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You know everyone is hating lily but i believe with the whole "even some monsters can atone" talk with AJ was suppose to parallel Lily and even though she did some shit she could be forgiven if she tries to make it right. But this could just be a theory and im wrong.

if we do get episodes 3 + 4, I do think we will at least have the opportunity to get Lilly to redeem herself. I want to call attention to this amazing meta that someone on Reddit posted about Lilly that I really do think describes her character perfectly: 

It has been confirmed (I think by Lilly’s VA, but also by Larry’s general demeanor and treatment of his daughter in the game) that Lilly was abused by her father. I think her consistent defense of Larry throughout season 1 was because she had to adapt and always be on his side so she doesn’t get hurt. I think Lilly’s behavior here in season 4 is also a result of her having to adopt and be seen as a tough bitch so she doesn’t get hurt. I genuinely think Lilly isn’t an intrinsically bad person, but gets caught up with the worst people and has to focus on surviving rather than doing the right thing. I think that AJ’s atonement will serve as a parallel to Lilly’s atonement. I mean, AJ and Lilly both shot members of their respective groups (though under completely different circumstances and in different states of mind - AJ is still a KID after all while Lilly’s a grown ass woman). Telltale is definitely setting up a parallel between them, but I think Lilly’s redemption will be optional. 

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Felicity hopped from one foot to the other, trying to get her socks on while she scanned the room for her sneakers. “You ready, hon?”

She glanced up at Oliver, standing in the doorway. “Yeah, I just need to find my shoes and then we can go.”

Oliver nodded once, opening the closet door and pulling out her favorite pair. “Here.”

She let out a breath, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Come on, we don’t want to be late.”

Felicity followed him through the apartment, putting her shoes on as he turned the lights off and grabbed the car keys. Then he kissed her forehead before leading her silently out of the apartment.

She climbed into the car and buckled, immediately bringing her fingers to her mouth to chew on her nails. Oliver glanced over at her and sighed. “Why do you look so nervous?”

She scoffed, “I’m not nervous, you’re nervous.” He leveled her with a look and she bit her lip. “Fine, I’m nervous,” she admitted with a sigh, “how are you not!?”

Oliver chuckled at the gentle jab she’d landed on his arm. “It’s just a baseball game.”

“It’s William’s baseball game.”

“He told me this morning that he’s excited you’re coming.”

“Really? Did he really, he really said that?”

Oliver lifted her hand with a small laugh, bringing her fingers to his mouth. “Yes. He really said it. Why are you nervous?” He asked again.

“I don’t know.” She breathed, “It’s you and me…William…baseball…you know?” She glanced up at him and he took his eyes off the road to look at her. His eyes softened, and her heart melted as it always did. 

Thanks to Curtis, she often wondered what he was thinking when he looked at her like that. That look that wouldn’t change. And she hoped it never would. “What?” She asked as he fought a smile.

“Nothing,” he mumbled, his mouth pulling upward. He looked back at the road. “That just…doesn’t sound like a bad Friday night at all.”

Felicity couldn’t help but smile too. It was contagious. “No, it doesn’t.”

As they pulled up to the field, Felicity spotted William warming up. He was throwing a ball back and forth with a teammate, one she recognized from the handful of times that she’d picked William up from school. 

She got out of the car and took Oliver’s hand, dragging him towards the fence. 

When he noticed them, William jogged over to where they stood. “Hey, buddy.” Oliver said, reaching over the fence to playfully tap the bill of his hat. “You ready?”

William shrugged, “Jack said they played Central City last year and won ten-nothing. We’re undefeated, so I don’t think anyone’s too worried about it.”

Felicity bit her lip to keep from smiling, and Oliver laughed. “all right, well have fun out there, okay?”

William nodded, “I will.”

As William jogged away, Oliver wrapped his arm around her. “He’s cocky.” Oliver said, smirking.

Felicity bumped her hip against his, “Wonder where he gets that from.”

Oliver laughed, kissing the top of her head as the teams got ready to play. “I don’t even know what position he plays.” Felicity mumbled.

Oliver pointed to the outfield, where William was stretching his arms. “left field.”

“Aww, this is going to be so fun. You can teach me all about baseball.”

“I’ve tried that before.” Oliver frowned.

Felicity squeezed his side, “I wasn’t listening. I didn’t care to learn about the stats of the Blue Jays.”

“But you care about the stats of Star City Middle School?”

“Well…yeah. At least I know a player on this team.” She answered with a shrug.

Felicity watched as Central City’s first batter hit the ball right towards William, and he ran backwards, looking up at the incoming ball. She squeaked, her hands flying to her mouth. William lifted his glove and the ball fell right into it, as if it was effortless. She jumped up and down, “Oh! Yay!” She yelled, knowing that it must have been harder than it looked. “Yay, go William!”

Oliver’s laughter quieted her excitement. “Don’t tease me,” she chided. 

He shook his head, “No teasing here.”

“You’re laughing at me.” She said, settling down and tucking herself back under his arm. She rested her arms against the fence, her hands folded in front of her mouth.

Oliver kissed her temple, “Nicely done!” He yelled, “Good job, William!” Felicity glanced up at him, giggling. “I’m not laughing at you,” he said, “I’m just happy.” 

William held the ball up, looking right at Oliver and Felicity, the biggest smile on his face. “Oh.” Felicity sighed, her heart feeling whole. She gave him a thumbs up, “Look at him.”

He was, and Felicity liked watching Oliver’s face as much as she liked watching William play. His expression was content. Proud. “He looks happier than I’ve seen him…” Oliver mumbled, and Felicity hugged him a little tighter.

By the end of the game, William’s prediction was proven right. Star City won eight to three, including an impressive home-run by their favorite player. “He’s so good.” Felicity gushed as they waited for him. 

Oliver nodded, “I know.”

“We should take him and his friend out for ice cream. You know, he mentioned the other night that he’s starting to feel like he fits in here and maybe before we drop Jack off, we could ask if they want to go to Big Belly for sundaes? Or milkshakes? Oh, I want a milkshake.”

Oliver smiled down at her, “I love you,” he mumbled, stepping closer and pulling her against him. He wound his arms around her waist, leaning down to kiss her.

Felicity smiled against his lips as he pulled away, “I love you, too.”

“Hey dad,” William called, coming up behind them, “can Jack sleep over? I told him about the new Call of Duty you got me, and he wants to play it.”

Oliver hesitated, glancing down at Felicity. She opened her mouth, then closed it, lifting her shoulders. 

Oliver cleared his throat, “Uh, sure. Just let me call Jack’s mom to make sure it’s okay.”

William nodded, “Thanks!” He yelled, running back towards his dugout.

Felicity spun around, “Was that…has he ever…did he just call you dad?”

Oliver nodded, “That was a first.”

“Oh, Oliver.” Felicity wrapped her arms around him, nestling her head on his chest. She wasn’t sure why it made her so emotional, but she quickly wiped away a tear before Oliver could see it. She loved that Oliver and William were finally connecting, and she loved that she got to be involved. William was adjusting, and she was glad to be part of it. To pick him up from school and have movie nights with him and go to his baseball games. She happily did all of it.

“Felicity, are you okay?” William’s voice asked. 

She pulled away from Oliver, looking behind her to see William and Jack waiting, duffel bags and baseball gloves in hand. “Yeah,” she smiled at them, “Of course. William, you were awesome out there! And you too, Jack. I’m so glad I got to watch.”

William smiled at her. “Thanks, Felicity. I’m really happy you could come.” He answered as they walked to the car. “Dad, did you see my grounder in the fifth inning? Coach says I’m a power hitter, so I figured they wouldn’t be expecting it.”

Oliver nodded, “It was a good play. You had an awesome game, William, I’m really proud of you.” He said, smiling down at his son. “And you too, Jack.” He added.

The boys laughed. “Thanks, dad. Maybe we can go to the park tomorrow and you can show Jack that curve-ball we were working on?”

“Anytime.” Oliver said, looking over at Felicity as he started the car.

She smiled, and he reached his hand over, lacing his fingers through hers. He couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a Friday night, or a Saturday afternoon.

“So,” Felicity said, turning around to look at the boys. “Ice cream?”

The Selection | Part 16

A story based off of the Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass.

Ten girls, one crown. The competition of a lifetime.

Warnings: Angst, Language, Death, Fluff

Words: 1.7k

Pairings: Prince!Steve x reader || Bucky x reader

A/N: This is for @buchonians​ Writing Challenge.
I swear to God, if you’re not gonna react to this, I’m gonna sue myself because if you don’t, then I’m doing something very very wrong.

Part 15 | Series Masterlist

A soft knock on your door was heard after tenth o’clock at night and you swiftly open the door, making Steve roll his eyes.

“You should really have a maid with yourself at night.”

“Steve! I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to call you like that in front of everyone! It was stupid!”

“Wait, you think I’m mad at you?” Steve chuckles, when he enters your room. “Y/n, you call me by my name practically all the time. I expected that it would slip one day, but just not… in the News.” He smiles, “But I’m not mad at you.”


“Yes, really.”

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Trying to Survive: Chapter 13

Summary: Virgil just wants to live as himself. There are bumps in the road, but hey, life isn’t easy.
Pairing: Analogical (the good gay shit happens this chapter I think I can finally get rid of the word eventual)
Trigger Warnings: Anxiety, panic attacks, eventual toxic parent, transphobia, descriptions of the inner workings of a trans male, if you see anything else tell me!!
Word Count: 1173


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We balance each other out

A Bones x reader oneshot I wrote because of this - @outside-the-government I took one for the team

Warning: childbirth is messy - some curse words

Words: 2892 (whoops, my hand slipped)

„Well, let’s get going, Bones,“ Jim claps him on the back and darts past you towards the car, „Don’t want to get stuck in traffic on our way back.“

„Don’t say that!“ Bones snaps and helps you down the few steps, „I’m already anxious enough with you driving us back as it is.“

„Don’t snap at him,“ you tell your husband off, „He’s trying to be nice…“

He grumbles, but stays quiet and helps you into the car.

„Are you comfortable?“ He asks and drapes a blanket on your lap before checking that you have a bottle of water with you.

You show him the bottle with a smile. „Relax, Len. It’s just a baby, not a deathly disease. It’s going to be alright. I can already breathe a lot better than I did yesterday.“

He still looks concerned.

„That could be the stage of lightening. Let me check if the baby has moved.“

You stop him before he can pull out his own, very special first-aid-kit.

„It’s fine, Len. The baby is due in about a week. Not today, not tomorrow. Jim will drive safe, we will stop every hour so I can pee and in about five hours we will be back in the City.“

„I should have never let you persuade me to come and stay at this farm house in the first place,“ he complains and gets into the passenger seat.

Jim doesn’t even wait for him to put his seat belt on, just pushes down the gas pedal and speeds out of the driveway, spraying gravel into the forest.

„Dammit, Jim, are you trying to kill us?“

„Just making up for the time we lost because of your loitering.“

"She’s pregnant, you-”

“Relax!”, you interrupt your husband and put your hands on his shoulders, “Everything will be fine. Jim will behave from now on and before you try to pick another fight, do I have to remind you that it was you who wanted to get out of the city for our shore leave? How did you bribe us again?”

“Fresh air, good food, and beautiful nature,” Jim piped up and grinned back at you.

You rolled your eyes at him.

A five long hour drive is a very long time, especially if you have to sit in a car with Jim Kirk, the Captain that can never sit still and Doctor Leonard McCoy, the doctor who loves to complain.

The fact you were in the last stage of your pregnancy made things considerably harder to endure.

You had promised that you would only need toilet stops ever hour - just like on the drive to the little farm house two weeks ago - but your bladder and your baby didn’t want to hold onto that promise. After hour two passed you had to ask for the fifth stop and Jim wasn’t the only annoyed one in the car.

“Do you really have to pee that often?” He asks and leaves the highway.

“What else do you think I do in there?” You snap and wiggle around in your seat. The pressure in your bladder is almost unbearable now.

“I don’t know! Can’t you just take a bottle-”

“JIM!” Bones shouts, “I’m not letting my wife pee in a damn bottle!”

Jim growls in annoyance and halts in front of a small roadhouse.

“Take your time, M'lady,” he jokes almost bitterly and you flip him off before wobbling out of the car.

Being pregnant is hard. Beautiful, sometimes at least, but also hard.

The sickness in the first trimester, then the heart burns and the fact that none of the clothes ever fit - thank god for replicators - the kicking and the pressure on the bladder, diarrhea and the-

“Fuck!” You mumble and look down at your panties. There’s a bloody-brown tinted spot on the white fabric and everything makes sense.

The sensation of being able to breathe easier had been indeed a sign. The Baby had moved while you slept, its head dropped down into your pelvis in preparation for delivery. Which explained why you had to pee so often, it was pressing on your bladder even more than usual.

And now the bloody show - the little one was on her way.

“Come one,” you let your hands move over your belly in a soothing manner, “Don’t be impatient. If you wait a few more hours daddy will be more than happy to get you out of me, okay?”

“Have you decided on a name yet?” Jim asks when you get back in the car, obviously trying to lighten the mood.

“Yes.” “No,” You disagree with your husband and Jim smirks.

“Who’s honest now?”

“I am,” you say, leaning back in the seat, “I’m saying Penelope or Georgie, something that sounds like a southern Belle. And Len here wants weird names like Lora or Harper.”

“I like Penelope,” Jim smiles at you in the rearview mirror, “You can shorten it to Poppy.”

“A name is not supposed to be shortened,” Bones growls and you pat his shoulder.

“Whatever you say, Len, whatever you say.”

Hour three is coming to a close. You’ve stopped another three times because of your bladder, but Jim has kept quiet every time, while your husband throws you one worried glance after the other.

You could tell him what you’ve found out, but you’re a nurse and a woman who knows her body and you’ve decided that you can deal with this a bit longer if it means he’s going to stay calm during the drive.

And then the traffic slows down.

The highway is packed with cars who all drive into one direction.

First with a slow, but persistent speed, but then it drops to a nerve-wracking stop and go.

And then nothing.

“This can’t be happening,” Len mumbles, dread in his voice. He’s clutching the dashboard, his knuckles turning white, “This can’t be happening.”

You want to tell him to relax, that you will get out of this soon, but a cramp works its way through your body and you have to press your mouth shut to keep yourself from making a surprised noise.

It feels a tiny little bit like a strong hiccup but accompanied with all the other symptoms you’ve had throughout this day you know it’s a contraction.

Nothing to worry about, you tell yourself, as long as they are irregular and as long as my water hasn’t broken yet, I will be fine. Just a few more hours until we’re in the city.

“Are you okay?”

Jim’s voice snaps you out of the chaos in your head. You smile at him and move forward carefully, pushing your hands through Lens’ hair, calming him down.

“It’s just a traffic jam. Nothing big. It will clear soon.”

“I hope so,” he grumbles, “Do you want to get out and walk a bit? Your legs must be stiff.”

“No, I’m fine,” you decline quickly. The physical movement might stimulate the muscles and prepare for contractions and right now that’s the last thing you want.


“Yes. I’m just going to relax in my seat a bit. But if you want to, take a break, walk around the car for a bit. I’m gonna watch your back.”

You manage to wink at him and he smiles.

“You’re watching my back?” He jokes.

“Gross,” Jim complains, “You’re about to be parents. No sexy talk when the kids can hear you.”

“Oh, shut up,” you mumble and close your eyes for a moment.

You can hear the car door opening, Len groaning, the cracking of his joints when he stretches.

“Damn, you’re old,” Jim jokes from across the car.

“Shut up,” Len snaps and you smile.

Until another contraction hits.

You keep your eyes on the two men in front of the car while you breathe in and out, timing the contractions.

They are arguing, as far as you can tell with the doors closed and the windows up. You don’t hear a thing and you’re thankful for that.

“I’m sorry, Darling,” Len mumbles when he gets back into the car, “I’m afraid we will be here a bit longer.”

You can see that he tries to be calm for your sake.

“Looks like you will need to pee in a bottle after all,” Jim says and slips back into his seat.

“Dammit Jim,” Len grunts, “Where are your manners?”

“Back at the farm,” Jim quips, “I’m just being honest here, okay.”

You want to say something back at that, want to interrupt the fight that is going to start between them any moment now, but there is yet another contraction and a growing wetness between your legs.

“Fuck!” You say instead. “You don’t need to worry about peeing anymore, Jim.”

“What?!” He turns around to stare at you, “Don’t tell me you peed in the car.”

“I didn’t pee. The membranes of the amniotic sac ruptured.”

“WHAT?!” Len yells, while Jim just stares at you in confusion.

“Can you say that in English?”

“Her water broke, you absolute fool!”

“What?” Jim asks again and you groan out in anger.

“The baby,” you tell him, “It’s coming.”

“Now?!” Jim pales visibly, “It can’t come now! We’re stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere!”

“We know that!” You and Len yell at him in unison.

Another contraction hits you and you groan in pain.

Len’s in Doctor-mode immediately, jumping out of the car and pulling your door open.

“How bad are the contractions? How often do they come?”

“Every five to seven minutes. I’d give it a 3 to 4 on the pain scale.”

“That’s not that bad, is it?” Jim asks weakly and you glare at him.

“I can inflict the same pain on you if you want to know how bad it is,” you threaten him and he holds his hands up in defeat.

“I’m going to… uh… call the others. See if they know anything.”

“Right!” Len gnarls at him, “Make yourself useful for once!”

Half an hour later Jim returns.

You’re a mess, a sweating, groaning mess on the backseat, crying out in pain whenever a contraction hits, clutching on the anything that can give you at least a little support.

“I’ve got bad news,” he greets, “Cause of the traffic jam is an accident.  They reckon that up to twenty people are injured and there’s been some serious damage. They’re redirecting traffic, but there only some smaller routes open and they estimate that we will have to wait at least two hours before we can get off the highway at least.”

“Two hours?” Len snaps, “Two frickin’ hours? This is a car! On a highway! And my wife is going into labor! I can’t deliver a baby in the middle of a frickin’ highway! Do you know how dirty this is? The risk of infection? Do you?! We need to get her to a hospital immediately!”

“I tried!” Jim yells out, “But they’re still treating the injured up north! There’s no one available for at least an hour! You’re a doctor!”

“I’m a-” Len sighs in exasperation and returns to your side, cooling your head with a wet wipe.

“Everything will be okay,” you tell him with a weak smile, “’s not gonna be the first baby that’s born in a car and it’s probably not going to be the last.”

“You’re not supposed to calm me down,” Len mutters bitterly and you start to laugh but it catches in your throat when another contraction hits.

“Jim!” You yell out when it passes, “Where’s Scotty?”

He looks at you like you’ve gone mad. Maybe you have.


“Where’s Scotty? He and Chekov stayed in a house near ours, right? They might be close. Get him on the phone with Len.”

“Darling, he’s an engineer, not a doctor,” Len reminds you and you snort.

“I know that, but firstly I’d like him around, secondly he might have tools with him that we can use and thirdly could he stay with us while Chekov and Jim walk to the next roadhouse to get us some water and towels.”

“How can you stay calm in this?” Len asks in exasperation, “I’m the doctor, I’m supposed to be the calm one.”

“Well, I’m your wife, I’m supposed to be balancing you out.”

“You stay here,” Len tells Jim when he gets out of the car, “You time the contractions, you hold her hand and you keep an eye on her cervix. Don’t let her push until it’s properly dilated.”

“What?” Jim asks with a high voice.

“Don’t listen to him,’” You tell him, “I’m not letting you look at my cervix anyway.”

“What the hell is a cervix?” Jim grumbles and slips into the car, crouching into the small space between the backseat and the front seat.

“Do you really want to- agh”, you stop, gnarl and push down on his hand until you can hear him curse and feel the pain subside, “Know?”

You don’t know how long it takes Scotty to pack his things and get to you. You’ve lost track of time as the contractions have been getting more painful and Len’s looks have been getting more worried.

But then he’s here and you’re so glad to see his friendly face that it doesn’t matter how much you’re hurting and how gross childbirth is.

“Aye, lass, I heard ya need me?”

Scotty slips into the front seat and holds out a little juice box for you, puts the straw carefully between your lips.

You take one delicious sip of the juice.

“Is that grape juice?” You ask, taking another eager sip.

A smiling face framed by curly hair pushes past the passenger seat.

“It is your favorite, right?” Pavel asks and holds up a plastic bag filled with water bottles, paper towels, and more juice boxes.

“You’re a literal angel,” you mumble, “Both of you.”

“Well thank you,” Jim mumbles from the floor, “It’s not like I’ve been sitting here for the past hour, letting you crush my hand.”

“Get out of there,” Len orders before you can say something, “Sanitize your hands and help me. Darling, it’s time for you to push.”

“I don’t think I have it in me,” you murmur weakly.

“Yes you do,” Len’s voice is thick with worry and laced with determination, “Listen to me, darling, we’ve got so far already, you’re not giving up now. You’re supposed to balance me out, right?”

“Oh fuck you,” you tell him, “The next time you bear the child and then we talk about this again.”

Scotty chuckles next to you and a warm hand slip into yours, the pressure comforting.

“We can do zat together,” Pavel tells you.

“So far every child has come out,” Scotty assures you, “All you have to do is help it a little. Have you decided on the name yet?”

“No,” says Len while you say “Yes.”

“It’s going to be a Poppy,” Jim intervenes and steps next to his friend.

“What do I have to do?”

Delivering a child in the middle of a traffic jam is something that attracts people.

Not that you have the time to worry about that. Or the energy.

But you notice Pavel slipping out of the car more than once and when he comes back he mumbles about nosy people under his breath.

And then there’s Jim’s voice, loud and clear and horrified, cutting through the pain and the dullness of your mind.

“Fuck! What is that?!”

“That’s the head, you moron!” Len snaps, squeezing your knee in reassurance, “You’re doing fine, darling.”

You try to look at him, but Jim catches your attention instead, his face ghostly pale, his eyes rolling backward in a way that makes you sick. And then he faints, just like a lady in the good old times.

“Seriously?” Len says and looks down at his friend, before focusing again, “Chekov, out of the car, check if the idiot hurt himself and then help me. We need to deliver a baby before we can help the baby that is the Captain.”

You’ve lost track of time.

You’ve lost track of up and down, can’t tell if there’s someone touching you or if you’re imagining it instead.

And then there’s a loud cry, Scotty mumbles something into your ear and a warm and heavy and wriggling body is put into the embrace of your arms.

“Congratulations,” Len says with a thick voice, “You’ve done it, Darling. And she does look like a Penelope.”

You look down at the little girl that’s wailing in your arms. She’s a wrinkly red-faced mess with a surprisingly loud voice.

“Impatient and stubborn like her dad,” you mumble and touch the curled up lip with your finger tips, “Couldn’t have waited another day.”

“Well at least she’s got your looks,” Jim jokes weakly from his place on the floor next to the car and sends you a soft smile.

“We will see about that,” you say and look around at all the smiling faces of your friends. A tear escapes Len’s eye and you reach out your hand to gently wipe it away.

“Now, now,” You say, “Don’t get all emotional on me here. We have to balance each other out, right?”

he clears his throat with a smile. “Right.”

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From Princess To Queen

You had joined to help out the army to revenge King Ragnars death. Looking around you didn’t see anyone from back home until a long haired, green eyed, tattooed faced cault your eye. Harald Finehair. You had forgotten he had journeyed  to Kattegat to fight with King Ragnar. He looked the same as he did when he promised to conquer every kindgom to become king of all Norway. He was the love of your life. But was you his?
You slowly walked off, moving around behind people so he couldnt see him but you could see him. Your eyes never leaving his.

“Did you see her”? Harald asked his brother happily.
“Who, see who”? Halfdan confused.
“Y/N, it was Y/N”.
“It couldn’t be, she would never come here”.
“I swear, it was her”. “I just know it”. He glowed with excitement.
“Then you should go say "Hello”.“ Halfdan pushed his brother.
You had met with Queen Lagertha, she thanked you for coming and helping with what needed to be done.
As you left her you took a horn of ale and took a sip as someone tapped your shoulder.
You slowly turned around and saw Harald standing there.
"Harald”? You gasped.
“My Love”. He kissed your hand.
“I had forgotten you were here”.
“Yes it is one of many places I have been”. He chugged his drink.
“What are you doing here”? He asked.
“My Father sent me to help since he couldn’t make it”. “King Ragnar was a good friend of my fathers”.
“Ahh yes, how is your father”?
“He is ill, growing more ill by the day”. You sadly spoke.
“Sorry to hear that, he is a great man”.
“Thank you Harald”.
Feeling nervous and wanting answers you had jumped to questions.
“Harald, were you ever coming back”? You whispered.
“Yes, I promised you the world and I will give you that”. His thumb rubbed your cheek, making you look at him.
“Harald I don’t want the world, I just wanted you and a family”.
“That will happen, I will cut my hair, become your husband and King of all Norway”. He proudly spoke.
You shook your head. “I like the way your hair is now, you could be a farmer and I would still be your wife”.
“But I will not be king”?
“Is being king more important than marrying me”? Hurt in your voice.
Harald laughed. His laughter made you feel worthless and foolish.
“My father wants me to marry before he dies”. “He has chosen a husband for me”. You looked away.
“Who, whom are you to marry”? Anger in his voice.
“He is a Earl, my father is very fond of him”.
“Are you”?
“We have not met, he will be here”.
“You’ve never met but you’re going to marry a man that does not love you”?
“He will learn to love me, at least I’m not foolish for waiting all my life to be married”.
Harald sneered. Anger taking over him, you had seen this once before when another viking tried to grab you. Harald tortured and killed him.
“Harald I don’t want to end it like this”.
“Who said it was ending”? He smirked.
“I’m getting married, theres nothing you can do”.
“We will see Y/N”. He kissed your cheek as  tears flowed. You walked off, going back to your tent.
Sitting in a chair, starring at the fire, you heard someone clear their throat.
“Excuse me”.
“Are you Princess Y/N Y/L/N”?
“Yes I am”.
“Hello I’m Earl Hex”. He entered the tent.
“Hello my father told me great things about you”.
“Your father is a good King”. “We are to be married in three days time”. “I hope you are ready”. He smirked.
“Yes, I will finally have a husband”.
“I will leave you to get prepared”. He said as he walked out, not giving you a chance to ask him questions about himself.
That night you tossed and turned. Harald was on your mind. Earl Hex too, the way he intruduced himself and the way he was rude you couldn’t shake the feeling this was a bad idea.
The morning came you were exhausted , but you grabbed your things a went to do your work.
Queen Lagertha put you with the Healer, you had helped with the healer in your kingdom, so you were experienced.
One man had came in with a bow threw his shoulder. He looked so familiar, it was Halfdan.
“Halfdan”? Worry in your voice.
“Yes, Halfdan your in good hands”. You said as the healer told you to get more cloth.
You stayed by his side until the healer was done, he was resting comfortably. He held your hand making sure you were still there.
“Y/N”? Haralds voice caught your attention.
“He is going to be fine”.
“The Gods will watch over him”. He said as he took a seat beside the cot.
“Can I ask how does someone like him, a great warrior get shot by a arrow on the first day of battle”?
“It is my brothers fault, he wouldnt stop talking about his special girl”. Halfdan voice was a whisper.
Harald chuckled. “You didn’t have to make that face that you made before this happen”.
“Harald do you not know that women talk are not for the battle field”? You shammed him.
“Do you know that I can not get you out of my mind or my heart”?
“Harald”. You warned.
“You will be my wife”.
“This is not the time for this”.
“She is right, you are bothering me”. “I need my rest”. Halfdan shooed his brother.
“Rest well brother”.
“Can I talk with you outside”?
You nodded and followed.
Stopping by the tent Harald grabbed your hand. “Y/N, we are meant to be together as man and wife”.
“You should have came to my father sooner, he would have gave me right away”. You took your hand away as you saw Earl Hex coming closer.
Harald must have realized who was coming. You got very uncomfortable. Bitting your lip was a sign and not looking him in the eye.
“Is that him”?
“Then I should congratulate the man that stole you away”. He said taking off.
“Harald no”. It was to late, Harald started talking and Earl Hex turned his head straight to you. It was like he was figuring out how to punish you for this man talking about you.
Your head dropped in shame. Why would this happen?
Turning on your heels, you went back in the tent with Halfdan. He was slowing sitting up.
“Halfdan you can not do that, you could hurt yourself worse”. Warning him.
“You still love him, dont you”?
Looking at him you nodded. “I do, I really do but it is to late”.
“You have that right Y/N”. Earl Hex spoke startling you.
You cluched at your chest. “You frightened me”.
“I am sorry”. He walked closer to you.
Backing up to Halfdan was all you could do as you just wanted to bolt.
Halfdan grabbed your hand, telling you that he is here.
“That man..King Harald”?
“You were to marry him”? “Why didnt he”?
“Harald wanted to be king of all Norway before we got married”. You body started to tremble, Earl Hex’s body language turned angry.
“So since he didn’t want to marry you, your father pawns you off on me”. “A unwanted woman”.
Your mouth hung open. “How dare you”. “He wanted me but at his own time”.
“I wanted to be married to that wonderful man but I get you”. You spat at him.
He wiped off his face as Halfdan’s grip grew tighter.
You knew you have done something wrong as Hex started to laugh. A evil laugh, something soul less. Taking of his gloves, he lunged towards you but before he could get his hands on you blood splattered your face.
Hex cluched his chest, feeling the sword poking threw his cold heart. He fell to the ground, one last breath leaving him.
Shocked and happy filled your face. Looking up there stood Harald, wiping off his sword with a huge smile on his face.
Dropping Halfdan’s hand you stepped over Hex’s body and ran in to Haralds open arms.
“I told you, never underestimate the power of love my dear Y/N”. Harald took your face in his hands, his thumbs rubbing your cheeks. “You are the love of my life and nothing will get in the way of that”. His lips smashed yours. His kiss was deep and heated. Your hands went to his hips pulling him closer to you.
“I love you”. You mumbled in to the kiss.
“I love you to the end of the earth”.
Harald let go of your face, looking you in the eyes. “I want to marry you now”. “I dont have to be king that with come, I just want you as my wife”.
“I will be your wife, I will be the mother of your children and I will be your shoulder to lean on when times are bad”. You pecked his lips once more.
Harald and you had forgotten about Halfdan and Earl Hex’s dead body when Halfdan cleared his throat. “Um we might want to get him out of here before his men come looking for him”.
“Also he’s bothering me, I need to rest”.  Halfdan held his shoulder with a pout.
Harald chuckled at his brother as you giggled at your soon to be brother in law.
Halfdan and you never really got along until he grabbed your hand, knowing that he would die or kill someone for you, knew that this family was a ride and die kinda family. You loved and died for each other.
A couple days later.
Harald and you got married in front of the Gods and Kattegat. Halfdan gave you away. It was the wedding of your dreams. Now for the children to come and life will be complete.

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May I request headcannons of Todoroki, Bakugou, and Shinsou visiting their s/o's house to help put up and decorate the tree?

~Bakugou Katsuki~
•He wasn’t very excited at first but it turned out being fun
•You went to get the tree and it was hard to agree on one
•Bakugou wants the biggest tree he can find
•You tried to untangle the lights for like ten minutes
•He was probably screaming how it was gonna be the best Christmas tree ever
•Or at least much better than Deku’s
•He lifts you so you can put the star/angel or whatever on the top
•You drink hot coco and eat cookies afterwards

~Shinsou Hitoshi~
•He made cat decorations
•He is just beaming when you tell him how good they look
•U go get the tree and it goes pretty smoothly
•U hang some peppermint candy canes on the tree too
•He want’s to make the tree look as good as possible
•You ate some chocolate
•He has a super long Christmas hat
•If there was snow outside, a snowball fight occurred too

~Todoroki Shouto~
•It has been years since he has decorated a tree
•He used to it with his mom, but after she was put to the hospital, he hasn’t done it
•His sister has asked her to, but he didn’t want to
•He was excited to do it with you, even though he was also a bit prejudiced
•In the end, it brought back more good memories than bad ones
•He liked doing it with you
•U might have roasted marshmallows over his flaming arm

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S3 was so revealing as to Bellamy's feelings for Clarke like he couldn't even help himself.

S3 was him realizing he was in love with her. And to make it worse, Clarke was courting him, trying to be his person again. A millions reminders of L, though. 

S4 starts off with Clarke saying she loved L and then was 13 episodes of Bellamy telling himself. No. No. It’s not true. I don’t love her. I’m not in love with her. We’re *Platonic Partners* damn you. And every time he turns around, she’s looking at him like he hung the stars, or someone is telling him how much he means to her, and he’s like, NO I SAID ITS JUST PARTNERS I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH HER I JUST CAN’T DO WITHOUT HER. And then he like, runs away to go cry over his sister because if he can’t be in love with Clarke then at least he can get kicked around by the other woman who doesn’t return his love. And she tries to kill him so it’s proof, right, that she doesn’t love him, except then he realizes that she thought humanity might die if that door was open, and she chose for Bellamy to live over humanity. And then there was the disaster with the suits and she’s exposed and thinks she’s dying and trying to tell him he has to go on without her and he’s like NO NO EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE DON’T SAY IT DAMMIT. 

Meanwhile, there’s Clarke all season, with her heart eyes. And he can’t see it because he’s trying to ignore his own feelings. And is straight up running from her when she needs him. 


what a mess. 

I’m at the point in life where if someone tried to rob me I’d probably start laughing. Like what are you going to take? My massive debt? The two dollars in my wallet? My card that would get declined over a pack of gum? I wouldn’t even argue over my laptop or anything? Like ok bro but let me back it up first, I’m not trying to rewrite any papers. also it makes star wars noises and will probably scare the shit out of you at 3 am.  Like you can take my shoes but damn at least let me walk home first.

I’m fully at the point where I don’t know what could be taken from me that could make me give a fuck. 

@freaky-zombie-chick submitted:  Okay I got let my inner The Walking Dead fangirl out and say: Edge has to be Negan. And for those who don’t know, Negan is the current bad guy The Walking Dead tv show.

Here me out on this. They both have the iconic red scarves, both look good in the leather jacket and boots, and have an army that follows his command no matter what. And let’s not forget they have the red and black color scheme going on!~

Just imagine Edge wielding a bone attack like a blunt weapon, now imagine that bone attack as a baseball bat wrapped around in barbwire named Lucille. Edge using it to point and threaten people that upset him, or just to get all the good candy first.



the tortoise’s two cents:  Okay, I agree with this.  I need this to be his costume because damn, he’d look fine in that leather jacket with his red scarf.  

Fallen Stars

Title: Fallen Stars

Chapter 1

Summary: A star has fallen! After missing the chance 14 years ago the likelihood to capture it has finally came around again! But how will this story end? In a bloody disaster? Or in a sweet romance? What will happen to the star! What will happen to your story when both your paths are intertwined? There’s so much more to this mystery!

Warning: May contain blood, death, swearing, killing & violence

Chapters: 2 3 3.5

Note: Some ideas and concepts are inspired by the movie “Star Dust” I recommend watching it to get a brief idea of the Au, but everything is not going to be the same.

*Gif belongs to the respective owner.

“Why the hell do we have to be out here” He was a bit upset that you’ve dragged and practically begged him to come out in the middle of the woods. It was further away from your village just coming out here to watch the shooting stars. Seeing your village became difficult since you both were far enough into the dense woods to see anything but thick trunks of standing trees. The woods were too quiet. Too cold, which disturbed him extremely, explaining his nagging.

“Come on Daniel! We can see the stars better out here.” You laughed as you were jumping off the rotting tree trunk that’s been there for years. You loved late night adventures. The feeling of just not knowing and the killing curiosity eating you every time you gone out.

“Yeah I guess but we can’t go too far off. I SWEAR TO GOD IF ONE BUG LANDS ON ME I’M LEAVING”

“Ohh~ Is Daniel afraid of little witches and goblins too?” You said nudging him with your elbow

“Haha that’s not something you should be joking about Y/N.”

“I know I’m sorry. Witches and goblins are a serious thing.” You waited for Daniel to catch up before proceeding deeper into the woods that soon lead to an empty grass plain.

“Look the stars!” You pointed to the shower of stars that were falling before your eyes. Some big and small shooting across the sky in different directions. Daniel took off his coat and laid it onto the grass and motioned you to sit next to him.

You sat next to Daniel, your legs crisscrossed and head up watching the starling show up above. Daniel leaned his head onto your shoulders. His arms behind him for support and legs out in front. The warmth of his body next to yours made you feel at ease. Little moments like this made everything seem so much better.

You turned to face him, his eyes were closed taking in this moment “Dan-”

“Thanks for bringing me out here Y/N.” You looked at him smiling. Blood rushing to your cheeks at this heartwarming confession. BRAT you thought. Says the one who was complaining on the way here. But it wasn’t that much of a big deal. Daniel appeared to be at peace. Enjoying this short time together as well smiling in content. You brought your eyes back to the stars before being caught staring.

“It’s no problem. I just really wanted us both to see- DANIEL WE HAVE TO MOVE!”

The skies falling, at least that’s what you felt like. Everything was in slow motion in your eyes. You got up and grabbed Daniel’s arm and quickly tried to run to take cover. Anywhere. Anywhere you both could possibly can before-

The sound was getting louder. Closer. The white light was getting brighter, too bright, and then suddenly black.

The ringing in your ears wouldn’t stop, especially since you’ve just hit your head onto the ground.

“Y/N! Y/N! Oh my god Y/N!”

GOD? That was Daniel’s voice. It was a bit muffled because of the ringing but you knew it was his. The constant shaking was slightly making you sick. You slowly opened your eyes looking at him from in his arms. He had a slight cut on the side of his head, there was a little blood seeping through. Daniel looked a bit dirty because of the dust and dirt that must of flew on him.

But that light. It wasn’t as bright as earlier but it was still there. You turned your head to the source where what used to be a massive field of green grass was now a huge dirt crater with a bright white light shining straight up.


“Fallen star?”

Continuation of Social Media Headcanons Based on an Anonymous Ask: Headcanon with what social medias Team Flash has and what they’re like on there.



  • Twitter: Cisco has over a thousand followers and counting. His Twitter bio is ”Good Vibes”. And no one gets it except Team Flash. He’s a Twitter guru, and he’s garnered his reputation because of how hilarious his Tweets are, which are mostly funny narrations of outrageous things that happen in his daily life and/or his random but witty thoughts. Some of his Tweets:
  1. “Motherf**kers making out in the elevator next to me: we are enclosed in a steel box and I AM RIGHT HERE @theflash save me.”
  2. “Biggest dilemma rn is trying to decide if the potential to sell some old tech on Craiglist is worth risking murder #IHaveBeenMurderedBeforeTho.” Some of his casual followers reply with a confused, “???”
  3. “WTF is ‘smart casual’? How do I dress smart? Francisco Ramon is already smart, bitches!” Caitlin Tweets a diplomatic reply with a link to a Business Insider guide: What ‘Smart Casual’ Dress Code Means.
  4. But he also has self-deprecating humor at times too: “If your question to me starts with, ‘You’re an engineer, you should know this,’ 9 out of 10 times I will disappoint you.”
  • Snapchat: Iris is pretty much his best friend on Snapchat (credit to @withaflashoflove for this!) They annoy everyone else at STAR Labs with their filters and with Face Swapping. Cisco Face Swaps at least once with everyone (”This is a favor to you, because I know you wish you had my face,” is how he justifies it.), with Caitlin, Wally, a reluctant Joe, Barry (with and without his mask), and Jesse, but it’s a struggle to get Wells to do it, so it becomes his mission to. He tries to sneak his phone in front of Wells, but Wells is always, “RAMON NOT NOW”. When Cisco realizes he can simply Face Swap with a photo of Wells, he does, saves the photo, prints it, and the tapes it to a wall in the Cortex. Wells is not pleased.
  • He and Iris also have a thing going where they send each other the ugliest selfies on Snapchat. And they have to Screenshot it quickly before it disappears, so it’s basically a competition to see who screenshots the fastest. @withaflashoflove added that for each other’s birthdays, they post 9 of the hideous selfies in collage form on their respective Facebook walls. Before Barry deactivates, he comments on Cisco’s collage of unflattering Iris selfies: “Still beautiful.”
  • Plot Twist that some of those Flash fan accounts that Barry follows are actually run by Cisco in secret. 
Coffee: Part 2 (Mingyu)

Confused as to why this is Part 2? Go read Coffee: Part 1 then! :) 
Or not. Your choice, really. <3

Summary: You miss Mingyu. And an opportunity comes up to see him again. (Ugh that was a bad summary, sorry.)

Genre: Uh… I don’t really know.

Words: 2532

This took forever because school and writer’s block and laziness. I just.. UGH. I’m so sorry… But I hope this is okay…

“She’s kinda cute, isn’t she?” Wonwoo whispered, leaning towards his best friend. Mingyu, who was a little spacey, looked back at him with a tired and confused expression. Chuckling, the shorter boy shook his head. “Spaced out again? Thinking about that girl again?” He asked with that deep voice of his.

Playfully pushing him, Mingyu rolled his eyes. “Shut up Wonwoo~” He smirked with his slightly less deep voice. Since he quit working at the cafe, he got taller, his pitch deepened, et cetera. He hit puberty, basically. And it was good to him.

Some of the fans at the fanmeet they were at shrieked at their contact. “MEANIE!!!!” They called. Both Wonwoo and Mingyu just rolled their eyes playfully. The crowd continued to cheer for one of their favorite Seventeen couples as they made a heart with each other, feeding the fanservice.

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Can you do a pairing, Scorpio x MC ( no name ) number 38 please?

The Pickup
Rating: G
MC x Scorpio (SCM)
Including: Teorus, Ichthys, Hiyori
Drabble Prompt #38: “You fainted… Straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
Send Me a Pairing and a Number

I’d been working double shifts one and off for the last couple of weeks at the planetarium so I hadn’t been able to see Scorpio or the others. Hiyori was concerned I was coming down with something, but I told her it was just these long shifts and I’ll rest well once I didn’t have to work so much. We all had to take on more shifts due to some cutbacks. We did get extra pay, but it was starting to take it’s toll.

Today was manageable. Three tour groups and a few info sessions and then front counter duty. I was leaning on the counter, resting my head on my hand when someone came up to the counter.

“Hey.” That gruff voice belonged to Scorpio. No matter how many times I saw him in street clothes, it took my breathe away.

“H-hey! What are you doing here?” I was so shocked, I almost fell off the counter.

“You haven’t been to the mansion lately and…” Scorpio pointed his thumb behind him to show that he was not alone. “The Dynamic Duo wanted to see you, too.” Teorus and Ichthys waved in the distance as girls passed them by and tried to talk to them. “Apparently, I’m not the only one concerned. The others would have come, too, but they had work so these guys were my tag alongs.” Scorpio sighed and rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms in annoyance.

“You guys didn’t have to come” I said as I came around the counter.

“But, you haven’t paid us a visit in a while,” Teorus pouted.

“Yeah, we miss you, Goldie.” Ichthys grinned at me and I couldn’t help but feel relieved and giggle a little seeing these two stand in front of me like school boys.

“Hey, no giggling unless it’s for me.” Scorpio said as he stood in front of me. Teorus and Ichthys covered their mouths in mock gasps and that just made Scorpio growl at them.

“Come on now,” I said as I turned to go back to my station. “I have a half hour left to my shift and then I can go home and,…” The room suddenly spun and I felt myself falling. I close my eyes and braced for impact, only to land against a broad chest.

“Seriously, should I just lock you away for a week so you can not be so hard on yourself?” Scorpio held me close to him.

“You practically fainted into his arms!” Teorus stood by us with concern.

“Yeah, it was like watching Prince Charming catch his princess,” Ichthys said in awe.

“Hey, are you okay?” Hiyori came running up to us and looked like she ran into a wall. “Oh! You’re her boyfriend, right? Good, take her home. She’s been working overtime too long and I think she’s really sick.” My coworker and friend frowned as showed her concern.

“Really, I’m-” I try to stand and fall right back into his arms as another dizzy spell hits me. I raise a hand in defeat.

“Don’t worry,” Hioyri said. “I’ll let our supervisor know you’re super sick and see how much time you can take off. Just go home and rest, okay?”

“Yay! We’re going to take the princess home!” Teorus and Ichthys were too happy for this moment.

“I’m taking her home!” Scorpio bellowed as he took my things from Hiyori and helped me out of work. “You two knuckle heads head back. I’ll be there when I can.”

“But, don’t you-” I tried to protest but the words were lost to me.

“Listen, woman. Your friend just told me you at least have tomorrow off. So you are sleeping in and them I will get you whatever you need so you can rest, got it? If you have more time of, I’ll take care of you then, too.” When Scorpio got this way, there was no arguing with him. I simply nodded and allowed him to get me home. I was leaving my care in the hands of a god and I couldn’t be happier.

Imagine Kara in the DEO after an assignment that went awry (some civilians ended up hospitalized and they just got word one died on the operating table).

Staring at the opposite wall she feels the crushing weight of failure. She should have- no, she could have done better.

Alone. That’s how she feels. A stranger among these people. She’s supposed to be a symbol of something greater, something bigger than herself but for what? She let people die. She could have done more, (she feels the tears coming) she should have done more.

Fighting back tears, she gets up and blindly wanders, ending up in the room that holds her mother (well, her hologram at least). She tries so hard, so so hard to find solace in the words being spoken from the figure but how can you connect with someone who’s not really there?

She ends up outside the compound walls, sitting on the dry desert ground. Knees drawn up to her chest she looks up at the stars, eyes automatically finding the place where Krypton would be. A deep longing fills her chest and all she wants to do is leave.

“You know, I miss home too,”

It’s hard to startle someone with enhanced hearing, but she’s so wrapped up in her thoughts that the sound of his voice makes her nearly jump out of her skin.

Mon-El sits himself on the ground beside her curling one leg up, arm casually resting on a bended knee. His gaze caresses the sky with a look of wonder (he always has a look of wonder) before stopping on a spot she just knows is where his planet would be.

“I could hear you,” he says. “When I was still asleep.”

She turns at that, studying his face, waiting for the teasing, the comeback about Kryptonian’s bleeding hearts, none of which she wants to deal with right now.

Instead he reaches over and grasps her hand in his.

He looks her right in the eyes.

“I won’t let you feel alone either.”

They hold eye contact for a few more moments (it feels like an eternity) before he looks away, back to the sky, and she wonders about how someone she was supposed to rival, raised to distrust, could make her feel like she belonged.

And as she turns to the constellations and again finds Krypton’s place among the stars, the sting of longing hurts a little less.

She steals a glance at their hands, still gently, almost carefully holding each other. Looking back to the sky she lets out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and smiles, wondering how out of everyone that’s on this planet, it’s with a Daxamite that she’s found peace.

And she doesn’t mind.

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BokuAka movie stars au.


Bokuto is a popular actor, starring a lot of recent action movies. He’s a newcomer star and immediately gains a lot of popularity. His life is great, he makes a lot of money in a short period of time and there are new roles flying in every day. He loves his life as a movie star, likes the parties his manager Kuroo takes him to and loves the attention, but he hates the people. They’re shallow and boring. 
One day, he sneaks away from the main set because of boredom, since his scenes were already completed but he can’t go home yet in case any of his co-actors fucked up and they had to do it again. He takes a little walk, enjoying the scenery, until all of a sudden, he bumps into someone. Being the nice guy he is, he helps them gathering up the stuff they dropped while apologizing a few times. He looks at the notebook in his hands, “Oh, are you a journalist?” And for the first time, he looks into the persons face, and oh shit, he’s totally gone in a second. That guy is freaking beautiful. His answer is only a calm “yes”, before the guy grabs his notebook and other stuff and walks away with hurried steps. And Bokuto just stands there, totally perplexed because, what the hell was this just now? That guy was a journalist, a young one too, so he must know about him right? So what was with that totally unimpressed reaction of this guy?? Wasn’t he supposed to freak out about meeting him like all the other peole did? Or at least ask him for an interview or something?? Bokuto huffed and kept pouting when he arrived back at the set. Tch. Stupid beautiful journalist guy. As if his ego couldn’t stand that. (It couldn’t. He keeps sulking over the incident until he meets that guy again on a press conference. He’s one of the few journalists who doesn’t ask him any qeustions though, and when he’s done, Bokuto can’t help but walk over to this guy and ask he why he’s so disinterested into him. It’s not like he’s a star or anything?? 
“I’m sorry if I offended you in any way, Bokuto-san. It’s just that the topics I write about aren’t in any case related to the kind of movies you do, since I’m working for an art magazine. But if you like, I can give you my number, and you can call me if you decided to do change profession and become an artist instead.” And with those words, he hands him a business card before taking his place in the rows of journalists again, waiting for the next conference to start. 
Bokuto just stands there dumbfounded and watches him walking away for another time. Did he, the recently most polular movie star, just get sassed by a guy writing for art magazines?
Well, at least he got his number..

idk this was stupid and maybe not at all what you expected but I tried haha

give me a pairing + an au setting

Just because I need to remind myself from time to time that, no matter what kind of negative comments I might read about myself and/or my portrayal of Mrs. Thrandy, I’ll never be able to please everyone and that I still achieved something beyond amazing with a half-assed finished costume/overall-look not even a year ago because I was broke as ****. And if I compare that to where I am now I’ve seriously stepped up my game since then (Or I at least deserve a YOU TRIED star uû) and I hope that we will get the chance to meet Richard again one day so that I can tell him how much the things he told us last HC meant to us and how him seeing something in something I saw nothing in made me raise the bar to actually try hard and become the very thing he complimented me on. This man truly is an inspiration. Also sorry for all the crypticness here, the people close to me know and that’s good enough for me :)

High School Sweethearts (Part Five)

High School Sweethearts Part Five

Y/N was up early the next day, she couldn’t sleep her mind not turning off. Sam came in joining her for coffee.

‘When did you get home yesterday?’ she asked curious.

‘3ish. Thanks for dinner, and the washing,’ he said as he ate his breakfast.

She smiled at him. He was the type that always thanked her, not that it mattered much. But it helped her feel like what she did was appreciated. Dean rarely thanked her. Not that he needed to, she was happy to do it. But sometimes it would be nice.

Dean came out mid morning, kissing her head as he grabbed a coffee. He watched as she read the paper, her face unreadable. This worried him, usually he could see if she was happy or sad. Today she was nothing.

‘Are you working today?’ he asked sitting next to her.

‘Nope. I have a three day break. Then nights,’ she told him, turning the page. ‘I thought maybe we could catch up on tv?’

She was hoping he would spend some time this break with her. She looked at him hopeful, a slight smile on her face.

‘I’d love to but I have to work on baby, before we go out again, she was skipping a bit,’ he told her.

Downing the rest of his coffee, he got up. Kissing her on the head he watched her face fall slightly. He felt guilty, but he really didn’t want to be stuck on the road somewhere during the next hunt. He just wanted to do his job and come back so he can be with her. He ran his hand through her hair, glancing at the paper over her shoulder.

‘What about after you fix her?’ she sighed.

‘Yeah, we can look at it then,’ He smiled.

He watched her nod, and she shifted to get up. He moved so she could stand, pulling her into his arms.

‘I missed you,’ he told her kissing her lips. The strawberry lip balm she was wearing coating his own lips. She gave him a small smile.

‘I miss you too.’

She moved out of his arms, he almost missed what she said. The tense she used. Miss means current, he was here how can she miss him?

‘Baby, are you ok?’ he asked, concerned.

He tried to look into her eyes, but she glanced at her watch to avoid it.

‘Yeah, just tired. Floors not the best place to sleep. I’m going for a run.’

She left running to clear her head. He stood wondering what was wrong.

Dean picked up the paper, the article that caught his eye. It was another case, a shifter. He wasn’t happy, he didn’t want to go but he knew it needed to be done. He found Sam and told him to grab his gear.

‘Y/N’s not going to be happy,’ Sam warned his brother.

‘She will understand, she always does. It’s one of the things I love about her,’ he grinned.

‘One day she might not Dean. She has three days off go spend it with her. Leave someone else to deal with this.’

‘It’s fine Sammy.’

Dean wasn’t happy he understood what Sam said. But he had a job to do. Just like everyone else.

Y/N came back from her run to find the boys waiting.
‘Shifter?’ she asked as she came down the stairs.

She watched the boys look at each other, unsure of how she knew.

‘I saw it in the paper.’

She walked into the kitchen to grab a drink. Dean followed.

‘I’m sorry,’ he apologised, he watched as she shrugged.

‘What happened to fixing the impala?’

‘It will have to wait. Hopefully she will forgive me for it,’ he chuckled watching as she smiled that sad smile. Watching as it never did reach her eyes. ‘I love you,’ he told her.

He was starting to get concerned, he really was beginning to feel like she was slipping away. What if Sam was right?

‘I love you too Dean,’ she said quietly, giving him a quick kiss.

Her mobile rang, she used it as an excuse to pull back. Dean sat back and watched her.

‘Geoff hey…No, no you’re not interrupting…Nah my plans fell through…really? He was fine last night…crap…God, I’m sorry…How are you holding up?…It’s not easy…Sure, of course I can do that…Café on first…Give me 20 minutes.’

Dean couldn’t help but feel the jealousy in him rising. He knew things had been different, but he didn’t think of this.

‘Who was that?’ he asked, trying to stay neutral, but the jealousy seethed through his tone.

‘A guy I work with.’ Y/N answered, looking at her phone sadly not even looking at Dean. It wasn’t helping at all.

‘Is there something going on?’ he asked, he watched as she paled, shock going over her face.

‘What? You think?’

‘What do you expect Y/N, you are distant, you don’t seem happy anymore, you just something is different.’

‘Serious? How about the fact that my boyfriend would rather be at a bar or hunt than be with me? Or he would rather fix his car than be with me? Or the fact that he only thing he wants or worries about is if he’s getting some,’ She asked, anger in her voice.

Dean froze.

‘I have never, EVER, cheated on you. EVER! I didn’t even sleep with anyone during those seven years. I wouldn’t do that. Sleeping around is more your domain than mine.’

Dean’s face fell he knew she was right. He had never cheated on her, but he did sleep around during their time apart. He knew this was on him.

‘You had better go, you wouldn’t want to miss your hunt,’ she told him quietly, walking away.

Dean and Sam left for the hunt, their whole trip quiet. Sam wasn’t happy at how Dean handled it. Dean wasn’t happy with how he handled it. He wasn’t happy that his once loving dotting girlfriend had hardly spoke to him the last few days. He wasn’t happy he still didn’t have an answer as to who Geoff was.

They arrived back at the bunker. It was quiet, Dean went to check Y/N’s schedule on the fridge. But he couldn’t find it he even dropped to the floor checking underneath the fridge for it in case it got knocked down.

He walked into their room, all her gear was gone and a note was left on the bed.

What can I say, I love you always have, always will. But I can’t do this, we were different to start with, star-crossed lovers seems to be the way of our life. I get your life, I have been there. But I also know you are not the only hunter in the world, there are others and it wouldn’t have killed you to let someone else take at least one.
I know how hard hunting is on the soul, I have been there. Blocking me out, isn’t going to help that. Spending more time at the bar than talking to me won’t fix that.
I tried Dean, really I did. I did everything you wanted. I stopped hunting, I researched, I did everything you asked for and then some. All I asked for is some time when you got home. I know you love me. Or did at least. Time shouldn’t have been that hard. No sex doesn’t count as time.
Don’t stress about trying to locate me, I am fine. I am safe. I love you I just wish it was the same back.
BTW for the record, Geoff is a doctor at the hospital. His Dad was one of the patients I looked after, he died after I finished my shift. I was the last one to see him alive. Geoff was pretty cut up, that is why I met him for lunch. He wanted to know what happened that night. We have both lost parents, you know how hard it is. Difference is, this father was his sons life. Would be a bit like you losing Sammy. There was never anything going on.