can i get a real life airbrush

funwithtypeone  asked:

My makeup never looks as smooth as pictures I try to replicate. I've tried exfoliating and moisturizing and different foundations. What soul you suggest?

Definitely try a primer!  Foundation primers have a bit of silicone in there that will fill in pores, fine lines, and any rough texture you might have on your face.  This creates a smooth, even surface for your foundation to glide over!  Primers also help to keep your makeup on longer.  I have a list of my favorite primer dupes here!

Another way to create an airbrushed finish is to set all of your makeup with a pore-perfecting setting powder!  These will go that extra mile to create a seamless, smooth makeup look.  I love the Matte+Poreless Fit Me Powder from Maybelline!

Maybelline Fit Me!  Matte+Poreless Pressed Powder in Translucent - $6

I hope this helps you out!  These products together will be as close as you can get to Photoshop in real life!


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