can i go back to korea please :(

My 2017 trip to South Korea

Hello! I went to South Korea from Dec 29-Jan 6 about a week or so! I was so nervous to go even though I’ve seen positive experiences with Black women going, I was still nervous about visiting.

But I won’t talk much but just say my experience was beyond my expectations! I met too many cool people who were genuinely curious about Black people, like how do you do your hair like that? (I had curly/ long natural hair style). How do you stay so fit? How did you learn Korean? How do you say this or that in English? Your lips are so pretty, women would stare at my lips and say how they wish they had lips like mine. People would at times ask to take pictures with us, I was with 2 White girls and 1 Black girl and they were asking my White friends to take the pictures for them, We’re still laughing about that. But it didn’t bother her, she thought it was so nice that they were all over us and giving us a lot of love out of kindness. I had some even tell me they wish they had gorgeous glowing skin like mine instead of being pale, I was so shocked because most of the Korean beauty standards is to have pale skin.

Now I know you all probably wondering about the men right? I was curious about the clubbing scene so we did visit some clubs! Girl when I tell you when we walked up in there me and my other BFF whose Black (the other girls didn’t want to go). It was like in slow motion! Like the movies, a lottttt of staring at us mostly from the men, some of them are so bold! And the other half just stare wanting to come up and talk to us, but they be thirsty too! Some just want to like kiss and dance and some really want you to be his wife, for real! I’ve gotten numbers and I was curious to ask if they wish they had more Black people in Korea and their eyes would get so wide and they would say yes yes yes! Or ask me to move here please so we can hang out aww.

It was a quick trip but I’m hoping we can go back again this year. That’s how much fun we had! If anyone here is planning on going, do it! You’d enjoy it. It’s even prettier in the Spring/Summer time though especially with the food vendors. That’s what I want to do next time.



Can you do a text scenario with Hoseok where they’re doing overseas promotions and you’re still in Korea, but you manage to end up in the hospital with a broken leg?

“I love you to hobi 💞”

“I’m not going to be home for some time but until I get back please be more careful”

“I know, I will”

Hope you liked it ☺
Much love~


If ya’ll are complaining about not getting good seats for SHINee and therefore wont go…can i kindly remind you USA venues SM is using for SHINee average only 3-7 THOUSAND seats…and in places like Korea Or Japan they have arenas like this where SHINee will be a dot to them..and yet EVERY SEAT is taken…its about supporting our boys no matter where we sit. Lets please go to events if possible.. and show our love to SHINee. 

Home Again| 18

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-Jay’s POV-

“She’s so cute! Seulgi! Look over here!” Jessi screamed. We all went out for pizza and the guys invited Jessi, Flowsik, and Swings. Jessi had Seulgi by the cheeks.

“Yah! Jessi don’t squeeze the life out of my child!” “Sorry it’s just she’s so adorable! Seulgi-ah, what’s my name?” Jessi asked. “Hyun ju unni.” She answered. A smile appeared on my face seeing Seulgi happy. I want to be there for her. I know I fucked up in the past. I know I wasn’t there when she was born, when she said her first words, both Korean and English. I wasn’t there when, Y/N taught her English and Korean. I wasn’t there when she took her first steps. But I can’t miss anymore moments. I need to be there for her. She’s still young. I can baby her for 11 more years. I want to be a father. I want to be her father. And I’ll do anything that’s necessary for me to be in her life. 

-Y/N’s POV-

I ran around downtown Seoul three times. I was tired but I can’t stop looking. She could be out there, unprotected, not safe. She could be- Stop it, Y/N! Get yourself together! You’re very strong. You can do this. Just don’t picture the bad. Just picture the good. Just picture being back in the states. Being there with Seulgi wrapped tightly in your arms. Everything will be okay. You’ll be fine. It’ll get better. Just be calm. Calm down and relax a bit. I took a deep breath in and let it out. I rushed back home and began to call people I knew around here and asked if they saw her. 

Every one of them said no. I dropped to my knees and began to sob as I realized I can’t find her. There’s no point in calling the police. They won’t help. I just know it. Could she be with Jay? No no no. They don’t know each other well. I doubt she would ever go with him. The only thing she knows about him is his name and that he’s her father. Nothing else. So there’s no way. Where could she be? She doesn’t even know a lot of places in Seoul! I hope she’s okay. I can’t live if something bad ever happen to here. 

-Jay’s POV-

We spent the whole day together. After the pizza, Seulgi and I went to see three different movies at the cinema. They were all so long, I couldn’t even believe it. They were all animated movies. Her eyes were glued to the screen to the whole time. Except the last 30 minutes of the third movie. She fell asleep in my lap. I didn’t want to take her home. I wanted her to stay with me, but I can’t do that. Y/N’s probably worried sick about her. I have to bring her home. I don’t want any more trouble with Y/N. I carried her out of the cinema and and began to walk toward Steph’s apartment. “Daddy! I don’t want to go home yet. Mommy is just going to call you names and blame you for everything wrong in her life. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t believe her. I want to stay with you! She’ll make me move back to the states.” 

She’s moving back to the states? “Seulgi, when is your mom moving back?” “I don’t know. She hasn’t said yet. She and Aunt Steph were arguing about it earlier.” I sighed and mentally cursed myself. 

“Daddy? You won’t let her take me back, right?” “No, honey. I won’t. You’ll stay right here in Seoul. But Daddy needs to talk to Y/N- I mean your Mommy. Okay?” She nodded. She put her head back on my shoulder and closed her eyes. “Go to sleep right now. You’ll be home in a few minutes.” She hummed in agreement. I continued walking to Steph’s apartment. 

Once I got to the doorstep, I could hear the faint sobbing of someone. It’s probably, Y/N. I wouldn’t blame her for crying right now. She thinks Seulgi is lost when she’s right here. I knocked on the door twice and waited for it to open. 

-Y/N’s POV-

I heard the knocking at the door. Maybe it’s someone who heard my sobbing. I stood up on my own two feet and walked to the door. I unlocked and opened it. I looked up and saw, him holding her. Before I could say anything he cut me off. “Can I put her to bed?” He asked. I moved out of the way and let him in. “Down the hall, second door to the right.” I added and he nodded. I followed him down the hall and watched him lay her down on her bed, but she wouldn’t let go.

“Daddy! Don’t go! Stay with me tonight!” 

Did she call him, daddy? “Princess, you know I can’t do that. Maybe next time.” He explained. She folded her arms and stuck out her bottom lip. “Don’t you pout! Either way you are as cute as ever. Stop pouting or I’ll tickle you.” “No! Anything but tickles!” 

His hands went directly to her sides and started their tickling attack. I didn’t know how I was feeling. It was mixture of sadness, confusion, and…happiness. “DADDY STOP! I’LL STOP POUTING! JUST STOP THE TICKLES!” His hands quickly stopped and went to his side. 

“And be a good girl for your mommy. She does a lot for you. No more running away. Give me mommy’s phone.” 

“No! I want to keep it!” She resisted. 

“Do you want more tickles?” He asked. 

“No daddy.” She said reaching into her pocket and pulling out, my phone. She she really did take it. 

“Good girl.” He added standing up. He glanced over to me then back at her. “I have to get going now. Good night, honey. Sweet dreams.” He kissed the top of her forehead. I couldn’t take it. I walked back into the living room and began to pace. 

“I brought her back. I’m just glad she’s safe. Here’s your phone. Please don’t be mad at her, it’s my fault. If I would have stopped you all those years ago. Things would be different. I don’t blame you for wanting to hide her from me. I’m gonna get going.” He handed me my phone and opened the front door. 

“Jay wait!” 


“Stay with her. She really wants you to. I don’t mind.” I looked down. I couldn’t look at him. “If you would like me to leave I can. I don’t want to stay to make you uncomfortable in your own home. But let me tell you something. Don’t move back to the states. I really really don’t want you to go back. Things have changed for me. I want them to stay like this. I want to be in her life. I want to be her father. Not some replace you find in the states. Think about your choices here. Seulgi doesn’t want to leave Korea, please don’t make her. I’ll get going. Have a nice night, Y/N.” 

He opened the door, walked out and closed it behind him. “Daddy?” Seulgi called out. I walked to her room. “He left. I had other stuff to do.” 

“You’re lying! He told me he had everything finished! Why can’t he just be here?” 

“Seulgi, I’m sorry but-” 

“But what?! Why can’t you just love him like he loves you?!” She screamed at me. “Do you know how much it hurts to see your face when I know what I did to him?!” 

I covered my mouth and realized what I said. I rushed out of her room and closed the door. I didn’t mean to snap like that. I’m a terrible mother. I walked into the living room and slumped on the couch. 

Am I the bad guy here? Should I be the one apologizing? I heard my phone go off. Who’s calling? Now is not a good time. I grabbed it and saw the caller ID. Mom?


“My little Y/N. How’s Korea? Why do you sound sad?”

“I don’t know what to do Mom.” I said trying to hold in my sobs. 

“Sweetheart are you crying? Did Stephanie say something?” She asked. “Am I a bad mother?” 

“What?! No! No! You’re a good mother. Who told you weren’t? Do I need to come to Korea? You know I will.”

“I know you will, but everything’s okay. I got in under control.” I lied. “Okay, well don’t answer the phone crying next time. Or I will take the next flight to Seoul, okay?” 

“Yes Mom. I love you. Bye.” I hung up and wiped away the tears that had almost escaped. 

I am the bad guy. 

It’s been a hella long time since one of these were released into the world. How was it? Sorry for any mistakes. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading. 

Just something random lol enjoy(?)

“Jungkook-ah!” I whined as I stared at my phone as the FaceTime call was connecting. “Why is it still connecting? Ugh, this is so irritating!”
I bit my lower lip as I watched the screen, waiting for my boyfriend Jungkook’s face to appear on the screen. I had to leave to my next class soon and I wanted to see him, I was feeling homesick.
I left Korea to study back home in the states, I was in my 3rd year at the University of Azusa. I just needed one more year and I can go back home to Seoul and be with my boys.
My phone beeped and I noticed the call dropped.
“Don’t do this to me please.” I begged to my phone as I clicked the ‘call back’ button.
A couple seconds later and I see the words 'connecting’ once again.
“Please please please…” I whispered as I silently prayed.
“Y/N!” Jungkook’s smiling face finally showed.
“KOOKIE!” I screamed, catching the attentions of other school mates walking by. “Oh baby I’ve missed you so much!”
Jungkook chuckled, “I’ve missed you too, how are you? How’s school going?”
“Good good, everything’s good,” I wiped away the unshed tears. “I’m ready to go home. I miss you and the guys so much.”
“We miss you too,” he said as he adjusted to lean on his side on the couch. “Jimin and V miss their best friend.”
I smiled at that, “I miss them too, and Namjoon oppa, Yoongi oppa, Hoseok oppa and Jin oppa.”
“Y/N!!!!” I heard the rest of the boys scream my name in the background.
I laughed as I saw V jump on top of Jungkook, “Tae oppa, please be careful.”
“Aw, are you worried I’ll get hurt?” V asked.
I shook my head, “No, I just don’t want you to hurt Jungkookie.”
V’s smirk turned into a scowl as he removed himself.
“Y/N!” I looked up and saw my friend. “it’s time! Let’s go or we’ll be late!”
I frowned, “Coming!” I turned back to the phone and stared at all 7 boys smiling back at me.
I smiled sadly, “I have to go. Class is starting soon.”
They all frowned for a couple seconds before offering a small smile.
“We’ll be together soon, y/n, don’t worry.” Namjoon said.
“Do well!” Jin exclaimed.
“Work hard!” Jimin and V shouted.
“Kill anyone who bothers you.” Suga said, smirking.
I laughed at that last one, “Okay Yoongi oppa. Well, I better go. I love you guys.”
“Love you!” They all said in unison.
I ended the call and sighed.
Only one more year, I thought to myself, one more.


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“You can’t stay away from him, can you?!”

Word Count: 3751

Warning: Smut

“Well, sweetie, you be safe, hear?” your dad said as he gives you a massive hug before departing for your flight to Korea. You were finally heading to Korea as a foreign exchange student, it has always been your dream to travel outside of the States. Now, it came true. Deep down you felt just as nervous as your father, completely unsure of what the future holds.

“Dad, stop worrying, I’ll be fine; I can take care of myself” you said giving him a reassuring smile. “I love you”.

“I love you too, sweetie” your dad said, slowly breaking the embrace. Your flight for departure was announced. “Be safe, call me if you need me! Let me know that you got their safely and everything is ok?” your dad said quickly.

“I will!” you said as rushed towards the gate. You entered the plane and got situated. You realized how much you were going to miss everyone back home since you’ll be gone for the whole semester. But, you had hope.

You arrived in Korea and took a taxi to the university. You arrived to campus only to receive stares from everyone even if you were staying at an international house.

“Excuse me, I need help finding room 312-A, can you please help me?” you asked politely gently tapping on a guy’s shoulder. He turned around to face you, you stared at his handsome face for just a moment. He had dark brown hair pushed back and an adorable baby face, yet with a killer jawline that could cut through marble.

“Sure, once you get to the third floor, the room will be down the hallway to your right”, he said. As he explained, you kept trying to catch a couple of glances of him as he pointed in the general direction of your room. “Thank you so much” you said.

“Do you need any help?” He asked as he glanced at your belongings starting to slip out of your hands. Before you could answer, you tried to gather your bags back together only to have one slip from your clutches. He grabs the bag in time before it completely fell on the floor and said “I got it”.

“I’ll show you the way, what’s your name?” he asked as he approached your room.

“My name is Y/N” you replied. You made it to your room and unlocked the door and opened it slightly. He settles your bag next to you. “Well, it was nice to meet you, hopefully I’ll see you around” he said as he started to walk back down the hallway.

“Wait, and your name is…?” you asked.

“I’m Mark” he answered smiling throwing you a flirty wink. Taken by his wink it left you smiling as you entered. You opened the door further only to find your suitemate settled in the living room. You froze in place as she stared at you as if she was trying to enter your soul, you felt completely uncomfortable until she smiled.

“Hi, my name is Christina, what’s yours?” she said as she approached you with a handshake. “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you” you said as you shook her hand. “Well, since we’ll be suitemates, we should get to know each other a little better” she said happily. “Oh my God, your hair is so pretty, is it real?” she asked as she lightly touched the curls of your hair.

Offended, you smacked her hand away from your hair and threw her a disgusted look. You snapped at her “Excuse me? Yes, this is my hair, and it is very real. Don’t touch my hair without asking, are we clear?”

“I didn’t mean to say anything to offend you, I’m so sorry. I’m not used to seeing your type of hair before” she said apologetically.

“It’s ok, just don’t do it again” you said as you were walking towards your room. You entered the room to find how remarkably spacious it was. You get settled and decided to decorate your room to your liking.

Before you knew it, it was 9:00 pm. Christina knocked on your door. You opened it only to find her in a short red dress with heels. “Hey, I got a message from a friend of mine about a party tonight at a nearby club, everyone’s going. Do you want to come?” she asked.

You weren’t really a club person, instead you would rather stay in your room eat ice cream and binge watch tv shows on Netflix then be around a whole bunch of sweaty bodies. Plus, it was outside your comfort zone.  You answered “I don’t really party, you can go without me”.

“Oh come on, it’ll be great, you’ll have many fun, I promise you. Live a little. Because when Monday comes you won’t be able to party at all” she assured you. Extremely hesitated, you were worried of all the things that could go wrong being at a club yet you knew it wouldn’t hurt to have some fun either. You finally decided “Sure, I’ll go”.

“That’s the spirit, take your time, find something sexy to wear” Christina said. You decided to wear a short black dress that showed every curve you had matching with black heels and a leather jacket. Tonight, you knew you were going to let loose.

All walks of life headed for the clubs that night, you and Christina were headed to one where all the students normally go. It was hot, the air was thick from heavy breathing and sweating. The speakers blasted popular American music under the DJ’s orders. Bodies of people packed together hardly leaving any space to breath. You and Christina walked to the bar where it was less crowded, everyone was on the dance floor. You had stares coming from almost every direction as you walked. You knew you were different and special and no one could tell you otherwise. You were confident.

“So what can I get you ladies?” the bartender asks politely. Christina answered “We’ll have soju for right now, thanks”. You received your drink and proceeded to sip a little at a time while Christina kept ordering more rounds. You check your surroundings to see if Mark may have come, but you didn’t spot him. Instead, someone else caught your glance. He was devilishly handsome, his black hair was slicked back, the stare of his piercing dark eyes undressing you. Each time you two caught each other glances, he sinfully bites his bottom lips wondering what you would taste like.

“Who do you keep looking at?” Christina asked. “It’s no one” you replied glancing back at him. He couldn’t take it anymore and he approached keeping his eyes on the one he wanted. He was a predator coming for his prey. He came around your side and said “Hi, I’m Jaebum”. He spoke into your ear.

A smirk smoothly stretched across his face as he looked you up and down; he was obviously and shamelessly checking out your body.

“I’m Y/N.” you replied quickly as you watched him, watching you.

His arm slipped around your waist, and he pulled you closer to speak again. “Don’t you want to dance with me, sexy.” He said with his lips pressed slightly against your ear.

Chills ran down your spine as his deep voice filled your mind and his warm breath tickled your ear and neck. Before you could answer he was escorting you to the middle of the dance floor.

Jaebum kept his hands all over you, and your body pressed against his own. One of his hands moved up and down your back slowly, as the other moved your hips swaying to the music. You moved naturally with his guidance, with your hands wrapped loosely around his waist.

He kept your eye contact with his sexy gaze, you couldn’t look away.

When the song ended, he leaned in and whispered into your ear. “Let’s get out of here.” He said and again before you could answer he grabbed your hand and was walking to the exit.

You looked back for Christina but she was busy laughing and talking to a boy that kept dabbing.

You followed Jaebum down the crowded streets as he carefully navigated through the streets.  He held your hand tightly, pulling you along so you wouldn’t lose him.

You followed him, ‘Am I about to hook up with a random man my first night here?’ you thought to yourself; but you didn’t stop following him. You had no problem hooking up, especially with someone as attractive as Jaebum; it just dawned on you, just exactly what was going to happen. Jaebum took the lead from the moment he approached you, to ask for a dance.  He was confident and seductive. He had your attention.

Jaebum walked into a hotel, a couple of blocks from the night club.   He was getting right to the point.

“Couldn’t even bring me to your house?” You ask him teasingly as he walked up to the check in desk.

“This is closer.” He looked back at you and winked. You noticed that he didn’t say much in words; but he said plenty with his eyes.

He quickly got a key and made his way to the elevator, holding you close to his side.  

Looking at his face he was even better looking. A chiseled jawline, nice teeth, and a body you couldn’t wait to see undressed.

In the elevator, Jaebum gently pinned you against the wall and kissed you roughly. You kissed him back as he ran his hand up your shirt, he smirked before moving his kiss down to your neck.  His hands explored your body and every kiss to your neck was gentle but made you moan out loudly. He pressed his body against yours, firmly grinding himself against you.

You could feel him against your leg, grinding against you as nibbled on your neck. His hands ran down your body and gripped your ass.  Your wrap your arms around his neck, letting out soft moans into his ear.  He let you go as he heard the elevator ding.

As it opened he grabbed your hand firmly, and he lead you out and down the hall to the room he booked.

“Jaebum slow down~” you laughed as you followed him. He looked back, “I can’t help but be excited to get you in this room.”  He laughed at himself as he continued pulling you along.

After getting to the door he fumbled around with the key before opening it. You followed Jaebum as he pulled you inside, switching on a light. You got a quick glance around the room before he grabbed you by your hips pulling you onto his lap as he sat on the bed. His lips connecting with yours roughly, his hands quickly finding your ass. He squeezes your ass firmly, grinding himself up against you. You moan out softly feeling his erection between your legs, you felt it as it grew. His hand quickly moved up your thighs and inside your skirt.

He quickly rolled you onto your back and slid off your panties, in one swift move, tossing them aside as he spread your legs. You watched him, biting your lip. Jaebum lifted your legs over his shoulders, keeping eye contact with you. He slowly pressed his lips against your thigh, kissing up and down slowly. You moan out softly, carefully watching his movements. His hands squeezed your hips firmly.

You suddenly moaned out loudly, as his tongue reached your most sensitive area. Jaebum’s tongue moved up and down slowly; a finger slowly found its way inside you. Your moan became high pitched, and your back arched as another finger joined the first one. He moved them in and out slowly. His tongue flicked and swirled over your clit. His slight movements drove you crazy. His fingers moved slowly, but it made you want to scream; his tongue was light as a feather, but it made your back arch.

Jaebum gradually picked up speed as he fingered you. You take a grip of his hair as his fingers moved in and out of you faster.

He looked up at you with a wide smirk, “how do you like that baby?” he asked. His thumb rubbing your clit. Your toes curled from the pleasure and you closed your eyes tightly. He thrusted his fingers into you roughly, rubbing your clit quickly.  He held your hips down with his other arm, as you wiggled around. He kept you from moving away as he thrusted his finger deeper inside you. You screamed out, highly, as his fingers found your g-spot. You threw your head back, letting out your moans. He moves his fingers faster, his tongue explored around your clit.

You moaned out a breathless warning as you felt your orgasm approaching quickly.

He got you to the edge of your orgasm before he pulled away completely. You whimpered softly, opening your eyes. He stood up, grabbing you and laying you down so your head hung off the bed. He stood above as he unbuckled his belt. You watched him licking your lips. He smirked as his pants and underwear dropped to the floor.

“Open up baby.” He said as he carefully he slowly stroked his erection. You complied happily, opening your mouth wide. Jaebum carefully slid himself inside your mouth. You relaxed your throat as he slid deep inside your mouth. Jaebum lifted your shirt and loosened the front buckle of your bra, exposing your breasts. You watched him, his smirk fell as he focused on your body. He bit his lip as he thrust himself in and out of your mouth slowly. He massaged your breast carefully and he caressed your cheek. He slid himself deep in your throat, causing you to gag lightly. Held himself there and you relaxed you throat more before he started moving his hips again.

You could feel his erection pulsing in your mouth.

You carefully swirled your tongue around his tip carefully as he thrust himself in and out of your mouth quickly. He let out a low moan as he held your head and moved his hips faster. He pulled out your mouth suddenly. You lay there with your mouth open watching him as he quickly rolled on a condom. He made his way around the bed and between your legs.  Your eyes widened as he quickly flipped you over and lifted you up on your hands and knees.

“Are you ready for this baby?” he asked you as he lined himself up with you. You let out a slight giggle as you quickly nodded your head yes.

In that instance he thrusted his full length inside you. You let out a high pitched scream, feeling him stretching you. Jaebum’s hips moved roughly as he thrusted himself deep inside you. His hands were planted firmly on your ass as he moved you along with his hips.

You couldn’t hear his moans over your own when he started moving faster. His hand reached under and rubbed your clit. It was like he already knew your body well, like already knew what you liked. You took a tight grip of the sheets as his thrust became harder. Throwing your head back you screamed his name.  His grip tightened on your hips as he let out low moans. He roughly kept his pace. You felt yourself squeezing around him as you grew closer to your orgasm again. You screamed loudly as he angled himself to hit your g-spot. His name slipped past your lips in another loud scream. You grabbed his hand squeezing it tightly as the waves of your orgasm took over your body. Your legs shook slightly as he continued thrusting deep inside you. He quickly turned you onto your back, he kissed you, slipping his tongue into your mouth. His thrusts slowed; but got harder, pounding against your g-spot. Your nails dug into his back and you wrapped your legs around his waist loosely. He moaned into your ear as he nibbled on your neck. You grind up against him, your clit rubbed against his hand, and your hips met with his.

His thrust got harder and slower. He buried his head in your neck letting out louder moans. After a few hard thrusts, deep inside you, he pulled out of you. You had your eyes closed but you felt him take off the condom and he started stroking himself. You felt his hot cum on your leg. You bit down on your lip, opening your eyes. He laid down on the bed beside you. You looked over at him, and you both caught your breath.

He closed his eyes and he sighed deeply.  “Thanks Jaebum.” You said as you slowly sat up. He gently patted your thigh.

You watched him run his fingers through his hair as he lay there with a satisfied smile.

“Y/N was it?” he asked you as his eyes opened “Do you want me to call you a cab or something?”

He said it kind of bluntly, his hand under his chin as he watched you get dressed.

You scoffed as you zipped your dress. “I have my own phone and money; but thanks for the offer.”

As you slipped on your shoes, you felt his body behind you.

“Don’t get offended babe, a bad temper makes you age faster.” He said, jokingly.

You looked at him, “Thanks for the fun.” You told him walking out of the room.

You walked out of the hotel and back towards the club. It was nearly five am. You didn’t expect Christina to still be there, but you figured it’d be a better place to catch a cab.

After getting home you went straight to bed, falling asleep almost instantly. Even the loud giggling and “Yeah boi”’s coming from the other room couldn’t wake you up.

The weekend went by quickly, and you settled in nicely. Even though your first class was slow, you were met with a happy surprise as you exited the classroom.

Mark waved at you excitedly. You waved back as he walked over to you. He grabbed your hand and pulling you along with not much of an explanation.

“Where are we going?” you asked as you pulled back lightly. “To get food.” He looked back at you with a smile.

That’s all he would explain to you as he pulled you along the halls and a few blocks from your campus. He walked into a convenience store and sat you down at a table.

“Don’t move. You’re about to have the best meal of your life.” He said with a charming smile.

“At a convenience store?” you questioned him.

“Mark’s Meal.” He gave you a wink as he walked away.

You laughed softly as you looked at your phone. You answered a few texts from your parents and friends back in the states. By the time you replied to everyone Mark sat a bowl in front of you.

You looked down at it and back at him, “Mark’s meal, is it just ramen?” you asked.

He shook his head quickly, pointing inside his bowl with his chopsticks.  “No Mark’s meal is the best ramen. When you taste it you’ll see.” He said.

You picked up the chopsticks, mixing it up a little before you started eating. After the first bite you saw how right he was. He stared at you happily as you ate. “Wow!” you exclaimed after you’d finished half the bowl. He looked proud of himself. “I told you.” He grinned. You never knew cheese and sausage with rabbokki would taste so good.

You clapped for him before you continued eating. After you were full he bought you ice cream. Talking with Mark was great. He didn’t talk much, he mostly listened; but when he did speak he was either telling you about himself or telling a joke he’d just come up with. You kept noticing little things about him. Like the cute way he bit his lip when he became shy about a joke, or how when he laughed he leaned back and clapped.

He was sweet and caring. Your heart raced most of that afternoon when he took your hand as he walked you to your dorm. He looked forward as if he’d done nothing as he tightly intertwined your fingers. You both walked slowly, making casual conversation. His hand was warm and soft. You could still feel his touch even after he’d let go and you went inside.

“Hey” you said as you entered the dorm finding Christina in cooking in the kitchen.

“Hey, how was your Friday night?” Christina pleasantly asked. “It was pretty good,” you replied, “Who was that guy that kept dabbing?” you asked. “Oh yeah, his name is BamBam, everyone calls him that!”

As you entered your room, “Oh and who was that handsome devil you left with at the club?” she asked teasingly. You paused only to choose your next words carefully. You thought she didn’t notice because she seemed too drunk at the time and her attention was diverted to BamBam.

“It’s just a random guy named Jaebum” you answered carelessly.

“Mhm” she said as she nodded her head.

“What is that supposed to mean?” you asked hesitantly.

“Oh it’s no big deal. Nothing to worry about” she grinned back as she stirred the pot of spaghetti noodles. “Sooo… how are you and Mark? You guys seem pretty close!” she asked.

“Uhh, we’re just friends, nothing serious. Why do you care?” you answered defensively.

“Nothing, I was just wondering, you guys make a nice couple that’s all” she smiled. You weren’t keen on the idea of people prying into your business especially someone you hardly knew. You didn’t take the conversation to heart, you had better things to do.

Why would my teachers assign homework on the first day of classes? You thought as your eyes stared aimlessly through textbook pages. You tried your hardest to get to bed early, but hit the pillows at 2am from homework.

Morning came, you got ready for class. Today will be a good day, what’s the worst that can happen! You were going to start your next set of classes for the day. First one, Physics. You walked into class with a positive outlook. It quickly changed when you found yourself greeted by two men, Jaebum and Mark.

 We hope you guys enjoyed Part 1. There’s still more to come! Part 2 will be coming soon. Thank you so much, we greatly appreciate it! :)

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Is that yoonmin fic, the one with them growing up but then yoongi moves to Korea and becomes a youtuber/rapper whereas jimin turns to prostitution?? Please let me know what fic it is?? I've read so many classic yoonmin give I dont know which it can refer to...

thats THE ONE FUCK YOU BROUGHT BACK ALL THE FEELS EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER OF THAT FIC WRECKED ME T____T i could have lived a happy life never reading it but it was so intriguing and painful i had to keep going ;-;

The struggle of being a tall, long-limbed girl in east Asia *sigh*

It’s already a struggle in some ways back home cuz I have to pay higher prices and have a more limited selection, but help a sista out!

I tried buying those ridiculously extra long sleeved shirts I started seeing everywhere here… I could have laughed at thinking that they might actually fit like a normal sleeve on me. Still too short -_-

Can I get some size 10 shoes please? My feet aren’t even that big for my height. Where do tall Korean girls shop for shoes here?

I’m not even about to get started on jeans here. Besides the fact that every pair’s thigh would probably only fit around my arm, let alone have long length. I know it’s a stretch, but someone come up off them 34-36 inseam pants(preferably the latter).

Then Korea got me thinking I’m curvy… I go back to the States and I’m like “Oh yahhhh, chill out. You ain’t got it like that.” 

I’m just about the biggest sore thumb in this society in almost every way possible. How did I make it so long?

shewhorantstoomuch  asked:

so in Korea you're supposed to lift your bowl up to your mouth and shovel the noodles in with your chopsticks while in Japan this is considered super rude. please imagine genji and hanzo joining lucio and hana for a bite of ramen and the brothers are so silently disgusted when she starts shoveling it into her mouth.

I imagine would look up from her bowl like this:

and then shrug and go back to eating like she does. There are moments when can act very ladylike…while she’s eating ain’t one of them.

Meanwhile Lucio’s like:

It’s even funnier if you imagine Hanzo as Abu. 

s y n d r o m e s - epilogue

Group : BTS

Members : All seven

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, fluff, angst

Words : 2,561

Description : Everything is over - but did it end like you believe?

A/N : Okay, call me a hypocrite but I couldn’t stop myself from writing an epilogue. This is what happened at the mansion. Reading at own risks. Please don’t kill me. Thanks.

previous : last part


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I have 2 tickets to see the lads at Madison Square Garden on June 1st for sale!

I’ve been avoiding this for a while, but the time has come. I have to sell my tickets, because I am unfortunately no longer able to go 😭

I’m not *too* sad because the only reason I can’t attend is because… I’m studying abroad in South Korea! I’m just really salty the dates clashed. Haha I arrive back in Indy the 8th of June, so I can’t even see them in Ohio 💔 C'est la vie.

Please share and let me know if you are interested!


My mom just came back from a 2-month vacation in Hong Kong and she got me tons of stuff that I asked her to buy XD (though the Kaworu folder is courtesy of my youngest cousin, who went to Japan some months ago, and my other younger cousin got me socks when he went to Korea, LOL. I feel very loved, tbh)

also ahhh my son Shino’s Ryusei-Go Gunpla yay! Though I still need to finish Barbatos first.

And three new books (2 of which are in simplified Chinese, so that’ll take awhile) but I’m excited to start reading “Fune wo Amu”/”The Great Passage” because I freaking adore the anime

What amuses me the most: see those Ani-wave magazines? They’re a bi-weekly publication on all things anime/manga/games, and once again, I’m surprised by how much HK seems to adore Love Live… like. It’s not enough to give out free writing boards anymore; they now have DIY paper dolls of your faves (like Mikazuki from that sword game and some girl from Love Live, like… thanks? that’s… not what I need LOL why, why this?) 

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can you do a D.O scenario where he's on tour and you (his girlfriend) at home and its the first time he's been away from you for longer than a month (4 months away) and it gets too hard for you and you call him telling him how much you need and miss him and how hard its getting and once you hang up you start to hyperventilate and start getting anxiety attacks over how much you miss him and you need to go to hospital and what he would do if he found out. (sorry that its long and my english is bad

Of course I can, and don’t worry your english is super good!!~ 
A slight warning; this scenario has mentions of anxiety/panic attacks so read with caution if those are triggering to you!!

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EXO Reaction to meeting the Disney princesses

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Let me steal you…. you are going back to Korea with me and we’ll rule together…”


*Feels the Disney in his blood* “If you are a princess I’ll be your prince… now to the galaxy!”


“Omg I love you… please take me to your castle… Let’s be princesses together!” *such a cute fan*


“I never thought I would find you… I didn’t even know you were real.. but I see you are wide awake now… I’m sure it’s because I’m here. I loved you since I was six”


“Look at me… I’m strong… I can be your hero!” *Asks the boys for help in the special effect area…*


“Look at me! I dance like Belle… I should be a disney princess!”


“No… no I don’t want a pic… she just touched me… I can die now”


“Nice to meet you… I’m bambi. What do you mean Bambi is not a princess!”


*He is just having fun* “I feel likeeeeee Peter Paaaan”


*Ends up helping her with the kids having more fun than anyone*


“So the princesses have the same effect on you? I knew I wasn’t the only one..” *Naughty unicorn*


“I’m sure Cinderella will like me……. this time. I look like the Blue Prince.”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Exo Scenario: Back in Korea with Luhan ~

A luhan scenario of him coming back to Korea after a few years in China? Cause you know..) I don’t have an idea of the relationship between the reader and him, and you can choose whether to have the rest of exo come into the story if you’d like~

I haven’t written about Lu in forever, I miss him a lot. You sent this in forever ago (right around when he actually came back to Korea for a few days), so I’m sorry that this has taken so long for me to get to. But I hope you like it anyway and please let me know what you think of it :)

Going back to Korea with Lu Han was a task in and of itself. It was no coincidence that upon the news of your arrival, a few of his former members reached out to you, asking if you’d like to grab lunch with them or spend some time together while you’re back in Korea. 

The two of you hadn’t been back since Lu Han left the group in the first place. 

When you mentioned it to him, his face said all that he didn’t need to. You could read his emotions so clearly in his eyes that you just nodded, understanding that it was too much for him to see them all now. So you decided to go on his behalf. It was probably better this way, anyway, especially as SM probably would have forbidden the other members from seeing Lu Han once they found out he was back in the country.

You ended up only meeting up with a few of the members - those that had a free schedule and actually wanted to see you. Some others were still hurt, you were sure, so you understood where they were coming from.

Even in the few short months you had gotten to know them before your boyfriend left the group, you had gotten close with them. 

When Sehun, Jongdae, and Jongin showed up at the restaurant, you were surprised. It was an odd group to see together, but you understood why they were there. Jongin may not have been the closest to Lu Han, but he was close with you before you had even met Lu. It was why you had started dating Lu Han in the first place.

You hugged them all briefly before sitting back down, folding your hands awkwardly in your lap and wondering what you could possibly say to make this better, or at least easier, if not better.

“It’s been a while.” you manage, and Sehun is nodding, giving you a sour look.

“What took you so long to come back?” it’s barely a question - and he expects you to answer him completely. Sehun has always been like that, especially when it came to you. Especially when you and Lu Han left Korea to return to China. You had left all the boys behind, too. And now Tao was gone, as well, and they looked like they were falling apart a little.

It was sad, seeing them like this.

“Lu is afraid of planes.” you say as explanation. You’re sure that the fear had developed over time, but it’s really bad now. He can’t stand to take a flight more than two hours long and when he does, he hyperventilates and doesn’t know what to do with himself. You wouldn’t have even subjected him to the short plane ride here if he hadn’t insisted, saying that there were things he needed to do here. He hadn’t really even been up front about them at all.

There is a silence that descends upon the table again, and then the others are sighing, Jongdae the next to speak up.

“Is he doing okay in China?” he asks, and you know that it’s from a friend’s perspective rather than an obligatory duty to a group member. In those years together they had really all become friends.

You nod, “Yes. He seems happier now, at least that I’ve seen. He’s starting to get back into music now. And he’s acting and joining variety shows. He seems to be enjoying himself more than usual these days, and I like to see that.” you shrug before saying, “He misses all of you. He just…wasn’t ready.”

They all know what you’re trying to say, and even though it’s a hard conversation to have, they all agree that it must be hard for him, especially as his departure came rather all of a sudden. And so soon after Kris had just left, as well. 

The rest of the meal is not so sad, or awkward. It seems that you fall into the same patterns that you used to go through, talking loudly before others in the restaurant shush you, and playing guessing games of all of the activities that they’ve been up to.

Even after the years, you’ve kept up with their activities. And not just because of Lu Han’s curiosity, but because of your own. You like to see how they’re doing, like to see all of their accomplishments, and it’s nice to see that they’re marginally happy after the events that had occurred.

So when you return to the hotel room that night after dinner with the boys, you find Lu waiting for you, stretched out across the bed and singing softly to himself, his eyes drooping because he’s tired. You can see the coffee at his bedside and wonder if it’s new or already gone. 

“Hey.” you murmur before slipping into bed beside him, getting close. You can smell the coffee on his breath as he continues to sing, and even when he leans over to place a kiss to your forehead. You chuckle before saying, “I thought I told you no coffee after six.” but he just looks down at you and crinkles his nose cutely before you’re leaning in to kiss him.

“How was today?” he asks, and you know exactly what he’s asking you.

You shrug beneath his protective arm.

“They miss you. I mean, of course they miss you. I would miss you, too, if you hadn’t come back to see me in more than a year.” you sigh, closing your eyes and leaning into him, “I don’t know Lu. I just…I feel like you should see them all at least once before we leave again. Just once.”

And you know that you’re pressing and pushing his buttons, testing him as you ask this. But you know that if he sees them all, it will make him feel better. Even on the plane ride here, he was a little miserable about returning. These were his brothers and he only responded occasionally, choosing more to communicate through you towards the other boys. 

“Just once, Lu.” you look up to see that he’s pinching the bridge of his nose now, a little aggravated, but still there beside you. You’ve always been able to get him to do things that he’s not wanted to do. To push him towards things that he would otherwise never go for. 

“Okay.” he murmurs and you break out into a grin at his agreement.

“Really? You’ll meet with them?” before he says no, you’re messaging Minseok - the member that had asked you to try to convince Lu to meet all of them - and telling him where they should meet so as not to get caught by fans or the company. Though you suppose the company will find out eventually.

“Yes.” Lu Han murmurs, and is then closing his eyes, leaning further into you before his head is buried between your neck and collarbone, your hair being used as a curtain to hide his face. You reach to stroke his cheek for a second before he’s placing a kiss to your palm which comes too close to his lips. “I miss them, too.”

His words are soft, barely a whisper off of his lips, but they hold so much emotion that your eyes water a little.

You’ll never be able to understand the things that all of these boys went through, even if you’re close with them, close with Lu Han. It will never make sense for you, and you won’t be able to completely comprehend the depths of their brotherhood - however forced it must have been at first. They’re still brothers and you just don’t understand.

But you nod and tuck his head closer to your heart so that he can listen to it, let it steady him as you reply in as quiet as a whisper.

“I know.”

Boyfriend YUTA

•So you were visiting your mom

•and you were lost

•you always lived in America

•You lived there for four year lmaoo

•Anyways you were walking around trying to find your moms house

•and you saw street performers

•You took a closer look

•and a boy was there dancing

•he caught your attention

•because his dancing was so on point

•and he was cute

•when he stopped dancing you

•were the only one clapping

•He looked up as he smiled and bow

•"Wow that was awesome"

•Lost af

•Then you try to say it in korean


•He thinks youre cute

•"Are you from America?“

•You nodded


•"Do you know where __________ is?”

•"Yeah, i would take you there but i am busy at the moment, and my manager wont let me"

•You nodded

•I understand

•You bowed as you held up your fist


•so then you found the place

•Your mom suggested to go to the night market

•You loved everything about South Korea

•Sooo you asked your mom if you could come


•and she agreed

•Soo you went with you mom

•you were ordering fish cakes

•"Can i get one too? I’ll pay"

•You turned around to find the guy from earlier

•"You dont-“

•"Yuta! It’s so nice to see you again.”

•"Mom you know him?“

•"Of course I taught him Korean”

•"I’m Japanese"


•"Yuta if it’s not too much of a burden, could you please show my daughter Around Seoul tomorrow? I have to help Winwin tomorrow"



•"Y/n you dont Mind right?”

•You shook your head as Yuta smiled

•Yuta had a healing smile

•it was just so beautiful

•"Well Y/n i’ll pick you up tomorrow, we are going to explore seoul!“

•Okay so you couldnt sleep

•like you were so nervous

•because this cute

•Handsome guy

•was your touring Guide

•So many questions

•anyways you met up with him at this Agency

•And you waited outside for 30 minutes

•"ah he ditched me-”


•You looked at the black car as the window rolled down

•Get it.

•"Yuta why are we in a ca-“

•"It’s because of Dispatch and Fangirls?”

•"Dispatch and fangir-“

“I’m and idol”

•You were shook af

• so the tour went great

•you and yuta had fun

•but then something happened

•Dispatched somehow got pictures of the

•two of you

•and here come the scandals

•opening your Computer all you see is

•You and yuta eating in the car


•And your house phone started to ring

•"Y/n! Did you see the news”


•You dropped the phone as the bell rang

•Yuta came in questioning you

•"why- i - what is going on?”

•so he explains

•It was awkward

•but then you got comfortable with

•each other

•He introduced you with his friends

•and ofc the idiots had to be saying stuff like

•"Oh you hit the Jackpot” or “Damnnn son”


•Because the idi- boys always steal your


•Like one time The Dream team wanted to get

•Ice cream with you

•and Yuta got jealous liek “NO ITS JUST THE


•And Winwin tagged along

•which made everyone come along

•And Ten always wanted you to help him

•With Dancing.

•Nct took all the chances they had to flirt with you

•and YUTA didn’t have it

•so one day he dragged you out

•and slammed you on the wall

•"You think this is a game?“

•you had never seen this side of Yuta before

•"Im tired of seeing you with them”

•"but they are my frien-“

•"and i’m your boyfriend”


•He kissed you

•you didn’t pull away

•and this ended up into a make out session

•So you both started to date

•And everyone got out of Yuta’s way because

•he is scary

•specially to Jaehyun



•Yuta loves skin ship

•Specially around his Hyungs

•because he knows he has you

•and he brags about it

•Yuta is a Ninja

•He can tell when a boy talked to you

•bitch tf

•Yuta only does aegyo to you

•and his smile

•he calls it “When i see Y/n smile”

•Which makes everyone cringe

•Yuta is a Yandere





•Yuta calm tf down.

•Yuta is calm at times

•like he is innocent and pure

•BUt thEN


•Yuta loves to spoil you and protect you

•You call him Prince

•Because thats what he looks like

•and he calls you his Everything


•Y/n one day i will travel around the world

•and then he walks around you


•"You are my world”


•Yuta is the boyfriend we see in Dramas

•Someone we wish we could have

•And thats what you have


yehet88exo  asked:

Exo reaction when he find out his gf pregnant after they broke up(a few month)Something angsty

Exo When They Find Out You Are Pregnant (Angst)

Xiumin: It had been a long, torturous month for you, receiving “I’m sorry” flowers and drunk text messages and voice mails from Xiumin. You wanted to run back to his apartment and say yes but when you looked down at your stomach, you knew you couldn’t That was right, you were pregnant with Xiumin’s baby and you had been spending the last month working to build up some funds for your baby. Coming back from one of your shifts, you slowly moved to your apartment door when you saw him. “Xiumin,” you whispered and that’s when everything went black. You woke up to the soft touch caressing your hair and looked up to see Xiumin watching you with worried eyes. The two of you didn’t notice that your time apart was slowly eating at both of your health with dark circles and a huge weight loss but the two of you did notice the effect on each other. “I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he said in a raspy voice, “Oh, God. If I hadn’t showed up today, I would have lost the both of you. The thought of losing you… I… I can’t… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I should have made you stay. I should have came after you. ” And just like that he would sob for the first time in front of you. You immediately took him into a hug making him hug you tenderly as if afraid you would disappear. “Please, say you’ll stay. I don’t care if what anyone says. I can quit my job and find a new one. We can buy a house. We can raise the baby together. Anything, just don’t leave me, I’m begging you, Y/N, please!” “I’m not going anywhere, Minseok,” you answered.

Luhan: He just came back from Korea tired and exhausted physically and mentally. His break up with you had been the most draining so bumping into you was not exactly his bubble to his tea right now. The two of your stood in shock while looking at the floor not really knowing what to say. “Hey, Y/N, I found the cutest pair of boots for when your baby-” your friend stopped when she spotted Luhan. “You’re pregnant?” he would ask you with an incredulous look on his face. Not daring to look at him, you nodded making him angry. “Oh, and how long have you know about this? Is that why you broke up with me? Because you went and slept some other guy? Real classy, Y/N,” he sneered as jealousy and pain crept through his heart. You looked at him in shock before throwing your shopping bag at him and hissing back, “You’re really awful, aren’t you? You’re the father of this child and I just found out about this yesterday. I was gonna tell you but now I see how you think of us.” Then you walked off leaving Luhan frozen. He groaned and slapped his head. “I’m such an idiot,” he’d mutter as he ran off to search for you. After finding you and having a rather loud argument, the two of you agreed that being together was a lot better than being separated and the fact that you were expecting was a plus.

Kris: Your breakup was the worst thing that ever happened to him. He couldn’t go through the day with wondering what the hell he did wrong. Sure, he wasn’t exactly the most expressive person and he didn’t like other people knowing his weird dorky side. That was until until he met you. You were the reason he could act much more naturally and smile. Yet now all he was doing was frowning and getting drunk. Alcohol numbed the burning pain in his heart and sometimes he was able to imagine you were there and he could ask you to come back. He knocked back another shot of liquor when he heard your voice. “Oh, Yifan, Look at you,” he heard you say with his eyes closed and his face leaning farther towards your tender touch, “I leave you for a couple of days and here you are.” He shivered a bit. The sound of your voice and the feeling of your hands felt as if they were almost real it made him cry because he knew when the alcohol stopped affecting him, you would be gone. “You must stop doing this to yourself,” he smiled as he could imagine you pouting, “You’re going to be a father soon.” His eyes snapped open and he looked to find you in front of him. “Are you real?” he rasped hesitating to place his hand on your cheek. You smiled at him and pulled him into a hug making him shed even more tears. He hung onto you tightly as he began to lose consciousness desperately hoping… No…. More like wishing you would be there when he woke up. 

Suho: He wanted to reassure everyone that you breaking up with him was a good thing. He wanted to say that he was happy without you by his side. He wanted to show that he could keep smiling even though you were the only reason he would naturally smile. After all he was the leader of Exo and he had to set up a good example for his members. Yet on the inside he was soulless. Without your presence he was nothing. He was empty. “Suho?” He froze. Could it possibly be you? He turned around to find you standing at the door way. He didn’t know what to say when suddenly you turned around. “I’m  pregnant,” you said to the wall. Suho looked at your back in confusion and asked “And is the child mine?” “I was terrified that you wouldn’t help me especially since you’re an idol. On top of that, we’ve only been together for a couple of years and I’ve only met your family once but I know they would probably not want a child of theirs to be born out of wedlock but I didn’t want to pressure you and-” you went on until you were cut off by a kiss.  Suho broke it and put his forehead on yours. “I was going to ask this before you left but now I hope the answer will be what I hope it is so…” he said as he slid to one knee and took out a ring from his pocket, “Will you marry me, Y/N?”

Lay: Damn you and your cravings from pregnancy, you thought as you walked down the street. You were really craving Chinese pineapple pastries and the only bakery that made them was the one that you always went to with your ex-boyfriend, Lay. You could practically smell the warm aroma of the pastry as you stepped through the glass doors and ordered a batch for the two of you. Yet before the employee could call out your name, you heard your name called out. Your eyes widened in panic and when you panic, you tend not to think straight. You ran right out the door and straight into the street hopefully escaping from the encounter you had worked so hard to prevent. Suddenly someone screamed as an arm grabbed you out of the way just in time for an oncoming car to speed by as the driver yelled various profanities at you. “Are you okay?” Lay asked frantically as you struggled to get out of your his grasp. This caused his grip to tighten up a bit not at willing to let you go. “Y/N, stop,” Lay pleaded, “Let me check you first for injuries, please?” You stopped and let him check you for injuries in which he found you were fine except for a few developing bruises. “Thank God, you’re not seriously injured,” he would whisper putting his forehead on yours and wrapping his arms around your body. The two of you would have to sit and have a long conversation. 

Baekhyun: His mind was clouded with his new comeback and dance practices which was exactly how he wanted it. He wanted to think of everything but his breakup with you. His heart hurt every time he thought of you. Your scent. Your smile. Your quirky habits. He shook his head as if trying to shake out all the thoughts of you before sighing and grabbing his coat. He grabbed a mask and baseball hat along with his wallet before walking to the local convenience store to buy a pack of beer. Yet when he turned the corner, what he would see almost made his heart stop. It was you, looking even more beautiful than before and very visible baby bump. He had heard rumors that you were pregnant but he didn’t believe it until the truth was practically right in front of his face. He stared as you were walking down the sidewalk with a cup of hot coco with one hand wrapped around your belly. Call him a stalker if you want but he just had to follow you not because you were alone or the fact that it was night time. No, it was the fact that he was still in love with you that he followed you until you safely arrived home. Then he ran. That’s right, he ran away. He wasn’t ready to take on such a huge responsibility and he was scared of what the future would hold. He would need some time to sort out his priorities before he decided on what he would do. 

Chen: “ARGH!” he shouted frustrated while throwing a roll of papers at the wall. He raked his hand through his hair before stooping down to pick up the papers. Among those papers was a picture of you. He gently touched the photo’s shining surface before clenching his teeth and pulling out a book. In it, there was a list of private investigators with a couple already crossed out. He was looking for you. Not even a couple of weeks after the two of you broke up, Chen bumped into you and discovering you were pregnant but before he could say anything, you ran away from him. When he went to look for you, he found out you were pregnant with his child and that was why you broke up with him. But as usual, Chen thought in a bitter humor,you were always one step ahead of him. You seemed to disappear in thin air. You never went back to your apartment or even contacted any of your friends or family. Chen had taken ownership of your apartment before the landlady tried to resell it. He would go there to recharge his energy every time the nest private investigator came back with no more information with a slight hope that when he opened the door, you would be sitting in your usual spot on the couch. “I not gonna give up on you,” he vowed as he stared at your picture before dialing the next number on the list.  

Chanyeol: He never meant to cheat on you especially with your best friend. He made a mistake. An irreversible, irresponsible mistake that costed him the most precious person in his whole entire world. You. His eyes stung as he begin to put your things that you had left behind in a box. Your favorite red flannel shirt that you wore on your first date. The endless photos of you smiling at the camera. A dried rose that you had made from the first bouquet of flowers that he gave you.  Once he was done packing them, he grabbed an umbrella before stepping outside.  He grabbed a shovel before continuing to walk to the forest at the back of his house. He walked for quite sometime before he reached the spot he was searching for. It was the tree where the two of you met. Where you had your first kiss but also the same place where you and him had your last fight. He crouched on the ground to searched for the ring that he had thrown into the grass during that fight. Coincidentally, as if fate was working its magic, he found his ring at the same time he heard the familiar crunching behind him. He turned around to find you devouring your image. “Are you coming home?” he pleaded with his biggest puppy eyes, “Please tell me you’re coming back home. I know I made a mistake but I can’t live without you, Y/N.” It would take some time for you to say yes and a long time for Chanyeol to prove himself trustworthy again but it will happen as long as you give him the time to prove his love for you.

D.O.: Your anxiety grew as you heard rain pour even heavier on your roof. You peeked outside your door to find your ex-boyfriend, D.O., sitting soaking wet to the bone in front of your door. He had been sitting there ever since the two of you broke up. Well, technically, you broke up with him when you found out you were pregnant. However due to the big-mouth of Baekhyun, D.O. found out thus leading to the position the two of you were in today. You stared until your final restraint broke when you saw D.O. shiver due to the cold. You opened the door and hugged him. “G-g-go inside, Y/N,” his teeth chattered, “Y-y-you’ll c-c-catch a c-c-cold.” Silently, you dragged him in, to which he made a very weak protest before giving in, and wrapped him in the fluffiest blanket you had. You would make him take a shower before he change into his clothes that you still kept in your room. “Why?” you asked as you began to dry his hair with another towel. “Because I love you,” he would answer, “In rain, snow, or shine. I will always be by your side. Forever.” You looked straight into his eyes and smiled making him give his trademark gummy smile. 

Tao: Your doorbell rang, making you groan as you stretched your sore limbs. “Let’s go see who is at the door,” you said to your enlarged stomach. When you opened the door, you came face to face with your ex, Huang Zitao. “Look, I just came for my stu-” he came to a stop when he saw your stomach, “What is that?” “Nothing,” you said trying to close the door. However, Tao was a lot faster and slip his way in before you could shut him out. He grabbed your arm and forced you to face him. “Explain,” he commanded. “There’s nothing to explain,” you answered stubbornly. “Like hell there is nothing to explain,” he hissed angrily while unconsciously tightening his grip, “We break up not even a couple of days and I find you pregnant?!” “You’re hurting me!” you cried while tugging out of his grip. Immediately he let go and watched as you stepped back. “Y/N, I’m sor-” You stopped him by pointing to the door, “Please, leave.” You opened the door and when he turn around to face you, you closed the door. You slumped with your back on the door right into a sitting position and cried. Little did you know that Tao was doing the same thing on the other side of the door. 

Kai: “Are you coming to practice today?” D.O. asked him. He shook his head as he blankly stared off into the distance. D.O. sighed and crouched down to look at the melancholy Kai. “Try to at least eat something today, okay?” he said brushing Kai’s messy bangs aside. But before Kai could respond, Sehun came running through the door. “Kai, did you hear about Y/N?” he asked breathlessly, “She broke up with you because she’s pregnant and the child is yours!” Kai shot up and looked wildly at Sehun. When Sehun repeated what he just said, Kai began to run towards the door only to be held back with Suho holding the collar of his shirt. “You’re going like that?” Suho asked. Kai looked down at his ragged shirt and stained jeans before sheepishly retreating back into the dorm to take a shower and change. When he finally arrived at your apartment you jumped a little at his sudden appearance. “Is it true?” he said in a hoarse voice. You nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me?” You bit your lip before answering, “Because I’m terrified, Jongin.” He could see the fear in your eyes of what the future held making him take you into his arms and saying, “Don’t be scared, Y/N. I’ll be right here for you.“ 

Sehun: "Why didn’t you tell me?!” he yelled after he bumped into you a couple months after your breakup. You were already nearly four months pregnant and clearly showing you were. “And what would you have done, Sehun, if I had?! Huh?! Would you have taken responsibility of OUR child?!” you screamed back as your eyes began to fill with tears. You were hoping maybe Sehun would say yes but you weren’t surprise when he didn’t even dare look at you. You knew he wouldn’t and you would never ask him to but that didn’t mean your heart hurt as the silence filled your chest with an excruciating pain. "This is exactly what I expected,” you said breaking the silence with your shaky voice, “Have a nice life, Oh Sehun.” It killed him as he watched you walk away with his own eyes filling up with tears. He so desperately wanted take you into his arms and tell you that he would stand by your side but the thought of his career and future stopped him. He would go to his hyungs for advice before doing anything, but ultimately the choice would be his own to make. If he chose to take responsibility, he would marry you and on your wedding day, he would whisper into your ear, “I will never to let you walk away from me again.”

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Still Into You | Pt. 6

(Taehyung x Reader) ANGSTANGSTANGST

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Part: Video Trailer | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Genre: Angst.

Warnings: Profanity.

Characters: Taehyung and Namjoon.

Summary: After making a horrible mistake on new years eve, taehyung breaks it off with you.

A/N: Almost a month later omg i’m so sorry for the long wait!! Here you go! ‘Still Into You | Pt. 6′ I hope you guys like it! Hope it wasn’t too confusing and well feedback will be greatly appreciated! Side note: I only have one week of uni left so I plan on writing a lot! Yay! Also I have a giveaway going on so check that out~

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EXO as Boyfriends (pt. 2)

Suho - You were in your country to visit your homeland. “I’m sorry if our place is not as big as yours back in Korea but we can call this a home.” You entered your humble home and your parents welcomed him warmly. “Ma, Pa, please, don’t show him any… embarrassing thing,” you said before going to your room. After changing your clothes, you immediately went downstairs… only to see Suho enjoying a familiar photo album. “Don’t…” “You’re beautiful,” he muttered before kissing your forehead.

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Lay - “Baobei,” he called. You were startled when you heard his voice coming from the entrance of the kitchen. “I’m sorry, did I startled you?” he asked and you immediately shook your head. “I was just, cooking our lunch. Do you think oppas will like this?” you asked as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “Hmm… did you cook my favorite?” he asked and you nodded. “Then they’ll like it.

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Baekhyun - “Byun Baekhyun! Stop filming and start helping me here!” you complained. You asked him to accompany you since you ran out of food stock at the dorm. “This will be a classic once I show this to Yeollie,” he said amazed at seeing you wearing a bunny onesie. “Shut up and help me. Are you aware that this rice is really heavy and I really need your help since you’re the guy here.” In the end, he helped you out and your grocery shopping immediately ended. however you got scolded by junmyeon and dyo because you took so long.

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