can i have a bf yet

striders, bfs, and cleanliness

karkat and jake bond over what fucking utter pigs the striders can be. jake’s room is sort of a sty but nothing compares to dirk “I have vague piles of somewhat similar objects” strider or dave “I strung cords into a spiderweb and told everybody it was for irony when really I am just bad at organization” strider. jake has hoarding tendencies but when given space for his shit that is bigger than one room finds it easy to spread his shit out and keep it at least a little clean – he’s not grandpa age yet, after all. karkat, meanwhile, we all know karkat is the universe’s biggest fucking neat freak. he is constantly complaining about how dave lets garbage pile up and one day he and jake go through and clean up the house to the wailed “I HAVE A SYSTEM” of dirk and the eyebrow-furrowed befuddlement of dave.

immediately after, jake leaves to clean up and dave is still busy working on some music so dirk and karkat get to talking. initially they were uncomfortable as fuck with each other but as time has gone by and they’ve both figured out the other one is mostly pretending at competence, they’ve gotten to like each other. 

dirk jokes that he has no idea how jake is going to know what to do in the shower since there’s like 50 bottles of product and he has only ever used a washcloth and a single bar of soap. karkat finds this hilarious and tells dirk that he is pretty sure dave never even used scrubrags until karkat got on his case for not doing so. this turns into a beautiful conversation about their boyfriends’ respective thickheadedness w/r/t hygiene. karkat doesn’t entirely follow when dirk starts pontificating on the difference between cleanser and moisturizer. doesn’t matter. they bond over this the same way jake and karkat bond over the striders being messy as fuck.

(similarly, jake and dave bond over how weirdly neurotic their boyfriends are – while jake mostly talks about how vain and fucking precious dirk is about his appearance, dave talks about how karkat flips out if there is even a speck of dirt on the rug, but the bonding happens anyway)

… no offense but Peak Phandom time was spring 2015… like sorry i don’t make the rules but we had 2 weeks of japhan and accidental tweet likes up the hoohaw causing wedding drama and the mysterious isle of man trip that got exposed as Take Your BF To Father’s Day Vacation and who can forget when dan left a bottle of lube and feminine wipes in a video like holy shit we all… and new fics on the daily and man the 2009 phan song + the others and the phan dating sim and can we not forget the shitstorm of tabinof and the best blogger to have ever been here fucking lavitaricca making THE BEST posts i’d ever read… the first true Demon Phannie™ on here like y’all weren’t ready for her that’s why she gone… and man 8tracks wasn’t us only yet and the phan playlists were fire and basically 2015 was Lit and if you weren’t here for it i’m sorry

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Do you have any fetus kaisoo pictures/gifs? 💕

I have tons T___T these are mostly from their rookie days, but also from predebut! <3 

(credit to gif/pics owners!!)


they apparently had a kid early on.jk

I mean look at them.. *whispers* no wonder there were rumors that they were dating during their trainee days.. they look so boyfriend.  

that time when nini was very close to cut a bitch cuz an interviewer criticized his dates with his boyfriend (same nini same)

they’re so domestic I could cry !!!! soo cooks and folds his clothes and then they cuddle on the couch watching cartoons T___T

what nini subletely is trying to say is “YOU ALREADY GOT A BF, SOO! WHO EATS VERY WELL ” 

pls notice him soo, he’s about to cry ;-;

look at them cuties holding hands (without having to hide..)

look at them being adorable and not used to the attention yet T___T

they got this natural chemistry you can’t fake.. tbh i’ve never seen anything like it before o_o

just like when they were in russia, they hung out together prior to that in london ;)

having breakfast privately from the other members hehehehe

more under the cut :) 

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wanted plots: someone pls give me an a/b/o or breeding thread for either my cuntboys/bottoms/omegas or for some of my top/alphas ok I’m talking like an alpha/husband/bf/etc (either mine or yours) just wants to make his boy entirely his and the bottom/omega has thought about it, but has reservations yet the top doesn’t really care and already has plans to knock his boy up

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ok but imagine: camboy mondo pressuring ishi to join him on the stream, ishi eventually giving way to peer pressure, ishi finding out that he likes the feeling of showing off to strangers, camboy ishi falling further than mondo by having private shows with people, camboy ishimondo getting really popular, camboy ishimondo gettign recognized by their classmate!!! you can fill in the rest of the blanks


ishimaru: *sweaTS* he l p

Hyungwon’s Ideal Type
  • i see him being attracted to long straight hair
  • but i think he’s the type where it’s like 70% personality 30% looks something like that
  • i just think that hyungwon is someone who can fall for someone overtime and for their actual personality too
  • i see him not heavily into pda, but you know just the usual
  • hand-holding, back hugs, - if you guys had cute dates even piggy back rides aWWW I NEED ME A HYUNGWON UGH
  • anyways these have been turing into bf scenarios so lets turn it arOUNDD
  • he’d want his girl to be just as affectionate as he is because you know
  • wheres the fun if there’s no chemistry?! 
  • her personality will be ofc like his - reserved, laid-back, yet very loud in private with those she’s close with
  • i think however she’ll be more outgoing and quite humorous - she basically is his soulmate like they’ll always be on the same wave length
  • her style would be whatever is in right now yet comfy seeming
  • i think that ideally, he’d like a girl that can always make him laugh
  • someone who’s also pretty thoughtful and listens to him 
  • (HERES’ WHY)  he mentioned in an interview before that he has slight insomnia 
  • from just usual stress and last minute thoughts he always thinks about right before bed
  • so i think he’d find it very meaningful to find someone that can listen to him truthfully and honestly
  • i think overall he just wants someone most reliable, comforting, and honest

**also don’t be shy to request anything guys cmon <3 


grapefruitcake asked about my bookshelf a while back and I know nadinenihongo also had a ‘share your bookshelf’ thing going a while back.  

Here are my Japanese textbooks. These shots show hardly any of the fiction, sorry, I actually couldn’t get that on the shelves in any presentable way whatsoever so gave up. There’s just too much stuff because I am a Book Off addict. Almost all of these books I’ve bought used.

So, have I read them, have I used them? Yeah, in the most part, I have. Maybe not cover to cover, as I tend to dip in and out of textbooks. I haven’t tackled any of the N2 stuff yet and am working my way through the N3 over this year. I haven’t read much of the fiction yet aside from the graded readers, but am starting to get to the point where I can understand more so am getting more into it day by day.

The daruma was a valentine’s gift from my BF, he said I should draw on one eye when I get N3 and the other when I get N2. I know this is non traditional, but he’s Japanese and that’s what he said I should do with this daruma when he gave me it. Looking at it reminds me to stay focused. This year he made me bookmarks. He’s very supportive of my studying and very tolerant of my used book obsession.

I’m going to go and put back my shelf into the double layered nightmare it was before because my floor is covered with books that won’t fit in with it like this.

My bf is SO encouraging when it comes to me pursuing original function but I’m stuck in this myopic writing world where only Hero exists and my imagination is otherwise engaged.

He’s even encouraging me to take the next few months at least to explore writing.

I have a handful of half-baked ideas and I honestly don’t think anything will come of them.

How am I so good at creating original characters (in a given setting) and decent at creating original plots but yet I can’t forge an original idea into anything meaningful….. Fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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Every odd question?

Also I’m very sorry you’re sad and I hope you feel better soon :((

its ok anon i will probably feel better @ some point

1. the meaning behind my urls
devlesa means bye in romani čhib which im trying 2 learn

3. tattoos i have
i made my sister get my scar in it too but yea these are my tats

5. piercings i have
i have both my ears pierced but i only wear shit in the left, i used to have my tongue pierced but that only lasted for like a year 

7. biggest turn off(s)
i dont like smelling someones lunch when they’re kissing me it drives me nuts. i can handle a lot of different breath smells like smoke or general “i havent brushed yet” smells but being kissed right after someone has eaten a fragrant meal is upsetting.

9. tattoos i want
uuh i wanna complete the piece i’ve started with my bf @daveactualstrider we both plan to get watercolors and stuff to fill in. 
i wanna get a lot of tats i just dont know what specifically. i want to have a sleeve one day. i just like the experience of getting them.

11. age
im a fresh faced 22 year old

13. life goal(s)
i want to transition and i want to feel comfortable in my skin and one day make a living off my art. i want to live with my bf and i want to kiss boys who love me for who i am.

15. relationship status
im dating my bf ! i mentioned him 2 times already, we’re a year and some change in.

17. a fact about my life
i used to love tae kwon do and got pretty far, its one of my fav forms of exercise still but im too shy to rejoin a gym to do it at.

19. middle name

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May I have Jongin? I'm (obviously) not Korean so can you write something based off that? Or us playing video games together //lol GTA// or shopping //Muji or Ikea or grocery store// or Doing BF makeup video~thanks!

This just sort of ran away from me. I started with one of your prompts and just ran with it. Hope you like it :)

“Hell yes!” You shouted as you beat him yet again at the game on the screen. “Yes! That’s win number five for me.” Jongin playfully pushed you by your shoulders as you laughed and fell back against the couch. He sat on the edge of the couch as you lounged across the length of it. It was late one Sunday afternoon. A heat wave was engulfing the city at the moment, making it much too hot to go out with the dogs like you would normally do, so video games were the alternative.

“You got a head start that time though. It doesn’t count.” He insisted. “Rematch. Race me again.”

“I dunno. It’s getting a little boring now.” You teased, stretching out along the couch, your smug expression fueling his desire to win.

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I remember the first time I experienced misgynoir and realised it. In the 9th grade (2013) I was sitting with my biracial friend and this white girl Sam and they were on the topic of interracial relationships. Sam said “I think relationships with a black guy and white girl are so cute! But I don’t like relationships with a black girl and white guy because I feel like the black girl would be the bf in the relationship LOL”. When I heard that I immediately felt very unfeminine and extremely uncomfortable with myself. I am a shy girlie girl yet her statement made me feel so masculine and aggressive. Even though I know now that young white people have more trouble hiding their demonic tendencies, I can’t help but to think about that day whenever I hear “Black girls are unattractive”

Pregnancy is so weird.

They teach young ladies that it’s a magical time and everything is beautiful.

But it’s 0400 and I’m eating nasty cookies and cherries because I can’t sleep and my son won’t either.

Things I’ve cried over RECENTLY:
1. The moon was really pretty
2. A semi had beautiful new lights
3. My bf got me a sucker
4. The girl scouts were selling cookies
5. I saw a cute cat video
6. My medic said “Mary, don’t cry”
7. My other medic said “Well you know how you got into this situation”

I’m no longer supposed to lift things.

Also, every pregnancy IS different.

We are told women have a specific craving, yet mine are very random and almost never happen.

We are told women get a strong sense of smell, but the first 20ish weeks I couldn’t really smell anything and even now at almost 28 weeks I can hardly smell things.

Just know. Pregnancy is weird and apparently mine is considered an EASY one.

no but can i please have a plot where muse a is hella paranoid that her bf is cheating on her so she gets her best friend aka muse b to pretend to flirt with her boyfriend to see if or whether he’ll cheat / flirt back / etc. because she trusts her best friend & both she ( or he ) and her boyfriend haven’t met yet so she agrees to do it though she’s hesitant at first because she feels bad basically messing with someone’s emotions ?? but she does it anyways but eventually, the more she hangs out with him, the more into him she becomes & vice versa. they start to get close when BAM her best friend schedules for them to meet & it’s a whole bunch of fuckery bc they fell for one another ?? but it’s her best friends boyfriend ?? and it’s his girlfriend ?? & he’s hella pissed bc to him she basic ally used him but they can’t help the attraction . PLS . give me the aNGST COULD U IMAGINE ???