can i go to wherever this is rn

I know I don’t say random things like this

Being kinda cheesy in public is not my thing Un_n), and 90% of my online interaction is silent, but must be nice to know that your presence (no matter how rare it is) in someone else’s space is something for them to be grateful for…so hey! I am.

I know no one sticks to something in tumbly forever xD many of you sure know little about me, some others have for 1-2 yrs and there are a few that have for…3-4 (wow lol) and that’s quite meaningful!

And you know why? because I don’t talk much about myself or share my thoughts in here (not the starter type fff).. but whenever I do I never regret it and that’s good news! makes me feel I’m doing this blog thing right since there isn’t..well..legit bad feedback dhjsdfs I even got to know some of you better or just share some nice words..and is something I can’t never let pass! I’m always the people that can bear with me (or just my blog) for so long..that’s all. Thanks for appreciating whatever I’m giving to you rn heh..

( º//-º) Many must be shy af like me so I don’t blame you if we barely exchange words but..I know you’re there and that’s enough c: Thanks for approaching me, whether it is via tumblr, twitter, etc.

Have a nice blogging, now and wherever you go :v

anonymous asked:

So I might be moving to NYC in January. Tell me all the shitty things about it?

Ok, I just want to give the disclaimer - everyone feels differently about different things and it really depends on your personality. I am pretty lowkey overall. Also, circumstances play a role - right now, I am in NYC as a student seeking to complete a high pressure program at a very high stress school which is kind of overwhelming. 

The issues I have with New York are:

1. that it is quite expensive. I’m pretty sure a pack of chips ahoy cookies are 4.70 at the closest grocery store. Yes, you can go to trader joes and wherever, but then it can be hard to bring your stuff back up. It’s not impossible, but if you’re busy, it’s annoying. 2.75 seems cheap for a subway ride, but it adds up. Taxis/cabs add up as well. A membership at a good gym is probably hella expensive (rn I use my campus one but I’m pretty sure its pricey)

2.  it’s smelly, dirty, crowded, filled with people. The best moment I had in NY was probably at the piers way downtown, just hanging with my friends with no one else there. I really like nature and hiking/canoing/kayaking etc. and you can’t really do that? and also many buildings are older and you can get pests and i fucking hate bugs. 

3. people are jerks to you for no reason and they can get away with it because there are so many people. people don’t give a fuck and i get it, but it’s also tiring because life is tiring and hectic.

4. it’s sometimes hard to find a sense of community, everyone is in a rush. it’s also kind of hard to date here.

5. it can be really inconvenient to travel - yes, the subway system is great in Manhattan and I like that I can walk lots of places, but it’s also inconvenient in a way that like, Pittsburgh isn’t. It’s hard to drive (and many true new yorkers don’t ever learn to drive.

6. this is a very personal opinion but i think it’s a city that’s great if you want to consume stuff and can afford to do that. you can try 100 different restaurants and bars, you can go out all you like etc. etc. spend money but if you’re a young person who isn’t settled, it’s not a place where i think it’s easy to have peace and quiet and a routine of enjoyable, personally enriching things. a tennis club membership probably costs hundreds a month, while it was 50 where i used to live. i enjoy going out sometimes but personally for me, its the people i go out with that matter. i went on a trip a few years back with my friends to a random town out of the city and we just like slept and played board games and hiked and it was just soo nice.

*BUT*, there are many good things about it. if you appreciate art (like i am learning to do), there are so many museums to check out. there is a great music scene, classical and otherwise. if you like to try new stuff often, you can definitely do that. if you want to work in finance (like a lot of friends/acquaintances, performing arts, biomedical science/medicine, even tech to a limited extent, it’s a great city. if you are one of those people who want to take everything in and can do it, it’s really awesome, there is just SO much. there are cool lectures, book signings, pet cafes, desert bars, etc. I really think it’s a personality thing. I think I would love to come here for vacation for a few weeks, but I don’t want to live here long term. 

two-teapots  asked:

If someone gave you the oportunity to travel wherever you want, where would you go? (Sorry for broken english lol)

ahh honestly I don’t like traveling at all, planes and really long car rides and all that drive me crazy. If I could just instantly teleport anywhere rn I’d probably go back to my home in NH tbh so I can hang with Gwen and Fork, or maybe check out Japan or Ireland or smth

Recovery challenge: spiritual health

Go to a place where you feel your connection to something bigger (church, temple, synagogue, forest, basement AA meeting, or wherever). You dont have to be committed or sure, either. Just go somewhere bigger than you and let yourself be, exactly as you are.

Its a great reminder that you aren’t alone in the universe and also that equilibrium & peace can be found even after the worst of disasters.