can i get a hazmat suit

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hi can't wait to read your new Bellarke fanfiction,also i am a little bit annoyed i mean i love Clarke and all but it is not fair that she gets to be inside Alie's mansion safe from the acid rain while poor Bellamy has to go outside in the fucking acid rain risking his life for his abusive bitch of a sister who clearly dosn't give a damn about him it's just not fair why do the writers hate us and that hazmat suit has bloody duct tape on i swear if Bell gets hurt because of the rain i will be mad

join the fucking club we’re gonna protest at the cw headquarters with our dogs

Experiment AU Edd clone idea!

@darkeddsworld I just came up with this, and I was wondering if this this a good clone to add!

Okay so there’s a Edd clone that’s heavily separated from the other clones/test subjects. He isn’t violent at all, it just that he can’t stop KILLING people. Why?

First of all when Edwardo was taken into the ‘Organization’ due to him being a equivalent to a reactor from Chernobyl, they wanted to test adding radiation to him. The only thing is, he is already THAT potent. If a scientist tries to approach him even with a heavy hazmat suit on, they will get severely ill. So they still tried to test extreme radiation, but not on Edwardo. Instead they get some DNA from Edd. Edd is the LEAST augmented test subject in the entire facility, so it made sense to clone him. Using some of his hair when he was sleeping, Bing and Larry were at work making a clone with extreme radiation poisoning. Finally, they made one. The thing is, the Edd clone came out as a pile of goop. The scientists who were waiting for the clone to be made deemed it to be a failure, and they sent Bing and Larry to the drawing board. While they left, some of the clean up crew put on some uniforms and proceeded to pick up the green glowing goop.

It moved.

A horrible moaning sound came from it, as a hand and arm materialized from the pile. Progressively, a form of a person began to take shape. The clean up crew was terrified, but before the could get away, they all fell dead.

The clone was complete.

Bing and Larry managed to put SO MUCH radiation in the Edd clone, that in a essence, he IS radiation. His physical make up is soft and always dripping. He has some hair like Edd’s but it’s very dark green. He is also nude, since being in close contact with anything will actually make it melt or catch on fire. Also, being in close contact with the clone is guaranteed instant death, even with the most potent hazmat gear.

The clone seems to always be sad, not for his existence, it’s because he’s so lonely. After his creation, it took a VERY long time to put him in containment, since the guards and scientists kept on dying from radiation poisoning. After getting shoved into a concrete and steel bar fortified room with no windows, they left the clone to die by starvation. He was too dangerous to work with, and was still considered a failure.

However, since this Edd clone is pretty much the embodiment of radiation, he can’t really die……

After MONTHS of being alone, one day they shoved Edwardo into the room with the Edd clone. Apparently Edwardo was being such a jerk and being too dangerous, so the scientists thought death-by-extreme-radiation was okay. A very pissed off Edwardo walked around the room, oblivious to the clone hiding in the corner. The Edd clone hasn’t been in contact with any being at all, other than the people he killed. Edwardo spots the clone and starts asking who is he.

The clone just mumbles and shudders.

Edwardo comes closer, and the clone pushes his hands forward, signaling him to stay back. Then Edwardo did something nobody has ever done.

He touched the clone.

And he didn’t die, like what the scientists predicted. Edwardo has been radioactive for so long, that even exposure to EXTREME radiation, like the Edd clone, does nothing to him. The clone was taken aback, and started to talk. It was all garbled, thanks to the fact that he doesn’t really have body parts or internal organs. Edwardo is confused, but he guesses this 'guy’ is a idiot. He berates the clone for a little bit, and proceeds to punch the wall.

The duo stayed together for a week or so, not getting food or anything at much. However, the clone started to get 'clingy’ to Edwardo. Since the Edd clone kills everyone he knows by just standing away from them, he always sat by Edwardo, trying to talk. Eventually Edwardo grew accustomed to the clone, and he even tried to talk to the clone. Their conversations never were long, since the clone struggles to speak.

When it was 'time’ to clean up the remains of Edwardo, they were surprised to see he was still alive. Hungry, but alive. He wasn’t too happy the see the scientists, but when he came out, some of them with the typical hazmat suits fell dead.

He is as radioactive as the clone now.

Edwardo and the Edd clone is now forced to stay together, for the overall safety of the guards and scientists. To avoid possible death by rage, the scientist complied to Edwardo’s wants, such as T.V.s, beers, etc. He now feels like a father figure to the clone…..


Scott- Y/N! They’re back!
Y/N- Oh don’t sound too excited, its only your best friend and first beta baby.
Scott- They’re not here to see me.
*doorbell rings*
Y/N- Could you get it? I have to change into something other than PJ’s.
Scott- No, stay in them! Better yet, wear a hazmat suit!
Y/N- Very funny, now open the door.
*opens door to reveal Stiles and Liam*
Stiles- Y/N, hey *gif above* how a-oh, hey Scott
Liam- Smooth.
Stiles- Shut it werecheetah.
Liam- *gif above* Really
Stiles- I said it didn’t I
Scott- *does gif above*

This is my first gif imagine! I hope you all enjoy!!!