can i go to wherever this is rn

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My nicknames for you are: mother RomBela (like a nun or something of the like, spreading the word of RomBela and PortMano wherever you go xP) , Mama Rom or Bela, Internet Mom, Kongreich (back from when that was you're account name and I didn't know you're name :P) and that's about it xD there was another one that had something to do with Isabel, but I can't remember it rn :P

^ legit this is me  

Mother RomBela, saint patron of rare ships and underrated/mischaracterized characters 
All of these nicknames are great and I’m really curious one about the Isabel one! 
/I’m also your mother as I can see! I have so many daughters ahhh x3

do you have a nickname for me?

Recovery challenge: spiritual health

Go to a place where you feel your connection to something bigger (church, temple, synagogue, forest, basement AA meeting, or wherever). You dont have to be committed or sure, either. Just go somewhere bigger than you and let yourself be, exactly as you are.

Its a great reminder that you aren’t alone in the universe and also that equilibrium & peace can be found even after the worst of disasters.