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When a Hockey Player Wants A Cookie:
  • Tyler Seguin: "I'll show you my abs for that cookie"
  • P.K Subban: "I'll beat Brendan Gallagher in a Duel challenge for your cookie"
  • Brendan Gallagher: "I'll cheat on a Duel challenge for your cookie"
  • Ben Bishop: "I'm tall can I have the cookie pleeeease?"
  • Johnny Gaudreau: "I....well...the cookie..." *gasps loudly for some reason*
  • Evander Kane: "I got money, can I get that cookie from you, ma?"
  • Jordan Eberle: "Hallsy didn't get any cookies from the grocery, can I have yours?"
  • Henrik Lundqvist: *just exists and you give him the cookie*
  • David Pastrnak: "I am new here. Oh is that cookie?"
  • Eddie Lack: "Can I have the cookie, please?" *Sits patiently*
Unwind Pt. 3 // Bellamy Blake

REQUEST : Can I have a Bellamy and reader request where it is like the walking dead and belamy is the leader of one half of the 100 whilst the reader is the leader of the other half. Bellamy and the reader meet after reader saves jasper and Octavia.-smut please ( @chebz , @colouredwater )

PAIRINGS : Bellamy x reader, bestfriend!Murphy

WARNINGS : language

WORD COUNT : 1,483

AUTHORS NOTE: Okay guys 100% guaranteed smut in the next part!! I hope you guys have been enjoying this little “mini-series”! the request was just too good to do in one part! Please forgive my poor writing skills, I’m still learning :)

Hope you enjoy! xo


“What do you mean you found the other half of us?” Murphy asked, following you into your tent. You grabbed a loose piece of cloth and started scrubbing at your hands to get the blood off. It wasn’t coming off and you scrubbed harder. It was stuck under your nails, stained on your skin, in your hair, on your face. It wasn’t going away and your skin was becoming raw.

“It’s not coming off,” You said to yourself, letting the cloth fall to the ground. Murphy watched you carefully. “We need to go find the other half of the hundred. They are nearby, we can be there before dark.” You grabbed a jacket that was thrown onto your makeshift cot. Murphy stood firmly in front of the flap of the tent.

“We aren’t going anywhere until you explain what the hell happened.” He enunciated his words, as if he thought you were deaf. He stared into your eyes as you held back the emotions building up.

“I’ll explain on the way,” You pushed past him and into the open air, “I have to see if she’s still alive.” You started walking into the forest, Murphy quickly trailing behind. 

“If who is alive. We can’t just leave without telling anybody. You haven’t even washed that shit off of you yet.” You kept on walking. Focusing on the trees and things to keep you anchored. “Y/N, stop!” Murphy yelled. You stopped, surprising yourself. He was a couple yards away from you. 

“I don’t know what is going on or what happened, but we can’t just wander off.” He walked closer to you. You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair.

“I found them John,” you said quietly. “I found our people. We have a chance.”


After hurriedly explaining what had happened at the river, Murphy had made you wait until he grabbed a couple more people to come with. He didn’t think just the two of you going was safe, especially since you didn’t know the people.

“They could have done things completely different from us, Y/N.” Murphy walked beside you. “We need to make this quick. We can’t travel all this way again when it gets dark, not with the walkers and the grounders roaming.” You stayed quiet. Focused. Breathing in and out. You were in control of your emotions, not the other way around. 

A branch snapped just ahead of you. You stopped and pulled out your blade, the others flanking behind you. Your heart beat fast, the pressure becoming more forceful. A lone walker emerged from behind a tree. A woman. She snarled and turned her head toward you and the others. The flesh peeled from it’s face, eyes dead, a woman. It got closer and you couldn’t move. Around it’s neck was a locket. Mother’s? Grandmother’s? Boyfriend’s? Husband’s? So many questions ran through your head. You breathed heavily as she got closer. And then she was gone. Crumpled, dead for good, on the ground. An ax sticking out of her head. 

“They were people.” You said to no one. You walked on, hoping the blood caked on your face hid the tears.

“Is that smoke?” Harper asked after only a couple minutes of walking. You looked ahead and sure enough, smoke was rising into the air.

“We can’t just run up there. We need to think this through.” Murphy stated, becoming a leader. You just looked the smoke, no fear running through your mind. You wondered if someone had been smart enough to cauterize Octavia’s wound. Ignoring Murphy’s warning, you took off at a jog toward the smoke.

“Y/N!” You could hear his frustration with you in his voice. He was trying to keep you out of trouble and you weren’t giving him anything. But you couldn’t. Not without totally losing it. As you got closer, you could see the tops of tents and hear voices. Your mind was rolling with the good things that will come with finding the other half.

You slowed to a walking pace and up ahead, you could see two kids making out. The others caught up with you, but didn’t say anything. A branch snapped under your foot and the two stopped and looked at you, confusion written on their faces. They quickly picked up something from the ground and pointed it at your group. You held your hands up. Where the hell did they get guns?

“We don’t mean any harm.” You said, your voice unwavering.

“Who are you?” The boy demanded.

“We came from the sky, just like you,” You tested taking a step closer, “Who is in charge?” The girl whispered something into the boy’s ear and they lowered the guns. They gestured for you to follow.

“I don’t like this.” Murphy stated, but followed you anyway. Your heart pounded in your chest and your head was so full that you couldn’t think anymore.

In the camp, they had a fire pit in the middle. The tents they had looked thrown together and the biggest stood at the head of the camp. Around the little settlement was a makeshift wall. They had obviously gotten comfortable and were doing things much better than your group was.

“Wait here.” The boy demanded and the couple headed toward the big tent.

“Y/N, we could join up with them,” Monroe said, excitement in her voice. “We would have a much better chance.”

“We don’t know if they will take us nicely yet.” Murphy snapped. “We should have thought this through. They have guns, Y/N. What have you walked us into?” Ignoring the accusation, you looked around for Bellamy or Goggles. You couldn’t see them anywhere, but people in the camp were beginning to notice your presence. 

“Who are you?” A boy with long dark hair sauntered up to your huddled little group. Murphy suddenly grew tall and took a step in front of you, protective instincts kicking in. You placed a hand on his arm, ready to pull him back like you’ve done so many times before.

“I could ask the same damn thing.”  Murphy sneered.

“Last I checked, you walked into our territory. Who the hell are you?” The boy shoved Murphy back and he swung before You could stop him, his fist connecting with the boy’s jaw. Because this is going to get us on their good side. You thought irritably to yourself. 

“Finn, that’s enough.” A vaguely familiar voice called out. You looked toward the tent and Bellamy was standing outside it. He managed to find a shirt. He looked more calm than when you had seen him before.

“Did you guys cauterize Octavia’s wound?” You asked, thinking back to your thoughts before. He looked at you from where he stood, skeptical. Something about the way he held himself gave off a cocky, but comfortable vibe. He nodded slightly. The boy Bellamy had called Finn shook his head and wandered off. Bellamy walked closer.

 “How many are in your group?” He asked, crossing his arms across his chest and giving you a hard look.

“50.” You said, trying to make yourself look as in-charge as he did right now.

“Where is your leader?” 

You raised your eyebrows and scoffed. “You’re looking at her.”

Bellamy took a step closer, towering over your small frame. “No way.” He nodded his head toward Murphy, who was rubbing out his hand, “Him maybe, but not you.”

“And why is that so hard to believe?” You took a step closer. You refused to be intimidated by him. Even if he was making your stomach twist into knots. The way his deep voice growled, even if he was being an ass, made your knees weak. The way his dark curls fell into his brown eyes. His eyes were hard, but you could see a flicker of something else in them.

“I don’t know,” He took another step, “I just didn’t think someone I could dominate so easily could step up into such a tough position.” Your breathing hitched. Your heart pounded and you glared into his eyes. He was close enough now that you noticed the splatter of freckles across his tan skin.

“Okay that’s enough.” Murphy stated, “We’re here to talk about maybe joining up.”

“I’ll talk to her,” Bellamy said, not breaking his hard eye contact with you. “Alone.” He walked back toward the big tent. The group that you didn’t realize had formed dispersed. 

You released a breath you had been holding. Something about their leader pulled you in. Even if he was a total douche bag, he obviously knew how to get stuff done. The act he had just put on was most likely just that. A tough act for his people. Shoving your tense feelings aside, and ignoring Murphy’s complaints about Bellamy, you marched toward the tent, refusing to let Bellamy think you were any less of a leader than he was.

  • Peter Tries To Reach Out
  • ???

“Hello (Efrasam?) it’s Peter speaking. It’s very long since I’ve talked to you. I am in Jordan. I am working, really, in Africa - and here I am I’m working with a school because uh, with the refugees. Whether they are in Jordan or Lebanon, Syria refugees, sorry. And I would like to understand of course, I still love you, in some ways, even if we sort of haven’t been talking to one another for a long while. So please call me. Uh, on the phone number I have, if you are in United States. I tried to call you in Jordan but then they say that the numbers I have are not available, not applicable. Okay my dear. I hope to hear from you.”

So. This voicemail.

I got this voicemail totally out of the blue in 2014, through what I can only assume is some telecom screwup, because I didn’t know anyone named Peter working with refugees (still don’t). I also couldn’t text it back for some reason, to tell him he had the wrong number, or even wish him well in the good work he was doing. 

In light of all that’s been going on, I remembered that I still had this saved away. And I’m not gonna lie, it haunted me then and haunts me now. I’ll probably never know if Peter managed to connect to the other person, or if he’s even alive. But I heard him, at least. I guess that’s something.

Jordan Parrish imagine
  • A/N: Hey guys! No, I haven’t forgotten about you but life got crazy between college and work (yes, I got a job too now) and I have less and less time to write, but I’m still doing my best, which is why I’m posting this small section of my upcoming imagine, I can’t give you any date yet because it’s still a work in progress, but know I’m really trying to write new things and post it.
    In the meantime, here’s one scene from my very first Jordan Parrish imagine. Please comment, tell me what you think of it, and enjoy. Love you all ! ;)

The Hellhound: Between Heaven and Hell (Jordan Parrish imagine)

« I’m not here to fight, Jordan » She whispered.

« Good, because I’m not gonna change my mind »

She sighed, leaning on his desk. She knew it was useless to push him. He had always been like that with her, cold, distancing himself from the undeniable attraction between them. He was the kindest and most reliable person she had met, but with her, every of his emotions were masked, trapped under a fear he could not voice out loud.

« Can I ask you something ? » She said. « … Something personal »

« Go ahead »

He crossed his arms, waiting for her to speak.

« I know I’m not the only one feeling whatever it is there is between us … »

« Y/N … » He tried to cut her, to stop the words before they become too real.

« … I’m falling for you, Jordan. That’s no secret for anyone, even for you. »

He didn’t dare to look at her, he knew he wouldn’t like what he’d find. She was tired, tormented by invisible emotions she could no longer control. She was conflicted, she knew coming to him would unquestionably hurt, it was either confessing their forbidden feelings, or stay away in pain.

« You shouldn’t say that. We shouldn’t be talking about that » He muttered.

« I’m not going to leave this room until we do »

« Y/N … it’s … it’s complicated, you know that »

« Then uncomplicated it! » She raised her voice.

He pursed his lips.

« I … » He began.

« Nobody can hear you, Jordan, so stop being so cautious and say what you have to say ! »

« … I can’t » He whispered.

« Why ? I’m eighteen, so what’s the matter, deputy ? I’m not breaking any of your precious law, and neither are you! » She got angry, spitting her words with venom.

« Y/N … » He warned her.

She walked to him, hopelessly trying make him say anything at this point. The frustration floated around them. He was scarred of feeling, she, of waiting in vain for her heart to break.

« Is it why you don’t want to get involved ? » She pushed him, desperate to get a reaction from him « Because of judgment ? Because even the slightest part of you reciprocate my feelings ? »

« Slightest ? » He repeated, suddenly animated by a passion he tried so hard to ignore. « Is that what you think ? That only a slightest part of me might think of you as more than a friend ? »

« I don’t know what I think, Jordan ! » She shouted. « How could I know when all you do is to avoid me like the plague! »

He didn’t answer, it was useless. He knew she was right.

« Make up your mind and stop playing with my feelings » She continued.

« I’m not playing, Y/N » He vehemently answered. « I could never do anything to hurt you »

« Too late for that » She spitted.

She felt somehow satisfied yet disturbed when she saw the sadness in his eyes. He tried to make a move, to reach for her hand, a simple touch that would bring them closer, closer than they’ve ever been. He wanted her to see, just for a second, how much he cared, how deeply her pain was affecting him.

« You deserve more than I can offer » He dropped his head, his sincerity shaking her to the core.

« I never asked for more, Jordan »

He sighed, brushing his hand against her cheek. She closed her eyes, savoring their proximity while it lasted.

« You have no idea how hard it is to stay away from you » He murmured.

« Then don’t… »

« I wish it’d be that easy »

« I wish you’d care enough for it to be easy »

He didn’t dare to tell her just how wrong she was, didn’t dare to admit he would die to protect her if he had to. He stood there, silent, the words on the tip on his mouth as she grabbed her bag and slammed the door.

If you have any Jordan Parrish request, click –> here , and don’t worry, the rest of this story is coming …

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I just read that a stdia shipper say the hallucinations Jordan had are illegal! I didn’t know having images play in your head you can’t help are illegal. Was it also illegal when Scott had a dream about kissing Allison back in season 1. Can someone please point out the law for this? But when I read this I couldn’t stop laughing. Here is another example of a stdia shipper making claims about something that isn’t even remotely close to being true.

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can we talk about JJord in Newsies?

please listen to Jeremy Jordan singing Santa Fe from the broadway production of the musical Newsies in which he was the lead actor (MY BOY JEREMY GOT NOMINATED FOR A TONY EH)

his vocal prowess just…blew me away…my heart soared for his stage talent.

my boy. so good. so pure. (have i mentioned he got his cousin out of gay camp? yeah, decent guy)

also this is really cool score with Jeremy and Newsies Cast

i love him

anonymous asked:

Yeah so I keep seeing lots of fremione stuff but she's never shipped with George? Is he with Lee Jordan? I feel like I'm missing something, please do inform me! PS. You're amazing. P.S.S. James Potter wants you to have his babies!

this was a wild ask from start to finish tbh, but you can ship whoever you want so if you wanna ship hermione with george, feel free too, but personally, i prefer her with fred! like i’m not sure how else i’m supposed to answer this, but hey, you’re amazing too!! ♡

Evanescence pt.2

Requests: by Anons: (1) Part two for Evanescence!!!!!!!! I love your writing btw ☺️ I’m obsessed. Can you make it that Jordan is the dad? It’s okay if you’ve already made up your mind ☺️☺️(2) Evanescence was so good I hope you do end up doing a follow up part to it! Love all of your writing! (3) WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! I’m so THAT CLIFFHANGER! It was so beautifully written, and love the idea ( not many people write Parrish) and I was so excited and then AHHHH! Update soon (4) OMG please PLEASE do an Evanescence part 2!! It will make having this kidney infection 100000% better!!

(5) by @katethewarrior: are you trying to kill us!?! Evanescene was amazing but that cliffhanger will be the death of me. Love your writing, I’ve read everything on here :p Keep it up ! Oh and Evanescence part 2 wouldn’t be a bad idea ;) (6) by @one-california-dream: so is there gonna be a part 2 to evanescence? #prayingtherewillbe 😫

Word count: 2694

Author’s note: I would also like to tag @okidokibucky for her impatient giddiness she flooded me with, and for her promise to “read the shit out of it”, haha! I love you forever, Pixie :3 I hope everyone will like this part, but as it is to be expected, it’s going to be angsty af! So Cinnamon Rolls, prepare your hearts and handkerchiefs, then sit back and just enjoy! ❤

Your name: submit What is this?

“Come to bed with me,” Jordan murmurs in a low tone, trying to coax me with him with a hand on my hips and a kiss on my skin under my ear, my back pulled flush to his chest, his fingers massaging lazy circles into my pelvis and belly through my silk nightgown. I purse my lips into a thin line, eyes shutting closed as I have to resist bolting out of his hold.

Damn Derek! If he didn’t come back, I could be happy with Jordan now, live a carefree life with him as my fiancée and Diana as our daughter. If only he didn’t knock…

I swallow back my tears as I turn in Jordan’s hold, cupping his cheeks in my hands and taking his lips in a languid kiss. My heart wants to split open when, closing my eyes, my mind flashes back to my very first kiss with Derek, remembering how he held me meekly, like I’m too precious to him, like he wanted to protect me from every harm of the world, like he feared to break me to small pieces because I’m too fragile compared to him, like… like I was the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life.

I can’t. I can’t make love to Jordan now, no matter how much I would like to assure him I love him. Not with Derek on my mind all the time. I’m incapable of doing it, I feel like a hypocrite, I feel like the cheapest, dirtiest trash of the Universe.

I can’t be playing around with his feelings. He deserves better. He deserves a wife who won’t be thinking of another man when they are being intimate. Jordan is a great person, a kind and reliable man, and I should be a wife who can live up to being equally genuine, selfless and nice.

I pull back from him to offer him a small smile.

“I’m tired now, honey,” I say, making sure my voice won’t break on the name I address him with. I’ve never been able to call him ‘baby’ or ‘puppy’ – I used to call Derek that, and I just… can’t give those away to Jordan. Those are Derek’s names, and will be forever, and no one can take them away from my Puppy.


He nods, like the understanding guy he is, and ushers me to the bed, switching off the lamp when both of us are laying and he covered me with the blanket nicely. I nestle myself into his hold, head resting on his chest and arm slung around his bust, his hand holding me close, legs tangling together. He presses an affectionate kiss to my forehead, whispering, “I love you.”

This is torture. I have to say to him I love him too, but will it sound as honest as always? Will I be able to lie to him? It wouldn’t be an entire lie, because I do feel the same way about him, it’s just… I feel that way about someone else, too.

“Me, too,” I manage in the end, adjusting my head on his pectoral.

He doesn’t say anything else, and eventually, I fall into the dark, infinite abyss of unconsciousness.

I wake up several hours later to crying. Jordan is rubbing his eyes in an attempt to awake himself, but I kiss his cheek as I whisper to him, “It’s okay, I got this.”

He mumbles a “Thanks” to me before I leave the bed and make my way over to Diana’s room on slightly wobbly legs. I close the door to let Jordan sleep, then approach her bed and sit on its edge. I stroke her forehead to soothe her.

“What has happened, sweetheart? A bad dream?”

She shakes her head, sobbing into her plush wolf, sitting up fast and taking a hold of my gown, balling up a fistful of it like it was her final lifeline. It makes my heart contract painfully in my chest to see my daughter so scared and desperate. I wrap my arms around her little body protectively, peppering kisses on the top of her head.

“It’s okay, sweetie, just talk to me,” I say. “I’m here. Mommy’s here.”

“Will Mr. D’rek come b’ck?” she slurs, voice muffled. My heart skips a beat, breath hitching in my throat. This can’t be happening. Diana can’t be asking for Derek.

“I don’t know, baby,” I coo. “But Jordan will play with you when he’s back from work tomorrow, will that be good?” She shakes her head furiously.

“No! I want Mr. Derek!” I bite my lip – how does one tell their young child they can’t see someone because their history is complicated with that person? Besides, if she’s Jordan’s child in reality… “Please, mommy, call him back.”

“Okay,” I say, albeit having no idea how to contact him. Is his number still the same? I was sappy enough not to be able to delete him from my contact list for three years. “Now sleep, princess, okay? It’s important that you do.”

“Okay,” she hiccups, but doesn’t let go of my gown. “Stay with me, mommy.”

“I will,” I promise, scooting under the blanket with her. I allow Diana to curl up into a ball against my stomach, her head resting against my chest and over my heart as the bundle of muscles is beating away wildly in my ribcage. I won’t be able to fall asleep again, I’m sure about that.

. o O o .

In the morning, I help Jordan get ready for his shift. I make him breakfast while he’s busy getting rid of his five o’clock shadow and putting on his uniform. Diana is still asleep, but I pour out a glass of orange juice for her – she usually gets up not long after Jordan left.

He eats his breakfast, cleans his teeth, then comes back to jump in his shoes and leave for the station. I kiss him goodbye, long and thorough, leaving him gasping and wanting more – I want him to know I still love him. I need him to know that. He waves to me with a smile before I close the door behind him, waiting by the door until the growling of the engine gradually dies out as he drives away, my back against the wood and for the first time in long hours, I allow my tears to escape from my eyes, flowing down on my cheeks and wetting the gown I’m wearing.

I sink down and pull my legs up against my chest, snaking my arms around them and letting myself cry quietly. What did I do wrong? Why am I so helpless now? How could I get out of this Hell of a situation? How can I forget about Derek?

I take a deep, steadying breath to ground myself. Enough. I’m not a lost little girl, not any more – I’m an adult, who has to get her crap together and get a hold of her emotions at last. I have responsibilities now, both as a parent and as a fiancée. I must take care of not only myself, but my family as well. I won’t let them down, not ever. They both deserve a caring mother and a strong wife.

I stand and make a beeline for the bathroom to wash my face with ice cold water. I stare at my reflection in the mirror for a long time, fingers curling tightly around the edge of the sink, steeling myself and jaw clenching. I’m not powerless. I can do this. I can bare life. I can endure. I can love.

I slide into the matching silk robe to my nightgown – the set is pale pink like the Japanese cherry blossoms, with black lace adorning its edges over the cleavage. I tie the belt around my waist and migrate back to the kitchen to put everything into the washing machine. I’m wiping the counter clean when Diana comes in, yawning, plush wolf being dragged after her on the ground. I smile at her as I cower to welcome her in my warm embrace.

“How did you sleep, princess?” I ask, placing a kiss over her temple. She mumbles a “Good” before weakly returning my hug, still riddled with sleep and dizzy with dreams. I scoop her up and go to sit her in her high chair. She squeezes the wolf, clutching it to her small body as I proceed to prepare her breakfast.

. o O o .

Several hours later, Diana is playing in the living-room, while I’m preparing dinner, knowing Jordan will be home soon. I’ve already taken a shower and dressed up into my nightgown again – I want to surprise him tonight, and I figured this would be the best I can offer him.

There’s a knock on the door then, puzzling me – I wouldn’t have thought Jordan would come off-duty so early today. I hurry over to let him in, but when I see who it is, the bitter feeling of deja vu engulfs me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, deliberately failing to greet him or ask him how he is.

“I…” he starts, chewing the inside of his cheek. “I came to see you.”

His eyes involuntarily give me a once-over, urging me to instinctively pull my robe tighter around myself as his mouth falls open a bit. I’m not his, not any more. I shouldn’t feel this fuzzy hotness spreading in my chest as his gaze roams over my figure, burning my skin in its wake. Neither should I be shivering under his intense sight.

“Derek, you should…” I cut myself off as soon as I remember Diana’s plead from last night. I can’t be so selfish to send Derek away while I know my daughter wants to see him so badly. I bite my lip as I inhale a long breath. I cock my head to the side, inviting him in as I step aside. “Come in.”

A small smile tugs at the corners of Derek’s mouth, which eventually widens into a huge grin as he enters. When he’s busy taking off his shoes, Diana comes in running, presumably because she heard me calling him by his name.

“Mr. Derek!” she exclaims, jumping into his neck. Derek shouldn’t know that Diana wanted to see him again. He shouldn’t. He shouldn’t even be here, he shouldn’t be holding my daughter like she was his, holding her so meekly, so protectively, her small body fitting into his palms so neatly and perfectly…

I make a small noise at the back of my throat, suppressing my feelings that want to barge up desperately at the sight before me. Initially, that’s what I wanted – I’ve always imagined myself being parents with Derek, welcoming him home just so, just like it happened now. It hurts so much to simultaneously have and don’t have my desires.

“Come, play w’th me!” Diana sings, taking Derek’s hand and pulling him towards the living-room. He looks at me, a mute question in his eyes. I nod towards the living-room.

“Aren’t you going? Princess wants to play with you,” is all that I say. His face lights up as I let him go with her, following the girl back to her playthings cheerfully, giddily. I watch him as he settles next to the coffee table, sitting cross-legged and taking a building block in his hand, a dopey smile on his face that bliss put there.

I ignore my heart as it clenches painfully in my chest before I make a beeline for the kitchen to keep preparing the dinner. I glance at the clock briefly, taking the chicken out of the oven and kicking its door shut with my heel gently. I don’t even realize how fast time is passing until Derek steps next to me, warm palm on the small of my back, startling me. I cut myself with the knife, so I take the tip of my finger into my mouth as I arch a brow at him.

“Diana fell asleep,” he informs me.

“Yeah, that was to be expected,” I say. Originally, my plan for Jordan included Diana falling asleep before he arrives home. The fact that he still hasn’t let go of me registers, but I can’t find it in me to tell him to take his hand away, or for me to take a step back. Derek stares at my finger in my mouth for a while, then he takes a cloth, runs warm water over it and grabs my hand to squeeze the wet texture over the wound.

“Sorry for scaring you,” he apologizes quietly. I shake my head as I croak out an “It’s okay.” Derek keeps avoiding my gaze as he says, “I checked the envelope.”

A lump forms in my throat, suffocating me all of a sudden. I have hardship staying upright, so I take a hold of the counter. “Yeah?”

“You haven’t seen it, have you?” he asks, only now glancing up. I shake my head, lips pursed and massively fighting my tears back that are welling up in my eyes, making them gleaming. I don’t want to hear it – ignorance protects me. Ignorance protects me from having to be a hypocrite with Jordan if Diana is not his daughter – it protects me from having to endure being left all alone with a child again.

If she’s Jordan’s, then it’s okay if I hear it, because then I won’t have to be forcing myself to look him in the eye.

If she’s Derek’s, however, then I’m better off not knowing about it. Otherwise, I will have to leave Jordan, because one thing I know about myself is that I won’t be able to live a lie with him. He deserves better, so much better than a liar fiancée.

“(Y/N), I read it, and it said –”

“Don’t,” I interrupt warningly. “Don’t be selfish again, Derek.” His eyes reflect sadness and pain as soon as the words leave my mouth, but with bold courage and self-preservation, I continue. “Think about the repercussions it will have on me. I didn’t give it to you to come back and tell me about it. I gave it to you so that I will get rid of the temptation. Do you understand what I’m talking about, Derek?”

Heavy silence settles around us, eating us away. That is, until the front door opens and clicks shut. I jerk my hand away from Derek’s hold.

“Honey?” comes Jordan’s voice from the lobby.

“I’m here,” I answer, already on my way to the entrance of the kitchen to welcome him. We meet at the threshold.

“Hey,” he murmurs, arm snaking around my waist to pull me flush to his body, kissing me deeply. “Shall we continue what we started in the morning?” he asks with a playful half-smile, but I shake my head, making him arch a brow. Only then does he recognize we’re not alone. “I didn’t know we were expecting a guest.”

“You weren’t,” Derek answers. “I just came by.”

Jordan acknowledges that reply with a hum. “I’m sure you already have to leave,” he says pointedly. My fingers flex against his chest as they ball up a fistful of his uniform – that was rude, even though he’s right that Derek shouldn’t be here at this hour.

“I’ll see him to the door,” I offer, but Jordan presses a kiss to my temple and cheek, murmuring to me, “I’ll take care of it, darling. I don’t want you to catch a cold in this short dress of yours.” He massages my skin over my clothes before letting go completely, wordlessly ushering Derek towards the hall with a cock of his head.

Derek obeys. I proceed to set the table for two, but I catch Jordan’s voice as he’s speaking in a low voice. I inch closer to them to be able to hear him clearly. The next time he talks, I can make out every single word that’s said, threatening.

“And leave my family alone, or you’ll regret coming back.”

Then the lock is clicked shut.

I. He Loves Her

Can you do a Liam imagine where you’re in love with him but he’s in love with Hayden Please ! Thank you ! btw I love your imagines 


Part 1 Part 2

 Of course he loves her. Figures, right? 

 And it’s even worse because you’re his best friend, so you have to listen to him talk about Hayden all the time. 

 Mason found out last year that you liked Liam, luckily Mason agreed never to say anything about it to him. 

 You thought you could deal with it, you loving him, him loving…her. But now you can tell that Hayden likes him back, and it’s just too much. 

 You couldn’t even hate Hayden. She’s really nice, and you can tell she’ll be good for him. 

 That doesn’t make it any easier though. 

 Liam has finally noticed that you’re acting strange around him. You swear, when Liam asked you what was wrong Mason almost hit him over the side of the head. You’re sure you would’ve laughed if you hadn’t been falling apart inside. 

 Except now Liam won’t stop bothering you, constantly asking you why you look sad, like you’ve been crying. Until it finally becomes too much. 

 "Liam just stop!“ you explode, your voice raising to a shriek. It’s the end of the day, everyone leaving, but some stop and stare. You’re too mad to care. 

 "You want to know what’s wrong.” you hiss, “What’s wrong is that I’m in love with you, and I have been for more than a year. And you never noticed." 

 He’s staring, expression completely shocked. ”(Y/n)…“ 

 "No, I don’t want your apologies or pity. I know you don’t love me.” You smile bitterly. “It’s no one’s fault but mine." 

 Then you turn away and walk off quickly while he’s still in shock, wanting to put distance between him and yourself before the tears start to leak out of you.  

(A/n: Really short, sorry!)

Am I the only one who dislike Jasper Jordan?

Okay, dislike might actually be the wrong word: I kinda hate him. Specially this season. Sure, I loved him the first season. He wasn’t so bad in season two either…but now? H A T E him. Can’t stand him or any scenes he is in. I feel like the writers have ruined a good character… Please tell me I’m not the only one?!


belated birthday present for jasbaejordan, the light of my life. i know you love jasper more than anything, so i hope i captured his baeness and everything. I’M SORRY IT’S NOT JONTY BUT I PROMISE I WILL MAKE JONTY ART

happy post-birthday anyway ily please take my virginity in exchange for this drawing i have a cramp in my hand

psssst. commissions are open

you have got 1 message from: Jordan

Dear Bon,

I hate to break it to you but your device have parts that can be handled correctly by one person and that’s me. Maybe it seems that Aaron fixed you but I’m afraid he just made it worse. In fact what if he gave you the virus intentionally? How else could you get a virus?

Don’t worry I will fix you as soon as I can. Until than, don’t let strangers touch you.

Be carefull


PS: never ever EVER eat chocolate, I will do something so you will be able to taste it just please don’t eat anything

Jordan… this is really not a good timing…

Here we go

Since @the100writers are writing Season 4…I’ll try to make it short even it sounds impossible…here you have my prayers

1. Give us at least ONE episode or one scene, whatever, in which ALL the delinquents can have some fun (you know like Unity Day in S1 or the Rover scene)

2. DON’T separate Bellarke and the delinquents…please please…this is important…TOGETHER they make the show much better

3. If you can I would reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally like to see Clarke being a doctor again,helping her mother while still being the leader. And Bellamy doing the same by guiding and supporting everyone (If you could bring back the motivational speeches that would be COOL…he knows how to deliver those…give his confidence back) 

3. Bring back Roan, Indra, Emori, Nylah and Luna (YOU HAVE TO OKAY :) )

4. Give us more Miller and more Harper….they’re awesome

5. DON’T make them all mourn the dead or regret what they’ve done for tooooooooo long…At some point they HAVE to move on and it becomes exhausting for the audience to  see them depressed all the time

6. Write more girls scenes (Clarke with Raven, Raven with O, Harper with Clarke…etc) and more boys scenes (Murphy and Bell (HELL YEAH), Monty and Miller, etc)

7. This is dedicated to Ice Mechanic (you know Roan and Raven) give me all the sass and the flirting please

9. Acknowledge MIller’s dad…I know the show consumes a LOT of time on other things but like come on? His dad is alive…I guess..I think…I hope. Anyway if he is, please give it to me

10. GIVE ME BELLARKE…full bellarke…blow me away.. being badass…show how equal they are…show them arguing and agreeing…just keep on this track you are doing a great job…I’m not complaining :)

11. BRING BACK THE MOONSHINE….they all deserve to get drunk 

Extra (consider these section as me wanting all of this to happen lol I’m really greedy today

Kane and Indra being bff, Kabby, Memori, Briller-Bryan and Miller, Harper and Monty, Jonty…..I could go on forever)

ps: there’s two people that can kiss and survive and live happily for ever yk…one starts with Bell and ends with amy…and the other starts with Clar and ends with ke ;) 

EDIT: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez I’ve just realizd I forgot one of the most important petitions: MORE BELLAMY AND ROAN INTERACIONS…ALL OF THEM…GIVE ME 2 EPISODES OF THEM WALKING ON THE WOODS ALONE BEING SASSY AND BADASS


Rumors *Neymar imagine* gurl33n


“Yes, I hear you Kenny. No can I call you back in about 15 minutes please?” I asked

Kenny sighed from the other side of the phone, “Alright Y/N but you have to call me back we have to discuss this” He said

“I will Kenny”

I hung up, and continued to work on the papers for the next case. At the knock at my door, I just waved the person in not trying to lose focus once again, but after not hearing the person talk I looked up into the eyes of my assistant and best friend, Jordan. “Did something happen?” I asked

Jordan sighed, “Why are people so negative?” He asked

I sat back in my chair, and shrugged. “I have no idea, but is this really what you want to discuss I love you and everything but I still have stacks to do”

Jordan put a hand up to stop me, “It all leads up to something promise”

I chuckled, “Alright”

“Have you seen the latest rumor?” Jordan asked

“On who?Me ?” I asked

He nodded, “Yes”

“Is it about a case or something”

He shook his head, “It’s for something else pertaining a man”


He nodded, and pulled out the tablet from behind him and placing it in front of me. I picked it up, and began reading the article outloud. “Top 10 gold-digger girls from least to greatest” I read

I looked up at him, and he just nodded sitting back. “Keep on going”Jordan said

“Number 2. Y/N, the 22 year old steps out in all the latest fashion items and is always at the hottest events of the year. How does she do it? She does it with the help of her boyfriend 23 year old FC Barcelona hunk Neymar jr.

 If it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t have any of it. Look’s like this relationship is going to come to an end soon” I finished

I sighed, and set it down. “Is that all?” I questioned trying not to show the irritation

He shook his head, and picked up the tablet tapping and scrolling and then handing it to me. “Instagram too?Wow people shouldn’t have” I said sarcastically

“Who the hell is this whore?She’s nothing but a gold digger and is using up all of Neymar’s money….She’s a good for nothing gold digger who doesn’t love our Neymar, we’d rather have him sleep around than be with her…..Look at her she just screams gold digger…..Wasn’t she on the Top 10 gold-digger girls?”

Setting the tablet down, I took a few deep breathes before slamming my hands down on the desk and standing. Jordan came around, and gave me a hug. “I shouldn’t have showed you” He said

I shook my head calming down a little bit, “No I need to think clearly and not get mad” I said

“What would you like me to do? Call Neymar?”

I shook my head once again, “No, I’ll talk to him later”

He nodded, and gave me a small smile before exiting my office. Sitting down once again, I sighed and closed my eyes. Trying to calm down before something happens, I looked down at my watch and then at the stacks of paper work and stood grabbing my purse and heading out. “Should I tell people you’re heading out?” Jordan asked

I nodded, “I’ll be out for at least an hour” I said

He nodded, “Gotcha call me if you need me” He said as I walked out

I waved, “Will do”

I made my way to my car, and then to the training grounds of Camp Nou. When I arrived, Neymar was practicing he looked up at me and smiled. I gave a little smile, and he made his way over to me. “Hey you on break right now?” He asked

I nodded, “I had to come here to tell you something” I said

“What’s wrong?Did Jordan eat your stuff again?”

I chuckled but shook my head, “No actually it’s something different”

He nodded and we walked, “So what’s wrong?”

“I think-I think we need to break up” I said not wanting to look at him 

I heard his cleats stop hitting the ground, and realized he’d stopped walking. “What?” He asked

“I’m breaking up with you Neymar” I said

It was silent for a little before, I heard his cleats hitting the floor once again and his hand touched mine trying to make me look at him. “Y/N look at me please, what’s wrong?”

“I just, we don’t have time. I’m busy with work and you’re busy with futbol, it would be easier. I’m sorry Neymar” I said as I looked at him before walking towards my car

As I got in and saw him, he just looked at the spot where I was before and it pained me to look at him, and drive away. As I did, I calmed myself down and drove towards his house to get my things which wasn’t a lot.

After packing everything I left his key on top of the counter, and left heading towards my brothers house. When I arrived at his house, I knocked on his door and when he opened his smiling face changed when he saw me.

“Y/N? What’s wrong” He asked letting me in and taking the box from my hands

He set it on the floor and closed the door, “I broke up with him” I said I could hear my voice waver

Rafinha opened his arms, and I went into them and cried. Rafinha pet my hair, hugging me. “Y/N it’s alright but why?”He asked

“I-I was just so sick of them, the lies and the things they spread it drove me insane” I said

Rafinha wiped away the tears, “Who?”

“The rumors, Raf. It got to me, they kept calling me a gold digger how the hell am I a gold digger? I’ve got my own money, and my own stuff why the hell would I be a gold digger?“ I said frustrated

Rafinha hugged me once again, “They’re just stupid people with no lives Y/N, you can stay here alright” He said

I nodded. “Did you already finish work?”

I shook my head, “I took a break, I still have stacks to do”

“Alright, well if you want you can bring them here and finish them”

“Thanks Raf“

He smiled, “What’s a big brother for?”

After a while, I decided to head back to the office and when I got there Jordan gave me a smile. “So how was your lunch?” He asked

I sighed, “I broke up with him, cried, went to my brothers, and then came back to work”

Jordan frowned, “Sorry about that”

I waved it off, “It’s alright”

I went into the office and finished as much as I could, my phone was blowing up and driving me crazy so I took it and shut it off. Once I was in the silence it seemed much easier to get everything done, after finishing I headed home which meant that Jordan could go home.

We walked out to the cars, and he turned to me. “Are you okay Y/N?” He asked

I nodded, “I’ll be fine, like Yeni always says there’s plenty of fish in the sea”

Jordan gave me a hug,and we got in our cars. I drove off towards Rafinha’s house and when I got there his car wasn’t in the driveway. When I walked inside, I sighed and headed to my old room laying myself down on the bed I turned on the TV and flipped channels.

I stopped when there was one regarding Neymar and I turning up the volume I sighed, “Superstar Neymar jr. is now single ladies. It was reported by a source that Neymar and his lawyer beau girlfriend Y/N have broken up after being together for a while.”

I changed it, and then eventually turned it off. My phone rang, and without looking I answered. “Hello?” I said

“Hey Y/N look on the TV for channel 20″ Rafinha said


“Just do it”

I chuckled, and did as he said. There was a video playing, turning up the volume I listened. “Marc what’s going on? Why did he call all of you to his attention” The woman asked

“It seems like he has an important message” Marc said

I sighed, “Who has an important message?” I questioned

And then on the screen Neymar appeared once again. “First thank you for actually listening, second. I’d like to address something with both my fans and the media itself” He started

“Today as many of you know, my girlfriend and I broke up. I know why am I talking about it, because I’ve been in love with the same girl for over 3 years now. Y/N isn’t a gold digger, how can she be she has more money than I do, she’s amazing, and doesn’t deserve to be called that. She’s sweet and beautiful amazingly good at arguing. So please stop calling her that, and all those articles need to stop” He said and walked away

~The Next Day

“Y/N someone’s at the door for you” Rafinha said

I got out, and headed to the front door. There in the door stood, Neymar. Flowers in one hand, and a smile on his face, “What are you doing here?” I asked

“Y/N, you know I love you. For 3 years now, and its never ever changed you’re the only one I care about. And I’m sorry all those idiots are calling you those names, and I couldn’t do anything about it.” He said

I looked down, “Will you take me back?” He asked

I smiled giving him a hug, “Alright”

Neymar handed me the flowers and placed a kiss on my lips, “Now, I have a gift for you” He said

“Neymar you don’t have to give me anything the flowers are enough” I said

He shook his head, and handed me a box. “Go on” He said

I nodded, and opened it. Inside the box was a very expensive watch and I would know because I had bought Neymar the exact same one last week I was going to give it to him as a gift.

I chuckled, and he looked at me. “What’s funny?” He asked

“Hold this right here” I said

He held the box, and I went into the room grabbing a blue box and handing it to him. “What’s this?”

“Just open it and you’ll see” I said

He nodded and when he opened it, he chuckled. “Looks like we’re really alike huh”

I chuckled, “Seems like it” 

He smiled, “Well good because I love you”


‘So, how’d you… shift?’ Jordan asked, looking around at Derek with a slightly confused expression on his face.

Derek rolled his eyes, but before he could say anything you’d cut across him to explain things to your brother.

‘Anger tends to be the big one,’ you rattled off, having started to look through old supernatural books since it had been suggested Jordan was a supernatural of some kind. ‘But it can be anything really - though the full moon appears to be a pain. Also, they can control it if they concentrate on an anchor.’

Your brother looked at you with a slightly raised eyebrow, but your focus was on Derek, who looked impressed.

‘Can I get the professional’s opinion, please?’ Jordan asked, causing you to hit his shoulder lightly.

‘Actually, that’s right,’ said Derek, sounding slightly taken aback.

‘Well of course,’ you said, smiling smugly as you looked up at him. He smirked at you, nodding slightly as Jordan looked at you slightly dumbfounded.

A/N: I just found the gifs on Google so credit goes to their respective owners, I added the text.