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drawing these stickers are kinda tedious but also pretty therapeutic

its been a while since the last time I drew something chibi


Oh, you’re Mr. Live-it-up. Mulder, you really are Mr. Squeeze-every-last-drop-out-of-this-sweet-life, aren’t you? On this precious Saturday you’ve got us grabbing life by the testes stealing reference books from the FBI library in order to go through New Mexico newspaper obituaries for the years 1940 to 1949 and for what joyful purpose?


Kim Junmyeon/Reader (OC)
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance
Warnings: Blood, Violence, Smut

“Heaven and hell suppose two distinct species of men, the good and the bad.

But the greatest part of mankind float betwixt vice and virtue.”

David Hume

Ineffable Ch. 1

Ineffable Ch. 2


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Not gonna lie... I read Satisfaction Brought It Back because you suggested it... You are so right... It's great... And not just for the smut... Great plot and character development... Some great twists... Then combine that with corporate espionage and the fact that almost everyone from the show is SUPER kinky, and you've got a Grade A masterpiece that tops 50 Shades of Crap any and every day... Thanks for the A+ recc!!! :D

This has been a public service announcement. ;)


@god-damn-it-miranda you, my dear, are an angel. I mean, I can’t say I agree with you, but it means the world that you think so. In fact, if anyone is the gorgeous piece of gold here its you. But you’re the sweetest. Thank you, babe❤

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The twins?? I don't wanna seem too all over you, but I really want to know how they're doing, they mean so much to me even though I've never met them.

I’m glad you’re so invested in their condition, it really means so much.

As far as I’ve heard, they’re doing well. The girl is somewhere around 2 ½ lbs and the boy is closer to 3 lbs, I believe.

The girl actually didn’t even need heart surgery, like most preemies(including  her brother) usually do!

As you can imagine, my cousins are spending every ounce of their free time at the hospital, even though they’ve got a lot going on in their lives rn…

Their dog, Riley, has recently been diagnosed with cancer. She has a tumor near her heart, the most they can hope for even with treatment is the rest of the year… Riley’s the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet and my cousin loves her to bits, she was her baby before the twins came around and still is. 

I hate to ask for more than I already have, but, please pray that she’s healed. Pray that whatever curse is plaguing their family can be lifted soon and they can live a normal, happy life with their babies (all of them).

Ok so apparently this didn’t post the first time? And hopefully it posts this time

For @xraynarvaez!!!! You requested either Ray or Cole with rockruff and growlithe, and I went with Ray because I have never drawn Cole and I wanted to make sure I could sketch something good in the time I had :U

I hope everything gets better soon! 💜💜💜

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I just wanna say, I'm so happy you're embracing your feelings towards Rebecca. It's just reached a whole other level of ridiculous now heh 😂😂😭😭.

this was probably the wrong (right?) time to send this message because i’ve been yelling about this theory all evening and….

i have some more Thoughts

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