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I come onto the Tumblr tag expecting people to be rejoicing. It’s the representation we’ve waited years for. Our lgbtq grandparents would’ve wept had they known that, by 2017, we’d be here.
I come into the tumblr tag to find people complaining. There’s not enough poc characters. Not enough bisexual characters. Not enough trans characters.
Not enough.
We are witnessing the best representation this community has had on television. We are seeing a landmark for this community happen in front of our faces. And yet, we say “not enough”.
I am tired of people shunning this community’s achievements. I am tired of this constant search for a perfection we will never have. I am tired of watching this community push back progress in the name of perfection. Because the truth is, no form of representation will be free of issues. There will never be enough representation to go around so that every minority can have their fair share. But will we choose to ignore that once more, or accept what we are offered?
These are the exact repercussions films like About Ray and Stonewall had to go through. And what happened to those movies? They were nitpicked and boycotted by the very community they advocated for. These films flopped and never got to speak their message. The message of equality, progress.
If we continue to push away representation, one day the world will stop trying. No films or miniseries to let our voices be heard, because the market for lgbtq films will be dead with no support from homophobes or the community. We will have nothing.
I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, so please reblog this post. Spread the message that this needs to stop. My inbox is always open to opinions and discussions.

Harley’s Pillow Princess ~Smutty September~


Pairing: Harley x  Reader

Word Count: 650

Warning: Girl x Girl. Just oral.

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This is for any of you who are aspiring artists, animators, voice actors, authors, or just pursuing a career in creative arts. 

There’s always a way to make your dreams come true if you’re passionate enough about them, even if some bullshit college says you’re “not good enough”. 

Even if your dreams aren’t in a creative field, just find strategies, people who can open doors for you, and make it happen.

Arin, Danny, Barry, Ross, and I all believe in you :)

I dreamt of you last night

And I remember the scent of your skin

Quiet and soft, a gentle breeze carried it to me

And I felt the grooves of your fingerprints

Making music as they slid across mine

Like a bow across a violin

Your teeth were porcelain smooth on my skin

But do you miss my breath on your throat

Like I miss yours on mine?

Didn’t your lips taste better

After they were touching mine?

Are your dreams filled with thoughts of me,

Do you taste me in your sleep?

Sometimes I can hear your pulse inside my head

And when I think of you

And the way your heart sounded inside your chest

My own screams louder

Because it misses beating next to yours,

Falling in sync with yours

And I hope that the sound of mine echoes loud enough

To find its way into you


Signs of that you've become Hamiltrash

- You know the lyrics to Alexander Hamilton

-You do the ‘work’ gesture when listening to The Schuyler Sisters

-You have attempted to rap Lafayette’s part in Guns and Ships

-You sob uncontrollably whenever you listen to Stay Alive Reprise.

-You’ve went to Genius Lyrics to decipher every line of the song.

-You have praised Lin for everything.

-The first thing you can remember about King George III if anyone asked you : “He was played by Groffsauce - I mean, Jonathan Groff!”

-You want a ticket so badly, you want to be In The Room Where It Happens.

-You’ve seen or said that previous statement above.

-You’re probably on Tumblr to find more Hamilton goodness.

-Because Google and Ham4ham wasn’t enough for you.

-You can’t say Angelica, Eliza and Peggy’s names without singing them.

-You’ve tried to sing Maria’s part in Say No To This

-You scream the lyrics with the ensemble in Say No To This.

-You chant Lafayette and Hamilton’s name in Guns and Ships.




-You love Oak’s Mickey Mouse impression.

-You have fawned over Jasthony.

-But you secretly ship Lin and Groff.

-You have repeated one of the songs in Hamilton or the entire play list a thousand times.

-When you’re listening to one of the songs, and someone calls you - YOU DON’T PAUSE THAT SONG, YOU WAIT UNTIL IT FINISHES OR YOU SING IT TO FINISH IT.

-You love to watch vids of the songs animated on YouTube.

-You never forget Peggy.


-When you force someone to listen to one of the songs.

-When they say they don’t like it, you kill them.

-Haha, I’m just kidding.

-*creepily smirks*

-Your friend/sibling/parents have told you to stop singing Hamilton.

-You have been rapping often, even though that never used to happen before.

-You sang that last sentence.

-You’ll never get tired of singing Hamilton songs.

-You’ve shipped Laurens and Hamilton before.

-When someone mentions homework, schoolwork, hand in your work, go to work -


-You’ve creeped out at least one person while rapping or singing Hamilton.

-You have wished that Hamilton would come to your area/ country - I’m Singaporean.

-If you draw well, you’ve tried to at least draw one character in Hamilton.

-You love Aaron Burr.

-And Wait For It.

-You have said: Aaron Burr, Sir many, many, many times.

-You loved Angelica’s roast in The Reynolds Pamphlet.

-You wished she sang Congratulations instead.

-You have at least yelled this: HERCULES MULLIGAN!



-You love Daveed Diggs.


-No matter what, when a stranger tells you that he or she is Hamiltrash,

-You feel like you’ve just met your new best friend.

Okay so let’s talk about this deleted scene from the Time of the Doctor:

Linda, Dave’s girlfriend, observed Uncle Reg was going to be late, adding that his ‘friend’ Phil was looking everywhere for him. 

CLARA: His husband Phil.

LINDA: Civil partnership does not a husband make. 

CLARA: Well I’m sure you can resume that conversation from last Christmas, and I for one am looking forward to sticking my head out of a window and screaming to God for a merciful death.

Anybody with common sense would headcanon that Clara is bi, and so with that knowledge, I totally get the feeling from this scene that she isn’t openly bi to her family.

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anonymous asked:

Hey cris, can I ask you what happened? All I saw about what happened the other day was the accusation, but never what the truth was. Do you know were can I find their version? I wouldn’t like to be unfair to them.

Absolutely.  @tvshows-addict’s response to not only the accusation, but the people that were reluctant to believe her is here

We all want to believe the victims, always, because so many people don’t, but there are people that take advantage of the empathy that good people have. But Addy has more than enough evidence that it was all a malicious lie designed to hurt her in the most damaging way possible in that post.

I don’t know Addy other than maybe a couple of random interactions and I have absolutely no reason to support her other than I firmly believe she’s the one telling the truth.  And I don’t know the others well either, again, other than random interactions here and there, but even from the beginning I didn’t think their names being included was appropriate based on the exact words of the initial post.  

And now of course, I’m terribly thankful that I didn’t reblog that post, though I absolutely considered it, thinking that if I didn’t I was ignoring a victim - which is why I answered an ask with my hesitation and a link to it instead of a reblog. 

I get the unimaginable hurt and anger of the people involved, or I get it as much as someone that hasn’t experienced such a thing could, and my heart literally aches for these people in my community.

So I probably won’t talk further about it, because I just don’t have anything more to say. I’m not angry at those that believed that original post, it was well written (she is a fic writer after all) and compelling if you didn’t know them, and I’m not angry at myself because I don’t think I did the wrong thing in response. I’m just so sad for them and for us all as a community and frankly disgusted that anyone would stoop this low and diminish real victims’ stories in such a way.


Emergency Preparedness for Animals

This was posted recently and I can’t seem to find it on Tumblr so I’m sharing this here because it is something that I believe not enough people know about and it is so so so important. 

Please, even if you don’t live in Florida, or Mexico, or Utah, etc., WATCH THIS VIDEO. Please watch this. Please do everything in your feasible power to keep your beloved cats safe when disaster strikes. 

Please signal boost as well so more people can see. Think about your animals if you were in that situation and don’t just leave a like. People need to see this. They need to know. I hope everyone stays safe and that their pets are okay.  🐾

Fun tip for anyone who had found themselves the focus of a targeted harassment campaign - if you know the blog that is stirring up trouble (and generally it’s not hard to find out who it is, you’ll either Just Know because of the tone of the asks you’re receiving, or you can search your name on tumblr and sure enough, it’ll be one of the most recent hits) just go to their blog.

Now here’s the unpleasant part - go through that person’s posts. Horrible, I know! It’s important though, because it leads to the next step. Then you have to find the nasty, venomous posts they’ve written about you (and there could be DOZENS of posts, so this might take a while) and then pre-emptively block every single blog which has liked or reblogged them

Sure enough, you’ll find that your pesky anon storm of seething hatred dries up really quickly!

anonymous asked:

If you follow Kelly mulderswaterbed and / or Rose crossedbeams you should unfollow. They're danger and they lie and now Rose says she has connections to Gillian and knows what she's talking about with Morgan. Why aren't you and others like J.H.H. calling her fucking bluff?

I want to address this in a way that answers as bluntly as possible, because this entire situation is getting out of hand.

I think most people will agree, because it’s well known in the fandom, that Rose met Gillian during a day where Gillian was in at the publisher to sign copies of her Earth End saga books.  We can also agree that Rose spoke about it before it happened, as well as after.  Both she and Kelly talked - widely and to many people - about how Rose took Kelly in with her to meet Gillian.  Following that meeting, Rose explained in a post that she wouldn’t be talking about what went on during her day, yet she did, because details got around fairly quickly, from both her and Kelly.

If you don’t know what was said, it went as follows.  This was all supposedly, no matter who heard it, private and not told to anyone else.  Except, the problem was, a lot of people knew because it was told to a lot of people.  Apparently, according to Rose, Gillian made a comment about spending the summer with her boyfriend.  There was no name attached to it, and most everyone will remember that summer was when Gillian and David were both in LA with their respective children, and during the same time period.  It was also the same time when others decided to attack those who believe in Gillovny because they didn’t like seeing posts concluding David and Gillian were vacationing together.  The idea of a car that David was driving for everyone particularly offended some. They felt it was disrespectful to Gillian and accused those who stand firm on Gillovny as being “lost in fantasy”.  So, IF, and it’s a big if, Gillian did make a comment about spending the summer with a boyfriend, it isn’t a stretch by any means to conclude that it was with David.  Also, her not attaching a name to the supposed narrative would also fit with maintaining their privacy.
Gillian also supposedly talked about The Crown and its production.  That’s not unusual in and of itself, because it’s a project, and regardless of what capacity she’s associated to it in, talking about it would be from a professional standpoint.  
But there was more.  There were parts of the story that were originally shared, such as the boyfriend writing a screenplay about Fleetwood Mac, that were changed and finally, omitted entirely. The boyfriend had supposedly been watching Fleetwood Mac rehearse in a closed rehearsal and had invited his girlfriend to go with him.  Due to time constraints, she was unable to attend, but he went.  These things were told to many people.  The only concert Fleetwood Mac held this summer was for an MLB event in conjunction with The Dodgers. We know David’s love of baseball, The Dodgers and how he’s loosely tied in to the MLB, including having narrated one of their recent videos.  But then along came the Washington Post article that said Gillian was “with” Peter at the NY premiere.  We could easily get into semantics about what “with” someone means and what it doesn’t, but hopefully we can all agree that it was an easy way for the reporter to add a reference to the story that included Gillian’s presence and another reference to a Netflix co-property (The Fall). The story of the boyfriend that Gillian spent the summer with suddenly turned into Peter Morgan being the one she was referencing, and it spread like wildfire from there.  It’s not a secret that tabloid “reporters” hang out on Twitter and Tumblr and try to find tidbits for stories that they can pick up.  That’s been known for years and it’s easy for them to find something getting enough attention online and then to say it’s a “thing” and write about it.  I know there are people in the fandom who insist that Page Six is well sourced, but there are others who are reputable and also in journalism who’ll say the opposite, and logical people who aren’t connected to journalism at all who automatically roll their eyes at any mention of Page Six, because, IT ISN’T A NEWS PAGE.  It’s gossip.  Nothing more.  Sources often turn out to be nothing, because who does Page Six have to prove anything to? They get the page hits, they get the readers, and they know what story types draw more eyes.  Whether someone in the fandom used their connections to call in “info” from a fandom source is something that most of us are aware of and opinions vary.  It isn’t a stretch to believe it.  And if it wasn’t a fandom person with connections, tabloid reporters can read and they love juicy freak-outs, like was happening over the “with” in the Washington Post.  

All of these details were supposed to be, according to Rose and Kelly, very private and told to only a few people.  They weren’t.  They were told to many.
There’s also the question of how much of this is true and where the professionalism standards lie.  It’s hard for me, and for many who’ve heard these stories, to believe that Gillian, who’s notoriously guarded about her private life with strangers, would suddenly start sharing details about her boyfriend, their summer, and what he’s writing a screenplay on.  Gillian’s not stupid, contrary to what some people may think. Her memory is also not as poor as others keep insisting.  She’s a smart woman, very aware of her surroundings and what happens when things are said.  So it’s hard for me to believe that she would go into an uncontrolled setting and start talking about private topics to people she didn’t know and to people who she had no way of making sure wouldn’t twist the story into something else entirely.  Maybe she did, though, and in that case, Rose’s original story was about a boyfriend with no name attached, and both Gillian and David spent most of their summer in LA, at the same time.

The professionalism aspect is just as troubling, for many reasons.  Why would you take a friend with you to a work event happening during your work day? This wasn’t an evening party.  This was a client of the publishing house showing up for work, as well, because signing books IS work, regardless of how simple it is. Why would a supervisor even allow that?  Why would someone think it’s all right to try that? Work events are just that.  They’re for employees who are bound by standards (and, in many cases, strict restrictions) and are expected to carry those standards with them for everything work related, regardless of what forum or environment they’re in.  And for anyone participating in such an event, why would it even for a moment, be thought of as all right to share the details with virtually anyone and everyone?  Why would any materials that someone would receive through their job suddenly be all right to discuss openly, whether on a private side-blog or not?  Especially in the world of publishing, where leaks of books before their release dates can easily have a detrimental effect?  

So fast-forward to today.  The accepted “facts” now by the majority are that Gillian has been dating PM for many months, and some have said back to January.  Suddenly, there are a vast number of people on the non-Gillovny side who have a “source” who’s “confirmed” for them that Gillian’s been talking about her boyfriend, PM.  Him being at HB really needs to be logically discounted, because The Crown has a strategic partnership with Harper’s Bazaar.  Others can argue this all they want, and complain that PM would have no reason to be at a women’s event, but that’s not how professional events within entertainment, as well as other fields, work.  At some point, it’s obvious that Netflix and PM agreed that he would be their representative of the project going forward.  This is normally discussed and agreed upon in the negotiation stages for most projects, again, regardless of what field.  It has to be laid out as part of the marketing plan ahead of time, and can’t be approached haphazardly.  So PM being the voice and face of The Crown was probably decided long ago.  Also, if you still don’t like that explanation, it’s essential to remember that he and Gillian (and Elizabeth Hurley, who was also at the table) belong to the same agency.  It’s common for agencies to sit their clients together where there is no specific assignment according to project.  Once you remove HB from the equation, because PM would have been there regardless of whether Gillian was or not, you’re left with the GGs.  Gillian was in The Crown’s prep suite, where the photo was taken and PM was in the background.  That means virtually nothing, because everyone had to be there at one time.  Gillian’s tweeted a photo of a hotel room she’s stayed in before, and it’s an actual room, not a grand suite for 100 people.  Then, she walked the red carpet alone.  In Hollywood, that means you ARE alone.  It’s done to send a message.  If you want a different message to be understood, you walk it with someone.  Simple.  The only thing Gillian did was sit with PM at the same table.  Not unusual, because she’s obviously associated to The Crown in some way, whether through a future role or a future producer position.  She attended the after-party with him, and again, that wasn’t unusual because she was in his company.  I’m sure some of you will be more than happy to argue with me that it means she was his date and they’re together. It’s more than possible for a woman to be in the company of a man on a completely professional basis and not be his date.  If people haven’t figured that out yet, then I can’t help them.

There was no kiss at the door of the car.  There was no holding hands walking out to the car.  There was no mouthing of “I love you” before Gillian got into the car.  At the table, when The Crown won, there was no kiss lean-in from Gillian that PM didn’t meet.  Those things didn’t happen.  Making slow-motion gifs won’t change fact.  And it’s well known that gifs can change what things look like.  For comparison, way back, there were some gifs made of the pilot episode where Gillian and David are in the rain.  In gif format, it looks like, once they’re leaving the cemetery, that David leans over and kisses Gillian’s head.  But go and watch the episode.  That isn’t what happens at all and the gifs distort what’s seen because of the way they’re cut.  So they’re not a reliable indicator.  They’re fun, but for the actual truth, you need to look at the video.  So yes, Gillian obviously traveled to the after-party with PM.  Again, there’s nothing uncommon about that and it had no real meaning.  (And yes, I’d be saying the same if it were David and Gillian.)  The photos of Gillian around PM show a reserved woman who’s very aware of her body language and keeping her body, arms and hands close to herself.  She glowed, but only when she was apart from PM.  Every photo of her with him had their bodies separate.  No arms around each other, no sitting close together, and no particular warmth or excitement from Gillian.  PM was more interested in his award (and, alternately, his phone) than he was in her. Of course, those are snapshots of only moments in time; but that’s why they’re so telling.  They were snaps taken when the subjects in the picture weren’t posing and weren’t aware of it.   And again, in the ones where they did pose, the interaction was distinctly professional.

You can easily see how this spiraled out of control.  Whether Gillian even said anything in the first place is questionable.  If you believe it, that’s fine, but then you have to set aside knowing that everyone in the fandom knew about something that was supposed to be private, according to Rose herself, and that the story morphed as it went along.  Then you have to set aside the questionable professional decisions that included taking Kelly in to a work event she had no place being at.  Then you have to set aside never having heard about PM until the Page Six rumour, which was based solely on the fandom freak-out and potentially a fandom member who was a close friend of Rose’s becoming the “source” that was referred to.  Then you have to set aside the fact that Gillian threw all caution to the wind and started sharing personal details about her life with virtual strangers.  Then you would have to set aside the factual details about Fleetwood Mac’s concert and where and what it was associated to. 

But no matter what you choose to do, you need to stop and think about whether or not you’ll accept as fact something that has so many holes to the story, something that’s professionally unacceptable and crosses all boundaries, and something that’s been shared with countless people.  Because truly private details stay private.  Truly professional people remain such, whether at work or outside of it.  And facts which are true are not going to be shared by celebrities in detail with strangers when they’re not widely and publicly known.  That’s the job of their PR teams.  Think about why so much of this is wrong and what parts don’t make sense, and think about how this story has morphed into something that it isn’t.

Because there’s a lot to think about.

Laying it out on the table.

I’m used to losing friends because its human nature. You grow apart from people. You stop talking. But I didnt think I would lose a friend over speaking my mind. This is the second time I have lost a friend because I was telling them the harsh reality of being a black woman in America. I love all my mutuals no matter what color you are.

I fucks with everyone if they fuck with me that’s my motto I go by. (Thanks Cardi B lmao)

But the fact people cannot understand that society has made it hard for black girls like myself to feel beautiful and attractive baffles me. The fact it’s always downplayed by some of my nonblack friends. “Oh its not that bad. All men suck” “You shouldnt seek validation in men” Excuses. All bullshit.

This is why half the time I dont say anything about this kind of stuff because I always lose friends. They refuse to believe anything I’m saying is true. As if Im being over dramatic. Its in statistics. Black women are the least desirable. 

We are going to ignore that Im a light skinned black woman for a second because yes Im lighter than alot of black women but I face the same issues.Call me a light skinned cunt or yellow/red bitch or whatever but truth is: I will be looked over for a white, Latina or Asian woman. 

Same shit.

Let me talk about my first year of college. I spent my first year chasing Black guys. Yes the racist/antiblack bitch people think I am…I was checking for black men! But guess what? They werent checking for my ass! And guess what? I’m light skinned with an ass. Shocker. Because you know we get everything apparently. 

Anyways. The black guys at the school would sleep with black girls but they wouldnt date them. They would just date mixed and white girls. From then on I realized I should look elsewhere when it came to dating.

I’m not saying its better or anything but Im glad I dont care about black guys. Because I know I will never be who and what they want. And that’s okay. 

The point is why when I speak the truth people get defensive and think I dont care about you? I’m telling you this shit because I care enough to tell you.

I’m bitter because of my bad experiences that keep happening over and over. I just dont cry as much as I do now because its the same shit.


Shout out to @kpop-sweetie because we been through alot and she understands that she’s a white woman and she is the standard of beauty verses me and she understands me when I say I dont find myself beautiful. 

Tumblr can be all body positive and black girl magic stuff all they want but its not the reality I face. 

I’ll go back to kpop now. I just wanted to lay it all out for yall.

& if sleep finds me, know

I fall asleep thinking about

how you’re the reason I can

see the sun above your

broken fingers, how you

kissed my spine before you

placed promises onto my

hips - our ghosts are still

being quiet together,

pressing I love you’s into

scars to cry enough tears

to not break these bones

when we find movement -

but, darling, if looks could

kill, I’d die in

your eyes

sanstheanonymous  asked:

Actually in my country we use "femi nazi" for the same thing and almost anyone doesn't say anything nor get pissed about it, because seriously there are "feminists" who are really extremist

I often find creative words to describe any extremists out there, because as much as people try to deny it, every side has an extreme side, extreme feminists, extreme LGBTQ, extreme Christians, Extreme…basically extreme everything, there’s always someone taking it too far on both ends (and I always get unfortunate enough to meet a lot of them here on Tumblr) if there’s someone who takes every chance they can to bash women, there’s someone out there who takes every chance they can to bash men. I like to stay in the grey area as often as I can as an asexual Canadian Christian white girl..let me tell you it ain’t easy 

@staff I will literally pay you to keep these fat phobic ads off my dash and off my blog. Want to start a paid subscriber service? Fine. Want to customize ads? I will fill that out so fast your head will spin.

Assuming you are completely ignorant of your user base, I’ll offer you that you have multiple recovery communities on your site that would find this extremely upsetting, at the very least. It’s bad enough that as someone who writes about ED recovery, your algorithm is constantly offering me pro-ana blogs to follow. I can choose, however, not to view that content. Ads however appear regardless.

Pay attention to your users.

A very good artist I like who makes comics made a personal, positive comic about accepting when you’ve lost something permanently and learning to accept it and find the good, and got harassed and bullied off of tumblr by anti anti-recovery people who kept insisting that acceptance and positivity was “defeatist” and “unhealthy.”

Is it serious enough yet that I can say I hate you people

I’m not trying to be cynical or anything; but, this blog is of senior status lol. To be honest, it’s all I can do to keep active… I love art. And I try my best to find art that’s never been posted to tumblr. I’m about to start working everyday to save enough money to make a better life for myself. So thank you everyone who supports me. I’m not by any means closing this blog, but I might be inactive for a while. Thanks for loving Oldoils. Much love, Ryan

A Tumblr Good Morning

Then: I can’t keep up with this.  It’s too manic, too fast, too frenetic.  It’s like going at warp speed!

Now:  Damn, did I just post in stealth mode again, and where did everybody go?

Pauses briefly to breathe and smile.  Good morning my friends, and I truly hope this day finds each of you well, and maybe even smiling. Yes, change certainly does happen, and it’s probably even a good thing, so at least I’ve heard.  Well, I’ve probably taken up enough of your time, and that’s about all I have for now, save for the big finish, which I haven’t done in practically forever.  So with no further ado, here it is.  If no one’s told you yet today, let me be the first to say…

I love you,
Mike <3

So I pretty much avoided talking about this ever since I saw it myself but I guess I have to address it at some point and luckily some blog decided to help me address it today.

I write a long post about this because I’ve been on Tumblr for just about 8 years now and seen enough drama in the wrestling world of this website (never mind Twitter and other sites) to where it’s gotten harmful. There are various ages of people on here who are wrestling fans, so targeting a specific age group is useless. Any and everyone can act like this, and if it was simple curiosity, I get it. We’re all curious about things. But going from “Hmm I wonder” to “Look at this photo let’s study it for hours to find clues” to “I CAN’T BE YOUR FAN ANYMORE BECAUSE I FOUND ALL THIS STUFF YOU DIDN’T INTEND TO GET OUT” is scary. If it was related to a social issue and from the past but on a public platform and delivered by the subject themselves, of course you can witch hunt and declare them a castoff, whatever you feel is best to call them out and ignore them. But for something like this? Someone living their life? It needs to stop.

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Interview: Haley

Today we’re joined by Haley. Haley is a phenomenal visual artist and crafter, who is also a seamstress. She absolutely loves to create, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I am a visual artist, and I draw mainly figures and portraits in ink and marker but also sometimes watercolor. Not only am I a visual artist I am a crafter and seamstress too. I like to create pieces that are trendy at the moment for much cheaper.

What inspires you?

The diversity in the world around me. Everyone is beautiful and different in their own way. Also the internet is a huge inspiration as well I love seeing everyone else’s creations.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I always thought it was amazing how people can just create anything from nothing. My aunt got me interested in sewing she taught me to sew when i was about eight years old.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

In my signature on my artwork, the H in my name is somewhat shaped like a star.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

Don’t give up on yourself. There will be artists who are better at what you do than you. You might look up to them or you might despise them because they’re younger than you and better than them. You need to remember there’s someone out there who feels that way about you.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I am panromantic asexual.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I have had many people who ask me why don’t you make it sexier? Why don’t you make that dress shorter or the neckline deeper? You’ll get more followers if you design that character with bigger boobs and a bigger butt. I realize sex is all over in the media but that’s just not how I am. I tell them that I don’t want to and that it doesn’t fit my personality or just plain ignore it. Most often when someone is sending you hate or “suggestions” they just want attention.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

The worst one I’ve encountered is that we are cold emotionless beings who love no one else, and that we have no feelings or passion.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

I struggled with my sexuality for years… I thought I wasn’t gay enough or maybe I wasn’t actually asexual and I’m just pretending. I actually still struggle with my identity, and I probably will for a long time and that’s okay, take your time to figure it all out and don’t feel like you have to come out to anyone. Also, most importantly, don’t forget it’s okay to talk to someone about it all. I have a really close and amazing best friend who I talked to about my whole mess.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

My art Tumblr, teaandsketchbooks is probably the best place to find it.

Thank you, Haley, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

Some mental struggles of an artist in the yoi fandom

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent me nice feedback on the newest soulmate comic! I haven’t gotten around to answering all your asks yet, but please know that I’ve read and appreciate each one of your messages <3

Secondly, I’ll be a bit less active here when it comes to posting new art from now on. The fact is that tumblr for the majority of the past 3-4 months has made me very anxious because:

  • The amount of attention your works get on tumblr is very unstable and no matter how many followers I have, checking the notes on my drawings is always scary to me because of that.
  • My artworks generally have a bad like/reblog ratio and though it might just be coincidental, part of me always thinks it’s because people don’t find my art/artstyle particularly interesting.

I love working on the soulmate series, but posting a new comic is so incredibly difficult to me because it’s 40-50 hours of dedicated work compressed into a single post that can either do good or bad. I’m unable to get any sleep the days I post them because of anxiety and I avoid tumblr like the plague the following day because I know I’ll almost have a panic attack when checking the feedback.

It’d be nice if I could just stop caring about these things but I can’t. When my posts do poorly I delete them and pretend they never existed. When my posts don’t get a lot of reblogs I think “Ah, they didn’t find it pretty enough ”. When I go for even just a couple of days without posting new content I worry about being forgotten again because this fandom is so active that it won’t make a difference whether I’m here or not. I’ve barely scrolled down my dashboard since zines invaded because seeing new posts from all the ones I was rejected from in the past still make me feel like a failure and because a lot of artists who used to inspire me now just trigger toxic thoughts.

I’ll probably still post around two drawings a week so it’s really not much different from before, but the drawings I post from now on will only be my best works while my more “low” effort content only will be posted on instagram. I’ll still try to update my comic every month but depending on my health, updates might be a bit slower.