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Hey everyone!

So I am making donation kits for witches in need and beginning witches who can’t get supplies. I am trying very hard to get people to donate supplies and money for the cause. Several wonderful people have already donated items for the kits.

If you are interested in donating then please follow the tag #QuintessaBlessingsDonationKits

Anyways, I found a gift card in my purse for Michael’s so I decided to dedicate it to the donation kits. I bought some packs of these little bottles. I now have some boxes, basic herbs, bottles, jute rope, old keys, seashells, small crystals, and tube bottles. I have some old journals that have never been used which could function as a grimoire but they aren’t leather bound or anything. If someone would be willing to donate $10 then I would be able to get about 10 crystal pendulums or 5 sage incense bundles.

Just $10 will make a difference!

Deleted Scenes from I, Roommate!!

First Deleted Scene:

Fry: *hums in the shower*
Amy: Urgh. *knocks*
Fry: Be out in a sec! *gurgles and hums more*
Amy, while dancing in place: Urgh!
Amy: Ai ya, you used up all the hot!

Second Deleted Scene:

Fry: Man, its a total sty. For the first time in a thousand years, I feel like I’m home.
Bender: Yeah! Its going to be fun on the bun.
Bender: You know, Fry, out of all the friends I’ve had you’re the first.
Fry: Aw, I find that somewhat hard to believe.
Fry: Hey! We should invite everyone over tonight! We can watch the big wedding on All My Circuits!
Bender: Alright, but let’s call it a house warming party so that we get gifts.


last updated; 21 june 2017

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✦ fic

✧ bulleted list

☽ au

♞ angst

❀ fluff

✵ smut

✎ for some reason i can’t get the links to tags working on mobile unless they’re one word so i’m sorry if they don’t work !


✦ 100 ways to say i love you

based off of these prompts

jeonghan ⋆  ⋆

✦ it reminded me of you ❀

jeonghan comes home with a gift that reminded him of you. based on 100wtsily prompt number 2, “it reminded me of you”

joshua ⋆  ⋆

✦ no, no, it’s my treat ☽ ❀

you go on a date with joshua and he insists on paying. based on 100wtsily prompt 3, “no, no, it’s my treat”

junhui ⋆  ⋆  ⋆

stay there. i’m coming to get you ☽ ♞ ❀

mafia!au, light angst, ends fluffy. jun helps you narrowly escape death. based on wtsily prompt 83, “stay there. i’m coming to get you”

soonyoung ⋆

a little push ☽ ❀

highschool!au, soonyoung and y/n just need a little push. based off of prompt 37, “can i kiss you?”


one more chapter ❀

wonwoo reads to a sleepy y/n. based on 100wtsily prompt number 30, “one more chapter”


i dreamt about you last night ❀

jihoon tells you about a dream he had. 100wtsily prompt number 7, “i dreamt about you last night”


take my seat ☽ ❀

you meet seokmin when your train is delayed. based on wtsily prompt number 8, take my seat.


i adore you ☽ ❀

minghao takes you on a walk beneath the stars

you’re warm ❀

minghao returns home to a sleepy y/n. wtsily prompt 70, “you’re warm”

Surprise Gift ch.8

Landing on the planet Yondu, Stakar, Aleta followed Tivan towards his brothers ‘collection room’. It was a tall building with double sided windows that reflected the desert land around them. Turning to them Tivan straightened up. “You will have five minutes at the most to get in, get her and get off this planet once he knows what your plans are. I will go in and hold my brother off for as long as I can…” When they went to move in Tivan held his hand up and looked down. “My brother would have done anything to keep her alive… I can not guarantee she will be in the same state she was when I left her last." 

Yondu felt every muscle in his body tighten at the mans words but nodded his head. Going into the building he looked around to see many tubes filled with different things. There was everything from gadgets to people. Seeing a Centaurian male in one of the tubes they met eyes and Yondu stiffened. As if reading his mind Tivan came over and placed his hand on his back. "Only the female can be taken.” he said. Yondu looked down and gave the Centaurian male a apologetic look before walking away. When they got towards the back of the room they saw a empty tube beside a table. Yondu felt his blood boil when he looked at the scene in front of him.

“Oh my God.” Aleta gasped and felt Stakar tighten his hand around hers.

On the table Yondu saw his female. She was naked with only a white sheet laying across her lower back and legs. She laid on her stomach with IV lines hooked all to her. Before he could know what was happening his feet were caring him over to her. Stopping beside the bed he swallowed hard as he looked at the black screen of the monitors and followed the lines going down into her skin. One of the lines went into the raised red line of skin that came out from her hair line and along her spin to end between her shoulder blades… her fin, so to speak. Looking over her he saw her skin to no longer be the blueish silver it once was but now only a dull gray. Her hair had also lost it’s shine and her eyes had dark circles around them. He could now see the rest of her Centaurian markings down the sides of her body along with the thin long scars on her bare back he knew all to well to be past whipping marks. He swallowed the knot forming in his throat and moved his shaking hands to pull out the needles going in her body. When he felt how cold her skin was he couldn’t hold back the tears that rolled down his cheeks. 

When the beeping sounds came form the monitors Tivan looked to see his brother rushing down the stairs. 

“What are you doing!” En yelled.

Tivan was quick to run over to his brother and hold him back. “NO brother. This is not right. You will not be able to save her!” Seeing En’s eyes begin to glow he quickly looked back to the others. “Udonta!”

Yondu had ignored the two men as he went on freeing the omega of the cords. Pulling the sheet up some he lifted her body into his arms to hold her much like one would a child. Her arms dangled by her sides but he kept her steady with one arm under her ass and his hand on her head. When he heard Tivan yell his name he looked back to meet the man’s glowing eyes. 

“There is still time! She needs as much contact with you as possible!” he yelled as he held off his brother.

Nodding his head Yondu felt as Stakar came over and pulled him behind them as they ran from the building and towards his ship. 


Once they had made it back on the Eclector Yondu commanded his crew to get them as far away from the planet as possible. Stakar stopped him in the hall and looked at him with a firm gaze. “I’ll stay back and make sure they don’t follow ya. Stay out of the radars for a few weeks, lay low…. Don’t let her out of your sight again Yondu.”

Giving a firm nod Yondu watched as Stakar walked away before quickly making his way towards his chambers. Closing and locking the door behind him he carried her over to the bed and placed her down just long enough to strip off his coat, shirt, boots and pants. Lifting her back up he tried to keep from looking at her nude body. Laying down on the bed he held her against his body and pulled the fur over them. He laid on his back with her on his chest, making sure as much of his skin touched hers as possible. He ran one hand up and down her back while his other one stroked over the skin of her fin. Her face was buried into the crook of his neck and he focused on her weak breaths against his skin. For hours he stayed this way not moving in fear he would hurt her. By the next day she still had not woken up and he was afraid he was too late. When he closed his eyes and felt tears roll down his face into her hair he tightened his arms around her body. Taking in a deep breath he let it out in a long soft whistle. It was a call, a final plea for his mate to come back to him. When nothing happened he felt as a sob forced it’s way out of his mouth. “mmm Yondu?” Hearing her soft voice Yondu’s eyes snapped open and he looked down at her, afraid it was just his mind playing tricks on him. Looking into her red eyes he couldn’t help but smile and then it turned into a scowl. “What were ya thinkin’? Ya could ave’ died girl! Ya almost did die. Do ya know how bad ya scared me? How worried I was…” Seeing tears in her eyes he stopped. 

“But you don’t want me… ya said I was ugly…a half breed.” you whimpered. 

Feeling her try and move away from him he rolled them over to lay on top of her. Looking down into her sad eyes with sorrow he closed his eyes. “I never meants what I said y/n. I was just mad. I thought ya didn’t want ta mate with me cuz of my fin…" 

"I don’t care about that. I…I just didn’t want you to be drunk…I want to mean somethin’ to you…not just be something that saves ya money at the brothels…” you said your voice turning into a soft whimper at the end. Closing your eyes you tried to keep yourself from sobbing at the heartbreaking silence. You knew that’s all you would ever be to him and braced yourself for the confirmation that you were nothing more than his slave, his whore. 

Yondu had never felt more like scum in his life. As he looked down and saw the true heartbreak on her face, the defeat he felt his own chest cave in. His mouth seemed to dry out and he had to swallow the lump in his throat. Taking a shaky breath he watched as a tear rolled from the corner of her eye and down her temple into her hair. “Darlin’ don’t cha know how much ya mean ta me. I would ave’ searched this galaxy fur the next thousand years if it meant being wit ya again. I luv ya girl and I am so sorry I’s didn’t tell ya that weeks ago." 

Hearing the words you had known you would never hear you opened your eyes to look for the cruel joke no doubt playing on his face. When you saw nothing but his bright red eyes looking down at you you sucked in a gasp of air. "Ya..what?”

Giving a small smile Yondu stroked the side of her face with his knuckles and laid his forehead against hers. “I love ya, my mate." 

Your lip began to tremble and you felt more tears escape your eyes. The words you knew in your heart no one would ever tell you had escaped the lips of the man you had fallen in love with weeks ago. He had told you he loved you. Had called you his mate. "I love you too Yondu.” you sobbed out.

He never remembered a smile this big ever coming to his face. “Ya know what this means don’t cha?” he said and felt her shake her head. “Ya ain’t ever gettin’ rid of me now.” he smirked and saw her smile. 

“Even if I told you I broke your halo pad?” you sang with a guilty smile.

Yondu gave a deep sigh and chuckled. Burring his face into her neck he gave a deep growl, “Then I’d jus’ ave’ ta punish ya.” he said, biting at the skin of her throat. Hearing her let out a soft gasp he grinned and licked over the bite to sooth the sting. “Ya know baby. I was told ta give ya as much physical contact as possible. Not to mention I ain’t likin’ ow’ ya smell like another man.” he growled. Running his hands down her side to grab her thigh and hip he heard her gasp. “Only if yer ready?” he said as he continued to kiss at her neck and shoulder. 

Your body quivered with his touch and you swallowed hard. “I want ta be your mate.” you said softly, still unsure how this worked. Other than your parents you had never experienced love with another person before and were afraid you would say something wrong. When you heard him purr into your skin you guessed it was okay. 

Yondu was holding back the savage in him with all he had. He could feel his cock already hard and ready. he wanted nothing more than to fuck her into the bed but he knew she was a virgin and he needed to take this slow. Grinding his hips into the mattress to relieve some of the tension he kissed down her throat to her chest. He sucked and bit marks into her skin before soothing them with his tongue. Licking on of her nipples he suckled the blue nub into his mouth and bit down gently, making sure his sharp teeth didn’t break the sensitive skin. He could hear her moaning and crying out and felt his skin tingle with the the thought of what she was going to sound like when he finally claimed her. Giving the other nipple the same attention he made sure to leave them hard and raw to the cool air. Yondu wanted to make this as painless as possible for his love but he also wanted his omega to know who she belonged to.

Growling with need he went lower on her body, biting marks into her hips and tracing the patterns of her skin with the tip of his tongue. “Ya are so beautiful.” he groaned into her skin. When he dipped lower to her woman hood he gave a groan at the soft curves and lines the patterns formed on her hood. Spreading her legs wider so he could lay between them he looked over her soft lips and saw them dripping with her slick. Rubbing up the slit with one of his fingers he chuckled. “So wet fur me little one and I ain’t even touched ya yet.” he said. Slowly pushing one of his fingers into her small hole he felt her tense up and gave a click of his tongue. He was surprised when she knew it’s meaning, he had not thought she knew Centaurian. Feeling her relax a little he slowly pushed and pulled his finger out of her, watching in amazement. When he could not hold back anymore he leaned forwards and licked up her sex with the flat of his tongue. She was sweet on his tongue and he couldn’t get enough. Groaning in need he drank down what she had to give him all the while making a distraction. He had now slipped two more of his thick fingers into her and she was whining in need. Removing his fingers from her he heard her give a whimper and grinned. Biting down on the inside of her thighs he heard her let out a hiss when his teeth broke the skin. Licking up the small amount of blood before crawling up her body.

Settling himself between her legs he kissed her neck and gave a soft purr as he lined up with her sex. He was already dripping pre cum from how much he wanted her and when he felt the heat from her sex hit his cock he shuddered. Nuzzling the side of her jaw he could feel her trembling. “Shh, I’s gonna take care of ya darlin’.” he told her and then began to thrust in. Yondu felt as she instantly went to flinch away when he broke through her maiden barrier. Acting quickly he grabbed her wrists and held them down by her head. He groaned out at how tight she was around him but continued to push in till he stilled. Letting her adjust to the new feelings he heard her crying and purred. He knew he had hurt her and he felt bad about it but it was something that had to be done. “I’m sorry.” he said softly. “Breath little one. Ya gotta breath.” It didn’t take long for her legs to relax back at his hips and her body to loosen up a bit. Licking the side of her lips he gently pulled back, hearing as she let out a hiss. When only the tip was left in he rolled his hips back into hers. When she pulled for her hands to be released he let them go to hold one of her hips in place while the other supported his weight. He felt as her hands went to grip his arm and back. When her fingers dug into his injured back he gave a small growl, telling her to be careful. 

Yondu thrusted in and out of her her and felt as she began to flutter around his cock. Smirking he moved to bite the nape of her neck where his claiming mark was and felt as she cummed around his member. The alpha male gave a loud roar and slammed into her as deep as possible before emptying himself into her womb. He twitched and grunted until finally his body gave out and he had to catch himself from falling on top of her smaller body. She laid still under him and he licked over the new wound he had placed on her neck. When he went to pull out of her he heard her cry out softly. Nuzzling her he pulled completely out before rolling to lay beside her and pulling her into his side. “are ya alright?” he asked after a few minutes. When he didn’t hear a response he looked down to see her fast asleep on his chest. . Smiling he kissed her brow and rubbed the over up and down her arm that was thrown over his chest. “Sleep my mate, I’ll take care of ya.” he said softly so not to wake her. 

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Hi! Happy birthday~~ I love your stories! And I have a prompt: kakashi training a puppy ninken to offer it to iruka as a gift for his promotion at the academy

Hi! Thank you! And thank you! 😍

Pakkun looked completely unimpressed with the progress. “She can’t even hold a rope, how is she going to hold an enemy?”

“Oh she’s fine,” Kakashi dismissed. “You didn’t start out perfect either.”

Pakkun sighed. “You should have just gotten an Inazuka pup.”

The small fluff ball slipped on her awkward feet. “Aow uu rrr ackin bowww ee”

“That’s right, we are talking about you. You’re getting much better,” Kakashi patted her tiny head. “Are the others helping you with your words?”

Her head tilted.

Pakkun crossed his paws, laying down on the floor. “Yes. We’re trying. She doesn’t have much in the way of an attention span.”

Kakashi laughed a little as she ran across the room for another trainging toy. “No. That’s true. Iruka will love her for it.”

Iruka sat in his new office looking through a list of files. He supposed he should get to know the problem students from every class, at least in name only.

He looked up when there was a knock on his open office door. “Oh, Kakashi. What are you doing here?”

“I’ve got something for you. A congratulations gift I guess. Do you mind coming over after work tonight?”

“I thought you already gave me my congradulations gift,” Iruka retorted making the Hokage suddenly uncomfortable.

He cleared his throat. “Well, I got you something else.”

Iruka was grinning to his paperwork. “If it’s anything like the last one I’ll be there.”

“It’s… no. I’ll just see you later?”

“Sure, Kakashi.” He laughed a little.

They hadn’t been seeing each other for more than a month now. It was fun seeing the Hokage getting flustered.

Iruka blinked at the tiny fluffy bundle being held out to him.

“Hi!” She seemed excited to see him, rambling between known words and broken noises but mostly licking his face.

“Kakashi…? What?”

“I’m oouing ou relp uu inm e ouffice!” She squirmed in his arms until he set her down and she could walk in circles around Iruka’s feet.

“More than that,” Kakashi pointed. “She’ll be your contact between me or the ninken. Or just a pet. You’ll be taking her training from here.”

“I, um,” Iruka didn’t know what to say. “She’s-”

“I just thought,” Kakashi rubbed the back of his hair, “since you know, Naruto’s an adult now, starting his family… that um, you could use a new student. And I’ll help too… but um-”

He didn’t get to finish because Iruka was kissing him. “Thank you.”

Kakashi smiled.


2p GerAme Love Child

(Since I see a lot of GerAme on this blog, I thought I could make a kid for you two)
(I can’t draw but I hope this description is enough ^-^)
Name: Ceray (Care-Ay) Adelina Jones

Hair: Reddish Brown (A bit lighter than Alex’s)

Eyes: Violet (Like Lutz’s)

Skin: A light tan and covered in freckles.

Height: No matter how old she gets, she’ll be slightly shorter than Alex. Maybe by an inch or two if she’s an adult.

Personality: When she’s a little girl, she was about as energetic as Alex as a kid and a tomboy. She hates dressing up for anything and would go to important events in a t-shirt and cargo shorts if you’d let her. As her first name suggests (Strong, Melody, Song) she tends to sing when she’s bored. Her vocal range tends to vary from soprano to alto, but she can be a tenor if need be. She’s also bilingual (German and English, obviously)
With Alex, she tends to be very cuddly with him. As a little girl, she figured out that the guy wasn’t exactly the best around kids and would do everything in her power to scare the crap out of him. From grabbing sharp objects to pretending to try and touch a lit stove. Despite being a mischievous little shit, she’d always do things to show her love for her father. If he’s asleep on the couch, she’d grab a blanket and drape it over him. When she’s old enough, she’d bring him coffee in the mornings to wake up to.
With Lutz, she’s his little princess/fighter. From a toddler, she’s learned boxing from him and martial arts from a dojo/class. He tends to spoil her from time to time but she’s smart enough to not let it go to her head. Like with Alex, she’s very cuddly with him and sometimes calls him Papa Bear because of his bear hugs. Lutz would most likely be the one to discipline her when she was up to no good, especially if it was at Alex’s expense.
(Okay so I tried my best. I follow the p2-germany blog but I’m not entirely familiar with it. Like I said, I can’t draw but I hope this is enough.)
(Also, I’m sorry if I got some things wrong in terms of Lutz and Alex ^-^;;)


aaaa this is too cute! thank you!

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I know it's already june but because V is my bias I can't help but still feel a little mad about their secret santa situation. Maybe I'm making a big deal out of it, but ssrly I can't stop thinking about it. V really looked but a good gift that was inside their budget, like he took it seriously and searched for a gift that any of them would like and find useful but the rest of them!? (except JK bc vitamin c is important and RM's and JH's bc underwear, although I personaly think JH did it...

… as a joke) but OK, don’t get me wrong, I love the 7 of them. But seeing V’s face when he opened his gift, such disappointment, I can’t help but feel a little mad, and when RM stole one of his snacks, you can tell that V was having none of it, even when Jimin took one of them, V told him to stop and well IDK, I just feel mad about the situation. Maybe if they agreed beforehand to do a “funny secret santa” I wouldn’t be this mad haha, but V really gave a thoughtful gift and I wished he received a thoughtful gift as well….

I can definitely understand where you’re coming from Anon. I think sometimes we all get frustrated by the actions of the other members from time to time. We have to stop, and think that they are only human, as are we. They’re all going to have days where they nit pick at one another, and days where they are more sensitive than others. They are also going to have bad days where they’re just pissy and make comments that they don’t really mean to one another.

I can understand the frustration, but I think the choice in gifts is also a large reflection of personality as well. Where Tae is such an old soul, of course he would put a lot more passion in to finding something perfect as compared to the others who may be more silly, and laid back about it. 

Admin Meyg

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Can we hear your rankings of the Chrises?

as of now, the standing is:

  1. evans: honest to god, his performance in gifted probably cemented him up here for the long haul. dark-haired, beardy, flannel-wearing evans or blonde, clean-shaven, captain america evans can get it whenever.
  2. pine: steve trevor singlehandedly saved men in superhero movies, can we believe? and god, he’s really, really great and cute in interviews. i spent too many years underestimating him. must make up for lost time.
  3. hemsworth: Hot Dad vibes on crack, tbh. he and his wife are adorable and he’s got great comedic timing as thor. nice ass, as seen in that one movie where he played a race car driver. (was it called rush?
  4. pratt: i mean, he and hemsworth switch places based off of who i’ve seen latest, and i saw the thor: ragnarok before wonder woman. so. but he is the goofball-golden retriever of my heart. 

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I'm going to Florida Supercon, getting a hotel, and cosplaying Balloonicorn Hoodie Pyro+the Lolichop thanks to my dad! (He knows last convention my now ex ruined it) So he did this as a gift. (I can't thank him enough)


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Do you have any idea how to get hold of that Mimorin playmat? From what I can figure out from the site it's something to do with the magazine but surely that's too fancy for a free gift, lol.

Unfortunately you have to mail in I think a postcard from inside the magazine. You can choose from 3 including mimorin’s which costs 2500円. I don’t live in Japan so I’m out of luck (´;ω;`) yahoo auctions is my only hope…….

Endearing Qualities:

Aries: “I can be argumentative towards someone I care for but if someone else does it towards them then that’s just not on.”

Taurus: Expressing affection through physical goods, whether that’s preparing food, baking goods, or seemingly random gifts. They can find that generosity communicates more than they could in words.

Gemini: Their short attention span. Even in times of hurt and anger, if they can find something to be curious about, they can shift into a new experience, much like distracting a child. And I don’t mean that in a patronising way. They morph their reality.

Cancer: The warmth and care they often show to those that are vulnerable, almost like an openness despite their reservations in new situations. They balance assertion and softness admirably as a cardinal water sign.

Leo: Naive idealism. They just don’t get maliciousness and cruelty. Pride and pettiness, sure. But the former has no justifiable place in their world.

Virgo: Their willingness to see themselves in the context of everyone else, to work in a team, to embrace that their part, no matter how small, is a cog in the workings of a whole system. They can appear rather ego-less in this context.

Libra: The ability to romanticise everyday gestures or situations, a way of adding a sense of art and intrigue into the otherwise ordinary to others.

Scorpio: How they draw meaning from most everything. Nothing is just a surface matter for them, but something for them to consider, scrutinise and draw as much information from as possible. They look for depth, a rich existence.

Sagittarius: Their sense of humour. Their happiness radiates from them, and they can find lightness in difficult and troubled times, which in turn, spreads to others.

Capricorn: The sweetness they add into things in subtlety. Outright displays of affection are unlikely, but they find ways to express it in other ways.

Aquarius: Their awkwardness when it comes to “heavy” topics or one to one interaction. They can often deflect this with humour and intellectual topics to talk about, once again putting them in their element.

Pisces: The extent they can go to for the sake of pleasing others from a place of kindness is extensive. They can be one thing and say one thing to one person, and change for another, reaching maximum connection to the person in their immediate company. They are accommodating individuals.

vines i will never get tired of seeing in vine compilations:

  • “hurricane katrina? more like hurricane tortilla!”
  • “is there anything better than pussy… yes a really good book”
  • “hey how ya doing well im doing just fine i lied im dying inside”
  • “aw fuck. i can’t believe you’ve done this.”
  • “what do you want for a healthy snack rebecca??” “i want chipotle.” “thaT’S NOT A HEALTHY SNACK REBECCA”
  • “aw nice ron” “WHAT. i sneezed. am i not allowed to sneeze now???”
  • “so you just don’t bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift”
  • “look at all those chickens”
  • *in face warp filter* “i really can’t stay bABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE i’ve got to go away baBY IT’S”
  • “did you hang out with beth last night?” “yeah yeah i did” “oh!! i love beth!” “… you hate beth” “YEAH NO SHIT HONEY”
  • “dad look it’s the good kush” “how good could it be. this is the dollar store.”
  • “MARY IS THAT A POLICE???? I’M CALLING THE WEED” “420 watcha smokin”
  • “wow look at that shooting star!” “BOY I AM A COMET NOT A STAR” “oh sorry” “IT’S FINE IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME”
  • “i saw you hanging out with kaitlyn yesterday” “rebecca it’s not what you think!” “I WON’T HESITATE BITCH”
  • “today i will be playing mozart’s symphony number 40 in g minor” *puke noise* “oh my god”
  • all ayitspnayo vines
  • all thomas sanders vines
- Silver button -

It arrived at my grandma’s house, I woke up early to go there…and now  it’s in my hands!

This is the first time I get a kind of thing like this one, I mean, a reward for the work I’m currently doing. I must admit this is a wonderful gift from Youtube, but what I appreciate the most is the support from everyone since I started with this, for the amount of people that like my animations, for the amazing people I met and are now great friends of mine, for other artists who inspired me and gave me strong to keep forward. 

This button can have just my name (RIP letter Ñ of my last name lmao) and a number, but in my heart it says the names of each one of you for supporting a small artist who had a second chance to be able to love what she does.

I do really hope to still entertain you with my animations and art in the future, with my original projects and more stuff.

Thank you so much people. Thank you for everything.

Now I’ll make a lil’ video about this to my channel.
Have a nice day/evening/night <3 

I can’t believe Jack Zimmerman getting buzzed and going around thoroughly educating everyone about Eric Richard Bittle at the Falconers Family BBQ is a thing that actually really happened. Like he pulled up videos on his phone for people to watch.

This is amazing, because not only is it hilariously ADORABLE!
But Jack so confidently speaking about their relationship is just so ANSKDWVH!!