can i get this one in poster form or what


Iwadai week 2017 Day 1: Roommates/College AU 

So this is based off of something i would do when I was younger and i got home late from basketball or softball practice. Basically my mom would quiz me as i fell asleep before a test, so have Iwaizumi getting a nap in while Daichi helps him squeeze in more  study time.

Also I can picture Iwaizumi taking up some form of engineering when he goes to college, specifically civil engineering or mechanical engineering, so I asked my best friend for a question from one of her mechanical engineering tests.


So my close friend @killiandjames just moved to South Korea not too long ago. Her goal is to get into a KNK fan sign and so she is putting in a group order together to see how many albums she can sell. If she makes it she will post a video about her experience and how she got in. 

Here is a link to her order info:

  • Albums going for $14 plus shipping
  • You can request what photo card you want and standee
  • can add in a poster ( she currently has 4 since I bought one)

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or @killiandjames


Tinkermom Cami

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Hello, I was wondering if you could explain what comes in Got7's album? I haven't bought an album before and I'm a bit confused. It's alright if you can't, thank you anyways!

Here’s a breakdown for you go sweetie! 💜💕
• A photobook, the one you get depends on the version you ordered
• if you order it with the poster, there’s two versions of that
• A cd (obviously lol)
• 3 photo cards!! One will be from the heptagon that forms got7 logo, one will be a selfie, and the other one will be a making version
• A lyric book. So for JJ Project they released 2 versions of a lyric card but I’m going to assume that since GOT7 took apart of writing the entire album they made that into a book. So it’ll probably be one member per book writing out the lyrics to the songs or something similar to that.

Ohhhh and if you preorder the album usually for pre orders and first prints(if they have extras) they give out something extra which is the postcard book that was at the bottom of the photo. The version you get depends on which one you order :))

What happened upstairs?- Part 1 (Luke Hemmings)

“Y/N! Come down here for a sec!” your brother Michael yelled up the stairs.
You dropped your phone on your bed and walked down the stairs only to be greeted by your brother, Michael and his two best friends, Ashton and Calum grinning up at you.

“Okay, before you say no just hear us out!” you rolled your eyes already not impressed. “We are going to throw an awesome party here tonight and we need you to not tell mum.” Michael’s eyes pleaded with yours.
“You are kidding, you are going to let a bunch of DRUNK teenagers into our house and try to get away with it?! Mum and dad are only gone for the weekend they come back in two days, how do you expect to have the party, clean it up and get away with it Mikey?!”
“Alright! Enough I get it!” He says to put a stop to your ranting. “But if I were to have a party you wouldn’t tell mum or dad right?”

“Arghh, you’re an idiot!”
“But you love me, right?” When you don’t answer Michael picks you up and dumps you on the couch tickling your sides until you confess. “Yes, I love you! Stop please stop!!” you try to get out as you giggle uncontrollably. “I won’t tell mum but if you get caught I was over at a friend’s house, got it?”
“Yes! Just for saying yes you’re allowed to come down and have one beer with us when we have the party!”
“Gee thanks.” You mutter under your breath before walking back upstairs.
A chorus of ‘thankyou’s’ and ‘we love you’s’ from all three boys follow me up the stairs.

The party had been going on for an hour and already you were over it, refusing to come out of your room you tried to drown out the sound of music and drunk teens by putting your headphones in and listening to your favourite band as loud as possible. It hardly worked and after a while you gave up and instead browsed tumblr on your bed. After a few minutes someone knocked on your door. You got up ready to kick their asses if you didn’t know them or they were drunk. You opened the door ready to start yelling when instead, to your relief the faces of Calum an Ashton stood at the door.
Hey Y/N.” Ashton said clearly wasted already. “You should come down and have a drink!”

“I’m fine thanks.” You attempt to close the door but Calum’s foot is in the way. You hear a moan followed by an “Ow.”
You quickly opened the door again and furiously apologize to him, but he is too drunk to care.
“Y/N come on have fun, loosen up a bit.” You glance back around to your bed then out the door again trying to make up your mind. Before you can make a decision Calum is grabbing you by the waist and throwing you over his shoulder, a somewhat difficult task in his drunken state. You yell in protest but soon realize no one is listening to you. You give up and let them take you to the raging party downstairs.
The smell of sweat and alcohol fills your nose and instantly you crinkle it, not enjoying the strong scent. Calum chuckles before opening a beer and handing it to you. Unsure you sip the beer and taste the foul liquid.
“Its horrible, but it will get you drunk quicker.” Calum says and winks.
After a lot of drinks your finally loosening up and having fun. 3 beers ago you started dancing, and now you were grinding on a random guy you’d never seen before. You see Ashton in the crowd and make your way over to him. When you finally reach him you drape your arms around his neck and attempt to kiss his cheek. He laughs and instead of going along with it pulls you off of him and drags you further into the crowd.
“Wanna play beer pong?”
“I haven’t played before!”
“Don’t worry, everyone is too drunk to care.” He mutters to you. “Hey guys! Can my mate Y/N here play with you guys.” You smile and wave at the sea of faces staring at you, trying not to look as drunk as you feel.
“Of course.” A cute blonde smirked at you. You giggled. “I’m so bad at it though!”

“Doesn’t matter!” Ash reassures before pointing to the blonde that spoke before. “You can be on Luke’s team, he is amazing at beer pong.” Luke nods his head. He grabs your shoulders and pulls you over to the table. “Okay so you want to take a ping pong ball,” he hands you a ball, “and throw it into that cup.” He points down the table his face oddly close to yours. “Got it?” He smiles, from this close his blue eyes looked deep into yours and his teeth played with the black ring piercing his lip. You nod weekly and turn to the table. You throw the ball and miraculously it ends up in the cup. You turn back to Luke in shock and get scooped up in his arms. “Well done!” he half says half yells in your ear. It’s his turn and not surprisingly his ball also ends up in the cup.

After playing for a while you get bored and leave, but not before Luke grabs your wrist. You spin back around and see his surprisingly close face. “Umm what are you doing?” you question.
“If you leave I have to drink the rest of the cups, which means you have to stay.” He says without smiling, more like he was talking to a three year old child. You roll your eyes, “sorry!” you wiggle out of his grip and speed walk away glancing back at Luke once, you see him downing one of the cups of beer.
Tired and over it you want to go to bed now. Ashton and Calum won’t let you leave. “please! Let me go to sleep.” You whine. “No Y/N just stay a bit longer.” Rolling your eyes you turn around looking to see where Mikey was, you spot him in the corner making out with some girl. “ew ew ew!” you mutter to yourself you turn back around to share your disgust with the boys to see that they have left you to chat up a few blondes in the corner. “Well that’s fucking great isn’t it.” You feel a tap on your shoulder and see none other than Luke. “Hey, you look lonely.”

“I’m not really, bye Luke.” You say attempting to turn but Luke turns you back around. “Hey why are you being rude?” he asks frowning. “I’m not I’m just tired and this music is so fucking loud its hurting my head!”
“Oh. Well we could go somewhere quieter if you want?”
“Umm sure where?”
“You’re Michaels sister right? This is your house surely you have a room.”
Warning bells briefly sound in your head, you’d just met this guy and he was trying to get you alone in a bedroom. You decided you wouldn’t let Luke do anything you were not comfortable with. “That sounds good. Follow me I guess.”
Luke grins and readily follows you up the stairs to your room.


Luke walked into your room behind you and slowly walked around them room looking at the posters lining your walls. He smiled as he read some of your music choices. “Nice.” He turns back around and grins at you. You smile back and get up to look at the posters next to him. From here Luke smelt like heaven with his clean aftershave coming through. “A good taste in music, extremely attractive, and amazingly great at beer pong, what other things should I know about you?” He winked.
You laughed, “umm well apart from my beer ponging talents I play guitar and am currently in the early stages of forming a band.”
“Shit that’s cool as, maybe I can come see you live one day.” He looked down at you and smiled genuinely. “Yeh, maybe.” You smiled back.
Luke suddenly leaned in close to you. “Would it be okay if I kissed you right now?” he breathed out. You merely nodded before Luke leaned in close and brushed his lips against yours lightly. You felt him exhale and visibly relax before he pressed his lips back onto yours and applied more pressure. You immediately responded moving your lips in sync, you found a rhythm. Your hands snaked around to run it through his small curls at the nape of his neck. He groaned when you lightly tugged on them. Luke opens his mouth and runs his tongue along your bottom lip and you readily open your mouth as well. Luke’s hands that were resting at your hips slid to around your back, holding you even closer to his body. You felt his toned chest breathe heavily against yours. You slowly moved back on to your bed, sitting innocently apart from each other still kissing. Lips and tongues moving together, Luke’s lip ring cool against your warm lips. Luke’s hand started tracing shapes on your hips before sliding up your side, heading towards your boob.

“Wait, Luke can we stop for a minute.”

“What? Why? Did I do anything wrong?” Luke frowned.

“No! I just don’t think I want to, umm do anything like that.”

“What like have sex?” You nodded. You definitely didn’t want to go that far. “Uhh that’s okay.” He said awkwardly trying to cover up his still growing boner. You desperately tried to make him feel more comfortable and let him know how far you would go. “I could give you a.. Uhh a blowjob.” He looked up at you with surprise. “You really don’t have to do that Y/N.”

“I know, but I haven’t done it before, and I want to at least try!”

“Are you sure?” You nodded smiling at him. He grinned back and slowly leaned in again. You quickly began getting just as heated as before and both of you got worked up again. Slowly and unsurely you placed your hand over Luke’s clothed dick and started to rub him. He reacted instantly and groaned loudly. You assumed you did something right and continued going faster and harder.

“Y/N, Y/N please stop teasing!” You giggled at his impatience. Slowly you kissed down his neck and along his collarbones. You trailed your fingers along his broad shoulders and down his toned chest. You placed yourself on the floor in front of him, in between his legs. You undid his jeans and he helped you slide them down his thighs and off of his pale legs. You palmed him through his underwear and felt him harden even more. You pulled them down his legs just like you did with his pants.

You couldn’t help but gasp a little bit at him. You’d never had experience with this type of stuff and you felt flustered. Luke noticed your discomfort and attempted to help you. “Do you want me to guide you through it or just let you go?” You thought about it before deciding to try to do it yourself. “Maybe just let me go and if I do anything wrong tell me alright?”

“Yeh alright, just please no teeth.” You laughed, “gotcha no teeth.”

First you grabbed his length in your hand and slowly moved up and down. You saw pre cum leaking from the tip and you couldn’t help but lean forward and kitten lick the salty liquid of of him. He moaned with pleasure. You sucked hard on his tip a loud sound erupting from his mouth. You continued to take him further into your mouth, half of his length being worked by your hand. He subconsciously bucked his hips into your mouth causing you to gag and cough. “Shit Y/N sorry, sorry! Are you okay?”

You nodded, regaining your composure while still pumping his length trying to continue the pleasure he was receiving while you relaxed again. You lent back down and wrapped your lips around him, moving up and down licking around his tip as you reached it. “Fuck fuck fuck Y/N. Shit you are so good with your mouth!” Taking a risk you lent even further nearly taking all of him in your mouth before you needed to breathe. You continued on for minutes thoroughly enjoying the sounds of pleasure coming from Luke. You look up and see his face contorting with pleasure, eyes scrunched shut and his lip ring stuck in between his teeth, his chest rising and falling at a rapid pace, his toned stomach barely visible under his shirt that was riding up. You were enjoying this sight. Luke whole body tensed, profanities spilling from his mouth before he came, unsure you swallowed his load which he groaned at the sight of.

“Fuck baby, you did so good.” He pulled you up onto his lap kissing you deeply. “Are you sure I can’t make you feel good too?” You thought about it, but subconscious thoughts as well as your underwear choice prevented you from saying yes. You shook your head smiling. “It’s really okay. I’m glad I made you feel good!”

“Feel good? Jesus you did more than that, your sure you’ve never given a blow job before?”

“100%!” He pulled his underwear and jeans back on and takes your hand. “Do you want to go back downstairs?” You nodded following him down the stairs, only to catch eyes with Calum’s curious eyes. Asking the silent question of what happened upstairs.

This is kind of long sorry! I might upload part 2 tomorrow, bc I like part 2 better than this one (it has jealous Calum 😍) Enjoy :)


Going to comicon gave my idea of wanting to have my own stall a HUGE burst of courage so I’ll be applying for one at whatever convention pops up when I have the money. Here is my first poster-print. I can draw, but I suck at graphic design and lack the knowledge of what looks good on a poster so please let me know. Yes I’ll be making fully shaded art for this as well but I wanted to start simple.

For now you can purchase this on many forms of merchandise here:

Once I start actually getting posters, stickers and prints made I will start selling them on etsy at my OWN prices which will be a lot cheaper than redbubble. Its just that redbubble doens’t give me more than like $2 on a $30 product so its shit

Day: 1202

Shirt: Descendents - OFF! Pomona show

Color:  Black

Brand: Gilden Heavy Cotton

Source: I got to Japan once a yeah and the one time i do Descendents and ALL both book shows in LA minutes form my house.  to boot fyffest book it with OFF! just to add more insult to injury.  it was a harsh toke, but you can’t have them all.  Fortunately the man who drew this amazing shirt was kind enough to grab me one in my absence and it was very much appreciate.  It is one of my favorite designs the band (aka Chris) has cranked out since Milo Ramone i think.  Cause not only do i appreciate it stylistically but also technically, he manages to do such a great job of capturing the feeling of this event all in on e picture which is not easy to do, ask any photographer.  I only have two complaints on this design, and they are even complaints cause one is I’m just sad that Mario wasn’t playing this show so he didn’t make the drawing. the other is just plain nerdy.  why no date? is a one off show shirt?  no one else cares but me, and i am almost positive i will get an email form Chris saying they were going to put one on, but someone canned it.  but who knows maybe a date would have fucked this design up and took the simplicity out of it and drew your attention away from the design.  

What some of you don’t know and I’m calling out to anyone that can help here.  is there was a Poster companion to this design.  one that was shipped to the venue in Pomona and then mysteriously disappeared.  one photo on the internet showed a picture of it at a club in Salt Lake City, UT (and then was quickly deleted) but other than that no one will cop to it.  so if you ever see any online or for sale anywhere know that they are stolen and if you wouldn’t mind sending me or  a chrisshary a message we would both be very appreciative.  rewards will be given.  and don’t by any means support this atrocious behavior by buying one of them.  thanks everyone.