can i get a copy!

16.11.20 fancafe - bts_Jin

We received a daesang
hello ARMY
161119 the day we received a daesang
Really, I’m living a happy life. It’s all thanks to ARMY
Who in the world could be happier than me right now
When I was a kid, I didn’t get many awards but thanks you guys I have been able to get many awards
If I can, I want to get a copy of all the awards and put them in ARMYs houses
Because the award is for all of us hehe
Ah, I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m just thankful
I just want to say that I’m feeling so happy right now
really, I’m so dazed I don’t even remember crying
so you guys can forget it too haha
aaaaaaaaaaah it’s so good
Thank you, ARMY

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Here is a sneak peek at my final piece for the @notwithoutyoufanbook anthology!

This piece will accompany a story written by @howler32557038

The entire project was fully funded and then some on kickststarter and I am beyond excited to get my copy so that I can see all the other amazing contributions to it!

mine and @richonning​‘s Norman & Tom photo op! this one happened so fast. Norman grabbed onto my shoulder before I was actually turned around and situated between them (you can see his hand is like all up in my hair if you look closely. he got some of Ashley’s too lmao). so I ended up having to twist myself around and then quickly get my arm behind Ash’s back. long story short, I was literally squatting down a bit in this picture (I’m actually taller than Tom) and slightly disheveled all because of Norman’s arm and hand, lmao. He felt amazing though, his shirt was so soft. And Tom is gorgeous.

anonymous asked:

Lovely. Our manager just told us we are no longer allowed to wear tennis shoes to work. It doesn't matter that we work on a concrete floor for several hours a day, or that we might actually need those tennis shoes for support. If we wear them, we'll be sent home to change. I have musculoskeletal issues, and tennis shoes are what I wear 100% of the time, and they are what my doctor wants me to wear. I don't want to make anyone mad, but I'm considering getting a doctor's note so I can wear them.

Definitely get that doctor’s note. Keep a copy for yourself so if the manager ignores it then you’ll have leverage to talk to corporate. Also remember the date you gave it to that ass wipe. -Abby