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“Prompt: Maggie says no.” from the hard-hitting (and I effing love it) @foreverblueraven and @goodslothnoodle “Please fix the proposal   That one kind of sucked” and @laurarasmith “ Also sanvers rationally talking about getting married cause like ok. They can be engaged. Sure. But can we plz get the logistics conversation” and @ahhveee “I’m really conflicted about the proposal…but like post-proposal Maggie saying yes but also her getting assurance from Alex that this isn’t only a reaction to everything that happened and it’s really something Alex wants” and @sanvers-cuddles “In anyway you see it but like could there be more of a build up to the proposal”

Other proposal fic here:

There was a time when she would stiffen and grab her gun and body slam anyone who came up behind her and touched her like that.

But Maggie has asked – “May I?”, she’ll always say, always softly, never expectantly – so many times that Alex has just told her, please, please, please, I love when you hold me like this, you don’t have to ask.

So there was a time when she could have literally killed someone for doing just what Maggie does.

But now? Now, Alex sinks back into her touch, her warmth, her comfort, her love, her support, immediately. She revels in the feeling of Maggie’s chin on her shoulder, Maggie’s body solid and strong behind hers.

“She’ll be okay,” Maggie tells her, and Alex tries to believe her.

“I hope so,” her voice trembles slightly, because a week ago, Kara almost lost her.

Yesterday, Kara almost lost Lena. Today, Kara lost a piece of her past. Today, Kara watched her city exploding around her, and Alex knows – because Alex feels it too – that Kara is blaming herself.

She feels Maggie staring at her, and she thinks about her promise to Kara.

To never let Maggie go.

The tears in Kara’s eyes, the lilt in her voice.

How far she’d come with Maggie, how much she tried.

How much Alex’s almost dying – almost, almost, almost, she reminds herself – had brought her sister and her girlfriend together.

But she doesn’t want Maggie to just be her girlfriend.

Not anymore.

“Hey,” Maggie is saying, pulling back slightly and taking Alex’s hands into hers. “I know the Danvers girls, you don’t break easy – “

Her voice is soft and it’s smooth and it’s the most soothing thing Alex has ever heard, and Alex has always been impulsive, but Kara had basically given her blessing, and she needs her, god, she needs her, because what if she lands in the hospital during the next war – and there will always be a next war – and Alex can’t get to her without being her wife, her wife, god, Maggie Sawyer’s wife.

It’s never appealed to her before. She’s never understood it.

But this woman, this woman with the calloused heart and soft hands, with the tender soul and sharp wit? This woman, comforting Alex about the Danvers girls, her Danvers girls –

“Marry me.”

Her eyes search Maggie’s face and she watches as the slight smile, the affirmation, on Maggie’s face melts into terror. Melts into incomprehension. Melts into disbelief.

Because she’s always been worthless, and she’s always been disposable.

And when she hasn’t been, she hasn’t trusted it. She’s blown it up in her own face. Like she deserves.

But Alex Danvers? Alex Danvers, with the wide eyes and the desperate voice?

Alex Danvers who has almost died more times than Maggie can count in the last few weeks alone, Alex Danvers who has held on for her and is holding on to her hands and is saying… What the hell is she saying?

“Excuse me?”

And Alex nods before she speaks, like she understands Maggie’s disbelief, like she understands Maggie’s shock. Like she’s feeling it too, but god, god, god, Alex took her by the forearm and pulled her into their first kiss in the bar, and she’s doing it again, now, because we should marry the girls we want to marry, and she wants to…

“Seriously? Marry me. Please?”

She breathes the last word and Maggie doesn’t know when Alex’s hands went to her shoulders, and she doesn’t know when her heart started flying out of her chest and her ears started buzzing, but she knows her mouth is smiling, her eyes are smiling, because god, god, god, she loves this woman.

She loves this woman, loves her like she’s never loved anything, and she’s never been wanted like this, wanted like…

Wanted like Alex nearly died, and Alex nearly blew up her own sister, and Alex nearly cost planet Earth its existence, and Alex nearly lost everything.

“Yes,” Maggie whispers in tandem with her eyes. 

“Yeah?” Alex breathes, and Maggie nods, but then she shakes her head, because yes, yes, yes, but also no, no, no.

“Yes, one day, Alex. One day, I want to marry you.” She stops smiling and she steps back, and she hates herself – hates herself like she hated herself the night Alex first kissed her – and she shifts Alex’s hands from her shoulders to her own hands.

“One day,” Alex repeats like she was just punched in the gut, and Maggie brings Alex’s limp knuckles to her lips.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yes. But Alex, I don’t… I don’t even know what marriage means to you. What it would change for you. For us. We don’t live together yet, not really, and finances, and our dog – when do you want to get a dog? – I just… I want a lifetime of firsts with you, Alex, and I want marriage to be in there. Once, to be clear. Just once. To you. But not… Alex, you almost died, and then the Daxamites, and then – “

“What, you think I haven’t thought this through?” Her eyes are wide and her eyes are pain, and Maggie steps back closer to her and thanks the goddesses when Alex doesn’t shrink away from her touch.

“I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been thinking about it, Alex. With all that’s been happening… hell, even before that. But we haven’t figured out… what does it mean to you? To get married?”

“Till death do us part and all that. Seems pretty relevant nowadays, huh?” Her eyes are wet and so is her voice, and Maggie gives a dry chuckle.

“But that’s exactly my point, Alex. I don’t want you to… I’m ride or die for you, Danvers, you know I am, but we don’t have to rush, we don’t have to – “

“But what’s the difference? Between you saying you want a lifetime of firsts with me and me saying I want to marry you?”

“Babe, getting married… that lifetime of firsts suddenly includes a lot of joint housing and financial decisions, and a lot of… it’s forever, Alex. And I want forever with you. But it’s miles from where we are: we just started this thing, you and me. And I want to treasure every bit of it. I want to treasure the conversations we have to have about dogs, and kids, or no kids, and careers and apartments and bank accounts and life goals and compatibilities and where we want to be in five years, ten, forty. I want to treasure the conversations we have to have about my parents and your extended family and planning mutual proposals with Adrian. I want to treasure talking about what kind of rings we want and designing wedding dresses or suits with Winn – do you want to get married in a dress? – and I want to treasure figuring out retirement funds and taxes and last name changes and illness and health care and all of it. I want to treasure all of it, Alex. I don’t want to do it while we’re mourning and grieving and recovering.”

“But we’ll always be mourning and grieving and recovering.” Alex’s voice is small, and it breaks Maggie’s heart in as many ways as a heart can possibly be broken. And more.

She pulls her down for a soft kiss, and Alex parts her lips, kissing her back eagerly.

“Yeah. But not like we are today, babe,” Maggie tells her when they press their foreheads together, and Alex nods.

Nods because the taste of water still burns in her lungs and the taste of Daxamite ash still chars her nose.

“So you’re not saying yes, but you’re not saying no.”

“I’m saying, not right now. But ask me again sometime,” Maggie smiles, and lets Alex draw her close into her body somewhat warmly, somewhat possessively.

“You love me?” Alex asks, because the logical part of her brain hears Maggie, understands her. Agrees with her, even. But every single other part of her is trembling with fear.

That she’s said too much, that she’s offered too much, that she’s demanded too much. 

That Maggie will leave because she’s failed. Again.

“I love you through and beyond, Alex Danvers,” Maggie whispers against her lips, and that?

That is good enough for Alex.

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"Being Clint and Natasha's daughter would include" plz ? (I know she can't have kids and he's married in the movies, but can you do Clintasha here ?) Thanks!

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Being Clint and Natasha’s daughter would include

-          You’re either adopted or a miracle, either way they love you to bits.

-          You can bet that you’d get self-defence training from your mom while your dad records it, finding it cute.

-          Steve is your favourite uncle.

-          Tony is jealous that he isn’t the favourite uncle.

-          New agents are often confused when they see a little girl wearing a tutu walking around (your mom would probably show you some of her ballet moves, and now you want to be a ballet dancer like her, hence the tutu which you sometimes get your dad and other avengers to wear as well), especially when the scary avengers go soft for you.

-          This turns into intimidation when they learn who your parents are.

-          Of course there’s that one person who tries to tease you a little.

-          This ends with you either kicking them in the privates, shins and straight out punching them in the face.

-          Thor would put you on his shoulders and then pretend he can’t find you, even though you’d be laughing uncontrollably.

-          You’d even make Director Fury play with you.

-          Mostly because Natasha and Clint would be staring at him, expecting him to do so.

-          Though you might now know exactly what your parents and family do, you do know they’re superheroes and when you grow up, you want to be just like them!

I hope you like it!

Requests for Would Includes and Ships are open!

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omg I loved the lil mini tae scenario !! for I was the one who requested it btw, so thank you !!! may I request a having a baby scenario w/ seokjin please ??

Having a little baby with Jin?

hello thank you guys for requesting i am so haooy i get so many request! thanks for supporting me and this blog it means the world to me!

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Daddy Jin

  • hello time to hear about number one dad material right here, Kim seokjin!!
  • cries his children are going to be so perfect and gorgeous and sweet and talented wow
  • I think he would be like taehyung and be very traditional when it came to having kids and he would want to be married before it happened
  • I think while he would be the first one married, he would take a little time to start a family because he would want to enjoy married life with just the two of you!
  • like you guys wanna travel and see the world and do cute married things (idk what those are) but you guys want to do them all and while jin loves loves loves children he doesn’t want to be tied down by them from day one, you know?
  • so I think after a year he would finally sit down with you and be like all flustered and shy and sheepish and he’s so nervous and you’re kinda oh alright?? what’s this about?
  • and idk he seems really gushy to me so he would probably wanna ask you in a cute way and so he would probably make your favorite dinner and he would set out some candles and play your favorite music (or your favorite music that was calm and like romantic he’s not gonna blare freaking linkin park or something)
  • and you know whenever he does your favorite dinner up like this that there’s something very very important on his mind and so you’re a little jittery going into this dinner
  • and you guys are sitting all cute and it starts off like any normal dinner he’s talking about his day and what not and you guys are holding over the table and he’s running his thumbs over the back of your hands and it’s so cute and he’s so red did i mention that he is even red from his ears
  • and you kinda giggle cause your husband is the cutest thing in the entire world how is he so perfect??
  • and he’s smiling all bright and you guys are playing footsies under the table and it’s so touching and he doesn’t really want to ruin the moment because what if you take the news poorly like what if you are not about having a little mini prince or princess running around??
  • but um you married this angel right here and you can tell when he is thinking about something or upset and you kinda “jin honey, you can tell me anything you know that right dear?”
  • and he nods and takes a deep breath and he kinda “remember that one time in the grocery store?”
  • and you kinda “um more specific plz we have been at least ten trillion times”
  • and he gets even more red and he just “when we were trying to make that cute baby life, and I mean, I said something to you and then you nodded all cute and-”
  • “Kim Seokjin just tell me silly!”
  • “I want to start our family!! I want to start our family now!”
  • and he just covers his mouth with his hands like he’s five or something and he didn’t really mean to blurt it out like that but this is something he has been thinking about for like so long now and he was tired of waiting and it just kinda happened??
  • and he looks over at you to make sure you’re doing okay and handling it all okay and you’re just smiling to yourself and playing with your napkin and you’re staring down at something all cute and you whisper “oh i thought you would never bring it up and i would have to be the one to say something to you…”
  • and you both start giggling again and you eat your dinner and it is wonderful because seokkie is wonderful and you both are so giddy and excitable the entire night and giggling all cute
  • i think with jin there wouldn’t be a big hello i am pregnant because he’s pretty observant and just really caring and sweet so like a good husband he gets pretty used to you and when you stop complaining about cramps and chocolate cravings the gears in his head start turning
  • i think if you married jin there would never ever be any sort of secrets and you guys would truly share everything and do everything together, that’s just the type of guy he is
  • and so when you do confirm that you are pregnant you wouldn’t make a big deal out of it (also because you knew if you came out of nowhere all big and extravagant the poor thing might have a heart attack)
  • but when you do confirm he probably starts to tear up not like a full out sob but hey he’s waiting long enough for this day to happen let him have his moment
  • and he picks you up and spins you around and he kisses your face all over cause what a sweetheart lordie me
  • and then once you two calm down (even though he’s probably giggly for the next two weeks honestly) he calls yoongi first cause yoongi is always the silent supporter, the boy with the biggest heart who does the little things that show it and he kinda “yoongi guess what you are going to be an uncle aren’t you excited i know im excited, oh my god yoongi im going to be a daD”
  • and yoongi laughs and he kinda “hey congrats you two, im happy for you. name the little squirt after me would you?”
  • and he is really happy cause jin has been the mom for all of them for years now it’s time he actually had his own kids and yoongi knows out of all of them jin probably wants this the most
  • tbh he is probably the one who organizes all sorts of showers like sets the baby shower up for you and stresses over the details for you cause he wants to make everything perfect for you and jin
  • out of the group he would be the second to have kids i think after taehyung
  • but he calls the other boys and hoseok cries at the noise and jeongguk and chim are betting on the gender and tae is handing out advice left and right and namjoon is worrying like hyung don’t excite yourself to the point of a heart attack please
  • okay but i need this cause
  • jin is always like okay “since you are now carrying our small prince and/or princess we are putting you on a healthy baby diet”
  • and by healthy baby diet he means everything is going to be organic and you are not eating sugar or anything he is so strict cause i imagine him being a little superstitious when it comes to this kind of thing and he’s getting advice from his mom who tells him if you want the baby to be healthy make sure your wife eats healthy
  • but at the same time he will drive out to the 24 hour mart at two in the morning to get you some pickles or something if you’re having cravings he spoils you rotten, even more than usual
  • even though he has you eating crazy healthy he has you eating all the time cause he knows especially the first trimester people can get so sick that they end up losing weight instead of gaining so he makes sure to keep you well fed
  • “seokjin can you not i am already huge as is this is the last thing i need thank you very much”
  • he loves to sing to the cute baby bump okay like every morning he wakes you up by singing all loud and proud and when he realizes you’re awake he runs over and kisses your belly and then kisses you and then kisses your belly again and sings your favorite songs!! cause he insists the baby can hear
  • he probably worries a lot too though he wants this to run smoothly as possible
  • he would be the type to sign you up for classes
  • like the yoga classes that help with whatever they help with and then parenting 101 classes and he is always calling his mom and making sure he’s doing everything right!!
  • he wants to make the nursery mario themed
  • he probably gets away with it too
  • he’s always updating the boys with news like hello yes today i read this cute mario story to my baby just letting you guys know
  • he doesn’t let you do anything
  • like you try to get up and do laundry he rushes over and panics and makes you sit back down and does the laundry and ends up mixing a red sock in the whites or something but to him that is so much better than something causing you to strain yourself
  • he becomes such a doting housekeeper like he vacuums and does the dishes and while he’s at it makes you a little pillow/blanket fort on the couch and puts on your favorite show for you
  • before the baby is even old enough he is trying to find out genders by himself using all these old wives tales??
  • and you kinda what
  • “no seriously dear just pick this key off the ground and i’ll know if we’re having a prince or princess”
  • “Um seokjin, yesterday, with the wedding ring trick, yah that thing? you concluded it was going to be a cute little boy”
  • he says he doesn’t care about the gender of the baby but you have insider information from hoseok and yoongi that he is keeping his fingers crossed for a little girl!!
  • you guys really loved the entire gender reveal party thing that tae did and so you decide that you would like to try one as well
  • but you don’t want to do the same exact thing obviously like that is a no no
  • so you guys go to the doctors and you’re like yes please we want to do a surprise thing and so we’ll take the results in an envelope
  • but anyway you guys get to see your baby up on screen for the first time and that’s when jin actually cries and he holds your hands and he’s laughing and he’s all red again and he kinda “oh my god, that’s actually our baby, look at our baby…”
  • and he gets so excited when he sees the little heartbeat on the screen and he cries a little bit more and he smiles down at you and whispers “thank you for this”
  • and he takes a really long time to calm back down he kinda is in this daze like wow um that is my child i made this i made this child and wow it has little hands and !!!
  • and so after that you get the details of the party planned cause that envelope sitting on the kitchen counter is so so tempting
  • you guys take it to the local bakery and kindly ask if they could make a cake and the inside are the color of the gender
  • like tae’s party, you guys want all your guests to wear the colors of what gender they think the baby is going to be
  • jin doesn’t even hesitate to go all out in his pink even though it’s much more than tae’s baby shower thing
  • he has like seven different pink boas and then a tiara and a shirt and these pink converse again and some god awful pink skinny jeans and his glasses on and he has a magic wand and he is so into it it’s so cute and precious and he puts pink decorations up and then maybe like one blue balloon in the back corner of the living room like okay jin thanks for being biased
  • the day of the party you reach for this cute blue shirt and jin shrieks in horror even though you could have sworn he was in the bathroom?? and you promptly put the shirt down and exchange it for something pink before your husband has a freaking heart attack
  • and so you two both have pink on even though you seriously have your money on a boy but jin will not allow that not in his house
  • jeongguk and chim end up agreeing (they say the true maknae line needs to stay together but they’re really just bitter tae has a child now and doesn’t have the time to hang out as much anymore) so they stick together and when they find out taehyung is going in pink they immediately settle on blue
  • hoseok the poor thing couldn’t make up his mind and so he decides that he will wear yellow instead because yellow is a beautiful bright happy color and someone needed to spice things up
  • namjoon is dutifully in pink cause he didn’t want jin to have a complete meltdown lord have mercy
  • yoongi is in blue and he smirks when jin gets all pouty with him (but later he pulls up his shirt to reveal a pink undershirt- turns out he was playing with jin for the reaction aspect of it)
  • and jin is about to cry again because he didn’t think his parents would be able to see cause time differences but they video call and they all have their pink on and they’re so cute and they comment on how big you’ve gotten and how you glow and they’re so excited to find out what their grandbaby will be
  • you have to cut the cake because jin is shaking and you’re scared the poor thing is gonna end up cutting himself
  • and he covers his eyes with his hands and he’s smiling wide you can see him and his parents are laughing at him !!
  • and you cut the cake open and you gently nudge your husband “jin… seokjin, open your eyes honey…”
  • and he squeals and he nearly tackles you in a hug honed sky that’s how forceful he is and you’re scared he’s gonna squeeze you half to death he’s so excited
  • he’s cheering and pressing kisses all over your face and he’s rubbing your belly
  • “hello little princess, how are you doing?”
  • and everyone is cheering too because look he got what he wanted look at this!
  • and jeongguk ruins the moment and he “can I have some cake now?”
  • and yoongi hushes him and cuts him a piece of cake while you and jin flip out over your baby girl
  • jin goes all out shopping for clothes for this girl
  • he gets a lot of pink obviously and he gets a lot of those shirts that are like “daddy’s little girl” or “daddy’s princess”
  • and you’re like excuse me jin I am carrying this child she needs one shirt that shows some love and support for me
  • he gets her these little shoes and socks and tutus and he blows so much money on her clothes and namjoon gets involved too cause he doesn’t have his own kid but he is the self proclaimed fashion master
  • you guys get cute hats and dresses for her too and she probably has a million outfits!!
  • and his parents send so many clothes and your parent(s) give(s) clothes too because grandbaby!! and this child has more clothes than anyone you know and they’re not born yet
  • the first kick is in the grocery store (how touching!)
  • you’re getting ingredients cause yoongi and namjoon are coming over for lunch and you have eaten everything in the fridge because this girl is seriously her dad and always wants something to eat
  • and she just kicks
  • she’s hungry and she just kicks (or that’s what you’re telling yourself at least)
  • and you just calmly grab jin’s hand and you rest it on your tummy
  • and at first he doesn’t see what’s up but then she kicks again and he squeaks and drops the carton of milk he was hiding and it splatters all over the floor
  • he could give a crap though he hugs you and kisses your forehead and he’s about to cry again you can tell
  • and when the clean up person comes jin turns to them
  • “hi yes my baby just kicKED can you believe that oh my god my baby is kicking!!!”
  • and when you check out he tells the cashier as well and your face is so red and you kinda jin leave me bE
  • and then he calls all the boys and tells them the deal “yes hello everyone put me on speaker I need to tell the story of the day my baby kicked because she could sense her stunningly handsome father was near”
  • “I’m pretty sure she was hungry jin dear…”
  • “no she definitely heard my beautiful voice and reacted”
  • okay but taehyung is always over and he’s like yes hello I’m the expert at babies I would like to help give you all the advice you need to know
  • and jin loves holding his little mini tae he loves holding that child in his arms and cooing and making funny faces at him
  • and he looks over at you “this is gonna be us in a few months, with our own little angel… oh god can you imagine her little cheeks and her nose?”
  • okay but the actual baby time!!
  • I think she would be a beautiful spring baby okay so like April? April like early April
  • and she comes on time too like you’re pretty prepared you have your bag and you’ve done your classes !!
  • it happens when you’re asleep you wake up and you’re like wtf why am I cramping up am I dreaming???
  • and then you kinda oh shit
  • you bolt up and you quickly throw on some actual clothes and you’re shaking jin awake and he’s kinda plz I’m trying to sleep it’s three in the morning
  • “seokjin plz my water just broke would you like me to give birth on our bed?”
  • and he’s awake right away
  • some expecting mothers like do their make up for the delivery
  • not you
  • but jin he’s like fixing his hair and making sure he’s okay and you have to slap some sense into him
  • lucky for you guys it’s night time so there’s no traffic and you get there pretty soon
  • he’s actually really collected throughout the entire thing
  • he lets you squeeze his hand as hard as you need and he brushes their hair from your forehead and he is really calming and he just speaks to you softly and reminds you “just a little longer and we can see our baby girl!”
  • he refuses to let go of your hand and the nurses are like sir plz move a little bit and he glares the heck out of them
  • when the baby is finally born he sobs honestly and you’re so exhausted you can’t cry but he’s sobbing his eyes out because his baby girl is healthy and actually here
  • and while they clean the baby up he tells you how proud he is of you and how happy he is and he’s kind of a mess but you know what he means
  • and he kisses you softly cause wow your family is so perfect
  • you get to hold your angel first
  • and when jin holds her he nearly loses it she’s so tiny and fragile and he’s so scared he’s going to break her or something
  • and she opens her eyes at he cries again and he starts talking to her so softly “hi there… hi there love, it’s me, your papa”
  • surprise! all the boys end up driving over to the hospital when they hear the news and they’re all waiting outside excitedly and jimin brought her a little bear and tae and his family are there too !!
  • newborn things !!
  • jin sings to his girl every single night no matter what
  • always willing to get up in the middle of the night if she starts to cry
  • “hey you get some sleep I got her”
  • and you’ll walk in to find her sleeping on his chest and he’s dozing off too and they’re on the rocking chair and !!!
  • he loves to have her in the kitchen with him when she’s a little older like he’ll keep her up on his hip and try to explain all the ingredients to her but she’s just babbling on and on and on
  • he has a little Mario hat for her that she always wears
  • he keeps her on his lap when he plays Mario kart
  • he’s always singing to her always like does he even talk anymore?? not really
  • he loves keeping her in your bed when she’s big enough and this girl loves to chill on his chest cause he’s so broad
  • she’s a total daddy’s girl honestly there’s no denying it she always reaches out for him and clings to him
  • and you jokingly “after I carry you for nine months this is what I get”
  • her first word is appa !! or pa or something like that you know??
  • and she’s so spoiled by jin and her uncles
  • she has Jins lips and face shape and complexion and your eyes and nose and hair
  • she’s such a good baby too like she never cries much or whines and she likes to babble and be with you two she’s such a good baby really a princess
  • and this is long so I’ll continue with part two soon!!

Look, if Juvia can understand Gray - despite how much he can’t put into words how he’s feeling here - then that should be good enough for all of us.

My OTP is awesome and here’s why:

1) Gray’s not a talker. Nor is he very good with expressing himself. The fact that Juvia feels joy simply from him saying this tells me more than is already necessary.

2) In a healthy relationship, not everything needs to be said and pointed out. Every. Single. Time.

3) He loves her (he frickin’ said he wanted to protect her, plz that’s as close to “I love you” as you can get), she loves him. Case closed. GET MARRIED ASAP AND HAVE YOUR BABIES.


Juvia understands Gray even when the fandom can’t agree (and flips) over anything he says. She understands the Tsunbuster language. So there, Juvia’s the one and only woman for Gray, nobody else touchy.

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Do you guys know of any Star Wars bellarke five?

Anonymous said: ‘Laser tag fics??’

Anonymous said: ‘Do you know that fic where they meet while Clarke is visiting another country for something and then she starts a thing with Bellamy? He says he loves her and she kinda runs away?’

I want to say you’re looking for Kept Going, Kept Rolling with Nowhere to Go, but real people do is also a good one!

Anonymous said: ‘PLZ TELL ME THERE IS A “WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS” MOVIE AU OUT THERE SOMEWHERE BECAUSE CLARKE AND BELLAMY WOULD BE GREAT IN A “whoops we just got drunk married and won three million but now we have to stayed married for six months to get the money. What you’re in love? I’m in love. No I’m not you are!” SITUATION PLZ PLZ PLZ THX’

I rounded up what accidental marriage fics I could find!

Anonymous said: ‘Can you give some fic recs where they’re in a band? Also I read a fic a while ago, that was a band AU and it was in the form of a magazine article Miller (?) wrote in the band. Would you happen to know what fic that is? Thanks!’ 

The one you’re thinking of is the feel-good hit of the summer and check out our music tag for other band/music recs!

Anonymous said: ‘Hey!! I’m trying to look for this AU fanfiction where Bellamy has a child with this girl that got sick and Clarke is a doctor at the hospital and Bellamay and Clarke have to pretend that they are dating or something I’m not really sure :/ do you know any fics that sound similar to this? Thank you so much & love love loveee this blog x’

I believe you’re looking for Arrangement of a Lifetime.