phil watching the london fireworks out from one of their windows, each holding a wine glass and when the clock hits midnight they just look at each other and say “happy new year phil” “happy new year dan” then smile and have a new years kiss, curling up together with the lights of the fireworks behind them causing them to look as if they’re two dark silhouettes kissing in the light