can i get this as a gift


Guys… I need a huge favor: my best friend in the whole world is turning 23 this week (you may know her as the female rabbit with the bow) and because…well… life, I guess… the days before her birthday are usually really shitty and bad things tend to happen.

I got really fucking tired of this so I decided I would take matters into my own hands and prepare her the birthday week she has always deserved.

If you guys could take a photo like this from your window, room or wherever you are and send it to me, I would love you forever. If you don’t have a camara or you are just too lazy to get up (been there, done that) rebloging this would still help a bunch.

I want to collect the most birthday greetings photos I can get to make the ultimate birthday card. This will be the first of the seven gifts I would get for her in her birthday week.

Guys, thank you so much for all your help and support and I hope I can repay all of you for this someday, somehow.

Love for you all.

sometimes i feel like when people talk about equality and representation, they always forget about asian people and it really upsets me because i try to do as much as i can for the voices of other poc’s, but i just want to say thank you to the gifted fandom for loving clarice as much as i do and for supporting her.

if there was an award for best new fandom of 2k17, ya’ll would get it <3 

Outlast Secret Santa


Anyone wishing to join in needs to send an ask detailing the following:

-What you want for your own gift (Pairings, characters in certain scenarios, etc.)

-What you would like to try and do for your gift (Art, fanfiction, other…Please specify what ‘other’ would entail!)

-Whether or not you’d be willing to do anything NSFW

-What you’re not comfortable with doing (Pairings, characters in certain scenarios, etc.)

-Whether or not you’d be willing to take on a second gift. Hopefully nobody will need to double up, but it would help if I knew who could!

Please have your messages open so I can talk to you!

People can enter the event until November 30th, and we should try to get all the gifts posted by December 24th. The gifts should be tagged #outlastsecretsanta.

Thank you!

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One thing I absolutely hate is when someone assumes I am ignoring them because I haven’t talked to them in… a couple hours…? A couple days….? A week or so? 

I can count on my hands and then some others at how many times a week I get messages from people claiming that I am ignoring them or some such. From Discord to other social media.

Here is a rundown:

  • I am not ignoring you.
  • I am quite introverted so me initiation contact first is limited and rare.
  • I am not ignoring you.
  • I get distracted on little things.
  • I am not IGNORING YOU.
  • If I am doing something or multiple things in real life (Sewing gifts for Yule/Christmas, working on art, trying to do a few other things around the house, etc)
  • If I am in a game, I am more than likely trying not to die from doing what ever it is I am doing.
  • I am at work.
  • I am not Ignoring you. I promise I am not.

I feel like I have to cover this almost every week on multiple platforms.

Dear Fan Artists,

Hyper-realistic fanart is incredible, and a gift, and holy shit how do you guys capture all that detail so beautifully???

But minimalist and/or cartoony fanart is also incredible. Whenever I see a seemingly simple drawing, but can instantly tell who the character is? It blows my mind. How do you guys do that with just a few lines???

Both types of artists are paying so much attention to the personality, the facial quirks, the body language of these characters. Both styles take considerable skill and practice, and years of developing a unique art style. I’m so grateful to get to see your work.

I love all of you… and everyone in between, and everyone who is still too nervous to share their art but keeps working on it.

ghostressed  asked:

hey! I was just wondering if theres a way to support your game or pre-order it. Like how on kickstarter if I give some money I can get a copy of the game once it comes out. I've been following your main blog for quite some time and I've been eager to play your game when it comes out since you started production a long time ago :)

oh thats so nice of you !!! <3

the game will be free, but i think ill make a small donation page or something if ppl want to support me! (so i can buy gifts for the friends who helped me on the game >:3c but shhhh)

i also plan on making an artbook or something, and maybe some goodies one day! but you wont need to pay for the game itself haha

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Hey, my sister’s really into this fandom (I’m not) and I want to get her a gift for the winter holidays. Thought I might get her a Percy Jackson gift. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I’m not sure about your sister’s preferences, but you can gift her a custom fandom t-shirt or a hoodie? There are lots of fan-artists who have lots of merchandise on their Society 6 or Etsy! I think some shirts and necklaces are available on Amazon too!
Here’s some links to the society 6 of artists who I think are really cool (some of them have things from other fandoms too so be careful):

Remember, there are still plenty of AMAZING artists I couldn’t include because this answer would become too long haha ^^; you can look them up!

If you’re looking for something handmade, you can find plenty of DIYs on YouTube and Pinterest! They’re really quick, efficient and cheap too and feel more personal :) they would take more time and effort though.

I hope I could help!
Happy winter holidays!

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To the anon looking for their gf's gift: if she's said it, find a fine book about her fave architect, or something related to them, may be an amazing documentary about them and watch together,a lecture you can attend, they built something in your town you could visit (+a cute picnic and some colored pencils?). And the never-get-old drawing kits, like a portable notebook and markers, pencils, pastels, paintings, whatever works to draw and express ideas. idk those are stuff I'd love to get

I agree, good ideas!

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I don’t know what to say! I can’t belived so many people follow me already! It really means a lot for me! Just… THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOV YA <3

Since I am in Duck Fandom I meet a lot nice and awesome people! This fandom really have the nicest community! I get a lot nice comments and yes I read all tags and aghhh thank you guys. And even my senpais liked and rebbloged my artwork and I am like… I just really don’t deserve it!

I will open doodle request and maybe art trades after duckvember so stay tuned :3 I’m also planning do gift away but propably after christmas but I will let ya know C:

Also don’t afraid speak with me! I’m little shy but I love talking with new friends ^^

A huge THANK YOU to everyone here in my party! Wow! I never expected to find so many fans. And so many of you I’ve talked to and you’re all wonderful people! 💕

I want to show my thanks you you all but I’m also super busy! SO. Everyone who replies to this post with a character or prompt will get a terrible super fast sketch of whatever they request… someday. JK, I’ll do them as soon as I can, notwithstanding I’m busy with nanowrimo and soon I’ll be traveling for holidays. So as long as you reply with a character I’ll gift you a sketch!

Again, a huge thank you for sticking around and being awesome to every single one of you!


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i'm gonna fun facts everyone tbh haha. so leilani next?

  • Leilani is a ridiculous morning person. To the point where there are some people who can’t even stand being near them after just waking up. 
  • They are not a fighter in the slightest, but they do know how to wield weapons. Their weapon of choice is a take on the bow and arrow. Kartok gifted them their favorite one. It can shoot electrified arrows that has adjustable charges. 
  • Leilani is terrifying when they are angry. They get so cold and sharp, it’s the room freezes over, and icicles form on every word they deign to throw at you. It takes a lot to get them there, to truly make them angry, but when they’ve reached that point? Watch the fuck out
  • The blue markings on their face is a tattoo, one given to them when they were very young and still living on their home planet. It brands them as an empath, not that many outside of their home culture recognize the mark. 
  • Leilani’s favorite thing in the world is the way they always spend the hour between the end of the day and when they and Kartok retire to bed. They spend it together, either alone or with Matt and Zarra as well, in the lounge, curled up in each other’s arms. That is when Kartok will often help them take their hair out of their braid, and gently comb his fingers through it, humming lowly, gently lulling them more and more toward a peaceful rest and sleep. 

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Okay so I check 'arctic monkeys new album' online so much it's unhealthy so I rarely learn anything new bUT apparently the earliest we can be expecting a new single by them is january and january 1st is literally in 43 days and I'm HYPED

Yeah I think January is pretty realistic for a single. And it’s getting super close!!! This hiatus is finally coming to an end and I’m really excited to see what they decide to break the silence with and how!


please commission me this holiday season 

i can’t afford to pay utilities let alone gifts for friends and family so please consider getting someone u love a really swell picture drawn by me

i have 5 slots open but don’t anticipate a wait list

message me here on tumblr or email me at with the headline “ART COMMISSION” otherwise i might not see it

if there’s smth you want drawn that i haven’t listed in my do’s/don’ts, just ask! worst i can say is no or offer a compromise

i take paypal and venmo. payments are due after seeing the preliminary sketch. 

“Hey, I’m on my way to your room for a nap.”
“Ok. Wait. Keith, are you parading with your ace blanket—again?”
“…Maybe. I’m eating ice cream, too. Can’t share that, but the blanket I can.”

So our resident proud ace boy was born on Asexual Awareness Week! <3 
Just let him have his nap on his birthday. This is Part 2 of this. Redbubble