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Mondatta trying ask Reinhardt out and failing, yes! Now all I can see are all the train wreck attempts at seduction Mondatta tries. But it all ends with Reinhardt just walking up to Mondatta and asking him if he wants to get a drink together. They do. and it was amazing.

starring mondatta as Repressed Nerd

highschool! au jungkook.
  • an aspiring astronomer
  • on the school dance crew 
  • science nerD if there ever was one
  • wizards and muggles club because he is a harry potter fanatic in this au deal
  • so basically guk wants to major in astronomy because as a kid he was like in love with harry potter and like wanted to go to hogwarts
  • but like obviously in his school there was no defense of dark arts or charms because like it is fictional
  • but seven year old guk will not give up so his mom finds out that astronomy is a class in harry potter so like she tells him
  • and he gets so eXCITED?? like yes he will become the bEST WIZARD YES.
  • him and his mom go to the library and they get like two kid astronomy books and his dad digs up an old telescope they had as a gift from some uncle years ago.
  • and that night, the whole jeon family sets it up, the books open and an extremely excited little jeongguk and just
  • the second he looks at the pretty night sky through the telescope he loves it, being able to see something so far away so close and just knowing that something existed out there above him
  • and that is when jeon jeongguk falls in love with the stars
  • so he becomes the nerdy science kid throughout his middle and primary school career, hurrying home every day to set up his telescope and star watch his nights away.
  • fast forward to high school, and he realises he cant get into his dream college to study the stars if he just doesn’t participate in anything
  • so sporty jeongguk is birthed.
  • or well not really to be honest
  • well he tried like everything 
  • like he did football, but he got hit by the ball once in the butt and gave up
  • or when he did basketball and the ball misdirected and hit the teacher in the head
  • so his last choice in clubs was dance
  • now see at this point guk was a weird kid with an obsession with the stars so he had only one friend kim taehyung, the kid who claimed he was an alien and liked to wear all sorts of clothes
  • so he tries it out and he meets his friend park jimin through it 
  • and jimin slowly leads him through it and guk catches on quick and soon he is able to rise up the ranks in club until like him and jimin are the same level.
  • so he had dance classes with jimin every day for an hour, in return for coaching the boy in science which was okay with guk i mean more time to ramble on about science i guess
  • but like he still sets up all his telescope in the night on his roof and watches and like wonders how life will be when he gets into his dream college and studies his life subject.
  • has like miLLIons of astronomy and physics books in his room like there is a shelf of them and he has read all of them
  • has pictures of the stars stuck around his room which he took
  • along with the occasion g dragon pic because guk is crazy for that guy lmAO.
  • so like through all their time together jimin, tae and guk become like an inseparable trio and soon enough the shy gukie meets the group of boys older than him who his best friends are friends with aka 
  • and like honestly at first he is just like who are you old people ??
  • but then like one bad dad joke [courtesy of seokjin] later he is comfortable and he begins to hang out with them
  • becomes more social eventually but is sTill a shy calm child
  • but like remember when i told that gukie really loved harry potter??
  • well he still does lmao 
  • like he loves it a lot and he is signed up on all of pottermore and what not.
  • like he joined book club for it but then got out the second they began to read some fantasy book and it didn’t have hp or science in it because priorities yo
  • but like there is this super nerdy club at his school dedicated to harry potter called wizards and muggles and he rEALLY WANTS to join it
  • now that he is friends with so many more popular people, he suddenly feels ashamed of being so nerdy within them so he like watches as a few people join the group and like stays back on the days of the clubs but can’t muster up enough courage to actually gET HIS ASS IN THERE.
  • but like one day he is just like y’know what fuck this i am just going to do it, plus no one is ever around here anyways.
  • so he comes in one day and everybody in the club is like tf? but then they are like well whatever shit welcome jeongguk
  • and he likes really loves it 
  • he likes how everybody can just be themselves in their little sessions reading and talking about the books and like sorting each other into houses
  • like they even get house points and he just really loves it
  • once they even played quidditch in the classroom for the club and just he really really loved it
  • and there is his favourite person in the club, you
  • because you are like the nerdy geek of the school, your hair always up in a pony tail or a bun and you always have books in your hand
  • personally he really likes how confident you are in your personality
  • because he himself cant allow to be seen as a geek not because he is scared of the boys who know but because of being judged like he had seen others get.
  • he has seen you get bullied and you throwing comebacks before picking up your things and leaving, not an inch of shame in your confidence and somedays he feels so inspired.
  • and in the club you are always so competitive and fun to be around that after a particularly competitive “quidditch” match
  • which was really throwing paper balls around and if it landed in either of the dustbins a goal
  • he talks to you properly and you just like smile and he can literally feel the crush he had always had on you grow because holy shIT that is a pretty smile and he caused it
  • so like you both meet up after school and slowly he becomes really good friends with you and eventually tae befriends you too and you become a part of the trio soon to be quadrant as jimin is like “yo hey tae really likes ur glasses and i want to see if ur blinder than him” and that is how you become friends with them
  • but guk is like increasingly crushing on you 
  • and like jimin and tae notice and just egging him on tbh 24/7 to just “go for it dude”
  • like he is so scared because what iF HE RUINS YOUR FRIENDSHIP 
  • and he tries to repress his feelings but like you smile at him
  • and boom he is goo again
  • you and him can also talk about science and since none of his other friends can really do that 
  • i mean namjoon can but like he mutters too much philosophy and guk gets bored
  • but like you
  • you understand his fascination with the stars as you have a fascination with the ocean and just 
  • he really loves it when you talk to him about it 
  • so like one day when u come to his house he takes you up to his roof and he shows you his old af telescope and just for the first time, he shows someone his own personal spot, his hideaway among the stars
  • and he literally combusts when you are bathed in the moonlight and your eyes are glued through the telescope as your lips open in a gasp at the beauty of the stars he was showing you
  • and when you like pull away from the telescope and just mutter out a “thank you so much for showing me the stars jeongguk”
  • suddenly he cant control himself from gently pulling you into a kiss and just ahh
  • like his lips are soft and he holds you so gently as if you are one of his beloved stars and just
  • and when both of you pull away he just goes red and sputters out like ten different apologies until he is cut off by your lips on his again and he like melts into you
  • you both kiss like two more times until both of you are flushed and he is bright red and just you both confess and just pure love okay
  • and he asks if he could be you boyfriend but it sounds more like
  • “b-b-boyfr-riend me?”
  • you are just like what a cutie sure yo
  • he just like squeals and almost falls off the roof and both of you just laugh your asses off after that
  • like next day he walks u to school as usual because your houses are quite near but he intertwines his hands with yours and you blush like 100 shades of red
  • and just you guys walk in and the whole sCHOOL FUCKING ERUPTS
  • like seriously
  • but it is so pure because he holds your hands under the tables 
  • and texts you memes at three in the night
  • and buys you things in canteen
  • and has study sessions with you all the time

Hope you guys liked it~~

YAAALLL (detective work + lil contest)

So i managed to reach over 250 of yall that follow me!! …….why though quq

Anyways, to celebrate this occasion (and the fact that I still don’t understand why any of yall actually like my stupid doodles) I’m gonna do a little something to get you guys more involved than just submitting things to me and waiting like 3 days for me to get to it (my ask box is a war zone im drowning in suggestions yall). 

Basically what I’m doing is holding a little doodle contest and a small detective work thing! But I’m not just gonna have yall do this without a lil something in return, yknow?


and I don’t mean like my regular doodles, I mean as if I was gonna do a commission or a request, like so:

So how do you get art rewards??? Well…

Firstly! I’m usually the one making up doodles to your suggestions yknow? But I’m gonna turn the tables on YALL for a hot second. “But what if I can’t draw?” some may ask, and I don’t care if the best you can do is stick figures, i wanna see how creative yall are!!!! “uummm didnt you make this to draw our suggestions?” …yes good point but I wanna see what yall can do, yknow!!!

For this one, I’m having three prompts for yall to draw (or write if you wanna!) out! I’ll pick two people from this! The first winner will be based on creativity and how well they responded to the prompt!!! Second one will be based on artistic ability/if when i see their style i scream that I want them to murder me with their glorious godly pencil/tablet pen!!! “just give us the prompts already damn” ok fine u killjoy

First prompt! Super sugoi desu kawaii school girl Green Day

Second Prompt! Tré being… well… Tré

Third Prompt! Green Day vs Muse/My Chemical Romance/ or [insert band of your choosing] ((this can be rly funny or rly violent whatever floats ur boat))

✩ to show me ur art, you can either submit it here, or post it and tag it with #drawgreenday250, whatever floats your boat!

Secondly!Detective work” you may ask? “What the fuck kinda sherlock holmes lookin ass scavenger hunt does this raccoon want us to go on??” you may wonder? WELL, this raccoon wants to see how good yall are at picking up context clues and finding out my “””secret identity”””…. I am an enigma wrapped in another enigma shrouded in 3 sideblogs and trash merch…. (also this second one seems like a Bad Idea but at the same time I’ve been watching Internet Historian a lot lately and I’m in a ‘sleuthing mood’ yknow???)

this doesn’t sound fun”/”is this a shitty self promo thing”/”oh shit you watch internet historian too!!!” then don’t do it/no i’m just like legit in the mood for some sherlock type shit i mean have you watched internet historian and how those dudes he talks about took down Shia like so fast??? that is a mood i wanna achieve/HELL YEAH

What do yall do for this?

✩ just find my main blog that’s it it shouldn’t be that hard to find and this should be an easy win if you don’t wanna draw because I understand that motivation and art block are real things even when given prompts/ideas to do but you can’t force yourself to draw because when you do it turns out Not Good and it discourages you from drawing for a while. wait no that’s just me? damn.

✩ but yeah first person to send me an ask on here (not on anon) with my url OR messages me via my main blog gets a drawing and a personalized “u tried star” with benadryl cumbersnatch’s face on it!!!

Those are the two options!! Shitty but this is my first time doing something like this!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaa!!! I keep screaming!!!!!!!!!

Anyways… I keep saying art rewards but what exactly is it again?

Well, the three chosen ones will receive:

✩ actually nice drawings (like the ones pictured above) of any person/character they want! (with a nice simple background). ((If you win srry m8 but no heavy nsfw stuff, i can’t draw furries, and limited to one person in the drawing so I can give u ur art on time))

✩ personalized u tried stars based on the category! (but nice u tried stars. FancyTM ones.)

!!!prompt submissions are due august 5th!!! anything after that won’t be counted!!

but yeah.

that’s it

…I don’t know how to do this properly sorry once more but let me just finish this off by saying that I just really love yall and I wouldn’t’ve gotten to this point without yall and your support of my shitty doodles. Doing these doodles has also really helped me to do more with my art and improve and feel better and it’s really nice to know that there are people that actually like my art and terrible doodles and are just so kind and welcoming and amazing to me. I’ve been on this hellsite for so long but I’ve always felt like an outsider of every single community/fandom I’ve been a part of. I’ve been a fan of green day since I came fresh outta the womb (kidding actually since I was 4) and it just makes me so happy to know that there’s such a kind community for the band that’s helped shape me into who I am today and who I aspire to be in the future. This community feels so inviting and warm and all the people I’ve met, although not many, have just been so sweet and wonderful. sure there will be ups and downs, as it happens in every community, but throughout all the time i’ve been on the internet, the green day community has always remained relatively sweet and kind and I feel like yall are a family to me at this point… I don’t know many of yall or talk to yall but I just want yall to know that I’m proud to be part of this with each and every single one of you. and I’m forever grateful for all that kindness that yall have shown me in the past 3-4 years since I started to get involved in the online community. Thank You all, and i’m gonna cry in my cubicle now quq;;

Just saw a fellow reylo shipper get really fucked up anon messages, from anti relyo bullies.

One called her an “oven-dodging kike”.

The other demanded that she “suck a rapist’s dick”.

So ok….u dont have to like the ship we like, u can hate a character or both of them….but like….YOU CONCEDE ALL RIGHTS TO THE MORAL HIGH GROUND WHEN U ACT GROSS.

They attack us in the vein of “social justice” but act like beasts, and only further push the complete opposite of what social justice is supposed to be about/ accomplish. As a certified SJW myself, I understand much of the dialogue surrounding the reylo ship and agree with much of what antis say as long as its written thoughtfully without personal attacks– antis bring up good points and I have reflected on my own actions.

But why do they gotta take it too far? Why do their actions betray their intent? Why do they claim to be fighting racism or sexism, but in turn act racist and sexist? Why do none of the “good ones” never seem to rein in their own, meanwhile I see reylo fans constantly reining in theirs when we get too gross ourselves?

If you send anon messages to someone who ships something u dont (honestly in terms of societal injustices…shipping is the lowest hanging fruit and often times inconsequential)…telling them to “kill urself”, calling women “cunts”, or jewish shippers “kikes” who need to “get back in their ovens”, and wish rape on someone….ur not on the moral high ground. You are exactly what u think ur fighting. Who is the abuser now? Look in the mirror.

And any anti reylo who sees this, gets uptight, and tries to respond with “not all antis”….come on….the point here is that it DOES HAPPEN and this post I am writing is to tell you NOT TO ACT LIKE THIS. I think most of us can agree with that. So tell ur own to not act this way….goddamn….


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Yo, can i get tips to be gayer?

uh sorry i tried out a bunch of tips i found online and now im a?? spherical being of pure ethereal light made of 100% concentrated all-powerful gay. im typing this from the atmosphere as im breaching it. idk if ill return i might just stay up here with the stars forever, anyway gtg my phone’s about to burn up, catch u later


@hanatruly: probably a top experience of my life to get to go meet the insanely kind and talented @zacposen to choose our dresses for tonight. I felt like PRINCESS PEACH!!!!!!!! endless thanks to@zacposen @turnerturner and@actuallygrimes!!!!!

@actuallygrimes: Fallon was hard cuz I’ve never tried to sing in a corset before so bear w me if the vocals are crazy haha. But as u can see it was so worth it. Thank u forever to the amazing, talented, generous @zacposen for lending is these unreal gowns and @turnerturnerfor bedazzling the gear 


I promised Dave I’d never use the phrase “fuck nigga”
He said, “Think about what you saying: ‘Fuck niggas’
No better than Samuel on Django
No better than a white man with slave boats”
Sound like I needed some soul searching
My Pops gave me some game in real person
Retraced my steps on what they never taught me
Did my homework fast before government caught me
So I'ma dedicate this one verse to Oprah
On how the infamous, sensitive N-word control us
So many artists gave her an explanation to hold us
Well, this is my explanation straight from Ethiopia
N-E-G-U-S definition: royalty; King royalty - wait listen
N-E-G-U-S description: Black emperor, King, ruler, now let me finish
The history books overlook the word and hide it
America tried to make it to a house divided
The homies don’t recognize we been using it wrong
So I'ma break it down and put my game in a song
N-E-G-U-S, say it with me
Or say no more. Black stars can come and get me
Take it from Oprah Winfrey, tell her she right on time
Kendrick Lamar, by far, realest Negus alive

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Can you please draw Starco for the kiss prompt? Number 7! Thank u <3 (I'm sorry but my English it's not very good but I tried...)

your english is actually pretty good!!

how about an au where Star has to go off to war when she’s older and Marco is a worrying mess, so when she gets back they’re both super happy

submission - TERI MA KE

aka AUs for ur fav desi/subcontinental characters

  • Yeah I can totally come ov- Mum’s making Biriyani?? SEE YA LOSERS
  • I’m busy the entire week my distant relatives are getting married
  • You tried to say ‘mattress’ and accidentally called my grandma an asshole r u n
  • You’re crying and I’m slightly drunk so my only solutions for you are ‘YouTube tutorials’ and ‘Pav Bhaji’
  • I would love to help you with (insert anything here) but Star Plus is having a Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham marathon I can’t miss that
  • Alternatively: Sit your ass down we are marathoning Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham
  • My family can get very loud when arguing in our native tongue and you are our neighbours who accidentally called the cops
  • Extra: The cops were also desi/subcontinental and laughed at your instincts before telling you not to worry and leaving
  • I brought you to a brown party and you were so confused it was hilarious
  • I’m out but not out-out so no being gay around my family
  • Alternatively: I know you love my sibling but you can’t love them in front of my family they will hate you forever
  • Family dinners that end in arguments over whether you’re going to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer
  • Everyone gasps when you say you want to go into something 'creative’
  • 'So when are you planning to get married?’
I promised Dave I’d never use the phrase “fuck nigga”
He said “think about what you saying: ‘Fuck niggas’”
No better than Samuel on D'Jango
No better than a white man with slave boats
Sound like I needed some soul searching
My pops gave me some game in real person
Retrace my steps on what they never taught me
Did my home work fast before governement caught me
So I'ma dedicate this one verse to Oprah
On how the infamous, sensitive N-word control us
So many artist gave her an explanation to hold us
Well this is my explanation straight from Ethiopia
N-E-G-U-S definition: royality King royalty - wait listen
N-E-G-U-S description: Black emperor, King, ruler, now let me finish
The history books overlooked the word and hide it
America tried to make it to a house divided
The homies don’t recognize we be using it wrong
So I'ma break it down and put my game in the song
N-E-G-U-S, say it with me
Or say no more. Black stars can come and get me
Take it from Oprah Winfrey
Tell her she right on time
Kendrick Lamar, by far, realest Negus alive
—  Kendrick Lamar “i”


✖ The following content may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences. Accordingly, viewer discretion is advised ✖

Just kidding.. or not

When the skies and the grounds were one, the legends…
No okay seriously I started to like exo and I wanted to know more about them so I searched for interviews programs etc.. I’ve always saw a lot of chemistry between these two members /I was already a yaoist so I thought “oh lets find out their names and their ship”  
[YouTube search :baekyeol]
And then  something  happened, I reborn as a new person
>BAEKYEOL SHIPPER [for 4 y now,gosh]
after that I started to search for photos and videos of them everyday, [FANFICTIONS OMG MY RUIN I THINK I VE READ EVERY BAEKYEOL’S FFS] and till now they are still my ultimate Otp and I don’t  think this will never change

I literally feel in love with their  ‘’love’’

their interactions, the way they look/smile at each  other

gosh how can you not ship them!?

I really think that there is something  more idk I just have this sensation

Even though Baekhyun likes skinship with all the other  members,these days,when it comes to Chanyeol he turns so fucking shy
Srsly bbh like a girl with her crush asddfghjjgdd /I think  like this bcs for example I m an affectionate person, I like  to hug people  A LOT but when I see my crush I turn into a shy potato soooo/







THE  2013 Idol Star Athletics Championship

no words needed





ty oh sehun


(i have tons of other pics or gifs but I’ll stop here)

i wasn’t planning to do a long post,but things turned out like this /sorry/

btw,thank you so much for asking ♡ ♡

"I can see our stars"

Prompt :Imagine where you are a werewolf and get stabbed by garret with the wolfsbane and Brett helps u through the pain b/c he was stabbed before.? Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense.

A/N : i did a little twist to it but i hope you like it! ____ 🌸 ____ You felt like the world had slowed down as you felt the tip of the knife pierce your skin and through your chest coming back out in a flash. You dropped to your knees and then on all fours as your limp body tried crawling away before giving up and just lying on your back as you gasped for air . Wolfsbane . The familiar blonde appeared in front of you stooping down at your side , moving a strand of hair away from your face . “It’s funny , maybe if you’d been a good little girl and helped us you wouldn’t have to die like this . It’s a shame , we really liked you (Y/N)” Garett spoke faking sympathy as Violet appeared behind him resting a hand on his shoulder “Let’s go baby, as much as I’d love to stick around to see Brett’s face when he see’s her dead … I want my money” she smirks They both get up, sharing a kiss as they walk away leaving you to yourself . You slowly pull your self up to lean against a rock resting your head on it when your phone starting going off. Groaning in pain you manage to fish it out of your pocket and answer the call hitting loudspeaker before letting your hand drop to the side still holding it . You groaned in pain letting the person know you were around “(Y/N)?! Where are you?” You heard Lydia ask in a rush “Brett..” You gasp indicating you needed to speak to him . You heard some shuffling before his voice filled your ears and you smiled softly as you closed your eyes “Brett…” You murmured in peace before coughing up some blood “(Y/N) where are you? Whats wrong?” “Garett.. Wolfsbane..” Was all you had managed to get out before letting out a whimper, your eyes burning and filling with tears “Brett I can’t.. It hurts ” “No baby just tell me where you are okay? Keep your eyes open and focus on me and my voice only okay? Don’t think about the pain . Focus on me . Think about what makes you happy, the best day of your life . Think about the reason that you live everyday for . You keep your eyes open and your heart beating do you hear me ? Your going to be fine” he spoke through gritted teeth as he tried to hold his tears back. “You..” You chuckled softly “You make me happy..” You said as your voice cracked “Then think about me .. Baby you think about how much I love you. Think about our first date . Think about that time i spilled spaghetti all over your favorite white top and you wore my shirt so i had to walk around shirtless all day at school. Think about that time we played the prank on Dunbar and he almost ripped our heads off . (Y/N) you think about everything we’ve been though” he said as his voice cracked . “I can … see our .. stars Brett..” You gasped between words. Brett clutched the phone in his hand and looked up at the sky “ I can too baby..” He whispered to you . Scott, liam and Malia looked at Brett with sad eyes as they could hear everything . Kira just had to see their reaction and she knew . Lydia saw it . “Their beautiful” you said awestruck before closing your eyes softly with a small smile “I love you Brett..” You breathed letting go of your phone “I love you to (Y/F/N ) (Y/L/N) .. I always will ” it was the last thing you heard before ending the call. You didn’t want this to be the last thing he heard , no. You took one last breath and felt your heart slow before coming to a full stop , your body falling limp propped against the rock with a small smile on your lips from Brett’s words and thats exactly how you remained until they found you and he took you in his arms , the McCall pack standing behind to give their respects . THE END ❤️
Nintendo Direct in bullets: (long)

- LOZ: Twilight Princess on Wii U, a new wolf link amiibo (midna included), bundle of game+amiibo+pre-order bonus of soundtrack

- Free DLC for a new area in Triforce Heroes, and two new outfits
- Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, including all 720 pokemon

-New Splatoon Content: new map (museum), 40 new costume pieces, another new map (pool resort, so much water…). Available later today.
- Mario Maker: added checkpoints, web portal (for searching courses more easily).

- Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival: Game bundle includes two amiibos, you can use animal crossing cards to play mini games that look super cute.
- Mario Tennis: added jump shots, simple tennis mode available, online available. ranked mode also available.
- Xenoblade Chronicles X: looks good man. pre-purchasing and pre-loading is recommended.

- Nintendo Badge Arcade: Free to start game, crane game, gives u cute little things to customize ur 3ds.
- Pokemon Picross: Free to start, puzzle game.
- Misc games: SteamWorld Heist, FAST Racing Neo, Typoman

Sketch: Bill tries to eat a donut from a donut box, gets possessed by a ghost and eats all the donuts and Reggie loses his shit. (YO-Kai Watch ad)

- New Wii-U bundle including Splatoon and Smash Brothers 4
- New amiibos: mostly animal crossing, and also Lucas
- Pokken Tournament coming to Wii U: amiibo card of Shadow Mewtwo

- Star Fox Zero: looks really pretty, really emphasizing the vehicles and how they can transform. CUTE ROBOT NAMED DIRECT-I. Again showing how the game pad screen shows view from the cock pit while the tv shows a more third person view.

- Mario and Luigi Paper Jam: paper mario can do a lot of interesting moves like turning into a paper airplane, or squeezing in between cracks.
- Final Fantasy Explorers: lots of customization in regards to job classes,spell names,armor,etc. 4 player local/wifi multiplayer. Can also use trained monsters instead. Will include all DLC, free. Collector’s Edition available.

- Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright version and Conquest version. Also a third version called Revelation that is only downloadable. Special Edition has all three versions, artbook, and 3ds xl pouch. More DLC for it is coming.

- Megaman Legacy: collection of first 6 megaman platformers. challenge modes available, more available with megaman amiibo. gold megaman amiibo, only available in collector’s edition.
- Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow coming to 3DS via digital download: can use wifi to trade pokemon with friends.

- Hyrule Warriors: Coming to 3DS. Tetra, Toon Link, King of Hyrule, and Skull Kid are being added. New ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL named Linkyl is being added as well.
- Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII: released summer of 2016

- Misc games: Hive Jump, Kerbal Space Program, Mighty No. 9, Lego’s Marvel Avengers, Project X Zone 2, Terarria.

- SUPER SMASH BROTHERS: CLOUD CLOUD CLOUD CLOUD CLOUD FROM FF!!!! also new smash brothers announcement coming in December!!!!

That’s it.