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Lose Control...

And here’s me watching the MV...

Mission accomplished.

I haven’t drawn anything in like forever so I figured why not sketch random spoilers for my own fic. 

I might actually line and color this after the chapter gets published. I wouldn’t want to spoil too much with other details, after all. 

lesliethelesbo said: Shit wow I found it really telling that A.) you’re a good writer. and B.) I agree with everything you’re saying when I got goosebumps exactly when you wrote about your own goosebumps

I have succeeded in my mission as a writer.

I have… overwhelmed myself.

you’d think running a shitty blog on tumbr wouldnt be that difficult Huh well try being a perfectionist like me i cannot reblog two eight gif gifsets one after the other, i cant reblog two posts that have too many colours in them one after the other, reblogging two photoshoots of actors is icky……….. its exhausting


How tf do I come out to my parents?? Like, I’m 19 yrs old I have a gf of two years and yet here I am still shitting my pants at the thought of my parents finding out abt it. My mother doesn’t “believe” in bisexuality and is always so quick to voice her disgust/disapproval regarding any type of homosexual behavior. Even on the tv! She’ll change the channel and be like wow why would they even show that. I also believe that she suspects I might be gay because she’s asked my sister before if I was, yet she still will say crude things about lesbians in my presence. I’m scared. I don’t want her to see me differently. I don’t want her to think of her daughter and associate me with being gay only. I don’t want there to be awkwardness… why the fuck is this so hard…

My dad is a different story; I can’t read him as well. Still, I know he doesn’t like talking abt that subject because he’s uncomfortable with it. I know I shouldn’t feel bad for being who I am, but I just can’t help it. I don’t want them to just tolerate me, I want them to accept me and not think differently about me. Is that too much to ask…?


i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv


it wasn’t even on the lips!!!


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Revamp of One Dream. Sleek and flexible header theme that I used on my personal blog for a while.


  • 1 column 500px or 540px posts, do not ask me how to change the size
  • Pagination or infinite scrolling with optional manual load
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  • Optional dropdown panel with 3 extra information spaces
  • Optional extra navigation widget with 6 custom links
  • Optional hover tumblr controls
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  • The header resizes to 800px width, it can be any height.
  • The optional sidebar image resizes to 170px width.
  • For the music player, to have multiple URLs, separate them with a | (shift + backslash).
  • To change colours of music player, enter hex colour codes without the # into the appropriate text boxes.
  • Please do not use the graphics in the preview for your own blogs.
  • Soundcloud script, hover tumblr controls and video resizing credits go to shythemes.
  • Thanks to gukthemes and cathms for the 540px photosets CSS :^)
  • Thanks also to neothm for helping me out with the dashboard style blockquotes, it was really cool to work with you!
  • Do not edit the credit. Do not remove the credit. Do not touch the credit at all.

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