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When you respond to bedtime sassily and sir updates your rules immediately 😣

[Re-edited] Ⓢⓒⓔⓝⓐⓡⓘⓞ:Doctor!MC works for a Non-Profit Organization

ⓢⓤⓜⓜⓐⓡⓨ: Persistence, Passion and Professionalism were the main values for any individual who wished to succeed in their field of work. That is what Han Jumin believed and followed until a week ago when his wife broke the dreaded news concerning her work.

  • “What if I get sick?”
  • “The private doctor and I am on speed dial, love.”
  •  "What if Elizabeth the Third gets sick?“
  • “Highly unlikely. She’s quite a healthy kitty. Right Elizabeth?”
  • “Meow~”
  • Elizabeth the Third looked up at MC as she sat beside her on the floor, repeatedly jumping in the luggage
  • “What? You don’t want me to go?”
  • “Meow~”
  • “Silly cat. I can’t bring you along.”
  • MC carries the cat from her luggage, nuzzling her fluffy white head affectionately until her husband tries again
  • Can’t you call in sick, MC?”
  • MC fights the urge to roll her eyes at the question
  • “I’m a doctor darling. If anyone’s getting sick, it certainly is not me.”

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Choi Christmas Two

Part two.
Part three soon.

Mc walks over to saeyoung and gives him a quick kiss. He sticks the note you left on the pillow on your forehead and takes a bite of his food. Mc just smiles “I’m sorry, I just wanted to get some stuff done this morning, and so I couldn’t sleep. Speaking of RoboCat can you come here?”
Your little white treasure saeyoung made comes walking in “of course meow, what do you need meow?”
“Can you project what we were working on this morning please?”
“Meow meow, doing that now!”
Robo cat projects from her eyes what looks like some slide point presentation.
“May I present operation Merry Chois! Or for short, operation M.C!” Little animated fireworks explodes as she says it in shapes of trees, presents, and cats.
Saeron has an empty expression and continues to eat his food.
Saeyoung on the other hand is containing his laughter. His MC is too cute. “This is why you didn’t wake up with me this morning? I’m almost insulted.” He winks.
“Hey! Robocat and I worked hard on this.” MC pounts and puts her hands on her hips.
“And operation MC? Are you hinting you need more attention my love?”
“It was the only acronym I could think of that would work in such a short time, but this isn’t the point. Let me finish.” She then scrolls through a bunch of different slides showcasing a variety of festive activities with cutouts of their faces stuck on the photos. “I have made a calendar of all the possible activities and traditions for us to do before Christmas. And to be able to get them all done…. blah.. blah… blah.” she continues to go on and on.
Saeron finally speaks for the first time that morning, while licking the last tiny bit of food, “why?”
Mc stopped mid sentence, and was just silent for a moment. She looks back at the presentation, avoiding eye contact, her demeanor completely changed.
“Uh oh,” saeyoung could read Mc well, “Mc, are you okay?”
“Ya i just..“She looks back at them for a moment, her eyes betraying her as tears start to build up in her eyes.
Saeyoung and saeron are off the couch in a flash. It was rare for mc to cry, she is very similar to saeyoung in the fact she hides it with laughter and sarcasm. Each of them put a arm around mc and look concerningly at her. Mc a little shocked at their response, can’t holds it back anymore and tears start streaming down her face. She covers her face in embarrassment.
Uh, what do we do?! Saeyoung! You didn’t need to make fun of her acronym !”
“Oh no Mc, it’s not that is it? I actually thought you were ridiculously cute!”
Mc chuckles a little bit, “No no haha it’s not that…” she wipes at her tears.
“Then what’s the matter my love?” Saeyoung helps wipe the tears.
Mc gives them a brief smile and slowly reaches her hands around both of their necks and pulls them into a hug. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I love you both so much.” She whispers.
“Is that it?” Saeron says really confused.
“Haha, that’s no reason to cry my dear.” Seven says squeezing you back.“
“It’s just.. all the things you two have gone through… all the things you have suffered… it’s not right.. and when I think of it i just…… I can’t believe it…
When you two are the purest, kindest souls that should have gotten all the blessings this world can offer..!”
Saeron pulls back and looks the other direction, he still isn’t good with these kind of things.
Saeyoung has a sad expression on his face too as he looks at his brother and remembers the hardships they have gone through. Before he can say anything Saeron says quietly almost a whisper, “I’m not any of those things Mc…”
Saeyoung’s instinct was to go to him immediately… but before he could mc was out of saeyoungs arms and walking up to Saeron.
Mc with one hand turns his face back to hers. “No Saeron… I really mean it. You are our blessing.” Mc then softly hugs him. “Saeron,I cannot begin to begin my gratitude and happiness that you are here… You have become one of my bestest friends I NEVER imagined I would have the pleasure to have. You have been so strong though you have experienced so much! And yet you have a kind, forgiving, and beautiful heart. You ARE all those things, and more! ” Saeron slowly has tears come to his eyes. His emotions overtaking him. He leans down to her and hugs her back tightly. After a moment, Mc then reaches back up and cups his face, then helps wipe the tears from his cheeks. Giving him a sweet loving smile.
She then turns to saeyoung, who has tears growing in his own eyes. “And you” Mc wraps around saeyoung, one hand in his hair, and one on his back. “I have been dreaming about falling in love my whole life, and in all of my fantasies and daydreams… I never could have imagined or dared to dream … someone so… so.. wonderful as you. You are beyond any of my fondest dreams.” Mc then kisses the tears on his cheeks.
Next thing you know your little robocat comes crawling up to your leg. “Cheer up meow you’re with the ONES you like, meow.”
You and Saeyoung can’t help but chuckle a little at the nostalgia.

Mc grabs both of the boys hands, “Robocats right. I am with the ones I like, but more so…that I love.” Slight blush comes to her face. “You are my precious family….and I promise to dedicate the rest of my life to both of you, to bring you all happiness!”
“Mc, you have already brought me more joy then I ever thought I could know…” seven then kisses your forehead.
Saeron then mumbles very quietly and a little embarrassed, “….ya… don’t forget you’re our family too..” he blushes a little.
Mc giggles and gives them both a kiss on the cheek. “Yes… family.”

“Tada!” Nate looked at the thing Mat was holding with utter disbelief. There was no way, his eyes were playing tricks on him.

“Please tell me that’s not a…” he was cut off.

“This is Skip!” The cat meowed at the mention of his name and Nate took a step back. He glanced up at Mat, who seemed to be captivated by the thing.

“Why…?” Was all Nate could get out. Mat looked at him and gave him a soft smile.

“I found him abandoned outside. I couldn’t just leave him there. Don’t worry Nate, I can already tell Skip is a sweet cat, he won’t hurt you. Will you Skip.” The last part was directed at the cat. The cat meowed again and turned back towards Nate. Nate tensed at the look in its eyes. Why did Mat have to have a thing for saving defenseless creatures?

Fun stuff to do with Kaz

So right now, I’m playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and trying out some stuff on mission 068; 'Date with Kaz’

Here are some fun stuff:

- Good Co-op Communications to use are typically compliments (‘You’re pretty good’) but ones like 'Thanks’, 'I like it’, 'Hasta la Victoria siempre’, 'Meow, meow, meow’ and 'kept you waiting, huh?’ get some pretty sweet replies.

- Use the Co-op Communication 'follow me’ and Kaz will chase you around the beach. When you stop Kaz will say something (so far I’ve heard “Take me to heaven, Snake” and “Maybe we were made for each other”.)

- You can also put on the Love Box and run around. Kaz will eventually chase you.

- Grab Kaz and interrogate him. He gets so close to confessing his love it’s frustrating.

- Use the Co-op Communication 'come on!’ and Kaz will punch you across the beach. He’ll walk up to you and say something (“Nice pecs.”) You can also use 'You dish it out, I can take it.’

- Knock Kaz out and lay on top of him, he not only starts mumbling in his sleep (“Stop it… I’m not that kind of guy…”) but you’ll also get a codec call from someone on motherbase.

- If you start trying to use you’re codec, Kaz will get upset. Same if you use the Co-op Communication 'Somebody get over here!’, he’ll stomp his foot, it’s really cute. 'Sorry… I have to pull out’ also gets a cute response.

- Just beat the shit out of him, he loves it. You can break his glasses too.

- Aim your camera at him and he’ll start posing. Make sure you get a good shot of his muscles.

- Use the 'Kyehhhhhh!’ Co-op Communication and Kaz will get knocked back by how ridiculous it is.


Those are all the things I’ve come across, I’m not sure if there’s more. I’ll add to this if I find anything else.

king-wolfie  asked:

LAST ONE BEFORE I SLEEP. Gosh I hate school. In your opinion categorize the following BatBoys to the different kinks listed. Jason, Dick, Tim, Bruce (let the old man get some action *smirks*) [ I did not add Baby Damian because he is too young! ] 1) Daddy Kink 2) Spanking Kink 3) Choking Kink 4) Tied-up kink [ that's all I know. Each guy can have more than one. Meow meow ]

Okay I believe Bruce and jason have a daddy kink.

Dick and Tim probably have a tied up kink whether it’s them tied up or their s/o

And I don’t know who of them would have a spanking kink. I’m sorry bab, I can’t imagine them spanking their s/o

Whenever I get to reblogging ya’ll better be ready bc there’s gonna be a loooooot of Riverdale. Man that show is good so far! *crosses fingers for canon gays/bis/aces though especially aces*

Imagine: Cat Joke Revelation

So one night, it’s pretty quiet for Ladybug and Chat Noir’s patrol so Chat just unleashes a barrage of cat-themed jokes on Ladybug who just groans good-naturedly and laughs while calling him a dork.

The next day, Alya is down about something, her head buried in her arms on the desk. Nino and Adrien are worried about her when Marinette takes a seat and can’t get anything out of her.

Marinette takes a deep breath, looks at Alya and says, “I about to say something and I hope you understand just how painful it will be for me.”

Alya peeks out from her arms.

“What do you call a big pile of cats?” Shrug. “A meow-tain.”

Alya snorts and Marinette lets the cats out of the bag.

“What did the stray say when it saw a dog about to chase it? You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow!”

What did the cat do when he got a call during a movie? He put it on Paws.”

What’s a cat’s favourite Disney song? Mew‘ve got a friend in me!”

Alya starts giggling and Marinette starts grinning.

“I know a cat who tried to sing.” Alya shakes her head. “He was claw-ful.”

“What is a cat’s favorite motto when attempting something? Purr-actice makes Purr-fect!”

“What do you call a religious feline? A Cat-tholic!”

Alya just looses it when Marinette goes in for the kill, grin wide and eyes bright.

“How do cats greet each other?”

Alya manages to squeak out an ‘I don’t know’ when Marinette leans in close.


Nino and Alya have just lost any semblance of sanity and Marinette is smug while Adrien has recognised all of the jokes.

Adrien asks Marinette where she got all those cat jokes. 

“Oh, a friend of mine told me all of them last night. He’s such a dork!”

Adrien’s mind goes blank ‘cause there is no way…

Holy llamas. I am 👌🏻close to choking Maizy out.

Nev was screaming his noggin off an hour ago, so I go in there and Maizy is biting and kneading on his head. After 40 min I finally got Nev to sleep, just for her to try and sit on his head again! Nbd, he falls back asleep. I’m in the kitchen grabbing a small bowl of cereal and Maizy starts pawing and meowing at Neville’s room! I bring her away from the door and she immediately goes back to meowing at his door.

WHY?! JUST LET THE CHILD SLEEP. I can’t wait until she gets fixed this month. When she’s feeling frisky, I wake up to her biting my head, trying to eat my hair, sprawled out on my noggin, or kneading my noggin. Ugh.

Went to “Hamilton” and now I can’t get “You’ll Be Back” out of my head. Except I keep singing it to Mogwai and replacing the chorus with “Meow Meow meowyowyow…”

What’s wrong with me?

anonymous asked:

Kitty Meow, if there was such thing as "Be a Slytherin for a Day" Day, in which you get the opportunity to be/sleep/spend time in Slytherin's area and hang out with the Slytherins at all times for that one day, what would you do with that time?

well i mean first of all i would wanna hang out in the common room and see if you can see the mermaids and the giant squid because????? thats so cool????? and then idk just hanging out in the dungeons would be cool i feel like the dungeons would be a hella sweet place to play hide and seek so like slytherin-wide game of hide and seek maybe like?????????? i feel like hide and seek with slytherins would be so fucking cut-throat so if i could convince a huge number of ppl to join the game think of how fuN that would be wow

but idk man id just chill out with the slytherin folk and see what kind of stuff they do and it would be interesting to note any differences between like the atmosphere in hufflepuff and in slytherin but also?????? just in general i feel like if i went to hogwarts i would be in other ppls common rooms all the time like first of all just because i wanna see them and also because i woul dhave friends in other houses and i would want to hang out i have no doubt in my mind i would have friends who would just tell me the password to their common room and we would trade off whos common room we hung out in so like idk man

but being a slytherin for a day would be cool from an observatory standpoint like just to see if there are any glaring differences in the atmosphere and stuff would be cool idk dawg

meow mix replacement?

So my parents have been feeding their cat Meow Mix for a while because that’s literally the only food she’ll eat. Like she’ll go on hunger strike and cry until she gets either just treats or meow mix. I’m just learning how bad it is and the cat often has vomiting episodes that last several days, so I’m hoping I can convince them to feed her something else.

Does anyone have any suggestions for something better that she won’t hate the taste of? The cat is almost 16 years old (and isn’t slowing down any time soon) if that makes a difference.

Oh also, I don’t think I’d be able to convince them to give her wet food unless that’s really the only option.

break ins and early mornings ; 

femslash february (14/28) ⇨ ‘my cat sneaked out on the balcony and into your open window and he has this habit of destroying furniture and pissing everywhere so i followed him inside and you came home earlier than i expected and found me in the middle of your living room and honestly i’m not a burglar’ au, clary/isabelle.

0.7 k + words, general audiences.

( read on ao3. )

“Chairman Meow, you get back here!” Clary hisses, climbing over the balcony, her hands outstretched as she drops to the ground. She can’t have Magnus’ cat escaping again, she’s the worst pet sitter ever. Magnus is never going to forgive her after this.

She glances around frantically to see where he went, her eyes landing on an open window. She runs to it, stumbling over who knows what, prying it open and wiggling through.

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