can i have a bf yet

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Could you please do anything for Jaehwan. My baby (he's 4 years older, yet he's still my baby) deserves more love. ^-^

i’ll start with the most basic then!

kim jaehwan as your boyfriend~

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  • i’ve read an account by pd101 staffs that he has a manly aura
  • and that reflects when he’s with you
  • like he’s so gentlemanly and protective it makes your heart flutter
  • but it’s not that difficult to get him to drop this image
  • a simple smile from you can have him giggling instantly
  • his laugh!!!! is the funniest!!!!! and you tease him about it all the time
  • kisses you to shut you up
  • serenades you with his guitar
  • he once said he likes older women but i think he wouldn’t mind going for someone younger (especially if it meant he gets to act all fussy and caring towards them)
  • sings off-key on purpose to wake you up in the morning
  • offered to do your make up once and minhyun ran in yelling ‘NO DON’T’
  • carries you bridal style around the house just because
  • hogs the blanket so you push him off the bed as revenge
  • texts you winky faces out of nowhere with no context but you already know what’s up AYE
  • takes unflattering candid pics of you and posts them on his sns smh

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Hi, i have been thinking about having a lifestyle similar to yours, can you tell me what is like to have a bf and a wife at the same time?, do you really love your wife or is just that she cannot give you what you need in sex? Im sorry if those questions are too personal.

Hey man.   I find your phrasing interesting……”thinking about having a lifestyle”……there was actually very little thinking going into my lifestyle.  It’s really a survival thing.   If I didn’t have my BF and this part of my life, I think I might be in an asylum or in the grave.   It’s more essential than choice.   I am who I am and it took me a long time to get to this point……and to be 100% honest, I’m not sure I’m even in the “true me” place yet…….but I’ve reached a good point where I can be true to me and true to the commitments I’ve made in my life.   And yes, I absolutely love my wife.   And I absolutely love my bf.   I know it’s confusing and messy.    The love is very different, but very true.   And the sex is very different…..apples and oranges…….sex with bf/men is better…..just is…..everything about it……but my marriage/family is part of my dna, so not just about sex…..

Does that make sense?  

Keith: Lance. Lance wake up

Lance: what time is it

Keith: Time is irrelevant. I didn’t want to wake pidge because she barely sleeps as it is but-

Lance: Keith

Keith: right okay so. Say they did actually land on the moon when they say they did. They didn’t but let’s say they did.

Lance: Keith this is-

Keith: What was the name of the man that supposedly walked on the moon for the first time in mankind history.

Lance: what? Neil Armstrong? Keith we were in a space exploration program you know this-

Keith: what’s the last initial of his name

Lance: Keith-

Keith: say it

Lance: uGH it’s ‘A’

Keith: ‘A’

Keith: Neil A.

Lance: yes it’s Neil A. Can I go back to sleep yet-

Keith: spell it backwards

Lance: why

Keith: Lance

Lance: A L I E N


Lance: holy SHIT

Keith: I KNOW

Overkilling Justin Bieber

So me, my boyfriend and two of his friends (his flatmate and his best friend, who’s the DM) are playing Vampire but as hunters.

Context: my character owns a bar with her “brother”, who’s actually her nephew, but she’s a vampire who was turned against her will. My bf’s character finds out and is questioning me at the bar with his flatmate’s character.

DM: suddenly you notice your brother’s hat, which he left at the bar whenever he wanted you to know he left early, is there.

Me: so if he left early… who’s this one?? HE’S NOT MY BROTHER, ATTACK HIM!!

So the three of us proceed to attack my “brother’s” doppelganger, until he changes shape

DM: he is now a kid who kinda looks like Justin Bieber

Flatmate: I fire at him!! *3 tens*

DM: You can shoot him three times. Roll damage

Flatmate: *rolls incredibly high*

DM: you splatter Justin Bieber’s brains all over the floor

Me: He’s a vampire, he’s not dead yet! I throw my voodoo bag at him for faith damage!

BF: And I pierce him with my blessed dagger.

DM: Ooookay. He was already down because of the shots, then she throws a voodoo bag at him and you pierce him with a **cking blessed dagger. You guys have overkilled Justin Bieber big time.

DM: Another vampire was at the door, but he sees your handywork and decides to leave

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Hey love your blog, can you possibly do a scene with depressed Keith or something?

absolutely anon!! (i may have made this slightly klance-y yet again because i have zero self control i’m so sorry)

how rad would it be if lance just figured it out on his own though?? like, he’s a smart dude (and also a v supportive and accepting bf 💜) so what if we didn’t get a galra keef reaction scene for him because he knew before everyone  *x files theme plays*

boyfriend au ☁︎; samuel

brave entertainment’s trainee, kim samuel as your bf

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- cutest baby ever !!

- stares at u 35/8

- ok sososo story time

- u guys have the same 4th period, which is math

- which is the subject u hate the most

- but hey samuel’s there like y would u complain abt that amiright

- anyways, when class is done, u kiddos have lunch

- so u put ur belongings away n u go to the big ass tree on the school’s courtyard

- and u just sit there, reading books n listening to music, eating ur homemade lunch everyday

- mr. kim here always looks at u while hanging out w his friends at the nearby bench

- u never notice his staring bc ur nose is all up in a book, like wow gOOD JOB (Y/N)


- samuel comes up to u, and his friends r all like “dayum my boi” and ur like “heLLO”

- okok so samuel sits by u, and asks what ur reading, and ur like blahblahblah books yo, and then he’s like omg wow, w the biggest heart eyes (she just put heart eyes under my pic)

- so u guys just talk all lunch, until the bell rings, and ur both highkey sad, but don’t show it

- yall say ur goodbyes, and repeat the same thing the next day

- so one day, this lil dorky kid asks u out in the cheesiest way possible, he brings i flowers n chocolate and confesses, and just spills his heart out to u

- and u obviously accept his confession, bc shIT

- end of story time yo

- u guys cuddle a lot, like A LOT A LOT

- when u hold hands, he blushes dockekxksk

- his contact name for u is “my baby 🍰💘💕🌷”

- ur contact name for him is “sweetheart sam 💘😤🤦🏽‍♀️”

- y'all r legit the most cheesy yet cute couple at the school

- this bitch climbs up to ur balcony, and knocks on ur sliding door, just so he can cuddle w u like awawawaw

- study dates !!

- almost everyday after school yall go to a convenience store, and get a bunch of snacks for the study dates

- overall the most cutest, most sweetest bf ever, and i wish he won pd101 and i’m still salty abt it ☕️🐸

pls don’t repost w/o permission and credit, pls do not remove caption. pls like and reblog if you would like go see more of this content ! have a great day ! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

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This may be weird but can you do the gang reacting to Jughead bringing his bf to Pop's for the first time? I always see stuff for the ladies but hardly any for they gentlemen.

Jughead bringing his boyfriend to Pop’s would include:

  • Juggie reassuring you before you go in that his friends will love you no matter what
  • You eventually agree with him and march inside together and over to where the gang is
  • “Oh my god, Jug! You never told me he was so adorable!” Veronica gushed
  • “Oh shut it Ronnie.”
  • “Thanks Veronica.”
  • Kevin was super duper excited to have yet another gay friend, because hey, the more the merrier! 
  • Betty was well, Betty and she was suspicious of you at first 
  • but she warmed up like everyone else
  • Jughead grabbed your hand under the table and it immediately calmed your nerves
  • Archie had already met you when he walked in on you and Jughead in a makeout session in his room #awkward
  • by the end of the night you were well acquainted with all of your boyfriends friends and you never felt happier 

this is bad im sorry

Will draw: Touhou Project, Umineko, Yume Nikki(fangames), Off(fangames), The Gray Garden, Villainous, Danganronpa( no NDRV3 pls, i haven’t played it yet, and i don’t want to catch spoilers xD tho my bf spoiled me almost everything already…)

Won’t draw: Undertale, OC, WatGBS(sorry no it the mood for these >-<)

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do you have any sasunaru fic recs?

WELL, if this isn’t the question of the century huh. I can rec the same few that i repeatedly do and hope you haven’t read them before but it is slim god damn pickings for these boys 

my all time forever favorite re-read at least 8999 times fic, Baker’s Dozen-

what isnt broken can still be fixed-

in good company + the sequel (not finished but regularly updates and also murders my fucking ass) -

Baby Animals, Weddings, And Other Things Not Normally Associated With Uchiha Sasuke -

an awkward position (this is actually about itachi and not really naruto and sasuke but its s good and also ace itachi rep w shark bf)

cultivate your hunger is an epilogue wound healer -

side note this is a fic i have been recced but have not yet read, so i have no idea if i will like it or if you will but its inosaku and sasnar

also the authors sowell (wrote T H I S W E S T E R N that i love) and brumalbreeze on ao3 have good stuff. Plus I always welcome u to feel free to stalk my ao3 bookmarks.. my username is cherryfizzies

i really love love love fight my way omg, i love ae ra… how she tries so hard to achieve her dream yet her situation is exactly the same and no skill can top inexperience and it’s just so realistic. all she (and i) can hope for is that someone will recognise her for her talent and not her specs. i love it so much. because usually, this far in a drama, she would have gotten at least somewhere by now and it hasn’t happened and thats the truth. that’s what happens in real life. it’s pain and desperation and getting drunk and being with your friends. super proud of dong man too lol

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what probably bugs me MOST about this recent article is the fact that taylor was 16-20 when she wrote most of her work. she's expressing her dejection, her anger, her rage, her disappointment, her disillusionment. and yet all these women can see is her victimhood. they never take into account her age, her growth, her maturity as she literally transitions into a woman. that at 18 you can't see past your bf's cheating, but by 25 you can empathize. she's human, not a barbie doll


I am so drained by all of this negativity that I don’t really have anything to add, but you really touched on what has been upsetting me too.

I have so much to say.

Chapter 21 is the first time personally that I was SCREAMING the entire time with the background imagery. 

first, Koogi’s landscapes and other nature shots were SO GOOD holy cow I was in awe of her illustrations (even more so than usual!)  

Second, did ya peep Bum wearing Sangwoo’s mother’s jacket????!!!!! BIIIITTTTTCCCHHH Sangwoo put Bum in HIS MOTHER’S JACKET AND THEN GAUGED BUM’S REACTION TO THE FUCKING APPLES!!!!! I AM LIVING

Third, the whole “you stepped on my dad” thing had me cackling at the absurdity this motherfucker brought his very cute bf out to his dad’s grave site??? Like ya’ll know what that meant the second he said it. Did Sangwoo kill his father? YES! Does Sangwoo have a dump site for all of his murdering? YES! Is Sangwoo going to make Bum bury Jieun? (I forgot how to spell her name. i did not like her at all and you all can fight me okay?) YOU BET YOUR ASS HE IS!! 

fourth, I love how Sangwoo is honesty so predictable and yet Bum is still shocked each time like come on Doofenshmirtz Perry is going to break in and you fucking know it. Like every time Sangwoo is soft and sweet to Bum he does something Fucked Up™ to gauge Bum’s reaction and yet every time our poor baby falls for it, immediately thinking that Sangwoo has changed and loves him. It’d be funny if it didn’t make me want to cry so bad. 

fifth, did you guys notice that Sangwoo helped Bum up and immediately made a stab at the fact that Bum could’ve gotten the jacket dirty????? HE DIDN’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT HELPING BUM UP HE JUST WANTED HIS MOTHER’S JACKET OFF THE DIRTY ASS GROUND

Sixth, Bum was cute as fuck this chapter and actually had a nice time, god bless.

Don’t shut me out, okay.

Request from Anonymous: Can I request something where Simon D was treating you coldly because he saw screenshots of your convo with your ex-bf that you forgot to delete before yet he couldn’t help but to make up with you at the end of the day? Kamsamnida~ 

I changed screenshots of the conversation to Whatsapp messages and I may have lost the plot halfway through :( sorry if this isn’t what you wanted…


Simon was awoken by your phone’s notifications. It has been going off for nearly 15 minutes. Who could be possibly texting you this early. Ding. You were in the shower so Simon turned over to your side of your bed where your phone was on your pillow. He turned the phone over to put in on silent but he looked at your lockscreen to see who was texting you. 

It was someone named Alan. Alan? He only knows one Alan in your circle of friends. Your ex-boyfriend, Alan. Simon was now feeling more annoyed than before. He swiped across and entered your phone’s pin. He opened Whatsapp quickly scanned through the messages and realised you two were messaging each back and forth for the past week. He put your phone back to where it was and started to think of all the worst possible scenarios. 

“Good morning handsome,” you said as you entered the bedroom. You sat in front of the vanity ready to put on your daily face. Simon didn’t reply. He was sitting on the edge of the bed staring at his phone. “Do you want to have lunch at that new sushi place near the studio?” Simon didn’t reply again. You could see from the mirror that something was bothering him. You turned around and faced him. “Hey, what’s wrong? You’re not usually this quiet in the morning”. Simon got up and took his jacket from the chair and walked out of the room. Not before murmuring under something under his breathe. But you could kind of make it out. He said something along the lines of work, busy and gotta go. You called after him but the front door was already slammed shut. 

Throughout the day, you tried calling Simon but he didn’t answer. You even called Loco and Gray but they said he has been in the recording studio and hasn’t come out. Now you were worried. What could have possibly happened between the hours of him going to bed and waking up. Something must have happened to him otherwise he wouldn’t be acting like this. You kept on messaging him and finally, he replied. Hallelujah! It wasn’t a long message but all he said “I’m busy atm. Pls stop calling and messaging me and stop bothering Loco and Gray. They have better things to do”. You read the message more than once. Simon usually doesn’t mind if you’re constantly messaging him, let alone bothering the guys. He even recommends it because the boys are always working hard and that they need a break. Your lame jokes always work well with them. 

You called him again and again. Screw what he said about bothering him. You need to know what has gotten him in a bad mood. His bad mood have rubbed onto you and the next thing you know is you’re on the way to the office. 

“Is he still in his recording studio?” you asked Loco. Loco nodded and pointed down the hallway. When you got to his door, you banged on it rather than knocking quietly. A few minutes of banging, you were faced with Simon. ‘What did I do that has made you so moody? Please tell me so I can fix it. I hate seeing you like this!” Simon didn’t say anything but walked back into the room. He was now sitting on his chair and you sat on the sofa. “You want me to tell what’s wrong? Well I know you have been talking to your ex. I saw your Whatsapp.” The fact that Simon went through your phone was the least of your worries, but it was that he actually thinks something is going on between you and your ex-boyfriend. “Are you kidding me? You think I’m seeing my ex boyfriend behind your back?”. He turned his chair and is facing you, “Well why else would you be talking to him? If you love him, then leave me.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. 

You opened Whatsapp on your phone and put the phone in front of him. “You said you saw the messages on my phone but did you actually read it? If you did, then you wouldn’t be treating me like a cheater.” Simon hesitated in looking at the phone but you would not leave until he reads the damn messages. “Read the messages, Simon.” He lost and took the phone from you. His eyes didn’t scan the messages this time, he scrolled to the first message and read it from there. After reading all of it, he handed you back the phone. 

“Well?” you asked. “Do you still think I’m seeing my ex behind your back?” Simon came over next to you and sat down. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know the two of you were discussing plans for your brother’s wedding. I forgot he is actually your brother’s best friend. I shouldn’t be making stupid assumptions”. You smiled at him. “Yeah you shouldn’t. Next time ask me straight up. Don’t shut me out. Okay?” Simon put his arms you and kissed you on the head, “Okay, I’m sorry babe. What can I do to make it up to you?” 

You put a finger on your chin, “Hmmm, I wanna go have lunch at that new sushi place and you’re going to choose dinner for the next week because every time I ask you always say ‘whatever you like’ Simon nodded before going back to his seat. “Hey, let me know what you think of this track I’m working on. Just a heads up, there’s a sampling of your laughs at the beginning.” 

“My laughs? I think you mean my cackles, babe. I sound like a dying witch when I laugh”. Simon laughed at your comment, “well I think it’s a very cute witch dying”. You disagreed with him, “you have a very strange imagination of witches”. 

Personal Note

Okay here is the thing with this Jackson stuff. I still listen to groups like Ikon and Bigbang who have had appropriating problems so I will admit I will still listen to Got7’s music. However, I can’t look at Jackson the same way anymore. Even if he apologizes, first reactions reveal something about a person. Bambam’s first reaction wasn’t “well other people said it or haters gonna hate” no BB went against what he was told and commented an apology for what he did. Obviously, Jackson didn’t go that route. This boy has been my sunshine and bf goals because he is just so amazing yet he does this shit. I will let black fans speak on the appropriating (most say he did btw) and I will just say his replies were childish. I expected better from my bias on this one. I am already rethinking his bias title because this was a very unexpected turn of events.

  • *1st Month-ish of Dating*
  • *topic of sex comes up*
  • Me: so like I don't know it just...doesn't click with me? Like I think I'm a wall where most people are doors, like that whole "swinging one way" thing and I...don't think I even have a door.
  • Bf: are we...are you still talking about sex?
  • Me: was that not clear?
  • Bf: Uhm, no...and okay.
  • Me: But everything's been kind of confusing since I started liking you.
  • Bf: Huh...okay. Well we don't have to talk about it now.
  • Me: Err...okay?
  • *Four Months Into Dating*
  • Bf: so can I ask something?
  • Me: Yeah?
  • Bf: That wall thing from a few months back...?
  • Me: ...Yeah?
  • Bf: Are you still a wall, or..?
  • Me: I...don't think so? I think I'm more of a door, with a lock...and you've got a key?
  • Bf: Huh...okay. I was just thinking about it, we don't have to talk about it so soon, especially if you aren't completely sure yet.
  • Me: okay..?
  • *Now, six months into relationship*
  • Me: So yeah, about that, I'm like 99.99% certain I am a door with a lock and you've got the key.
  • Bf: So demisexual?
  • Me: ...Yes. How did you..?
  • Bf: I did like a shit ton of research when you first told me. You were explaining asexuality, but you said you weren't sure then, so I looked up other parts of asexuality. You're demi, is what you're saying, right?
  • Me: okay with that?
  • Bf: I'm okay with anything, so long as you're okay with it.
  • Me: Huh...well...okay long have you..?
  • Bf: Mainly it was just a guess, I didn't want to ask if you were and upset you and seem like an idiot.
  • Me: You're not an idiot., okay...You sure you're okay with that?
  • Bf: I would've been okay if you thought sex was disgusting. I love you, duh.
  • Me: Hah, I love you too.
  • MORAL IS: It's okay to be dating someone and confused about your sexuality. If they really love you, they'll accept you no matter what.

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as a 16 year old dating a 19 year old: antis can you actually shut the everloving fuck up. I've been dating my bf since I was 15 and he was 18. We haven't had sex yet and he's in no rush, neither am I. Stop lumping us all together bc us teens don't actually have a problem with otayuri ;) the relationship whatever it is is perfectly healthy. and perfectly legal in their part of the world lmao 😂 #antitears ☕️

A 3 years age gap is not a big deal in the real world. Even a little bit more is okay, depending of the country. For example, my sister’s boyfriend is 5 years older than her, and I think they started their relationship when my sister was 16-17 (I’m not really sure), and he’s a very nice guy. I didn’t started my first relationship until I was 21, but that doesn’t mean that I think every fricking relationship in the world should start at that age. Teenagers dating is a common thing, deal with it.