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OUAT 6x10... a little more serious thoughts & review:

Soooo… here we go :)

- Evil Queen about Forest Hobo at his grave… well… she was taking words out of my mouth with this one. “Loosing RH was the best thing that ever happend to us”. Preach to the choir sister! And can I hear an AMEN?
- Emma to Regina - “Don’t let her get to You”… Awwwww… worried puppy :)
- Emma attacking the Queen & worried about hurting Regina? Yummmm…
- Emma leaving Regina behind and worried about Regina hurting herself? Hello??? Check please!!!
- The whole scene in the diner after Emma was send to “whatever the heck”…. Worried & pissed Regina is my fav combo :)
- Charming pissing on Hook… :) yep… who is a good papa? whooooo’s a goood papa, huh? :D
- Regina as a voice of reason in the middle of Hooks & Charming pissing match :D
- Queen and appletini :P
- Queen & Regina & wish… :) Regina FTW!

btw. in this moment I really need to point out that it was Regina’s plan to get to Emma? No Hook, no Charming, not enyone else just her.

Simply “send me to the same place where Emma Swan is” :)

- “Not-so-evil” Regina in “whatever the heck” land… awww…. she was soooo cute :)
- RUN DWARF! RUN!!! :)
- Snow & Charming monument… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
- “Seriously?” —- now is my new fav word :P
- Brainwashed Emma…. singing/humming in the woods… my gosh THAT was funny :)
- “WHE SHARE CUSTODY OF A SON”…. Reginas face was priceless!
- Did Snow & Charming use teleportation device to get ther so fast?
- The Mad Rumple was a simple delight! :)
- Proud moms looking at Henry… :)
- “Sorry I’m late.”
- Uncharmings kidnapped and Emma surrender the kingdom to Regina…. and we’ve got another “SERIOUSLY?” :D
- The whole conversation in EQ castle was priceless… :D
- Heart crushing extravaganza :) Finally! After all those years: Regina “2” & Charmings “-2” :) That was funny.
- “I know You Emma”
- “Oh, come on Miss Swan!”
- Regina surrender to Henry. Awwwwwww…. that was sweet!
- Emma to Regina: “That was… very dark!” :P
- “Let’s go stop the real Evil Queen!”
- “Singins princess Emma isnt; my favourite model.” :) :) :)
- “I didn’t sing” :) :) :)
- Hand-holding :)
- Emma not leaving Regina alone :)

I think it was the one of the greatest SQ episodes since the 2nd curse (and Regina giving Emma & Henry their happy ending)
I’m not even worried about return of Forest Hobo , cause…. magic always comes with the price… so this time RH is going to be for Regina.
And I’m okay with that :) :) :)
Fuck this constipated asshole :P

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The No-Filter Habit

You get bonus points if you can identify all the characters- you’ll see…

She does this thing.

The problem with Amelia is she’s like a younger sister that is so brutally honest about everything, you have to forgive her and actually take what she’s said on board. When I started dating Derek, Amelia had been the first one of his sisters to meet me.

She was a bold, confident and messy sixteen-year-old girl with a lot to say. I remember Derek describing her as a hurricane but didn’t understand his comparison until I met her. It was a summer’s evening on the east coast and we had decided we would go out for dinner. We settled into our seats in the local Italian restaurant and were welcomed by a waiter in his late teens.

“Bonjourno, welcome, here are some menus. I’m Rolando and I be your waiter tonight. Can I start you off with drinks?” the young man had said in his thick Italian accent. I looked at Amelia sat next to me to see she was eyeing him up, the mischief clear and sparkling even for a stranger to spot. Her lips curled into a smirk and I saw him catch her eye and flirtatiously smile back.

After we had ordered some wine he turned to the whole group and asked, “Could I get you some bread and olive oil to start?” Being the one nearest Amelia, I heard her mutter “You can oil my bread any time.” The inuendo didn’t even make that much sense but the way she said it… I was shocked to hear it come out of a sixteen-year-old. Throughout the meal however, I quickly became accustomed to the unashamed, honest, sometimes dirty, highly inappropriate comments she dared to say.

We ended the evening back at the family home, having a nightcap or two before bed. Carolyn was complimenting me on my manners and demeanour, saying she wished Derek’s father was around to meet me. My thanks were cut short by Amelia cheekily replying, “Mum, if you carry on like this, your head’s going to be so far up Addie’s ass that you can compliment her from her own mouth.” Caroline gasped “Amelia” in a scornful way before frowning at her.

That was the first time I met Amelia, and I knew everything Derek had told me about his little sister had been no exaggeration.

She does this thing.

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I don't get the people that tell you that you are not eating enough!!!, you are eating way more then most people, its looks like most of them don't accept that you can eat a lot and be thin. keep on the vegan healthy food :)

AMEN!! Thank you sister 🙌🏼 I eat sooooo much more than most people around me. I just eat a healthy hclf diet. Pretty hard to get fat on carbs 😂