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A/N: After 1x07 I typed out a quick little text post (which you can read here) and it inspired me to make it a full-fledged fic about Jughead moving in with Fred & Archie. Hopefully this will help pass a little time until the new episode. Almost 5k words of Bughead fluff. Enjoy!

just looking for something (something like home)

He moves in with the Andrews men early on a Saturday morning.

Not that he could really call it moving in considering his entire life fits into a backpack but at least he’s got a room to call his own.

The basement, to be exact.

Fred sets up a cot in the corner, near boxes of Christmas decorations (he’s pretty sure those haven’t been touched since Archie’s mom left) and old rusty tools and lawn equipment. He sets his backpack on a rickety tool bench but doesn’t move to unpack.

“Sorry it’s so cold down here,” Fred is saying as he throws a fitted flannel sheet over the cot’s mattress. “We’ll get you a space heater or something before winter comes.”

“Alright,” Jughead says although he’s not really paying attention. It’s not that he’s not grateful for Fred’s generosity, he is but he can’t help but think about his dad at home alone. Probably drunk, even though he promised to get his act together.

Just a month, maybe two.

Not a chance in hell.

Jughead is glad Archie is at football practice because there’s a question on the tip of his tongue that he’s a little embarrassed to ask.

“Just curious,” he starts but his voice shakes a little and his hands are sweating. He runs them down the front of his pants and clears his throat. “Is there a uh… um…a girl policy?”

Judging from Fred’s expression he’s just as surprised Jughead asked as he is.

“A girl policy,” Fred repeats. “Well, Archie has girls over but they usually keep the door open. And no sleepovers.”

Jughead laughs and holds up his hands. “Yeah, of course. That’s not really what I was talking about. More just…in general.”

Fred gives him a knowing smile and it makes him want to melt into the hard concrete floor under his feet.

“Betty is more than welcome in this house whenever she wants. She always has been and that won’t change just because you’re dating.”


What a foreign concept. It’s something he’s still getting used to, if he’s being honest. He’s never had a real girlfriend before and he’s not even sure he knows how to be a boyfriend.

Then again, Betty kissed him after he walked her home so he’s hoping that means he’s doing alright so far.

“Great,” he says a little too enthusiastically and he blushes a little when Fred grins. “Thanks, I mean. Betty is…”

“A great girl,” Fred finishes and Jughead nods. “You’re a lucky guy, Jug.”

He just laughs and shakes his head because that is a statement that is so unfairly untrue that if he didn’t laugh about it he’d probably cry.

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NICOLA JUNE 2017 Volume 6 Summer's Overseas: Okamoto Keito x Marius Yo

Hello! I take unusual longer time to translate this. I’m so busy these past few days with my personal life 😂 (but you can see me a lot at twitter lol).

Here we go. Please credit back to me if you want to repost this. And please correct me if u found any mistake. Thank you!

Barbecue and camping is a routine when summer’s come!

Okamoto :In Japan there are sea bathing, summer festival, fireworks festival and special events that only have in summer but in England, there are no such cultures. The summer’s temperature there is around 17, 18 degree and not too hot, i don’t have to cool myself.

Marius :There were no festivals and fireworks display in Germany either. Speaking of summer’s tradition, we usually having barbecue with family. The freshly baked steak and sausages was delicious! And then we went picnic at the woods or mountain. We have a passion for outdoor trips.

Okamoto: I also often went for camping. For schools abroad, the school term change just before the beginning of September, so it was fun to have no summer vacation’s homework.

Marius :Un, my teacher told me “let’s read a book until September” but we don’t need to do books report either.

Okamoto :We don’t need to join club activities at all. But there are kids that aiming to become professional athletes join the sports club. For me, holiday means to rest as much as I can!

Marius: I like Japan’s summer. Last year I made a yukata and joined the summer festivals with my siblings.

Okamoto: It’s great that we have interesting events during summer in Japan.

Hey Say Jump and Sexy Zone socialised story revealed!

Okamoto: before this interview you said “Please be nice to me” when you contacted me. Marius is really a good person.

Marius : No, no it’s not like that. Keito always taking care of me. For me, Hey Say JUMP is the 1st senior I dance at the back.

Okamoto: During our live when we sing “Arigatou Sekai Doko ni Ittemo” you shout “danke schoen”.

Marius: Oh yes. They make me come out during introduction corner for Jr comes from abroad.

Okamoto :I’m quite often socialised with Sexy Zone. There’s one day where Shori suddenly called me “Keito! It’s Shori. Can I come to you house today?”. We eat and he spend a night at my house and the next morning I send him to the work place.

Marius: You are so kind!!

Okamoto :before this, when I went for a meal with Kento, “Give me rosehip tea” i’m so surprised that he would order such stylish drinks. (laugh)

Marius: That’s so Kento. From our usual gentleman. I’m a boy, I can’t win him

Okamoto gentle advice for Marius when talk about his worries

Okamoto :Marius, when did you move from Germany to Japan?

Marius: On the same year when we debuted, in 2011. I was 11 years old that time, first of all it’s a little bit though as I couldn’t speak Japanese…

Okamoto : Being too quick to debut, you can’t really remember things on the first one or two years. Because I’m as well debuted as soon as i joined.

Marius : I can’t remember. I have been raised in Germany for 11 years, I have no idea what to do, I want a Japanese rule book (cry). I’m already 17 years old, I don’t want to others think I am lack of self reliance so I have to straighten up myself.

Okamoto: No, you are self-sufficient. Don’t worry. The day will come when you can adapt more with Japanese way of thinking and culture.

Marius: Being in German for quite long time the lifestyle and way of thinking was ingrained in me so when I tried to talk I have a feeling that i couldn’t convey it to everyone….what should I do?

Okamoto: For example, it’s fine if the way you thinking is different from the other member. As a group I think it’s good if each individu has their own way of thinking…so good luck!

Okamoto was impressed with Marius great value of knowledge!

Okamoto: The first day of new school terms, it pass quickly but there are some people who can’t make friends yet. When I’m in England, I was playing basketball alone until I could make any friends.

Marius: I am the type of who get along easily. But I can understand the feeling of worrying on how to get along with the classmates.

Okamoto: Marius is an active high school student.

Marius: 5 points in life that I keep in my memo’s mobile phone are, “be polite”, “to be grateful”, “to fulfill responsibility”, “to have knowledge” and “to speak the truth”. If I keep this Japan’s understanding, I can make friends more naturally.

Okamoto: That’s awesome. You have Japanese spirit more than a Japanese itself (laugh). I am not good at making friends so I can’t give an advice. Even though our group has 2 to 3 dressing rooms prepared for us, usually everyone will gather in one room, everyone will like “what are u doing yesterday?” and we are getting excited with our silly talks. It’s perfect that while we spend our times together we can become friends.

Marius Yo:

🌹Favourite fragrance: Rose. Using rose scents regularly for air humidifier and bath salts.
🌹Favourite stall food: Atsuatsu baby castella

Okamoto Keito:
🎸Favourite fragrance: recently like jasmine. The perfume smells refreshing.
🎸Favourite stall food: katanuki okashi.

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Dating percy would include

oh man oh man ive waited for this one percy is my Love i have lots of feelings about this

-wraps his arm around your waist a lot
-cute nicknames for you
-princess, babygirl, babydoll, angel, peach, sweetheart
-it’s too cute
-y'all have each other’s starbucks orders memorized
-not that it matters tho bc he always orders for you
-teasing each other during camp meetings
-up to you to decide what kind of teasing it is
-inevitably you get ejected from the meeting tho
-youre probably best friends with the stolls bc they help u prank percy
-honestly i can do a whole post on this boy and his kinks
-but may i just say
-daddy kink
-so many lil kisses throughout the day
-but he knows that in battle you can handle yourself
-not to mention you can kick his ass

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hey bean what are you doing this summer? past summers ive always gone to academic camps for weeks at a time or worked the whole time and this summer (i just graduated high school too and am going to uw madison in the fall) i have... nothing.... like literally nothing going on and it's been years since that happened so im going crazy!

im going on a mexico business (if u can call it that) trip later this this week and im so EXCITED ! im going to mexico a little later with my family. And then i dont really have a place to stay in july but i really want to do a roadtrip up north through california to san fran but i dont know who’d go with me

Shiro/Takumi supports

[More uncle/nephew supports! This one is a little feelsy. It made my proofreader friend sad (but she’s emotional anyway). I made references to different paths, and I also touched on a common trait they had. I hope I did this well!]

C support:

Shiro: All right, that’s 6 fish down!

Spear fishing is what these things were made for.

Takumi: Shiro, what are you doing out here?

Shiro: Oh, hey. You’re one of my uncles, aren’t you?

Or maybe my only uncle, I can’t keep up.

Takumi, right?

Takumi: Yes.

Shiro: Wow, you’re younger than I thought.

You have such a baby face!

Takumi: Hey! Not everyone grows that fast, we can’t all be like you and your father.

I don’t want my nephew to tell me I look young.

Shiro: I’m just funning with you, man.

Anyway, I’m out here spear fishing. Gonna grill these babies once I catch a few more.

You up to join? I’ve got a couple more if you know how to use a spear.

Takumi: Why wouldn’t I know how to use a spear?

Royals get taught how to use all the weapons we can get our hands until we have a preference for one.

Shiro: Really? I wouldn’t know.

Takumi: Oh. Right.


Shiro: Eh, no harm done.

So, Unc, are you going to accept my invitation or do you have other plans?

Takumi: Sure, I’ll join you. I want to try with my bow, instead.

Shiro: Oh yeah, you’ve got that fancy holy bow.

Sure, if you’ve got the eye for it, go for it.

I’d be pretty damn impressed!

Takumi: Well then, prepare to be blown away.

B support:

Shiro: Awright! We got a hell of a haul! The whole camp can have some at this rate.

Thanks for deciding to help out, Unc.

Takumi: No problem. I actually had fun.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been spear fishing. I usually just settle for hunting with a bow.

Shiro: Well, I’m happy you got to try it again.

Feels good to go do this with family, too.

…At least I have some kind of parental figure.

Takumi: Shiro?

Shiro: Nah, just talking to myself.

We’re going to have to grill these soon before–

Takumi: What did you mean by what you said?

The parental figure thing.

Shiro: Look, it’s not important.

Just a slip up, that’s all.

Takumi: Hey, I’m not going to let you be stubborn too.

Lemme guess, you feel like Ryoma is neglecting you as a father so he can be a ruler.

And because you don’t feel like the most important or even the second most important thing to him, you resent him for it.

Shiro: U-um, kinda?

Why the hell are you so close?

Takumi: You think you’re the first one to feel neglected in this family?

Because you aren’t.

Shiro: Geez, I think I’ve hit a sore spot.

Sorry, Unc.

Takumi: I don’t want to talk about it.

Let’s just take all these fish to camp.

Shiro: Yeah…ok.

A support:

Shiro: Hey, uh, Uncle Takumi.

Takumi: Yes, what is it?

Shiro: I’m sorry about last time. For a few reasons.

Mostly because I made you upset.

Takumi: It’s all right, seriously.

I was just telling you that I know how you feel.

I don’t want you to end up like me. I’ve let the pain from the feeling of neglect consume me.

It’s gotten really bad before.

So while it’s still a pretty new feeling, you should talk to your father. Tell him what’s wrong.

It’ll help. Trust me.

Shiro: It’s not a new feeling, though!

I just got thrust into being a royal! No one ever told me.

He didn’t bother telling me in his few visits that I’m the next heir to the throne.

That stuff’s kinda important, don’t ya think?

Takumi: That is true, but still.

Now that you know, you should still talk to him.

He’s not going to understand how you feel if you don’t say anything.

It took years but I finally told my siblings how I felt. After the mess with [Avatar] settled, things started to look up.

If I had gone down a different path, who knows what would have happened to me…

Shiro: Man, that’s heavy.

Maybe I really should talk to my old man. It’ll help.

Though for what it’s worth, I think you’re pretty all right.

Takumi: Huh?

Shiro: It’s just nice to have someone who understands.

Even if it is my younger-than-me uncle.

Takumi: Hey, you’re lucky I’m here with you.

I’m trying to be a good uncle here.

Shiro: I’d say you’re doing pretty good.

Takumi: I see you trying to butter me up.

It’s kind of working.

Shiro: Since we’ve got all the heavy stuff out of the way, hows about we go find Pops and get this talk going?

Takumi: Sure thing.

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Em, you beautiful person, is there a chance you have punk!Annabeth headcanons? Also maybe girly!Percy? ❤


ur speaking my language now, i realize this is supposed to be au probably and hmu later for more but for now

  • annabeth is a punk
  • seriously like she bucks the system and breaks the rules any chance she gets
  • “annabeth you can’t bring four people on a quest” “fuckall i can’t they’re coming with me”
  • “annabeth you can’t drink liquid fire” “um maybe you can’t but i can because i’m metal as fuck”
  • “annabeth…… it’s after hours…… i’m Innocent and Rule Abiding, you can’t come into my cabin and corrupt me” “lmao u afraid of a lil baseball bat listen my fists are way more lethal than coaches’ bat”
  • decks matt sloan
  • literally runs away from home and lives on the streets
  • drops out of school
  • annabeth “i piggyback ride furies” chase
  • has a throwdown in the parking lot with people who are playing their music too loud until they leave
  • “no way i’m gonna stay put in this camp while tantalus and dionysus are running things, fuck the system bro let’s go on an illegal quest”
  • annabeth, sniffling angrily: “i am too Hardcore to get all weepy and sweet i now must judo flip my boyfriend onto the ground to maintain my Image”
  • annabeth “sorry, you must be at least a level four friend to unlock my tragic backstory” chase
  • doesn’t let people get close to her because she has trust issues
  • in conclusion
The 100 S2E4 Many Happy Returns Recap
  • Sandperson: What a great day for walking in the desert hOLYSHIT
  • Jaha: *lies on the ground facedown*
  • (back to the important ones)
  • Clarke: Let's just be friends
  • Anya: #sonothappening
  • (finn's mental breakdown)
  • Finn: God i am so fulL OF EMOTIONS
  • Bellamy: Take a chill pill bro
  • Coolbraid: Guys look dead people
  • All: Oh
  • Finn: We so look like a boyband right now
  • Bellamy: Was that a noise
  • Finn: Let's leave her
  • Bellamy: Too dark man, too dark
  • (adult camp)
  • Raven: *is amazing*
  • (newww yorkkkk)
  • Small sand friend: sdfj eifwu sido
  • Jaha: No speaka de engles?
  • Small sand person: here's water
  • Jaha: We bros
  • Small sand person (Zoran apparently)'s mom: NOT BROS
  • (the anya & clarke show)
  • Anya: Gurl you need a shower
  • Clarke: Sorry I skipped spa day ya know
  • (at the cliffwall)
  • Redshirt: I've got you
  • Plot twist: Thanks bro
  • Redshirt: *falls to death*
  • Plot twist: Not helpful
  • Bellamy: Let's SAVE HER
  • Finn: You wanting to save people is so not helping my new bad boy image
  • (sandy sand land)
  • Jaha: Who are you
  • Sienna: I am yet another badass female character who doesn't have time for your mess
  • Jaha: Respect
  • (at camp cool)
  • Wick: I found helium
  • Raven: What a lame-o
  • Wick: So am I just supposed to ignore out sexual tension
  • Raven: Yeah basically
  • (bff bonding time)
  • Clarke: Lemmie help remove yo' tracker girl
  • Anya: *bites own tracker off*
  • Clarke: Gross
  • (down the wall)
  • Bellamy: I gotcha girl hold onto me
  • Plot twist: I CAN'T
  • Everyone watching ever: I CAN
  • (science bros)
  • Raven: *science*
  • Wick: *more science*
  • Raven: I'm not ADMITTING that I can't do this but like I can't
  • Wick: Let's be pals
  • Raven: No
  • (at the cavern)
  • Finn: They're gonna fall
  • Murphy: NO THEY'RE NOT
  • Bellamy: YEAH I'M WITH HIM
  • Finn, Murphy & Coolbraids: *saves them*
  • Bellamy: *intense eye contact thank you with murphy
  • Murphy: same
  • Octavia: GUYS
  • Bellamy: OCTAVIA
  • (damn engineers)
  • Raven: This sucks
  • Wick: Yeah, but you're a genius?? So be a genius
  • Raven: Damn
  • Wick: I know right
  • Raven: And your brace is pretty cool
  • Wick: I know right
  • (sandy sandy landy)
  • Jaha: You're amazing, just the way u are
  • Zoran: Thanks man
  • Jaha: Now you can play chess
  • Zoran: Uhm
  • (outta the woods)
  • Clarke: Lemmie get you a clean towel?
  • Anya: Actually that'd be really-
  • Clarke: PSYCH
  • (new york citay)
  • Jaha: look a chess boar-
  • Zoran: NO YOU HAVE TO GO
  • Jaha: WHAT
  • (cliff of despair)
  • Murphy: Where's Lincoln
  • Murphy: Why's Octavia here
  • Murphy: She has great hair tho
  • Bellamy: True
  • Finn: Let's split up
  • Bellamy: Agreed
  • (clarke's camp)
  • Clarke: Where the hell is everyone?
  • Clarke: Too bad I win buh-bye wAIT WHAT'S THAT
  • (at camp ravenwick)
  • Wick: Great job
  • Raven: Duh
  • Sargent mean-face: JK no beacon
  • (sand castles in the sand)
  • Sienna: I sold you out but it had to happen
  • Jaha: I feel that and still respect you
  • (best friend bonding time)
  • Clarke: mY PEOPLE
  • Anya: Actually yeah we're kinda friends now
  • Clarke: Love you man, go back to yo' people
  • Anya: Thanks best bud, bye
  • Anya: bye
  • Anya: *gets shot*
  • Clarke: WAIT NO ANYA
  • Anya: We were... best friends forever
  • Anya: Apparently
  • Clarke: I have WORDS for my people
  • -to be continued-

Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Chances Are
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: AsaNoya
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Chapter Word Count: 10K
Total Word Count: 41.5K
Summary: Mind-boggled” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Nishinoya feels in the aftermath of Asahi’s post-graduation parting gift. But after a few mishaps, he begins to wonder if he’s missed the opportunity to find out the what ifs or if there’s really such a thing as second chances.
Chapter Summary: Asahi’s absence has Noya coming to terms with a few things while Tanaka tries to wrestle with some demons of his own.
A/N: I really should stop kidding myself with the 5K word count aspirations. haha

On AO3

Multichapter || Previous chapters || Ch6

Sent To: asahi
[text]: just wanted to make sure u were ok
[text]: kinda gettin worried
[text]: yeah ok um
[text]: let me know yeah?

Noya stares at his phone, eyebrows pinched together in concentration, wondering if he can somehow play some kind of Jedi mind trick on the device or Asahi or both. But the phone remains quiet. No beeps to indicate a new message, no sudden blare of music to alert him to a call coming through. Nothing, same as the last twenty-four hours. 

And it’s driving him up a wall. 

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Camp counsellor AU where Steve is that dick that hides in the bushes to scare the kids during ghost stories and when everyone is engrossed in a story he jumps out scaring everyone, especially Bucky who didn't know Steve was going to do that, and whilst at the time Bucky laughed it off he ends up too scared to sleep which results in Steve having to cuddle him and occasionally kiss his forehead to make sure Buck feels safe enough to fall asleep

Me to my sister: can u stop i s2g
My sister: idk what ur talking about it wasn’t me
My sister:…u better answer it tho, even tho it wasn’t me

The conversation that happened immediately after me receiving this message