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Hello! I've only read hp and the dork diaries books + Everyday by david levithan that i highly recommend. I look for romance and some kind of fantastical elements in a book. Strong female characters are good too. I want to start the Percy Jackson series, but idk can u tell me a lil what its about?

Honestly if you like Harry Potter you’ll probably like Percy Jackson

Essentially it’s a modern retelling of ancient Greek myths. The Greek gods are real and, like in the old myths, have a habit of getting down and dirty with humans which means there are a lot of demigod (half god, half human) children running around. They have different powers depending on who their godly parent is and they all go to this summer camp which is basically hogwarts for Greek heroes. The original Percy Jackson series follows Percy through his teen years as he has to go on various quests, save his friends, fight monsters, and deal with daddy issues

The series is incredibly funny. I mean Harry Potter has its moments but everything Percy says is hilarious! There is romance involved but the series does start when Percy is 12 so, like Harry Potter, the romance takes a while to develop but it’s so great when it finally arrives! 

And there are some amazing female characters so no need to worry about that! The spin off series also have loads of other great representation with lots of different ethnicities and sexualities represented, though the original series is a little bit lacking in that regard

Final note: don’t judge the books by their movies. I’ve honestly never seen a worse book to movie adaptation in my life and it makes me want to cry every time I think about it

NICOLA JUNE 2017 Volume 6 Summer's Overseas: Okamoto Keito x Marius Yo

Hello! I take unusual longer time to translate this. I’m so busy these past few days with my personal life 😂 (but you can see me a lot at twitter lol).

Here we go. Please credit back to me if you want to repost this. And please correct me if u found any mistake. Thank you!

Barbecue and camping is a routine when summer’s come!

Okamoto :In Japan there are sea bathing, summer festival, fireworks festival and special events that only have in summer but in England, there are no such cultures. The summer’s temperature there is around 17, 18 degree and not too hot, i don’t have to cool myself.

Marius :There were no festivals and fireworks display in Germany either. Speaking of summer’s tradition, we usually having barbecue with family. The freshly baked steak and sausages was delicious! And then we went picnic at the woods or mountain. We have a passion for outdoor trips.

Okamoto: I also often went for camping. For schools abroad, the school term change just before the beginning of September, so it was fun to have no summer vacation’s homework.

Marius :Un, my teacher told me “let’s read a book until September” but we don’t need to do books report either.

Okamoto :We don’t need to join club activities at all. But there are kids that aiming to become professional athletes join the sports club. For me, holiday means to rest as much as I can!

Marius: I like Japan’s summer. Last year I made a yukata and joined the summer festivals with my siblings.

Okamoto: It’s great that we have interesting events during summer in Japan.

Hey Say Jump and Sexy Zone socialised story revealed!

Okamoto: before this interview you said “Please be nice to me” when you contacted me. Marius is really a good person.

Marius : No, no it’s not like that. Keito always taking care of me. For me, Hey Say JUMP is the 1st senior I dance at the back.

Okamoto: During our live when we sing “Arigatou Sekai Doko ni Ittemo” you shout “danke schoen”.

Marius: Oh yes. They make me come out during introduction corner for Jr comes from abroad.

Okamoto :I’m quite often socialised with Sexy Zone. There’s one day where Shori suddenly called me “Keito! It’s Shori. Can I come to you house today?”. We eat and he spend a night at my house and the next morning I send him to the work place.

Marius: You are so kind!!

Okamoto :before this, when I went for a meal with Kento, “Give me rosehip tea” i’m so surprised that he would order such stylish drinks. (laugh)

Marius: That’s so Kento. From our usual gentleman. I’m a boy, I can’t win him

Okamoto gentle advice for Marius when talk about his worries

Okamoto :Marius, when did you move from Germany to Japan?

Marius: On the same year when we debuted, in 2011. I was 11 years old that time, first of all it’s a little bit though as I couldn’t speak Japanese…

Okamoto : Being too quick to debut, you can’t really remember things on the first one or two years. Because I’m as well debuted as soon as i joined.

Marius : I can’t remember. I have been raised in Germany for 11 years, I have no idea what to do, I want a Japanese rule book (cry). I’m already 17 years old, I don’t want to others think I am lack of self reliance so I have to straighten up myself.

Okamoto: No, you are self-sufficient. Don’t worry. The day will come when you can adapt more with Japanese way of thinking and culture.

Marius: Being in German for quite long time the lifestyle and way of thinking was ingrained in me so when I tried to talk I have a feeling that i couldn’t convey it to everyone….what should I do?

Okamoto: For example, it’s fine if the way you thinking is different from the other member. As a group I think it’s good if each individu has their own way of thinking…so good luck!

Okamoto was impressed with Marius great value of knowledge!

Okamoto: The first day of new school terms, it pass quickly but there are some people who can’t make friends yet. When I’m in England, I was playing basketball alone until I could make any friends.

Marius: I am the type of who get along easily. But I can understand the feeling of worrying on how to get along with the classmates.

Okamoto: Marius is an active high school student.

Marius: 5 points in life that I keep in my memo’s mobile phone are, “be polite”, “to be grateful”, “to fulfill responsibility”, “to have knowledge” and “to speak the truth”. If I keep this Japan’s understanding, I can make friends more naturally.

Okamoto: That’s awesome. You have Japanese spirit more than a Japanese itself (laugh). I am not good at making friends so I can’t give an advice. Even though our group has 2 to 3 dressing rooms prepared for us, usually everyone will gather in one room, everyone will like “what are u doing yesterday?” and we are getting excited with our silly talks. It’s perfect that while we spend our times together we can become friends.

Marius Yo:

🌹Favourite fragrance: Rose. Using rose scents regularly for air humidifier and bath salts.
🌹Favourite stall food: Atsuatsu baby castella

Okamoto Keito:
🎸Favourite fragrance: recently like jasmine. The perfume smells refreshing.
🎸Favourite stall food: katanuki okashi.

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Dating percy would include

oh man oh man ive waited for this one percy is my Love i have lots of feelings about this

-wraps his arm around your waist a lot
-cute nicknames for you
-princess, babygirl, babydoll, angel, peach, sweetheart
-it’s too cute
-y'all have each other’s starbucks orders memorized
-not that it matters tho bc he always orders for you
-teasing each other during camp meetings
-up to you to decide what kind of teasing it is
-inevitably you get ejected from the meeting tho
-youre probably best friends with the stolls bc they help u prank percy
-honestly i can do a whole post on this boy and his kinks
-but may i just say
-daddy kink
-so many lil kisses throughout the day
-but he knows that in battle you can handle yourself
-not to mention you can kick his ass

Shiro/Takumi supports

[More uncle/nephew supports! This one is a little feelsy. It made my proofreader friend sad (but she’s emotional anyway). I made references to different paths, and I also touched on a common trait they had. I hope I did this well!]

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NCT Superpower AU: Chapter Twenty-One “How To Spend A Summer In Five Days”

Chapter Twenty-One “How To Spend A Summer In Five Days”

Ding Ding Ding! The final bell sounded throughout the halls and classrooms of Hyeon-Jeong high school, signaling the end of the school day and the start of summer vacation. Mark smiled to himself as he slung his bag over his shoulder. Summer…Finally. “Mark! Mark come on we have a summer to start wasting away!” He heard being called from the doorway of his classroom. He turned around and saw Jeno and Donghyuck smiling excitedly. He laughed as he headed towards them. “So what’s the plan for summer?” Mark asked as the trio walked out of the school. “Well, Jeno leaves for a dance training camp, and I leave for Jeju to visit family in five days, and you leave for Canada in two months.” Donghyuck explained to Mark. “So ultimately we have five days together before we all spilt up for the summer.” Mark said. “Yeah.” The two boys beside him said. “I can’t believe you leave a few days before Jeno and I get back and then come back only a week before school starts. That means I’m stuck with him foe two weeks without you.” Donghyuck complained. “Hey! Just because he’s your boyfriend doesn’t mean I’m not a part of this friend group.” Jeno shot back, causing the trio to erupt into laughter.

“So what are we going to do?” Mark asked. “I don’t know…just hang out I guess…None of us can drive. There’s nothing interesting coming to town until we leave, so we’re just stuck here. At least you get to leave the country.” Donghyuck grumbled. “Sorry I wasn’t born here.” Mark said with a laugh. “Well, we could always watch movies, I have both Avengers movies and Gaurdians of the Galaxy.” Jeno suggested. Mark and Donghyuck hummed in agreement. “But that’s something we could do tonight, we need more ideas.” Donghyuck said. “We could play badminton, or just walk around town?” Mark suggested, the other two groaned, “But it’s so hot outside.” Donghyuck whined. “Says the one who is going to Jeju in a week.” Mark teased. “We could play soccer and basketball too, oh and there’s a new mini golf place not too far from here!” Jeno suggested. “Yeah that sounds like fun!” Mark said. “Well I guess we have our five days of summer together planned out then. I’ll see you guys at my house in an hour.” Jeno said before walking up to his house, leaving Mark and Donghyuck still walking to their houses which were about five houses away.

And just like that their limited time together was spent, and they were left with one day to spend together. “Alright. It’s our last day together, so let’s do something fun. Let’s go play mini golf.” Donghyuck announced to the two boys sprawled out on his bedroom floor in front of him. “Alright.” Mark said, getting up mfrom where he was. “Hey wait for me.” Jeno said, following behind them. The trio arrived at the fun comic book and grunge themed mini golf course and were greeted by a very tall young man with jet black hair and navy blue undertones. He looked up at them once the bell above the door had rung signaling the arrival of customers, and he smiled at the three teens. “Hey! Welcome to Limitless mini golf, my name’s Johnny, how can I help you?” He asked brightly. Mark spoke up for the three of them, “Uh, we’d like to play a round of mini golf please.” He said awkwardly. “Regular medium or difficult?” Johnny asked. “Um we’ve never been here before so what do you suggest?” Mark replied. Johnny laughed lightly, “I’ll set you up for the medium course, that’ll be 5000 won each.” Johnny said. Each of them handed him a 5000 won note, “Thank you, go ahead and grab a putter and a golf ball from the wall over there, and it’s going to be the first path on your right after you go through those doors.” Johnny explained to them, pointing to the set of glass doors a few feet from the resister booth he was stationed at that led outside to the different mini golf courses. “Thank you.” The three of them said in unison. Johnny smiled, “Alright, let me know if you need anything.” He said before returning back to the book he had next to him on the counter.

The trio had been playing through the mini golf course for the past forty-five minutes, laughing the entire time at how bad they all were. “I don’t even know where that went.” Jeno said after he whacked his ball into oblivion. “Well you better find it or another one because I’m not going and getting another one.” Donghyuck grumbled. “At least he didn’t hit his ball into the water on the first hole.” Mark laughed teasing Donghyuck. “You’re never going to let me live that down huh.” Donghyuck glared at him playfully. “Nope.” Mark and Jeno chorused. They continued to play through the course until the sun had set and the had reached the last hole. In the end Mark ended up winning since he was more careful with the strength of his swing, but the important part was they had fun. “Well, did you guys have fun?” Johnny asked them as they walked back into the small building that housed the putters, golf balls, a few vending machines, and the register booth. “Yeah it was a lot of fun.” Donghyuck said. Johnny smiled at them, “That’s good to hear, just hand me your putters, I’ll put them back.” He said holding out his hand to take the three putters from them. They thanked him and handed him their putters. “Alright well I’m happy you had fun, and I hope you come back again.” Johnny said before waving to the teens. They waved back and left the little shop and started heading back to their houses.

The trio stopped in front of Jeno’s driveway, “Well, I’ve got to go pack for a two month dance training camp, and I haven’t even started.” Jeno said. “Yeah I need to pack too…” Donghyuck said. “Hey it’s only two months! And we can Skype and call each other, plus I’ll see you guys off in the morning.” Mark said. They nodded, Mark patted them both on the shoulder, “Alright, get to packing you two, I’ll see you in the morning before you both leave.” Mark said before heading towards his own house.

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If that is where they end the season, RIP me. I can't handle the feeeels. Hearing Nobuhiko perform Bakugou during Deku v Baku is going to wreck me. (Just like him performing the end of Todo v Baku and the final exams did).

Anon said: Tbh I rlly hope you’re right ab the season ending with “dekuVSKacchan2” bc that means we’ll get to see the dorm rooms tour too!!! ( more like *throws positivity @u and that anon* )

That’s where I think it’ll end for a matter of number of chapters vs number of episodes count (as in, the amount of chapters covered in season two is equal to the amount of chapters that go from the beginning of the camp arc to Deku vs Kacchan 2, so if season three is also ~25 episodes long we should end there)

I am nearly sure we will get the rooms, tho! So that’s definitely something to look forward to, I can’t wait to see that! (also the license exam and my Denki being cool and also Inasa, can’t wait to see all of those happen too) And yeah, if we do get to Dk vs Kcchn 2 the voice acting is gonna straight out slay me, Baku’s va is too good for my wellbeing he kills me way too often ;; and I live for it god bless

sometimes it feels like life is stale and there’s nothing to look forward to but that’s when you start looking forward to little things… like going back to work after too many days off and seeing your favorite coworkers or something like new years, a movie coming out, getting to eat that ice cream when u get home.. for me its video games because i bought myself deadpool, shadow of war, and pokemon ultra moon and im not letting myself play them until xmas and im excited? or waiting for the new time shift in pocket camp so u can do more requests and upgrade your camp……

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Em, you beautiful person, is there a chance you have punk!Annabeth headcanons? Also maybe girly!Percy? ❤


ur speaking my language now, i realize this is supposed to be au probably and hmu later for more but for now

  • annabeth is a punk
  • seriously like she bucks the system and breaks the rules any chance she gets
  • “annabeth you can’t bring four people on a quest” “fuckall i can’t they’re coming with me”
  • “annabeth you can’t drink liquid fire” “um maybe you can’t but i can because i’m metal as fuck”
  • “annabeth…… it’s after hours…… i’m Innocent and Rule Abiding, you can’t come into my cabin and corrupt me” “lmao u afraid of a lil baseball bat listen my fists are way more lethal than coaches’ bat”
  • decks matt sloan
  • literally runs away from home and lives on the streets
  • drops out of school
  • annabeth “i piggyback ride furies” chase
  • has a throwdown in the parking lot with people who are playing their music too loud until they leave
  • “no way i’m gonna stay put in this camp while tantalus and dionysus are running things, fuck the system bro let’s go on an illegal quest”
  • annabeth, sniffling angrily: “i am too Hardcore to get all weepy and sweet i now must judo flip my boyfriend onto the ground to maintain my Image”
  • annabeth “sorry, you must be at least a level four friend to unlock my tragic backstory” chase
  • doesn’t let people get close to her because she has trust issues
  • in conclusion
jackalopse replied to your post “I used to be One Of Those Horse Girls, but my brain can’t make the…”

hey rags I also, have a horse and know about confirmation, if u ever so need,

:OOO damn, i had no idea you had a horse too! that’s so crazy! thank you for offering, she ended up going to bed before she answered my question, but i think i figured it out.

you know how horses sometimes square up to rest, and their front legs naturally kick out a little from the forequarter? i think that’s called being camped-out around where i’m from, so i have my pick-on term now lol.

Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Chances Are
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: AsaNoya
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Chapter Word Count: 10K
Total Word Count: 41.5K
Summary: Mind-boggled” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Nishinoya feels in the aftermath of Asahi’s post-graduation parting gift. But after a few mishaps, he begins to wonder if he’s missed the opportunity to find out the what ifs or if there’s really such a thing as second chances.
Chapter Summary: Asahi’s absence has Noya coming to terms with a few things while Tanaka tries to wrestle with some demons of his own.
A/N: I really should stop kidding myself with the 5K word count aspirations. haha

On AO3

Multichapter || Previous chapters || Ch6

Sent To: asahi
[text]: just wanted to make sure u were ok
[text]: kinda gettin worried
[text]: yeah ok um
[text]: let me know yeah?

Noya stares at his phone, eyebrows pinched together in concentration, wondering if he can somehow play some kind of Jedi mind trick on the device or Asahi or both. But the phone remains quiet. No beeps to indicate a new message, no sudden blare of music to alert him to a call coming through. Nothing, same as the last twenty-four hours. 

And it’s driving him up a wall. 

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Camp counsellor AU where Steve is that dick that hides in the bushes to scare the kids during ghost stories and when everyone is engrossed in a story he jumps out scaring everyone, especially Bucky who didn't know Steve was going to do that, and whilst at the time Bucky laughed it off he ends up too scared to sleep which results in Steve having to cuddle him and occasionally kiss his forehead to make sure Buck feels safe enough to fall asleep

Me to my sister: can u stop i s2g
My sister: idk what ur talking about it wasn’t me
My sister:…u better answer it tho, even tho it wasn’t me

The conversation that happened immediately after me receiving this message