can i find you under my christmas tree just wrapped with a red bow

Good Little Girl

“You’ve been extra good this year, baby girl, this is just a little something to show my appreciation to you,” Harry’s eyes are wide with a devilish smirk plastered big enough to consume his face as he hands me a perfectly wrapped present with a bow made out of ribbon on top and a handwritten note in the familiar handwriting that is my boyfriend.

‘a little something for the both of us to enjoy. Love you more, H x’

 “Santa always gives more to the good little girls.”

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All I Want For Christmas Is Jungkook

title: all I want for christmas is jungkook

word count: 2k?? ish

pairings/other notes: jikook, piney!jungkook, Christmas!bangtan. jungkook hates christmas but he finds a sudden affinity for it when a certain blond haired hyung worships the season

a/n: hello. this is first time. for me. write fic. I do the write at 4am. I sorry.

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Best Christmas Present

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

words: 2951

pairings: jimin x reader

genre: fluff

warnings: fights

summary: You had the best present but you did not know what it was until it came flying past you.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! This is my Christmas present to all of you because I love you all so dearly. I hope you had/have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you something since I first saw you 2 years ago, I’ve fallen hard for you Y/N. Everything about you, i can’t get it out of my head, the way you laugh at my stupid jokes, the way your face lights up when you see christmas lights, the way you have such kindness in your heart for everyone in your life. You’re perfect for me, and i was wondering if you wanted to go out wit…………….”

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Reasons Why (Newt x Reader)

A/N: We finally reach the end of the Christmas special!!! I hope you guys enjoyed the Christmas fics😊 Do note that you guys can send me requests or even just questions, I wouldn’t mind answering!! Anyways, enjoy and I hope all of you have a merry Christmas!!

“Y/N?” Newt popped his head into the room both of you shared, frowning as he opened the door fully and saw that you weren’t there. Funny, he just realized that you were gone for pretty much the whole day.

The two of you were visiting New York again, to celebrate Christmas with the Goldstein sisters and Jacob. Both of you were traveling the world to help any magical creatures in need of help and research more about them to write the book Newt planned to publish to let other wizards and witches to know more about these fantastic beasts.

As you were his best friend, you decided to tag along, you also shared the same amount of passion for these creatures as much as Newt does.

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#218: Baby’s First Christmas | Christmas Eve


Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 24th:
Baby’s First Christmas (5/5)

It’s with an arching heart and a teary smile on my face that I say a final goodbye to this whole series. It’s been such an amazing journey and this was definitely the kick start of my blog, something I will proudly look back at and smile. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I can’t express my happiness for all the readers that have been a part of this. It’s always hard to say goodbye but how am I so blessed to have something so amazing to say goodbye to? I will be missing this, there is no doubt but it’s a miss I can always look back at and relive once again. 

Endless thank you’s to all of you. I hope you’ve loved this as much as I have.

All the love, Julie 

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Pregnancy Series

Baby Series

#1: Baby’s First Christmas | Decorating The House

#2: Baby’s First Christmas | Decorating The Tree

#3: Baby’s First Christmas | You Bake Christmas Cookies

#4: Baby’s First Christmas | Matching Ugly Sweaters


”You really were hungry, huh?” You quietly mumbled while rocking back and forth slowly on the mattress, enjoying the peaceful silence while the faint sound of people chatting and laughing echoed in the background. Small cute grunts were coming from William as he peacefully attached to your nipple, having to wait until you had finished the first part of the dinner before you could excuse yourself and seek hide into Luke’s old bedroom. It was amazing to see how much it looked the same. The pink speakers standing by the bookcase above his bed, the old webcam above his computer and newspaper cutouts from their first ever gig in the band. It was bringing lots of memories back and right in the moment you couldn’t stop smiling. “Am I interrupting something?” Looking towards the door that was half opened by Luke poking his head inside, a sigh came from your lips and you shook your head. “We just needed a small pause from everything.” Luke smiled softly by your words and opened the door fully to walk inside, making sure to shut it in order to avoid the loud noises coming from his family downstairs. “And also, someone was very hungry.” You added, caressing your thumb over his forehead and looked over at Luke when he adjusted his red tie and took a seat beside you on his old bed. You could tell just by the way he was looking around that memories were floating back to his mind, the smile on his face only growing when looking over at his bulletin board with old frames and pictures. “You remember that?” He pointed carefully and you followed his finger. “That picture was taken on Christmas Eve, 2003.” A wide smile came to your face by the memory, the picture being you and Luke wearing Christmas hats that were definitely too big for your heads. “We were so determined to celebrate Christmas together that our parents had to host a brunch in the morning to make sure we would at least be together and decorate a Christmas tree.” Luke nodded his head in agreement and leaned his head against yours, looking down at your son for a short moment before he pressed his lips against your forehead. “My mum just mentioned from that day she was sure we would end up together. She mentioned that I had used literally three weeks trying to save up for this fluffy seal from the kids store but I never managed to buy it.” Your eyes widened by his explanation, seeing him fiddle with your baby blanket and a blush came to his cheeks. “Kind of lame, right?” “No.” You replied in a soft tone, smiling up at him while continuing to caress your son’s forehead. “It’s really cute. You never told me that.” He looked down at his lap while smiling, the blush on his cheeks only increasing by you keeping on staring at him. It was such a sweet gesture, especially because you weren’t that old back then. “I actually bought you a Christmas present.” He announced, changing the subject, but before you could protest saying that you had been agreeing that you wouldn’t give each other presents, he silenced you. “I know that we agreed not to do this but I don’t care. The past year has been somehow a rollercoaster for us and you’ve been such a fighter I couldn’t be more proud of you. You gave me the gift of an amazingly healthy baby boy that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for. You’re my star, you’re the girl I want to spend with for the rest of my life. So I bought you something not only you can enjoy, but also something our son can.” It was a suspicious smile that came to your face by his words but it only became wider when Luke pulled up a toy seal he had been hiding under the sheets, and to see your reaction he couldn’t stop laughing. “I hope it’s acceptable, beautiful. I can’t believe this is our first actual Christmas together. I love you.” He smiled, wrapping his arm around your shoulder to pull you closer, making sure that he wouldn’t disturb the breastfeeding. Looking up at him with a warm smile lingering on your face you couldn’t stop giggling because of his cute behavior, this was so typical Luke, it was so typical your best friendship, your relationship and your new way of being parents. “I love you too, Luke. Thank you for the best Christmas of my life so far shared with happy memories and loved ones.” You whispered, already smiling into the kiss that he had pulled you into and started to giggle, affecting him and messing up the kiss completely.


“You gotta open ours, you gotta open ours!” The boys chanted in between each other, creating a horrible mess of different voices yelling in the tour bus and confusion written on Alex’ face by the sounds. He couldn’t even understand which uncle to look at, his Calum orbs looking between Michael and Luke who definitely seemed to be yelling the loudest. “If you don’t open ours now we won’t shut out mouths before the end of this tour.” Ashton chirped in over the noise and gave a more peaceful tone back into the otherwise really small kitchen. With all the decorations, the Christmas tree standing in the middle of the table along with Christmas presents everywhere and food, it was quiet difficult to even go to the bathroom. Even the whole floor was filled with wrapping paper from when you had been opening your presents, being too lazy from eating to find a black bag and put everything into it. It almost looked worse than New Year’s Eve and you hadn’t even gotten to that yet. “Which one is from all of you?” You questioned while scanning the kitchen counter with presents, definitely assuming it was the biggest one of them all, being horribly packed in and if you thought back you remembered Luke had been the one to do it in the back ‘secretly’. “Of course it’s the big one!” Michael exclaimed too impatient to wait for you to stand up and get it so he pushed past Luke in the small booth to hurry towards it, not spilling a single second before it was placed right in front of your faces. Calum’s eyes widened as well by the sudden action, his tongue resting between his lips and a skeptical expression taking over his beautiful face features. It wasn’t a shock that he was very curious about the gift, yet, also very nervous because when it came to the boys and their credit cards, he had a small fear inside of him. You on the other hand were just as excited as Michael was from getting it open, taking Alex from Calum’s lap so he could help open the presents. Being five months old and all that didn’t really mean he understood what was going on, but he was definitely good at reaching out to take off some of the paper and put it into his mouth. It was almost as if the boys were too impatient with the unwrapping, Michael’s foot tapping up and down against the table and making everything shake. You were still left confused when getting the package open completely, seeing a big brown box without any direction to what it was or some sort of font. “It’s a baby swing!” Ashton cheered as the first one and reversed the box 180 degrees, allowing you both to see the large picture of a baby blue swing printed on. “We’ve already tested it out and hung up hooks between the bunks so we can hang it up every time we want.” Luke explained and stood up from his seat along with the others, already having the package opened again and the blue swing being pulled up along with Styrofoam. You barely got a word said before Michael had taken Alex out of Calum’s hands to test it out, eyes wide to the new sudden thing making you and Calum sit for a short moment to take everything that had just happened. “Should we see?” He questioned after a minute of staring at each other, a smile growing on his face and gently tucked on your hand. You both moved out from the booth and pushed past the scattered papers to get to where the others were, seeing how they had already hung up the swing and prepared Alex for it. You stood quietly while watching, hands coming up to touch your chin as they placed him down on the swing carefully to make sure no injuries would happen, and the biggest smile came to his face when Michael slowly started to swing it back and forth. “Oh my god,” Your voice was small but Calum still heard. “He loves it.” A deep chuckle came from him in agreement, a hand coming down to touch the smaller part of your back, tucking you into his warm chest. “I told you I would do everything to make it the best Christmas possible.” Removing your eyes from the cute little scene in front of you your eyes met with his. His cheeks were rosy from the heat inside yet he had the biggest smile so far on his face. It was contagious and when he placed his lips against your forehead you couldn’t stop doing it yourself. He was right. What a blessing Christmas.


“She has really gotten into this crawling thing, hasn’t she?” Karen commented and scanned Celeste wiggling her body back and forth towards her toy blanket, a large red bow on top of her head making a mini ponytail of the dark blonde hair she had. You removed your eyes from the plate of Christmas cooking in front of you to take a look towards where Celeste was heading, smiling softly and giggled out loud. “It’s this new talent she has picked up. I don’t know how she does it but every day she gets better and better. At first she only moved her bum but now she has taught herself to use both arms and legs to move forward. We need to make some serious baby changes at home because she picks up everything now including the guitar picks hidden under the couch.” Karen smiled joyfully by your words, watching as Celeste once again tried to crawl towards the Christmas tree, Michael grabbing her and placing her back right in front of him where he was sitting on the carpet. “Maybe you should start cleaning up your mess, son.” Michael’s father commented with a smirk on his face, looking over at his son with a teasing smile but Michael shook his head. “Don’t worry dad that I’ve got all the control I need. See?” Michael smirked and grabbed Celeste once again when she tried to crawl, holding her against her will and placed her back on his lap. It was this new game they had created, Michael being the most amused. He had decided having the Celeste crawling duty call, hurrying towards wherever she heads, it was such a good thing you had gotten plastic ornaments because otherwise they would have fallen down from the tree and crash the second her small hand would wrap around a spruce. “Just let her, Michael.” His grandmother commented from the kitchen next to you, taking out a large Christmas ham with honey that she had been preparing all morning. “No because if I do she’ll start opening every single present that she can come near. I don’t know who taught her that but it might be the beautiful lady standing next to you.” Your cheeks blushed in a deep shade of red when all eyes fell on you. “I’m sorry but I gave in this morning. We’re giving her so many presents so it’s okay that she opened one this morning!” “Which have made her completely obsessed.” Michael finished for you, his eyes glancing towards the presents before his grandmother spoke up again. “Just give her the silver package over there, it’s a small one and it’ll keep her entertained.” Michael nodded his head in okay and let go of Celeste, but also making sure that she would be crawling the right direction. “It’s been a while since we’ve had kids at Christmas Eve but I was prepared.” She nudged your shoulder with a wink when walking past you to place the ham onto the nicely decorated Christmas table, the rest of Michael’s relatives sitting and chatting or watching Celeste head towards the wrong package. “No not that one, this one princess.” Michael removed her again so she was heading the right direction, changing course from being towards a big one to the rather small silver one. It was like time froze completely as you watched them, leaning your body against the doorframe to the living room and sighed softly. This was perfect. This was all you wanted for her, for you as a little family. First Christmas was a special thing, you had always been reading that on websites for young mothers and just in general. The books said it, even Michael’s mother commented on it. Celeste might not be able to remember anything of it but there would be pictures, movies and frames for her to watch and enjoy when she would become older. All those memories that you could think back to, a night that was so simple yet so perfect you wouldn’t have it any other way. The way she was looking up so amazingly happy at her father as they partnered up to open the silver package seemed like the most exciting thing ever, she didn’t even care what was in it, she just enjoyed the fun of it. You had almost zoned out completely but that was when you caught eye contact with Michael, the smile growing on his face when you realized you had been zoning out on him. He was holding onto Celeste while she had whatever present in her hand that seemed like a stuffed toy, eyes so smiley like his face you couldn’t stop doing it yourself. “Merry Christmas gorgeous.” He mouthed, looking between the two of you ever so lovingly. “Both of you. My princesses.”


“Well first of all I’d like to welcome you all, thank you for showing up today. I know some of you have travelled far considering we live at the east coast, but we appreciate every single one of you here.” Ashton had a glass in his hand while the other was holding onto your shoulder indicating that he was speaking for the both of you, the twins placed in each their baby chairs by the end of the table. Lauren was sitting on the other side so she could make sure Cloe wouldn’t fall down, playing with a piece of toy to distract her from what else was going on. “And I sure hope this is gonna be the best Christmas Eve you’ve been to as this is the first one Y/N and I are hosting. We’ve always been at my mum’s so we sincerely hope we can live up to her standards. Cheers and dig in. We’re not letting you out until everything is eaten.” Ashton rose the glass of champagne in the air along with everyone else around the massively long table that seemed to cover up your whole living room, you were amazed how you had managed to decorate it. “Nice speech.” You grinned when he took a seat back at his chair, a sigh coming from his lips and he looked down at you almost as if he hadn’t heard you. “What? Oh yeah it was amazing wasn’t it?” He sarcastically replied but still smiled all over his face, kissing your cheek gently. “You can practice every year, from now on you’ll be the host until one of the others get kids.” His mom commented while sipping on her glass of red wine, laughing all over her face by Ashton’s reaction. “Well I certainly hope one of the others get triplets then because otherwise I can’t see any reason to it.” He picked up a few potatoes with the spoon that had been passed by to him, making sure to put a few on your plates too before passing it by to his uncle. “Otherwise you can let the Mrs. do it.” Lauren commented with spoon in her hand, feeding Cloe with some porridge. “No, no I’ll let the Mr. Irwin do that, he did it perfectly fine.” You mumbled with wide eyes, giggling when Ashton decided to pinch your side and accepted bread being served in a basket. “We’ll do it together.” Ashton stated with a nod, looking down at you in confirm and you hummed in agreement, giving in. “I mean, I think we can survive everything. We managed to make the twins and they seem to work it out pretty well. I’m proud of us.” He said more quietly, leaning his lips against your hair so you were able to hear what he had to say. “I’m also very proud of us. We finally got the life we’ve always wanted when we were young. Remember how we used to play all this out in your old playhouse? Now it’s suddenly reality.” You whispered back, seeing how his face expression changed slowly, the dimple in his cheek becoming deeper the wider he smiled. “I can’t believe this is it.” He ran a hand through his curly locks and took a look around, his smile becoming even wider when he saw how everyone was having a good time. His family was having fun, laughing at each other and having a good time. The Christmas tree was sparkling in the background with the beautifully lights turned on, the stocking of the twins names along with yours hanging above the bonfire. He had to take a moment to just appreciate everything going on around him because if he looked back years ago he wouldn’t have imagined it. He had wished for nothing else but this for Christmas and after years of pay off, he suddenly had all he ever wanted in life. The perfect night, the perfect kids and the best wife he could wish for. “I’m so happy I don’t even know how to describe it.” He whispered back after zoning out completely, his tongue resting between his lips looking down at you. “I’m happy too.” You replied, leaning your head against his shoulder and just heard everything around you. It had been harsh planning all of this especially with the twins but you managed to get through it to perfection. You really needed a nap after this but now you just needed to enjoy the perfect moment. And your head lifted when Ashton clinked against his champagne glass once again, catching everyone’s attention. “This just gonna be the last one I promise.” He giggled and grinned contagiously. “But I just wanted to say this from the heart. Thank you and a Merry Christmas. This wouldn’t be anything without any of you. My wonderful family.”

Christmas with the Maximoff Twins - Pietro x Reader x Wanda

Word Count: 2472

Warnings: CHRISTMAS (and some flirtation with Pietro 😉😉)

Request: Hey! Hope you’re having a great day. I know you’ve got quite a bit of Pietro so this can be of either Maximoff but, they never celebrated Christmas growing up so the reader introduces them to some Christmas traditions. Thank you soooo much. Happy holidays <3

Author’s Note: When writing this, I actually wrapped Christmas lights around my head so I could motivate myself. Surprisingly… it worked. On another note, I’m really excited for Christmas! Happy holidays everybody! I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas! <3

December 11th.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Hey, do you guys know what the eleventh day is?” You asked, barging into the living room you shared with the Maximoff twins, dressed from head to toe in tangled up Christmas lights. Pietro and Wanda were sitting on the couch talking about how different it was living in New York City before you interrupted their conversation with your beautiful singing. The twins shook their head no, and you came to the realization that they had probably never celebrated Christmas before.

“(Y/n), what are you doing?” Pietro asked with a small laugh.

“Um… Christmas-ing?” You wiggled your body, making the lights shake. The two of them chuckled at your weird behavior; they should be used to this by now since they signed up for this when they signed the lease.

“What do you mean ‘Christmas-ing’?” Wanda giggled, standing up as she observed the decorations surrounding your body.

“You guys have never celebrated Christmas before?” They shook their heads no. “Gasp!”

“I mean, we know what it is,” Pietro started, shoving his hands into his pockets. “Big, fat man wears a suit of red and slides down your chimney with gifts.”

“Well… yeah, that’s Christmas in a nutshell,” you said sarcastically. “But, you guys have never celebrated Christmas before?” They shook their heads no once more. “Well, we are celebrating it this year, roomies! First, we finish decorating the tree with ornaments and Christmas lights,” you gestured to the colorful lights on your body, “Then, we go shopping for gifts. I tend to buy small, weird gifts that have sentimental meaning or huge, weird gifts that I just had to buy. There is no in between.” Pietro and Wanda laughed. “After we buy presents, we bake cookies and build gingerbread houses and on Christmas morning, we open our presents and play with our toys!” you exclaimed, jumping up and down like an excited child.

“Sounds like a good plan,” Pietro shrugged and Wanda nodded her head in agreement. You smiled and ran over to grab your phone, opening Spotify and putting on Christmas music.

“Let’s finish decorating the tree!”

As the three of you joked around and started to untangle the lights that were wrapped around you, you struggled to believe that the twins have never celebrated Christmas or experienced the joy of knowing that a fat man in a red suit was bringing presents. Then again, you had a somewhat normal childhood, while they did not. You were born and raised in the city of New York, and once you graduated college, you immediately put out an ad for roommates. There was no way in hell you were going to live alone. Luckily, Pietro and Wanda had just gotten back from Sokovia and needed a new place after the tragedy occurred. It was a little strange knowing that they had powers, but also extremely awesome. Of course, you let them stay; and it was really cool living with two Avengers. Every now and then, they would go on a mission with the rest of the Avengers and return safely (with a few battle scars, of course). However, your job as a bartender wasn’t as cool. But, Pietro thought it was nice to have someone to make a smooth old fashioned and Wanda thought it was sweet of you to give them the “family discount”. You wanted their first Christmas to be special, mostly because it was your first Christmas as a small family.

December 14th.

The first thing the three of you did together was last minute Christmas shopping. It was kind of stressful… actually extremely stressful because you weren’t the only people who decided to go shopping that day. Lots of yelling, screaming, fighting, and crying in almost every store. Pietro fought back the nerve to speed through every store and steal it all, and Wanda stood in the middle of the chaos, trying her best not to explode from the stress of hearing twenty screaming children (who were whining about toys, of course). However, you managed to blend in with the angry shoppers; after all, you had years of training.

After the chaotic shopping part of the day was over, the three of you made it home safely with (surprisingly) much more gifts than anticipated. You held back the urge to peek inside each bag and find out what the twins had got, but you figured since you were the one who knew the most about Christmas, you should be a role model and not act like a five-year-old. Instead, you quickly wrapped each gift in your room, placing a red bow on top of Wanda’s gifts and a blue bow on top of Pietro’s.

December 20th.

You decided to call an emergency family meeting at 7:42 am. Pietro rubbed his eyes sleepily as he sat down on the couch, where Wanda was laying down, still dressed in her pajamas. Pietro chuckled at Wanda’s exhausted figure: her head was resting on the palm of her hand, her elbow propped up on the couch. She was trying her best to stay awake… but was failing miserably. Pietro was wearing a cobalt blue tank top and gray sweatpants; his hair was a mess and there were light bags under his eyes from not getting enough sleep.

“(Y/n), what’s so important that you had to wake us up so early?” He questioned, his hands covering his eyes from the sunshine that crept in from the window of the apartment.

“Yeah, I need my beauty sleep,” Wanda breathed out, quietly snoring into the palm of her hand.

“Guys! There are five more days 'til Christmas and we still haven’t watched any Christmas movies!” You said excitedly, a little bit too loud. They both winced at the sound of your voice, which woke them up and also put a little bit of fear into their hearts.

“Let me guess, we are having Christmas movie marathon,” Pietro stated, his accent making each word sound more not impressed. It was supposed to be a question, but something told him he already knew the answer to that.

“Duh… So many movies to watch, so little time,” you whispered, slightly shaking your head while clicking your tongue in disappointment. Pietro sighed and looked over to Wanda, giving her a Do we really have to? look. But she had fallen back asleep. So, he nudged her side, making her wake back up for the last time. You and Pietro both glared at her, and she shrugged with a smirk on her face, acting like she did nothing wrong.

“What? It’s too early for this,” she complained. “But, yes, Pietro. We really do have to. It will make (Y/n) happy, and then we can go back to bed,” she joked with a grin. You laughed and lightly slapped her shoulder before turning on the TV.

“What classic should we watch first?” you asked while searching through the channels to find Christmas movies. “Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, or Elf?”


“Alright, Rudolph it is!” You clicked on the show with a huge smile on your face. Jumping in between the twins, the three of you laughed and snuggled up together as “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” started to play.

December 24th. Christmas Eve.

“Alright, so we got flour and baking soda?”


“Butter and salt?”




“Eggs and vanilla extract?”

“Yes, we have it all, (Y/n).”

“Let’s make some cookies, then!”

Wanda laughed as you put on “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey. Dancing your way over to the kitchen, you picked up the flour and poured some in the bowl. A little bit managed to get on your shirt, which made you swear under your breath. Wanda started to laugh as wiped it off of your festive onesie.

“Awe, (Y/n). You got some flour on your nose.” You looked down at your hands and before you knew it- Wanda had blown more flour in your face.

You jumped and gave her a glare, “Oh, Wanda, you little liar. You just started a war.”

Wanda used her powers to create a snowball out of the flour while you grabbed a handful of flour and threw it in her direction, sending white powder all over her Christmas onesie. Her jaw dropped in astonishment, surprised that you were willing to get the whole kitchen dirty. She made the ball of flour that was floating in her hands explode, making it seem like snow was falling inside the apartment. The two of you giggled and you covered your mouth, realizing that you now had to clean up this “Winter Wonderland”.

“Maybe that was not a good idea.” Wanda laughed and you nudged her shoulder with your elbow.

“Maybe. How are we gonna clean this up?” You inquired, your eyes scanning the room, trying to figure out a solution to this messy situation.

“Pietro! We need your help!” Wanda shouted.

Pietro sped into the room, “Woah. Seems like I missed all the fun.”

“Yeah,” you added, “But, can you do us a huge favor?” Pietro sighed and nodded his head. “Could you help us clean this mess?”

“And why would I do that?” He asked, crossing his arms and giving a sly smile. You knew that he was asking the wrong question, his smirk gave it away. The question wasn’t “why should I?”, but it was “what will you give me if I do this?”.  One idea came to mind; the one thing Pietro had been bugging you about since he found out about Christmas.

“I’ll kiss you under the mistletoe-”

A gust of wind and the entire place had been cleaned up. Pietro stood in the middle of the room, wiping his hands. Once again giving that infamous smirk, he winked and sped off into his room.

“(Y/n), you don’t know what you just did.”

“Oh, I do. But, then he smirked and I’m starting to regret it.”

“He’s never going to let it go.”


“There’s no getting out of this.’

”… Yep.“ You bit your lip and returned to your cookie-making. Wanda chuckled and started searching the cupboards for a new bag of flour.

 December 25. Christmas Morning.

"Wanda! Pietro! Get in here!” You yelled from the living room. Pietro and Wanda walked in, dressed in the Christmas onesies you gave them the night before. Pietro also wore a necklace made up of Christmas lights and Wanda wore reindeer antlers along with a red nose. They stopped and gazed in awe of the sight in front of them: the tree was beautifully lit up, giving the room a mystical vibe; tons of presents with different colored bows and wrapping paper sat surrounding the tree; and a plate of half-eaten cookies on a small table next to the fireplace. And there you stood proud, wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater in all of New York, a Santa hat, and the fuzziest green socks.

“Merry Christmas, guys!”

“(Y/n), you really overdid yourself,” Wanda commented, running up to you and giving you a tight hug.

Pietro walked over and joined in, “You didn’t have to do this.”

“I know,” you said, pulling away, “but, I wanted to. I love you guys, you are my family.”

You tugged on both of their hands, pulling them right in front of the tree. They sat down as you started to organize the gifts, making two piles. First, you handed Pietro a box the size of a basketball.

“What is this?” He asked, putting his ear to the colorfully wrapped box, giving it a rough shake.

“I don’t know, maybe you’ll have to open it,” you remarked with a grin.

As Pietro tore apart the wrapping paper, you passed a slightly smaller box to Wanda and encouraged her to open it. She slowly took the wrapping off but stopped to laugh as Pietro took his gift out of the box.

Pietro shook his head and smiled, “I love it, (Y/n).”

It was a stuffed plush toy of Sonic the Hedgehog with a card attached to the front that stated, “Gotta blast, gotta go fast!!”

Wanda opened her gift, revealing another childish toy. It was a Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball, a small sphere that appears to move on its own or even float. She, too, smiled at the cheesy gift.

“Seemed fitting for a telekinetic,” you joked as she moved on to the next present.

Thirty minutes later, and wrapping paper and bows were spread across the wooden floors of the apartment. You had gotten a few toys from the twins as well, including a giant teddy bear with a pin that said “World’s Best Bartender”. You thanked the twins and told them to stay put before rushing to your room. A few minutes later, you returned with two small, black boxes with red and blue ribbons tied around them.

“One last gift for the two of you. I really hope you like it,” you said with a soft smile. They glanced at each other before opening the boxes. Each box had a small metal bracelet with an engraved quote which read, “You make me lovely, and it’s so lovely to be lovely to the one I love”.  Wanda’s bracelet had a charm that was the shape of a red heart, and Pietro’s had a blue lightning bolt. Tears started to form in Wanda’s eyes as she slid her hand through the bracelet, beaming with happiness.

“It’s a quote from my favorite book, I have a bracelet just like it,” you spoke, lifting up your hand to show yours. Pietro kissed your cheek and pulled you in for a quick hug.

“Thank you,” he whispered into your hair before pulling away. He put on his bracelet and smiled at Wanda. “Thank you for all of this.”

“No problem. Like I said, I love you guys.”

“You are forgetting one thing, though,” Pietro intoned, pursing his lips. He wiggled his eyebrows and pulled you off of the floor, guiding you towards the doorway.

“What did I forget? I made sure everything was in place,” you said. But, then you looked up and noticed the mistletoe that hung above you.

“I believe you owe me a kiss, draga.”

“I thought you only used pet names for the women that you flirt with at the bar.”

“Who said I was flirting with them? It’s not like I had any intention of being with them, maybe I was just practicing my moves before I tried it out on you.”

“Wow… that was bad.”

“Really? I thought it wasn’t.”

“Would the two of you just shut up and kiss already? This is weird to watch,” Wanda teased, giving you a wink. You grinned and turned to Pietro, wrapping your hands around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss. The kiss lasted a little longer than intended, but you finally pulled away and stared into his eyes. There was definitely something between the two of you, and this Christmas kiss just confirmed it.

“Merry Christmas, Pietro.”

“Merry Christmas, (Y/n).”

“It’s snowing!” Wanda exclaimed, gazing out the window to the snowy streets of New York. You and Pietro ran to her side, looking at the beautiful city you lived in.

“Best Christmas ever,” you said, smiling at the small family you had.

Requests are open :)  Masterlist


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Secret santa || Derek Hale

Prompts:  Can you do a Pack imagine where they do Secret Santa at Lydia’s lake house? (the reader is Stiles sister and Derek’s girlfriend). 

Can you do an imagine where Derek proposes to the reader, Stiles sister, on Christmas?

Pairing: Derek x reader (ft. the pack)

Words: 1,380

A/n: wattpad has this costume where it likes to delete what i write, especially if i like it, the app deleted like the last 350 words (included the speech,the reactions blah blah blah) so yeah, that’s one of the reasons it took me so long to post this 

I decided to combine these two requests because I think they work pretty good together. Hope you you don’t mind, enjoy!!

Originally posted by joyeuxno-el

“Do we all agree with the terms? No presents under 50 dollars and above $200, it’s called Secret santa for a reason, so you better keep who you’re giving to to yourselves, and we are doing the exchanging in my lake house on the 24th, okay?” Lydia asked

The pack was sitting on Scott’s living room and a bowl filled with tiny pieces of paper with their names on the coffee table, everyone nodded and one by one took a piece of paper from the bowl. It was finally your turn to grab one and you were very happy with the person you got: Lydia. Finding a present for her would be easy, she had recently received a  new phone from her mother and she didn’t have a case for it yet.  The rest of the evening you watched movies on Netflix and ate lots of junk food.

After the movie marathon was over, Derek told you he was going to be out of town for a few days visiting his sister Cora but he promised he would be back just in time or the exchanging. You didn’t want to be all alone on the loft so you called your dad and asked him if it was okay if you stayed with them until Derek came back, he agreed and your brother drove you home.

“who are you giving to?” you asked Stiles

“I’m only telling you because I know you can help me find a gift that won’t get me killed” Stiles rolled his eyes

you laughed “you got Derek, didn’t you?”

Stiles nodded “since you’re his girlfriend and know him better that anyone, what could be a decent present for him?”

“we both know you’re not gonna spend 50 dollars on the sourwolf’s present so why don’t I buy it and pretend you did it?” you looked at him with a smirk on your face

“Sounds great”

“by the way, I need you’re help too” you said “I was thinking about getting Lydia a new phone case but that’s not enough, she deserves more and you’re her best friend, what else should I get her?”

Stiles pulled over in front of your house and got off of the jeep “ she’s no longer materialist so maybe something made by you would be great, she loves brownies”

The following week Stiles and you spent all of your spare time at the mall looking for the perfect presents; Lydia showed her style with her clothes and attitude, and because of the lifestyle they all had with the supernatural, a simple and practical phone case would be more useful; you got her three.

Stiles tried his best looking for Derek’s present but he had no clue what to get him; you told your younger brother that your boyfriend was in desperate need of a new leather jacket and a pair of new sunglasses; He mumbled something about Derek going back to his creepy old style and kept looking.

The morning before the 24th you forced Stiles to bake some brownies with you for Lydia, quality time between brother and sister.

“You do know I suck at this whole baking and cooking thing, right?” Stiles asked

“Yup, but this is for Lydia and I thought it would be even better if the both of us made these for her” you smiled

Stiles rolled his eyes “Fine,” he preheated the oven and turned around “can I ask you something?”


“Are you happy with Derek?”

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Gifts for Us to Share

Just a short little oneshot to celebrate the holidays with. 

Christmas, 2015

There’s one present left under the tree. It’s wrapped a little messily in Christmas-themed Cuddle Bunnies wrapping paper (which is just the bunnies wearing scarves and Santa hats, hopping around in the snow near some pine trees) and it has a comically large red and gold bow for the size of the box. 

Christmas itself is in Philly this year and Josh, who has been playing Santa all morning and distributing the presents, picks up the box and makes a big show of reading the tag and pretending to give it to a few of the different Matthews family members in the room before placing it on Riley’s lap. 

Riley’s not expecting anything else. She’s already opened up all of the little things that she mentioned wanting to her parents, as well as a beautiful locket from her grandparents, and small trinkets from Josh and Auggie. And despite all the awkwardness among the group, they did a secret Santa exchange to…well, only mediocre success, but the real point was that she knows there’s no gifts coming from that direction either.  

She finds a small card near the bow and opens it to find a note scrawled in a handwriting she can’t quite place. 


I know you wanted this a few years ago, but I think sometimes it takes a bit longer for the things that we really want to come to us. I hope getting it now makes you happy and brightens your day, and I hope you find it was worth the wait. 

Merry Christmas

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anonymous asked:

jaydick prompt home for the holidays

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful day, and if not, have a little holiday fluff as a gift. 

You all have been a gift to me. Thank you for the support, praise, and prompts. I love writing them and I am so glad I found this fandom. <3

Home for Christmas

Jason had no idea how a door could be so damn intimidating. He stared at the wood grain in front of him, urging his body to move, but his arms stayed firmly in the pockets of his leather jacket. The chill was nothing to him, they were all used to it from years of patrolling in the worst weather Gotham had to offer. There was a bit of warmth at his side from where Dick’s arm was linked with his, and Dick was quiet as he waited for Jason to just knock already. 

Jason looked at the snow that collected in the small divots of wood on the door. It was actually kind of pretty, the contrast between the snow and the shadows. 

“Jason come on,” Dick said as he nudged Jason’s side lightly. 

“I can’t,” Jason whispered, hating how strained his voice sounded. 

He’d been in the cave a million times, checking on Dick as he got patched up or pretending he didn’t want to be there to work on a case with the Bat and his clan of weird bird people. He’d even gone upstairs to the manor a few times, but here he was. Jason was rarely every intimidated or scared, choosing to jump into any challenge or situation head on. It got him hurt, everyone in the family had chastised him for it several times, but it was how he lived his life. Batman should have known that from the moment Jason stole his tires and hit him with the tire iron. 

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One last little Christmas blurb before the big day!! I’m, of course, beyond excited and really need to go to bed. Given Christmas is tomorrow it looks like this is the last Christmas blurb for this year. It’s actually, if you can believe this, not too long. It’s also cheesy and cliche but I liked the idea so hey. Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate it and you eat lots of good food and get everything you asked for and have fun whatever your plans are. And if not, I hope you’re enjoying the festive season and have an amazing Friday! Also, as always, you’ll find my masterlist (containing the 3 other Christmas things I wrote) here . Happy Holidays! x

You frowned lightly as you fiddled with the self adhesive foil bows, desperately trying to get the backing off with your lack of claw-like nails, almost managing a triumphant smile when you finally did it and managed to stick it onto your blouse.

Your head raised from the task you’d been at for the past half an hour - desk littered with the remains that always seem to linger for days after wrapping Christmas gifts, only you’d been decorating yourself, not a package - as your co-worker popped her head around the door of your office, smiling when she finally found you. “There you are!” She cheered, “come on, they’ve already popped the champagne.” She grinned, beckoning you forward with a flick of her hand.

Sighing, you nodded and rose to your feet, beyond relieved that your decorations had stayed in place. For now, anyways. Grabbing the string of gold tinsel that had been draped over your computer you wrapped it around your waist, creating some sort of belt/bow where your white shirt met your pencil skirt. “How do I look?” You asked her, hands gesturing to your arts and crafts. She hesitated, looking down at the Christmas jumper she was adorning for a moment before laughing slightly. “Very festive” she winked, before again urging you to come join everyone.

It was Christmas Eve and your office was having its annual Christmas party. Your boss was strict enough to insist everyone worked right up until 6pm on the day before Christmas, but jolly enough to grant you all a party beginning at exactly 6.01pm - all paid for by himself. Your entire floor looked forward to it as soon as December hit, everyone getting right into it with classic Christmas hits playing in the background and Santa hats, reindeer antlers and Christmas jumpers everywhere.

Usually you found yourself in the same state of excitement, but this year was slightly different. This was the first year that you wouldn’t have joined your colleagues in welcoming their partners into the office to join the festivities given that your other half was stuck on the other side of the globe due to a heavily packed December schedule, a lack of time being left for travel mishaps and some freak snow storm that hit the city he was stranded at the airport in.

Calum wasn’t home. And he wasn’t going to be until the 26th at best.

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All I Want For Christmas Is You

Prompt: Could you please write something where dean has a little daughter (3-4) and he and sam miss christmas because they got caught up in a hunt. When they get back bobby is super pissed but his daughter doesn’t seem to care, she’s just happy her dad and uncle are home. Please it would make my day:))

Triggers: None

Word Count: 2,097

Authors Note: Merry Christmas too all! And if you’re not celebrating Christmas, I hope your day is satisfying and I hope you drink lots of cocoa and eat lots of cake because it’s still winter and you deserve the best. I hope you all enjoy my Christmas imagine!

And if you want to read last years Christmas imagine, you can here!

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My Only Wish

Summary: Dan isn’t due back until just after new year, but Phil wishes that he would come back sooner.

this is for the weekly challenge by phanfic and is based on this song

Genre: angst, songfic, au, Christmas theme

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: none

Phil’s POV

As I walk through the streets on Christmas Eve, I think back to a few weeks ago when I wrote out the letter. You would think that a thirty year old man wouldn’t write a letter to Father Christmas, but I ended up doing it.

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moonwasours  asked:

<3 You're the best! How about the pack doing Secret Santa for a week and Derek draws Stiles' name.

The first day, Stiles finds a card stuck under his windshield wipers. It has a woodland scene with foxes and wolves standing around a Christmas tree and small fire. Stiles snorts. “Real cute, guys,” he mutters to himself. When he opens it, there’s no signature, nothing to let Stiles figure out the identity of his secret santa.

It’s okay; he still has 6 days to figure it out.


Day two was a $10 gift card for the local coffee shop, and day three was mix CD of a lot of Stiles’ favorite bands.

On day four, Stiles finds his favorite candy bar waiting on the doorstep. Between that and the mix CD, Stiles is beginning to narrow the pool.

Jackson, Boyd, and Lydia wouldn’t know his favorite bands or his taste in chocolate bars. Scott would know both, so he was definitely a suspect, and Allison would know because of Scott. Erica and Isaac had gone to concerts of half the bands on the CD with Stiles, so they were still on the list. Danny wouldn’t be thoughtful where he was concerned, and the thought of Derek making him a mix CD just makes him laugh.

Stiles knows that he lucked up with whichever Pack member got him. Each gift was thoughtful and perfect for him, and better than Allison’s secret santa. They’ve just gotten her what looked like the first thing they got off the shelf at Wal-Mart, including a can of shaving crème and a quart of oil. But of course, Allison was too nice to say anything.

If Stiles is honest, he thinks Derek probably got Allison’s name. No one else would buy motor oil for Christmas.


On the fifth day, there’s a new pair of gloves hanging from the door of his Jeep. Stiles looks down at his own ratty gloves with the holes in them that he’s had since he was fifteen. He hadn’t even thought of replacing them, but he smiles when he takes them off the handle and slips them on. And wow, they’re warm.

The gift for the sixth day makes Stiles feel like a bad secret santa himself. He’s been priding himself on the different gifts he’s gotten for Isaac, put a lot of time into each comic book, Pop figure, and Pez dispenser he’s picked out. The best thing about Isaac was that he understood the awesomeness of geek gifts.

But this morning, a wrapped box with a red bow on top is waiting for Stiles. Inside is his favorite graphic tee, brand new, just like the one he lost in a fight a few months ago. It had been ripped to shreds and covered in blood, and in all ways unsalvageable. Stiles pulls it out and hugs it to himself. God, he loved that shirt, and here it is again.

Whoever his secret santa was, they were his new favorite person.


Stiles waits anxiously all day the seventh day of secret santa week. Every other day, the gift had been on the doorstep or Jeep when Stiles woke up, but today, nothing. And this was the day. The day of the reveal, and the day of the biggest gift. Stiles just doesn’t know how his secret santa could top everything else.

Around midday, a knock sounds on the door, and Stiles is surprised to find Derek on the other side.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, sticking his head out of the door and looking around. Derek doesn’t respond, just pushes past Stiles and inside the house. “Sure, come on in.”

When Stiles closes the door and turns around, Derek is holding out a small wrapped gift with a bow on top. “What is that?” Stiles asks.

An expression of hurt flickers briefly across Derek’s face, but it’s soon replaced by his usual scowl. He shoves it at Stiles and then heads for the door.

It’s at that moment Stiles’ brain starts working. “You’re my secret santa.” Derek turns around, the tips of his ears pink. “You bought me my favorite chocolate, and new gloves, and replaced my favorite t-shirt, and made me a CD…” Stiles is shaking his head. “Did you ask Scott?”

Somehow, Derek scowls harder. “No.”

“You just…Derek…I don’t  know what to say.” Derek nods his head towards the gift Stiles is holding, and Stiles rips the paper. It’s the new video game Stiles has been talking about for weeks. “I didn’t know you listened when I talked. I just thought you tuned me out.”

“I do, most of the time.”

Stiles chuckles, and Derek cracks a smile. “Want to stick around, play the game with me? I can order pizza, as a thank you for my gifts.”

“As long as it’s pepperoni.”

“Like there’s any other kind of pizza.”

Have Yourself A Normandy Li'l Christmas, by potionsmaster

Rating: T for language

A/N: for @shepard-pls on tumblr.  ^__^  Prompt was Christmas on the SR1, everybody’s there and of course there’s a mistletoe! (humans are weird).  Also, bonus: y'all get to see my second crack ship, lol. Wish they weren’t such a rare pair, but then again they wouldn’t be a crack ship if they were.


“Whatcha doin’, Chief?”

Kaidan saw Ashley messing with a pile of rifle barrels, various heat sinks, and an assortment of stocks on the work bench next to their lockers. She sighed in frustration.  

“I was trying to make a Christmas tree out of them.”

He blinked at her for a few moments and closed the door to his locker with a metallic clunk.


She knocked the pile over and leaned against the table, crossing her arms under her chest.

“I was trying to explain Christmas and human holidays to Liara the other night.  Thought it might be fun to have a tree and a small party down here if we can get it approved.  I managed to find a cheesy, plastic mistletoe last time we were docked at the Citadel, too.”

He rolled his eyes at that.  

“You can’t be serious…

She hip-checked him, eyes sparkling, then turned back to the bench.

“Well, bah-humbug to you, too, LT.  It is December, y'know.”

Kaidan furrowed his brow at that, pulling up the calendar on his omni-tool. Sure enough, it was December 21, 2183.  He marveled at how Earth’s reckoning of days and time went by the wayside while in space.  

Bridge to Alenko.”

He closed his omni-tool and held in a sigh.  The gun parts clacked and clattered as Ash struggled to put them in conical shape again. Kaidan ignored her muttering about using the ammo magazines as possible branches.

“Acknowledged. What do you need, Joker?”

The commander’s looking for you on crew deck.  Something about a mission debriefing.

“Tell him I’ll be there momentarily.  Alenko out.”

Ashley gave him a sidelong look.  

“Say….he suuuure likes to debrief you a lot.”

He felt the heat rise around his collar and tips of his ears and hoped she didn’t notice.  He hoped that he had kept his infatuation with their CO pretty well under wraps, but Ash seemed to have a sixth sense for teasing him.  

“Whatever you say, Chief.  If Pressly actually stepped up to being XO, he wouldn’t need my help so much.”

He started to make his way back to the elevator.

“Can you ask him if we can have a holiday party?  Pretty please, with polonium rounds on top?  He never says ‘no’ to you!”

She smirked at the wordless nod as the lieutenant disappeared in the lift.

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Special Present

Originally posted by insane---world

Request:  Can you do number 7, All I want for Christmas is you? With Derek and maybe a smut one? Or fluffy one, whatever you like! :) I really have Derek feelings tonight! 😊😊😊😁😁

Author’s Note: I was in a smut writing mood so I decided to go with this one tonight! I hope you like it c: Enjoy!

Warnings: Smut. Smutty smut smut. Christmas smut. Did I mention smut?

#7: “All I want for Christmas is you”


“Alright,” I began, checking items off my list. “We have the loft decorated, the tree is up, I bought wrapping paper, we have all the stuff to make cookies, I got most of the gifts I needed to buy, and we’re going to Scott’s for Christmas dinner this year so we don’t have to worry about buying the ingredients for that.”

“Sounds like you got a lot done,” Derek said as he fished out the milk from the fridge and poured himself a glass. 

“Yupp,” I sighed happily, offering a smile. “Now all I need is your presents. What do you want for Christmas this year, babe?”

“You don’t need to get me anything, Y/N,” Derek said, giving me that look. I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

“Don’t even try that,” I told him, putting my hands on my hips. “It’ll be so much easier if you would just help me out and give me a few suggestions. I’ll take it from there.”

“I don’t need anything.” He shrugged and gave me a grin. “I have everything I could ever ask for right here.” 

“That was cheesy,” I giggled, making him grin as he moved toward me. “But seriously, what do you want?”

“All I want for Christmas is you,” Derek said, his voice husky and low as he pulled me to him, pressing his lips to my neck. I closed my eyes and melted into his touch for a second before snapping back to reality.

“Well, you aren’t getting any until you give me some gift suggestions!”

“Fine,” he chuckled, the action vibrating my skin. “I’ll jot down some ideas for you.”

“Thank you, baby,” I told him sweetly, pressing a quick kiss to his lips. Derek just shook his head and made his way to find a notepad and pen.


Christmas finally rolled around and I was beyond excited. We had a little Christmas party with the pack and exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve, having a great time. Derek and I opened presents in the morning and watched some Christmas programs on tv while eating the decorated cookies we had made. That evening, we headed over to Scott’s for dinner. The food and the company was fantastic, but I just couldn’t sit still. I had a special present waiting for Derek and I was beyond excited to give it to him.

“Thank you again, it was fantastic,” I told Melissa, giving her a hug and then embracing Scott as well.

“Of course! You’re always welcome,” she said, offering a smile.

“I’m gonna get this one home,” Derek laughed. “She’s been unusually antsy all night.” I blushed a bit and nudged him, earning a chuckle and a kiss to the temple. After that, Derek and I headed back to the loft. 

“It’s pretty late, why don’t we just go curl up in bed?” I suggested. 

“That sounds wonderful,” Derek replied, hugging me before heading for our bedroom. I grinned to myself, excited to see where the night would lead. Derek put on some sweats and crawled under the covers, waiting for me to return from the bathroom. I had used the excuse of brushing my teeth, but really I was getting ready. I changed and then added some finishing touches before heading back to our room. When I got there, I stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame with one arm propped up, the other on my hip. Derek’s eyes widened when they landed on me and his jaw dropped a bit. “Whoa…”

“You said you wanted me for Christmas,” I told him, using my sexiest voice I could manage. “So, here you go.” I was wearing a lacy red lingerie set, a shiny silver bow sticking to the top of my head. It was pretty sexy if I do say so myself.

“Y/N, you look…wow,” he breathed, slowly getting up and making his way toward me. I met him part way, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” I whispered against his lips before pressing mine against them. He responded immediately, his hands squeezing my hips as his tongue swiped my bottom lip. I opened up for him, allowing our tongues to dance and taste each other passionately. Derek growled faintly and broke away, trailing his lips to my neck and up to my ear.

“This is the best present so far,” he husked, biting my earlobe. I let out a tiny gasp, giving in to his touch. I shivered as his rough hands slid up my back, caressing the smooth skin, before unclasping my bra and dropping to the floor. “So fucking perfect,” he mumbled, his hands now cupping my breasts and kneading them, making me moan loudly. Derek laid me down on the bed, his body hovering over mine as his lips made a hot trail from my neck, to my collarbones, down to my chest.

“Derek!” I gasped, arching my back into his mouth as he playfully bit at on of my nipples. He gave me an evil grin before running his tongue over it to soothe the pain, then closing his lips around the now-hard bud. My fingers ran through his hair and I was biting my lip, head thrown back as he moved to the other one to give it attention. I was already so turned on and I didn’t want to wait anymore. With a rush of strength, I sat up a bit and threw off Derek’s tank top, raking my nails down his chest and earning a quiet moan. My fingers traveled south and soon I was rubbing his half-hard length through his sweatpants.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he breathed, dipping his head and kissing my exposed stomach. My skin erupted in goosebumps at the feel of scruff on the sensitive skin. My mouth fell open as one of his hands moved to rub my clit over my panties. I was practically dripping with need and I nearly lost it when Derek pushed two fingers into me.

“Jesus,” I groaned, falling back into the pillows. He smirked against my neck and began to suck a mark into my skin.

“Red is a great color on you,” he murmured. I was lost that I couldn’t even respond with more than a breathy sigh. I pushed Derek sweats down, taking his boxers with them and letting his spring free, now hard and throbbing with desire.

“Oh my god,” I moaned, feeling Derek curve his fingers to find that sensitive spot just as his thumb began to rub my clit ever so slowly. “I need you. I need you so fucking bad, please..”

“You’re so hot when you tell me that,” Derek groaned, pulling my underwear down frantically and lining himself up. I dug my nails into his strong shoulders as he pushed into me completely.

“Fuck, Der,” I breathed, bringing my legs up to wrap around his waist.

“You feel so fucking good, Y/N,” he said, forehead resting on mine as he started to thrust in and out of me at an agonizing pace. I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling his mouth to mine and kissing him forcefully. He started to pick up the pace and I dug my heels into his ass, pulling him deeper into me.

“Oh!” I cried out, feeling him start to hit that perfect spot. “Faster, please, babe,” I begged. He obliged, sending me into overdrive. My body felt like it was engulfed in a delicious inferno, pleasure coursing through my veins and the knot building and twisting in my stomach.

“Shit,” Derek mumbled, burying his face in my neck as he slammed into me. Everywhere our skin touched was electric, sparks dancing over our sweaty torsos with every move. Before I knew it, I was seeing stars, tossed into bliss. My body shook with the pleasure of my orgasm, grasping out for Derek. My high triggered his and he sighed into my hair, riding it out with me. After a few moments, Derek rolled to the side, wrapping me in his arms.

“Damn,” I breathed, nuzzling into his chest. 

“That was the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten,” Derek said, chuckling as he kissed my forehead.

“I’m glad you like it,” I told him, offering up a smirk. He smiled and squeezed my body to his in a hug before we settled into the mattress, falling into a restful sleep.

ML Secret Santa Part 2

((okay i got a little carried away this is almost 8k GUYS I REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS ))

‘A- Hey Marinette, there is a Christmas themed festival type thing happening in the park today. Would you like to go?’

Adrien sent the text with a smile, knowing that he had plans to see her that day but pleased to have actually thought up something to do. Their agenda had just consisted of “I’m free Monday are you?” before so now he waited eagerly in his room for her reply, happy to have someone to hang out with. He had felt the gap already, Nino barely able to even text since he had left Friday night and Ladybug calling their patrols off thanks to the cold weather. He didn’t know Marinette very well but he would like too, and he already owed her lunch so wandering some stalls as well sounded pretty fun, even if he wasn’t very good at social situations.

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Merry Christmas Darling (Calum Hood Smut)

A/N- I really wanted to write something and with the holiday coming up I wanted to be the first one to make a Christmas smut this year so here it is xx


You were sitting down on the floor, it was Christmas Eve, your first Christmas with Cal. Calum was upstairs wrapping your gift/gifts and you were sitting by the tree wrapping his.

You topped this one, a pack of picks, with a small bow. You looked over at the large box in the corner, you had it wrapped in red and white striped paper and had tied a green ribbon around it. You stood, walking over to it, the largest bow you could find was silver and was huge, you placed it right on the name tag you had messed up. You wrote Claum on accident instead of Calum.

There were a bunch of little gifts you had picked up when he was away on tour, they were wrapped and under the tree. His voice rang throughout your shared apartment.
“Babe! Are you done?”

You smiled, “Yep!”

“Good because I’m coming down.” You could hear him tromp down the stairs.

You smiled as you felt his arms wrap around your waist.

“You look so lovely when you wear my clothes.” He mumbled into your neck “Reminds me how lucky I am to have you.”

You turned around, pecking his lips, “I’m the lucky one darling.”

“Mhm whatever,” he smiled against your lips, “love you so much.”

“I love you more.” You said

“Lies.” He chuckled “I love you the mostest.”

He squeezed his arms around you, hugging you tight.

“I love you the mostestest.” You smiled “And those aren’t even words.”

“Whatever, I love you more.” He said, kissing your neck.
You sighed, he knew right where your most sensitive places were.

“I love you more.” You sighed “just deal with it.”

He stopped for a second “I love you more hush.”

He returned to sucking my neck, you let out a moan. He smirked.

“Mm someone’s enjoying this.” He said, nipping a little.

You sighed, grinding you hips against his a little, he sighed quietly, his hands dropping down to grip your hips.

“Don’t, the guys are gonna be here soon.” He whispered.

“So?” You whispered back, pressing into him, creating friction where it was desired.

You moaned a little “Cal you got me worked up already.”

He closed his eyes, “No y/n they’ll see.”

You shrugged, biting your lip.
“They’ll see what? That you have a girlfriend you makes you hard?”

He groaned a little, quietly. He gripped your hips, “Please, they’ll embarrass me about it.”

You reached down, cupping him in your hand.

He groaned, “Oh god, okay we might have some time.”

He grabbed your hand, dragging you upstairs.

“We don’t have time for sex but I can make you happy until they get here.” He said, helping you pull off your shirt.

“I was gonna blow you but okay.” You sighed when he took one of your nipples in his mouth.

He had just switched boobs when the doorbell rang.

You cursed “Fuck now I’m the horny one.”

He smirked a little, readjusting his jeans.

“You get dressed and I’ll answer the door.” He got up and walked out, closing the door.

You say up, going through your dresser. You put on cute lacy panties, not a thong though, you hated those, and the matching red bra. You pulled on your favorite leggings, you had a great butt already and why not work up Calum even more, and his big black sweater. Pulling your hair out of its bun you put on a little lotion and went downstairs.

You were practically knocked over by Michael hugging you.

You hugged all the boys, you were going to watch a few Christmas movies and then open one present from one another, you had always done it with your family so Cal thought it’d be nice to do it with him too.

You guys started with Elf, but halfway through you felt a hand creep up your thigh.
It laid there for the rest of the movie but right as Rudolph ended you felt it creep up. You were watching the Grinch when the warm hand slid under your waistband, rubbing you over your panties.
You could feel yourself getting wet, you but your lip, looking over at Calum, he kept a straight face. He reached over with his other hand, holding yours.
He looked at you from the corner of his eyes, smirking a little.
His fingers dipped under, rubbing your clit. You closed your eyes, leaning your head into his shoulder, sighing quietly.

He chuckled, kissing your forehead and whispering “Be quiet as a mouse y/n”

“Y/n are you getting tired? It’s almost twelve so I don’t blame you.” Ashton said.

You nodded, “Yeah a little.”

“We should do the present thing.” Luke said, “I’m getting a little tired myself.”

You guys all grabbed the gifts you had gotten for each other. You ended up with two new sweaters, a book and a new controller, a signed All Time Low cd and a shirt, and Calum just said he’d give you it later.

“Oh Calum!” Mikey said “Get it Cal!”

“Touch the booty Calum!” Ashton laughed.

Luke laughed “Guys lets go, so they can go to bed. If you know what I mean.”

They left, right as the door shut and was locked Calum pushed you down onto the couch, pulling down your leggings, pulling his sweater off of you, helping you pull his over his head. He placed chastise kisses on your neck, going down your chest, nipping every once in a while.
You sighed, burying your fingers in his hair. He pulled down your panties, tossing them somewhere. He placed a kiss right on your clit, you moaned.

“Calum, please.”

He slid his finger inside you, curling it and pumping it. He slowly added another, you moaned loudly.

“Cal,” you gasped when he started to suck on your clit.

“Yes.” His words sent vibrations to your clit, you moaned again.

“Please just fuck me.” You said in a shaky voice.

He rubbed at your clit with his thumb, replacing his fingers with his mouth.
You gasped, arching your back.
He grinned, “In a minute.”

He pumped his fingers faster, curling them to just the right spot, you came on his hand.
“Calum!” You gasped, tightening your legs around his head.

He picked you up bridal style and started towards the bedroom.
You pulled yourself out of his grip and stood in front of him, cupping the tent in his jeans. He groaned, closing his eyes.

You popped open the button, unzipping his pants and pulling them down far enough to pull down his briefs and hold his erection in your hand. You pumped it a couple of times, giving the head kitten licks. He let out a low pitched moan.


You looked up at him through your eyelashes, taking him in your mouth. He groaned, knitting his fingers in your hair, pushing your mouth down his length.

“Y/n, mm.” He groaned

You took as much of him as you could, glad you didn’t have a gag reflex, deep throating him. His hips bucked forward
You took him out of your mouth, hearing a satisfying pop.

He groaned as you grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bedroom.

He kicked off his pants as you unclasped your bra, tossing it somewhere.

You bit your lip, your hand trailing down to your center, he walked over to you and pushed you down onto the bed, his bare chest pressed against yours. He reached up, squeezing your boobs and pinching at your nipples.
You sighed and pulled his face up to yours, pressing your lips against his. Your mouths moved in sync, the kiss got faster and faster until somehow you ended up on top.

You say up, setting your hands on his chest and raising your hips.
“Please y/n, just do it.” He rasped

You sank down on his length, both of you moaning at the same time. You stayed still for a moment, adjusting to his size.

“You good?” He asked.

You nodded “Yeah, god you’re so big I can never get used to it.”

He smirked, flipping you over, thrusting and moaning “I can never get over how tight you are.”

You moaned again, he changed angles, thrusting harder.

“Faster Calum, please.” You whimpered.
He sped up, going harder to.

You moaned, he buried his face in your neck. He pulled one of your legs over his shoulders, you practically shrieked.
“Oh, god, found it.” He said “That’s the spot.”

He thrusted there repeatedly, you felt yourself almost coming.

“Calum I’m close.” You moaned

“Cum for me” he said “God I’m almost there. Fuck.”

He hit one more time, you moaned louder than before, your stomach clenched up, your back arched, your eyes squeezed shut.

“Oh shit.” He cried out, he came just as hard as you did, it caused another orgasm for you. You hands shook, you cried out his name and gripped his shoulders.

“Mm y/n I love you so, so much. ” he rasped out.

“I love you more Calum. Merry Christmas darling.” You said, kissing him again.


Harry Styles, AU, Mature

(a/n: Diligently requested over the course of me having this blog, here is a badly written love/hate fic. It’s a little Christmasy, a Secret Santa situation, and it’s short. Warning for language and sex. Title is a Japanese word encompassing the development of a love-hate relationship.)


“I can’t believe you invited him,” Kelsie said, sipping at the Rosé in her glass. Staring down at the pink liquid, she swirled it and leaned against the counter.

A Christmas tree twinkled in the corner of the large apartment, the multicolored lights illuminating the dim room in a soft pink glow. Presents wrapped in glittery paper sat beneath the tree, branches drooping from the heavy arrangement of ornaments drunkenly hung from them.

From beside her, Kelsie could hear Louis grumbling from within the refrigerator. His head popped back up, hair messy and still stylish. He closed the door with two beers in the grip of his fingers, leaning just next to her. “It’s an office party. How could I have an office party without inviting the people from the office?”

Kelsie tucked her hair behind her ear, cringing at the feel of the old fabric of her sweater against her skin. “He’s just… So obnoxious. I mean look at him!”

Louis turned over his shoulder slowly. Turning back to her, he raised his eyebrows with a sarcastic smirk on his face. “Sure is. Being friendly and talkative with people. Real asshole.”

Narrowing her eyes at her cubicle partner, she scoffed and gulped the rest of the glass of wine dramatically. “I’ll need more if you want me to be kind. The drunker I get, the sleepier I am, the less I talk. Pour me another, Louis.”

Louis laughed and grabbed the bottle. Taking the cork out, he filled the glass half way. He continued pouring at the raise of her eyebrows and short gesture for more. “Should I just expect you to be staying over?”

After bringing the glass to her lips, she let the sweet liquid fill her mouth before swallowing. “I like that purple blanket you have in the ottoman.”

With a single nod, Louis closed the bottle and put it back in the refrigerator. “I’m going to mingle with my guests. Feel free to remain in the corner… Being… Well, you, I suppose. Don’t make too many sour faces.”

Raising her glass to him with a sarcastic smile stitched to her lips, she watched Louis move his way through her co-workers, right into the center of what Kelsie considered Hell.

She often wondered if Harry could actually feel the burn of her stare, if he could feel the daggers she aimed at his back with her eyes. She knew he probably didn’t. His aloof and pleasant attitude drove her absolutely insane.

He stood in the center of their coworkers, regaling a story of Christmas past - a heartwarming tale laced with humor that only someone like Harry Styles could thrill people with in his monotone voice that was like nails on a chalkboard to her ears.

She watched as he tucked his stupid long hair behind his ears, face breaking into a grin as he finished his story. He soaked in the laughter of the mindless crowd, sipping at his red wine while blinking slowly.

Did he always have to be moving at a snail’s pace?

She knew Louis had a point. She didn’t have the greatest attitude when it came to Harry Styles. But she wouldn’t have been as bitter as she was if he hadn’t simply strolled in and became the office favorite. Secretaries fawned over him. Their bosses often invited him out to lunches meant for solely management. She’d never felt so low than when they picked his data analysis over her own. The exact same work. The exact same results. And they chose his. When she confronted him about it, she became enraged at the simple shrug of his broad shoulders and the blasé, “Maybe yours wasn’t good enough?” uttered from his mouth.  

Her hatred consumed her. He pointedly made sure that he bragged in her presence. He often invited others out to lunch with him, blatantly ignoring her as he asked Louis to join as she sat right in front of him. Even Louis, her partner at work since they’d simultaneously began their careers, talked and talked and went on about him incessantly. One evening late in December, Kelsie had finally tired of hearing Louis drone on about how perfect and funny Harry was. Her loud, nasally voice traveled through the empty stairwell as she laid into Louis about her disdain and disgust for the man that everyone seemed to idolize.

Oddly enough, Louis seemed to think that she and Harry got along just fine. Which was quite possibly the stupidest thing Kelsie had ever heard and wondered what was going on inside Louis’ head.

That had been a year ago. An entire, torturous year of living in his grand, looming shadow while he shone upon everyone else a shining, bright light.

And now, as she sipped at her wine, the noise of the apartment beginning to muffle with each swallow, she met eyes with Harry across the room and felt herself catch on fire.


“Alright!” Louis shouted to the room, waving his hands with little coordination. “Time for Secret Santa! Come ‘round the tree so we can do this properly.”

Kelsie remained in the kitchen, leaning her elbows against the island. She’d finished off her fourth glass of wine, feeling warm and sleepy. Vision hazy and eyelids heavy, she locked her knees to remain upright.

Her co-workers gathered around Louis, twelve of them in total, all with rosy cheeks and glassy eyes. All except for Harry, who remained off to the side with his empty wine glass. Finally taking a moment to see him in full without his fan club around, she felt her face twist into disgust when she noticed the similarities between his sweater and her very own.

Louis began plucking presents from the floor, calling them out as he handed them off to their respective recipients. Kelsie smiled as people’s smiles graced their faces with the reveal of what was beneath the wrapping paper. A pleasant commotion filled the room as people thanked each other for the gifts, hugging and kissing their way around the room. Harry stood back still, watching everyone with an ease that made Kelsie squirm. He held a coffee mug that said, “espresso yourself” with a small Italian flag on it.

Holding back the scoff she wanted to release, she turned her attention to Louis, who called out her name. Perking at his call, she blinked a few times before loosening her body and standing up straight. “Come get your gift.”

Hoping and trusting her very relaxed body, she tugged at the bottom of her sweater and approached Louis. Niall, the liveliest person Kelsie had ever known, whooped loudly as she stood before Louis’ crouched form. Louis held up a small box to her, wrapped carefully with a tiny bow on it. A small card was folded and attached to it. In small computer print it read: Wait to open me!

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How he wakes you up on Christmas morning

Mark: Opening one eye, you look around the room letting your eyes adjust before turning your head to the figure next to you. “Morning sleeping beauty,” he’d joke lightly. Pulling the covers up over your face, you groan knowing how bad your bed hair must be right now, especially when compared to Mr Prince Charming over there. “Ahh I was only kidding y/n,” he’d say tugging the covers down and nuzzling closer to you. Rubbing his nose against yours and pouting, you can’t resist but smile. You move closer to him still if possible, trying to get whatever warmth he was radiating. “Cold?” he’d ask before wrapping his strong arms around you and peppering your face, neck and shoulders with soft kisses until you started to blush pink. “Warmer?” You nod before he pulls the cocoon of covers off you completely as you whine in protest, squeezing your eyes closed. “Someone isn’t feel all too christmassy,” he laughs and your eyes fly open as one arm tucks under your legs and the other holds your waist, lifting you from the bed. Laughing, he twirls you around before burying his face in the crook of your neck, “Merry Christmas, y/n”

JB: Singing softly, his fingers trace light patterns over your skin, travelling from your arms to your collarbone to your face. “Oh gimme gimme gimme your love,” he sings as you blink your heavy eyelids open. Kissing your forehead, he smiles down at you before reaching over the side of the bed to reveal a golden box wrapped with a red ribbon. “Merry Christmas Jagiya,” he’d say, still quiet. Sitting up and rubbing your eyes, you take the present he’s handing out to you. Carefully untying the pretty ribbon, you open the box to find /your choice/. The /your choice/ that you’d been looking at and awing over for months. Surprise written all over your face, you admire the gift from every angle as you start to ramble your “thank you”’s and “you shouldn’t have”’s. The boy sat silent content with staring at you. “Why.. Why are you staring at me like that?” You ask cautiously. “I adore you,” he whispers, leaning forward to tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ear. Your cheeks tinting red, you giggle and whisper back “you’re so corny.” “Oh admit it, you love it,” he smiles. “Maybe,” you say, smirking. Leaning closer, he lightly cups your cheeks and kisses you softly, slowly.

Jackson: A loud bang echoing through the room, your eyes fly open as you notice the sleeping form that is normally next to you, isn’t there. “Jackson?!” Hearing a groan from the floor at the foot of the bed, you crawl under the covers that you now realise are half on the floor. “… What the hell happened?” You say, looking at the scene before you: your boyfriend lying with his face smushed against the floor with the bed sheets tangled around his legs in every way possible. A smile cracked onto your face as you noticed the Santa hat in his hand. “I was trying to reach my hat but I didn’t want to get up and then…” His explanation cut off by the sound of you laughing loudly. “HEY!” He shouts in defence as you continue to laugh. “Your beautiful boyfriend is in pain over here!” he says, only making you laugh more. “Oh that’s it,” he mutters before two strong hands grab your waist, pulling you down to the floor. Accidentally landing on top of him, he grunts before smirking. “Oh well Merry Christmas to me.” Wiggling his eyebrows, you lightly hit his chest as he sits up, putting on his Santa hat. Pointing to his pouted lips, he adds “now how about a kiss?”

Jr:I really can’t stay.. but baby it’s cold outside! I’ve got to go away..” Music playing throughout the entire house, your eyes open to not only the sound, but a wonderful smell drifting from the kitchen. Sleepily walking into the kitchen, you find your boyfriend wearing a Christmas apron over pyjamas as he sang along to the song that filled the room. Noticing your presence, he turned and smiled at you as you giggled at the streak of flour on his cheek and his hair that was stuck up in random tufts. He put the bowl he was holding on the closest surface as he swayed over to you, grabbed your hand and sweetly twirled you around in a circle. “Your eyes are like starlight now..” he continues to sing as you curtsied. Tugging you closer until there is no space between you, he sings softly “mind if I move in closer?” Your cheeks tinted pink, he smiled as he pressed a kiss on the corner of your lips, “Merry Christmas y/n”

Youngjae: Hearing a range of noises coming from downstairs, you walked into the living room to find him sat on the floor encircled by wrapping paper, sellotape and scissors. Looking up at you, he’d be a mess as he tries to hide what he was doing. “You forgot to wrap my present didn’t you?” Subtly trying to push your present behind his back, he’d smile awkwardly as you giggle at the image of him because the poor confused boy has sellotape stuck everywhere, including his cheek. You go to pull it off and as he flinches away confused, you grab the paper and your present (already knowing what it was because this boy isn’t discreet in the slightest). Wrapping it up before handing it to him, you let him put in under the tree. Pressing a soft kiss on his cheek and taking his hand, you lead him back to bed because it’s three in the morning. (However he would make you promise to act surprised when you open it before he let you sleep again!)

Bambam: feeling a soft prodding on your cheek, you turn your head towards your boyfriend as his eyes widen and a smile appears on his face. “Ah Jagiya you’re awake!” He’d lean over you and you can easily tell how excited he is by the sparkle in his eyes as he looks at you expectantly, hoping you would suggest going to open the presents right this very moment. “But I’m still sleepy,” you say teasing him and making a pouting face. “Oh…you can…just..go back to sleep then…sorry..” He’d say genuinely believing you, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Bam I was only kidd-” you wouldn’t even get to finish your sentence before the hyper boy pulls you from the covers and drags you towards the location of the presents.

Yugyeom: The warmth of his arms encircling your waist, your eyes flutter open to reveal the face of your boyfriend only centimetres from your own. Pressing a big kiss on your cheek (including the “MWAH” sound effect), he’d whisper “I’m sorry I didn’t know if I should wake you” Giggling, you tell him that it’s okay and within seconds he’s running down the stairs. After only a moment, you follow him to find him standing in the centre of the room holding a square box perfectly wrapped with a large red bow, a huge smile plastered on his face. Extending his arms to hand you the gift, you take it as you pass him a neatly wrapped hand sized box. Before you even get a chance to open your present, or him his, two long arms wrap around your waist as he buries his head into your shoulder. Caught off guard you almost topple over but he doesn’t let you fall. “What was that for?” Laughing you add, “you haven’t even opened the present yet!” “I’m just really glad you’re here noona.”

(first scenario! more will coming soon so please feel free to send us your requests! thank you!)